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STP-Cast 05-27-14 - Doug Benson Recap and Facebook Drama With Thee Ted Smith

May 27, 2014|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf, The Rev and Mono Nick talk about the song "Judge Dredd" by Anthrax. STP got an "anal charlie horse" after sex last night. Mono Nick wants to get his green card. We talk about VAPE. We talk about STP playing "Beat The Producer" at the "Doug Loves Movies" podcast taping. BJ wanted a homeless guy wanted to be his plus one at Doug's podcast taping but STP said no. STP asks Doug Benson about winning the internet and we play his answer. STP calls out BJ for not saying the "F" word on stage. We do a Facebook Drama with Thee Ted Smith and hit the STP Mailbag

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's up but Steve and thank you for listening to ES TP gets a big thanks to Travers sushi for sponsoring -- we love everybody over a driver's CC I love the merits he's got going there almost every Friday at the -- wanted to Puyallup one day my own role you gotta try it -- -- it's really good also I love the Bonnie lake. The trapper and the bureau on man I'm getting hungry just talking about it they've got six locations including Tacoma now succumbing to Penn Station Puyallup finally Bremerton -- amount on FaceBook just type -- -- sushi fresh friendly that's an -- trappers -- six locations find out more at -- CC dot net. We play that. In the Selma. A little hole I. -- is where all asks all right Steve are you ready I am in the movie -- fiction what is the name of the restaurant near brings Vincent you. -- -- Expensive -- No -- -- know who was the first character Johnny Depp portrayed in more than one movie all of us that the pirates film. Pirates of the Caribbean -- what is the first -- That's portrayed more than one cents a barrel yes which 1977. Hockey movie involves livestock yes. -- Sylvester floating Karl urban played which comic book character all all the that anthrax song. I am the law to suit your -- to. Judge -- execution just check yes the. It is the ftp. -- did a pretty unfair thought out. Some mighty river in Fuego. And everybody's favorite -- -- that didn't. Know I had -- go to this song topic but it generally excellent turns. -- I've been riding high. From our performance on Doug Benson does love movies available right now it does love movies dot com neon lighted by the end of this week. And I had to say the best moment. With the crowd reaction to these sounding out. Could just read question we forget plays Kelly asked with a little help from Scott he enjoyed both done a judgment on day. And the rest of the crew and anthrax. This is the coolest band that only uses half a Mike stand. All I know don't always so we are -- winning these -- studio seven. He thought that says. -- my head. Nobody could -- He had -- law. Realize there are a lot of anthrax sent to the programs and tell you this question do. It was physical. Before the well. Why -- moved here after. This way before I thought -- done among the living actor Ryan. -- the best record in my. Yeah I'd -- it's noble. And I yeah four and persistent sometimes kind of and I love some of white noise even though that until we think you have got jumped Busch but man without them we'd be sounding record. Blood. Harm. You and around you know I've heard right there. I -- her. Joey Saldana -- So I thought heading -- regular concert. The positive talking about some of them are taking the floodgates opened its responsibilities. And sorry that. Well if you really care. These people. Yeah. Guy there are so good I'll be. Bill last summer a lot of my mind at a concert -- team Joey don't wanna do anthrax. It was average delay tomorrow get back together again and -- perfect. Garnett gave up yeah I've ever bothered and it I'll. -- Confident you -- hit a brief break on top -- -- Did I think the last time you played I was still dating my ex girlfriend. They got it back together for sure. But it's just him with a bunch of higher. Got -- -- I think fifteen of us. -- -- -- -- watching this who really sad. -- because and he put on the most amazing show and field everything. If the thousand yard stare and it's not bad publicity for the -- happens to me at the concert might. Thank -- I don't freak out at concerts. Well when I saw him doing all these songs. What you're seeing right now is like. 10% muted version yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm jumping up and down singing like crazy and it might -- government and the Pentagon. You don't go to work and be solved except for these -- Why does this mean so much beyond my earlier life man at that moment hey this sounds like Virginia hi I'm Andy. I mean anything that and I put out. I was there I hope one finger -- even after the -- -- thankful god. -- -- Yeah. Off these. -- bars and I'll try to get the -- and it. -- -- But what does. That's -- for me. I am not a lot lobbying. From Baghdad today. It has. And released. Hard ground you know do Huntsville pumps and kind of comfort now to command the list of that tonight and and and invent. If you know what I mean yeah you're -- How this guy could -- yeah I don't know because I mean. I don't know if I can after last night's what did you do last time I am I. Asking if I showed her who judge -- was oh and then I suffered an anal Charlie -- horses. Oh. Dude. It stings because sometimes that is the after effect of sex. Is the name of Charlie ought -- loss to anal Charley horse. And it sucks because who doesn't love sex. But then on the flip side who enjoys. How well I guess some people do enjoy the feeling like -- pain of somebody. To hold their temperature low as it feels like a right now somebody like you know like big things from the fantastic four giving you. The silver surfer dad giving you EO doctor Joseph I think your raiders suck at the fingers and has a large and yes -- throw fingers. Going into a smoker vents yes. I can only -- -- Theater of the mind let's put it feels like and so -- think a it's almost like you know the -- sandwich at subway for I know what the after effect might deep and I love it somewhat similar to the chance. Granted immunity on Charlie horse from the -- sandwich and now we have a tummy -- now say it's now say Steve I guess grabbed the unfortunate if I -- now right now facility -- Announcements I was due I feel good about -- -- -- -- out read more moderately rocking -- go with it I'm pretty -- what that completely -- us out Jesus yes you totally tuned it out that in his bank as the one thing we have solicited. -- and I never will again and sometime in the ftp test and a I'm sorry read your your -- I was just wondering like if it comes down to lightening your older years you start getting that every time you have thanks. Without -- you know what's going to happen I'm scared of that aegis aegis to give that the goes there he just try to power through it might at the start smoking weed again. Because from what I hear that now one of the does not cure is the one of the visions out at least. I don't was -- the light of in my wanted to look I got to re file up if you want and if you want me to deliver the goods purse -- -- do is -- that I am the law. You continue to shout that at the end -- A thing about going to give a green card here gas producers and that I'll ask them like an area and cultural resources -- them it's because I think if you look up by now Wikipedia. Yeah I think it's either Wikipedia WebMD. You know Charlie horse and what's called like -- all prop flocks to lock cock tease me and friends and -- some off the among the living record as well. It's a weird prop two all yet but -- -- -- brought an Italian food that's it yet ask the guys I got the food gas. Eight it says that one and things to handle that is the marathon. So that was an interest in little thing that -- that. But now he wants to get his green card you know always always a way again -- that which is really weird because I mean starting next month you basically just going to be able to go into you know four point -- hope. Shop the elderly and have the good stuff. Like the dispensers. My -- -- kinda -- -- -- that the events like the smoke. I don't know that's crazy and saying all these like sales and deals that you can get a dispensers these days well I'd buy one get one free flight three grams Fridays and what was found out -- I -- -- mutual friends mutual friend I am policy when he yeah. -- -- -- -- -- But as far as just started up and got his. Like is gonna shop and not a shop and your -- -- to anywhere yes so you can -- -- my wife would be used to directly what you wanted to go to yoga for cheap to find all these Groupon deals they get ten free. Yoga lessons at a price of like two or don't like that and particularly to the weaker bonds home at home because. Guess what would like and like living social but living Stuart Little or no evidence Livingstone is pretty good aren't there yet living green via. Could surprise. I think that's the only reason why you wanna get it -- this corner is known for like 25 bucks I don't know it what would you like about five years ago forty box. Talk about 25 bucks for forty -- last week. Wu sent and a what I got I got it all right I got to smoke weed again I'm sorry and eighth forty bucks and write a quarter for fifty bucks. All you're usually like -- That's a good deal. And as we you know and I -- like they offer you like you know how -- -- go to -- front -- -- -- got a -- -- If I give you like a free like cookie sometimes for purchase and stuffed tiger do you know. Now maybe some bloggers there some notables -- -- the -- girls beat you do they have a return policy I wonder. I do not get high enough and he's got beat you but 3.5. Grams and you have returned two point eight grams and routed through now and people buying drugs do you know one who returned it. Yes -- I'm glad I know it's a brave new world -- about how this is atop the zags through. I tried some of the stuff I got here and Harold and Kumar Christmas greedy extravaganza still socks and how many times have you bottom purchase and purchased a bag of merit wanna and then all of a sudden your next guy that you go and hang out with as much better stuff. Well I'm usually has the bad stuff certainly a lot of that stuff was. Back in the day where you'd get -- -- you know and then you know give the Mexican leader Reid and yeah -- hope to have a party you know like it has put this away do nowadays you eat this stuff is just super gangsters sounds like I mean I watched -- getting dug with high and seeing how so many people react -- It's like while there's some serious strains going down that light and thin with people evicting -- as the BH show where it is it is out of control. But who big herbal. Orgasm butane Honeywell. Oh yeah that's the stuff that's causing people's houses the blow right by my house that -- -- -- -- know Graham thanks for half listening Pollyanna. -- -- -- Last week in Puyallup are guys advocate breaking bad for hash oil some guys out of the house is basically. They were using that those butane canister and the government have -- And they -- to lose the path up and it is like a mile from my house use the butane to extract that he would see. And then it's highly combustible but is that there -- entity -- yes exactly. My friends use alcohol. Altogether it's a much longer process what does it sounds apples or potatoes. Now they used flight hardware connecting market -- that's not good greater and it's a business owners and yeah they end up like there's a process to where they can extract that butane out of there so you're not ingesting it she says -- so I don't know like all smoke some goddamn weed man healthier -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway yeah yeah and I'm not gonna be that usually walk by like when some of smoking outside does. After that I think those people -- even do each year by banks and now second -- JP prince smoked two car accident don't even have a conflict that. -- Celtics. Well I had out. How cool it to be getting back to the whole anthrax world. How called him because I know like Scotty into big iconic hockey hockey kind of nerdy guy. And -- know he likes on their culture he likes he price digs on some podcasts. What if he's listening to the podcast that were on. -- Doug Benson which is is out on iTunes at the end of this week to pay one because the super tournament of TSA tournament right. He returned a -- champions. And that way. They may have to pay once it's a two box but you can even listen to a right now I guess on Doug loves movies dot com -- -- emailed me this morning to tell me that. But feel free to find it that way as well. Born to be gossip stallion from anthrax is listening and during that question -- as -- break -- into an anthrax moments find you -- seek you out and I become friends here super yeah it's okay we can party together it's cool man to still bring up all the time Sebastien about -- bella Donna. -- -- -- also like top dollar at the moment where I realize this crowd is awesome to -- my income before they were like -- rabbit farmer doesn't have that moment of like they lost their mind. So cool to hear that mean they. They cheered dug their super stoked when he got it correct. And then when you came out there you do it they're getting stuck to their get wrapped in case you're getting some Obama going into. Like seriously like all day even into right before we start I thought -- -- just gonna get massacred I know I think you're gonna get -- -- -- that you're just to editors and he started to -- in the lyrics and the crowd was just going with it like when you're the eruption. It doesn't even compare to being. In adamant at the Neptune listening to happen it was deafening at that moment -- -- so cool I had that's like a non Boehner Boehner yeah I mean I don't as they are in Africa my account I wanted to listen to yeah. You can kind of see it if I had like you know like under armour pants on but routines no one noticed it. It was such a cool moment and then after that it was like almost like the underdog became the favorite like everybody I'm rooting for me to win the game -- -- I I don't like -- yeah like I injured myself to the events in crowd and that was. So much fun thanks to Doug Benson costs. I -- a couple of clips because he said that's the audio of our appearance on the Douglas and if you listen to the BC morning experience this morning. At 745 race. We played the beat the producer part but I grab a couple of other other clips and I wanted to use those right now -- be out there's one where we talked about I do not know about they showed the Ted Smith who went with me in my statement plus one yet who has it's cast. Only if anybody didn't. Nobody nobody -- and I probably didn't have a plus one. This is part oh geez -- is awesome this was awkward so we're trying to get our you know going into ticket person and and telling them give -- -- ID Christiane listen and give your stamp. Was a guy outside of the Neptune theater who's homeless right and he's holding a sign an -- I think the Mexicans awkward. But I really wanted to picture with the I don't know exactly what the -- said may be read does. All I know is that our names on it was like being fanned broke homeless and and -- heads like a big fan of as TP. Now -- white like -- to take it. Now is that what that path fizzles in the show obviously. I don't know what was going on with that I guess -- thing like -- did. If you talk so highly of homeless people will be did -- -- guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can read my post one vote on I knew that was coming down -- viewed. -- Al make I don't know about Eisenhower I'm not M like. How do we really want to be the people that bring all homeless guy into the -- what happens if things get weird with the guy yet and we're the ones who brought a man who legacy and everything about things like that right good -- have you around -- -- I don't mean to be that to act you know lighten I don't know what you're thinking rabbit I think this is a bad idea. Oh yeah -- absolutely and it was just that moment where I I take myself out of the conversation and recognize I didn't think my I'm -- what a -- walked away our theaters I did -- -- and I elected Alex immigrant like in -- -- -- spiders on and hit the bar and I just now be in Britain. As of those. Not excellent team who is homeless people Hussein now he can't come Democrats. Whatever -- and alcohol makes it seem. We don't need that added that brand since we have enough pressure I learned. I was having dinner last night there people on in Ireland passing now and the restaurant what the hell or they'll -- you eat what you don't get -- -- international district. No I was kind of town -- -- pass me the fortune cookies I don't know why are going on all the sudden by the time we're done with dinner everybody -- entire restaurant. Was watching these two people at the table nodding nodding now and then. It elbowing each other Buick dot wake up you keep all -- Celebrities are right solo over this like that. Are you understand I would and -- back -- clap -- are are vulnerable and it's insane. Thanks so I can only imagine as I -- possible. Tied right thank you okay. -- -- usually not out like two seconds later that he would hit her they shared by Iceland's three bulls have sugar further to use the guarantee that you do well. Why isn't. At that point issued Friday. I. Actually just hours -- -- needle I felt so dirty play it's -- Not that the army -- added -- only eat there I have been third thirtieth restaurant all of Seattle yeah I doubt -- -- -- I I ever eaten at a place where people is nodding off at the table via -- -- -- Ireland should meet Arafat even on the TV -- movies man I -- wants -- pars and business consultant I felt so bad it was a special like. Family day out where my family was in town and special Steve's family did you know Brett decided to go to the Seattle center -- -- the ducks shocking I. The world's fair and on the -- bill and I got a little -- and got to dig down and nods yeah it is right addressed. Definitely a -- said that we can take heroin than crack that is no we're waiting at the stoplight right there when you crisis -- we direct by the EMP new Crescent City gets the -- central yeah. And there's this guy. On like one -- those like you know those like. Arab without pay newspapers. -- case or with one of my little nickel cases like the red one way or -- illness and frankly OK for the weekly these guys it's. -- puts his arm down on that -- Rolls up his sleeve this is all while we're waiting -- life -- like. Dad please mom please don't few of them about the -- to tell you to get on sids parents who live from her mom is like super super like you know. As good as they come out you know the big -- but there's no like there's no like. People aren't there Karzai's artist she's so sweet Qaeda and that our cousins there to Wear a Mike on America at a McDonald's. Her friend and -- Rolls up the sleeve. -- goals in the our necks. -- -- Fredricka inferred ridiculous like just allowed to on that stand now might. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Car and it's. Not quite rare step against this guy. -- I -- -- -- -- my -- -- and a loud -- and I actually -- confrontation from time to tighten. Not having a confrontation would attack in heroin over there you know on the turns around -- is -- yet familiar have you back on top of the needle in here Tokyo -- You're thinking it was it would take an extra ticket for the document idea -- way to -- -- looked tired and did it was still like nerve wracking my dad so close that and I was really close but I mean that's -- I was so close. To close. Close I'm back one more than it too close they were used hello wait before McLemore -- -- no doubt things and I feel a little bit you keep on dancing. Are as it is some instead bands and stuff so -- I guess the day before we had Doug Benson on our pop up on our show. He was on some -- on Comedy Central called -- -- yes that's the Chris Hardwicke show that's. At -- Now you try to explain it and I could I only know about it because the Ted Smith told me about it when he found out that I invited to see -- dancing is like you're on the Internet last night -- out even -- it. I mean today he's Google I don't know very much about it the only thing I know about it because invented and now it's not a midnight and it's super late for so anyway I -- prankster -- -- -- John -- they do a lot of armed Twitter stuff so they'll do like hash tag. Not wars but they'll be like the author has taillight. Bad band names have -- and then basically everyone on Twitter who might follow faster pussycat. Such -- good there yeah. -- -- -- And so they'll. And they'll throw it out there and and a budget comedians people who aren't even on we'll just latch onto in the start trees are rarely Zain yet and it's it's really funny it's kind of fun to -- in your -- name into the hat sometimes he put out something that might beat her. Entertained usually is and as entertaining as the actual comedians who do it. Other DVR it in check it out pitcher description does not make me wanna watch it but I'll check it out I hear you -- during -- -- rampant -- have you heard. -- you guys -- a faster pussycat. No. Kill kill -- -- do you -- you know any other systems. Well here the Zahn now. Who better let me this is going back to junior high and high school and you heard the song now. All it's like the colts this song where -- confused and a bad day and he's really Nolan gets you man this is the songs elicited. Now -- know they're. Nevermind let's get back on track so going back to admit -- one of the ones they recently had was hash tag barbecue -- -- can be Q bands. So people were like cash up instant cash. All -- or stand alone -- Saddam lots of lots of puns onslaught in -- On that to stuff like that so yet -- a waste of it and and import from what I hear Democrats and according to another when you're -- It's no heroin and had lunch table and it making -- myself. Plans are dumb revs always loved ones. And do the things -- dumber place. I thought deadlines as best puns are the ones where people stop in the just. Yeah -- -- a little pain I don't enjoy those houses that are there faster -- He -- outcomes at all and I now realize how I don't. A Mac house paying you know our existing it was like we watch it on like a Monday afternoon instead of of right there like whenever it comes on nine desolate Memphis now it's time wage is the -- she loves that midnight -- he even respond -- -- one of them drunk. Well yeah that's. I'll check it out plus we had the honor of having the man who just won the Internet and then he talked about it on stage at the Neptune. So I had to follow up question mr. I want last night on at midnight so lay down. It. The funniest person in the world -- until Monday what do you do now that you -- Internet now. You know I walk around. You know in the Seattle center with my sash. Says this is the winner of the Internet on. If you wanna so I just made one. The first to speak with BJ -- everybody he I mean here. That the next oil and it was Steve the Perdue sir. I'm the one yeah okay now. Size of the team hotel room that is the reds and the way you know everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh yes I was right because of what you have to Meehan SP of it was like request of like the old school thinking. That's why did it Brock right. Yeah actually do -- these Easter. The next -- when a lot that -- was great because so were up there and neurologist be guessing and so I dug SP did you explain the game. Beat the producer I was amazed by how long were up there really we got the spelling get like 1015 minutes up on stage -- Benson who are going to be helping dot blanket half off like it was art's way. Now also I was beyond nervous for this it's -- I know they'll be some. People that listen to our show that are going to be there because I -- -- people like Doug and people like us and it can happen but like. I -- also be a lot of -- I don't listen to -- son will be like this wasn't a listener party for us by way as anyone Israel and everything like ha. Am -- does is what's happening and this is all kind of out of your control and it's it's not our audience in services -- -- beautiful. And all I'd still wanna like and the noise his audience you know I'm like -- it was just nerve racking them up like that -- I don't know like I don't know while it's gonna go on I would think the worst and fortunately that's not how it all unfolded and everybody was super corn dog. I mean if anyone's gonna make us feel welcome added that bad since -- it would be Doug Benson and he daddy did you smoke you out before the show yeah. He did not -- my ticket to beat everybody before we went up there when -- him to a -- to in. I am and I'm generally demand dear -- and -- Levine ninety's I'm a huge freaks and -- stand -- back in the day so it was -- it was and I uses circular area guy right media and media. Browser yeah it is they've got caught like the little marina yeah I. Knew how wakin. There's chances are of awesome -- -- -- Levine and I'm like all right I does that -- -- I wanted to as very conservative like. It wasn't right setting out like I don't really. -- -- geek and an iron. It was like OK I'm just gonna be called a few super nice it was Matt and Ken Jennings -- awesome to talk to him I was like hey man -- Margaret -- happy birthday. It was fun talking all those guys but -- sidebar that while we are playing beat the producer on stage and if you listen this wind because she brings me to learn that both Doug and I we tied eight to eight. And while we were playing the three of them were waiting on the side stage for us to be done to come out and he says Smith was at the site does state taken pictures. And he overheard Ken Jennings who was answering all the questions correctly during beat the producer that's when it was all said and done. He just look at the other two guys this pat came his. He's yeah yeah. That take on jeopardy drawers and they're playing like they got the -- -- game which you don't know they're basically -- movies based off of the number of actors that are in it and they and they starlet who's the least known actor and slowly -- their way out of -- while nobody acts like an Internet -- right where you can -- I can name that -- -- like two of the bottom actors. And yet these guys are such some fonts and that's the reason why it's like the tournament of champions sort of thing. Is they're naming them like negative Q which means they have to name the top -- and in the second built in one of -- Like if it was insane it was our amazing why you get it. How does that work. Well that means instead as some of them giving you the names they do they give you the title first no no you have to guess the title it's just based off of a description like a year. -- been the description and without giving it away so gives the description a little bit and I'll. Welcome letter Maltese a book of descriptions and whatever -- Viet because he's a movers here if you don't know. It might not know I didn't know a -- on the background accomplishments and he still listeners out of talking down to all -- these and -- quite sure about who Leonard all the ones that I am I helping facilitate. I saw this clip is what BJ's trying to explain what beat the producers today Benson and it was great because at one point PG censors himself. Because he's in Hillary and -- And so. Doug didn't pick up on it goes Doug is high I think and it just got passed over him but of course his duty friend named Steve. Decides to bring up the fact that BJ censored himself. What's the premise behind doesn't beat the producers of the revenue of premise of the game is really simple. We take it and we usually take listeners and they have to beat Stephen trivia contest. We asked ten questions within sixty seconds they have a chance to basically. But the sixty seconds trips people the F out. Because everybody thinks they can win and then once that clock starts taken there's something in your brain and you experience it. -- where you just get Sue Bird job. I listen -- Doug loves movies all the time and BJ you can save. I think it's okay I see that happen. People only have about 16. Of some tough out -- again. Right now I am saying and have fun blame and like I am very well sure -- -- -- how do you. -- and shortening of the language as excited as I mean -- -- -- loves what he was doing other. On the apparent and the crowd because. No let you know what happened. When you're and you're like everything. The next job comes along and you're at and everything you just how the cubs don't -- and that way -- ruin them. -- area's top as a mom and a row right there. Good good job but until like a mom -- when I started that this is also hooked on why won't always see it teased gas saving. This -- for a morning radio. Podcasting. And that's a -- It by the way we're glad to help out and out -- Larry good quality my friend entries is is does the awesome. But they're definitely going to have a candidate great he had top it is drugs and -- in its. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah just enough of us has our hand on her breast I don't know what I was -- this series it's not as awkward if she's married begins your -- -- -- all know she was smiling she -- the yet. I thought so I tell myself years anyways it was a lot of fun we've got a lot of really cool people I did when I had a rich and dusty is rich. He was excited because -- that it is only three podcast that he listens to. And it's ES TP cast. Doug loves movies. And these podcasts why else does the whole thing all three in one room. Thanks and speaking the deep podcasts that it entered here. What -- you -- I -- them Osaka ha ha just did our job that pop up our -- sucking up to -- -- I didn't hear the top cast and analysts polled must not like survivor who -- -- could that -- an act. I was talking with the Ted Smith voter there we were just fascinated by the fact that Doug Benson basically -- said I'm not doing a podcast in the room anymore I'm just gonna do it in front of a bunch of people. Charged like twenty bucks a pop in physics what like 600 maybe 700 people there I don't know what the capacity but it was actors they're -- they're fair to the next city and it pays for that fact reduce wind those people out -- afterward when the mad because at one -- two week. Sometimes twice a week sometimes once a week just average and that's to say about 500 people show up give or take. It's like we don't sponsorships terrific and it's like a few hundred grand a year -- -- selling the podcasts. On some of them got some of the selling. Also I'm pretty sure that there were some product placement and -- if he did not want -- vodka -- -- at any given or vodka soda at any -- point during the podcast he always wanted to Tito is soda at the moment it is so I think there's -- -- was -- -- in the we'd. Alcohol. Well he's got a sponsorship it sponsors pay the bills it -- it. I don't see something pretty awesome that you should get moronic it's on its website Doug loves movies dot com and the merchandise or I'd like Douglas shirts. He may so he's like Aurilia like help sell these funny shirts. And of course to get the logo of Douglas movie -- album called the TH the Seahawks. And it's a seahawk logo with like our roster -- bond. This can enhance it sure is awesome and the -- is. Awesome check it out for sure but yes let's say thanks to rich and Dustin. -- -- talk with the -- threats to talk about all this craziness and how cool it is that you can take a podcast and -- in front of a large group of people don't wanna run this by you guys because we come up with a million dollar idea that's not an -- million dollars in aggregate amount I'd be shocked -- he makes -- a dollar. What do you guys think about. -- co headlining the live podcast. Yes TP test and the podcast together on stage one night only. Okay now is it is that basically like watching two different bands like yeah we'll each do our own thing we each have our own set so we will do thirty minutes or so. Did the podcast will be thirty minutes or so we do whatever we want that thirty minute time frame them and all said and done. Both podcasts like like I like got to do with the the with the redneck guys have -- caller com -- -- tour they all get to we all get together sell all seven of vause Deborah -- Some more from them and there's about seven games definitely sat -- -- -- -- in there who knows but we all jump up on stage at the end and then I just do like forty minutes or so of just -- steep -- it like it. I'm not opposed but he isn't out -- who gets top billing in the us. Well I was filed with whatever. You know but -- -- -- wants that bill I know he's like meningitis that you guys are the big podcaster -- appears to insurers are used to get to go back. Is that correct and you also. I anyone had the opportunity to do their stuff. And then go get more wasted and then come back back yeah I'll tell you this quote unquote smoke break I don't -- there. In my what you can feel free to believe at some point during our thirty minute podcast on stays real rock star as a Hoosier tape and OK so we gotta do it before the vacant lots Qichen. My guys that wanted to condone or he can leave and go. -- -- Hey guys are sort of let Ted know that they've got up big at thirty minutes and really had a comeback got like we just -- what -- Today I am thirty don't think -- Because they know going thirty minutes perfect -- need to make sure we'll have a lot of -- Mike Hsu knew we -- Mike the back of arrives here disease says. I like this I've never started on stage. -- a cool place Adobe like the rendezvous could they get that little theater then you know I got the bar and president. It's just there's a psychotic side -- I as Milosevic benders and it was just got this place out the last time I was there. And I would have mosque and lost and the drums -- cupcake -- but. -- it was a cool room and -- it like you know I don't know maybe a hundred or so people comfortably but. Have a pretty fun I think maybe would view this dumpster babies the little. There is an idea they'll never happen but I'd I'd be kind of find our podcast -- that we share similar listeners. They'd be a lot of fun to have that happened so coming soon a co headlining two -- of one show we -- amends month gap and we -- -- T shirts days ago. Who yeah. This is turning at the beast is like Lincoln Park in thirty seconds to Mars playing the gorge only this is batter or landing and parking cheesy working together yes only batter. Can't really be only the delegates are part of the this'll work on it I'll talk with wheels and this will work on it. That means no matter of hours later. I think that we were -- -- right right exactly -- before you start your next. I need to get us all I'll talk about Baptist copy did not -- to -- Doug Benson shall now. And the reason being. I started. Going hardcore my deck excuse me but yeah I did that when I got home from the -- -- and -- does not hold no. I'm just in the middle of the huge home project and you re going out and saying another's identity Morrison -- long gone was sort of things where you thought this is a good idea in and you got like about. An hour to intuit and you realize is no turning back Felix on the basis is awful idea it's one of the week kind it's it was really of old the wife is pushing for hard because. She's got a huge party in a couple weeks for thirtieth bird day. And and you know she has her own timeline on how long -- things we'll see thinks things today -- takes a longer desist you know like a bloodier something like a man -- -- exactly it -- I don't wanna pay five grand have a crew commander in there I know what I had to sign a couple weeks -- thirtieth birthday. You guys have and I haven't done -- air -- -- is the day and you know back before you have a new debt on I've heard and uncle there. Comments in. -- so. But yeah. This may be one of my neighbors is doing his deck too and unfortunately for him when he was Terry now NASDAQ the today when I was also. He may or may not have -- successful at MD is sick of all he did it. Like even -- -- -- -- -- so your boss Franklin. I feel bad for him so I don't think he's gonna tell a guy really went up and policies he's just gonna say that you're neighbors and a crisis of the Michael like the weather error. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not able to watch hill not a ball all all you watch videos. As you don't watch his wife work on the deck that she wants. I just didn't give an African haven't. Watching a lot of video of Pittsburgh steeler games by chance and email list right now you could but yes I hear that the the guy this guy is gonna come out here in the UW TO four hour window yeah it is just great to plan your day -- and they always show up at the very last. Out of -- -- sometime -- separate time for you think are not gonna show up right at the end and it's -- right away. I'm -- show like call five minutes before that window might all be right there. So you never know what you're getting but I just figured you know since we're both doing our decks that I would go over to his house -- and help them -- -- -- yeah yeah cuts. That's a good neighbor right you're vicious police state farm because I am there well I will be there are a lot of wanna hold you up we'll tell -- neighbor good luck. And it's. I hope that. That this guy doesn't realize that the neighbor actually caused you've done much. He he he he tries to clean all the bark off the -- must do in new I don't know I don't know what happened I have no idea. -- an outreach or a kind of like just. I don't know just animal -- And are brimming with this guy doing a lot of damage. I was watching him do a little bit yeah and let's see the board is like twelve feet long so there's like six cent says -- meals and out right now if you pop up the end. And pop up the second one and you can remove the entire deck by lifting as hard as you can -- because pop -- -- -- consult rotten and crap yeah because my neighbor and taker was -- right -- -- and the neighbor probably wants to get a nice pool and there I learned after doing about half of the deck that way I mean our team. You're watching. That that's really hard to have you back on home man because of use and all the muscles in your back I would face. I was helping them and it. And I I have my back to the board if you can imagine that with a board standing behind me and just -- my knees. Okay. That's did you give -- the your neighbor. New Zealander right. -- neighbor luck from us you know so how many people are helping your neighbor with a -- I can own a couple I mean yeah you know. And qualified only if only your neighbor had a radio show he can -- solicit a bunch let the cup dot YouTube or that. He can hope that deck probably one day economic bond is down -- -- rules that now there's a lot of points you'll come into his house. He starts Friday in if you -- he has view yes. I'll put it out there are faceless corporate I want throwing you want to I guess is not what let's just say it's like the Friday before the party united down do you think your neighbor. Maybe -- for your neighbor's -- thirtieth part of face celebrating saint birthday. -- Maybe if it's the day before yeah that -- and -- the Saturday thing yeah. I think of myself a week I still have time -- good luck -- I -- him. Police -- neighbor works early mornings and and has all the afternoon where and it's going to be nice this weekend in -- you know it was supposed to be crap all week. Yeah which was one of the reasons -- I opted out of the Doug -- show is because I'm like I got no time it's arrange for a week. As serial lies to us a lot I notice now more or more series is a little bit -- comes to whether whether in her garden it's never -- -- And did some did you look at -- don't you realize it says it's gonna rain maybe 10% chance of rain but still I constant rain at that point don't put it on there. Another don't give us enough information series here you pitch. -- you go seek it helping neighbor out of luck Tia. My earnings on this on the I would since he's now so -- feel -- to -- And -- like. And. -- Although there are again and I got an -- system there an amount and are -- it amazes -- just -- me -- I was joking you're gonna curse a I -- copies neighbor. -- -- And and -- I hate Steve and I hate that says that's the ethnic over there and I think -- I don't know anybody -- into my -- as you just giving up because last week he just kept calling -- top BI now now you're calling nick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't believe he's been so dumb. Comment I give him credit for wanna be mr. home improvement I'd better -- remaining on the -- pressured into it. And I don't think well I can't I can't speak for better I don't think heat. I can't say when and he wanted to or not but it won't what does duck apparently was riding. Was trying to -- what's on my fault -- no but I also throws him right now. -- -- I don't know to be every team party I know she's looking at her FaceBook posts and -- -- -- redoing the entire backyard and that was right in the middle of ball that you want to get this all them before the birthday which is a couple weeks have no idea yeah yeah man it's been watching a lot of what's the home. The DIY. That's. Now we're trying to do a garden and ours and all of his whole planet box and it's like three vegetables we got -- is nice hot carrots and broccoli I think. Cool and it's an act I'm sort of see growth from -- -- -- -- -- fun it's exciting aghast you know it's cool. I mean but at the end of the day I was thinking Obama just awesome we can you know vegetables but will eat them once and then it's over. Think you know be their for a couple meals. You think Gloria I understand lawyers say gas and it's odd though I mean I need some he needs a bigger landscape. Yet we don't that -- -- property like we just don't have that kind of government we don't have a backyard we have a knock. But if it works out while we hope to maybe do more it has since the -- Smith -- by but he just kept telling well. Our time and -- yeah that would be fun to talk more about -- co headlining extravaganza. The. If we did and a segment called -- to Graham drama this would be the perfect one for a I grabbed this because. -- it sucks to be. The significant other of somebody who's a public figure and I'll explain to you want. This is dealing with Russell Wilson and his ex wife foam I don't know how I ended up on it but I ended up on her in -- Rampage. She posted a picture of her and her dog and this is like from. Weeks before. The marriage ended -- -- the announcement was that the marriage ended the odd eerie part was somebody posted on there like a week before they made the announcement. Hey I'm noticing -- posted nude pictures of you and Russell is everything okay and I like how somebody that like intuitive you know like -- Picking up the signs man we're just throwing it out they're seeing if it sticks and then after that everything I can't believe you knew how do you know before you as I don't think a person knew I think -- -- -- -- right floats so I keep reading the comments -- you. I -- her arms get rid of either and I am making a completely Fries it. Arms get rid of my incident I don't know how this woman reads these things disease did you hear what happens knowing who what potentially may have come between them. This is like just something that I saw on Twitter and I was. Shown there by someone else does it involve that I have a theory that somebody wrote on the instant brand that I think might have fueled these rumors. As involve a certain players longer on the team correct okay. Let's -- that kinda. So I grab a couple of these comments that I was late and I haven't had a chance at an amount so it's going to be a big sloppy mess but that's what you expect from -- TP guest after. This guy by the name of Jeremy says here's the theory there's a lot of people like all so -- I can't believe in and of course some people are very friendly to her. Because they love Russell Wilson and how dare she be the reason why he's no longer married yet. Here's his theory and it's a very entertaining one. One Golden Tate and police broke up two weeks because so drama. Two weeks before the Super Bowl same time Russell and -- stop posting photos of each other online she did go with him to Letterman that day after they won the super -- -- To Golden Tate and a lease. Got back together for a short period a time when Russell announced the divorce a -- got on our social media accounts and deleted all the photos of her and -- together. Weird. Three when golden did his farewell interview with 710 Sports Radio he said he's gonna misquote. Listen all offensive players names. Except he didn't say Russell's name. For. It would make sense that Seattle -- don't ask for a contract because they want him on the team. And is that the rumors that you heard amid a nutshell yes the rumor actually was that Golden Tate unsolicited. His side of it on Twitter saying I did not sleep where are having an affair with Ashton he wrote that on Twitter and nobody prompted him. With that at all. That actually made it on Twitter yet -- from himself from looking -- right now he posted just I don't know what he try it there was things there is eating -- writing exactly out of nowhere he just decides to make it very clear that if you write down on Twitter I know that that's the worst thing that you can possibly do just feed into it carnival favorite dot com I don't know we. Wind because he had like four different tweets. Please read number so I started. -- -- The ignorant minority of people bloggers and whoever else spreading the ridiculous for Immersion and I was -- out. It's absurd that the stories that are being made up from whatever source in fact Elise and Ashton are still incredible friends as well as Russ and I. I strongly advise the ignorant folks blowing this situation up and spreading in this rumored to shut the hell up -- watch the NBA playoffs. Finally I don't understand why it's anyone's business what happens to one personal life it's irrelevant to his performance on the field. -- a favorite lottery tweets on -- okay. So just that while those about a -- none of our response yeah I feel that. If if there wasn't true. You make no comment there's no comment that you need to say -- say I didn't do this this Twitter thing is interestingly a lot of athletes I'm noticing -- just don't. Understand that sometimes just gonna have like. It sucks being a public figure in these instances like and we've all experienced it even in the level that were rat like I've seen people write stuff about me it is so not true. And I'm just like one of my unit. Ryan like there's no there's no coming back from this like even when we first started there is someone I trust that the rumor that I was a big Coke Paris. And I joke about it but like -- never touched it that's the 1 drug I am. Deathly afraid of like I am for a that I'd like it to my age and -- that'll kill me. So I never gone near that -- it's -- what I got personal -- -- -- smells fantastic it smells like energy. But I. Political argue of people for ever and make these grand glorious statements like that it's his. I debt worries comes from I don't necessarily think that that they -- admitting that he was. Doing anything wrong right I think it's and it another instance of a public figure who is not really. Doesn't really understand that when you are public figure people are gonna spread untruthful crap about you all the time. Will a lot of these guys to he got to realize that. -- they're they're playing football team and so there -- played football analyse guys don't wanna have that big public life and they think. Is that same thing it's like you know -- us doing Twitter like we don't have hundreds of thousands of followers now so we're not used to that. But I mean like with top -- he had that rough learning curve with the Internet and -- you'll you'll learn quick -- just because of their reaction you're -- Vietnam that stuff but you know he has -- like a fifteen year old -- all of his blogs and -- I would take a fine in my saved them I don't know if I still have -- when they meet the switch to my new computer yeah I. Copied pasted his blogs and I knew that he was told them eventually. Could -- make these -- just to -- to not have in our file. I know I -- always got to save it cracked a drop. I was reading those and our members like bought times that was the stuff that I remember posting their writing and doing other stuff when nights when like MySpace first came out yeah I was still like 26 at that time by it hat you know it was a lot of the same stuff that I saw when I was younger to just -- with the Internet it's tough to hand. Mean it definitely think that there's been times of people -- in some stuff sounds like. What how like -- how to wave of replied like anything I say. Somebody sent me something once and they hated. Did you read this and I read it it was about me induce there was nothing true about it and -- think great what if someone like in my -- like eventually like someone in my circle of friends see that that's not involve -- and -- -- -- from college -- -- my family -- -- what -- eventually my -- -- something -- -- -- -- -- like. -- I just ignore it like trying to fight it by fighting you never you're never gonna win -- never gonna Doug Benson won the Internet none of us are -- and Internet -- and but I find this stuff very entertaining that the trolls. That some of these people is awful human beings I have some of the stuff that they wrote on the spot and I don't know what happened between Russell and -- joke about it and that the -- business that series very entertaining and a -- read because this is so stupid like I think personally I don't know what happened. Whether there was infidelity or whether it's not like you said it's none of our business and honestly it's an. I don't care anymore Donna entertaining efforts sounds like aren't long like -- -- yeah Dylan talked about it so who cares. Of course now we're talking about it again because I I I. These comments are ridiculous Steve of course somebody tries to hit on merits as you've got you've got a kick in KIK is like some bad. I see the kids are used in this it's a while we have her -- in something that. Yet again kids use I don't even -- to pick up from what I gather it's like a way to text each other without giving each other your phone number which. It's like -- -- too private to give you my phone number but I'll give you the equivalent of it yet that's basically exactly what it is OK yes yes just it's a Smart phone messengers that you can just yet exactly have a username. It's Friday may receive data it's like AOL. Yeah maybe slightly it messengers and out that I -- in those days of Yahoo! I am only we go back that I love those days. Here's another one -- sharing and Russell's payday for you and Russell gets its huge contract extension -- allow. That's and so wrote on her and -- That is -- Al allow you probably sup with somebody. Such -- well -- of -- -- some people that are writing some might you know I am sorry prayers for you that sweet and all. I want personal levity -- What's wrong with some -- -- -- here it's none of your business have some respect for them not trying to be an ass but c'mon I think of anyone you're definitely not being the gas. It I had. One person at a great point if I were you I would delete this NC rampaged these comments are epic better luck next time sad. Yeah I always -- as the -- the entire. Page since our new and if you want him to do it or just at the hell off and the grand. Altogether one person that I can't believe you cheated with Golden Tate you had a great man the whole time. And this person dole has taken more this person that's very true. This person decides to write Golden Tate on this page to your goals and -- he might be reading these -- and -- -- -- -- well now don't get Jolie writes. Passes along to go to casino Ashton got to think oh my god this must and his program they're just hanging -- what I because a -- -- to bang in there are also. In terms of passion pay golden this is what this one guy says. Yeah the worst mother acting thing that the city of Seattle has ever seen I got his autograph and I threw it in the garbage because -- is garbage. And tell me could shed its huge amount about being battered and Wilson that baseball is -- really doesn't apply to him. All right and while. The first can't believe you go to gold and and my other aliens that's pretty sweet and irreverent my man Russell ballot out since you've Keating. And he knows it now that you can pretty much blank any -- ten times better looking menu with the money he's about to get. So I don't blame him as she's pretty kind of pretty -- she looks at least once he gets man. Like sequel takedown I don't know an entire pack of people she looks like she's got the death planet's Jeff Burton and Gordon Bethlehem. Like caller remember was on all of this came down. The number one -- was hurt buoyed by draft pick to draft pick where she looks -- like a horse. It's awful. Have you seen that. Ashton worlds in draft pictures and these are like. She -- the act like if that's -- -- face I never want to bring into a happy ending it's like really act. Do me a favor and look there -- the greatest thing and video is is she's like really excited jumping out like screaming and yelling and everyone's hugging him and I five. I hurt after -- red -- at. That's. If you make -- it's just got to be Photoshop somewhere of that 10 there's a lot of photo shop pictures out there you observed hook up act in Wilson means some curiosity to run. Like I said. Yes she knew which used you know what you're getting into when -- first thing now -- -- you don't know if he's ever gonna become of anything they're -- high school at a high school sweethearts and as happens in -- longer together and I hate or people who what does annoys me the most is the guy who's a religious duty and look. I know that in an abuse of world like you wanna do everything in your power to not and that relationship is just not something you wanna do. Bowl people called the god card on him as he took comets on his page that. According Bible scripture be like hey man -- -- your -- the -- and it's like well you know there are certain things that are just. Night that's I I just can't be with you anymore because that actually NC it's Sox even if your religious person it's. Maybe -- forgiven for that and it's like dude are you tell me that you live every single word that the Bible says in your living my life perfectly. The people that are judgment all the ones that drive me nuts about and -- our part of the reason why Anderson why some people have just a bad taste and amount about religion is because of those people well if you have a good taste and about. It was not a good and elect if you go to Google image search Ashton Wilson draft Photoshop -- there's some great one when you got that. Pink Floyd the wall. Steve that comes oh lord the cover all my -- -- and yet often there's there's there's one from a receive -- -- bring it up by the is yet her as the T -- from Jurassic Park now place so there's that home. Is the problem man this is Doug Benson are you glad that you -- this now it is on your hand if it is on your hand if you on the Internet fix it. Controls are very creative. Our -- FaceBook drama. Why. OK guys guys and what Kyle yeah. Oh right silver mine for the Fed had to -- time now on the ES TP. Yeah I'm. A -- her obvious deleting my kids or grandkids it's no good and it started new ones. Privatize it that's just not fair to her though I agree but why should have to deal with this crap out -- -- did you discover why do people have to send -- Sorry it's a one hour mark -- you know without much nonstop Austin constructive. First and it comes back. Such an just. Our -- the the FaceBook drama. And it's. We and that's always been wanting. To join them on the pages together work. And that it has always been fixed. And now much. And senior class. Has this team fails to do so I'm Michelle bring us at Davis the most. From. -- bugs and some of -- bridge there are more valuable in this than we have we need to find one more person for the role. A character -- try to find Ted. Ted would be the guy -- OK before we get the -- -- prominent boldly for the rest of because we need somebody otherwise. I can play two roles you can play two roles and when working as well okay -- whatever you mean to -- -- -- -- -- has. The story about it. And those stories about their man. I am somebody missed on the Doug Benson stunt though was a lot of fox it was it was it was pretty surreal to be out there like it was like I don't know why he was speaking out about it I think is good enough Canada's podcast so it was it was a school via the experience that affair. Which got their -- Ski. On his -- on. If you can mound fly off on -- -- that yes he is yeah. Did you get properly -- Steve is asking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we don't FaceBook drama and we realized we have four characters in this FaceBook drama M we're missing copy so stuffy topping gotta go work on his -- -- -- -- His neighbors that yeah his quote unquote neighbor's -- because his quote unquote neighbor -- damaged this satellite dish so he has that satellite. His neighbor has. Is this guy coming out to see the damage and fix it. But his neighbors not gonna say that he's the reason why it was damaged in China there's like a Mountain -- that -- activists or something and yet. Hurricane Frederick probably this story so much here for faced a drummer for top shelter of -- -- it. Yes but before we get this is a drama night I don't keep you -- and you have a show to prepare for OK out. I was talking about we're gonna -- enough we will but we we add them at the podcasting we talked about doing this co headlining. Podcast. You know we're taping he thought yesterday I want to bring it up now on. I have been obsessed with Doug Benson since -- -- with you gentlemen on Friday yeah and I can't get over that is such a genius idea to -- the podcast live in front of people. And charge twenty bucks a ticket if you can walk away it would a few grand every night. Yeah it looked like so much fun and always I mean just feeding off the energy of the crowd. Inning and I got to talk to my guys that's on the -- -- MC TP. How -- we get the crowd -- I don't know whoever they are right I was like of the UST peak yesterday has been doing this -- you got it's that was it's definitely I would likely breach at -- -- up there. I don't know that we're joking but I -- like global how we decide to go the last like tattered decided that we should be the second recent B. The court headliners because we are pre produced it's contreras -- I -- I think the stipulation is that Al where have we got our -- together because we have a guy named -- that has been so creative they've raised we don't make -- Julia part thank you Ziggy exactly but I know I mean is like maybe like we we. We have a Q&A -- -- special Q&A version of our podcast where we just like have a Mike on stay on the ground. -- -- have a -- town hall meeting rights of people can ask or we could sensibly you know like that -- matter yeah you know but either way I think he'd be in Justine is my idea. A -- in a question from the audience slate. -- -- like you secretly the risk. Yeah I didn't quite know exactly. What he's got to you -- today's Soledad how great dancers have been cursing at a plan. -- -- ten already knew that -- -- -- messages on the Amsterdam had to justify means the home a Syrian man. I do of them on this. Obama. Yeah I think Debbie Augusta and I came up with the TV idea which will eventually you'll meet me at that really formulate vote. Big things -- going on. My only my only request is that it any point if the ravenous TP get on getting -- with high. Can you please bring me. That's set and a backpack I would go on there in a heartbeat oh man islands on my hands of the -- which -- you watched. Iowa first -- watch the one with the workaholic guys -- -- -- now and yet because I like them. Which is pretty funny I watch the one last night with one of the guys from a broken -- OJ -- -- on laughter I -- announces Baghdad must veteran right most. Have you seen -- and now it's very strange seen him not characters descended humanism. Is it true guy. I was kind of blown away and it hit that one hit it ducks vote yes but the workaholic guy's face looks -- -- -- -- great now let's just look at anything just the next smoked. Some of -- I didn't expect the beast owners or. I didn't expect them even be willing to be on the show because of like -- Dominick Monahan from lost yeah I was expecting him. And he would smoking like at the best parties like I won't be able to keep up with you but every time Doug was talking he was reaching for eye opening was slow -- nice it's like a minute mr. you can't keep up Google for the things I think need to watch this SARS -- a new TOK so it's free to sign a deal like that. Yeah its its its pretty to look at Andre episode of that I was slate. They watched that one I launch a class I was about to so Josh wolf on the and I like Josh while he -- -- -- -- -- guy that you don't just won't. He's our viewers any contact Joshua. Surprise that book just who have current. I held I. You -- pronouncement from a -- -- -- come out of this one old movie studio. No audio video you -- there right about the current tournament as -- out sort of and I you know time -- -- air ambulance and I am land there. Are confident out of the other word dance. -- -- hundred no ideas he reads all the -- like we tell him to stops. Is it that way at all yet they do you know all the time to do it and doing that I had not anybody calls them on it but at the same point there's a lot of textures do they give -- a -- and I about it if I knew that this would beam of the -- be ridiculed for I wouldn't do it. Okay yeah I would that I wouldn't. I don't like being made fun of for the way I speak and I'm in a room -- a bunch of I I did not -- Oh yeah and a blue do you see -- and I'll be -- that's an insult you know it's deep -- like you dirty snow here. Because he's going to endear himself with half of the audience whereas the other half of the audience is going through. Take my side of the argument and hate me. Yeah like bill love apple love art and now have a little bit -- I don't know why an issue brought a lot of conservative -- -- -- -- -- in here though it's almost the same way is like if they -- says all that's cute. You know I got special needs copier and a hat yeah blind -- so it's very enduring now available to all -- all that's all that's what I feel -- it's like you're really Unix code they'll be no sexy right now for what's right here you're adorable. Giver her adorable I have friends it's over I have to do Hillary Clinton present the arm and days and trying to far rich Dixon and via text and you know -- -- excuse me do you make our self Potts. Thank you. Big thank you thank you thank you yap and there's -- banks or or or if they wanna be out friendly and and playfully those banks. And now my Qaeda suspects Franken at home so they don't respond to any in my text messages anymore. Any -- she thanks you for a compliment. -- out. Friends around for amber you're right if she doesn't fire them the bad right -- make. I think your how to use mystery you know I think something or anything other than thanks. That's a conversation -- yeah I mean the conversations over right Peter compliment she accepted it now we move on those girls don't give us compliments the same way. Mean girls are texted me this -- -- -- -- How or the yeah. I think that you have great -- Right right you're right. So I don't -- it didn't get that a Semitic figures sausage -- but it's always this. -- he vanished out of anything she just used the other corporate that is out of memory you can get at or did your single that a question why don't are you on the Tinder. I am not and I feel like I should be a dude don't get a grander. All of that's the one for the guys yesterday -- if they're dating -- it's something -- not really stayed at it and I have a couple boys at play hockey with that are all about Tinder like they're all about it what you guys. Are you know one I'll -- jealous one. All yeah I'm sure to question Elliott is right and the guy and you know that guys do so it's like those web sites that is the advertising of a lot of porn sites. But to let F book by enough FaceBook all day hassles like I -- those things I see those advertised in the beginning of some of these adult films my neighbor watches -- -- his -- at -- point -- I've never signed a pretend -- gonna have signed up like adult friends. -- -- That would -- supposedly like the. Easiest one because it's like. You match I match in both completely understand I mean I guess some girls maybe think that that's a way to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Each other it'll contact match with an end somehow -- roller ball that people saying hey you both like each other soldiers chat or message being something that's it's your FaceBook something is excellent at FaceBook for money here that's like here. Segregating out different guys that are in their relationship that's there. The higher your FaceBook app is open. That logs everything you've searched on the it probably will. This is in some weird like Big Brother -- Yeah but that's the easiest way to find that out -- in finances if it's true and it paid attention to the ads that FaceBook have. If they start matching a little bit more to what you're search engine on business yeah then -- there and forests that Easter didn't. Yet -- things on your FaceBook as he might not know they have. They somehow know exactly what shoes I wanna -- -- the exact model and then we'll have you ever held it you know yeah yeah have you -- Michael like I recently went to get a teacher -- a doubles teacher and I go on some random like site. And it as a shopping thing. And it shows that teacher I was searching several interested -- -- at best just like. Man you're really invading my privacy there like that that I look at that I'm not necessarily want to -- Curiosity -- just you know bad seeds rate you rate down there and Maxine Ellison clone a Willie is up on my website. Everybody wanted to ride along with no matter random silence before. You'd think that obviously. The devils have a deal with Florida will I happen. And doctor Donald I don't. -- army or Conger. Before we get into your statement yeah Augusta and he can we pressured BJ and -- sentiment. You don't tell a thorough analysis -- dome some secrets to -- it's -- -- bar restaurant before we go over it and not nearly as sturdier stories that you might think -- area and -- that kind of thing revel ordered his dinner. He had the McEntee -- the pork belly. -- just ordered its own bed but then -- so France's lobbyists. The Simpson became -- now yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And comes to Stevie get to salad with second and on about -- it's the DJ. I knew damn well he wanted to order something else he just got like he's a target Mac and cheese it's able adds up with the patent. You get a -- it was Simon as well he's fast. They'll all donated gas pressure built and somehow like -- so. I I would have probably gotten a burger but I rarity like just a bunch at the rock pizza -- my hockey bodies went straight from there to pick up Ted and -- had dinner so I like launch at 330. Geez I had dinner tonight. -- -- So I mean really what -- huge could've got married -- -- -- -- -- slices of this is before the show -- they're -- -- -- Helen hasn't let us get our of this cupcakes yeah boy daddy 86 of those breakfast. That I have a way out. Give or take the Baja has a sixth of the breakfast cupcakes. Coming because she made three dozen that's 36. Well I look at 86 of them Doug band since -- -- to -- to -- and monitoring to tell you -- -- did you -- peer pressure I want him as a parody -- for -- -- one more and I'm Don -- like detective. -- are guilty as Clinton's still laying around later -- nobody. -- everyone got their bill yeah. Sony is that it is doing is salmon dinner also they ordered errors I was thinking about getting that the south with the chicken. OK I don't Mike our laws they just ordered some comic I wanted to break the trend like I feel like we got a clear and frank O'Donnell can actually got pressured to a well I'd I'd kind of created I turned it fully into track -- out of the pivotal games if I would have got the chicken BJ would have went balls out and anything else yeah Michelle started it. Did Ted was like oh that's a good idea happy coincidence yet yet Steve turned it into a trend because now three people are doing in the BD just had -- to -- I. I even said I ordered him with the chicken and then I'd like I look at those two -- screw -- I'll go out this act that way Galileo -- a loved it. All -- do all -- and maybe Jihad is uncomfortable amount of pressure put on himself by himself exactly get the salmon and he did yeah out of order the most fattening things is seen him looking in my through the entire -- Run and it does not regain red zone got a strategies as an -- -- goes to the table right. Sure yeah yeah its first table so I don't feel like a complete fatty when somebody else takes a spoonful might directly crushed most of that you can best part was like so we all get food can be Jake brutalize -- they came -- saw on TV they jokingly it was actually that -- treating. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- over the back and she's come. Good it shows up and -- -- -- MacKey Jesus Biggio that's for everybody and and Brad got a magazine -- BJ it was like offering up his back -- CI heritage as he ordered Mac and cheese is like why white kids screwing with me. Let me add ten mile while he's still affect -- gas cards. -- -- -- we -- that it was the rest of the cycle up important topic at its disposal damaged in the senate to be found there now. -- let's do face the jobs that take you go back to work gonna want to monopolize all the time and -- get beat podcast is available on iTunes to attract KI SW dot com as well. Please please and and I don't talk about we met that guy rich. These three phase three pocket you listened to you were on one room together Douglas movies the podcast yes TP cast a yes it was great yeah and and we met that. Oh yes we did meet that he was that -- had -- up front. And now I know he met -- finalists and oh yeah -- went -- to say thanks to her persona do last. Yet -- Switzerland audio broadcast of currency thanks -- yeah I remember that it's in his. No -- isn't -- -- goes Betty I forgot her name of -- -- memories she was awesome as well we all had a good time talking are. Everybody -- that was awesome you know the funny moment though. I we were right by the bad that you're talking when Nellie and somebody walked by at the -- concede it out of what we were saying in the conversation but the other people overheard in the -- inappropriate and the -- as they want butternut. Going on here -- Mike. Nothing nice -- decent who's been sounded like it but it was like you know 3-D you're gonna -- stand. With all of these unattractive girl. It's it's a couple -- we were weird yet like what's up with these guys -- -- -- radio guys saying weird things -- -- and that happens. I am willing to admit that I mean you and Vijay together as a trio looked a little per. That -- I mean -- an equal equal amount of all of us that gets it and I got man -- the ball is overdue -- it's easy it's yeah -- so what are you guys do. Is it doesn't it did. Our favorite -- is our opportunity to let people. In order to get that you get a step foot in the -- and how much. Close that door behind you kids -- Kirk. Awful -- son has become a true detective from the clean up. All right. -- based McDonald's the reason why we did it's it's a public service announcement that people stop posting stupid stuff on FaceBook but if you gotta do what we're enemy fire before we've changed names to protect the innocent man and his stupid. Solving play the role of Kyle. -- you'll be Rhonda. -- you are gave Ted you are frank. And -- Dave again. Okay here's David -- -- man -- this is it's like a family oriented. Fees for drama just gonna put it out there's and it involves -- seems to be the son. They need guide Rondo whose teeth to be his sister. And then frank is the dash. Messer who dated but he's thoroughly entertained by this whole exchange -- just keep them back your mind and I'll likely bring. As you play FaceBook drama hi I'm frank. It is just the but got your angry dad gets -- away -- Kyle had the site feel -- Ted that you interpreted what you can or yes. You are the thespian in recent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. I personalize and. -- I dad you go upstairs put on some sweat -- we keep your dress shirt on and -- costing it's also over it only depends my mom off. Now on I never understood that. Then my. These rocket and took its eye on OK I've wondered about but I don't know why he always worries treasured and home -- -- a dirty up another shirt but he got. -- sauce on it all the time it was always it was pasta. My problem with the but I am I -- Just take off his tie shirt and shoot straight and sit there for a half an -- now. On on and on about how he hadn't eaten all day that the government of bad movement that look -- -- right. And if you -- Granola bar with his dad come. Aren't I'll play the role Kyl let's do this. Your father stop running your mouth and start writing on a treadmill you're fat booty and you have zero personal. And you have zero people skills you smell and you're hurting your live by -- smoking -- watching porn all day. Gets them helps -- them because you're awful to be around I'm embarrassed. To call you my dad. Believe it would trick yeah Barton's. Everybody on FaceBook land used. It is an adult and you ever -- Six you -- and everybody else's dirty laundry I thought it was only fair everybody else knows no quit. That Arnold continue to pose. Little dirty secrets. That's the best response to the FaceBook -- I have ever seen Rhonda PS sorry to hear about your herpes Kyle. -- if you what to say -- bears had me that I want to say this. I wish I'd used a -- -- -- flyer on that -- that -- dad's comments that the best response. Error. Wow. We shouldn't be a little slow passive aggressive imposed by -- and -- -- you. What are -- going on on FaceBook man said he there's a lot happening here man yeah a better result yes she's the untold stories. As a when I buy I grabbed this and I mean I can go and look for it again but like I checked and there was no more comments after that. -- -- and has been deleted since then and it's a pretty heavy. Say I wish they would have used a condom. It's pretty awesome well he was only recording from. The cyanide about etiquette like that it was -- that mobile ads in the same thing. Philadelphia. Get to excite us as it is when my moments that go back and picked the switch you wanna be a way to quit his but I thought Ronald -- five don't matter to us back Saudi army to hit -- That's it right. I'm just -- these have to be all adults. Yeah yeah I -- because generally I mean the kid he sings and bears have that ahead. But I feel like saying I wish I used a condom AKA I wish we just didn't exist seems like an awful big job. Are going to hold a lot more -- yeah. And -- and nearly eleven point eight -- the in my fives are denied I'm embarrassed if you I was you'd ever been born -- of the half. -- dad's back I always say you were just a finished product inside of a condom she oh well I -- It is just you're just calls this guy out for having herpes. And pieces. And peace that is an adult and you -- event as an adult. Not so what are your dad's like yeah. Losing and you're like yeah you think you're going to the bathroom like a normal person you realize you're dreaming anything to him down the only guys that it's over. You've done it's over just the last think. It's less than six months like is it like dream. WW we would Daniel Bryant blew my voice now. Some drinking like a maniac trying to I was is after David in the year resistant -- snack more when. This combo platter and it was yeah there's always you can -- -- -- -- -- out like I forgot about those shots. -- had something to do with it. Well I'm not even -- things and the Seahawks that week as well my voice was shot. That's right Kazaa a hard time talking you and I were at the bar. That -- heard my voice as well and can you Ted -- I wish I would use a condom. -- -- you heard it from the 1994. Being an -- I don't need to -- there was that there haven't been diluted a couple of drinks easily. And we get the concert backwards a glimpse of noise and it's. Year -- yeah you. Could well look at what. After they beat today yes pretty much -- a lot of water and honey and I I don't. Easy drink that much water it enough but not enough to -- -- like at the wake up in the Milan Penelope well it was Saturday morning and I'm lying in bed and I'm sleeping in my brain. -- might peeing in the bathroom. And then -- army -- the worst feeling you've ever had in your life where -- -- off crap I'm still in bed right now and I'm peeing out film like. His lying there out there on my home. It's just flying out of me some trying to holding active and I I -- is how does that go over DR yeah the whole new bed. We'll know fortunately. I had learned those like those because of Lulu. Her own without over the years over the months which are still being potty train wreak Havoc that. That special layer between your sheets and the mattress that is also to help. Keep bed bugs from getting your son I don't know the answer -- we got a person is right they came when I bought the bad is part of the deal. So we use it. And fortunately that it's. Kept the peep from getting on the actual matches but I -- I found stop. My my stream runs in the bathroom and finished just and I have been devastated -- might just -- the bad. As a woman I'm 39 years old and I'm not drunk -- -- wife home to downstairs so there's thug. While I still -- -- like washed his sheets and it wasn't our usual -- Washington and it's usually Sundays is the question comes one right so is this why out of the blue spot fires and I've addressed that right. Blew its ambassador of yeah I thought about that -- was already downstairs and her mother Tammy it's so might get done the dog out and pluses is that pretty this is not the kind of damage it does. They just let the better way. As -- and -- and also smell. Look I mean she's been my wife does that point up doing a lot of trees and the -- overt but since learned in the average -- I think it's going to be -- homicide news Washington sheets at the twister on the wash them on Sundays and on Saturday the first thing in the morning at a at a time they usually don't get out of bed. Purity are they doing laundry to rush -- jump up my roll it all up there and in the why should I go downstairs and it was like she just saw the look on my basic. He hit what you up what happened they the book of just like I saw a ghost don't ask and I look at writes I'd. You wanna sleep safe -- that's they've been soundly and I don't have an outright -- as it is a few depend. On the -- class you got -- her reaction was. You tell us who do everything their power announces the bust out laughing but who's laughing but -- -- as I think intensely as you've probably would have if I didn't make looks so mortified out of business owners. To you you. -- but keep you keep the bad comic. And I try to explain to our excuses laughing and and that I've not been able live that down since then make it still comes up to this day. Surely ended up all now follow this week man what you now once and I don't ever I never go away and I got to sleep in now veterinary yeah. When that memory her old place -- you had this little I don't know who lost his power to control themselves are here's my question for you guys just -- and I'm sure that's not a how are you guys that you know I quit like you like fill up your tank with gas and and you don't fill -- the tank of gas people -- moving out of gas cap in its rates though gas is flying trickle effect yeah. Do you guys have that problem like. I have to talk about filling up gas -- we talk about -- -- the battle handlers and Eric Weiner. Education. By the looks of our bathroom in the men's bathroom on the sixteenth and -- everybody has that problem mine still trickles. I don't know how to get it to stop I'll. All of -- -- grow old toilet -- to adapt you know make sure it's nice in little dabbled -- yeah. Dried out my shorts back on but sort of out of my shorts back on and it's a -- for effect on. I can't you weren't done for weeks and now I just completely wet my pants do you understand you honest. And the that the physics of kicking a hose right yes okay. Essentially when you just. Pull. Pull out of the underwear age. I'm kicking well yes you are but at the same point it's if it's so it could be just the way you're holding it it's not -- -- They're hoping you could -- hollows so when you go put it back into where it's supposed to be my -- to get that point which has a couple more -- -- couple more -- sort of -- -- I see it and now what had been -- I'd done different you know I don't have a very Smart -- -- I thought about what you -- a Michael maybe it's just the process of putting him back where it needs to go again in my pajamas and the worst of the pajama -- -- -- register shows a couple -- and it's it's like. And now -- in the back on the first Florida Mike -- -- actually where you've gone national static you dispute Japan's but what not technically. As -- my pants. But -- go hard for me it's my parent out. Public humanity habits in the overtime -- -- at pajama pants are the worse with mesh shorts not a big deals this couple triple error I have now but when -- wit and sweatpants and no underwear -- pajama pants Wiki feel like that -- go all the way to -- -- -- and it just and I it spreads quick. Yeah I think -- gavel. Cattle are shaken out. Andy I don't public utilities it was a couple drops I just don't get what I think that talk. Go ahead on the league because it was like a bit it was like something that I I can live. -- and you yeah you just go down and after you're done needs and it was like rocks and it's all the wedding invitations or someone like that they're napkins from his wedding and you just use that path. That is -- when I have boxers on I know I'm doing the dribble. But no one knows because it just stays at the boxes doesn't bust through into jeans -- now. I would do this -- Steve sometimes around 10 o'clock I have to consciously think like. Is it early enough to go sans underwear or my gonna have a big. I'm so glad I brought this -- I got. I was alone it's nice to know that I'm not fully alone on this one but I. So I tried what rev like your time yes thinking yes I'll grab a a role like a -- overall -- paper I'd cut my my boy my in my Dong and Nader. And with the pro Bieber and I put it back the way that we usually do it. Just in case -- if anything and the new and that I remove that and then threw that away and then a bend over to throw it away and it would. Are -- your body just hate you you're getting old and your body. -- and monochrome a better world all severely jealous of your man's eyes yes you can do that is that elbows. Morning's -- all the a lot of African. Cup. The like in the morning is that I'll repeat it here today and that I'll hop on the scale and I always get a couple trips up the day of scale -- I have to wipe the floor and -- scale. No I have got a problem through the you know ladies come over to my house for the -- -- that bed field. -- -- built would be that was my. Butt and now our air conditioning in your bedroom ideal and its summer ladies that the place the bidding. But and and on and one less thing about all this now like. My wife gets so mad I can't mention in this now well honestly if we sleep naked -- crawl on the bad after -- go to bathroom and I immediately wanted to cuddle with her. And she's constant like you tell -- -- You know how embarrassing that is. In my day a you have shared that yeah it's socks and pretty good time at all. Yeah I do I heard doctor had -- yeah to a urologist and my wife has brought that up to me yeah yeah yeah because also all of the assistant. The the the race between top united make a baby continues. I there is an indication that I did not make a -- And I mean yes in Florida. And not to get too he last week I dot. 280 Madison may need and -- -- -- who were on the middle this talent but -- -- these -- -- trying as hard as on topic and I were all trying to make a baby's due to me to be first on the -- are you guys tried to do we use birth control. -- just ask Deborah conflict that's barely a conversation that we did for the podcast -- does today if it means bringing a baby into his role in bringing a baby and that is brought the box of cereal. Oh. The product of a bad badly but it could not yes. I could you help me win a dollar. Standard it. Steve I think this is good for you. And what college button that would more. Did you get the continued trying to makes they'd be solved yes Idaho parenthood greet them. That was fun enjoy this part of -- bright. Yeah this will be the most -- that it's legal guys I have to be careful and use projections the Obama and there's nothing harder in that moment where you like. I don't have to worry this problem like in this process comeback -- increased. -- I tried last night but. Earlier you talked about the handled Charley horse. Then -- -- -- now I can you have to give a green card. And I don't know that aren't I don't know has visited the U. It was a little shook earlier exit -- it made it but I don't suffer from a let that -- they're a well I tried to duck and. I suffer from a medical condition that I don't know the proper medical term we looked it up it's it's a bunt toward a camp announced but in a nutshell. Portraits of ours is terrible -- ice samples from an anal Charley horse from time to time. And what it is a national. It's a cramp. And having a Charley horse in your -- is in. It's the most. Not in include speaker says one. -- last anywhere from. And what it does make you -- you gotta -- prove that but you don't. Do you sit on the toilet and I've had since I was a kid -- used to always wonderment mom took a number by some I got to pull open it hurts really bad but I can't do anything about it we'll finally get to the Internet and WebMD. I learned that annual Charley horse if you. At an item in things. -- if you go anyway collects from fifteen minutes to. An hour and a half. And painful it's so -- you lie on the bad -- to disperse right now -- make last night it lasted about twenty minutes. And there's after the there was some -- that presented there was a passionate I'm not all the time but it's a gamble I take. Discipline you have to because it's. The process before the Charley horse is awesome but sometimes it's like off the Sox. Dammit now -- all night but it's funny we talk a minute what's on the air and 200 takes misses the Buick. Are -- the only ones that have been deal would that have been too embarrassed to bring it up to anybody thank Steve and there are a bunch of people that have this problem. It's called an annual Charley horse and it's. Man but so are you going on the Internet and it says wanted to -- to treated is marijuana. There that's exactly right so I'm Mike trooper Fed's exit so it's a rat goes three says hey what happens if this happens all the time when you have sex like what how how you can and that he's only got that sex and that's insanity some like I think that might be the time I've -- my wife and say. I'm gonna start smoking weed. Off Jesus -- All of a sudden a sister into a huge positive because it's just what you like and feet. I don't there's a better time for Barbara that after acts yes right talk about the completely relaxed now is that either you take a bad back and help. Or -- we'd sit back and I -- smoothly or insects before -- backup -- hold on 12 need to turn a faucet on in the bathtub. Thought that broke the tub while having sex it to enter the water on real hot and steamy in there the best thing I do Iowa box smoking and then going into the shower. Now it's like the best thing that I do not take -- -- -- ever ever want to -- too big for our bath but that I have is I thought I didn't -- use it. -- I know. I think I've I did in my path there's literally got into apple watered it's Bosnia. I stick past an Afghan displace a lot of water carved out of if it -- paper there's always like it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You over estimate the amount of water she inherited this kind of overblown. Because you want the law punitive I don't know Halloween you'll hear the smile back -- -- your sickness like I just a small but it's it's I'll take it. And then you get out realize how small amount of water. And fat bastard. And I like their soda cup having done that the dole lines where the ice needs to go away equipment and you haven't got low line that says okay this is as far as the water can go to the minute. It's gonna Christ's. -- -- That I wanna keep your man I mean this day I just don't I don't know what time you need to get back doom you know here you work stuff. And he dated eight -- a man and it cuts the commercials. I. -- I think it adds an economic life ads that commercials is that the kind of mad men and amber it's that bad burns out you're on the day of the Ted Smith when he hears that and radio station. Well generally this time of the day I sit in the office and we just don't talk. No it's pretty sidelines. Real has got to look at stories or whatever. Once a while miles and new line -- hand him once grand and you -- ask. I mean there's -- that stupid stuff that -- come up yeah -- got -- eighty do you see Floyd Mayweather trying to get a fight with the idea identify with them. All because of a woman. And in Seagram. Right -- that doesn't lie and chipped it was. I kind of what I thought away is I have -- -- rural or late username tiny. -- -- tiny. It causes all kinds of -- are you offer yeah it would TI and I know I don't know how bad it was yeah that's reality shows their city. I -- you know there's a reality show with TI yet tiny is his wife and -- eat they related pagers to tiny. That's a tiny little pocket there's usually -- -- tiny and it might. We viewed from Friday yeah out yet -- it's just her and she is hardly a tiny bit beat him look like him you know degree but she's just kinda late -- lectured panic at a buddy's wife to look. The guy and she's kind of just that. And apparently as she just her and Floyd had some sort of interactions -- -- like friends or something so apparently. They were freaked him out and yes though. It just turned it that it was her fault and TI was challenging Floyd Mayweather. A boxing yet for the -- floor -- you have Floyd mark told. TIA today he needs today it check his bitch. Bert check himself before he wraps himself not but -- you're talking about her any yak yak and NT I got -- because you don't call. You know you don't -- tiny bit it's exactly what it's your pitch and and you don't fight. Yet you say that any grown man you're asking for flight -- -- rich yet and that's why -- yet I think it's well well now you've made me have to fight you because you said it in front of her. Like I mean life. Seriously just the word bitch you know I mean you know like let's say some reason -- -- don't know each other we're in a barn mergers and where does not -- -- -- yeah. You can make some side comments back and forth but at that point I look at him go. Blah blah blah pitch. -- you've you've you've crops that lighten and then when you referring to it. At the person's significant other it gets even work -- guaranteed right -- yet he tell you -- to be quiet or someone that that's. In Nevada the couples breaking up you know what I'm coming up rich one way -- that it showed up. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's it's gonna go away the other it's either yet he's gonna dump his girl right there. And more there's going to be a fight between the talks the worse is when women are like he called me about it why can't act like who won the market. That is where did not do well at all ever sit down Urbina in the ass in this bar everybody and would. Yeah you won't shut up. Thailand's set simulators like an act like and then I am I get any known Charlie Morrison is gonna be a bad night from doing throat just start off -- is gonna and crap load the bowl -- -- Yes please yourself. All bubbles on this bridge bridge. I that they are now that are -- talking to nobody in my office and yet. We got a -- selected my guys -- move the I don't know we're gonna call this -- podcast but we got it. America podcast there's always a mega powers and Hulk Hogan -- Randy savage got together we know how that ended the mega cast a bridge broke dumb rotten little bit some. Made a tiny. I don't know at around three I find someone to be that person so we got to find another podcasts that can be debates. I vote for TBT Al are all those shots aren't hitting it's gonna get back to a now without any contacts that I emails where is that we're. That everybody knows it's. And I'm just joking mostly I'm not -- and I Aaron you're -- Hasn't replied you know but he listens to the show yet. -- why we causing drama that we don't know because the president has voicemails emails in the text messages to always fun having had beaten Smith and here isn't. You have of course he goes into the -- on reports. My next the -- down on the brain. Tom. Column to the weird turn about your -- issues yeah I was expecting that. There -- public service this week the urination cast. I forgot how long with -- super long. -- -- Yeah. Yeah. And another part of it's they didn't let -- showed up. And -- so excited and. All right you can leave us a voicemail or email -- -- -- send -- a message that as TP tested gmail.com or 2532714787. It's 2532714. Ftp because don't forget about our FaceBook page people. Yeah I got to do is type as TP -- cast. And FaceBook and join the group books that and then you could jump on in some and this silly -- stupidity in fund that we all get involved in on the on the FaceBook page which. Continues to grow we're almost 800 people want to part of our FaceBook group page which is pretty impressive if you ask me that's. Almost 500 more people that I expected. A lot more than I expected. -- -- -- -- -- you you -- be under a hundred. And he just never know -- don't know what's gonna. And I hope -- publicity and I didn't never promote it we don't talk about it on the radio show I don't put on the blog I don't talk about it in my personalized holiday it's just. It exists we mentioned it once on FaceBook just to build an audience next -- fifty people and -- ever since Dennis has been word of mouth or people posting nude pictures up on their page and in people join its -- -- Thank you vote questions. No thank you might make the it's all because of I doubt that I appreciate that aren't robotic I'm gonna put it in your hand if you wanna hear the voicemails and emails or text messages emails and emails it is our -- off of one actually comes from the FaceBook page but I sent it to the emails accounts is an email. From Jonathan to send my first -- still locks -- are some. And I love that the dishes are very funny and and always liked to have fun -- you know I've only give each other a hard time but full bug of home. Does Casey writes the burger joint right yeah Jonathan response via. I got some cash man I had -- but I addict or you know the whole idea -- go -- -- road trip to -- Unlike that of a drive. I don't always remind myself after him when not a somebody said that they went from -- to -- to put you off to try it out and about burgers it is a long drive and it was good that's Harold and Kumar at there I appreciated that sometimes you gotta go on the road trip I agree. But. I've been trying to be better about when I economic kind of like. Get the exercise -- do right. I eat well for the most part of analysts want to skip the sick for evening for an emperor like pizza can she sang at this point and a couple of weeks doors back up to like 213. And now I like 205 for awhile. I'd like to hang it to thirteen so now whenever I wanted eat that or go down to the market in our building get a pop pocket. Yes sums up to thirteen but that's my like. That's like my motivation and they keep going keep doing what I do and luckily -- did come -- don't like to bowl. Six -- that I get back on this we Tony Harris. -- anymore so I've no idea when I'm -- My wife -- they -- -- like the way myself all the time but I didn't Wear myself that's my kind of ballooned up to that I am fine them I. I need that daily like I know it's not gonna make a big difference it. Tomorrow not going to be like ten pounds lighter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Iceland know that I'm still around where -- need -- -- yeah now the I need to scale. I'm -- team like that -- I'll CarMax crisis -- of the interview Jason muse that was on the BJ Shea morning experience and it's available I K I used to -- dot com's click on interviews. Wondering if any of you have seen the movie feast it was executive produced by Steve heartthrob Ben Affleck along -- Matt Damon Wes Craven Chris Moore. Who's an American -- goodwill hunting it's as bad as movie. And Jason muse has an epic debt I recommend checking it out that -- parlor that sounds lie a. The because Matt Damon Ben -- they did like the green light productions. Yes. All at all cost was from that. That was a bad horror film yeah you show yet and they're trying to find like the best ones are some and I think that one whining correct me if -- prominent preacher that that is also to answer as -- -- -- -- -- know -- we have Novak and I see it somewhere out trying to watch it that's on Netflix ought to yeah. YouTube -- on Netflix is. The last gladiators I believe it's called and you gotta -- hockey guy. I've seen that has four and a half stars on -- though I -- I almost walks -- just because of the stars if if it doesn't even. Yeah it has a horror for five stars on and I'll probably watch it it's a documentary and you like document you don't need to be a hockey fan and it hasn't indicated mostly focuses on his former -- Montreal Canadian. He possibly with a -- other teams as well Christmas -- that he played with the Bruins from it which is funny because there's two teams hate each other but. It's about mostly about him -- they follow some other guys that I grew up watching when I was a big hockey fan my first or getting into hockey. So it's crazy to see some of these guys just. The after effect of get punched in the face repeatedly. Cautioned damaged in the brain damage and keys that I mean he went down a dark road of drugs but he's turned his life around is -- doing motivational speeches in front of people but. It's it's a fascinating. -- documentary about. The after effects and what happened in the spotlight -- -- and it's it's pretty intense. I think you'll like it. Politic about affair especially stand I watched -- watched hockey movies this weekend marks -- no -- no. Miracle no Mighty Ducks now amounted to no the -- I don't know who is an -- but Indian people know I had Patrick Swayze Youngblood yes. I can remember than -- very anti Rob Lowe yaks and we -- watching it just because it shows really bored. We didn't have such a bad movie it's so terrible yeah she was dying watching -- is just. Like just like random like sex scenes with like that house mom yeah I know it yeah yeah it was. It's terrible secrets what is her my volleying are shaking yeah yeah a day act as just I just. I knew that you would know right away yeah it was just like hilariously bad news on demand we are just going through the on demand -- -- is looking for. Like nick and like you do for free movie Friday that it is I spent Amara today. O Reilly paid a monthly fee that's true that's true and we do as well I don't wanna read -- -- your balance indicates -- pools. My my my my father and all like him lease rates tend to like the same kind of bad films that are caused oil is on you know -- -- into I mean Nick -- at -- as Everett I hate Nick Cage movies but I'm gonna give that a shot deposits on the -- form and version of take it. -- so amen for that. I saw one recently -- called like the street league with rob deer decked. Okay -- and it shows like how he's trying to bring competitive skating like -- are giving them money to actually have a life all thank Bentley -- -- competitions like 150 to 200000 dollars that they can win and it's like the best competitors from around the world and it shows them. But the year getting ready for it -- a document it for an awesome. Obvious like a hero for me out for this because like I wanna try and bring -- kind of thing that this golf Napoli an -- of a 150 grants. If I if I could I don't put it but it. A lot of it's like you have to pay to answer these -- these competitions and that's for the prize pool comes from is the parts is a Clinton. Fees. And no one's getting rich off of that because that's who can never pay the 4050 box and it's like a couple thousand and -- -- like here is 200000. It's more look at corporate bond and others they want to get to sponsor you do you have like Mountain View presents a mono nick my disc golf invitational that you see monster everywhere right now -- quite well I know who paid for this movie the exact frame because he's bringing. Awareness through his sport even after the big X game boom instead I think it's great debt because they're trying to get away from the X games thing right now skateboarding is his. Everybody sees them as motor across and the extends -- like we all know we have our own competitions are her own entity which was really cool. I know that I mean there is on Netflix as it is on Netflix I'll look it up like -- -- sounds. Our next one subject Peter Parker is a group. Everybody DS TP test mule here. Faithful listener since September. I bet you I've been listening since September -- if I -- tell -- we -- -- -- on a weekly basis I appreciate that. -- He says after listening to your interview on Gregor of podcasts I did a Google search and year old man Peter Parker. Which led to iTunes. Where I found two albums -- bottom both been jamming to them all week anyways props for the good music and thanks for the podcast while I get a check. Five cents I don't know how that works man and that's cool that your iTunes so that and a day like we would sometimes get like a five dollar check from my Tower Records yeah like I'll ma'am we're rich five all dollars you know but I don't know how like that. Like come into sort of the listened to put our records if you have Spotify you can listen to -- to assist on either me who your EM IG ally a -- that's our first record. And as aggregate semi auto bio graphical. So both there's a mother Peter Parker's out there and other records those aren't us. I don't really. Wanna be lumped into the music that those guys have been -- it's very entertaining but that's just me. But if you -- finest -- Spotify around beets music. We're also on iTunes. I don't know how -- -- and a few -- and a premium subscriber to Spotify but maybe to listen to -- that. -- stuff works. A lot of the stuff for us Spotify if you don't have the pretty minicamp pick the track. Or you can't pick hopeful all along here like that -- you what ever now and whatever the most popular stuff is that he can play out of the playlist. You can't pick the actual song and you wanna listen to. On demand the view of those and then to a spot or commercial I'm like that yes yes gotten back because I had that I was that what the -- the Spotify in the and it paid formally OK now I can listen to what I wanna hear -- -- you guys why has this guy. And eighty and it's really good day in sometimes and made changes since I I've music's enemies in a -- but the desktop version for PC. On you can actually pull full albums. Like I was able to do that listen to all the way through. On but I couldn't do that on my app like on my iPod screen version yet yet I just free version so the desktop version still may be able to do that -- may have changed since then and so. It's funny I got that email and I don't know maybe if Kobe were listened Macgregor because there's one other person -- as -- listen to -- on Gregor talking about your band if you can only pick one Peter Parker sorrow which would it be. As a tough question for me to figure out because I'm like. There's a lot of things I like about a lot of our songs I've had a genuinely loved being in that area their child. Now I mean this summer -- -- Mike out price skip it if -- -- to the whole record or -- not pay as much attention but there's. He's really something in every song that I find is pretty awesome. But the first on the popped into my -- is actually the last song on our second record so it's. The last song that we ever put out technically wrong and we put up some stuff acting out but as far as I can actual record. It's -- stayed without. A pull that up on you guys here. You guys might need it I really dig it this song I feel like. We're listening to a lot of of this bank called pole cat at the time. Vocal band drummer. Though the front man of -- is the drummer Steve reed. Are but he Jesse and I was on the -- up and have ST we kind of vibe to them and in the way that they always likes you read death. It's good and heavy band and its. -- So there isn't the kind of like our nod musically. I think we were all listening to a lot of people Campbell we wrote this song and I always like that like that the -- the vibe of a lot of our stuff this. Lot of our second record there's drum breakdowns that normally notice but it's because I was doing a lot of Ecstasy at the time and I don't know a lot of raves. There are trying to like change things up until election Mike we your -- -- type drumming into it even on this Saunders like a beat that stump with a tambourine that was like. Completely lifted from some electronic song that I liked a lot but you wouldn't. If I didn't say you would not be like all that toll lifted from electronic music itself. -- LT without from our second record. He's -- -- -- about what we've got I don't sleep at night I'd just pass out. Still to this day. Yet the lyrics because I was relieved because my roommate at the time yeah -- and drank a lot and it was true. He just passed our undivided I wake up into the path by my door and my my my bedroom but your that was as we head. -- -- I like him. I'll running water sewer line. Going to remind you. Like sonic use. Is. Greater game like this. And -- got that drive in there with the car in the days. I think you're gonna like her kind of distorted vocal. Depart for people to go come from your attention that I don't understand everything and saying it would have spoken word piece. -- did a further -- pretty strike I'd just environment I just got to have a party that I wasn't even invited to. I don't trust me. This off. Journalism of boys vs girls the boys against girls -- southern. Remind you that there which is really cool -- that they might have traditional -- Also. Voted everybody. -- -- medical person I remember. Need out and I just one of my spirit Peter Parker -- right there -- driving sung. Yeah -- -- -- -- now alive because that breakdown of the and were -- discount like tuna crazy -- shuffle and it was just -- like rock out in an endurance thing man. Listen normally you miss flying an at bat I have I ever get all the drama that we had that never. Like most -- know about but I eventually cause the -- not wanna be abandoned etiquette or getting along an eight. You forget about that sounds like a relationship you romanticize about the -- -- yeah but you Daniel is forget about their arguments. That man Matthew in my eyes I still believe this is one of the coolest song writers always was like I felt really honored to be in a -- with him. And you know he'd rub people the wrong way because he's very. You know he would say when I would -- on his mind uses that kind of -- guy and no filter yeah I mean it's awesome bands or you know that probably would have looked after us and help us I kind of get to the next level you never know but. That was -- -- was -- thought you know hey he's on apologetic about it I always respected about it that I his lyrically. It was some pretty crazy W -- -- -- -- I had no idea and still doesn't understand what -- was talking about but it -- coming from a pretty. Interesting places so that I would even see like. Coasters and napkins and our house just at random lines and eventually became minds and our songs like. Here's a mad scientist who became the song writing on news is it was a fun time that's for sure am glad that some people like her music that's -- A man will be getting silo. Hey guys point bosh yeah. It's certainly tag -- the head -- to three. We'll say some of these emails unless you can couple of maybe. Cute couple tax or do we wanna do. Who played a little thing in the figured out from there. It's that. Grab what you wanna do. Let's go voicemails. Cool before the divorce costs a whole sort of remind everybody coated Iraq shop KI SW dot com our shirts are for sale. Apparently. In one day. We sold out of all the double excels. We -- be -- -- way -- play like our elected Titanic each teacher yes. Very nice -- one day -- director. We announced it later on that day got a message -- -- tonight and a full day somebody said they had either me depressed don't like to. Or I think they press more but that's. That resold it and double XLT shirts like super super quick so we are -- -- I'm hoping that we get more pressed I don't know why we got an answer about that. Mainly pro gonna wanna -- rest of this size is that they have first yeah so I think if you're not a double XL. By those that we got more tired kids a year -- Brothers. -- -- speaker gifts for everyone. Every adult I felt by any extra large and did some stretching it. I had to do that this weekend actually it for a shirt for a large they -- yeah and gave you awards well here is a thing when I went to cryptic on this weekend I was that it was amazing it was hands telling ever was super cool there's some I think there's a couple of Titanic dishes that's easy but it thinks. I think there's a Steve that follows us and that he -- there's who received. But a lot of -- -- and I don't I don't know ask you -- -- receive a -- -- in Canada what this Tuesday but anyways so it was super awesome but -- for one of the things they did was they killed me in front of this VIP Bryant how they tell you I was the -- in these zombies -- that are residents there I'm currently in -- Yes so they they they did some prosthetics -- my -- to put a condom full blood and they used like latex and all sorts of prosthetics to hide it. And in the zombies came in during the staying. And they killed being ripped out my throat blood was everywhere the pictures on my FaceBook -- -- that you were distressed up. Already the elder fans don't realize -- the whole -- yeah I would look at -- -- art gals looking completely normal is awesome and then they took me and it's on the drag me out of the room. And then they put me in to a Gurney where it was just that my chest in my arms -- in my head or hanging out because in the rest my body was underneath it. Because they had Americans played out and that's also my FaceBook -- -- them -- overpaid I thought that it with like the the -- they grill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah video of you being mauled. -- think there might be video -- and I'm gonna talk to the guys and I think Michelle actually got a video of -- but I don't know how good it is -- gonna take a look at -- I don't see that yeah yeah -- was awesome it was great and by they had the T shirt I was on another larger fed -- -- now getting to almost forgot where we're going -- -- -- for -- -- so you know they they had a specific teacher that was there they're trying to match clothes so it made right on and so they used the wrong -- doing in the use the -- from the year before. So I had to scramble and find one do when they could find was a large shirt. So I had to -- the first and seeing -- and talking and kind of just like -- ten minutes in a large -- -- stretching it like we had a like three or four different guys doing different ways to stretch -- using -- their -- -- their bags as a kind of down with -- well he's still it's -- and we didn't have enough time for that so basically I just had to be a fact and a -- sure to have that -- and by now it still worked out fine but he had aids. Things you do for our yeah I did my Boudreau hang in now because I mean that's pretty awesome profit -- the content Girardi Eric who's a part of cryptic high gas -- The fact they went that far -- -- create. A moment yeah that's awesome in this is something yet this is part of the -- ripped out yet this is for the VIPs they loved it they were just they are cheering -- cheered when I got dragged off they didn't realize that I was coming back in the Gurney there -- really happened I don't know about that they -- know is gonna happen this thought that was -- going to be the show that it realizes -- -- be buffet table. And they lost their minds it was so good like -- like the guys who did it scare productions they do the like on their house says that beaver lake. Oddity added if you could be relate the story gets gangster yeah. Yeah I it's freak you out there on like. You're duke duke Penn State at this like camp and while you're at that camp it turns into a night -- -- literally yeah yeah now to -- some point while your campaign. Murderer comes out in that kids around you -- AstraZeneca trunk of a car yeah like and the make up effects they did it what it was it was hands down amazing it was -- dread yeah. Well except for instance that in 2000 real yeah and it's entertaining that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're that it has been out of he's a gingerly on the after that it's studios are very happy about that -- instead of going back and relaxing match if you want an entertaining on its like Tucker and dale vs. Tucker your elders as evil that you think he's amid many nasty -- yeah it's a date yet it's a bunch of rednecks who are out there yes yeah ended all of like these policy on Tuesday he asked. Yet the college kids come out to their place that I. Wells to key to a good horror film is always having at least one hot check the 08 and -- something -- full -- media nudity is always important I'm down with that a bad thing to do with India's western detective. Yes haven't renteria. And subdued. As there. There's case it's kind of creepy too is it's why doesn't want to go to London and there's like one really creepy seeing. All -- yeah. -- It's like the guys getting raped. Like I executed -- yeah dad yeah it's like really weird thing turns really weird yeah that was not fun to watch. You know there was a great theories I don't know -- a split of the there is the last time. Off. Then I look at our hole just -- I know myself horizontal and myself for a second. Right -- girl. -- ha I'll give that -- -- -- -- now I had actually think my thoughts about grandma because once you my wife and I was like I'm -- itself. As I miss that they just put my finger many years of good frontal nudity parent them good stuff -- HBO. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's -- got to offer is worth now. -- -- -- -- That local -- that calls and he's pretty hysterical I agree americanized. I got a tribute to. What's the best thing about having sex with a regularly. You get -- any you know say. Probably just belief that yes you do your favorite exploited radio friendly terms now because you guys -- -- that -- No angered. That Ferraro thanks one and number -- there -- -- -- the material as satellites down -- kind of like him -- That was awful that was terrible. Uncle Ricky would need to do a joke like that. Well for you it'd be more entertaining. I don't know man it's about cadence and delivery I'll explain in -- -- -- Bright yellow ones you look at the end of that joke. But they've -- -- almost that time mostly done look at. And that's issues on the end that took almost have like -- -- true detective five. He he told the very critically. -- I think they need to shower that was -- better as well as mental. -- -- extreme mountaintop and gain. I'll rest favorite classic buy gas are about. Blackberry younger I just basically it's actually you know. It's like. -- -- That's pretty the well -- I can't bring it back Washington. On the ketchup kind of behind -- and catching up. I want to repeat you sort -- he's -- -- -- in -- there it is adamant that. And he -- and I hate you. You know obviously it would he did since he learned to count -- -- America that you're here we're not as you. Our aggregate. We were talking rather creepy stuff that people do. When you're a celebrity yeah I don't concern us on the celebrity event that's kind of creepy stuff that people do. I love that you -- you're in the clear he left for college yeah yeah it's less creepy now. It was really -- used on high school even those voicemails though it's still creepy now just as creepy I ask you ask you guys know. No not doubt that -- -- surprised at the next whereas now. I would hope so all right you're the producer up. Where. -- Top shelf is what is happening. There in the credit here and measurement network. Operates utterly ignored. Thought I idiotic call cool I invite you all thought it should enter. May 31 excuse me but a lot of people are we not a Guerin lot of viewed. Are you doubled. -- -- Chinese food futures are invited them so. -- that you all know -- Iraq and now. -- -- I would exit from this in this weekend's. I'm doing the Michael -- Charity thing colonized that it tapping into Colombia the interview and oh Michael 172 dot com I believe is his website. I think so yes and it's just a bunch the Seahawks are going to be there from -- curse Doug Baldwin. I have a feeling that Don Russell Wilson will be there I don't know why I had that feeling but I just got that feeling that's cool. And he has been confirmed or denied that but there's a bunch other hawks -- -- -- can be kind of cool my wife and I gallant. Think it's like 1 o'clock in Colombia at the Columbia tower and have been there and have a connection dig him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They say -- go as far as dress code don't come it looked like a slob but jerseys are are are OK that I would totally mergers he's in there encouraged. I'm afraid -- dot. Am -- -- -- like because -- -- my -- gonna -- on some in the somewhat nice our freedoms and Veronica now Obama wearing jeans and shoes OK most juniors she's -- She's -- good idea to do khaki shorts. And samples -- -- and it old school Grant Wistrom Seahawks Jersey and a degree that Enron went back Troy Sox pulled right up to the -- man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go right there and start MP ailing people meant everything that people -- is good for you not is not really -- -- know that's -- just stick with the old standbys French -- man since I don't regret rise but at least I know that. It's up. There and nobody's and it's good for you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You wouldn't. -- -- -- And prepared. To talk. Talk about this particular completely. Happened. Are. -- answer to our two. Two. You know not -- The important clues you can loosen you -- -- -- -- police talking. -- -- -- OK so. From what I -- in -- if you wanna frankness whispering doesn't work now they can't understand if we can in the standings and we've got no outsource side knew as a car. -- workplace or vacuum however people are listen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The guys don't there. So he said I'm stuck up. Via -- -- hadn't talked to I heard something as beautiful rappers I didn't talk to people like trapper sushi and I just talked to. My friends. You -- and you went around the bar he's it's weird I think -- character -- -- is trying to create a character. That's right dragon yeah how about next time you just talk. Maybe we sound English. Parent and start by Al got knocked out you don't talk to your offense got knocked. He stuck up that Steve. And outlaw all know it's not. Yeah yeah he doesn't. Did you do it around people that makes me. From -- -- -- -- main body doesn't all over the place he's he's he's done that we've been on an interview with the British people most people do the British accent like it's like almost like I know somebody that. I play music with. That does that all the time to not turn it off pull a lot McCain and that's what this final -- and the whole time like I get the joke. Enough for -- -- in the governance thing I always thought that was like blazing saddles has -- you know I I think jobs and analyze I really just think it's what that it's that it's that would stereotype British people as well -- governor's well let's take a -- stuff like that. And so again it's just it's just that Kynan. Go to if you don't know how to do an act saying Scott and asked about addresses I think you're Benny and I don't usually do it but I McCarthy whisper a man over there to try it out there was for 2000. -- think about everybody else is trying to listen I know this is very stack up with me. And -- talked to you had a -- sushi. Old. Shots fired two shots fired yes we thought oh boy there was little opera just hard because long. It was -- the bar so we didn't know who were listeners and who wasn't especially first got there I didn't know who was here tonight and I'm not somebody that's gonna walk up to somebody and be like hey. So our -- neck and get yeah I was -- I did I thought that I was useful to do that's why god knows where he caught up as well I think there are lessons learned and I could add an event. Yeah I know Michael how are you why you smiling and shaking my hand that so I had I don't take anything for granted anymore I don't yeah Nextel would do something we probably -- that I make it like intact its name tags are great idea. And somewhere where it's just us where there is not a single other person that could accidentally be in that environment or it's just the -- -- party where everyone has to Wear their -- -- shirts or go to -- -- -- -- over twelve. At least I could. I got off to a thirteen year old at the eleven year old Jennifer. She outlaw got knocked yeah. -- -- laser tag at the that was worse than bad name because I don't want. I was gonna voicemail. What's -- -- chests and saying. All that produce as we must not work because as well Michael and there. And -- and I'd leave another message. Had a blast if you go -- I mean everybody and I mean and and Titanic fusion. I'm reminder to -- you meteors in the early on this show. Yeah sold in the -- this who might call her so much better. Didn't work until you get this. Have they -- with smelly on the self focused did a few drinks and choose having some fun and so general investor call oh yeah now. Say that that did not happen. We never got a drunk guy but I the last thing on analysts and through some woman that's way too drunk I'm not gonna have any possibility of having sex. How I'm just kidding -- -- Wilson was so thick that crap. Can we not -- get to his voice he must have sent his voice he left a voicemail the day that we did all right TP casts and by that point every night. Imported on to our flash drive so I didn't notice it so. Without further ado here is the next voicemail which is half -- The week before so let's hear it now what he is talking about it -- yes. Or throw it out silence. It's SA. -- not out of the last fair use as. I can't port for the next form. Also a reminder. -- Your -- so very happier. -- -- -- -- -- he brought -- He got these firebird -- you know -- -- anyway. Or chat today. To order though you are wrecked out -- out are you where. I think it was a little bit better. Yeah I could see why would I like I some -- bitch more high energy there with that we'll have -- I'm glad that really give huge double shot of yourself double shot at -- is a great guy. He had some funny stories of him partying wearing a guerrilla outfit to get in almost arrested -- style with a guerrilla outfit on in New Orleans who I believe was in New Orleans or New York. I don't know this is producer norm in new York and I forget I'm very forgetful -- again and his voice -- Lou. -- do. That and look I mean you can't park bench Chad and you know there's you know and in the Super Bowl. And remembered. The tell. Written and it goes so it's better checking and. Time I hear constant violence. I think it's too late in this podcaster leader who hesitated at. It I think the our fans are over now at a super boring says. -- we'll have -- let's move on I think that's all right -- lawnmower. But luckily. I hope it's I -- said no well all right -- I appreciate your honesty let's see what happens. Data BP gas to break it. So a couple of weeks ago I was in Europe did -- -- and -- -- girlfriend at the capitol today and this Gary peacock and throws we wait in line for. Pretty good five minutes is not whether those -- of people there. And spewed just -- or girlfriend. And I'm -- I look at Europe -- -- these prices and figure out like where perhaps it is what you think crossing and at all. I didn't think he'd be -- just like the so. Want to cut right in front of us but sure enough he orders and actually thought about. No one the only via ftp. I don't -- on yeah its ability. You know like a reservation equipment because were not cool so steep -- that thing up like this you recently. In confrontation how -- like this day. That I was wondering how long I was gonna go 56 seconds he had a counter something. And that's an edited himself very well that's impressive yeah there's no -- -- -- -- these -- -- and he's psyched when he comes up on 55 inches gets the question let me thank some of a bit. I appreciate that you know I haven't had any confrontation stories in a while. On the last time something like that happened where we went to -- -- I can't remember which play it was sounds off but I American idiot or -- when those shows. When a woman just walk up from the bathroom did not realize there's a lot -- says -- you realizable long line behind -- to get a drink and she -- right in front of us an arms like. Yeah finally and at that point -- -- like -- she's not moving its own cut in front of her and she got -- yet if I remember. This allotment -- in my memory is not that great but they -- Everything she was being hypocritical that's -- -- -- like like you should have anything to talk about you just cut in front of us like he didn't. Did you just got called on the edge right in. So. Man there's nothing worse in -- Carter. Look we all want to be -- I feel awful even being a line cutter when my friends are way up front yeah they -- night. To come appeared to come up here Mike. I can't now yet at that point it is no way -- I -- you walked up act like it's less due she. You have almost like it's like status -- like I already knew they were there -- played often they were just waiting in line like holding the place for your you know drop in the and I respect that I -- people do that in front of me where it's like. And you guys are yeah they're priced playing us anyway but you know what good at least they're going through the motion -- at. I could be that person went to with a couple other -- don't look at you're just that -- -- that point button that's just me I have issues with people that cut lines I think it's it goes back to my younger years did you -- -- when you re a pretzel incident. There really -- covers as yesterday on the mountain trails. You get cut off to a manager it was a really me we are trying to pass a big. It was kind of like one of the expedition things yeah -- like 2030 people out there right. So we're trying to cut around them like expose go to the right will come on the last -- pass on the lap and they wouldn't let us. -- around them. I have no idea is that -- -- I don't know and then we're talking up to they are young and they certainly the gathered kinda show off to the girls that -- -- -- -- -- dating site like thing like great expectations on a hundred and whatever was rated ventures. And so about an hour of that on the trails and we finally get off of his late and where were hanging out and I didn't know that there was such thing -- slate trail etiquette. So this big group comes up to us and we've got our spot -- -- -- on the lake and and the lady in our group just turns around to these 2030 people on Cisco's you do know there's such thing -- trail etiquette I. And the like while he goes Nixon -- we've already called this spot. You guys have to move on you guys cannot stay here. If if this if there's -- somebody here kind of makes sense -- who -- to look -- camp dedicates the same thing if you if you -- down somewhere you -- nozzle posted up right next the exact. In houses there's such at thing me neither I mean -- better kowananakoa. Well I just learned something which she goes without a little peer through -- ago will you asserted yourself and your stance a warrior that. But I would not have messed with you hope. I don't know there's a way to -- approach that Arab and a polite manner and I think it's he's trying to say he news. I do break these -- you -- visiting poetry and it would just blasted off at that point or -- -- -- -- BBC RT yeah yeah it's still like educating them about patronizing them yeah I think even if you -- that coming for a very friendly place. I think private -- handle is that is the best way that's -- now I told but it's electricity even asking us. With a come off of the bits and yes. Yeah but you know -- there's no real good way around what just happened you gave them all the information they needed and they move on you needed to be a -- -- they wouldn't killer by. -- -- -- -- Talk -- a lesson on -- exciting so now we're into it yeah exactly -- -- stuff. -- -- solve our voicemails -- will hold onto these. The zones party yet rapist who now are thought it was the chair I as far as like for you sound -- -- propellant system get that plane off the ground -- the parliament on the I'm glad you didn't. I'd hope we're gonna yet. Have to get that -- was good except I -- your voicemail I read some of the text messages it's next week so sorry for all you -- out there blame Iran have you decided to offer us out of this room. Bad thanks everyone if you opposite hi to us that Doug Benson not god -- movies yeah patasse taping that was a blast again that will be available Doug -- movie dot com iTunes. It's up pay one because the tournament champions but it's worth a couple of bucks because at the end of the -- -- -- Dog as an epic meltdown it's so awesome. Did -- where he storms off -- just days. I still order -- moment and it's hilarious. Thanks to -- -- C as always you did not disappoint. They've got seven locations coming content states in Puyallup violate Bremerton and Tacoma and now north brand. Find him on FaceBook that they have other great deals. Yeah man she got. Don't -- that are good but the second time that I now. French -- that though they -- all drivers CC seven locations find out more attractive sushi dot net. Good luck talked -- neighbor for you Brad modern day comes -- the producer. Stay positive and socket -- days.