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Episode 39: Just another show

Jun 8, 2014|

We talked about food...and really I forgot and am not listening through a second time. Enjoy!!!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Darryl Darryl. -- you know. What I regularly view easily access the -- -- protection go -- projections are right. My name's Kyle appear to make you smile for a little while -- -- -- Liam. Yeah no gangster rap. -- -- -- -- -- Flew awaits trial from trial. Could have. Make us sidewalk that's. The -- the mile. Player laying down tile we can't prop up the intensity and I was a pile of its DI a fingernail file. Yeah I got those sweet. Likable rivers idol should never had a child this is going to be a mostly gangster podcast ever now you're gay Zurich -- riff -- album. You know another draft is yeah yeah you know your email guy relatives. Next you know you've played arguably soft front hasn't been saved question like ten podcasts ago -- to -- hero the new album the league's. -- -- -- -- -- And isn't. -- original overdrafts there's a lot of ever -- precise. -- Hannah Montana. -- -- You are. We'll all go -- to. Marty undervotes. Hi how old people over here we have the only known Barrett and the ball mr. -- law. I do not do what I've -- they don't write me send over to my left he's the man would. These good shooting salad and -- senate made joke doesn't take is this another day in the prodigy how you doing -- yeah. See what the hell happened to your voice Giles we're doing an old school radio today at WNOINBC. Got rid itself. An idea that no tour -- do dollars and acquired by the that Howard Stern documentary. How -- -- -- -- -- I'll watch that V8 have you watched rob private parts and western document is an -- is a documentary -- -- it's kind of like a documentary. It's about like him -- Syrian radio. It's actually a brilliant movie about him Deanna I think -- -- prequel movies I think maybe she's got diagonally and a civilian -- called private parts because it's about his private life I'll I'm. Yeah now do you museum and why it's nice to Stearns a weird looking -- like he is a superstar he's the freaking man but he isn't. Awkwardly tall guy and back in the day when he had a white man fro he was -- -- indeed I'm trying to achieve that. The right man broke her dad Gonzalo and those like Albert Einstein status. Yeah that's pretty awesome me she'd give back to it I don't single now yet now you can do all the the hold up what do you say to me repeat that I had -- -- golf rating Oilers pretty -- attention ladies and gentlemen she's never rule it's legal -- -- mr. -- law and the day. So I. A lay and -- -- -- -- Immunity of bray in that I live Inez is going to back Kerry and finish it. And I talked you're LA and low -- Boris Said is just like we need to take a break because it. Did did you read and -- usually don't let it be that gives. When I know -- -- -- -- -- Blagojevich drink but the -- I didn't ocean. Let her. She helps -- out that. Since there isn't collapse 'cause aren't you over goalie -- How we just couldn't pull the trigger wise and because of recent videos -- adult making more taking -- what caused it. Why the sudden breakup between you in the first girlfriend didn't wanted. -- -- -- -- -- As you does that really shallow blood a it was the circumference. Yet he told me about that. Why I don't think McNabb -- and put it. It was the circumference. He just who has no longer feeling that's sick -- into sexual essential sensual fee. Oh is threatened to awkward tension in the hotel will read I blame it on booze is getting. We use the use seat it's my opinion -- this configurable interior. Now I haven't done deal away as she -- really matter like they didn't do. So I -- -- you know really really bad real I look at Dubai enough pop -- I got to go to bathroom to -- myself I don't give blue snow I got to go to words. -- just like trying to walk out of her apartment with like one leg that step because you're trying to hold -- correction. I said -- she is so Coolidge is cool blue leg I couldn't keep living a lie down and couldn't. It was yeah that there wasn't doing me any gamers you know is is making third. Little wide -- yeah. And more importantly you couldn't play keep taking those orgasms out of Uganda. I can tell you -- yourself out merger like you kind of hate yourself that you did that you're the kind of hate her for -- need to do that or she did you ever hear any idea -- -- can -- not an. -- big -- and do it it's it's it's her fault but you had to do it. Like -- things bird -- get things tight. I don't even know I don't know though they know is -- like three days three days leg was she needs to calm the hell damn Max you. I don't buy you results like Max -- over there with the intention to bang in the couldn't follow through because of certain Mel. She needs to do is figure out other activities if that's becoming a problem that she needs to figure out other activities that are again bring big Bertha to work. Pool boy ask shout out to Seattle tunneling projects -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Third -- like -- -- you -- so I call your video taken things a wide problem and I do is take a bat and he's been told that oh it's not a not unless you hit the sorry for her she is all. Well. This week for a lot hugged by NJ she still years visit hasn't heard guns by -- -- of we in my opinion like do it. Friends. And it seemed fitting to get good luck with that he's. You know. Just got to throw this out here I think it's pretty hard to stay friends with you after you break up after listening to this podcast. My idea would be tells him to listen to podcasts or he's like oh yeah we don't know why does this person I know how much this -- people -- -- -- do you flared up on dating that person. I'm satisfied yet this podcast is a great tool to get people they never talk to you ever again it is. You know if you every -- zero and a relationship I think you just here's a wake up and take a listen death. Did -- know it's funny it's like I'll go down to 99 bottles not -- people down there about -- part of the -- and there's a girl lower says about our age. Not like you should check it out because we're doing you know beer imports and that sort of thing and they know what their week later in my cage you listen to the podcast because there are proud as a radio station. Not like you listen to -- podcast and issue would give me an right before she can he didn't say anything I'm like I know you didn't listen you still look me in the eyes and she's like. Yeah I thought that I get ten dollars and. I don't know it's great to tell how to do now army -- -- it's like oh yeah actually did not ligament. -- even in this. In the broadcast would have heard all these -- -- -- you'd be embarrassed to be around me here right now I got ego and so lower and -- that's true but also you can. Low that is so true -- get you know say. Would they do know the real Lewis this is Joseph it. We know that Saddam actually realty -- every real Max they'll keep it -- you -- I don't know I didn't make this -- as -- -- behind legs occurred in. You know. Plus the Internet Flores left online dating profiles of early to make up whatever on there sort of guide and a -- you know I noticed about California is a -- game is way different than the tundra you're really tundra just got to the -- game. Hole. He says is the greatest thing of all time you can actually like search it down to a mile seagulls who was debating within a mile under house. Changed radius -- two miles. Three mouse I get that -- Lugar -- sounds pretty crazy man I I did for little lazy ass for like you. All right now you're gonna be perfect and -- -- doing guiding neighbors -- neighbors anybody who administered oh my god is actually really got another thought about it in the like oh wow that's I don't like just fifteen mile -- maximum boy your mind get this right you do it. Had a race. And you know who's around him wants to bang yet right on your profile just say they you have drug this. Bloated by years. Extending your single now. You can go to play a big old rave about the gorgeous summer -- he's Villaraigosa -- true that -- Sox. Did you know what you can yeah -- you can like right you can narrow the Irish down to see who wants -- being -- currently Alex a play -- peace Hillary out you wanna have sex and lawyers they're keeping me -- the -- of milk and eggs or something I see no trying to make some brownies and I need -- -- a -- tablespoon assaults. I also hope. We're given where you log TP I'm hassle I've let my ass tonight through and a half days. Daycare that if you want me take care of that situation before we get Nancy. And -- severe and get really nasty and that's cool and just okay it's me that's a long message. Yeah I personally I don't know but I got that job 140 character should plastic you know -- question -- bring pizza and I got -- would be nice. In other phone I was in their Intel Korea internally he's down. She's content. See that's why this is. Schedules are like I'm sorry. Early or millimeter you're from club didn't. I had a -- and that's where you says I'm here and I don't know if Ireland what more resolutely -- your glove didn't early one need to begin the a good club in first and uses his wife what she says she used all of did not -- -- -- -- -- in the evening our -- -- -- So close play it wasn't from now one girl you knew they Iranian Xoom does. So this subject spoil our our new. And they go. Group -- never got out I learned this from working on -- show you spoil something and ending you do it the spoiler alert because. I mean it's like European style or like Spanish style like if you say like. They do I think they'll like -- -- -- AE say. -- -- -- her way with Oklahoma I don't play Hawaii. I got to go. -- -- -- -- may grow up and got donate ground got their neck out loud -- -- the thing I can Zain literally. The cat black but here he would say black -- so here you do it reverses the European spoiler alert you spoil something in the music spoiler afterwards. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know all lose -- talk about that to the zillion binge blodget now anyway is this last episode was mind blowing and -- I hear the Internet won't -- loud enough. All right so watch out in my room. Halfway drunk and -- yeah into LA. And seal lightly Jerry Bailey was clearly back -- enemy of drug dealer yeah. Currently back here Craig rules and Doug really large hair black hair. And I'm glad. There is justice. Crazy -- -- really yeah. And -- -- -- -- on the -- side unlock -- for a moment such an immediate zags hit it as manager Max is not be pretty clutch yeah. -- -- -- -- Sylvia she -- to. Joe's solo bully those weird and ways. -- -- -- -- -- like pollution and league is actually happening you know did Benazir -- -- liberian -- room. I come back to import cheap he's an executive protest we thank you know mentally tough I know instantly -- yeah. Updated. I don't -- room although it was not -- my underwear. I dole and their iron dog loved in my dealt. From -- end. I come back wounded in a -- here again she's staying in their room across from -- you know. Shoot it's it's a mobile I'm buying a mobile until -- then your machine. A -- adding. And choke the rooster thing nowadays -- -- -- there could show there's no commitments I had major commitment. Jacket jacket and what -- -- -- Billions they have their losing -- the rooster that as he began to lay low light duty at. So -- and our load I tell you did before you -- archer. Lol I thought that was a ritual he wanted to -- Boy is still -- -- a room with my dad stole. -- yeah I don't like that I was like yeah. If you're trying to bank we -- Sharon out of a broad -- really did -- -- -- it's very dead heads or tails but I'm not about to flip a coin there is. I told the way. Figured triangle right away haven't been dull ways as California. Things like not a problem -- like you divorcing mom anyway -- flag did not cheating. They've legs -- had two weeks. We need -- Jerry Springer thing on your mind and my dad shared this tour I was trying to general -- did you have your dad were almost as the number no no -- doubted we dug a weird. Every brilliant -- never did you have you can look at. A drug -- at this point doesn't go away when your dad status. There are smile when I saw him Suze well you know right now Villa. I don't think your idea though the -- do you volleys and like you we're happy Father's Day -- why go to her room. Houston was her friend and Frazier he might have had a boyfriend no joke. -- -- -- -- Yeah friend told me why but the legend -- talking to me as I ever stopped you before though I know how -- and never. -- the door on surprises in there and don't is I don't know California area well enough delight. Can committed in salt. And -- and this I love how he's like impersonator don't podcast from -- put my hand in front of my -- so nobody else hears us and can hear me the -- to the moderate. Now and yeah well I -- village that didn't dodge. -- his own. Frederick -- globalism has dropped out of drugs. Wrong yet. I was drunk. To get a drug you'll -- the -- -- yeah. Good -- really quick view -- and as the voice now the college alert spoiler alert making colonists by dialing 3602. Or wait. Now do you -- 030 learning old -- to Z 030. Party opponent and. I mean tiger loose from the including my -- players and owners who are of course. So you know -- -- and trying to together except when you're alert. You can. So this little group I'm. -- -- -- -- Cohen should -- him -- -- gaffes. But he's not taken a W given birth man. That's a miracle -- you know I was Orleans -- and watching more fight videos in testing the water views and them so glad I. Think she's. From regular failure of mother was a huge troop do the rooster puts the -- and tax -- not appropriate. But then it was just who's kidding and I thought I call you a more dumb down version without the normally it's. -- -- The (%expletive) is it doesn't think oh I heard -- little. And he's gonna let you make here okay. Hello yes sure I'll her serve her her recruitment and -- UK Europe and peeking over the but he can't pick. Treat them. -- Didn't and I -- -- Again there validity of the cabinet president I. Hello yeah where -- yeah Pacific command and battle that's sick my -- Did that shape. -- -- the odd thing here -- -- it does not highlight it yeah it is of the video. Your -- Go back to our conversations -- But that's going up a good kid yes no. Shot you hit it. -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess does Mary Jane yeah. You know what she does best and drunken you know what you do you do once. Mom I'm an early does -- feel like we -- is your very exactly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't I don't see why I ask you being listeners on the part of -- good dude did choice was a listener long before me and her asserting now let's yeah we -- it. I she was happy in the grand snowed did you lose in the blog as he reserve banging now not. She would drew up podcast -- stroke. Doesn't matter you very bogged podcast listeners. I bet if you want Jane oh come up -- get underneath the cut on the console I -- no idea you know what he'd be playing game of guitar you with your guitar -- -- -- -- competed -- hit game of funds -- with your joystick. Max. You know what I would say no doubt after the -- Blu-ray yeah I -- Any little willow and -- -- the -- -- the lives they got a little why do do it you do math simply better than Dickie does yes give -- a -- It's bottom but we need to hold an open bar intervention us JO was did you say we -- the beer -- -- busy guy this guy likes beer. He's always good and drunk or zone away the -- that I -- -- I've been averaging drinking -- six days a week nowadays let's look at -- here it's not how many -- that. Houses it depends on what I have well I make money in my average is like 222 announcers. I nights of tall boys he had nice so like you a leg Mickey is lower -- -- -- -- the good stuff I'm not about justice brooding man trust. I actually during my last model of a -- in thirty years the white Belgian IPA and added that Dallas San Diego but it was. Also admitted I. I -- yeah -- injuring him like six highlighted some. There -- highlights that's yeah six -- then. Oh no that's having a tries so hard to get fat and maintain certain family eating solid. Bunch of food and drink a lot of -- Doesn't work out you'll get there eventually takes time and over the Leslie demos of new year. Oil experts on that our gaps. Well you are good joke and I -- throw -- -- safe. So there's a lot of companies to -- I remembered. And then -- matter. Smacks into next -- that was from last week great and we didn't do pike head out of all of well more. Tame and strange from the came in straight -- or really yeah because -- Thanks we're always imagined and we all lose stuff out. -- next who has Meltzer. Boston on this upgrade now with a yeah. Why is it like RO -- in contrast when it's obviously -- does everything he's like that come apart. I don't understand business -- The Boston. It's. Do you have gotten a jolly is loyal to -- this well I guess on his back. If you don't she pauses NBC have brought my children -- O'Leary mileage you Libyans because you're good pitcher that's what Joseph says. I'm actually doesn't 93%. Weren't the case that other 7% is very valuable to split between me Kyle. Not much for -- Yeah not so like artist -- is the answer is. Originally away and and most funniest Macs there's the person that made intro for the podcast when I had -- make an intro for the podcast. I was thinking if I put VDs name on their -- at first you'd be more motivated to you do work on this because. I don't know maybe she feel like it's her baby but I guess she did feel like it was her meetings -- -- -- it. Yeah well yeah both good and yeah. It could affect us. Yeah I mean is not a secret that she doesn't do much on this podcast matter fact she's not here today his policies in Europe for two weeks transient I asteroid and then lost -- was I I can't play over the -- is yes. Like -- -- hot and the movie hostile others in its media which she's she just started dating this dude and we were talking about this on the top cast. She got a free pass from this this loser -- few -- -- of anybody near up. Sounds like a game I wish I got a free pass went to Europe do you really -- some like that's gonna light work out though allay their relationship I bet you anything like. Two weeks after she comes back I guess Shogun is burned. She's gonna be crying in stopping complaining -- and everybody's here especially because your sister now insurance for the radio show and we have to sit in the same room for. Every commercial break -- he's gonna coming here is she's gonna be bitching about her boyfriend about how guys are stupid or whatever it's like we you know here's the dummy that's like pig free passes around -- were great. He's doing here he's probably going down -- the white setter and in light with five dollars and a couple crack rocks in his pocket he's given. By every toothless -- out there. Yeah I'm enemy always left for Vegas and -- there's no free -- on until my friend or me yeah I guess just -- -- -- you know. Yeah onyx like you can't expect a relationship or not if you're like just obeying strangers. Know it -- only. Yeah I don't this is an easy isn't it mathematics. To talk about -- -- I appreciate early wannabe would -- Yeah. Well I don't know if it's somebody had agreed to Gator and a guy as I ache and a new -- only a -- I am yeah yes. I don't like I got a -- and there's not much looming and apple and all like what that is this guy. Don't lose your -- is girls they be able another -- supposedly maybe. I don't know she may be wishy as a free pass -- wish I had another lover tried dividend hired standards though. -- -- on this but do you never know my AA my brother was in Hungary. I just recently and he said that the whore houses down their look like jails with grandma's announce she's not open. I don't like Gyllenhaal as a business going on so you're now. Oh my god I did jobs room. All hold regular -- tournament. Now we're living in the perfect place otherwise they're out but I -- -- that as you dug him out mean they're the -- got -- by giving up five dollar. And that's a great idea like yeah and so legs carried him. But anyways to finish out that whole explanation Macs as an awesome job or he hangs out here all night. On and so he gets a lot of free time always working and -- he is awesome enough to you do all the NE eighty no I've stuff on the spike cast so that's why. Max is just all over it plus he's pretty creative guy down plus. -- guy and I knew who love freedom you know may have played video sources last week a -- audio video of this duty broke up with his girlfriend as she threw nightly news back. I don't get that how do you teach someone that's going to stab literally stab you are not -- do you draw and I very like in NJ just like even when al-Qaeda involved you guys going here. Well I have my buddy Blake a used to live with his girlfriend stabbed his buddy in the chancellor of the native. On -- prevalent in the -- she can't go to jail and nobody got called abused. And Garrett doesn't know how does that work out at least have some of the units has not go to jail. So ideas -- she is being mean to -- -- but you and do you party was over there really didn't really good yeah -- woods to -- no long hello. They're illegals double throw out any legs. Going there on the porch and plays like -- was store non veggies like to. Other -- her right ear and not just abdomen just. Just think -- stab him in the jazz and the dude like. -- -- Hi this is does the Armitage does I need to go to Cozumel now and what did Blake do you know plague. Called a militant like the police came and -- -- should think for build did you just this. This girl is just being mean to him and his buddies picking -- as serious stuff it's really in his buddy get stabbed in the chest were built Slough off -- our -- go to stay neutral situation -- -- heard every day blood through the box did you and he don't McDonald's. You know you want a -- although it didn't know what his doubt he was sleep next you're probably. Well we'll ask that's your first mistake going to bed with the -- just -- your best friend rather easily the best part yeah. -- -- -- on the wounds and burns who like Oklahoma and so obviously it's not his best friend gives people like Hilton dude didn't step by crazy bitch. -- like Eddie did you just Muslim Williams wouldn't go to the hospital I saw you didn't notice -- -- you know my little loser do you have a girl stab me in the chest. What makes the gloves are off. I've beaten the crap -- -- I should you carry it out and show I was you can be an eighty pound midget with Blake let her see images -- eighty knows I don't know like you've really been the ball and in. -- -- but given a second grade girl came up did stab me in the chest with some that I'm what I thought earlier that. I don't goal and was -- Greg girls stamp challenge -- he probably deserved it it's like gloves are off if somebody stab me in the chest. You're getting your ass beat regardless of -- -- serve I hold one on one Kyle yeah I've said he punched that guy or hear it enough thanks again -- -- good thing here is that she was out on the balcony and imports from large Gaza is like ground level. Not to a year instead it's usually Rotella and -- on the steps and new engineers study in the says I don't think you are much of -- over Judy you're -- much in Charlotte was the -- still in the just follow -- Noel you'd like. She put it in the elected an -- -- follow Jesus our new and now you deny people and I thought yeah. In the neck and. Look it up but there is no tomorrow story and it's just don't stab me. I don't know you got tonight she's not she's harmless to my who's ever hand should I just. Know I wasn't there that ordinarily. Make him don't stand up for your body's. -- she's stopped being crazy BAT's. No it is day rain has pretty. -- jump to theirs and they gave me their dog big. They Selig or out of he does -- she -- easily excited engine. Jimy rightly or does she grabbed our. You're exposing privileges are -- is your dad and the hate that crap the bed securely and there is Rex and you put that -- among -- -- air is light is a big dog this dog is -- retorted don't often do we can't really human baby. And never had argues it still brought a lot of -- is a double. -- there's Lleyton is a blank has double the -- and -- sideways and light she exudes running and its. So that the dogs insane now. Ya play again and again barbecue without. The thing is you're not the -- of -- too -- apartment on fire on his sleeve Nadia. Isn't retarded dot. Maximized our friends because if you stay if you're girlfriend's stabbing and I was doing and not everybody. Yeah well. She always begs the about the other -- of them well. You'll stuck with that crazy and that's June wrote Dylan and those usually I'll hop -- been playing right led. Well and Mike Blake missed out on opportunities we Zardari and here's Jim let me go and I got your double -- and Blake's late and we deal -- you want. Some acting like a -- yeah yeah yeah. If you look kind of scars to come back personally as they'll like am I gonna get stuck in the says that he lay -- I do you have Brothers united. -- -- -- Again Ambrose so emotionally stable he -- promise ritual snacks people in your life have -- arrest is seen relationship all wished you don't want until now -- NG snow used to distract. I -- -- like I've been here five times this week. What -- problem lady. And she went to gamers are being is Cadillac yeah almost Disney Jesus suffered -- heart. Yeah did actually up to that how to those cops new light. All right I know I'm pretty high when I am almost sure those cops are looking for me. I would -- it does that I -- jurors did. They're Italian is that as the vision a big play yesterday and -- over the house oh from the idea that -- down like that that she got beat -- that. But I do. I swear to god the moment I start interacting with people in public mile leg kids. Yes I mean did you stay in my apartment not a stimulus played with a fair. And -- -- doesn't like you anymore broke. Out because she sees what you do in the year rooster and she's like -- and acts and this. Another voice -- -- news along his voice -- like never not think we're done with them not knowing we're not. No holds an Allen from you know. -- And fat tax. Is don't like it. I. Felt I'd -- worker out going to go after GAAP -- street. Here locally for the period the -- are gone -- birdie there are very large -- that -- The intellectual right shouldn't flashlight. And our thorough. Out of character blacked out flashlight not far actually. They will open and the little regard of art is likely to grow. Our what are. Just haven't heard what -- what you're into the flashlight and a lot of double punch out the window. I'm man you'd like mine so I certainly hear that out. Actually helped me drag sometimes. Throw out windows and sometimes -- like -- Things aren't on the road don't -- -- concert publicly now -- later. Number I do love things on the side of the road could it airline might top fives and -- thinking -- just plow your way a secular and have -- yeah. Plastic bags you can do fat fat or anybody I -- -- -- -- -- Floods lay on Amazon. And Luke was slay all lied type as his flashlight they -- -- -- type hair color. Putting has laid little bald villain like Brad Simon hit it does community economies the can affect those stake Barbie things when you go Bratz dolls we had a buzz. My way and I guess. You've got arrested for like trying to. -- -- -- -- It can -- but anyways I don't love Leno writing down a -- now meridian Puyallup -- has -- there's Hamas on the road just spacing often and I realize oh my god that's a flashlight or flashlight vehement. That's crazy and left it there this. Breasts plus. It was a -- after. But. I you know I have no idea and I was just weird now he's just paying an out casual flashlight how fast were you driving his group really Ohio where I. Yeah but at certain times it's clay you can walk on the sidewalk faster and -- memory and it's ridiculous. No I think happened was not hot bed this guy was -- pounded it right -- is like the on the highway pound big goal like seventy. -- are cops are pulled him over rolled out his window to zip to sort it out there now yes you do wanna get caught. I wonder if his car just got like so it's just have you ever try to throw up out of a moving car and I hope it's just like imposes an entire side of a car -- -- it. I wondered the same sort of situation oil emulate what did the cop an article I've got a call just like suction cup stiff relevant do you news that's doing DNA tests. Dude on a death of Liza is. It's something you out of -- like this is the Max is human research over here. Another leg really weird story. That kind of is like that happen in my data like a guy number years ago. He pulled over -- the -- hit the road. Many get a phone call and he knows that there's like some garbage or whatever like next story pulled over but he wasn't intense because he says he can run my business costs. After he hung up the phone yet as we know down everything after he hung out to -- up the phone she slips out of his window and directly below his window is like a giant blue build up. Nice. I'd like. What a -- complex how do you -- one of those things are situation. But you know like if -- pulled over -- the road sometimes cops -- by -- like courtesy check -- just make sure your cool. What if a cop pulled over just detect a Blondie wanted to a car he's like sir you dropped your build up. Does this series fit really continuation I don't like no that's not my Brothers who got a -- she. Play ownership in the event of the deal will win -- some definite article. -- -- -- -- Does suggested that edit. Does -- is privileges. Anyway so yeah. I was really just like hanging out there making phone involved directly below and it looks. He said it looked like you dropped it out of his out of his -- -- because there's just sit right there next to his open that's also some. I just doing what up officer this is my shiny blue -- though. Forty -- to do about it. Now what is running canceled rank castle hole and downright mean. Listening to music in one night. Stations crazy now. And I LC -- would do anything usually over the wouldn't. Bruins who mere brewed beer your -- yeah I amber in this really cola beer recipe that I mean up. And -- it takes a lot of it takes an entire Indian data group the match beer so I got that all taking care of losing -- long. One day there. Like active brewing just for the first pardoning -- away like about a month. Total for all the fermentation what not to take -- that's a swap yeah and then after that you got a bottle it up and everything way at least a weaker pain and it has borrowed. It's known for tough talk these drugs all it's all of -- -- yup you -- I don't Bulger as a little break it. Ali I don't wanna follow any more confident that the food. But I'm excited for that I got it fermenting in this crawl space underneath my house because I read that have the license are better -- -- -- -- -- Max is I get a little bored here -- my stories. From our to have rises. Affirm -- -- lower temperature so like I got this creepy crawl space center in my house and outsourcing and out nice glamour and -- half -- in in that and keep an arrest a secret that you make. Is it's only -- you. -- -- over the Jersey now. Niger can injure him lacking in strange -- -- that a valid vote than your as the the hell you're talking about. I think Matt is not an spoiler alert Max is back on the drugs he. Doesn't -- to tell anyone. Larry Mac she came into Syria today likes what do you tell what the party behind -- the -- I've been doing I've. This is June 1 -- -- bag in the answering ending the gym I got a little lazy encountering just -- in you know bring the whole time our eyes on nights Jack and he got to got to deal that -- it was a wonderful and whoever's just animal style which is like twelve and -- yeah. -- did tell the difference. Boy I -- as it was periodic animal style Fries. No I got a world on Friday June animal style Fries are quite possibly better than any animal -- burger I take it in the amount that animal style increase is dead delightful lists of the food products. -- say it increases the delightful -- more with the Fries and it does emerge as Amber's gonna be awesome either way the Fries are good but animal style Fries are just. How might degrade. -- topping for -- ultimate. It was a toppings so just like animal style they grow up onions they put the special sauce on there and then they have melted slices cheese on top your Fries. Tolerances if -- anything it's as good -- no I don't know to what. What will lay actual cheer like plastic she's wearing pillow and a -- -- next that is she's Toobin and I -- -- knows the lacrosse is garbage. Who now processed garbage yeah -- poetry what day -- since all of his byproduct of blackened and and you. That's what I'm -- -- if you don't I don't have a Y 00 but he'll tell mind might -- Max he's just an idea that blog Maggie smashes it flat he has got to corners are you like these are RTZ and American -- -- like Max Smith is that why you like groceries -- to so much. That's weird that's like some indigestion. Yes supply -- rejection of cruelty while -- hustler happens when media grilled cheese sandwiched. So glad I'm never did any of the house ethics -- -- and I got my secret ingredient about a afraid every -- visit his house to be wrapping uses a condom. Did any thing max's house -- did you hire a TV disease. Or kill you. That is surely. Has an interest that is -- accurate do you live like a jungle. I do. They do and how exactly this maximum live like a jungle the jump out out in a -- -- up to the first he said like his own allies like -- -- -- -- -- like Amazon rainforest. He's 'cause he's getting -- out and were -- Nadal and -- I mean -- down well armored flooded. As it terribly high and -- -- fungal invest stations everywhere. You know I got that cleared of things you very much -- of congratulations accent commonly misinterpreted as a safe place ago. Yeah where are so -- jokes fungal and values are really little wall talking about whatever you like. -- access an avenue ball holds but do you know I joke I do very. Designations. Walls in my studio and that -- -- you -- a good. Side room -- -- you're going to box and a box stuff. In the rectangle that is I realize and that's how great size and rom that's. Well four -- I couldn't believe she didn't know that today. I think just basic information. Does not at least you -- at least get something million dollar triangles at three in the say yep did just do you 456 right yeah and it doesn't have like. Dawn at the end of -- although likely off to go on all those -- -- the higher -- to shapes doesn't rather -- -- he does -- -- in Iran is close. His leg -- diet diamond's book reports are diamond and just turn and ended the greens okay. Now -- Now you've mastered shapes up. It's definitely felt that explanation. Now they have mastered -- smacks what do you when he makes a colored yellow in the color blue. Creation and job good today as well yeah. Our guys not. This -- -- few -- visited we get Max. As high as possible -- ask you first great questions from those neural are you as high as a first grader got. Maximum yield or you mix the colors -- -- in the color orange. I mean you know I can't drive doesn't brow and probably. When you deal when he makes that colors. Blue and red. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is up four times four to succeed looking you he'd blow you know I'm Charlotte I have a result I know he's good -- hard -- what's nine times five. 45 dollars -- like Cheney like person that has anything to do drugs in their life knows math. Like square -- nine they know hold me yeah he knows yeah -- point he knows the whole Dewey decimal system and everything that plus cyber hate. Satellite's your best their contract. See you know that I don't you know that -- automatic suit I know everything midshipmen. It's a thanks to Google. OK so what is the common name referred di hydrogen monoxide. Would it. I and -- many vetoed the di hydrogen mine oxide monoxide. Di hydrogen monoxide. What does this water. Always do well yes -- does sound thing to follow because the deal tigers -- -- tune in then. Tennis she's you know -- okay so what's what's the I think they chemical like letters so the chemical letters for di hydrogen monoxide daisy she's slow. So what's chemical letters for her backside. Yeah here to -- -- deal. Through your brain is connecting those thoughts very well Max. I don't have Max tools really are questions that they're the little smile on his face like he's pros though he's like what ingredients that go into a cheese -- -- All I know there's. This soured so. -- Modern. An oil now bonus question if -- -- US analyst for Joseph what would be the bonus ingredient. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I digs you throw it Brody and daughter. Yeah I -- no because the way drugs spews a little bit oil will make an extra -- deal. Played on the top part of it still be -- -- you also -- that is still a lot of butter. No butter butter butter no. The only daughter. Knowledge and values voter and rice he's -- -- much toast he need modern writes for -- like yeah embracing knowing all dry and grows. This is your supercomputer. -- dead no life and nowadays they know little boy is it badly Lulu. Arteries institute thank. You got to know -- is not a few aliens. Here's how I -- -- anywhere other -- those -- the decision why does not only are doing now. Some Asian fuel a place you have to adapt to all of you guys got remind them. Million. Thank you -- never -- reminds you know I -- send. Good I saw Adam like they are losing Joseph is a god among many of the -- -- -- -- -- -- lineman who was -- us. And like I'll -- I had like 60% Asian friends I was in high school yeah certainly it's confusing ask me from from China and I don't know -- -- possibly be from China. No -- -- is one of those white guys I was born cross is on his -- and -- -- and just a year. Korea I was born on air force base over there. Did it and they always like -- -- really work. It's like what we talked to my agent you know Hillary's -- -- the hole. Sales increased ten tax cut help. I just adds to our Zain he's going to be surprised that Max does weird stuff -- butter because books. What is the secret ingredients in chili powder -- formula with butter like you -- -- lives are not all you used lord Turner's old fox forgotten -- There's only does not -- Mexico an area. Expert you know he uses ingredients in ways I never even called the digital do actually ended colors gold pearl without you and don't use the -- on the tip. What are -- about things what earlier greens and lead analyst they'd Max. It's the poll I feel it is open up pandora's box here. Here is no I'm probably easier -- -- felt over rabbits -- Fresh salami and Ian rose CG hold that -- putter Emily and had. It's also eat this stuff around it I grabbed zone so both. Things. How bad days -- -- that's very -- -- Christian I tell you Israel all last name date of -- Maggette rather -- weird. -- -- You had that's weird hair blue insular spaghetti off checkered. It around so no matter unfortunately yeah. Did you. You know what are really think so where's your slippery dated had to like travel around in a couple times you me your money out and saying no no I'm Greg -- of thirds. We'll put that. Did -- access a big waste of sushi there. Moves and none where do you sushi from Safeway OK we'll still those of you did you like it rings because they may chop it out Soria the -- -- individual rights is kind of splitting does not and if that are on the slow red -- out and had a says yet -- as like our our our nick asked. A little beer. Dead. Does and what should -- lady when they try and pepper from a bug her Glenallen. Well how does that feel it felt weird yeah acknowledges. Our and I got new evidence in this event -- trade and he was like the Trojan fire and ice condoms a lot actually a lot more miles. Yeah. Well you're gonna have the cayenne -- and I have never. Really know I was really -- they'd say rather haven't. Condom I hear about it the other. None -- -- better this week on -- goes to -- all of you couldn't squeeze what did you use on Sloan of the conflict and -- -- -- I do his client needs -- I guess you client's daughter did Hollywood's. Full suites puts the -- to one when it files and done. I did my -- Feel comfortable going to hurt us means it mart and I've done for my. Thanks to make a few of butter and jelly -- really -- -- Yeah probably wasn't -- -- -- really -- -- he's not going to be hello hello hello I'm violating league in -- is those wonderful place and they did it help you know regardless of how hard they try they're not going to be able to get everything so there you're going to be stuck in that initial -- of. You can eat and go to dean started from the 200 and who would be in -- yeah yeah. He's he's well I would have. Our current so I -- go number airbags. And a lot of -- -- think congress to how many times has this something done for drugs now. Why is still out there -- out Malaysian government not slice. It answering this call the other side access. Oppose. I can be -- Y and if you B zero BB three and anything above three but it definitely was not what -- those pages imagination why you guys. Wasn't residual thing you know. Although I know we've just six of the infrared doesn't win either way it. Finally before we serve recording this and the little miss take me out so ball game has agreed. To do some more stuff for drugs. We can't tell them what it is. Bad no -- airliners to those rulers. There will be video of this though for a guy isn't. People who lays down -- who are on the -- ages DM me at twittered the Mac's Long Will make adding captain oh -- -- eight. How's that. Whole McMahon. And by the way it's gotta be pretty powerful if maxis and all -- -- I'm so content I know is I that I have about a half gram -- -- Elaine is mainly a pointer to a million I just. Roast in the acts you've. Lifted off from it solos like. -- is still -- -- to about three minutes of my life I just like fell baggage because I hit it and I started feeling judging outside of drifted again. No I don't use drugs -- -- -- -- we better do some more -- I wanted to bluster I'll play duels we'll be right yeah I understand leg my blaze does all Libyan manages waving my hands and I can. The -- guys that they used car sales -- -- a little bit poses like you love and it does love it and there's a well brother and a full. Good and. And I was really making noise that's for sound effects you guys know it's gonna anyways comeback -- And you know in the psychedelic emerged like signaled her tunes. Like don't do it wanted all of its different colors this change translate all different colors and nothing is a cradle Polaroid you -- -- pain airing here yeah. Exactly like no you're my buddy. And he. Yeah a kaleidoscope is like six degree images of the one of the -- image in the senate though the exact rule is going on. But it was like changing colors too and it was my buddies resorting you're OK you okay a letter like -- What good as -- is going on a look over -- like this. Blake did I have been -- The danger Scion -- dangers like a blanket you know black and yellow and that was due to legs and wave motions -- Weighing these motions and it was going from blue. That was just like in a hold of the world loses. I they've taken analyst gene mushrooms and many good times I've chipped balls. But that was the most crazy is hard -- six minutes in my life. Six minutes -- for six minutes now all of that have been in six minutes. And then what happened just went back to back to normal back to normal what do you do you have gel like -- -- -- united -- Larry I dealer of your life and food. So. Yeah yeah yeah. Don't know. -- so excited. So I would go -- neighbors and they ended accidentally drag it why you like the worst drug user every year like this is a great drug it's not doing this more I'm just gonna give it away. Dead woods until -- a way. What does that mean. I'd rather not a real draw. Floated -- -- meet future balls that got you on Moody's and no. I do they tell about it LA. It is crazy view and connect heated telmex is excited because he'll text he three or four times before you can reply. Knew when you're like no I don't wanna do strike you night c'mon do it. It's not bad it's healthy come on Kyle -- hello sentences are like Indy is in there encouraging your brains are getting that bad for you. Yeah where the hell that means. Yeah and he's generated brand created. It's a step -- to sleep right that's supposed out of -- -- -- -- drag your -- -- It is started I gave a -- buddy. -- selling humans I -- -- buddy that I know. And these drugs on a balcony. Staring at William. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There is in the morning so it was late in the eyes gray overcast sky no clouds noted avenue exit admirably -- -- straight up and fellow his leg menu good genes play both these clouds really moon does best is they don't -- It's no -- does to want a big raise doubt feel like many other moving -- -- of does have a feeling you know -- It is great I noses like our dimension is the sale I had another dimension. Now we're -- another dimension Sony is solely gonna Timmy goes to the dentist thing teach all the N -- does old guys like. I jitters are gods those the other thing. -- plays like this flash even for advising. My regrets not see drug -- note he shouldn't have because they thought he shouldn't he's our guards -- these college bill populous leading. Legged -- I don't do -- -- dude they always use leg. And at the end of ladies and wasn't really thinks he that was awesome. -- the death. And it wasn't -- sometimes your carpets to start waving around drew clouds move fast down. Next thing you know a year out covered in butter again violated by a baseball bat singing those Italy on -- -- -- million. Limited -- to them who do smoke LSD. He again wins in the freezer. -- -- this is only allowed and I'm having that I think that they can. Life with a quiet thoughts re Max Payne who was I don't follow hi I'm -- -- can. Do it. Attacks. Just -- -- as an engineer is followed -- tabulation of stands on Saturday. Probably the turn out no we have this guy in front of us via. Who do we. I earlier had a feeling I was gonna go -- I don't recommend you do in total access -- to learn a nice little neurotic woman whose skyline -- to fly for sixteen stories you -- -- you do a chance really damn ground -- -- -- yeah I don't know of setting your bar doesn't really love that is why it's so does not mean he should stand -- star died because -- he'll take -- place gas. And -- it. Podcast listeners if you don't want Max to die NEC don't want to -- you take his place. Give us a voicemail give Max it pep talk and dumb -- you want him alive called. Three -- -- 6030. Party and tell Max please don't die we need to -- look. -- I guess you should like jump off of like a small little legend like a pool or something after. -- -- is that I'm Cindy -- is mine you know I kiddie pool and a loyal drowned when he does that we're gonna be really high in the match that. Like you -- you -- that Donald -- news and -- The nobody should do Max. Tried -- on themselves -- fantastic. Yeah. He. Could you imagine that no that's his -- DT -- do it in Chile has -- he can -- There -- -- now they don't understand right now make you really wanna get a check. That is so cool that. And he got a call voicemail and describe what you're seeing -- on on on hold true. Natalie you know the coloring like that guys -- -- caterpillar you know NC. We'll try to answer your perception and under oh my god you -- no idea. Aides who. Well he's I was again makes -- little little lead but. I didn't I did not and Mary snow -- floor. So my others like our drug China's is jailed by MS five. Ceases. -- -- thing I've never done that people are how far way from your house or your lets you block you had traveled some blocks against meth pipe. And I'm sure you -- plenty of opportunities to get other -- pipes on the way to your final math -- destination. Feud there's still. I know of others is Dellums to get out there is solely little lives yeah now I doesn't solar light incense holders. -- I didn't know it. Stupid stuff like that like PLU and I go to Helio are an appeal you shot glass. And I was like all right so I go to the -- store and POU is at the time it was a drag campaign is now they change the rules a little bit but is dry campus so. As -- school that's -- drag him because they still sell beer mugs they still sell shot glasses because there idiots. And they're like oh this is a shot glasses a toothpick holder. She Stoops so they do stuff like that there's like no. This is an I don't know like it's a glass fur babies Seattle exactly. Yeah I didn't. That's -- -- be as serious. Alison good well and I know have been -- this one up through the last half hour talk you all maxis -- and apple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You should do drugs at all. How reliable as the kids don't do drugs is the zealous a little known as you are pretty full. From Dulles and -- that. 'cause next thing you know your best buddies going to be his -- going to be stabbing you NHS trust what got that happens if you breach it -- she's by. Hey that Jack and his staff Peter guided -- -- I told our guys don't launch rapids hired back joggers and Geithner pitching got a little bit of so fantastic. One through wind and health and -- -- -- he's putts that don't they throw -- -- and a girl she statutes yes I'll be like speech. You gonna die. Now again -- -- protect me go protect my joke. When Max one -- abolished. But -- Actress and play. Then things moved in between doing so and zoning commissioner says there Nagin. You're getting a bigger -- my sister Max and blues and -- TV. Deal are. Well this list I feel like we're all gonna tell actors podcasts already there counts. Well thank you for what. And for joining us on the foods or you -- I get a voicemail tell us what you do on the weekend -- drink -- beer let us know what kind of beer you drink it because I can always use some pointers from what I should be taken. -- -- Susie 030 partying and until next time everybody stayed trashing. -- my years.