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BJ Shea's Geek Nation - 13th Age - Part 1

Dec 24, 2012|

Welcome to part one of the 13th Age special! The Reverend En Fuego, Brandon Jerwa and special guest, from the Backroom Comics Podcast, Greg Upton ( www.twitter.com/GregUpton ) are led into the world of 13th Age (which you can find at www.PelgranePress.com ) by one of the game designers, Rob Heinsoo ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay -- TV -- Welcome yes welcome QVGAGA. He may see in -- and reverend Ed -- go. And go well a method here to listen into a very very interesting very special edition of the people podcast. Starting all this week we're going to be doing something very special we have our friends over at thirteen ages RPG. 50 -- breast. You can get -- about at held -- press dot. Com. Eight is a pretty awesome what we have Robert Payne still on imported talk about it when the previous episodes. If you haven't heard it I definitely go check it out let up for today we've got something very special because we're actually going to be for this entire week. This is a five part series. Where we're going to be playing in the game -- rob pain so. As our. OR -- I guess our -- dungeon master our game master he's gonna have a lot of fun with us here so instead of me babbling on about that polished just get right into it all right so I guess we should serve up with the introductions. I am irreverent Fuego when everyone -- knows that. And then we got my nemesis across the way. Friend in the best friend and all for enemy we're gonna be calling of that now -- Whatever you'd like are you -- sister nemesis I think -- for role playing screens for the session late. That you guys who pretend. You should be best friend got Syria or foolishly skipped any like -- -- trending below playing right because it seems likely to view video of the you know let's brand enjoy a match. Mr. nature's candy everyone. Across from. Him right there is sometimes. Back from podcast host Greg Upton. Very nice and then we've got the lead the patriarch. Of this entire experience. Robert hand so. I feel so lucky to be older than all clear yeah that's wonderful yeah -- time aide to design games and today we're going to be playing thirteenth each game yet and we've had you won the teenager podcast before. And that it was no couple months ago -- I think just after packs. Because I had just as able to play the games we talked about a bitten and we had -- say we're going to do this and coordinate in fortunately. We've this time has come. And so the three of us are going to be led into a head engine and adventure amongst other things I guess I don't know what -- and I happen but it. I mean there's a dungeon and I don't know I hear of adventure could be -- Diner you -- when you -- gentleman's. -- and I didn't know we were going to be involved in slash fiction that's that's what I'm hearing here and dungy and for guy is weird things have happened I think dead I think may wish you just started off patent states. The safest choice aren't the really fun part is I don't actually know what's gonna happen but the more you guys talked the more I wonder -- -- -- -- this is and this is the beauty of the game is they even as we're just kind of going back and -- rob is formulating -- planning just based -- what -- Just talking about. I don't I don't know if it's just you're -- brainpower or you're just you're wily nature -- there's a whole lot of people running down loans across the country. And the way that I like to set them up is to say. Unless they really wanna go ahead and create something. And then run it which is perfectly fine. But if you're gonna run a lot of demos like a lot to our demos of one convention -- gets fairly boring it is to the same thing over -- -- -- the way I set it up for myself and -- -- else who wants it is. Very free form demo now we're gonna go ahead and you guys are gonna spend the first hour or so. Creating your characters. Maybe it'll take class with only 3-D com and at that point I'll figure out with a story is probably based upon. Who you've created and then we'll go ahead and like how I -- Maybe it was beer talking -- maybe it'll be a battle okay alien battle that -- cut -- But the fun part is I don't know what's gonna happen they able build an awful lot on what you guys decide. -- -- -- -- icon relationship roles and all the game mechanics Seattle worked out so we do have to decide you do not mean. Which characters you wanna play -- him because I have got character sheets that are. Meet up as second little characters. Would all their -- game mechanics. But you get to choose. Bob you're one unique changed -- your background history and icon relationships. -- so I've got fighters cleric. Sorcerer. Wizard rogue you could pass around to look at them or you can take if -- can also look at the miniatures decide which one you like most and then this year you know base your decision. Ontario ever since I have played the Lord of the Rings figure out what race you are. They -- other half playing someone with a half when rogue no overtime I -- look at the -- actually has already here click flair right back. That they're gonna take a look -- where they -- -- an electric clicks and yes we do are really so actually as maybe. Getting to know. As having not played with you this before with the exception of Brandon. Com and I'm very good well you we were talking about the vendor we were talking about playing -- I. Which I didn't say he wasn't very good and then remain there -- -- -- -- as your only see here's the legal and I was wondering about everybody -- in history or we're sort of involvement. In games where RPG I mean obviously rob you have. I would argue probably a fairly extensive history -- this to some -- didn't fly. I. I turned out -- -- and anthropology degree wasn't exactly the way I was going to go ahead and live my adult life so. After kicking around us vitamin and -- with the salesmen. Office worker and has. Translation agency. Office manager in other jobs that. Use a little worse degree I started doing whatever -- like to -- to design games after -- -- DD and 74. ITunes the -- came out. So you started playing when -- first came out. And no one else had heard it soon did you buy a -- made up rules to make because we couldn't really understand -- -- -- labor you know we. We understood a couple of systems the other things we didn't have any idea hand I finally found people we moved or -- who actually knew what was going on at it as sort of figured it out more. Yeah and it was fun to but he. I -- the accident from Mara got into a lot of our games while I think I sort of went into request. And champions and stuff like that through the eighties fantasy trip will be Steven Jackson's really wizard and -- -- I sort of I still played DD. But I would do play that much has played a lot of against more and then gradually. Came back. To my staff. Yeah I mean I started as. -- was dean. How -- to go by I didn't know that what that how much how things look pie. Or or anything really there about how you were you playing the Indy before you -- Lord of the Rings. Other I read in the hobby in like second grade but it never -- these clinics cameras. It is so when I was playing and I didn't understand the people help explain. You know all of that to -- -- a more phone that and then. I really got to dig into the white wolf -- places in the world darkness then oh is vampire and I was that fact -- -- -- really wish he could be the skinny goth kids you put your hands have yourself so I go invisible yeah yeah I have learned was hell yeah obfuscate. You can't see me in my hands in front of my face. Yeah he had a little bit a camera was wells' foot so yeah that was really where I did a lot of that -- just been trying to get back into it. Now I have more time to spaces based off cook for his podcast at this is a testament in this so a brand did you figure out what you wanted to being found in the Asia. You found a ninja Honolulu. He's Tristan liberians have you can't. Really go out and enjoy the same thing about -- -- -- -- We've would go ranger dwarf flavor and it -- -- her family and -- okay what are the kind of like -- instead. I -- it. Turns out that -- think you want to be really sneaky. And destroy thanks. This is their business via. This is a human fighter to -- -- is not going to be particularly sneaky and the way fuels but you know what we'll do on. Let me just completed an entourage are going to be something up for you sort of redo yours yet your -- we -- again so. Do you wanna go ahead of the regular. So actually I think I was -- spastic and introverted in my used to connect with anybody who's playing games to -- I found out later in life that some of my friends did end in fact. Some still do but. I'm growing up in Michigan it just didn't happen for me cell. My first introduction truly into. RPG games is three years ago playing ID twenty star or system all while big shout out to my united DM GM bill pace. Who got me assertive. Into it and help me learn how to play. And so this is this will in fact of being my third system ever play really yes. I've been playing a pathfinder game four. Currently sell. Yeah I am I was science. Insane it's fiction nerd sort of come in RPG UAE itself. IE enjoy the heck out of bed. I am such an over thinker and say I I regret that I did not know when I was missing now and I'm almost years because. Oh my -- so much fun. CNN news -- having played with you when you come across as an expert that's probably has your living stuffs and I'll get I mean -- news because we've we've you've played here click together we play the stuff -- arm at our wonderful card kingdom that we love. Great yes absolutely within a city that hasn't. Gaming. In Korea my dad I mean that's -- right now. So my my deal was in 1984. Or 85 I had the big red box. Yes you know family just recently released couple years ago. And I never played it. I had a -- look nobody nobody wanted to slip me a calf and so I credit. I heard all the rules and knew really well if you just make a friend I'd be in good -- Calm guy is kind of like that I just -- your -- place in Colorado you know Lleyton had a weird and and there's like it was in the comic books then the only -- Sox it was a really small town in Colorado. Com but. -- So later when I moved to Longview Washington in high school I found my proper nerd friends and we would play. We created whole superhero universe using. -- -- -- OK yes -- that is very modify ovals and that went on for years Tom my my crowning achievement Indian. Can count toward -- for organ. He is a type -- hates that but my my big achievement as we were we were attacked by elves and I was a half Friedman and like you very much. And the tied to a tree to my tongue out and I had a second character who had ventriloquism. And -- made the role. And I thought the tongue was have -- the -- spoke and I made the next roll and they worship me like a god. Talk about a week ago we took over the trek com. And then that I kind of fell offer in arrears and then started you know playing here clicks and all the the cool new board and card games. So yeah I mean I'm I'm familiar with everything but I'm not. Have an irregular for a long time yet and I I love that I've gotten back into it. There's a lot of ways you can hear fix at this point in time now to I mean then they've got that quick little four games. But I've always wanted just to build a sit down and -- campaign settings. Have they basically a character that you you know you hold onto -- love to you know use all the time and think tell your stories and we've your background with them so far. I guess I should say to that -- to the side I also and one of the leaders on the page you know game. Guess for Wizards of the Coast and the so your job off clear -- the story or they were Texans are irate on TV. Irish divisional game and the question in the online. So are gray and yes you what do you choose for your class. So I actually I went with the ranger I was torn between their range journal wizard because I noticed we don't. Have a wizard. -- seems like a wizard is somewhat beneficial. -- campaign can be. That I am I'm looking at the would a stranger and and less rob thinks we should definitely have a with their well. This story last year here's what's going on right now they're characters. The ranger is the probably almost the simplest class to play. The wizard. Yeah the hardest yeah so. In terms of me telling you all you need -- wizard. Tom if we were doing a full campaign and I might go ahead and saying hey maybe somebody but if the street view appears of going on right now you you've chosen arranger. You've chosen. Mean. I mean job because I think which will get a good MSU. -- you rove could so what's really going on is that. You right now you guys are definitely you're not on the wizard -- and your friend and I am very -- there's a magic and that's something other guys do and -- -- what you do is you put barbed influence into that I -- if that's your -- -- now -- -- -- killing me if -- -- -- go wizard world and that's a whole different -- different -- you know he's so the -- very simple -- I think what we'll do is we'll get to the -- specifics of how to game mechanics work. Com when you actually are taking your first turn cool calm but really what's your mainly about it is like Sunni at least once. And sometimes twice -- people. Bomb making jury's choice is not bad in using your -- grace to take extra actions. Okay that's not like real -- how -- I -- Colin role playing is from us. Hmmm I should -- before we talk a lot of people's characters you say I think you guys know but let's tell people what we're going to be doing you've got your character sheets are trying to view with the ability scorers. Can't powers already pre chosen. Palm -- three sections that we get to fill out now before play in their all the pieces that are about the story of your character -- The the first and Douglas started reverse order of importance -- or or ease on the background section is you. Telling us. What are your character sister yes. -- unlike you've all played some other. Trade craft pottery. In this particular game. You go ahead and say oh I was a border guards men. War and then and also I was riverboat gambler. And also I. What's an assassin and because I am looking around here I thought he would then. Wait those in order her point -- importance and we would go ahead and like look at the number of background once you get. The -- put three points into assassin. What that means is whenever you're gonna make a -- -- in the -- like I'm gonna say all right this is -- decks checked -- you're trying to light come moved silently past these guys before they like it'd be a new -- and you'll look at your background. Riverboat gambler. Border patrolman assassin hey I think my point to. And I'll say yes you're right assassin who works great add three to that role along with your level and your next month. So what it really is is that it gives you justice and state pay anything that I was good act. I'm glad that now it's like it's like you've trained in a certain way along with the background and history your character. Every each of you gets to have a unique thing. About your character. Now. It is possible to have this be really minor there are people who like I don't want to spotlight. Hi this -- unique thing to be. But I like theories you know -- -- -- as your game master I sort of encourage you to actually. Go for me -- -- high here. -- upon a high an idea that gives me as many hooks as possible. You wait you challenged in this I mean like you want us to throw something -- you're gonna have to Blake really go well I don't know. Well but as we want you try to go ahead and -- well maybe I mean I -- -- here's a thing because they -- for YouTube I don't get the negotiations -- -- yeah it is it's one of those -- is that well maybe this whole word and I also get to go ahead and then if you -- that I can go ahead and describe -- -- actually play out in full campaign I mean there are particular when you -- chains where people are essentially saying I -- before cots and air and -- to hurt my kingdom is Conning you know the entire world will bow and worship me. The answer is your first model. You know someday may be and then I get to go ahead in -- -- map things out about that so the book goes ahead and describes all different ways there are one unique things. Where the player characters essentially telling you to your game master I'm providing you a giant media hook. And I'm sort of asking you to meet the campaign about this in some fashion at some point now if you have all five players. If you have all five players doing things at that level. Stay in the game nasty game master can totally work that you also have to feel like -- he will not all be in center stage all the time no end -- you sort of have to you know play that way. Other times are people who are like they're essentially just standing in the background and letting things happen. That's -- to bomb unit knew each read about the icons correct yes all right so you all have. Three icon relationship points and this is a way that -- even first oval characters. Are acquainted. With the powers who -- the world you may not personally know them. Although in the case of the the number one most chosen back. -- relationship or when unique things. -- investor -- the emperor usually the emperor knows -- to some extent but usually the I did at first subtly icon may not know you but people in the organization will if it's a very strong association. And you can either be -- means as positive. Which is where you can generally count on help. Any information you're getting out of this is usually good. Conflict did bring your reasons why you get along and the reasons why you don't these sample of like that bastard son of the hamper. You think afflicted. And or negative and -- case you're saying this hasn't been any. Dear enemies are often my friends -- when I get advantages is to screw them over. And it will. Cause. What we usually like but the book actually has specific recommendations which I'm not gonna look at right now. For -- don't choose to many points negative simply because then that turns it into. A sort of a situation where your lake. All I've got going is that I really made the -- -- -- -- half a couple actually since I guess all you want to go fight and there again and now all that's really great for the getting you know you can do it you know I have we. I had a character are starting to campaign the first campaign I ran. He had only negative relationships they were all one point you know. It's like I hate. They hate me they hate me and they he need to and it's kind of like. -- -- he's no dog piled on at that point well. -- these citizen the idea is you're getting some benefit Saudi relationship so what you're saying is I screwed all those people over perhaps nor I will but it would eventually turns into. In my experience and somebody plays that way is that I eventually take its rate shaping Sunday. One of their enemies. -- one of their enemies enemies becomes their frantic and at that sort of like helps things -- better. -- so. What usually happens in the down around us is that the most outgoing person or the person who already has a really solid idea what they wanna do sorts stars says well this is my one -- And that gets the people who were shot where the tables and can you guys are all real shrinking violet so yeah not hot so you're. Fight for most diverted the. I have to say that when I win when you guys as I mentioned one unique thing in my read about it. Has access to think of something and something popped into my head. And then I imagine brand and telling me when someone asks you for God's if you say yes that's separate so I think. Ran away from it and went back to it but anyway and my one unique thing can I share it cannot promote sex averted but the I thought oh my god wouldn't it be awesome if every time -- care if -- close designs for a even beyond a blank he was transported. Hundreds of feet into the air plummeting towards the air. And really open it does guess what apple argued and on the ground. Right up short character well it's really opens his eyes again Danny's back in the -- So as long as his eyes are closed its transport in the end it was a cool with what happens when he sleeps off he has seen where. He has to Wear ridiculous metal contraptions to keep his eyes -- well I was thinking that's more iron mask if he's tied down. He can't. He does it doesn't work so he if he closes his eyes and he's tied to a tree or. So anything that is sort of didn't move well he knew he wouldn't go but I like I holding their eyes open to control himself when he Jameer not. At right now in the ideas he has no idea all he knows is that his eyes are closed for a little while sees little tweak -- doesn't like to go to sleep. Because whenever he does he can -- helped out yet he can blink. Took the Lou I really love this that the first time I knock him unconscious great guests. Oh yeah did even deeper and float like a guy that's pretty well know could not operate -- -- -- -- -- ultimately I don't wait till. Okay meet opinion on -- you can right right so Kenyatta so -- we come back -- for -- your typical that it couldn't decorum the idea seems to be. If for instance if it is that your being thrown violently Clinton. Into the air right -- then this sounds like. The earth itself rejects you and wants nothing to do we. I I guess you would you have. Either you personally. Have done something so heinous that the earth wants you gone. Or you inherited a curse like it could it could be not you you know the standard way that we. Go ahead and your dad was a very very value added there was a verb or a bad man you inherited the blood you know and now. And quite honestly would've had to finish quote deaf to that manifested at some point after the yes. -- That Obi -- version now another version would be like dementia the opposite for 12 the opposite is that on the earth -- swallowing him. Every single time right and then you were like when you. And then -- and that the and that what you have to do is you have to sleep. Do you like you mentioned Andy you're. And in which case things are dissolving underneath you as the earth is trying to clean you know if you go to sleep in a building. The building starts being destroyed. As the earth tries to grab you. Now. How that works I don't know which -- house Saturday you try can't say this if we did a one. Couldn't yeah. Cooper with students who -- to see if we did a good. Where you're gonna be the earth reject junior gonna be thrown in the air I'm fine -- that Rebecca at. And I I guess it's -- -- at least one negative icon relationship point. With somebody who normally Rangers are. Fond of which is the high drew -- yeah you know the power. That will be one way to do it. You could also. Look I don't think this is your concept. But there are some people who could you could pick a particular type of terrain data is your enemy for instance. You know it could beast only stone or something. I am telling you that there's no flipping way I'm gonna -- below you clap your hands. And fly anywhere no millionaire when this happens it's more could catapult the perfect. I don't look so I know about you like being able to like to open your eyes again and be back and win. That's teleport Haitian that's just like okay here teleport to teleport it. Arm and I and I think safe. These clearly you have to have some way of surviving this experience and you know. It's really flip in a weird will once again and it's let's go where they aren't I mean it's it's it's utterly bizarre. Man I asked usually it is you're gonna catapult and Jeff are you going to allow him to occasionally -- for dumb luck inhabitant of an advantage of some -- Yeah good that this is behind this is -- -- yeah yeah how many -- today did twenty do you think they're really gonna help us the but -- -- bigger and bigger yeah. I hit what I thought about it he's been starting early so imagine let's go with it's it's let's go with the teleport patient if you well. So it to teleport. -- port maybe cursor would have you. And so the idea is he's terrified that he -- -- -- he doesn't really understand it but the benefit is is if he actually figures it out gets comfortable with that. It's kind of a battle advantage right like oh my god we're surrounded. So I'm hundreds can't hear my guys they know where everybody is it's cool but if you. You wait too long. Plummeting towards the earth. He wouldn't be able to fire at people from the air because his either his eyes are closed door. You know. He's only -- after writing you know you know certain doom and right camera works so that managed well. The physical aspect of not being able to see that causes those or that is under close because we can -- local Maryland well and now that would be. That would be -- that would be that hard to drill or I find that there's a good question and how to figure out okay map now. I will say that stage that they we air you can pick that up at that stage forgetting. Overly mechanical for a national action and you know -- yeah I area and you want to poke holes -- -- size exactly and many people have to all the different it's impossible then it. Do you are you sure. The mechanism is fine are you sure it's the eyes oh no I've no idea -- eyelids closing them that does it. No I'm not because they I only knew it was I didn't want to linking to -- because like literally could. Did you know comfortable right exactly it's just not gonna work inside is like -- -- losing consciousness. And I couldn't quite figure it out OK but I just like this idea that it was something that he couldn't prevent it from happening all the time there would be times where he would have to do. And even thinking about it about like what she wearing your face. Right click like yeah we got caught or any other thing in Italy in May there be -- I I think there's a way the you can actually walk normally. Like here's the deal I think if you actually touch the earth he rejects you Kyra and you should be wearing quake weird. Fantasy platform bamboo. Or -- do like platform shoes -- have to be at least like five or six inches tall. At least -- always wanted to -- -- -- generally don't care and then if people not fuel for at that point you start getting the -- like a jumping -- You know so I don't know I personally I think it should I don't know they should just be. I think it should be a touching the earth and be shut your eyes in your just once could have cookies and -- I could have. Now having said that. You know the eventual idea that at some point in your life he might. Reverse this curse and to something that's useful. What would hope that your life will be more fulfilled than being a temporary expendable scalp tickets from -- but. Maybe maybe when its mobile -- -- into the over world before all we know your true home could be. The over world and that. Look at whether it's our support shot -- -- would've told you this in a real first session -- like clinic thinking used oh. The earth is trying to hurl hand in -- people for world. Because that's where he actually literally belongs. Which of course it's personal character you probably -- to act immediately thing you know. If I let it yes so that's could be it may not in me what seems like a total -- right now main effect be a sign of the brighter things to come none. Like guests that come up with a character name right dead touted however you should you care and -- back into it. I could talk coffee hi I want they've found -- effectiveness your friends. Your real friends still play practical jokes that result in you getting not under the -- OK okay. All right well that's where we're gonna have to and for right now unfortunately. This part one of the thirteenth. -- I'd guessed. Featuring rob -- as GM. The reverend did way go we'll get to my characters suited up branded journal as well that was -- Upton and it is bouncing -- Will I get more the next actually tomorrow on the next episode of the podcast he's got to keep on listening and check it out again if you wanna send -- email -- check out any of our stuff we've got to be dig -- nation at gmail.com. 19802243353. To get ahold of that via text or voice mail. Orwell yeah. You cannot look at up on the field FaceBook page and if you wanna get more information about thirteenth -- go check them out you can go to Belgrade press that opening press dot com. They get a little like on their for a thirteen page ticket out.