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MonoNick's Fantasy Picks 7-15-12

Jul 15, 2012|

We're back at full strength this weekend and touch on everything fantasy baseball related.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And stuff. Yeah. Reminded. Yeah. Get every -- -- The song it is perfect for what has. One -- itself. Does the inside. -- -- I was not Felix Hernandez 43 hitter yesterday struck out twelve. I just know -- -- is but none is left and right they can talk about king's court IRL goes up there in full force yesterday. Every time Josh Hamilton got a Savannah as -- this could be it this could be it's. There nice. By its money spent as he picks what is it some days July 14 fifteenth. He didn't step fifteenth react grants right. Yes I'm here grip stuff and indeed and he got the mere thought the full book -- -- I don't know it wears you Mariner's stuff there's seven. I I on the Mariners -- Nintendo representatives. These -- and ownership so that's he's the guy we blame this is handled by Claire and I I didn't bring in Howard Lincoln and chuck Armstrong and so it. Yesterday I thought I was at a party. And regarding their earnings. No we went through some weird. I don't know enterprise eyes opened back room party girl. In the woods parred the last leg it was like -- -- the party that's why of them weird -- right now I had world who are injured in a -- like like the Philip Michael Thomas when he had the small mustache and the Miami -- just trying to go forth Tom -- commanding aviators needed thicker. I know I just can't do that this is about as good as -- -- -- and how many days of a growth -- that this is like six months solid in all our gear down and this is I am here was the movie it's a more aging you know I think I keep it turned out pretty nice obviously doesn't like the -- going directly in -- You consider -- a path that. I don't know but I heard -- -- that the Mariners are up for sale army be up for sale that truth that it has always tell. Every once and allow -- ownership -- -- them I had another endeavor was there a few years ago the -- Microsoft think I think there's a Microsoft minority ownership and there. Some announcement. I don't know I've been reading recently -- it wouldn't surprise me that the rumors of a boundary and well looks like actually say it again. So -- you lose anyway and once it is and I had a nice rip offs. Wednesdays and elitism of Christmas past and again next level home airs at home. On dissent after the all star break he is ready to pick them up. I was thinking about yesterday in the car -- -- heard that -- -- based that's scored somebody from first base. Somebody out I want guys -- wolf Friday night when I was playing magic the manners has got crushed. Now -- horrible like seven enough and that something like that you but I do wanna before we get too much into what's going on this week last week I have to remiss. Just an amazing come from behind win how you're it my -- on about the yeah -- your brother texted in. Minutes before last week's podcast -- like make sure to bring out knicks' losing eleven -- nothing going in the mountain Saturday. Grammy -- final score of last week against here in me. I'm Lou you're up eleven enough. Because look to your ass. Yeah eleven to zero I got it at the end of the podcast. So is slowly came back because like -- seven a foregone and his son there's alike then yeah. You end up being mean five to four. And I like I didn't have any army is on Sunday I had like thirteen hits I had a -- ahead it's right. And he's a -- Texans it's like literally. Eight hits ten rounds ten derby is the -- at fifteen stolen bases you only had a look I know is going to hunt. Puzzles like I think I have more hits than you and you had all these runs and RBIs. Oh my pitching was just ridiculous over the weekend and I had like fifteen innings with that to the IRA and you have -- -- the earlier and a -- as having -- -- I and we have both had like six ERA is for that leaks it's not really who argue about Russia. So what's the what's the message was and girls. You're never out man might give you bear has it in over its notes of turn by. I'm may be not like in the best position to make a play off front right now. But I will play spoiler spoiler the rest of the year and hopefully squeak in the sixth place and now he keeps on bringing out the spoiler crap after this one -- queries. It's not have a good week ever since I made that trade with Ed that the perpetrator Andrew McCutcheon. It's been it's been game on. -- after. Clearly -- my balls beats the crap out of me. And then he just stops paying attention -- -- so I just -- clear that he's this is a guaranteed -- is an automatic win for eleven teens. In Italy are ten non lasted you -- alma ball as well. I checked the the league. Stuff for years and take this team since may twenty ninth. It's I was -- -- that he played against me major. These jobs over the recently he's out of the league. He's out of the league era where he doesn't listen to this anyways I was married doesn't pay attention news team I'm sure every day and as such tomorrow and that's around the Hogan now the months ahead. So on the bed and how many losses as your team have at this point because there is back to an Iranian that a first Syrian affairs and think of the other half before -- supporting and you similarly at a hundred. The more than Elizabeth -- -- a look I don't know they're -- games that affairs thirty. Come back and come back. I had like 3035. And Scott was like sorry and that's horrible is gonna via like seventy. And that's the only CC sabathia going on the DL yeah -- -- period. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah hungry I'm up I'm up against at this week. In his there was six to 46. -- that you're you're you're up against this weekend McKesson Buick I'm not a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Serious though maybe maybe in the -- -- -- -- sign -- yeah the war train the see how that is I'm not gonna be a part of this unless I'm in the playoffs -- I I I wanted to let another team experience what it's the son it's let's in the playoffs in the. He needs is bragging rights for the vodka business. There are speaking of the podcast we got our meet up party coming up -- -- out a few weeks and two weeks from yesterday until -- Tony is 1 o'clock. When would buffalo -- 1101. -- game starts at 110. I'll be -- a little -- trying to get some chairs. I know. Damon the twelve months going to be there he's he lives up there season tickets and tables -- people outside the the little girls hang around the perfect -- Amman on barbecued at. And -- can we do that here we bring in a -- -- there I don't think so that's the how many people actually listen this thing wanna hang out of -- -- and if you're not in the league and you still meaningless and you wanna come on down you know down the goal listeners ringgit. Can gambling -- bring -- but I'm -- fragrance -- Okay perfect haven't come oil -- -- -- movies this week slow down and camera even have this man lives them did you get your Serbia out bill. Tom Lycos ask -- bring a certain it is. All right let's talk a little bit injuries -- with some other. Notes that I have appeared to have Larry you have just who is caring and spiked. And I -- it. Hopefully it's only did today at this point those that are my ideas that those ankle but he -- the -- Who's on crutches and some kind of brace and his name is now in the right ankle and out of my goods enough of their best hitter. Again that I'm depending Hoffman and I was depending on for the playoffs because here's I was gonna play this guy has just injury. -- Does injury leading career -- In the top fifty theory TV the series up fourteen home runs right. Now I don't know. Phil Gramm -- hair but you play shortstop third base now and those positions united usually in a lot of power from now on I'm playing him at shortstop from planned them. So. Wish I -- -- rules is to Louis you are you wanna who portrayed a treat you -- refer Troy Tulowitzki right now. I asked figure on I don't morning Reuters he wants. He tee off in the cargo for Ryan bronze straight up and I'm. I -- -- a little better yeah you know you and silent you take them but anyway McCutchen for cargo straight. And I was like -- but I did offer a path and this is an official but I offered him. Brawn and Tulowitzki. For cargo and Trout. The -- I can't do that -- on the flight eleven has the tools on the DL. And -- I can with the subtlety betrayed because I have to move -- -- -- to an -- that would have an -- -- so make it happen and mid Atlantic alliance I sent him who agenda drop I don't know I mean if somebody does move. -- girl that's it. Gonna -- -- -- doesn't I hope that Hillary you learn that they maybe an exotic religion -- or availability -- -- -- of America will tell -- you -- drop. Let's make this trade authority drought Brandon -- or how well Jordan -- about the either of those two -- -- laughs I'm keeping currency from a -- and there's a problem random punish it for. He's my speed yeah millions but the out -- out that that the that the -- maybe in the foul balls of India. -- there and the I thought I would say that if he was doing I would it's for an -- -- of course -- Albert I was proud he hits Ron and to loan to and you'd hear -- girls brother's keeper league ever be cargo on brook Trout. -- keep rewarding for four all are completely out if you cargo inter -- prize FF that's -- How many outfielders and then the view that I have five guys. He'd have to and announced it would you have like for us enough builders. -- Graham sent in via promo. Half that's -- damn -- policy input from a back in the pool speaking of outfielders Burton and he was activated that I'm up and -- -- so if somehow he still out there will be dropped them nothing in my -- for the year. You know my government -- weeks ago when and they saw -- -- -- EU is. Gonna make as a rehab start and then you bypass a tuchman and demand Israel have -- Those. It's the telescope -- activism almighty -- But I'll probably drop and Charlie for reform yeah the only and have the question is is awesome. That Ivins Ivins seemingly leave before the -- rate dues money. Literally earliest that you need those I do. Just starting pitching sucks. But Bloomberg Merck has activated also Bonifacio Bonifacio macro media and the united stealing bases and now solid he got it deals by Internet activism passes down the miners are majors and on the miners on the miners alliances again -- -- where I got Arabia a guy hits in his last night also a have you seen this grant. Stefan obviously day Williams room. The that's what the room. It really handle Phillip Helton. And -- -- to this guy and I don't think sad news that your gonna Cincinnati minor leagues or a dad he plays shorter second so it's a 104 stolen bases in the lion's club. There's a 109 total this year he's been caught. 21 times. Such -- shows you that I keep it presents the oil ministry. He's already got a hundred forward is that right these other children and a 12030. I don't know what it is in the minor leagues -- he could easily set monthly record this year for the this is -- Hamilton some -- out and keep early maybe. I don't know is going to be opened the big show next -- didn't always sort of sense that -- Tony there a while yeah I was looking at that is suddenly tomorrow if you don't like that not I don't know about that against the position he plays this is slowly argued short -- and to do within reason you interest cast. He did but he's -- move him over to second base. Do they know they don't know if he's going to be able to play the majors that serves up live. But yeah and I truly fast -- quick and he would be coming up though it might not be here on you know September -- might give peace but particularly some someone named to keep an -- out and keep -- steadily decently in the futures and they ended. I don't know what is that -- -- -- so that. Some triple A times it is it is density came back up the DL since we've last podcast that and yeah he's big name for a trades are you inexplicable weeks Disney for trades I woke up from from a -- Because. Again texted it trade offered announced that -- evening hello all all of V. At that time down there that's hilarious that's over the somebody's we'll hit that they're there but the fact that. -- yeah. And Iran. There's not a -- that we over the space Tennessee football great opportunity like Justin Verlander and someone out anemic hero was. The over a hundred denser and hose line. I was like a closer. And -- like tennis and very Landers and and ran the anchor Erica for dumpster in meetings is that. Like Charlotte students right now -- I take -- away. I don't know who will then we're. -- board. Yeah some less it during those he was kind of like silent there with like a back. -- -- something new he's the Japanese morning but it yeah -- they said he was gonna miss today's game apparently have been. -- eyes saw the little triangle thing max's name and a drive for a round we podcasts and dumpsters. Yesterday. Learn this -- is that I just know that he's ran his. Shut out streak to 33 innings that I wrote in my notes but he's. So that's there. Is still on women and busy -- -- -- -- -- pitching isn't well agave we have right now they coming off the DL for pool and there are days comes -- winning them I'm living. And I got Cliff -- still learning. And closers there money I thought about offering you. Closely -- now. Now it's mostly has in her Lander landed Franklin played all right well then move now when -- Which -- guys that. Remember wolf how they may have I know -- like I'm so partial to doc Halladay. -- he's my guy MI other league I kept him from -- six years is ridiculous what are they go around the world who that. I just I don't know there's something about. -- like Iran. I got man crushes and he's one alone and it's to a fault. Like it's horrible I do if I make trades with you earlier in the year there's no way -- in -- position element of foul balls but by trade Michael -- away. Her I don't know that trade that you offered me or a -- -- Kevin Youkilis to. Indy for Alex Rios. Like the Alex Rios will -- is he had his seed number thirty or something like that right now. He is ridiculous right now it is not a murder yeah I applies to analyze. Leo Nunez. Oh what's his real name you know law and Carlos -- this is that I -- -- we think announces deal. Looks like the has left his rehab Stan has been flown back to the doctors. With a elbow issues. Us any edits or soreness I guess and discomfort in his. Throwing elbow and that's not -- noses that I'm Carlos Soviet some that's yeah obviously he's. You know I'm here Leo Nunez in the Paris Tommy John I really don't you think -- well any time I -- elbow. Now I just think Tommy John it's happened to me so many times it's possible when EST should Shaq getting you get the save yesterday they I didn't I missed this I went for her. Leo Nunez and I'm gonna I have both of them in one place so lovely -- is the stupid. They act in the end Ozzie Guillen said he spells out and they are much closer by committee but that doesn't really mean anything you wanna take a chance on a guy. How would recommend just -- Our Crawford -- -- area where they -- is back prospered zoom on there who Monday as soon I know grants bank and on that. I am and all three -- -- this he had that Goran thing well. My grave before the all star break -- -- and sounds like oh my god I wanted to dump on the math at at I'm fed up with this crap. Welcome to Carl Crawford land. If he can be among top ten and the earth is. Season there's something around the us homes lost on his even ranked top ten. And 2000 the last year's draft he has drafted ups and he's -- you. I drafted as being drafted an amendment the second -- first round. -- that beginning to see you're you're playing Ellsbury this year it was -- time and is coming off of that Tampa -- -- he was really two years ago as a rule yes he was always a -- -- and Reyes in the mean -- -- -- hazardous dominate in the in -- obviously fantasy -- -- you know. -- five years and obviously and phone -- You know and Hanley has been like three seasons now -- in Austria and -- was -- -- -- ranked on the big board Yahoo! like number eight team. And he that ship but if you come back to his batting average soccer dad and everything else -- where -- was drafted a lot of -- Anemia. Around it seems that he's he's forcing me to keep them again next year but it's horrible Andy loses shortstop and now it seals is playing like he should in the final season. Whom the government now actually better now to cheer us below -- -- -- second half gone yeah well how about this guy I mean. Francisco Liriano -- effect added yeah I -- got a bunch for the annual fifteen. Struck out a bunch fifteenth of uncertainties. Five innings of its especially at the few more than I would just -- of the game of dudes that. That's more than Felix. -- but I mean they get the win though I didn't hear here. Now here's the thing the key it's Francisco Liriano and -- who saw that comment on that Saudi as though he can strike out fifteen unity can give up fifteen minutes I think he'll throw perfect games before -- give up fifteen home runs and he's an enigma wrapped and ruler -- with other friends he's awesome rapid suck. Women men and -- last note that I have there -- prices -- And -- on -- well Canada be -- area and -- apparently there. But if you strikeouts and wins obviously until slightly on wins the biggest on going to be. I'm not -- -- ever got around their -- -- so yeah me neither. Time and we'll all the -- every team is chasing after instead of Cuba and there probably are you only get the win in program Ivan Nova. Yeah madness the life that you have two home runs are today and over this Niger earlier against the government -- sensitive to right now we've got about -- And he is any busier days ago and am a priority to have my team -- That this has just been a winner -- the missile season -- -- dude it's not like any other season has seen before this regulate both of them anyway top. -- thirty players not. Claim top thirty level look back at the drafts you know and Sony first and second routers are just not doing what -- posted June we -- -- -- -- look at players like Scott diamond drew you know are literally. And the graph. It's in the round. Think that has amazing now Minnesota. The biggest memory of the Michael fears -- you warriors out my Milwaukee I was via the entity owning RA Dickey is the biggest -- James McDonald. Donald Vinod K you've been all season via. -- dammit I mean McDonald and we'll talk but -- openers as potential breakout an earlier mentioned this yet you know he can't do that -- that he got throughout we've been waiting for McDonald's for you there marker we -- we were probably it. Chris say -- percent healthy. Is a waiver pick out through your freeagent Missouri a lot of early this year. Are already has done for announce. -- -- -- -- -- This person is 63%. And he is happening in France and in -- McCutcheon. Here John -- on the -- an alliance. -- are picking him up but -- don't get a box he's awfully tired -- -- home run the tenor of his last two weeks Pittsburgh looked like there a legitimate or eleven games over 500 tied for first announced Cincinnati in the Andrew McCutcheon MVP. Erica agent -- future Barry Bonds guy -- And well -- they go to -- slide and I just say did anybody watch the -- and -- Part of it to -- highlights our -- McCutcheon and -- so pissed that he ended joining in. Now I was so glad lake. When he got seven outs like Seattle -- like just three more outs is still there's kind of a curse there Monica home run batteries in I mean I just didn't wanna make it through the second round I don't need you to take thirty cuts in the -- under read. That's gonna mess appears my arsenal went had a little trouble the same way I don't want him to do well I think he was crushed -- -- -- the but battling an -- of this on our. Rusty next month marked. Rest. What they've been in the mark through the trauma is -- turnout is honored that I thought I looked -- -- weigh that up but rusty people -- click -- that. Marty Brodeur both. The blockaded him -- It gets -- on the open and I worldly counts -- It is he's got its hilarious like that if they probably won't appear on baseball reference like -- -- you know these relationships and not -- YouTube and -- -- he has been guys can brought it up there and -- how to I have my league eminently or from. Here's a guy last fourteen days on this going back fourteen day has to resort while we have all star break that it's -- -- four of the ten miles an -- and I don't those it might just as an out footer -- 368 with four home runs for stolen bases and eight -- number seven on the Yahoo! player -- -- last fourteen days and only. Owned and 23% leagues in Yahoo!. I don't know it's one way I don't know where to begin Al feel there now for over four home runs. Corey Hart. America won national happy little laughs. But that is there are coming out of his detriment to their customers the on around you now know and -- and then but he was in some of the -- -- -- as someone who is this diagram of the -- -- -- up and -- -- I picked them like ten minutes of morals that Hummer at the pick -- this guy I would I. I would that -- -- prayer I was still like stand with you want him Karl stand now for awhile -- detonated some playing time if that is only owned and point replace Yahoo! leagues and it didn't mean to steal three bases -- -- and came on I think it was Friday. But acetone that's he's he's giving you some speed and power -- -- -- -- deploy and over that day. Rodham lies not in Obama and walked the -- and I -- -- and there. Yeah I mean right now at least they got top five in -- -- on the instant he has. The idea I think he's -- -- automatically vote 38% Glasgow at the idea that I say -- courage on a breezy on an area said Italian Justine and museum and possible so anyway I mean it's Francisco. Saw I had another outfielder here. He's only element when he 9% Yahoo! league's number ten on the young player in the last fourteen days that and for 57. With three home runs nine reviews and a stolen base. Number ten on the young player on sports -- I'll feel there are that are American League central American League central. My program it is Michael brown and I won't play stab in the dark. A left the movement in this later this -- in thirty days features that -- to -- you with. Brantley the -- again but I just thirty days now fourteen do you of all those guys -- -- season in his Honeycutt also. -- is this season like man this guy's pretty good there. You he's better than Michael Saunders. -- Noriega out -- -- help again keep those guys on line group of the season and I'd look for help of the most -- -- He always pop up and always the these guys -- six years -- estimate nonpayment she's always there and in his name every little. Jump out patches regularly yes I do I ended have finally job paying. You know it's just the name you don't normally you'd never I don't know I would never see you name. He's the name Ichiro is is features. I dropped to -- judges had two sets it's even when I mean he's what ten years and it's almost is about time in -- that it. Eighteen at home this year -- event to sixty for the year. Yeah with 218 hole and a look at these homes that's the merit of the minutes as pathetic that's that's I mean besides the guys who don't qualify for the batting -- Dundee so -- as it draws that into eighteen at home -- to ten Montero tool for. Brendan Ryan one NDA you know Saunders wanted to get more cedar river cynical about a 171 and only -- have a good year. I don't know what it is about -- which is mental or what but I mean when you've got your two leading hitter batting three team pretty much at home. Yeah sadness for you -- of the body Nevada 197 as a team at home. Bring in the balls. I don't know what they condemning it honestly base hits. The senators. I don't know if there's from the I was there with balls back. You know we're you know we're gonna hit a home run anyways I mean you even you know why I mean you can see why hitters don't wanna come here -- hitters in. Why would you vote and they're gonna have the wouldn't want to get your -- Thing out here with the -- wanna come here. I mean if if you're I was a pitcher I -- to -- have a link him to get injured and there -- get winds slowly the country to the come here what happened each one injured. But aren't injured Lima altered. Who clinically. I need to get in -- who did he not get injured while -- oh Kevin -- that's an okay this year he got my messages that went on a -- game he epitomized that you better pick an effort you're gonna be cut you treated them -- that if I can't tell you my fancy team each and serve them. You know kind of things the that. That city and I got this day I don't know he's. His relief pitcher I think he's an Al central. 34 innings -- one when one says if 55 strikeouts. Of one point 82 year in and point 98 whip on the season. Then -- -- -- them internationally -- nationally essential. And he's he's only got one win one save but I look at the 34 innings 55 strikeouts and era -- on the current views. It's it's a bigger reason why Pittsburgh centrist place. Jason Grilli. Sandra is files like act exactly like -- that's just again had a I could pick up then plug in for my middle relief strategy if I have to go that way am I mean if you got closers in to receive. -- now hold holy death fallen by -- my brother and foul balls he's. Punt in today's issue every still gonna start to guys that relief you know you know so if you've got a couple of guys you know that are 87 inning guy and -- guy like drill you're due deference but those rural. Exactly and -- Tonight another united got the starting pitcher. Is a big time last thirty days last thirty days as a thirty days four wins. One point 01 -- Point 98 -- Striking out six guys per nine number when he won on the young player in the last month and only known and 21% only. Nationally sentinel and National League central. The worst team might actually didn't. And I have no idea and you know the worst team in the national -- -- the cubs. So is that Dempster and although blitzes. Percentage known is that -- -- now. I don't know he's -- since then Travis would follow Travis Wood he's actually start tomorrow of these mid double starter forest and you -- cubs suck you know he's actually done pretty well so I got would he's -- to -- -- pretty much. Yeah know he's there Scott diamond but he's given you what I'm an area where authority that's given to us -- lot actually thought up picking up this week. But in not to CBS leave CBS -- -- stupid this week it's only a three game. Syria doesn't get started on my and I don't -- Arizona it as the commissioner I think they let you know you see them well yeah division right now my obvious idea I think after this I was just in a horrible position from a -- discusses. My pitching is. Ridiculously. Atalanta how he had an and they don't change at Yahoo! these idiots Phillies this week are we gonna have because an all star week puts it they're right -- finally got good doesn't at all with the other weeks. Yes -- just three days Friday Saturday Sunday yeah -- if you gets period pitching if you got a -- bomb back or whatever you -- short pitches and you know you -- points you can get in the head to -- three game series basically on our Yahoo! leagues I looked at this weekend is kind of a just a jumpstart soon. Next week -- the week every whoever's leading at the beginning of these three days there's a good head start on. Their competition. Our government need to win out -- Miley and -- on the on the highest scoring team -- organized orange jump and highest. I might change that and actually do at the top five points it wins bottom five -- losses that way and a short week you know it's boosters that. That you just let me know of the chain the rule changes before the league now when might they might put some to a vote next year as the buses from The -- abundance -- -- knows -- because -- surely commissioner purely you to make the rules of people all playing nearly. If the hell out that's the thing -- more moral you put in the was like not screw this guy. Now mama guys lol yeah and they're voting yes here. -- -- -- the weather aren't here about a buddy of mine do and fancy hockey the promises. Every time I put up the votes nobody votes. Weldon today the -- was out you put the voice out there that's all -- do once it's out there it's out and -- that once the voting is over. That gives people you snooze you lose on Fareed. Reality is that this for a weaker -- might not come into the game you know so you're kind of in a three game shoot out I guess you can call it. You know you -- visited them you underline your offense. The everybody's just it's a success Q David do it. Now I rely on my offense all the time that was my -- for three weeks they'll. There. There I my memory issue that's CBS isn't it may have data access here. Where they they -- -- back -- we gonna -- Italy's every guy used to blow it on the also week. These only do that to retreated and but that changed this week because I got memory issues. But Ryan -- outs right now who are -- more picture barker it's there. Hot pitcher the last month. Starting pitcher finished three wins the area of one point 32. Whip one point 03. Again six strikeouts per nine these average in the last month number 25 on Yahoo!. Owned and 41% of leagues. So he's up there more than half I don't know if it is for you or Oakland. Your partner know. As a -- randomness is what it's not McCarthy is easily entered apparently I don't know the rest of Oakland's starting pitching part of a local loan now he's thing. He -- violence oriented and to our young guys and then get the idea. I don't know beat Tommy Malone. All that video demo hope hopefully hello and colonial wonder though his artistry where the streams pitcher of -- -- -- -- Yet I'm still -- -- -- well I think the public sixth -- and you know the that's when they open I mean if you -- that can help to look Oakland's way you know they're they're -- obvious that ballpark to pitch in the pitcher's park so. You know again they put an inner -- Griffin I think -- obviously -- he's not available you know Malone the -- is out there in a club owners ownership -- you -- Billy Butler whatever his name doesn't mean that million Levy. And always steal -- bio bio tomorrow blocked and they don't care someday or collar -- it's headed you know I mean it's been three units is this watch this is for the year. And they've done. I mean we talked the minors which is awesome yeah I needed to do because we know that now the only Dow sold off -- is the only you know. Now they sold off our miners to -- told us the -- now like look at we -- issue chew over there and as drew Cabrera Tarrant and or wireless. Michael Morse in Washington to hang it up like. Look at that guys testing this general want to act as amazing -- gonna hornets the the thing about some bad players bass player like yeah I don't know I might see it on my team for the plug on the glass is half full and -- in this room all I mean I am winning in every week so far this. This week's not by the -- -- really well quieter life W out my daughters my Yahoo! News is that the. This guy's really secure means -- do the the name of the welcome the segment. It's. It is the first base man his leg maiming and point 9% owned. And he is hitting to thirty the last thirty days. First Jason. This must be awesome the American League -- off the -- power hitter. And now. Paul came here yeah -- been -- -- I have limited ideally so there is no doubt he's his government has dropped -- streets wanna -- -- Yeah he's still hitting streets wanting for the here. Yeah well the last -- is it appears though and hit an iron -- -- -- -- now the slump -- -- for him. But yeah -- in their home run from him in forever -- Hopefully -- resident. You need it -- it's more about players grant. Do uses low lying on OK these were dropping him off team -- -- one team is and -- pick. I dropped -- like here today. I start to dry air here yeah I think he's -- he's only batting against right handed as you like the fact that everything has -- all star her now sort of idea. I get -- rival -- you know I think he's one right to have him. I think Asia and you know even if your team is terrible behavior to use our resident. And I know it takes away potential all of our -- back -- I was only trying to I don't I. I knew everybody and as a result of that without the debate though in other -- you know and obviously they're talking about their beyond you know hometown guy and a home run derby you know volleys and debate the there's not Alvin Davis never would have and did all the time there would have been named. As a mariner widgets on relief today elderly have another couple. And British horrible that thought not you know it's not this is not -- -- -- the ball now is as bad dosages revoke finish. Things with an attitude Davis and sorry. I got ahead Alvin -- -- Jersey grown up as a -- a lot of them are OK Alan Davis Love and on the streets. -- -- -- now he's not the view that a DH award and after -- Grainy out of our vet players. Or the time for emails Christiane. -- -- are -- to guests on his last five this is an in home. -- -- -- Christiane last five hits -- home runs okay how many -- does he have in his last fourteen days I don't know -- attitude through vending area it's hit and he's where he's up five for 34 and prizes there just. Now I know it's. Not -- not and his utter failure for value on the hands for like a month month and via yeah just not enough doing anything for you and only has like three walks like the last three months and to -- like yesterday. -- -- in the as the another and among a group last that is Yahoo! Jose Reyes owners your wait for -- come round one home run only forceful -- the -- to thirty last month. Has Jeter doing. Peter's castle in Canada. He wasn't doing did for like a month and a half now is back to doing in Africa. You know looking for Ramadan. Right damages and bruises. Did you swear. Now it's. The only swearing -- it's. I was a test apparently you -- that ethnic wanted to do I do I got a guy and -- thirty days thirty days. I'll say plays in the National League connect is hidden 310. He has there is not a bad player now -- -- he's got four home runs. He's got oh yes 952. Will present -- -- percentage -- is crystal button here. And obviously -- -- -- here in an eight point 5% while I was -- out there yeah he's out there and he's out of this in most likely you to help you. -- -- It's not some operas now now now that's National League there was -- ago west. Wilson is Dario non. -- of tendon and AJ Ellis now Marco. You're known as -- Obama. The you know Arnold although it got the yards now and oh yeah yeah and red hill and ground the whole lot of ground dollars and yeah he. Amidst the bottleneck as it is now a bigger -- instance that I am dammit. I got AJ Pierzynski pitches. What do now. Than obscure just good and he's still out there and foul balls -- -- -- Randall. Is but the ten -- And it NOAA mainly a reluctantly a lot lately I can't we have a -- and -- and football. Assists. This thinking of a stupid thing -- the earlier when. Grant what do I -- particularly that one -- because it was visible Steve. -- In his notes this -- Kevin's wife. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will he be back and -- finally signed whatever -- boot code is huge juncture and it -- get the emails. Are you are Eric -- it's I think it's time to move on -- real and on to the final playoff spot mightily. -- seemingly what do I do and I pick of Paul Goldschmidt off of waivers and feel comfortable. My uncle dropped -- Posner for Goldman. Didn't -- You it'll Hosmer Alexa ray can in the second half he was kind of you're not there at into the first half. Yeah little speaker elastic. He's the the last thirty days Hosmer deal has one home run he does that Bristol base at -- events to 31. The last you know month. Amid a mechanical -- and he's got four home runs and four stolen bases band 354. Now for the last you know thirty days so definitely he is the hotter player. You know the last month -- zone and in. High hazard you're calling -- grant. Now. Please and they're always gonna look at -- half a million years -- and Cyrus. Any time that that's that's stuff I mean obviously if it has -- at the non keep early in you have no ties to do it if they're not here early SA do it -- pick up you know Iranian if you need help I mean obviously he. You know if they're the western first place you know here you'll open up in the standings the tree house -- draft -- there you go well I can tell me what kind of there. In points one at ground now without the gatekeeper better than drop them. Thanks I say trade Hosmer furlough Roche. And in ninth round traffic and get on back. All right be able to get that deal -- team he really. Would you do this trade James McDonald I give up and I did Jason Heyward a starting pitchers. Our Chris -- Jake Peavy McDonnell. Win. Frears. Can time Colby Lewis and Shaun -- I say do it you have -- -- for it would Hayworth and good. I -- law here's what I do I give wells under as a pitcher for a good batter Mike I just look at. Like that yeah I mean obviously if you're give up on your better pitchers you know you -- a look at the guy's pitching staffs yeah those names -- -- -- on -- Berlin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then you know. These players ultimately went three starts with them down there is always has the -- -- -- gone up tremendously and last month or so but the -- to starts numbers are it would the last month six home runs through stole bases band 333. Announced on seventeen on Sundays. He started Logan and keeper in these number 29 -- John F. For the last thirty days is number 29 overall and Yahoo!'s so there's my my outfield here's the thing is like I over it like books -- -- field and I always had so. Now it's just been chairman offenses that get rid of the outfielders that are getting in the way of me playing Hayward because they words. He's proven himself to me this year I don't know about grant -- frank gave me some much crap. And rightfully so last year if ring an amount we saw him out there weren't exactly. Put. And it's keeping its Hayward. Our library tomorrow for any Kennedy you know more or less than a few weeks away from going forward who gets the better deal. Forgot to bring right now I mean can -- that he is. Awful. Now I would use a little Santoro or trade for -- army -- that is still a few excellently Kennedy who last year against them -- -- and a 115 or someone that -- Diamondbacks and he's very easy enough but now this year he is -- -- accountable and like. Moral morals and it is you who are so -- finally get cut one league. K I -- that you league twelve team head to head. Timmy Lincecum big time -- and at what happened last night and on and he's getting. On blue -- brilliantly again he dominated last picked up for McNabb -- -- might -- -- And yet every time he is yes. You don't have the longest outing didn't make owners believe he's back and I got itself three times that are things that -- thanks Doug Fister. But non -- -- -- I'm that Lincecum and Miley this week that in a in the business but he got -- -- he points yesterday Miley and our -- drop Brian my hair for Carlos Clinton or Desmond Jennings where you guys think. Desmond Jennings has been pretty awful yeah I would pick up in time for radiology and had wandered too -- -- and millions and well he wants to get traded apparent and obviously he's if he gets straight as out of San Diego so -- numbers can only go -- John Carlos then why is he not on the deal for Yahoo! now this is. Sensory -- we a couple of days ago. Don't Yahoo! News is Xeon and the deal at this point yes look at who's not as he wasn't when I did look at this a couple days yeah -- you on video and he had a he had surgery like Friday that comes out and he still wasn't on the video. -- some sites are all slow you know you can read it on whatever site -- general the world of the guys on the DL until nearly actually put them on the DL. Or your commissioner goes there and manually ads and the LA got to wait. Which sucks because there's so much can make a move until a guy whose own deal. Do our job -- Jonathan needs forward Jordan -- Ryan Dempster or that can tonic guy you as a kind of government. 'cause I felt there. During -- -- Jordan's ambassador and mine during that this really comes -- yeah hey I don't know I agree yeah you pick -- that guy now. That's that's crazy things there should be on and relieves and the drop whom. Dempster Jonathan and needs Dahlia now Demps is the fiftieth ranked player right now. And in. One point six the other -- well against Americans are mentally on the 91% Yahoo! -- summaries and things he's up there and a -- -- he's he's he's more than a morn pitch last -- -- mean -- -- next here. He's better than Felix and Yahoo! right -- a -- to his brother Weaver better than you know -- is -- are going the rest of who it was nailed to mayor Jason fitness. Give us shipments and resolute and no 12 baseman. In the -- number two on behind -- now -- But yeah you. Few. It's been out today's numbers that are really secure -- into bands going your team is some -- she's got a bolt of and so is look penetrate them. Manila thing out here is they give -- more of his average. I mean Kim says more runs moral basis more home runs more stolen bases -- average -- now less than two events in any for the years can assist to send five foot from every every other stat that matters is it's really get a mirror on your own team what you want. Yet you wanna win fitness. But but but but if you're got if you're got everything and handled by your average stinks figures too it would don't realize our. Are -- No automotive for the island with a although maybe we can come up with someone's. For -- like Tony if I'm going to come together -- maybe we'll come out of I've been made defeated them now too but the book last fourteen days just two weeks from well. You obviously -- -- -- in the last fourteen is it would what is that the -- Sunday how many days exactly between now and then thirteen how many mariners game between. It's reports partner in ruins and time from now to them now. On. You are saying and I'm seeing all that up you'll remember if -- -- when we're at the party on the twenty days. We count because we're all going to be talking and had -- Oh come up with some boards more it's with in the league okay. Low lower there are there -- there it's the ringgit some other people involved that. Tsonga did -- going to be than you and your rather. I'm may not that's my company picnic this guy de -- it's -- Floyd and I are here but the first -- in the league now is not going to believe -- and while you never know on this thing and I have I have a company stated that there. Now what was I ought to one's at 1 o'clock alone there and her -- for the game. So there's an eleven -- or the I have a whole bunch of crap moment is up north though it's my sister's birthday and he's going to be there and I'm going to be there and delivery is. Girlfriends birthday party and I forgot for -- -- -- I have to go to that afterwards and I have a bachelor party that you don't have to go to the party afterward you're invited you don't have ago. And I'm I'm I'm -- iron to turn that down again and -- I mean just because the result is what's mine I'm the reset this how long is your company picnic -- it's that I -- senator I'm you know once again. A year if you're just now saying something I think we mentioned it'd ask you moron we mean this has been in the league board message on I don't know what is probably their brother is the tensions and you know. Thought but that's or bad maybe armies -- -- you know that's fine you have the down and out of Italy now we understand one of the kind of swings from last year. And. Aren't last month -- I will buy. Some wings -- There's gonna there's volume we how many people there on my wings for everybody but I'll buy a big portion heard of that other people that are -- and everybody else and you throw away my hope that all we can do it just everybody can add on and just throwing money and we'll get it there it doesn't matter. Or just buy whatever you want but all violate. A big platter. This year there Damon wants side wants to do some towns is the embassy it is occasional -- and allowing challenges so yeah I'm not -- on that. All right Bryce Harper or might -- -- the next thirty years. Who who who who who. I really can't go wrong right out my answers is frowned -- and -- some time yeah. And in a theater I mean that businesses superstars or give you moral run more stolen bases -- higher than -- and and then you know. He literally years actually I mean that's a nine year old is basically literally and in I think yeah and I like the National League better. Now for pitchers of his hitters like -- so we better hitters you see more fastballs. Is a fact my friend and you see more fastballs as only rated down right now. I don't know -- with the best able metrics the better ballpark obviously throughout the have been up in the Middle Eastern with a few months the army he is so the real deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot -- until but this crowd last does is tells him to what program you know are you guys got anything else. And figure out -- sexy ladies over there if you pitch him -- cell -- does offerings Thomas I down in the bottom dropped ticket tears and laughter oh you must talk about it straight offers they don't want us on the about -- of their day yeah I mentioned at the rather they is. Because we are coming up on the trade deadline here rather three movies that. Pre -- offered Jarome our. And Strasburg my first pick and my twentieth pick for a ninth round pick thirteenth round pick. Jordan Zimmermann and Justin Upton. So you get Strasburg and our -- Upton. Upton Zimmerman and a first -- the first round draft pick a line. I as the only given up your first round like that that could be and I have to visit the the keeper -- aren't secure -- you have to keep her it's not I've not -- 21 round -- -- don't character too don't you know why did I just think you do have -- -- as you get to keepers right and I know that's where things are already thinking about keeping them. And mr. Oh wait milky. -- and Beverly Mel counts in Hamilton to share. I don't know anymore and he even on a four -- or. Who's your other players are Yahoo!'s various. Because they Reyes and who is also on the borderline maybe not keeper. Of Ryan Zimmerman who probably non acute you know. -- fraud -- number no no moon and Greinke. Maybe maybe. Very easily the first round -- utterly like I don't wanna keep and pitchers this of the league where -- keep anybody you picked -- is not there yet the draft and we know Obama kept them from doing television as you do have to I think you do have the key before. -- because they can't sort of computer keepers and extra aren't. That's tough that's a tough one like this that I am leaning like Strasburg but two number ones it's like it's huge. I mean you put value the other guy in a position to drop Strasburg and you can pick of China with one of those number one and operators of an -- position for the rest of the year casinos. And ended up to get top the second half NASA should be estimated do. And already I thought well they get a until we announced an income alone let me into the Mariners you mile printer industry that. Who is fewer areas that. A -- about a tradeoff for that though is offered earlier this week. Kind of crazy. Not the only grant offered me. But it was. Again I was like anybody can offer its ball warriors the American off her nobody's untouchable. Right. And sells that well he's not earnest so free area or whatever it as madness. I want him to -- my closers. And I offered insurers -- to Susan -- ventures that are. And really think is gonna take the offer but has -- his like a semi record -- let's get this go on. When he's just like Mario is -- all of his closers in the San Diego all of his closers and -- wants. My second or third round graphics. And I get leg that's when -- first round and again ninth round for her. Trevor Bauer -- -- the other managers there. Now there is no no way I'm taking on three close there at that point I thought about I thought about a for awhile. And houses like I can't do that up with myself in the position to where I have to start deciding. Look closes gonna sit on the day to day basis of them starting pitchers and get in there. And I just don't need to win more -- days I just wanted to win it saves. By getting up fourth closer to the and at that point I'm gonna put myself in position to win -- three every weaker 84 and one man only need to win -- tie. So that's right in doing and then I was like well. Maybe I'll just do it and then I'll give him the day if I don't have to pay for my draft picks if he if fiery. Can give him panda and a couple pitchers that he wants -- three closers. Kind of overpay on the offensive side on the guy that I don't need on my team from. And then -- trade away some of these closers that it in need anymore Brett Myers. Back as the air raised -- kilometres from the house but I mean. Hopefully he gets traded to a contender but -- -- -- go to setup role in the and that hurts him for my team broke off the team. And I feel -- Frank Francisco who and what happened to him. Yeah back on the -- -- get a search under par Nelson clothing Tuscaloosa yesterday sucked but Francisco alone I think he's on rehab assignment right now the we've gotten. He got picked up I want to teams in the -- to examine -- got dropped against somebody must have yet and it's not gonna come back in the media center backers and Santos is -- out the year is not a fish is that is down from its held on him for -- yeah chance -- the case -- in Toronto -- he gets it yesterday Andrew Bailey. I -- guys and I expected back to August now I think -- it has come back I would expect him that he gets almost August. Yeah let's go until they Nevada to have anybody you know it's gone storm. Story still has thanks I've decided to. For some reason the costs of cinema and media BL spotter if you go on the the idea because back in Tyler clipper has been doing well in Hungary and those Hartford I would I would expect our commanders -- throw a guy in there when -- The current closers doing so well. Absent though is that it got an opportunity and he can put the saves in June. -- -- Now Roy Halladay is supposed to serve on Tuesday and a science and that are there yeah -- did the ultra right and of the Blogosphere top. However I think what they -- that often. The hot the hot into the universe there are anything else are you grant. For today. Now now. That time I leave us anyway is somehow this is only a few weeks left in their fancy seasoned -- guided trading deadlines make sure that's coming up -- -- if you're not in first place or if you wanted to and improved team rather make some moves you know anything that would prepare for next -- -- figure out of -- -- -- -- -- regularly are you really go out and scouts -- guys in -- stashed them under benches in case you know. And keep an -- on those the told -- -- prospects there everybody's coming out process known besides. Steve and I thought about that time and shareware deal with teams that are not in the playoff. Phrase and Majorly. They're gonna -- our -- prospects and those are guys that can really do damage in fantasy baseball in the second half the season does come playoff time because. The teams that are in the playoffs are gonna start certain there healthy guys like they're studs. So -- and -- and every day for the playoff from the we'll see -- Maybe maybe through -- Any hopes and Australia and America and in the round and obviously it's they could bring some that he still needs to learn how to pitch a little bit yeah I found in all no matter they they should cut bread and Ryan -- up. Nick Franklin I mean whether they'll lose. Yeah I mean Brenner of that when he -- for the season but he's not helping you know I mean. The only bragging about -- in trouble and he's the only leadership guy we have down that ownership and a shave his goofy looking must then assess what he's saying lamb chops -- -- saying I don't feel the same thing I can on -- that's the difference you'll have a pitcher Brendan Ryan dynamite his problem. I was at the hell you know that got hopefully a huge turnaround there c'mon he's president the contention letting him turnaround this. Patients -- says patience when he won 10 PM -- Blow up a little while England would be there through the square. Thanks. Thanks for joining other. They were. And make things fail for a. Only spins and good friends seem very receive. Cats and exclude. Iran's letter now mama -- bigs -- what does that give -- Shout out as the spices. Sample set your lineup for that we yes play attendee that. Annika question and adolescent girls. If your state Nittany notes and MA RT. Head that -- got.