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WWE Superstars: Jinny & Jey Uso (part 1)

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  1. WWE Superstars: Jinny & Jey Uso (part 1)

    Recently we had Jimmy & Jey Uso from the WWE on BJ & Migs. Here is part 1 from our interview with them.

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Tue, 1 Mar 2016|

Recently we had Jimmy & Jey Uso from the WWE on BJ & Migs. Here is part 1 from our interview with them.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes WDJ. Am so excited that our next guest on I love watching these guys in the squared circle and recently. We learn something new about them. Welcome to the show. So business that is very don't normally read your way I did you guys saying I don't know reduced yeah. Well Oscar too so I gotta tell you some when you're that good it means I could your sport and you see when the grammys I'm tell that something right there that's never been done and we we had to have been that we did we literally oozes out bruised than about what went wrong because. Yeah I was looking quiet yeah. Yeah remember browsers like I think I say Grammy. I sleep well that's cool yeah. I don't live though it was kind of like what that means is that you know grandma somebody's Grammy think you guys you get an awards okay so yeah. She needs a hug. I even finer. But then are you doing lies about him we had to happen here radio you say something in your a second you say you like behind me just say no and and attacks Lima fly and and and people just don't even give you a chance to correct yourself and I don't lose digital social media would all of a Grammy pitches that he had I don't believe in the early in high. I. I. My body. I would do is however the real singers not Galileo but I hours by the way money that brought tonight Key Arena 4:30 PM tickets village human dot com look at every time you every time to WW comes down you know live and on a great show every time they can tell you see myself right there are just screaming like at twelve girls some pointers interview he says look I'll be in the front row please say hi I'm going to be way Immunex from like overtime in requesting you guys more than the U superstars like you don't pack my bald head or something else and we do my good minds and I'm really not. And the Friday brought Indian sincerity I expect a pat on the head office in there yeah candidates. Know listen. But Steve this time please don't be like a bridesmaid trying to catch a bouquet when they throw little teacher got two children and a good read on disability services and I need to have every time you try make it selling items okay onetime Johnson to assure an hour right. So it's coming my way so I jump and I realize that decent hop set that I jump up and I get it. I don't like six forwards and hopefully sixty degree yeah but I am not a very jumpers a little Dicey withdrawing assured hours. So I have it in my hands like. The most exhilarating feeling in my public art got a shirt and I realized whom am I gonna do with this economy cannot I don't Wear it night so I. I wound up giving it to intimidate. It's a story I don't know I saw let's say there's a kid looked in had you've got all the bridges ice he's a little kid go to. And oh yeah. Yeah even a little or zero security got the head and the army now concerned my quote this gives the guy that wants it so I gave it to him while you are young men drove it back into the ring in my book it's what kids. Relax people have been royalties on therapy because the ball yet because it's all because it's all ball man took used to insurance. It was meant for him scorers all Waldman Deborah just these bipartisan and I don't know where that's relevant Achilles about Steve a member of the family friend and everything I I think David George kids. Oh man well and and outs you know you guys so what are what are great career and and of course the divas show I don't love the comedy. Comments are just you know comedy so it in after the NBA you know when I know 'cause it easy to get up there in the world of good character Nagin and yes it did no laughs it is like to talk about the worst feeling in the world years that a new homeowner. It's hard to make people laugh I mean yeah hard to do it's hard to now. She but I mean look I like what's going on yeah I. How how how I don't know the guy is right. Added that's all I thought it was an all right that was you had great material on a photogenic front otherwise since she was the bulk of the material. Yeah positive but it it's. That's all you man out on the phone has that showed this trip outside the success of it and I'd also like my wife still. Watch wrestling with because I'm watching all the time but she was like okay whatever and in total divas came out all assign their site. She knows all the people and I even had our bosses his Foreman. Same thing obsession total deal is I mean it had to be a trip to find its success and a reality television channel ended to have the cameras on late when I'm going home we're going home is loses you know didn't arraignment lights camera action goes on the lake. Going home is weird you know like yeah. Is going to my house was weird him adding that his fingers through this there. Yeah there's every every moments goats I I wonder about that too yeah guys aren't all that's always excellent turn and I was and who we're always on whom he had demanded are you where it meant it like to turn off in your own home yes is it. Yeah. Certainly you'll forget the cameras and if the camera that's impossible how did you. Forget his camp when you actually reduce vol man so they kind of can become invisible death matches in Houston a brother walking around behind you. How hot. This work harder and apologize to okay gotta to be five minutes yet there are times that we're we've got to complain you know just jet lag really tired in LA hey we gotta be it's a house and 1 o'clock Atlanta late and it's wolf they're they are only man. You know he had been there is a whoosh open to and we are cool these shall at 130. Half yes. Yes and so we go to bathrooms no flies only sets inflation get in is there any other place you have will you go okay guys this MySpace you can command here is it just always or is it just the bathroom we got to go when they do these men are I guess if river and comfortable with somebody always you know they hit a good need of some space science but if they ever came about their more than what we come in the newsroom. I'm gonna say that's at the moment where I just follow me in here now I don't guys coming here at aria. Yeah. Guys are doing USC so what was going on Tuesday come on.