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Broad-Cast Ep:1 - Getting To Know Us

Nov 17, 2014|

On their debut podcast, the girls of the Broad-cast talk about a little bit about their lives.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And not deployed to. It the. One and Brad cast where you too can cop a feel that the pod cast with all ladies that rock. Joining me. On this broadcast I'm Vicky Barcelona we have Terry Daly and how are you Vicki I am very good. We also have Britney. Tori I. And missed BJ Shea daughter says red. This is so way to them music and but how we ladies doing this is the first ever broad cast but C a raise your hand if you're hung over. I and I see you back. Way too much one. Man. Does overseeing. Because my hangover when you can hang. Lightning. In the Arctic another caller of the broadcast of the slogan in my life through you can go to a that's the first episode ever of the broadcast. We'd love to introduce the love LeBron on yours Derek usually tells a little bit about yourself interest what you do. Well I can tell you that I was born and raised in the Pacific northwest. I'm proud to Washington State University can. That is ruffling and I guess the pilot I'm sorry yeah furcal Blake to idly and you planned needs if they couldn't. My mom is has he we don't hold that against we we try to embrace her anyway. Let's see what else can I live mostly and telling panic and onions eloquent. That because they work for him as W at a show on Saturdays from noon until six. It's. Seamus. Plug. That I I have two daughters at that an awesome boyfriend we like to hike. And we're very active we enjoyed beach time and then and all sorts of things like I PA's Eric Weiner and I was young I'm gonna. It is like to visit out of it like to party not gonna line. That's pretty much about my life it's fun I I also hosts trivia. Three to four nights a week in various bars casinos and patterns. And can they find out all this information on your FaceBook they they definitely candid you search for Tarrant neatly on the hill FaceBook you can find in Aron and comes he needed to alienate here and I'll I will educate you in a fun way. And totally down Clinton wanting to interview for a kimono suntan they kind of trivia. And like everything music sports movies music you know an eternity and that's actually like for instance last week we had a question on what was the name of the prince in sleeping beauty. Prince charming. And sleeping now and he had no. The bear and it's a friend's experience. Edit I lose him. Since then I'm kind of I don't I'm bringing it dude named Philip break. Yeah. How did prince charming I should you might get mad at all of them. So yeah that we do occasionally dabble in the Disney cast album Britney you do many wonderful things in the world of music tells a bit about you and your personal live from government you wanna Telus. In music career. I'm in middle band of my fiance and my brother and my friendly toward him or called for a chamber tool would do so gloomy anxious soon hopefully catch them. Rock manager looking at those snow. Played the bass yet candidates whose and I guarantee. We determine Brothers locals and with toys the drums and she is in the eighties. And so sexy. Have random side fact that I thought it was awesome used to be the kiss cover band yes that is good you played and east really and so in my Brothers and that to me and my dad my Brothers. At least we're here at well look at the joining stations or sister stations as well yet these Stewart here now we're very Christian company sells them fifteenths. Yeah. I don't have to be business professionally read man on the with technicians. I'll cross country. Yeah I fix ice and a technicians to fix bone systems for hospitals radio stations and X. You're kind of still in the radio business ish. If he. Can do is mess up their own system. Know what. I don't know our net told Nancy and her own needs and it's sorry Jesus. It. Yeah total. Never I'd be in the days of bill. It's get yeah I just do my work in ways. Lately he's like a did you come in for Halloween as a easterly at least. You got a professional really Yasser even. Ansari tells a little bit about yourself you actually used to work here at Entercom for a minute I'll offer. And actually both amusing as often complain. That's interesting that's gone it's been a weird positions they dirty things. I I am just. Now you still are. I'm not and I I've seen lots of youth I. And butch and I am I get told later. This game. It was my birthday party I didn't get any action and I immensely without some toothless and our. And a good do you beat a great woman and I I'll set it up I said that she owes me a bottle lube and her that Monday. Yeah and especially do that on your own birthday I had his friendship and I rate there. Yeah that's that's a bond stronger than anything stronger than blood from the enemy and when you see my bare ass bouncing up and down on your bad I'm pretty sure that I'm ever gonna show you ahead. I'm about to Hillary. Born and raised here you Stewart can't W years couple years ago 3 years and am announcing it. Now I mean people get along and it's quite and people you've been out now I hate them. And I'm in an open relationship which is kinda just how I ended up on the keys that I. That are and I I have to control eating let's say it's. Which we will and excited that doesn't like Ali very little about so I can't wait to be filled and it's my happy. Do you think the movement I think you're. And let us Ara. A day where an. I am daughter in that area. You love. Making him there and comfortable and everybody. Thought. And I'm up but that's my brother and meeting him area cultural. Depending on attorney and that no way mar about it and I am bringing them down. I do. Now. Like him it's about 75 degrees in Washington. But like it's like. If sweating. To sit on down op. One. The first time I ever did any kind of yoga in life was like yoga and I did. I like that I don't like that. How whittling down progress that he needs okay had been resting the last by ten minutes probably end up at them and I am I'm like can I don't know a lot. And things you love you love fitness. And your vegetarian. That. Whole why well and data that is when. Except she's now I'm so proud of her entry in the world she. Will. It has been to a current treatment. Ethnic back. It's real and I am not a big fan of monetary and stick with lion. A little I have a little extra on the side scan I love my back if it we I mean I can how like one day and Michael meet its immediate Monday that I am street get them to. And a I don't might not need but I don't like eating fake me we were really angers me is that they pepperoni is that look like pepperoni that's. Exactly why don't you just get them in that looks like what it actually is why would you want them and it looks like. When it's not at the conference and it. I only have like three V in meals in my life wanted to know was the end like this. Bong now right legitimately got economic what is this I don't feel like I'm legitimately not. Feeling like I went with Kevin for metal shop ice across on the couch before I lived here in Seattle as long drive and yeah as in wanna have to drive and sleeping. So it woke up we got through the next morning in my weird at this restaurant. Have a really hard doesn't. Have they given that they house passage paddies. So weird. And I get there you go out to grieving ablaze and saving eating them like it's releases it just made me like sick might have to I don't fuels and Angel de. And it went out of being guides wife and I have will be instigate a wobbles and be impedes an instance I branded DL he that are landing an it is. I. Know. The thing nobody efforts restricting nobody wants K. Alcohol. The alcohol than all the action. As a and he. It. As. Here on my divers birthday which. Almost ten years ago now permanently. First off I. I didn't keep from neighbors. Different flavors. We into baseball game and got blasted at the baseball game office. T hear basically and went she and here. That's the key thing we the next morning and I was like I don't know her. I did something wrong. And then the next night in just. Hard drive. And make up for area and it's Brittany. It. Remember that genetics at the right hand. It yeah. Yeah. Right quick aside and Vicki I worked for BJ Shea morning experience I thought this be really fun to do cool girl podcaster we. Feature awesome girls who rock. Whether it's and food whether it's in music whether savings if you guys have any suggestions please let us know. Who we should talk to him having here because we wanna highlight of the off ladies in the northwest or which happened. And I speak Spanish. Comic books and elect talking about dirty stuff no huddle up line. Out of lightning and even a great even alone in your program just I have an idiot. And I'm going to myself well the only option. Talk to me. Then. I. Mean you can see I don't think. The poison. Yeah. In the same way that we here at solidly Tuesday's then you know I'm thinking that. That's the people's did it yeah. That was my. I. And that at the front of the that's not the one you're talking about and I used to play saxophone. And in McGrady who read Easter. To figure out. If you do an island area we'll bring it in here and then I'll feature. On the podcast. It out and it's big to get as high school geeks and he'd well I was a little bit of everything. And I was again heat I slammed friends and team cheerleader like I don't know where I don't think they're really fit in anywhere I think I had friends in different pockets. I I temperature I have had my fair share of experience is being bullied. You mean girls and it's funny that might you start doing things with your life and they come back you and try to be friends and my game. So. That's why that is like the best feeling in the world and people like I happily a lot of the geek goes CoffeeGeek. And then some kind of am and I didn't actually start really making friends are becoming quote unquote popular until this year when I was on the B production class on them daily news. And that as of peoples are being nice to me but then once that happens. Then don't they spoke and we don't usually hang out of them like you guys are. Which provisions on the radio. And reading at down. When I can't let down I have to that's when actively it just goes to show that like. You know. People can change which I respect I think that's great. But you know I've accepted the future generations of young women will treat each other that it is really terrible on me when they take each of them especially now social media it's even worse. So like. Cannon. What kind of DX popular kids who read as a school I was an academic toderat. And academics who died so you know you'd go out and he delinquents and then get good grades. Yeah I do that had rap stuff that my friends that night and then I'd get straight days in school he during the day awesome yeah. I've I want to cut. Even though I'm Mexican explains me what a hood rat is put back activity. The you know just hang out on the streets. Drugs in. And parties yelling at cars that drive what silicon and Ian out can it kind of stuff like if you lake. Exactly save the last stance on the and a lack as a man that was kind of my crew kind of sort of yeah every school. I went to Rogers high school in Puyallup Washington yeah. Yeah yeah vary according to. And it was kind of a mean girl. I'm going to be probably I want to be you up but it would've probably verbally eviscerate about a foot. I deeply in teachers. In the years ahead of you knew there and now annual crazy to and what a story but UN high school. It is street. Q and then I was inquire. Again. And we went to Europe actually for two weeks and singing cathedrals and all. Really don't. It was very delicately there like. Yeah where they got back. It's absolutely not true. And spend policies just were we're now being T shirts and jeans discouraging goes because I forging goes Elizabeth that comments yeah okay those red meat I might be tooled. And now is that now converging goes I feel I my parents Allen and by those I was playing my gene goes with my I'd Wear boy's boxers underneath it is a Soviet invaders and based or Reggie doesn't boys doctors underneath and relic like on the desktop that's kind of an TLC at the time. And that's that they were wearing was like crop tops and that I already aging that genes he could literally fit as an entire skateboard in the back pocket and you're they were talking. Big Kelly has come back home got I want them I love managing this. Don't want tiny tiny you know holding ulee's how much government and a national now I'm 26 okay Britney 25. There. He used to use register and Tony I saw the thirty engine yes look I think that I like that it's a good. Variety of ages here. No room he had known as Sarah Sarah where did you guys who was your story. I would sue Mercer Island for a hot slack hand. It's because I was not an academic ingeniously. That's who have repaired to that but that I have pretty about a grand implicated him and I was like. Feel. God. IV and that's down learn you got that nice old I would gladly bring this hypocrite her. Activities only around a table felt all right you are Tony does not I can count on people like folly why you'd like what an awesome smiling all I have to ask around in a black pigment and you re right wing and a black shirts and I click that hair like the coolest thing ever and allergies aren't all I got no right at lake. Pink streak that he. And like firstly I am here and answer. And it public. It's huge. Whenever like how all those people. Need in Ike and indeed. It's like huge Coetzer. But I would not cool on at war like in rates. And afraid of I. The only one pass game and I. Didn't. Two grades and high school Catholic my aunts and now they drive Alec all the help from lake Stevens and it's able to pass along as late Ali studio seven. And we break the few times and I'd make in nineteen near mogul like. The uncle Robert that in you know like I did you mean it didn't drink. I drink like a lot my senior year and partied more my senior year but there is the time on and my parents were very strict you know we drive down. Tonight shows that the show boxes and and you know when I was at Q I'd be home and party. Yeah. You know heat we've fixed income we earn the group article are we were we were pretty tame. We weren't crazy we are good kids and and covers it to somebody I didn't start I. Before I was 21 and on one hand. A 421. Or I was 21. I have a fear of god and tiger apparently I grew up Catholic and packer Huber protective at an ex convict him in the ass hole. Kidnapped Cole says exuberantly now you kept I kept that in 2008 at the open. Bears sheltered so. It's great. And I. It was kind of like that when I went to college like. I just now. In. I'm not. Down if you. Grab. Like not sitting at three days I think your heart out wire and 08. And a BC and I'm glad. But I take all those stats like the waffle yeah like I get all these testimony on your average or above average actually kind of Smart I just in to somewhere hiding rap and a dad has ideology doesn't have I it's rude. I mean it was and at the time it was enough to get into Debbie CU. But I mean I think that kind of slipped through the cracks down. I edit it I tried now to get into that school with did with degrees had in high school would not happen. It's all about working the system people and I yet Tyson think what's the point of call at least going to school lake Duffy MacKay in from Guns 'N Roses and everything my friend. Video into the daughters daughters are banned and yes she's extremely accurately and excellence and but she does and it's she is like. To do is collect and I've always been on the Islamic. School is just not acting like go to school and and Doolittle I write stories I start calling making up comic books climate policy taking notes for psychology. And but he says something that really kind of hit me hard like made cents. He said you don't go to school to learn that crap you're gonna forget it. You go to you learn how to jump through hoops because that's going to be doing for my life it'll and had to jump through hoops to be able to do things. Whether it's in your job whether it's your damning to argue this this resonance to do what you need to do our get everything done. And that made perfect and I'd like to outline amen to that. Constant. Fortune on a path where yeah well you know our doubts and I thank you college job are right here I'm proud to say that I had less than 2000 dollars to payments to take. It can't paint. Or. I am. And almost eat. It spends and my sisters are yours you know below me. They are even more I mean like my sister paid like. I don't even know how many more tens of thousands of dollars and I exit and I. I'm a firm believer in college it was it was the right thing for me personally but I don't know that it it's not a right right right Ireland my brother. Guided trades and he probably makes them then my threes you know the three girls in the Stanley combined to have college degrees so it's definitely not for everyone. No genuine. College I would do a major and you'd have to come I majored in communications. And the yeah yeah Scott Gibbs had aided and and be gassing people basically. I'm FAA's talk to them make them feel good and then when you walk away just. Hate them just mud on your breath yet. Yet he still has to face it was actually a pointless to greet them and I'm. Back in the workforce trying to find a place to work there like oh communications relieved and that's gonna get genuine good luck thank and a have a buddy. Sorry buddy Christina Wheeler he majored in theater. And he just pissed that he has his bachelor's degree can do nothing with you and come on these guys don't even have a degree and I'm not getting hired over them. You can see. It now. I'm really tired and different types of theater like musical theater drew out here there's some liberal arts colleges you can get a little bit worse you know specific power. Yeah I went to college from outside and I was majoring in acting. Singing and dancing but there is just like BofA attracting the favorite aunts and bonding thing for all the areas there is just theater acting just measly. Jazz Hansbrough the Tony Awards event handlers. Hello and I win them sleep in and then yeah. Holly Bailey island. And we to a zoo from in years yeah yeah. Lotta a lot of a lot of accuracy. And I and I didn't matter your politics means there. Kind of yes and a lot of it took Blair I left because at the worst roommate in history. Trying to get me harrassment charges. All this stuff she is such a treat. That goes up man. Yeah pentagon the middle of nowhere poll mental alcohol and crazy you know teenagers still teenagers 1819 years old Vietnam. We stole my underwear. Yeah and she would let me he now anyone else you think you can attached to it percent Mike Ditka and the ones with the for. You know it's. C and I say that I never saw the trailers roommates so early on that issue. Atlanta that the girl that Derek Jeter is banging hair and needed on the I she hit Kelly O. You act like they're all day. But no. Like her. Handling of art there. And there. That are real. Soon. Yeah. He's just hit those like drugs under your bed and we are grainy and easy villains for the time of the month and she had an iron in I had my friends over and she brighter. Round I. Only heighten touching my brother with I'm just like you earn yep I Agassi Chang and John they spent. No but I saw her here link she's one of decline in. A lot you know and I'll girls yeah. He's an appallingly for years. His prized seat waiting and you're gonna sound copy liking me your networking he knew. I am not working he can do about it. You know with YE a violent with them I can't and his. Yeah yeah blocks around Britain. Like all you you know on them. I got out of and we are. In the production. On the green in the coal. I am. I finally gets it. And I run in Hamels wanted to aisles at the art institute if you island view. You are acting in the and it excited culinary arts. I was actually out there that. I had a lot and having the arts I love looking at that was my thing I realize I wreck before I decided to do the radio thing I was going to via shaft. But then I realized that. On the weight from cooking. Different against us had ever seen that kitchen. Dog that kitchen. And it. All up. It does it it's the best thing ever but I just about how we should do like cooking classes. As you can economic. But he is by EOK I've cake. They've seen it. Reverend Jackson I dig you guys. Make the ground. Go to your recipes that I am and I am in no way shape or form anything you can that there injuring. Yeah. I'd like to cook with and there isn't there is it I know that there is the online at or her name but she's a coach in the show actually. Asked face and cook trio like she's on her million they've they're funny. So gadget that Google drunk Shaq and I'm trail mine that's. I'm. Looking is as sound like an alcoholic I honestly feeling you're gonna work for care eyes that you have to be a functioning alcoholic. I agree I everything in the world is to get a good buzz going in clean house and look I can't clean house with out of Bosnia as it is so fun I almost feel like Cinderella. Some like. Singing to my music and cleaning and in the shower in the tub dislikes robbing average ending the cell could come adamantly Tolliver mean like. Well. I'm so I haven't George judgment setting on the hot stuff like men men men in here again and I think you know. Our way lately and sell them lately league Britain the spot that you said something other than comet. We did not have a pretty look at that oblique view that. Sitting over here horrifying night. She heard I heard has whitening property. That guy is not telling us that by the way it's not good for. It's not. Okay. Yeah I seem likely that. And all that is disgusting. I attended community college. And Everett for a year got on academic probation because I failed. A lot you were I I didn't I just so I thought my my folks like I'm not ready for the schools I just spent eighteen year round. Tiger I spent the last years like high school and deal all that drama once and you're working I want to work. I'd like no go to school immediately go we're paying report are ankle mean college didn't do so well the team and I worked full time for awhile and nanny. And I was working at a restaurant and a lot of local time. So there was not much time you homer yeah. SO. I wake up academic formation and then went to Edmonds mean college didn't do that great but it better. There and that shortly after I got my. My internship at the right here again study with the issue during experience and I've kind of in their sense race played my internship had a few months and decided to the next quarter or semester off. Just an enemy money kicked my video work any sort of pressure gotten. And also your. I yeah I. Doing your first podcast yeah I've Akita from podcast I had injured radio for your members that that it is on the regular on paper in front injury you know now in radio was he needs my roommate and now. Many years later we need it do an Internet based product for answered officially working on the show. Let's get injured in the internet's ever have a voice. Pretty popular for a minute ethos. And then you've got a real and had a graduate. Husky. And and we do that sometimes yeah hello. I feel like that was the big island. And Ari. Tension here. And then and Canada am on be Digi key nation islands on the Cannes party for a little bit. And it's led to wanted to do something a little different. This is why we have. The broadcast and this is it's not only great for for eighty listeners but the guys are gonna be getting what we have to convert you hear and we habitually girls sometimes telling us we ours don't like that that sucks for you and I. Yeah yeah it's kind of like it's like Emanuel one not to diss and you're welcome eyes yeah. It's really that we have a lot different personalities here we have different lives different you know relationships that inventory. But so many questions for us. And a wonderful relationship there. Questions for his plea please let us that we will help you out guys in trouble in his annually. Accent that's what's going on and we'll try to decipher what is going on in the silent treatment it's like no cheapest. Price she talked lines she's not plugging that thing. I can give you tips how to calm down. Proudly resolution and that's what I do our. Gas and my life. Hatton BS or wait refine with her. What she wants to hear him that they repeat it has. It's so please we will have a emails and we will. They can beat the page in number it's. It excited and call it. And to an era. Yeah piled golf yeah I'll. You bitches are drunk valiantly bitches the columns when you're drunk or minarets in girls drinking too much wine want to know that all up yeah. I. Thing. Guys do something like going to listen notebook last night actually give me your man Gergen and do something very not manly Clinton yeah. I have something that would take my girl cargo and issues. I have never seen the notebook here only wants. Yeah well once and that was part of it I think it missed the first part for Sarah this is Sarah's GM I'm just. Yeah. And I don't. That movie is tall he eats so it's much different I cried so are the first time anyone ever gonna put themselves through more than one because it's so beautiful and I paid a lot of money from and make up I don't wanna room and I crying to him and not a pretty hard I mean I don't believe you. He doesn't like it like gentle here and like I look like hitting the ad is he oh yeah and I I he came in as Jim and I love her crying phase of the easiest thing in the world Google and I. And an example. Yes and he's still a lot of stores and singled. Out. Because you have that as well yeah I think. Discard it. Like 89. And scary movies are like yeah like. I shoot in the movies and things dispensable thriller gangster related that's an idea that there were. No. Knew that I get like I mean Ryan Gosling is hot. While I was on him I'll I'll probably never watch it again I'd been looking. His hand can reach out. There Regina. I can't not see her as Regina George race she's urging regards forever and she meets mile. She's a from the time traveler's wife. Never seen the only reason I know that I saw about one but I I bought the notebook to watch it which haven't done but I about the double pat with a time Catholic. No yeah I don't know I don't there. Yeah. I got closer but like all my feelings about it and that the casings that that's where it's like. And think it's. You. Could power yeah yeah. Recap there that up. On my feet. And got a bad. And there's usually has more government and I don't know about it and hang on it I want it now and. Now what is the best fictional. Couple in movies or books or whenever anybody you guys and while I do every year in and I. I am not the first ten minutes because my buddies like I'm in the background. I'm it would be active in the background and I could see Butler and I really able I don't mean you watch this and you make you metropolis Japan. It's a very weird romantic movie Sarah if you haven't seen yet to go home and watch true romance is at. Its. Tarantino is now. And around her and I believe they are public Haney I don't hobbling out actually there is clearance and you know and Alabama warmly clearance now quietly you're content because it's kind of puffed up love story like. The way they get together and you know she gets beat out that it it there's a lot of mayhem is there's gangsters involved it's very very intense things like weirdly romantic Chris we years later and Patricia are yet and Christian Slater as. Time and Alter true romance I and I illegally and yeah. I would have. They are really greatly Christopher Walken is and Dennis Hopper is and it's a better outfielder Gary Lou and like he played a starter at the stare then Deon Jackson can't sit on Jackson's every night now seriously watch them and it and they are my thing it's like a weird. It's your relationship that they are so it's like and it's like a sick romance. Yet clintons are Tina thinking. I am DB on mine he. Little plug there and a sponsor not I who is your favorite fictional a Brokeback Mountain. I didn't. I can't really look it up anymore. I mean it. What's really you know crime it really is it was a good movie I can't I went to high school I didn't have many I think I had a three boyfriends all through high school ones like two years. It's a little bit. My first play different out of that relationship when I was a senior am feeling nice in the second he's a two and a girl from rich or two seconds later like crap. What went on an idea of some kind of break up what this guy is all excited about it. And only because he know he knew my history link this is my first boyfriend we obviously had sex you know so he's not sweet and have sex Vicky. And I had no interest in current use I tried going I get whenever house. He's a Clinton leading up and improve your had a break up with him on now and he's intelligent utility is it's like to dynamite. Brokeback Mountain. And totally like it really like settlement watch Brokeback Mountain that is totally my. My manager. My least she'll. Never. Now you totally turned off by an Anderson and it didn't in Atlanta nearly but it is like trying to get him not Horry. These that I use that route before. That rob. And a they knew. Each packet that first ever. Like. You would dirty girl. Who. And and. And. Yeah. Sharon Gomez but they're so romantic best seller who. I thought they had the best vaccine on my own freaky what one of those like last night really howling beast yeah frighten me do it again yeah. Unlike that is it the Romans that is a real (%expletive) I guess whatever relationship to be right yet you act pinky in dark star and just and romantic and lobbying yeah they could keep their hands on each of the sexy nails you know she was just hearing them down and he's just bleeding in loving. And pat on the hot and bothered. That they Pena Gomez. Rest and Eastman. We rate before the second one came. As let him making points. And ten in the united did you as a reports the TV show of on ABC the only. And I had to play down as a lately and an affinity for twelve Euro means you now. It. A yeah definitely alliances. And what's her name that's well. Yeah I don't mind you I me. All of my news at. The picture I take I do like off the lions with that but I don't if I am actually show that you're at it. No face. Yeah some I asked. It's saucy picture like you're electing nineteen. But you really admirably at the under bill. And it is very sexy underwear under. I mean. But note good pick Brittany Torre injured which apple Mickey and powdery natural. I. He sickest relationship between two people agree com but it's might be re romance movie ever it is and she is I but. Louis Louis again she's. She's amazing and musically she's super talent and it was an active link and she. A memory and like I. I've no idea she's ridiculous so she dated she didn't she or isn't a movie. German had a I police they can name Hillary sewing was and it. Andy it was about a woman whose Brothers to play by Sam Rockwell. Got sent to prison and she went to law school for many years like he was accused of being a murder and had some issues so they thought oh well he's RD kind of messed up it was probably him kill these people. However she and the way it put herself through law school and defended his case and not at a jail out and I I think you're seeing that this is based on a true story cut came out a couple of years ago she played a character in in the movie. And so we went because the premiere she was there on and I was where is Steve the producer and I were there and at the beach in the other. And she was governor is going to my ears though she like he told me that. So she Juliet looks at Steve and she's just like. I met you before. And conflict in many years that we talked about the end it. Inch just like your union quietly and she remembered Steve and what they were talking about I never forget face patent is ridiculous like her dad called on the chemicals and it didn't take myself I know you're going to arm from that you and I are almost like likely lately although we may be rivals. Idling. I like we share a brain yeah we do the lead in. I. I think for me and I'm now penis by a desire not to talk she she does and no have notebook and I don't think. About it. I know. It listening because atlas grooming and I wish I would pick out of. And we that is the great linemen now I can't think of anything else except that my favorite movie of all time is the Cairo. Air Trayvon in his love for Shelley and it's not a happy ending. By any means that is just like a lot behalf actors. And I waited and it's often meted out interview via. The writer and artist of the original graphic novel James Barr coming years ago and just to hear his flatly where the rapid now looking for a Ayman. Which is ridiculous just like the pain naturally it's. Mine. In her face. Of wanton. So I like that with four out of five and has picked really. Have to yeah. And fifth. And it was a little bit of thought to it wasn't exactly ready to kill her pelvis and brain and am so we agree to Apple's. Every couple crazy yet used a perfect relationship I don't think you have a real oh my god now I went to college at this girl that gain was full of complete. Yes she was like if she would say he's things like what I would laundry today and every. From a man and in my first nine count parts naked so. Yeah I feel sorry for your boyfriend and your boobs in the like that they have really only cult where only a minute and she would say like well I cook a full mile every now and then she would also tell us that because she had. And every time together that she knew that he was the wind and I was like I'm gonna vomit all over your face now. I look back at that last one out now. I got to. That's how I am mine that's what I am at my currently on the data but didn't at all times I'm like I'm tired like will do they just make it about you today you know and I just don't worry about me and I'm OK and if I want if I'm doing it like it's on an accounting for them and it and regularly don't understand that it's like look like but I don't have that view has excellent and I. Like making you feel and currently am really feeling get into it I'll make you feel goods to do your thing you have fun. You'd be quick about it I want hi I'm out trying to hit it you know he would into you know have fun that I'm not really gonna go real crazy like I'm drunk on tequila my. Item cal boy kind of a thing that hasn't happened with me help. Yeah it's my boyfriend is not drink and I do so there are times I'm like. I come Barack hero world that is front and work out for me is now hearing Allah but again I yeah equally you know as an act like it I don't know guys. Get. Say that they like whiskey. TV I. I. And don't even worry you don't have to put forth that much effort as you know I don't know I don't wanna be here on the but let's just take care of your needs you can get him weird weird with Stevie I have I think I have a hard time to start. And I weren't like. This is not working I'm sorry it's like well pigs. Do you spend the intent is there I know my fair term for whiskey. Yeah. I don't think I ever do it is the almond McClain. And in McLean. I have. Again. And significantly as my parents who you. Mechanic in America it's. My escalated quickly if I can expect on the broadcast this. But Natalie we have to think you're completely for the coming up that name out and attitude the name I have I have like no crew. Native brain when it comes like naming things and and he's always really good at bats and kudos Brad thank you. Because you're thinking the rock goddesses but I feel like one not everybody Hewlett truck inventory and cry I know you like what do you think the country and I think that's what I think a port in the country like country stuff though Biggio. Conscious as an idea I love your country island country half. I don't I don't think patriotic. I'm fairest as you're hip I am currently. Yeah. As goddesses and the field like Marianne. A little and sale and humbled her he has. Not at. All times. That you know this thing. Crap. Don't. But it got its. Act of this is another name and just to leading brands. We as women we should call. All of that should be. It. And Ambrose and he did. And several are ladies. Play. Point being my roommate being a very big league eat you if you make you not entirely scary thing and I like Steve is very kind man he's he's a sweetheart he's it's funny though we have a very interesting relationship everyone thinks because we've known each other for so long we did the podcast. We did the podcast he's working at a Starbucks go to school and at the restaurant you know. We buy time we have. A chance to podcasts like midnight on Friday and so we come into our podcasts or injured radio. And everyone thought because we did this for so long and we know we've been so close but something happened repeats it becomes a green. On anything. And to answer that question absolutely not and I've never we never again as we never there's never a hook up we had sexual tension when that. And now it's like a wee brother sister relationship we've been adopted into each night families around my brother. And I. Well I. Feel like if anything did happen between you two you would of got lost in his chest hair and you never would have seen you heard what he. I wish I wish I knew this summit on my birthday but you lift up as it's it's just. The card yes but it isn't like all the way down Allah protect your. Old Oscar glory as it is immediate and leaving an unmanned on the island ams and I don't think this totally I don't know why I am thinking of this but I have a girlfriend who's an institution and and when we were in college we were missing are I was in college we were at the same salon and she would do you know waxing and occasionally you get mail client wanted you know this citing a back chest whenever. But this one I had kept calling about having in the Brazilian though. And she was like I don't wanna offer and then eventually like the management decided that they haven't Albers and Ryan like let's do one and see how does. So Lindsay was. Not really looking forward to that next day I'm walking across the street about coffee marketed across block and see your open the door this lot and she goes. Even people said oh my god was that the mail Brazilian and she said that the guy came in he was. They're from head to tell but he only won it like there's like why. Should. I man was. And she was like do I do the balk at the ball that was time. It is like is the Brazilian a little bit but yes yes I mean look at you on all fours and Mickey didn't. But you would like it looked so freaking ridiculous that I don't want him to elect refer anyone. To me because that's not right. On the area and food is dealing with ran yeah. You should've got a laugh the whole underwear thing make it look I guess he's right underwear on barely get whacked Kimi and yeah be like a little link. I don't know about it. Aaron because of described above the on FaceBook as they now come out great articles in great videos and they did land where men had to go get waxed cars in my house. And it was the hill mostly is that neither seen men getting lax tell my aside from the gay men explaining tampons and pads out and also really funny look. Wow I ever. On the weather down there me and I Wear shorts and I am honored I fell flat. I'm Mexican I'm just carry all government brows waxed like every so often are gonna want to can keep the shape and an aggregate demand a little too. Let them but I have to say I mean. And actually doing laser hair removal right now. Extremely painful movement and where it weary and and my firearms Emily that's okay and that it literally feels like someone is taking a rubber band and snapping. Right on near me. Why you hair hair you know not all I just kind of I kind of got sick of the maintenance of like either. Ribera or I think I can get like six sessions of bias and then I'll be sent flying beautiful. Well it pared back well. It doesn't always work on every person ladies if you haven't done it this is the cops and it doesn't work on every person I am the lasers attracted to pigments that the darker your hit areas. Didn't the better chance you have of getting that about being set and kind of injury and very blond hair is not super dark on any part of my body. So I may take more sessions now I know this then the average lady. Because here's John stark. Which on the green I thought there's only get after it is six times I'm I have to do like. The and it only takes like it like for them to get through the one session only takes like fifteen or twenty minutes. But it is a god awful fifteen or twenty having an attentive gas well an and then so they displaced from going they also view and tattoo removal like these are tied to Al and they said is like. But what I'm doing with a laser hair kick it up ten times fifteen times but it feels like to get tournament so I'm never getting any in my taxes. I have one that I don't like and it's dark and people some people is that he probably dialing it up my help I'm just gonna find a really dark magic upper I don't think I have I have one on this on my side that really don't like it is like cattle corn symbol got a when I was like CE via. Got it when I was eighteen it was like my perfume on and that moment I get out and it's like so poorly done and once they weren't had done. It's not far from here. And that it's it's just a really poorly done tax you and I hate it and I don't care about being Capra or had that deal that Anita Bryant and I'm a body in a bad way. And it's kind of too big and lobbied to like. Fix it up via so it needs to just be covered but like you said it's a big it's basically been in blocks ha ha. Let me back things yeah can trigger. God it. Did you are dealing and utilities you I do you don't move should and then finally met a girl in the room does not as a licking pierced a new meaning to settle it's it is your under the does he claim that. Yeah. Okay. No I would see dog Sheen likes you guys like like a man Ali cute little princess can. Does and untouched those dying and and and you yourself how does that work I used to Agassi deepen the food. I did that with my ears Steen and Alec. Do you go for I tried with an ice cube and it really did anything at all heart and my cabinet clash really hard on my lips. Well. Yeah I watched my ex boyfriend shot of safety pointers a year it was it took like five minutes on the machines and often. CIA's I had seventeen piercings that one point slot on Lulu. But I can't even imagine trying to do something like myself. Yeah I mean I admire the piercing than at home for three years and really. I don't LA beauty supply stores I write on here. Because it's just for ears can you because usually if you're feeling like an Alley that energized and you don't colony idea that the guys buying your ears appears let's do that I got it I. You wouldn't hey let's not many get a piercing eye isn't it hello. Britney you do the little political. Punch he. OK apparently hit. A earrings now appears years where is your treat it hears things you'd seventeen. My they hung up. That balance it like it was very very unpleasant. You know when I don't have them anymore and they've been out for years it was also kind of in my phase it was during college yet a lot of a lot of great things that. My parents literally made the first eighteen years of my life very challenging to like have fun yeah I was gonna feel that wet black and that it did that I actually had a free hand in the room. When when this was happening. And and they almost passed. Sheen who. I was just watching it added that one day at the same time you know I was excited I did the wind and then I was like. Get upset are they gonna do the other line and my best friend was there she was like come on you win and do the other one I'm like. Doing it and so then but she like basically told me I was a wimp and then you have to get drunk. I was sober as a judge in that it yeah if I kidding keep them from Maryland couple years and are. Achieved then. Salary tattoos piercings. Your story and get to tattoos. A breast cancer and on my back which I kind of regret now ma'am my mom and cans are handling that super awesome because she survived. Play excellent story that when you got it's our house about it so. A couple friends of ours and Vicki and mine went out with her conceive and we around downtown Seattle. Some hip hop agent and a member Steve punch me in the face basically to imitate the stories to punch me in the face on the dance lawyer Leo I really drunk or make an accident he horrible it was still funny and I still don't let him live yeah. All of. And I tell when he's single and dancing he gets really do and drunk to remember that night a case highlights of one thing that ever happened accused Kennedy sexy in the ingredients and he's a great answer Seward mainly due to the Grammy heading to differ. Is that hasn't stopped punching you think. Grinding but that he does well I try to kiss me on the cheeks is like very wet open mouth is. Like I like what I like. Lost my make a bomb that. That was about the I think yeah he looks like one of those blow Utley car dealership. Might be just what it the flailing are a little bit then you have to think that the. So get punched in the face I said Julian I'm like okay patina to drinks and diet it kind of hurts now we're gonna go out confined cap Meehan different Yonhap. Who will be on the blood tests eventually do I like car yeah which she is here today she's a good lady she's a hard worker the hardest working girl in radio and you know in the world. You need to be at this point in the world. What ministry trying to be a good place to find at a cap confront and 2 o'clock in the morning and danced with Seattle square. I. Not to shop walking on prime the most random hole in the wall tattoo shop didn't. That opens its open at 2 o'clock in the morning by the wave action and first sign. Larkin there get the tax you've taken out he'd as it. And I convinced Keon I T get her lip pierced because if I'm getting a tattoo she should get through the house. So get a tattoo and I bled everywhere it was just make alcohol. He knew I was drunk it was like let's do it anyways sound got the tattoo and it's kind of weird and boxed a little band lettering back. I really is that they in certain certain positions with with man. The battle pelican mat and it's not exactly turned infamous. God and attic or anything Annika area where. Anything and I will get a square black box of seats to get rid of it at this point. I think I spotted at tattoo behind my ear like hot like it on actually hear it behind me here and and I was. Highly intoxicated after bachelorette party to the well I barely even remember getting a tattoo done. But I was like bleeding like I had been had been like shot in the head it's the worst terrorist cell that. It's the worst. And like the backs of my close oracle soaked with blood. Each in my hair on my shirt like I'd stay in the my knack it was if I don't get the hospital and your strategy that I had when it's just the non blood at the plasma. And the Russians know minute there you have no tattoos. Eight healer here just now. Root out and now. And I get a line. These guys make it here. Am. I should human yet I hear. Some of those item those pictures I had. Dan and Brad and yet you did. It in person with a skinny dipping council member is like oh yeah I know my point yen and to work is. Bidding in the name yet from mingling with them. Are part. And now I was too busy in the lift drive at apple. He needed me. And it's a day expert dynamic here at the keys to my loudly online believe that are a lot no they did not die on the hill 00. Yeah. Like I am like high school and then Michael will only his teacher overs John I am I think we've just been skinny didn't we see everybody here. It's not a big deal anymore. Chef I don't care just to dress up there and had we had dealings either evidently police later the chlorine from the pools Allen showered in my room they were like Reid you in the shower or do I feel like. And I would I. Don't want our my. And I didn't really really call that unlike. Fourth people on air mattress in my living room. 'cause there's couches and it apparently they'll all. Your match on my. Self and with with everything I missed from year. From the rest of the party looked like 1 in the morning yeah still pregnant again out at a good time but when I woke up in the morning and looked on FaceBook and their pictures because of the decks like. It's harder since it started. And we can't express. I didn't expired. I'm like pat broke my heart goes on and get that sorted out we went there because we usually like obviously it goes we get there and I and that's overnight mat where you're at various Asian. I'm like at the eyes of and I go and I bite into it I'm from the town normally this is the most delicious thing that ever I'm just seeing nearly. Pretty much just. You know. Anyway I haven't I having the big ally on the out programs like this is banned now. I remember it's trying so hard to like get elect me like something. Please stay stick when he line in our area and taking that. Now know that that's the act and got. Pretty you know. And argue and whoever like I mentioned as anybody we love the axiom I don't. Like each hamburger why me why didn't he. Hewlett and going to a minute to 200% eighties to wait for picked. I can't wait yeah I'm hungry like cab driver whatever it takes to take me to the place to buy something to take he acts like him. In my brain and starving to death. Even out that the biggest component of this army. And land on average X do averaging senator. But before there tattoos air gap in your. Bag. War. I think it's one and hold him Ireland's victory. I'm 34 on both sides plus one man. And I elegant years Hayes and and I has any tattoos accurately point out how many have merged together yeah you're as a beautiful piece of our he. Thank you might might also found that I had from hidden from the neck down those holes ball field yeah I've grown pack if you will. And but the ones in my ears can still get some of them to go through. I wanna have my players payments done but what I used to do my my my mom called it heavy artillery. Executed in the release out of I came home with a new and she get an advocate for a big deal all women here on around you your fine. Graham doesn't know and that's why about the that your piercing guns whenever I wanted to knew when it despite that despite cartridges are yeah I putted it. Again next week when we do and we do this I want it appears to me. The only got to go by the hearings perfect film excited I'm down but yeah I have a bunch of I have my back a dime betweens that Lagarde oil he. Angel wings and stuff that was painful about a year long process he. And he's you Eddie you get all of them at the same guy most of a little to none but the last five years from guiding tries royals and he's at at Blankenship tattooed in Everett. I very much recommend him know you gave me his card and I still I. Yes I don't Portuguese tattoos cost money and selling them you need passing I'm working on at Travis I'll be calling you know yes. If I have my legs done I have like a crow portrayed I have a dragon it out of the eighteen and it's it's not really create need to get that fixed it's that it was a memorial to add to. And that's sugars vitamins a difference. Well I can't. Didn't bush together 'cause I have I have actual crow. On my leg and then I decide to get the crow portrait of Brenda Lee but in with that makes it arrows at that a tree. The gravestone an extreme then I'll kind of mixed in together so that's awesome concept we have all mixed together is that original just actual bird. And I have a pirate ship on my right side at software early on the back of Miley and I got. A two pirate girls one like it kind of the Gypsy feel. And one's a skeleton when human which I need to get hollered in other side of the the my friends dragon I have. My hire my my entire crew from high school I have via a little higher at insignia are Jolly Roger cue it I thought it. I got a one point touch you for an ex boyfriend as a tiny little one and it was a little cal. GE and NY I you're still unable. Coburn and help now. Yeah. Once you're going to you know we had all planned out but he didn't have any monies. Just I did it you know Salma. It is an Erie cattlemen for me no he I'll add this tattoo you with his tattoo he had and I got it about BQ could. And he was going to get one for me I've heard some. Of the Ireland. It. Tonight you're insane because insane widget judges or public locations was the most painful. The back really her that like your actual time in ads for. Yang it's huge in the back is really really painful I got my ribs then I have under my boobs done on and explain him I mean it's injury here at the acts. Can't X-Men logo right now battling it out pulling up her top got a little under the gun on Diane how often Osce pick. Your. I'm paying in mystic Graham. That really really hurt but my. I have a problem with apparently when I get tattooed by anybody. We getting everything right the right size silicon has to be near. Alia that takes forever so I have to pirates on my ass one on each pass on story. But when he went to go to the secondly it was such a pain in the butt. It's. The right side to get it to match even though I admit pictured smeared. He couldn't do it in my back to put the insolent look like an hour and a half how he'd wipe it off and he said last time I did wings I it took me one try. Like it just my body is not does symmetrical. So it takes that's great he took the time in the cared to make it right. Unfortunately after the outline to one of my wings wanted to be done them he just spent an hour Katherine but the other got him wing better on the others I have at least get the hour and it's our. Only if so did. To just like have really cool water I'll pack guys in my four remain like like I was getting my the process game attack united front in there like. Can you pollution movement between humanity and like GB Skyping with his girl finally don't worry that we just can't reach. I. If you put this on me. Think Bernie and through thick. Yeah aren't knuckleballer. It I've a lot at nine I think I explain all of them and that's the one on pirates they don't like they're just. In Tokyo keys and you these little drawings are where people when the purses and his clerk guy who's the desire. Sell these bags like about on about like the designs. On in these we will characters like enemy. And a little client. Q and I wanted something done like Stan is generated that fluids that they went eighteen. I'm a muddy was there and debt to Prentice said now that's stupid. That sounds stupid and please let's get it in my life like this and so we did they and idol line that goes with it but the line is supposed to be like showing where everything kind of slows them this proceeding be tattooed on there. Really crappy assignment to get a big I think it's weeping tree. At one point. Which I actually do horticulture at school and had article. I. I was an FFA by the way I know for those who don't know what at that pays its future farmers of America. ST in high school like like you know you write your high slot they have all the awards like yeah soccer championships and all law. You are okay at some sports you go to that they board and it's like only down a lamb grounds to hundreds of one. That's another reason out there I gonna horticulture 'cause. You at my school we have the choice of doing biology like if you get the science yet either biology ecology. After eating your freshman science. Or you can do horticulture instead and Mike analysts don't dissect them whenever there dissecting screw you culture at that. And the teacher hated me first and by just kissing ass and I element that one of the teachers this teachers assistants Gloucester glasses she thought from the stolen. And I found them for under one of the things. And I live she's like give lecture pitching hundred points extra credit all of my and I ever since she just a lot me act you know it would and he named it best article true yeah horticultural. We have greenhouse as we plants. And we didn't like we would yeah I ambition. No we plantings from feelings and then we transplant that and then we learn how to do flower arrangements of airline crew size can be make its size. I think really nice pumpkin arrangement like it's it's that. I don't like planting only going to guard finally making a guardian of like flowers then I miss you so much. It's easy I can't end like planting flowers and got but I like planting negative huh uh huh yeah. The other night I can kill any plant yeah problem and we. My own my own guy in. The eastern Atlantic any money from my chemical and couldn't do it and I was various our school I can't we went to a competition in in life and the school in and that I'm sure it was very intimidating doing. All the everybody I know everybody hated us because we we didn't know much about the actual stuff the only reason I was drafted into the thing is I'm really gonna public speaking. It's usually do really good he please join the team likes it shirt and and yet as the days went on elm and they're like can you identify part of the what that whatever the competition was in a bunch different farm products are apartment quick and you had. The that was wrong with our equipment and he got to figure out what all the partly what this what is this plant and write it down in my opinion this crap. So we would going completely blind pretty much is rural idiots we just because we looking at articles isn't doing about it why not. If you did so we decided screw we aren't gonna lose. His elves make friends people that we just got to all the all the groups and dusk and the colleges look at as a trash. And for me even some like you guys online here's the thing you guys that I hicks playing with this for fun here I'm here because we got a class and I raised chickens right. And I'm I'm not redneck but the Quaker. Yeah hunt family. And a lot of my friends like cows and horses and things like I didn't I didn't have any big. Stockard and I that the chickens have to contend clintons at bat but it got me really sick and eggs for awhile when he old Hank I didn't even get I didn't even start eating eggs again until after college. And I was so burned out. I guess it's like how many different ways can you make him. I feel like we've been talking about an hour and some change in this very successful. At this. Up and maybe I did so we will be having faced an email address and phone number here shortly. Webpart in turn. I immediately just came up and means I wanted to be and it is burned. I want them sexy women like Rockingham. I figured I guess can send them some clips. And now I'll put something together and they really shouldn't we should go to karaoke and record our owns. Oh yeah. The and I would be in the back because they didn't need to. Yeah. Vietnam and we are well. About like you to the rap I either wrapped up and that I don't know I'm not quote just. The bird and I it is yeah. Doesn't remember anything on your birthday is not means it was so good diving header that marching at exit abetting bribery at the and Glenn Beck when he first birthdays did not drink much at all. I greatly my 2124. Birthday well it was bad at an early in the study it hurt big party have to say best birthday ever. I'm excited to my thirtieth year a couple of months. Early speculating hope we yeah it and I CEO and our Ali after only a few shots and we beat on the RN. And let's get a grip giants passion every birthday yeah yeah. On Tuesday. And it you know we can't so he can't I just. Oh. Well that you guys for joining us for the broadcast they tune for episode two coming soon. Thank you ladies that we know her music so present. It's.