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Daniel Craig interview

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  1. Daniel Craig interview

    Daniel Craig joined BJ & Migs to chat about the awesome new James Bond film, Spectre...which is in theaters now.

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Wed, 18 Nov 2015|

Daniel Craig joined BJ & Migs to chat about the awesome new James Bond film, Spectre...which is in theaters now.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And calling nine. You still PGA so excited to share with our next guest I love the movie Specter. So much so that they created this hash tag to sum up my thoughts on James Bond in this movie I hash tag kicking ass and getting ass. Please welcome to the joke Daniel Craig. That's a are you doing the actual Big Ten eagle on whose show feel free to use that there's thank you I well I. That actually can be this that has tied for your whole life good Daniel I think history for all of us. I'd they've really I know you're good. In my Guitar Hero after awhile here. Yeah I tell you can ya just eerie feeling in your eighties if you don't know what did you Graham pop thing though grandpa comes and goes here's my hats to you my business card check and hasn't got an S. Yeah exactly. Yeah its elite looked. By the way screaming chicken a chicken NASA second week in a row number one movie in America and not too shabby sir. Not to show every it's great number and just. A new world very proud of and obviously good good good good good and everything that you kind of have to go audiences are gonna respond but when they really do its. It's just sister joined as such a. On movie I watched it over the weekend I was I went to theaters and it's just from beginning to and it's a great story it is a slots a fun stuff. There's several girls could be bond girls in this movie man some beautiful women and the action scenes amount of big wrestling fans are seeing you invent Batiste. Mix it up in this movie was just awesome. Yeah well he's going he's extraordinary mean. Not only is he just great when he doesn't and and a wonderful loving man but. He saw who Foster it's terrifying it's like that here when we when we came to costing this call we wanted we wanted to kind of traditional. You know bone henchmen but we didn't wanna lumbering group we wanted somebody you don't like you could you know kill reliving them which is and they've fitted fitted the bill. I died I cannot to this might Joseph was just to get out of his way. Yeah I and Eduardo has a true we don't want mine and his line has lost 100 customers and what's that he has one line in the film and his line is awesome it is isn't it yes area. The very funnyman David. We're talking Daniel Craig the movie of course suspects are the latest James Bond movie and Steve loves you gotta check out this movie. It's gonna be as its it will be a Thanksgiving movie does every year Daniel we do my family my wife my two kids we always want to grab a movie after the Thanksgiving dinner here in the end it is okay and and and so we've chosen Specter we said that we've told all to go all right we're not seen that movie make sure we are because we all wanna watch it together so that's that is our holiday movie celebration for us I hope you enjoy it. I Y I know I mean you still love that I know Miami and I wanna and he did I give me this opportunity because. The media and people getting takes a taken out of context. I watched so many interviews with you and you've been so wonderful and so much in love with this movie. That I I thought I feel so badly for you for some reason some people think you don't like the character and don't like these movies. And I wanna give you the opportunity tell people that that is not true 'cause every interview I've seen you you've been amazing so I I don't know how the hell you got labeled with that. Well I you know I I kind of a spurs might might fall would be that I guard kind of talk straight I mean which is win us voters in this profession. But I got tossed dinner two days off drugs finish shooting. Whether or not idly by do another one of these movies and think that. A civil gave me a good analogy which is a viewer us 200 meters from the end of America and with the you've run another marathon than you'd be you know you'd be cutting short and sweet about the onset. Which is what I was them. You know the truth of it is up I I I think I eaten that this this is the best job in the wolf remains. As an act I get to work with. Just emerged wonderful talented people. Examined as the director who's become a very close personal friend because. You know we we've been working together for so long now mean written over ten well more than ten Israeli fifteen is. Out you know and I I it's sometimes like I'll silly questions and like I give silly ounces it's that's uttered that's really good pitchers aren't. But beyond that being said can I ask you a silly question and please go ahead. Enjoyed the movie but my experience at the deer and I was watching the moving on to get out of love to take Daniel brain about what I should have done or how to handle this situation. Imagine editor for midway through the movie it's a pretty pivotal moment in the movie where I don't kind of finding out what's going on in your in that room and I don't want him there for anybody but. This guy right behind me stretch having a massive coughing fit and I'm not even joking went on for at about seven minutes. First and I'm just like what are you doing that situation you're not trying to be a jerk and Mike. Funny get up and leave the theater I'm trying to watch systems like nonstop coughing does one normally Daniel Craig doing that situation do you have a do you have kind of remorse that you didn't say that. I want you mamet doesn't I want you to jerk in the theaters. Tea Party I think that's the key yet I don't you can be a joke I think the zones having a conference that you just every does intelligence on the was. Oh yes that's million then you'd be a real drugs so you know maybe go see them every again. Sometimes you it's what's Daniel Craig MacDougall see the movie again I like this guy get up and leave the theater for a few minutes. You know what you're either I don't even wanna hear that. I did Jennie O here's I did this a question did you to do something that a lot of folks don't get to do you get to revisit that territory amid a lot of times you in your business you play territory it's one and done. And you're on to the next movie so from the first movie you've done is James Bond to this latest one what are the what are they learned about the character or have you days earning growth do you notice either in new Lauren James because I mean it's got a cold you get to do his role multiple times. It is very cool it's. Well I think that one of the things I'm size by as much proud of an old old woman abuses of the solar Carriker has it developed. But I've got older so it's just very much you know that's that's kind of won that one of the things that sort of as I think is. Has kind of that is seeped its way into the pot maybe I'm a little more experienced a bit more kind of you. I chilled about playing the pollen I mean you know when you first when I first got this role I would I definitely was a bit of a rabbit in headlights it's it's it's it's such a sort of huge thing to take on but. It's gone on us that as the movies have gone on I've I've I've enjoyed it more and more it's. It's they edit it you have got it it's it is and you gonna have fun with it you've got to have but you know it's a I'm playing James bombs for God's sake it's like it's you got your are you gonna have as much fun as possible. But we've linked a lot of the stories together that you don't have to see the other movies but it you have you'll notice you noticed that things we've connected we've. We've tried to try apple out of Bruce and in this film. Well outside of some January but we're very happy with the work you've done I'm looking forward to seeing it on Thanksgiving Steve loves it and Arizona thanks so much thanks to all the funny you brought willow with a role with these moves they've been fantastic and we and we appreciate you slept. At Texas Kenny Thomas this morning we do appreciate it. Thank you so much guys thank you. Vijay in the eggs in the morning. Rock 99.9 KI guess W.