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STP-Cast 03-19-13 -- Andrew Wood died today in 1990 so we play a few Mother Love Bone songs.

Mar 19, 2013|

Steve the Producer, Topshelf, Mono Nick and Rev welcome our guest Ronnie in on the podcast. STP talks about going to Trappers for takeout. Stp wants to go to Trappers with all of us. Steve reviews Rumble on the Ridge last weekend. We play audio of the fans cheering at the MMA fights because it ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey Steve the British are my fear facing SEC's trapped precision iron. The first time donors a few years back -- location my wife and I met I was -- -- My friends and always raving about -- -- got to try there's Suu Kyi secular we got there I love the vibe in that place established. Was friendly and since then I've been there more times and I can count among the closer look at -- if you obligation to. Right from my house and I ordered a marvelous role. The ten -- well tragic friendly and that's how they've rolled Travers CC five locations find out more -- -- sushi dot net that's driver sushi dot net. -- if you're out of order a little -- meticulous -- there are humans and -- -- automobile. I think it's about honesty and if you didn't know what. Wrestling show in the country so -- message exactly I don't know what went and listened to. Okay. It's -- and her brother yeah. C radio -- while far you don't do atop the American character. Looks now it's. Plus plus plus plus good. The. It's. Yes he's a gas appliance is the producer here is my friend. Semi -- partner -- tough sell I'll. We have the revenues weigh on our solve. And everybody is to remind our net yield plus we got an insidious and our body Ronnie here and not what's going on -- how you doing good aerial thanks to CNN they agreements. -- -- Graham I -- otherwise it's our goal we are taught herself with her Amal. Video -- everything off when detractors sushi spot because there are -- sponsor of the ES TP jazz and boy do I love those guys had some drivers sushi over the weekend. Hey -- -- historic. So clearly had a new STP role now so I had is not officially available to purchase like this on their menu yet. I won't be until April 1 sight when I April fools' day are there for our money and jokes on you not army medicine -- jet there's who's going to be there or what they're doing -- people that go into trappers. Day every day -- they've been giving people samples of it I don't know how that all works if you disaster and they make it authorities say very new role these guys have in new releases have it sitting out waiting for -- ready for yeah yeah right so. I heard about that and in fact one guy he's -- tough one though our guy he tweeting me a picture of of the role in the role looks delicious and I -- that was really cool even night Andrew he treated me so they just tried your -- sushi roll. Holy how your role is big. And delicious huh I just I mean endless supply of jokes are there had enough fun like we've won it all went down like -- even on the other day and the morning show when -- -- to be yeah I'd want him to go down there and seek to be my role. At the book on paper and I didn't realize how awesome this is going to be yeah yeah I comes at the amount your asking people to try your role as a ten year old. Spam -- and suck down -- all. It's awesome I almost feel we enemy T shirts they could really an SEP cast party at trapper CC sabathia -- easier. Very my goodness you want to see here that out because we got to make that work. And guy and he certainly is out -- they could take as while -- New York you trappers and then we drive to federal way. And -- topping -- drivers since his on his way home and we'll go get will he will go play some later takes we can drop a couple of visa burn some calories that's very -- get -- up and Acer maybe a shirt that says have you tried my role. And then on the back as easy -- is brilliant I let me also -- -- -- -- anyways -- saw and I Saturday I am I'm sorry Sunday night. I sit in my life might I really think I need to try to EST two year old. Because everybody's having hit a Middle East region in these days of -- is getting emails from people that have been enjoying the ST two year old she -- -- -- for the always she says you know what so make an exception for me -- still need my role. Not all of it was so this -- the tip of it and none -- that's an awful again. So -- -- roll my one piece of the roll right you know she says she's won a breaker rule. A being of the info that -- love right there if you ask me how does -- -- put me -- what's love got to do that it's been over a year has it -- her but you know what she realizes that this is important and I mean I'm genuinely. Deep doubt about this like I honest I would be too. This is probably -- -- and I'll tell us. And the list of things that are very cool about what I'm gonna do because my job just tops the list really dad's here. Every time he goes and lovely as usual our damages as CB year old insists on them I don't know man I got. I have a -- through mid -- These awesome it is I do there every day I want. You do I've been craving sushi today so bad. So anyways. I'm like on some LA hey we should go connection really try to roll while she thought that what I said we -- have sharper is that we have had to go. Is most -- you to go that would get hang out my mind. Why he's got serious separation anxiety from either -- so I suspect I if we don't have to leave the house. We don't make only we only handouts on -- should feel like get together yeah I am work but it's like if it's dinner. Every few minutes ago we get it to go that's -- that's have you Williamson your drivers are much like -- go on myself. I'm getting it to go and I always run into people as I'm getting you to go 'cause there waiting for -- table -- -- their table so are while his order to go. Man it felt so awkward joke that I call up and I'm like I'm a -- get the real -- -- -- me on some of that steep -- goes on on the menu. And yeah I think you're -- unfair as you crazy specialists not even on -- -- to go guys bright color of important of course I'm gonna try and so I called a mob and I can't ever Susie rather -- Now I have -- might ordering and also I hear there's this mural on EST zero brassiere. I don't know how to approach this does sound like a smarmy and all we like so you've got his role -- -- named after me -- also not out yet but I mean it's -- VS DP the S and ES TP today. I would like Cairo police so I I call my hey I don't know. I they had he had -- called the ST you're acting like as if I don't know for sure how helpful I've been dreaming about this free general. For years now and it's finally come to fruition almost and so there ladies his -- all sorry that something that we would offer as a sample. If you come to rest trying to keep it's not in our computer systems I can't bringing up. Well okay that's fine -- good dog at the marvelous role cause I'm noticing that as -- -- makes the marvelous role on steroids. Like it's got the tempura shrimp just a marvelous it's got that either that dude did. The garlic cilantro sauce. Culture in just a -- in the marvelous rose to the avocado but that is got like. I'm a mass amounts of possibly this on top of -- elusive idea salmon is -- says Scott I think it's got those analysis stuff on duty that the picture it's on my Twitter right to be treated at some point I can find the patient must did you see yet so I saw it OK so off. Allies side looks are pictures of -- -- all of and a lot of people on -- on my blog as well today -- we sort of take on my blog on the BJ -- kissed me I can't tell you can see a picture of my role. Signature to save it to your -- locals will be a long rule or now and roll along raw politics on the way of saying no no we will obviously the first time I was so and -- and I order when I get usually come up my ball while you know. I'm not gonna react out IK well hey this is Steve don't know who you ask don't don't you realize that that's Meyer are all in if I want and I can have it now then it. Some like OK well no big deal and -- my name after tape beating my order and and if I wasn't gonna change my name is. I like how one of them would do -- -- and -- tell -- I don't Soledad lose -- it's like trying to eat his own role like you know and you probably hey Gerry can do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you just roll right out payroll as TP year old argued like so I'm -- of this show and welcome my pleasure talking about it as they are two restaurants stakeouts. -- -- What does that guy he's a restaurant tour can't not -- -- will leave. Debt devers a -- -- big time restaurant guy Dion. Bob on the East Coast Padilla who whose show is all about is that they sort of secret cameras -- -- and guys. Owns a restaurant and he's not had you have a customer service -- house staff is yeah it's sort of a secret cameras and they watch -- how the staff works when the manager or when the boss is not -- so it's kind of like that Gordon Ramsey show -- of them are bar rescues a lot of those kind of underground bars undercover boss. It's it's interesting go to watch how people are just completely numb skulls when there boss is not around anything they get away with stuff but this guy's got power makes you. Do you sucked into the got Allen's whatever rest raising you gotta have this kind of clout when you call. Everything stops for you because you're the owner didn't watch -- show you exactly what I'm talking about and he calls his restaurant in New York just pace Willie. And then the lady does seem to see how you doing -- -- we have six people at the bar we got ten people in the restaurant so far were up about 10% on this and we sold this many things cannot -- all the things that are going on at the restaurant at that moment because you don't want no small talk he wants to know right -- -- easy all right talk to you later thanks Willie Hines of the -- Mike. That's bad ass that is she he said I always say I give I ever owned a restaurant I'll make -- people watched that show Mike this is what's going down. -- -- you're willing to -- canal right Lilly's own anyway bulls Rihanna plants of the after April. For -- right around April. Two thirds of all let's go down and LBJ wants to check it out as long -- has really can station owner I guess that was big it's got rooms got a bar top -- yeah so recent use of a driver. Oh yes and elitist and then we just check out our nightmare I think we should pledge during an all you can -- And really show them what's up how much we can -- And I know I can be a -- how matter how many of my roles as possible. So what are your roles in my Mao saw a long roll yes he is like what six pieces securely anywhere between six to -- that I am I think god how many long roles do you think you could be a lot on that you're on a mission so cause she's. -- why do you for sure for dinner okay I always have -- this is my dinner on on sat Sunday was. I had a marvelous role. I had the -- role ever since they came in and had a disaster those holes a day on with the crazy crab on the top and it. Man I love that one that -- menu favorites at the mountain and I had a marvelous. -- and I try to take it easy this amusing EF five orders of the salmon like gearing. Foreign meg hearing again and I dearly and he read them as I say -- -- I only got three orders of size at six pieces snowman here saving yourself and you're not on top of the roll song. You know why don't beat him on top -- home now for. I do yeah I love CC if it means that I am at the point of like just exploding fall so be it it's worth it. But I think that's a power now for roles for -- DM news kgo with two yeah. And in that he had -- at a moment. Yeah mom ideally some of those things around me. Look at teriyaki. No no no no no yucky sober Nunn amendment no the year ago period nuggets of goodness and that -- there. Children how Lois audience in -- employee after I turn your chicken nuggets I mean when it loses I want on it and a -- there's some seizures come on -- path we're trying to change you -- you know. Talk a little little yeah -- didn't I missed the show in the came in I made -- wanted to Sadr and rob -- right away I learned at I should be jumping into the fire and let's move on my prayers are so excited from the try -- news good -- -- -- -- different yeah I didn't dislike it it was just different giving them. Text area you uses texture inviting in the. Cold meat yeah but it may be easy if you do -- you enjoy that moment he would just melts in your mouth. Like but up one day Monday one day when they were gonna make it happen to throw a narrator so anyways you know what the plan that in the near future and LBJ wants to take it out as well but I -- -- keep going DS TP test because you know there's a lot of stuff going on how we had a -- -- -- meet the -- party on -- talk a little bit about that -- before I get to that on Saturday night I went to rumble on the raids colonize any the first two tracks on this -- -- just I'll just. Foreshadowing that we have some idea. And it was great time I was a little nervous because you know you go to these and it's a big MMA fights and mobile OMA action lot of fun. Just so happened the timing was crazy because on the same night it was a USC fight. Oh yes you know what did she doesn't feel -- IDS -- Diaz I'm thinking our -- disguises huge dent into the he is someone there is always either sells out -- -- almost fully -- DF some think him and this might not be one of the better ones is because of that. So talking to Wendy whose husband Joseph we know Joseph who you know back in the third on T town Dave -- yeah I don't worry. Great guy actually imminent I would sharing stories because both of our women are now be in and -- series of what I'm not listening that we like to enjoy the -- thank -- Teresa from top foods it's not a real leader right. So anyways I NC this economic case outside going to be using -- let me know -- always -- sold out on right now I ad that says that that's that's that's a huge feather in their -- -- you can sell out -- on the -- on the night of a huge pay per -- clear I think personally so there -- some great -- -- a heavyweight fight that happened earlier in the match. These guys you don't straight up hay makers DJ is going to. Make a street fight. But then there was a chick -- And I was so excited about the chick fight because of my -- this is going to be great because you know you get two ladies -- and had it. No I mean the USC right now is getting a lot of Bob publicity because of their high desert site we'll start to do and now rowdy runs -- sea and then now what's her face semi should taste from around here hold -- -- get -- -- I regret to work on that because -- -- -- Mars ever gonna come on on our -- right so. -- meant to keep working on something else to maybe get me should take. Although there's a quick side note I hate to go tension on you guys are powerful winds that guy who sings thrift shop yeah -- menopause so yes. Priority and mark -- that guy he is telling that not nearly as -- as me. Topic -- be on ES -- -- next week it looks like a -- doesn't mean this week yeah. The world is embracing that more so in the world is also embracing one stance is awesome just got a bad place to me man I don't know Mazar -- that connect personally. But is based on. Do you know what I read about him how he acts on Twitter how he handles people that are being -- stamp. He's real positive I think he's gonna sit in real good with the podcast and -- that was his time his. He's his manager Kim who we put me in contact with -- all started on Twitter. A guy between him see now I was figuring guys and I'm so sorry Fred I forgot but he treated them. And and Matt and ones we -- today get with this person and shared there on it and then she can respond by saying look to make it happen to him -- may see you know this organic thing worked out so maybe it could happen -- -- -- you never now you may know on. Well I think they didn't talk every once in awhile it just maybe not much credit I think they've run into each other serious talk in -- What are we have -- -- -- I don't have Troy dollars in my pocket at the so anyways want to be on the -- in fact we're off on Monday Tuesday Wednesday next week I'm coming in now coming in for wind it's worth it. That's I say okay -- so anyways of the female I was there's a woman named Priscilla -- -- was her first fight. As -- gun along many of genome is -- I'm Gina oddly enough and I'm really -- for her because she came out to back homers and we danced -- cool and I'll make all right we got it good you're rooting for people based on the song I. Because somebody will come -- I don't worse like video game techno sounding music there is other all that stuff yes you're as otherwise it's stupid okay she's. So anyways so already I'm rooting for -- because she's got great taste in music -- Everybody behind as a whole section. It's all about Priscilla the girl. We're aware of Priscilla let's throw up or persona -- they kept calling her either -- okay I was like don't make a -- names for not notice I don't like that -- -- look tough man -- -- -- she seem like the tougher of the two but. Geno worked dirt like communism. It was kind of a not -- Macs but it was a tactical and a lot of grabbed Maine yeah they really get like a full on tonight you know you cannot hope for a cat fight. Are into that wants just because I don't and I Larry I know it didn't happen don't outweigh so anyways. As the fight went on though we became more more -- would Gina because if you behind us are driving us crazy. They just kept cheering and cheering and cheering on -- but there. You know I basically job being armchair or so backseat coaches all of us can constantly trying to -- you're on a teller what to do -- Mike. Com ticker right -- all this do that -- for -- For round three rounds of the night this went the distance three rounds -- just nonstop. Coaching track behind a desk and didn't know anything more or less and anybody in the -- in the stands. But it never once -- -- -- an MMA fighters say hi it was a keys to you winning tonight all I heard some guy yelling to kick him in the face and -- dead. I want to introduce -- I mean that's what I do know it's boxing. Probably gives delta TV I'm nerves in boxing lives alone and rumbled through literally there fighting we expect him to kick in currencies other high nobody get in there you I -- that stuff -- okay wanna play you some of the -- notre car has audio others see New York watch. A Center City doesn't work well. I don't see no -- announcements during. Other ones where soldiers CB enough our man I gotta run and you see them so -- man net not at all this happened. Stalling and I know I finally got around you. Do should hygiene and the CO burn another long because -- a lot of crap on there. Do you do to your access and I know all of the team tracks. Yeah how do you see a man I saw the end but such -- -- you know what a pitch man all right we'll talk amongst yourself stuck there how does it take to avert a seedy photos on your second so you're and. Very long time. -- kinda cool because -- -- and I'm told it's fifty every iron sheik right now just says and respect the legend and like to legend on FaceBook otherwise go F yourself forever. Not just -- she people that doesn't sound like somebody that I wanna like on FaceBook he's cool. Not if I have to like him more he says ask me forever well he says that he says that'll only Meg Ryan says take me to better -- me forever. Really tell normally she says normally she says that's the. Normally come with the other -- created after the Tuesday so that's pretty cool looks. The another kind she that we all feel he said if I'm just got to work hard cardinal series goes serious it's our job. I am -- a little bit and are also. That's really weird on the bottom -- so maybe just in -- right all right well without further ado let's see how this works desserts are good for cleaning up more than one thing while. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Finally I was -- -- -- because it dawned on me a lot of guys don't appreciate the -- I've come here and -- at a higher level and they could. Always I know -- -- -- -- and that's why you're agreement Tony Wragge allegedly gave his memory hasn't reviewed console that -- I know where's. Who are -- out listen to -- and so while this is all the yelling going on behind us and I'm telling you like for three minutes he -- this is not solve. My body to your ray -- went to the fights with. People on his cellphone started recording -- it's only an audio semi -- off. Here's one of the clips of options. There's still as friends just non stop yelling. It's. -- Coalition -- -- the presumably this is bothering you Steve this is what people do you not hear anyone else young link the disease to hear that in fact the entire idea I have something you kinda do -- and I can tell you got -- -- one. It and then maybe it won't be -- helicopter -- an -- half hour. The month people all news. There -- using this. Others. It's okay. It's. Oh yeah. Lucy yes sir do you take your Manning and. Yeah. My sisters. And -- she's in new attitude. And I'm OK I get what you say they lose a guy out -- this is I mean literally. Non stop and another girl is screaming do you can hear that he blew our voice out there. May god reveal what he said that he doesn't want a bang every guy you like me can -- he's our voice and it's like yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I carry on all -- or yelling and screaming Melanie says non stop to same thing over and or for fifteen minutes. The -- does sometimes because they don't listen you know yeah. And not -- what are your top shelf to their catalogs and the best part is. I'm watching the closest approach isn't saying a single -- multi week -- like golf -- -- -- -- -- -- -- already has broad Cynthia. It's not a new -- -- The worst part was there were three fights where the and the Jim did you -- and -- -- good good good good team of fighters dead trained they came from a gym knows based out of Alan berg tells you got to imagine that here they -- and had a chance at times and a lot of people. It's a lot of good exposure to a great event great -- college campus Kosovo say. -- you are you made a couple hour drive to go yes go fight. All three of the people that are from that Jim lost ball now I can think is thank genocide after the July so I I was hoping the third would lose as well because. You know they -- -- that guy gal all right back if you want and the other is that's a very quiet the drive back you write a song about it's I can't believe almost lost him we like quick losses or were they were pretty decisive whom you're kind of out of their league I think he might be like. Doing well and Allen's very -- apparently. And they kept fighting the CD they. It just so happened that they were fighting people that -- from this is another gem but they were all from Matt gem that's all right rivalry started story oh that's. And -- just come back as well as you come back to -- Sony I did when he yelled at least once us. Was there -- Johnny Elway and get a body bag -- yeah he's just he's musically you know there's never Johnny unit that are very few minutes. Well not soft. Susan I know every time UCLA knowing it was goes focus on those deals Korea absolutely -- reliance steel was a lucky and advertisers it's it's a tough woman home. You guys you were there you would understand that everyone in our section was -- say I feel you all right thankfully somebody has a brain in this room. Do you whether it is not mine and and I -- -- uneasy time so it's okay next time you guys go somewhere you excited to be honest MEI Yu CLX. Hello all yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These -- today do their job and figured out -- a very good thing you can do yeah. I. I don't know is it. Do we go to -- know our own leg really hasn't room please 00 yeah Brad when a child in America when you -- to dazzling you always do nasty announcer just always -- -- -- -- are. And I'm down for that is these are. I'd be pretty sweet actually I ain't. Never usually occur at its promo. Humble instead of falls. Crumpled. Yeah crumpled yes you know what I mean I don't you man. I'm missing -- car and all right and hope it doesn't crumble I mean I would like to talk about the rock girl party -- afraid that CDs that you're -- also -- IC has done an orderly has sound fine you know just because I -- -- -- escalated its -- and -- now we don't need that anymore. I'll get another C a second but I do have to say I got to go to -- horse tavern Monica you know you know Leo somebody best pretzels known to man soft pretzels itself a bar in south lake union. -- south lake union is popping these days it's -- got a towels. They guy open. Towels the CAL lasts it's it's great restaurant dude they're bloody marys there are they having really cool well look good but -- a -- -- this morning can station -- that we didn't already on nine and it's gonna Cal's next ankle and part of everyday. That's right and only part of Merrill today tells the blaze the -- your table yes OK okay and their bloody Mary. Has a grilled cheese sandwich attached to the glass is always doing it though it's an -- you'll need it so good. Similar to this one lets guys know that happen -- -- -- cheese -- some tough and it's more than I -- I put it like in like thereof caused -- like amendment on Obama's -- otherwise I -- there was like -- you stick with the -- -- the boat -- is against in the -- -- the glass so it -- -- like a little bridge and the gals on the inside and then a grilled cheese sandwich on the outside so -- unsolicited and premiered during -- -- no idea man and doesn't like -- from -- she's. Hole and didn't so I go there and another one of my buddies I. Haven't seen over fifteen years you know he's one -- my fraternity Brothers are sigma phi -- seeing some light -- And got so I've -- he lives in Austin now he was in town for some kind of a work conventions. It's so funny he's a guy are -- -- moment where you standings again -- -- -- -- -- Dutch embassy suites and using cow genome because that's the only -- can tell that. Somewhat business related. They would do it they otherwise got motels everywhere. So yeah I understand everybody we met up there are so you know we have a good dinner were reminiscing -- great stories shared with me great story retirement at a house party after I graduated they decided in the middle of winter to have a beach party. They had two tons of sand brought to the house cheese stands and laid all over the floor. Any inside and they just partied in bikinis and my good -- and end board shorts -- sorority -- and it was after he was running greatest parties and had pledged that the time so. The next morning when they woke up all the sand was gone beautiful yeah. -- put you in other words are maids in the world of fraternity life when you haven't. So this is a good night every -- food's great -- great -- get -- you leave saw Mike I'll be the guy. That does the check comes and grabs Jack given the current credit card and the lady goes on his way are on his way on our way and she's she's very gender confused. And -- the he then goes all man out of -- that might not as I treat your year. I think it's a right -- welcome you into my home kind of -- your value as I was gonna expand -- towel. So hard and fast. -- tell her that kind of present that violate I don't know the protocol is easy Canada's look at this is like. How expensive to get your car -- but ought to be Baghdad as they -- -- he -- I value that bush that's. I. Green -- he's saying how expensive nobody has to pay for a guy you don't have to be a bigger man and car was gone serious -- -- -- Right at that point and I look like a jump on the day would schmuck if you're not getting -- all or did you just cheap and stammer I I'm now I know I thought you have -- I think your best. And anyone on this I guess is gonna -- -- a hard time it's going to be their as a man said the other day I was out looking up -- news stories very you know -- do the -- your friend BJ Shea morning strains and so you know I know is that crazy that is -- and put together a sentence but yet somehow doing news reports. So -- let -- get my news stories and what I usually do is when I wake up in the morning as a either brushing my teeth are. Then -- allowed to go. Nadia mom iPhone and I'm reading stories and I'm like coma showing on my stories from my Como. My northwest Cairo. Q thirteen -- outside the -- to all the local newspapers and news based sites. So I come across historian coma on global force website -- -- our comp. And I'm like oh man here's my story and here's my main tease them always looking for story anchor also -- That as part of the comic I wanna -- and that's kind of entertaining I hate doing teases and like bomber stories doesn't make who's gonna sit around to a commercial break to get depressed yet. So I find one as like this is great this was the actual headline. Posing as fat cat woman squatted in mini mansions. Updated while this is great so -- I had a really big in the tees why now what a woman decide to pretend to be a fat cat. Steve Alitalia hub at 617. Different so I added -- -- rim now go do my new series to highlight stuff. -- pretended to be a sad cat that's just the setting. Half I don't ever knew that -- and -- yeah well that means getting someone as well to do someone -- race that's I totally got that I didn't imagine that she was dressing up like a -- -- -- -- I had him I had. Oh my god zero -- to -- -- fat cat and every dog coming out of our whole series radar really allowed me owl and now I'm scared people off I created this awesome news story in my head. Now wasn't anything like it I was so mad good news is I had an outcome when a new tees and I don't want to do this story is pretty -- yeah. And I even at one point in the post for page story and I'm like she's the best Powell now do you do all these other things as well like she's gay people as you squad -- that so I actually did control ass and I didn't fat cat. The C weren mystery of the -- sat cat in their minds and said in the headline didn't totally I was in a bad mood after that I. -- -- that puts you in a bad news yesterday actually it was I was so excited about the stories face an earlier really jacked about the story today I'd like. Pregnant woman and breaking in houses also I've gotten myself I have minds can. The man I was pissed off. Yeah I don't know notice that the chemistry away from the isn't depressing stuff at least for the teases I'm trying to trick them lose in general I've been. -- more of a conscious effort to just completely Dix -- Unless accident assists so over the top crazy like the story of the guy who on. He killed his wife I hated talking about the strain anyway but he killed his wife and then called call forfeit assets that are posted on FaceBook and Mike. Oh draw people and then the other story and as resonate. Didn't really wanna do it I thought I should just because I think people should know that don't be stupid and drink and drive especially not now. Visionary -- Prejean -- but if there's ever. A time where you actually should not as -- of two children in the car and one kid unfortunately dive I hate reading these stories because it's like. It is just as a punch so this comic and an in my opinion and maybe have a different view on knees maybe you guys have there's a way of looking at it. Ice heat being at home I was a kid what in my mama has to watch 11 o'clock news because there's no Internet to get you -- -- so. We would sit there and the newscast to be every straight person died person murdered person shot distaff MM -- for every story all you do is. And shake their heads. Their psyche and AM was -- the story in being an enormous amount make enough nerve. Now I do -- -- -- are we watching news and -- -- a bomber straight up the remark while I say what are you doing. How many I knew -- hormone -- not that I had no choice it was is I was brought up that way. But so like I just don't see what but what is the end result of us knowing these stories other than the fact that now we know and we can talk about a missed work. And I'm impressed right. So I'm gonna find a story that people are gonna wanna talk about -- work -- the least they can do is -- history it's somewhat entertaining Corley somewhat interesting otherwise. Think what what does that do for -- and it's driving into work why do you need to know that somebody was killed maybe they're about to do the same thing. -- -- thanks nick I don't know -- so. I am I don't know if you -- I'm -- -- there. I thought that's my my point that -- -- or you're hurting my point my point is I don't wanna do those stories right some -- do the good stuff so -- although I think about that when they hear it feel like this I just we decided today. You know normally there's guidelines -- are round -- way it's always on as I really bothered by top -- in my head right now. I don't know because I don't those are gonna drove on this thing because we didn't get on the bandwagon again on the court yeah behind in all there are -- they're just nice of their fat cats so. I thought I don't know I don't watch any news anymore or because remember resume minutes. It's a sad sad sad sad and -- do you do the public story you still had 29 every hour on a thirty minute podcast her -- asked. They hey we're gonna bum you out and there's a happy story to make you feel better about this -- is it a crack we did and and give you an awesome dessert there's a little spoonful. My -- wife's folks who come over him and you know -- on -- time to -- your return on the news of her distraught and some BS nothing TV Woodson is what I prefer right. And -- -- -- can't military and on and all remember every single time wise I don't watch the news is that flies a car accident us we. I like like you said why do I need to know this I don't know there's no reason to know any of the stuff the only news I get is your news -- -- half. Because I said that's sad and -- I that's awesome we have comes as -- say they don't news he usually gets -- nowadays the newscast tonight give up so I kind of like knowing that these people are given somewhat young not had their funny. But at least so like what that held kind of stories and nobody for the most part are trying to do too many stories about people being killed -- one time I was doing through the Friday in area wearing conspiracy epic Friday and I'm doing this news story since a person -- person -- person shot now Mike. Obama and myself are now hot off. It's Dennis downs and Dan Lewis do this crap. You know day in day out that's lessons on my sports part of my newscast which its -- thirty seconds. According night when we try to strategize how we do our news and sports was he really quick tends to go longer than the actual news -- -- something mentally you can -- blowing our people they don't remember that they you know he's a member of the sports and not the terrible stuff right I mean it's. Yeah I I find a lot more fun in telling a story about Robert Swift who's the swift who is being a squatter and a refused to leave our house. Then a story about someone who got hit by a car and is in in critical condition -- person and an eminent person Newman ran Indiana Jones like. So I. But now now I -- -- sounds about right society it's terrible dude I read -- and that doesn't mean no I don't see these stories to zero filtering through bunch of crap I -- using you know I saw about thirty new stories a day. And I get to three of them -- how much newscasts like grab some customers do traditional I know but I don't want to know Ali steal it and see it and then then it's another hour in front a -- how important to be a at my house I got to do a little bit of pre -- And I recently stories and ninety kind of Katrina crappy ass mood I come cycles. I just sucks you know beyond and then you -- and it's funny any I'll get is why I love this city you know they just stupid stories into. It was like yeah I like sex scandals like that the starter with a cop. Even though suns won for her ex I enjoy good sex scandal -- telling her about his penis like that's. Soledad I'm. Who's really hurting. That's -- somebody on his motorcycle -- yeah exactly. On the Arabian government get that CD in. Our fast talking more amongst ourselves focused to see where that. It has grown your questions all right crowning. Hello. Question America has so -- you're from Arizona to -- that they -- from here and you just moved to Arizona. Oh yeah yeah. Now -- into a lot of things this is fun do you watch the nightly news. Now -- -- I don't know why do I still do every day -- I'll watch -- and -- so miserable around my -- they're ranked. -- -- -- scary -- -- you're you're the old person on this show foreseen Lehman Vijay you watch the news and you've watched jeopardy I do you watch jeopardy almost every day we're all fortunate really important period. I did not I had hit six when my girlfriend got him you have the same socialite was my grandma. And well. So. Saying things wrong with Al yeah now we'll monitor right back where no one -- a TV against four in my own computer games might make -- watching murder -- just like I did a lot of really wrong with it's a great show. Artists are about the -- party could I admit did you lose today and we'll get to a command -- strategy behind it but it's -- yeah that's how I. Not in my head this morning fans that we're thinking about all the rock girls which -- like to do from time -- time it's. I think we can do like a March Madness with our rock girls where all of us we kind of pulled together and we create. Battles and we vote on who we think would win. To see who is seats now to -- Rania banners only thirteen of them so we got to figure out how to do the math on on that maybe just give lies you know we have to -- I yeah I think maybe what a couple not to get a body well planned and so we -- -- -- bracket may go to a next week maybe give the returning girls the -- yeah. That's something good idea we'll figure it out I don't know how noble figure it out scares W onboard protests no this is for us -- is it. It's like audio are primarily is I did I would be funny I don't wanna make him tonight where -- you know people are feeling like. My -- and there's you know I was worried about right -- earlier between us symbol mobile figure it out who we think is the ultimate rock drummers video we might need. And reduces to get involved to tie breakers. We had video this could go along in March drawing now okay how we are but I -- says sounds good good I'm watching these -- up on stage in my -- -- -- -- governor that's actually very bats without a Dalmatian then the next homecoming like all man -- an outlet and I know that once mostly in the early haven't won a dramatic at -- he comes out of -- odd man amber off. It's easily in my Chirac girl she's awesome she's cool she's hot and Paul and then then mentioned came out first final -- how can you. Second -- Arab possess and how might all Mansoor is usually ready right pocono. I don't know it's just you guys is that -- back -- -- -- attaches -- side do calcium and police car owners' side yeah and so he was awesome and I'm thinking while she's easily my -- into our man and then I Saro. And then there's exam. I think. And she comes out my golf there's my favorite and then Taylor comes out I mean literally every single girl. Comes out and they're my favorite. Now -- -- this could be interesting to see how how can we decide who's gonna win. And our March Madness bracket between all the rock girls so I think we should try idea maybe next we will try to put together to chart style and an M won't vote and why I love to do should help us out. And we'll figure it off from there so it's going to be good battle to see who is the ultimate rock girl in the eyes of the ES TP cast -- and I don't know. Maybe after that's all said and done we bring that girl when she guest cohost with us 11 day like -- -- which doesn't sound good now they were bring them all and OK okay now he's -- different rock girl should get used to tell us whether a third of -- disaster living over data's coming in just a dying on the cause of death and we ask some questions. Like it's about things sure the one reason why I dots are completely ruled at the meet the rock gro -- it's hopefully -- -- work structuring. -- it's okay well. So realize they come out we get diesel -- cards that are like all about the rock girls out seasonal fourth year as Iraq or are reserved for you there because she's from mad men's and her favorite you know -- now he is is -- whereas Murphy I know whenever says. Just this whole -- bone. I don't want his bone or a girl and do it my all time high because -- you all later this week. OK so you know we have all this information call one about Sharon comes out and JC's drop dead gorgeous I mean she's just hot. And heard things says it does an awesome impressionist -- Bob square -- next on the list cheerleaders all of course I got -- stops on down the whole family Ryan who is playing our music and I stop the music it's time for -- a year and non compete. Just audio off of one of our flip cam so pardon equality and there might be a hall -- behind it we're not sure. Or here's how it all went down. It's. -- It is. So it's so awesome and into the I just chopping her throat as she's doing it cuts us. Earlier hit -- moved royal mall where there are Canadian I saw from the sides are all elements that -- like hit her brood over the hazard should I -- I just. She was like putting your team your mouth nose is it all right and I'm not -- And and again. I hate yourself it's clerics. Behind it -- when that's obvious is like. That hurts commissioner -- that -- -- found out somehow to suggest -- that would be interesting -- -- rock girl was like a training do you have I don't think nobody -- -- figure it out until -- -- -- -- beyond some you know that would be actually pretty bad Allan Selig and Night Shyamalan twisters there. Now being verbal and a dad to meet the rock gold -- -- -- Hansen. Thank you don't know -- I. If you could -- -- now rockaholics you voted for this song. Dom dom dom -- shaped our pediatric. I almost wish that would happen. Hello whose bed we don't elbow rock girls -- -- -- curls and one guy. Brock curled shock has now been I. On the other part of it. -- -- is definitely one of my favorites are there on the I don't know you guys what which one stood out for you but I mean that every single one of them was and Christen. Haley Haley always looks just she's a girl next door super hum really -- the -- I love Chanel she now with a zero OK and just check back here it sees as a saws are for a minute she was cool against a -- Sam. And and jewels our secretary gas -- same tattoo artists as -- -- only after Mitchell very cool it's just nice -- worked on by now she's number one he had it's interesting to see a put Aaron there. -- -- -- Let's but how would -- Sam I haven't seen -- most of the second pictures but then in -- -- -- these girls I mean the picture is doing good job. But in person manned -- are doing justice dinner yes she's she's looks good right there but in person -- site. Smoke in supermodel -- I'm -- -- all these two talked in your room. I only got saga because I was stuck night. Yeah trying to get away and then they were friendly someone why got to talk to them and there's like. I don't know what to say I don't know -- off like your hot Doug's lawyer a song and a variety. A man they were smoking men and -- that Clinton other pictures are on FaceBook. You'll even get to see. My fair part about the pictures on FaceBook from every major where mono -- is in the picture and staring at one of the girls ask. It's a great time I was -- I do makers say -- -- just download the well right at their ass you're blaming no host. He tells of the awed to once I mean you're just peering right through currency corn dog tag. Didn't know area and narrowed but it was my fault I definitely you know you opened the door I did yeah now my dad how can -- -- my -- in the back -- is sorry guys -- -- touchdowns. That one was not myself compared compared to set us or you're out there. The Pope posture. See you back what do you we've got a -- picture we have over there and then I just below hosting all it shows all or are already dead lowered her head yes so that -- he can play at home -- -- is all listed after the breakfast hey dad hey now the actually had to get action that niacin did -- -- never -- the defense. So we go to Buffalo Wild Wings beforehand now and that was awesome first off I wanna say some things OK Vicki is like like she's a temporal anomaly in herself. And you know and temporal and all she's 'cause they just -- role as she is way past. To be -- as hell because you're late you're very like we're very -- it was because a -- -- oh sure there's traffic but there. As soon as I knew we make these plans to go to Buffalo Wild Wings before the rock -- party I -- and I was going to put her employer signs -- Don't be late this time. Because she is -- I mean she's the stereotypical. One gas takes usually what we did not -- the grass backstage -- doing interviews. That was a shallow area I almost killed her now McGowan no where I dot. I actually had a pull myself like I also like slap an order once in awhile when people -- up to a point where things you've done this so many times how you have to man up self. That's some actually had to tell myself don't -- don't fly out to handle MB colder when she comes into the cordial. Because I am Jane we knew that if I went off the -- won -- -- -- millionaire it was I was so mad -- her because she had all -- -- GA video cameras -- all the equipment that we needed she had everything that was necessary for us to pull off these interviews. And here we are and they said salt. I don't the rules and it was a matter of Vietnam if walking papers are you ourselves on and is it there's going to be ready in two minutes. And I look around the wisdom and she's still love -- no where I hear no where she shows up. So why not means Enron in and I ended that point also -- hit me oh Mike there's nothing I can Sarah doesn't make her feel any worse. Where I've -- in those situations I've had people pull me aside night. There's nothing -- -- -- to you don't make you feel worse for what you did so on -- and say anything and you're gonna have to deal with your own guilt. But man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's going to be a cool moment. Doesn't show up yeah does she stuck in traffic again that you're coming from the north than -- going now and the south and it takes time on a Friday -- easily secondarily the and how is -- so here we are we supposed to we have 445 and would you guys -- like 530 it was not 530 was about 510515. I. Use -- The one he had a delay -- also asked. I just I just know that traffic was up pilot crab now of course there was I mean -- yeah from Auburn to Tacoma yeah. It's -- who took me twenty minutes from Puyallup well lucky you. You gotta take an hour drive in no way of seeing more the Tacoma mall like I was sold oh ball just Denver -- -- sauce and part of that problem was is they changed the sixteen interchange there are guys that cluster athlete is in I didn't realize that they had kind of he used to be that you would get on to going to sixteen and the -- would just take the 38 street exit right it was a part of it they're moving maps has an update of the -- and change that now -- so it's two different lanes so I did have. Taking the wrong -- got you and so we ended had a good -- -- coming back around back Jennings added another 510 mr. way -- I know a couple of buddies Armenian Buffalo Wild Wings if you try to show and -- now and they left before me from the ranks. And I beat them there -- how to look to how do you guys want. Your directions specifically say keep right out the -- tomorrow -- know we -- -- -- -- over here yeah it's exactly what happened to you -- -- that's a coal Molly yeah I got to assist the other larger had no DR her -- a guy or yes I did learn grow. That's a good point yeah. And you action I -- if I were you nurseries in the car. I gave you is when you guys showed up -- to be honest like that CNN senior woman bailouts fine they look like happy go lucky hey we're here in lake where here you guys here let's party. -- and that's from B it's just I hate everybody on being laid in dealing with just I -- drivers. The F series. Like this to end of that sentence because. The people here -- just so stupidest things it's just. I have already stereotyped it so much that if I see is Subaru I just. I just know there's going to be a bad person driving hole sooners are awesome due to know everyone here as a Subaru and know -- old -- right that he got out back minister horse dog cage in the back. How -- this was a -- go forward Milan where do you find a Smart dog gauge. Shut up. Hi this is just I know that I'm inferred terrible driver to win a Subaru in front of me how how does a nice that's unfair you racist and I am on the -- this turn. -- -- Do you see everything inside of an advanced heart. BJ CLA's dress nice dinner is ready for the parties isn't as nice big -- sure Don you couldn't put and that's easy what was he eating in -- the you got there I thought for sure this is going to be amassed a holes I was sauce. And I'm -- sauce is ranch -- she didn't call while. Around the ball Australia aren't dog did you ever go to Buffalo Wild Wings -- happy hour three dollars Manny -- so grant every sport absolutely. And it's. Awesome. These I always get at least one -- I'm going just for happy hour a night yeah are you. No pump I want to win it why don't get all excited are gonna -- I'm going to heartland tonight are you from making stories up germs and and now Mars and that's a copy where you had. Who's doing yeoman -- the I got all the free base bowl. Anyways so we -- and finally we're finally to -- and he's like a good boy knock remaining uninsured right now. And he'd take sickened spoonful something like ice cream the only has we had -- -- not says it was ridiculous like fried cheese cake bites in there yesterday. So -- that some sauce -- it -- some -- -- -- when -- got -- -- -- -- -- did -- He finally wipes it off gets the water doesn't all good. And as we're getting made you leave we run into a bunch of listeners that this is the best cars this and so are some. Doral growing down out and -- time talking with them at their table. BJ reaches over initiate one and -- guy's hand and just completely knocks over their pint of beer all my guy all very -- -- his own insurer that is how what a dummy ought to do that is -- the florist is covering him a year. Ayers is like curry came Vijay finally came through result as they brought. The little love the little yellow -- -- know that yellow sign and how well he's our. Have been terrible -- -- -- for its passengers heard. -- caution yes I think what Clark. -- -- -- topped today's a crazy day because I was on FaceBook and I -- realize this but you know sometimes there's a certain. How people that are dead but -- a -- on -- FaceBook page. And surely has a FaceBook page -- and singer mother love bone. Of course it's not him because he as a middle licensed -- -- today. Back in 1990s when he died from a drug overdose. So you -- of course thinking what the -- going to Oman and its top three -- -- not. They got me thinking about monologue on which is one of my all time favorite bands and I mean anyone in the northwest and you don't know -- available -- what where -- how were you you're not from the northwest right I am not you from the northwest but I recognize how amazing their album was apple and also even there are there EP was great to shiny teeth. Which is what introduced meet a monologue on the first -- the senior media on head bangers ball. Back in the game wishing that they had come torn in finding out that he died -- I was pretty bummed about that -- in Pearl Jam becomes a band -- Thanks in effect and a new mother love bone I know who some really willing to well open up my arms and welcome -- been called Pearl Jam and man that helped shape my musical taste for many years to come and I can be more and happy I got to become a -- a -- but smuggle almost always have a very special place in my heart and does a lot of STV cast listeners that I don't have any idea what they sound like other than maybe this song of the year. Very rarely on the rock which which will be played more either -- the Pearl Jam cover of it or you hear. Blow -- -- version which is the crown of thorn song Chloe gets a crown of -- if you want to get the full version yes I do. Every time do it every time -- -- -- last. So I got -- those are not thinking about it right so I was thinking you know -- those that don't know there -- other stops go track five is Earl Starr at. Todd the first song off -- the apple album and and million nerdy music on this segment and I apologize if you don't dig that but he's got the deal with the top shelf. And edit it then don't try and then obviously crowds on some more mid tempo song and -- like they're really slow songs and I've got a couple -- wanna play eventually. Bob but they also rock like none other men had their big big London tonight glam rock kind of category but they were very like. There might -- a lot of the COLT. Did not but only batter you know I mean I dad like me they fit in with the glam rock world and you can hear them would make on those kind of -- You genres but they were dead in my opinion it wasn't that it was a -- Elton John decided to start a rock band. And that's what my mother love -- became it was just. The lyrics are different than any other band that I heard at that time -- right to sing about partying PF that's an interesting songs. And just that the sound was great they had moments of jamming and in this song is called this is -- are a lot and the beginning alone gets me Jack because it's a it's a slow build on top you can hit it now because it takes a while before they kick and places like OK you the first I heard this oh my god put it in and listen in on Michael -- just. Miguel you know I mean you're like okay is that I love dogs -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- We usually -- swing. You know they've loosened PJ tornadoes like. Ha -- yeah. Let's come here to retire there. So it down there. I don't hear. Pearl Jam -- ten on this song you like. The base very -- just comment on base. Or a man and god he got still Gaza and also from Pearl Jam in the stands and every fairway there on guitar. Don't need. Like Gilmore I love the way he plays the -- and based on this. I just have this mental image just. Him up there on stage sisters slam now around a big glasses sunglasses a feather boa. Is all about being largely rely on stage entire story that -- maneuver like the central tavern back and pioneers brigade half. He would be out there for like twenty people. Dress like our rock song that's awesome that's even better -- on like scarves on the nightstand night. Just gone I am not rock star I don't give a NAFTA there's only twenty people in the audience and from Larry they they really were pulling huge crowd and got signed. Well glad they got Simon use all of your -- stories that I. You know always -- Read about it here Obama just love reading about it because I was -- Well also that this is. Now that was. Recorded back to. Like 19891990. And in my opinion stands the test of time quality wise to get a lot of albums back then sound -- And access feel like like the recording of this Paulson let's get overly nerdy about music quite. It's a good way to drum sound nothing sounds overly like -- -- like a lot of fans of -- back. I realize that's the first song of the on the next song I have office. I wanted to play as one of my series and also I think for some review you'll notice a line in the song AOL -- a light bulb go off and they call. So you guys know the band Temple of the Dog yeah thirst for no reason why that's -- ever even happened was it was a tribute to Andrew wood -- mother love bone. There's a lot like crazy like -- Reese Andy they make you realize this guy must have been really well loved in the music community life. Alice in -- some would even -- -- WOULD. The question mark never knew that that song is about Andrew wood which I -- I know that either furlong is time nothing that's pretty cool this song. Has the line and it seems to be living in the Temple of the Dog and as they got the name Temple of the Dog Chris Cornell who is Andrew woods roommate. Way back in the day alone there's a lot of crazy like Seattle stopped selling all. And mommy in that time exactly those those pins were all super tight I think. I think like Alice in Chains Pearl Jam sound garden and mother love bone they were all really -- mayor -- I was telling the steps had amended the redheaded stepchild. They really fit in now -- -- They all knew each other I think just -- was in his own thing and imposed -- anti everything. Guide to rev from the podcast grace everybody's dead man successes along. Man of Al Golden words and and in my opinion it is a standout track on this album. Just shows off and -- in a piano. And this is like who I think you really shows -- how great of a song writers stylus. It's excellent false or wrong -- -- -- piano. Back then June -- Saturday. Make your -- if you can do this in front of a group of women you can price. Sir you did to you you -- Months. Bad news tonight -- You -- need help. I just every -- into the bathroom and I think that's OK thank -- so unpopular us. Spam. How would love to a game. Around that that title there's another doctor. I just -- to reporting on the wall man like that -- match -- I wonder they knew when they're recording it this bad. Another email and don't go back like 1983. Years remember the beginning you know okay -- function Green River highlands trying to say. Glad I was too young he's demanding game you know I'm it's Sunday. It's pretty awesome. My life couldn't -- better. So -- these cars. Scenarios mangle words minus the airplanes and helicopters in the emails of cars -- out. Man I just. I don't listen that -- my and -- do -- -- it all the time at least once a week debts that album is getting played in my house or my car this is -- a solid record the next song is another slower jam. I this morning. Yes -- Delilah and this one is actually the song -- my wife and I danced to at our wedding nice. Son and I dot com and I even proposed not to propose -- -- marriage proposal this song -- -- -- -- are our wedding had a lot of northwest flavor to I was sort of thought about this at a time that would -- -- -- it's the day brings which is another -- -- features on Gaza on guitar. Which is a sign that the are bridal party came out to. But there's a lot of northwest nods in and in our in our wedding. It's because that's what I grew up loving and I dot. Somebody's songs I proposed to my wife is being like she picked the wedding -- she came out it was a blue October -- sixteenth floor balcony or someone that there are cool song like I -- when she played it from him like that -- on background. I'm an actor and -- half let I was a -- for our first stands I really think you'd be cool. To go out of mother love bones channel grooves and she was there are hundreds MB -- I love that song ever -- -- introduced me to the stand that's my favorite of their songs. So shoot down with it. Probably level we went and saw Brad playing with a bunch of there's a Brad and friend of the show box at the end of the ninety uniform mother love -- reunion mines and even had off Shawn Smith from Brad pigeon head satchel. Saying the locals they did this is saying -- they also did general grooves and we were just there and it was kind of a cool moment it was a 130 men and and night on a weeknight and you had to go to work the next day landing care I was like this is a great moment man this is awesome but this is -- This is general group -- from a mother love bone. Remember the men and -- started here all. -- -- Another piano driven song now. Farewell -- of their time. As GM and. So -- voice. He had to smooth. Larry she's she's got a swagger in his voice of the news. Mom mom and he's famous saying is that I've just do -- -- girlfriend. My voice. We know. Around this point where I come dancing in my life right. Dancing and everyone watching us. Now look I go. Forgot I did this song to. And useless and the song that. So for me when you go along great ADD. If someone's song. Now we're at the point where we're pretty much done -- -- Saturday. He did yell around like this. Big status made it -- I don't know what that there was. -- just Yahoo! didn't feel like that we -- on them now is is how was that's still one of my very -- Probably back right to my way right there's kind of a cool moments awesome and in the last summer I have from the mum bring in a bad move more rock -- One of my favorites and I -- -- play a lot of this song just at least it's approved the breakdown on the at the end of this song. In my opinion is is just awesome to about being. Just falls cocky this they even know. Needham wouldn't they have always say silly attacks it's holy roller. -- -- -- you open I -- dogs are champions that's a great song we and then the system's okay we wanna get to that we -- but this is holy roller -- I'd try to prevent nine singles turn up and down for your right -- it. It didn't break down at the end of start doctor. Again this coming I think guitar rip them -- -- -- Right there who's fairway or on the guitar. So for the longest time that I went to the N news or record labels wrapped her name was staff. Cost -- a fair weather right -- hope I never quit doing it together she was without a doubt there's a a couple of record label -- villages we gotta be -- -- people like you. You'd be really happy to see them might see Buchanan hot deadly pieces like that is him Michael do you bars well. A few others continue Willis. -- people are really cold really really lucky to have back in the day -- American males are making money and record label -- that would work for radio stations. John -- and his staff about some things and we went and look at the same show. And she's like oh this is. This is to use a few hours in the radio really cool guys is my husband Bruce my neighbors is really nice to meet your. CST within the nicest guy in the world is talking about stuff. And I just hit me in the middle of the conversation myself. You lose -- and other. Back after -- yeah. Wow what you -- what he would -- me. Man this whole time I've -- your -- high blood realize he's awesome. I mean years and never put together the Baghdad your first prayer whether. -- myself who was gonna need like you -- I'm a huge mother love bone fans this is awesome. Okay here is so cool guys like he wasn't like -- his views like you know now we can't talk tonight. Her journal walks out of the club and you went from being on a year to being now -- you're just a fan you know I can't hang our view. He was super nice about it a man out of so exact Dallas Green about that for -- the -- down. -- well he's. It's like a rap artist. -- -- something bad. Extra stuff like. Pearl Jam break down again. Sauce. There's such an attitude on this album such confidence in what they were doing. I really do believe that this could have been a huge stand there. It's a bummer that it's a definite bomber that -- he's no longer -- but luckily we do have. One full record NDP. -- continues to live on. For those that are fans of beloved home. Plus if you haven't seen yet check out malfunction the story of Andrew what has a dvd about them and along with that comes. A CD. As a bunch of music different outtakes some solo stuff but on the CDs also some random interviews and doing interviews -- radio stations. And also includes an interview Chris Cornell on KI SW talking about android -- and I can't tell whether or not. If it was during our show is a -- we had a mind. I asked about Andrew -- there's many years ago and now they won't -- a moment he was very. It's fun to be on the air with regardless but using. Extra Turkey about that because he can tell is -- about love for the guy too damn high and in fact tract nine is that is the clips from the CD. Where he talked about Andrew wood being his remains are really short clip but -- crystal now talking run into it. And usually it again and we -- eighth pick up Barbara -- yeah -- regrets. And around people and maybe get an oh BitTorrent and we make -- -- common -- we -- some -- and -- -- We've obviously got -- -- more source -- is still take place we've got a couple on film but certainly -- And kept telling them item before our time bit it's still pretty cool. And his -- high. So -- -- I think it is about that time. -- hey guys yeah. I didn't. Time for the Fed heads -- time now that ES TP can't. Read the hour mark Todd -- so now we're a little late so the music yeah -- -- -- I still think when Beverly Hills cop. That's the first the top of my head just you. Not right there is that Ted build timeout we won't trying to get another time on the -- because they do have a lunch. To do being nice to actually leaves in about twenty minute what's for lunch I don't know I'm I'm actually tattooed on cloning and teriyaki. -- -- -- vulnerable. NC sorry do I do not you know well. Over across the street now at the plays they had like 75 health code violations now it was more than -- and I think human error to first of all I heard and all of Seattle not a winning race again I'm with Steve on this side that are clearly today there is ever a time for them to be clean. That time is now no because they haven't killed anyone so they're not going to be changing anything so what women from dirty maybe add a couple dirty spoons. Fans to -- did you third just launches a music that is personal and yet he's our -- for today you know your next. Would you go to a restaurant that got third as the the third most unsanitary. Restaurants in Seattle that was a month ago. A terrorist hit. Six young I had my buddy I'm going but Brandenburg you very solid job and knows -- as well I'm right now full disclosure let him know about it I'll call in my brain now. All fine -- like him takeovers -- it I see recent there's nobody ever called me so you should be one of my most Reid actually just get the cops do -- nobody's -- -- -- his -- so Lamar and I call them. It's not teriyaki sauce -- -- -- more like Terry Yankee South America whatever so do what I did get a free at all. You that was that's continually weren't -- it's just an -- the second best teriyaki and Iraq has literally charge for the spoke for the Surat city do. It hangs. I'm doing my podcasts I wanted to talk to you want to for a second. And I decide you don't sound like you did last time I have. They're now I love our actual message military that would. Elaborate just what -- -- -- apologize. What -- -- like to be your friend now you know. And your kids discouraged sharking and yeah. So rapidly and we're talking about nights on the minds and the -- -- -- little early because of money get lunch with yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- and we'll we will go to teriyaki placed. And yeah. See how I did I'm saying hi my -- -- is what I do and I -- last time I was here last time we'll I don't use on the -- has happened you. -- very wrong way that I it was voted the third dirty is -- restaurant in Seattle's. Saw you. Naked bike event like -- they are. No I didn't do it it and get out and root out. Would you admit. I'll -- it. Why. Did you talk percent helped -- well. That's true there is a 10% discount every night I was done I Monica and I are saying. There's no time to do it that's better than now because if they're going to be clean it's fresh off of being deemed it third dirty is stressed trying -- You know it's you know -- solid morning. And -- -- and well. And -- Yeah we can happen. It's -- -- -- and I'm glad that we're on the same page so teriyaki it is that. I whatever you wanted to arm -- not make it but you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Manassas and are dead and turn it. But -- heart rather than -- is going to be a matter but I didn't because -- the -- he's gonna -- your translator. Yeah. Topic units -- the biggest hypocrite I would rather. Tonight. The. Little known facts to come back in 2001. Or two yes. Among the Muslim I was worried Amanda -- He. Who was involved with a one MIA news from the -- -- really was with me when I was still I was living with my sister. And so we came back from party who are trying to be all super quiet right. And we didn't he stay the night that night it was -- -- -- hook up the pieces of fun guy actually and easily in my apartment complex and I was an apartment manager. You have to yell at them Ernie thinks not all here's pretty cool actually this is back when he was -- doing my guy he was used really in a working out. So you -- it didn't matter when it was and what season it was he was walking around the apartment complex in shirtless. Oh yeah -- script. And I had not got in store and I Beck Heyman was going -- -- majority you're sure you're seeing this. -- -- -- It's simply sit out so it's just I don't know and the most leading receiver. So -- got married in just like the rest does love his body go beds really glad about that she he's. -- -- are -- a Maleeva than our Ronnie and systematic tell us what you want to hear voicemails and boy are you are glut in Vermont as. I literally got rules man yeah they know that -- drain on this we can just leg is still man I'll be honest there was more voicemails and on here I listen all the but the ones I heard that -- I just in the him put on the -- what I -- Three editing process realize things are changing on the ES TP casual or -- -- -- -- -- I'm used Cheney must just say here's -- doing a bad impression. Mean just like -- man you know. Bring bring something -- happen any of them that are actually did we don't need the bad there's a few a handful of drinkers and are not getting through this time has come -- but some might get through today and listen all these voicemail Sorenstam were not attract ten maritime self -- So let's do it. I he had made I nice -- -- -- if -- I ES. I'm Dan -- direct eaten yellow -- out and I'm let's get an -- Why it can't rent figuring out that and it Randy Allen. Got -- -- crack -- I don't and a it's. No well yeah. And that's why I'm sorry eagle owl yeah. And he's an eight drawn on the and it -- The ball. Left a different. They know that motto of motto -- at our ourselves well being started off very well we don't go Ricky let's go to our next voicemail. You guys who Lagos. Looking in the podcast her. Thought a year now on my feet back and forth from -- worked Port Orchard and he met her all the good Nelson's club great and it just annoys the crap out of me join -- -- I give you got to -- to see -- you -- aren't. REL -- here I got an accurate Tony couple months ago bullet -- Clayton described what then I know our long he's utility -- basically he just off. -- he would love duke yells no and hopefully help you got so little little better about -- highly time. I feel great after now once I was the most normal boys always had in prior months yes and we simply just golf sometimes. Dude I'm into okay what do I -- potter thanks you yes aren't yet over drivers. -- -- is different size and get from wasted disk oh yeah and their daughter's stuff like that so it did honestly I was. I always not roll my I'd rather they got naked is cute little sport and I've played it and it's so much fun. Shock committees in the spore or the -- Jews are measured by grams. Yeah two men who know. Crack down and I had gotten -- hey you know to Bridgestone sports and I guarantee him the love that -- has registered here outside -- you're -- right including woods and the bush is raises -- yeah you could -- could -- if there's -- kids around -- term I don't say when we -- at the rock -- party and he was learned his leg -- I accidentally brushed up against sit there for decisive man who's very soft -- and it's. Officers and very comfortable -- undergarments the aka the got to where those apparently does frosty -- color yeah actually got to Wear shorts out they're gonna need to move because you're in the bushes. I need more minutes so are you are close so like I know you do a lot I mean you are you at the point where you're almost home Ferraro thought. Well on several million Michelle. I got my pro number so I could technically go pro but I'm going I'm in the advanced division. And then there's like the the pro division after that so Wednesday to the numbers started one and what's your number out. Number started 00001. -- I'm at 56. 860 or that's all there -- a lot of people. So that is the line. Yeah I in my body he got his -- number a year and a half ago he was at 35000. And so they already drawing -- leader and now pump the songs like man this sport is growing and Nam. And so in my current -- I was talking about us. Actually what I'm going I'm going to Arizona tomorrow yeah wow all right yeah so I was always get your -- so -- -- party's done research on what does -- -- courses are around there I'm gonna go play this golf down there do anybody any airplanes. Yeah. Got from my Tennessee this whole league he's actually going to be down -- -- parents have a house. -- he's he's like I got a car let's go I play frisbee golf to like crazy I know you for five years and I did not know you play frisbee golf crazy guy into baseball's long -- he's the commissioner -- fans have been so I'll see you really go to games -- -- -- do you need tickets go to these games I got the games I got the tickets are -- or two months ago office. Yeah I think it does -- mom -- Nice -- -- and then now about access and -- -- -- I don't know I was just gonna go trying to ask for autographs -- -- your video of me trying to ask some questions while there the signing how I toss you into into my buddy over as the Mariners and you can only get at least a year like. -- contact person that's awesome Mario I kind of heard flash is that on the show today you know whether or not you gatherings are cast -- Garnett off Ron. Yeah and any wrongdoing that command and yeah you really get some funds footage of whatever -- -- if we can make things a little easier and volume guy for an autograph and yes and hopefully meadowlands for a couple questions while there. I appreciate I know you want to any embarrassing so we are not gonna wearing jerseys that say easy 69 on Mario -- IMAX is -- you would do that this is so one of the crazy did you someone I don't get his Jersey while I'm down America's I hear present the third didn't slash because in the spring training so. On this is that he's going into spring training that is there now seriously. A lot of he's got a little -- looking thing though there it's just -- school and I hear there's an in an outcome are so wrong tone down you bring us some back. Cult trial -- the authors of relying hotel. Mailed to us defeated the Jersey do way and you won a moose Jersey would you rebounds and yes guys. -- when you don't know better team it was our authentic and everything I guess a team every year double zero. I -- I have majors that we go for various. And has like a logo on the back -- so I know it's been a real ones like sunny I don't real during the lightning at. I want a number of quit the guy's name of that article on my name on the back I want the guy's name on the back the Hamas and Hamas big personnel nice to get my name on the back -- New Jersey. Like I like the player me -- I'm all about my name -- get accolades. -- gas and then I just think he's our guy you know he's. Tony wants or is pretty good. I guess for suing each -- -- -- but I am Jesus Asus he's I would be about Warner Saunders fired Saunders made it traded at some point I'm around. 'cause our manager looking to see anywhere remove those prosecuted the world -- you know I was love the shape Hulu for now on his baseball pants he's definitely not as Lou Piniella yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't want to -- your doctor about over an extended period of time we're gonna kick some ass and make air -- is awesome he is pretty bad as them. Our automatics extended period of time though created a lot of -- -- -- -- -- is doing things right now and I mean if I tomorrow we come back all the sun the Mariners a third in this founders even due to an enormous crowd did you see historians pull -- -- -- the power rankings number one a pre season bluegrass he is number one how about that. Well whatever steeler Troy high society should I I don't know the other team got the call themed game -- it is. -- April. What are now. Guerrero awesome LA Reid is sort of stuff this is all by himself. What's a new guy Danica that we judge he's gonna be really good -- I had his salary SATA for the -- nonsense you're Russell Wilson does with with -- army and found also would Sidney Rice and -- and I think Golden State's gonna be a superstar -- -- -- he was playing last year. I think it's time as a golden time. The one thing I think Percy -- is gonna allow us to do is. Get our running game going -- may be a little bit more and if they start to see dungy now in the box room and long toss down -- -- and Orson nearest. No he's he's our box and when they tell ya gonna value hello to you learn weird terms remains slow songs. -- and added a box of harnessing our next voicemail. Maybe I mean yeah I don't know I don't know if you can get I have to take. And it's just ask CNN I'm fat boy why do you why did I think. And I start MI don't know Rampage where I get asked. Put up. Comment and that did anything anti about Gary did say all right well. Yeah. Okay -- -- know yeah that's why should I cry. And I stay out. Speak out. And I think you -- yourself out of there ready to -- like the idea I don't know trigger idea also Alia panel -- folly and are we don't relate to you once a week is fine. I'm Dow is once a week and no one really is British so no experience -- -- not just traders. Car racing's top you know you. By its grid during actual results in my music Heredia says the top shelf -- -- on volume on Twitter Ronnie here roads are full fallen too much uncle Ricky. Not doing all. The rest camp. Post as always there. He did I mean the only -- all now you're the ball mall is asking is should he start one now -- -- -- now now they go one wrote one Hungary few weeks is too much. Whose outcome has to do just enough -- yeah Hungary can. Awesome so little too much for him this reserves to. Well they possibly can there's a little confused doing to talk to us without a joke in this community. You know say he's going to go low laid out not a sock red eyed Joseph and -- and his team -- saying at the end. How does -- corn in this field and ten dollar and some good news. I. -- I that's horrible rains come all let's say yes there and enjoy some well. Whatever you writing this city -- extruded I guess you know now he learned kind of Husseini know our situations and often -- -- -- -- back here I. Currently go to school it hasn't I would suspect college. It's East Coast this yeah. She saw an -- -- things -- And oh my -- Kevin do you agree -- you doesn't it yes I do love it. -- I contributed -- I guess I'm not here is not to leave any Creative Coalition anymore. Happy month you know milk I love you know god I don't know if -- the -- are good business owner that's cool experience. I really don't ever got a news I don't know. He's going to call it so you appreciate what you call -- yeah yeah. That's that's -- for every week we just like Stevie and I. Still talking Ahmad had a nice couple casually let it be cool islands is -- -- weren't Jewish who got so much time and we didn't know how dare you do enough. Or Iraq I can't really mine gonna grab my -- and Manny isn't that the French faster. It just Communist C words saying easier thanks Monday he insisted troubled man when it comes to resume but in the afternoon chose him. Well let's us take our next voicemail and over and. -- -- it's. Do you -- there should vote blue league that is just like you know. It's the UST UP cast a lot of -- Seattle yeah where are you ask. I. -- in the city of Portland Oregon. AK -- -- We didn't actually. Thunderbirds match. Thirty actually winter hawks which is a total rip off of the black -- no logo. The joke about it irresponsibly do remind you you're crushed. Limited at a loss Tom Petty who were religious or does is -- -- -- and four drinks under the bus tour flood. Not vote and I will be a total -- Because we were unclear. Does somebody -- yeah I do drink a lot of clubs are -- every so you can just. You -- I thought or. Not there. I don't know if you just -- it's -- restaurant. Yeah he's -- through tsunami are poverty. -- talk -- as a top most of your concerns and hey top variation. Are an old school -- signature to us tomorrow. I mean about a war club. 48 and -- it sounds like oh yeah a little -- and -- extinguishment women that in a broad several more rural Nolan -- you're. And I'm gonna go my girlfriend -- remember -- and it didn't -- -- -- admits or it's. Later looted by ourselves. Steelers are 3000 earlier he Seattle and Portland look -- it's funny VIC didn't remember doing that. Since you lose. This could happen after -- devils -- giants causeway where you didn't do leave from the sales and remembered he did the other one after adored -- absurd and I I I. OK now it's. Yeah similar I'm. I don't miss cooking I'm thing you know he was in the new first floor lobby the first may now you're in the way out you know why doesn't lie there now somewhere -- -- who has another voice now is there was one tragedy news I know I really long one -- we have an email -- -- text message about it so let's without further -- Move onto the next segment our -- have been. You never -- about that they've faced this. Thank you know I'm here making for president but mr. Hollingsworth he ended. Becoming a helicopter there. Or something. A helicopter. I got excited and I was there there was backlash and -- hate this freaking bored well. When you break you you can pour some liquid on it now -- to really -- learning zone yeah. And I tournament so -- -- if you could occur almost no way about us. And I know are waiting to go -- just terrible just media delivery longer. Funny thing -- got you where you basically get a microphone former radio guys. This is why he has -- Half past February kept Thomas and I gotta get out then it can tell that he tells the story is told about them well I think it's awesome ball up. Hey you see a lot of my -- on for the series Garrett he's got there is moderate as the clearly the Yemeni dagger in the same apartment complex. That's every time I would see you because this is back in your. -- -- -- They're now dad Syria. Me and they won't do like Hanley is six Brian I was I was a real blank and her -- they only time this he had the right brand. I actually Steve's -- pieces can only do solo without doubt really well you know as a green place. Every during the high could be Christmas time I -- -- -- because we -- I knocked on his door and criticize a nudging you during all -- -- genes you donate man I bogeyed those guys. Now I do in my life does it's -- it's. The other day on this or is this really outplayed the other day I woke up in light on the fat mass now and I looked in the air. And I let my wife I think less a year from now and -- -- -- -- and now it's his it was a really grass so yeah and I don't is Wesley is still. That's why we hope that we need food poisoning so we -- -- if he threw me and I'm idyllic had a goal and that's I look it is I. Brag that I think whenever you heard song walking on the stairs hadn't heard your on the bottom floor apartment. He's -- do pushups sit here today Iran fully ready it was -- good show -- is oblivious to some of the hot girls -- the very top offseason they thought they were so I don't know if I did I'd like you almost got -- ways that they would like you but I got to go fix something and were inept and these -- my baton sources like -- Arizona and -- -- -- -- and -- end. A lot. Hey guys that we across America and they both drove PT cruisers personally they did right per 101 was one -- wood paneling in the other one was purple. -- -- -- -- mix -- -- -- you living there when we had a ballerinas that really large bowel movements. Why you'll never forget it yet every few days at a go down there and use of and music to borrowing ladies I'll buy you guys upon a plunger all we don't know how to work on those who have some tickets -- huge -- If I ask exactly do they -- urged Iran pot didn't know there was some hot girls a live there yeah I think there's this one girl who works for a nonprofit. Radio station was put that way -- -- -- -- She's back. He and Steve do you busy torching corporate radio seasons they've -- even Zelaya and also Julie Roberts users also -- six. I get somebody who was the -- Slightly over the line and where her parking spot was -- almost difficult where -- -- squeeze or sad ass out and drives and opened the door fully. She would call me at 2 in the morning hi she just got home and bitch about it in on this like Mormon. -- term hiring around this keeps up and then we will weather emergencies or not to go to reach for your gonna kill people you know. So what is the best sort of idea that was -- was my landlord TO morality is my live -- his lord and then you and then he left and his roommate was again in Matthew. And canceled Matthews if it is you talked lamented before I'm sure stories and come up yet he's a good match you were as the landlord -- Matthew. You know I hate Jerry's doing a great relationship him tonight. -- used to just go and breaking in my up. On the instill my liquor. Dad then filling up with water off or you just show up in a blind eye drunken stupor in my house in my bed where I may or may not have a lady there with -- -- -- and that happened maybe three or four times. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We had an incident where he once was drunk doing as somebody -- we have access everyone drew yeah the master -- Anyway -- -- -- the someone's apartment -- -- but they were in there and their -- and -- looked -- -- you doing any that are now I had a gal. How much he's the same guy who's the only person -- got to take down of America. Yes I was actually thinking damn American you build your draw that at -- I was awesome act. Allow us -- whom believe it up to our value any emails or text messages. I'll steal a -- text message expressed -- officials renteria and I am going to -- -- never gets emails December we won't probably some incident you can blame Matt. It did not affect you going to a terrible place that may or may not kill you for at least -- -- over and grab my man. All right this person takes an -- You guys go you guys are going you know limo what museum listen to you when you step foot outside of that limo. Who. -- my dad's army that we Dicey put a lot of thought into this race because you know this is very exciting when I go to Spokane two weeks. In a limo a stretch limo -- hockey team. And thanks there was the next level limousines and who has -- and a web page in a -- we're going I'll but he has not get a hold of these guys deserted these guys are awesome they're all out there already mapped out like ideas for us to do while we're there. There's nobody wants Spokane nightclubs to go to new places it checked out extend out every time in their limo and I do you guys have a strict schedule might just get us to our games after that you -- do whatever you wallet as we don't care. And our first games at 4 o'clock on Friday now to a broad either Wright was as I read in the 9 o'clock hour right as soon as the show ends I had an awfully good deeds and what does this. -- a not this upcoming desk when he asked her yeah the end now -- me -- America comedian mild partying dad's going to be a cameo -- If that's so anyways so we inside talking about an -- you know locker room I've I got the Spotify -- Thanks see you guys recommending an annual subscription to that as well. Episodes -- I play in the suns are my my playlist so I just put it on the rock stations man where he's lying out talking. And then all of a sudden they started. Yes yeah I really I guess. I'm business song now we're going to listen to it as -- It's got to take a few seconds -- her all these guys. Sam then there exists a fifteen -- eighteen of us. He's just CIA team is there any kind of love PA leg from our every -- -- -- night however -- personals because I am glad -- At this point and -- He knows somebody somehow in the -- business beyond the river red carpet that's coming with us -- home. So we will grow up. Are very nice now we're trying to figure we get all of you know hookers and strippers in Spokane. It's I would imagine gold and what you want the same automobiles will be over. Wow it's getting better yeah. Their job is to grab a hockey fan and the trailer that's going to be be hooked up to the limo the pitch. And -- each our hockey dads as he stepped foot out of the limo while we're wearing suits. We'll and we're dropping -- At this point yes and no. We have had been. I don't know I don't know I for that but did. It's. Oh yeah. You got to blend into your only an iPod. We're gonna have and I love how the remedy is to wipe it clean no this -- non of the donkey yeah. You know we are here and I didn't create in the grand. All right. As far as sex couple -- Forwards forget and it seems there just on -- sex position called the backseat rodeo plotting six studies on the backseat you reach out with your right hand. Know her left breast and -- your sister ice in this way to continue trying to hold on for ten seconds -- I'll stay positive. -- -- do as hitter on the back and then -- the ugly damn thing ever mile life. Well hello I'm a really good and there's -- make everybody and see if you can hold on for as long as possible she says this. -- -- damage could that outlaws. Are just -- Guess it was fun while it lasted oh well you actually like the Rhodes scholars gimmick because there's -- one moment of wrestling talk on the wrestling podcast -- -- Net radio and AM new ways allies came out and they wrestled and I -- Seattle live describes action going on with Brock Lesnar came on to beat the crap out of them sending a message to triple -- -- who's quite I was -- -- back to that now no yeah until -- UC NN five and in just stumps off. What he's doing well anyway them that's all that matters. Don't know all aiming on the -- friend okay well -- I Salamanca is I don't know Brock is money. I just hate him so whenever Andy was in Mexico the week after gonna do our fall on wrestle mania predictions podcast marine. Top fuel once again goes seven and no -- right you know he knows nothing about wrestling jerk. These guys as a dancer skipping over some of those emails people trying to be funny by doing the same joke over and over doesn't work and the Red Sox by -- but it's quick it's fast you know environmentally and -- God help me I can't get mad mr. muse at in my head I hope that's -- Yankee gas and that's on AM -- that someone help me. Thankfully it's an awesome song was an AMC. Me and be normal music videos. Maybe you know I don't know management audio. Not -- reviews and you don't like Radiohead. Still I sense that because really only had ripped off Radiohead but did they rip Bob the good stuff Radiohead OK did it and number we -- -- -- yeah. He had excellent make that argument. I was here 300 plus there. -- is awesome sign on to -- newcomer like news I really like usual and a concert just -- -- Jim Gray just watching Steve zen videos of him at a concert like Jason muse. He's pretty good -- those fields I'm gonna do it. Hey Steve he says he told the guys like that -- check -- red dot com slash are Slashdot files. Yeah I'm really just getting naked -- more it's awesome whoo yeah now most of time they're over age. Dan you guys knew newfangled music thrift shop is stuck in my head well it's gonna get stuck in your next week as well because -- from from that song we hang out on ES TP cast so. The man who says -- this is blank and lost some. It's going to be on the SEP guests next week. What Hevesi. I would have to get a Fred Meyer attached to that went and did everything from gas to TVs Ryan 21 year old fan -- Groceries is well -- we dropped two bills on groceries last weekend midnight and about 115 all Symbian based how do well yes altogether possible and alloy detour east after nearly a lot of Affleck just cucumbers and radish I -- I expensive tell me darling you buy like a hundred pounds of value to our rather. The problem isn't vegetables as -- getting its frozen stuff because you just throw it in the freezer whatever. When he -- vegetables you've got to use a -- that week or you're just how the money so we do we use -- -- -- they're Frick an expense only forget about all the time man in Jerusalem. -- typical of that great when he offered Perez hasn't pickled beets. The -- -- -- -- -- is that something that's. I dead turns critical Brussels sprouts are different than just a very -- on this Rocca -- got -- So I am I going just over. I there's always there's a guy from my body for free we nickel and so I was in solemn browsing any buyers on them so they odds on -- for a little bit. In my buddy you just -- to do music amendment do you have any extra overly critical buyout deal might want just so happened they got this set if they -- you'll be -- for free but it don't say you don't take them in the -- itself. Phasing out somewhere once in a way too small some trillion essentially comes over and made fit. Well here's the deal were doesn't like dvds have them -- I still badges taken a music these big fisherman kind of guy -- points -- -- have a fish every once in awhile. He came only -- -- -- a salmon. Name all sat and had three of them now for the game you -- once randomly so whenever -- -- -- needs is to be as action is now we have a stationary go that's on them for dinner tonight. -- so I -- Daryn no high low that's workers were there any disease in the past that they share and cut in half right you're not a -- -- dishwasher I'm gonna -- -- -- it. So our secrets it as army Melissa still touch or leave it to -- that I think that's the problem. -- yeah I. There's a set -- I have swings just concluded I hope she knows that's just this is this Larry to apologizing. It's really sad about Clinton birds passing last week -- such a huge part of iron -- history in his honor how about somehow all be thy name if you got it. You're finally running free cliff we all miss you holds up a wider the -- vikings I only know we have. That's armed groups for a -- a look at that's the prom with you. Oh you look they were tornado -- I mean. It would slow it run -- good job to. I don't. They never sent the wrong time. I'm just right so I think it's just I songs faster than -- really -- talk my way this song we see. Do this thing where. Wind. When he holds the big note here in the beginning yeah you have your song tells the inside -- you know all right that's all you can hold it during his entire -- Yeah yeah. Miller a justice I think that -- I don't know I heard. It's a drummer -- -- -- new and their great know Cleveland earlier drummers and Reggie Miller and John McCain government -- Ming marine. The only -- one million. -- so now the world now malware are now it's. -- and enough there asks. We're waiting for the -- Can slow time and love around me. Okay. We were all clean and. I am. Some call water oh -- dude man you -- Reason and car. From our carry out you get dirty. Dirty teriyaki. Wasn't so what you've gone. Match today hepatitis teriyaki. Word wow. What's the difference between their revenue desire farm yeah. Blow away an explosive tell us us every day the other one is no sir farm -- pops. You can't just do we got great. I don't know that I walk hard I've never seen -- are you there does look it up dude that's like John C. -- is best films. And I do like John Ferraro did di Bono and Derek curry listening to the February 19 episode. Yes that's how far behind I -- possibly guys playing some puts a first. -- a guy just got into them a couple months ago to make up for that underwhelming queen cover you guys have played vagina mine on the Cassidy there. I do listen to that and Tommy has not won -- -- bad -- never heard and of course it's my theme song imagine this -- I -- agree to not only talk show we don't have it there. Am I cannot imagine how frustrating would be if take tests were individually wrapped. I had somebody I got orange ones and -- and -- lyme and tick tack on another hazy hazy -- an awesome guy gold box of those the next day off in the day we don't -- Sitting I saw a picture on the Internet. So it's definitely true but I know somebody got a bunch of fried jelly bellies soon policy or individually wrapped that semi trailer like each of -- were in a little drastic things it was -- jelly -- Each of them more wrapped them in sealed. That's retarded -- return and what's the difference between its. Oil and their ads. That's true it doesn't wanna -- -- do you. When I get a lot has sites and Ohio Oklahoma and our -- it's. That's a solid one who has -- words and oh my friend is always gonna read in the host it's a book written by the twilight author so I'm wondering Michelle. Should be -- card revoked and thanks thanks for the female perspective -- -- angry and they're at right now LIN always happens is now. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- pay -- gas and what does mono nick came -- having common. They both like being written by short Italian man. I think it did they think that that's. I'm. Well I'm not those whose joke about it now where the hell did that comes from the parents -- brilliant yeah. Brilliance is a little much I as I sit -- most important memory and a positive Jesus find it unfair that the -- can't release is gases so thank you I agree it's horrible for his body don't hold that end I don't know it cosmic crap are you guys trying to kill him grace just because nick is being a Sissy boy insists he. -- still the -- -- sorry then Nixon had the shaving beards completely Al hash -- and -- can't drink crown anymore and Steve can look at nude women that Walgreens anymore Walgreens Wal-Mart Walgreens. All the Arenas says as she -- And okay it's hard on. -- which occurred -- eyes looking at the end build the market today. Looking for something that would sent an off snags doesn't Harbaugh legs I don't really like hard boiled eggs history. Can't policy in my beer distribution of Beers. No I did that -- -- we are submerged ball and I did not like I don't know like how I looked after it was going to be on one again and I shaving my face that launched a -- -- presidential -- as I don't know man holding little birdie. I'm not gonna get rid of it and a -- -- -- a question for you guys in the -- moving -- in my parents house -- renting a house and a buddy of mine in your experience could you give me some advice about it you my -- -- -- it says don't -- parents don't like each others find another United's earlier French -- Andrea got -- was set ground rules like in a Big Bang -- -- if you don't want somebody to -- you know you're you know chocolate chip ice cream or whatever your -- covers yeah you -- you -- -- including -- room yeah. I had to do it I did learn how to mini fridge yeah it's -- it will save your really outweigh only veteran -- firms and if it's not nice skin they're not gonna -- eating contest work and don't let a -- want more than one month's worth around. Oh god no how no no I did wants right and don't be the only person's name on the cable -- -- yes his first crisis. And it's. I hate you guys CNN center in my head it's the one it does on the best songs from that oh yeah and the final text and not -- we need that -- his temper some hepatitis teriyaki. Is that -- your babies -- festival showing the Bratz girls. It's -- pool now. Were reasoning goes demand festival plus one to -- before that -- Abbott this makes it even cooler. So again they -- the emails are being bumped. Unfortunately but we have to Gatti of it was for a year that a year it's wanna thank everybody for listening also don't forget. Very soon the ST year old is gonna be available at -- pursue C that's right eye are role named after me guys and it sounds delicious. But until then blacks if you go to the -- trappers and wanted to five locations it sounds like you've been able to sample it -- sitting in the restaurant -- -- as -- so like me to do in -- good to go stuff. Let's check it out man I just had that amount wrong totally into that -- all but I feel like once I can add that that's DP -- would start April 1 LB I go to roll. Covington -- station Puyallup -- make him Bremerton. And don't forget to take out their FaceBook page where sometimes iced -- examiner pictures like Chile from corn reserves of your allocation saw that saw that on their FaceBook page pretty cool. And it's also who are there always in touch -- everybody loves Trevor sushi trapper and Chris in the rest of the gang -- Trevor sushi -- ought to do all right take care of their customers. Fresh friendly that's how they -- -- sushi file locations find out more -- -- there's. Don that it's get that -- your pitches. Thanks everybody for listening thanks Ronnie. Yeah -- apply EST he -- it's always nice value and thanks for your time I was delicious surprise of it's almost as good as my role from what I hear. That line that you like -- We do we want to eat my role. I'll have to me. That's awesome because many new. We were gonna gloss over the and this went too many drinks one night. He went to my apartment I'm not a certain sense I feel like CNN Sarah lacy just don't know what's gonna happen accidentally -- -- -- good back then wow. Was taught -- Iowa we are going to get that here Barack. Dramatic variety Vermont on their Moorad and Tom -- Steve the producer next week. Wines from Michael Moore he's joining us well here's some of his music. Talk about these -- to successor has been awesome. So until next week stay positive.