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Mens Room PodDammit 10-24-11

Oct 24, 2011|

It's been a great weekend of northwest football, we discuss. Plus porn vs prostitution and skydiving vs gay sex.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. -- and expect it -- why they clearly -- Rural rural and all right two men that are both excited tonight the only one supporting his team's coach -- -- disturbing -- have did you yeah from what. Some guys in naked pictures and He said that there -- pictures -- sister. Republican with a picture of Ted sees as a result of a button so there are pictures you said He met in the smooth sister to senators -- Senator naked pictures. And include the naked pictures. Went with who these photos of disposal of Ted the pictures -- -- -- to this -- assistant army but you can recommend you can -- as the newest veterans just now as to shots as described shots. -- remembered not to open that email. There's like I don't know the picture's going to be other old man come down to -- Nice for Ted good to you know -- Said He crashed -- all of the key no I gotta block gotta blocking your text messages now I've just got some -- -- dry day Thomas Saturday football man was. I was watching -- as like I just got done watching the that Wisconsin Michigan State game. And then house flipping around because at that point in time that was when the Washington State game. Was going to get underway with Oregon State. And house won a major games well one of the only games will still left on that I realized Summers are and so flipped oh girls just like boom boom boom boom turn on -- honors. And as soon as -- turn to game on man there was. The guy back -- one into the gulf. He can do for a quick goals on my this is over -- this is over I was aware again and the first half resolve you know pretty flat there is no score again it's half Nelson second half. Whom I got the same thing is I was down trauma videos and a huge fans. And I realized that probably it was time to leave the bar -- -- say. Let's coroner dame games and it's like -- obstacles in their name ouster of C loss lingered elastic guy out at the act senator into it. BI knows everything and then I turn on the games is they -- -- score goals I was Sri in my house over dark and ninety just join us -- strong second half there Joseph. -- young guys come on strong and we got we got. We're at Real Salt Lake Saturday for the first leg of the -- in the back here Wednesday -- -- -- kind of felt like it. I kind of felt like a whole weekend was just. It was just ridiculous as far as like how decides a machine stadiums -- in for one good thing to watch. The World Series ended up being just -- pujols hit three home runs that is unbelievable violence that was in the World Series -- -- that -- it. Reggie Jackson made their -- -- the other people have done that before as it's a -- -- is Reggie and Babe Ruth but it. Coming off the heels of the -- and He played with some are saying is arguably his worst game track. -- Friday -- start with that her whenever I came on the camera -- -- before yesterday and -- West Virginia lost got killed by Syracuse or not they would even close. Wash your eloquent -- Maryland got destroy him Huskies in the parliament. Huskies absolutely get their ass handed zoom Washington State I guess -- close is in the team could possibly play. And in Sunday -- -- NFL football Seahawks in Cleveland brutal navy was the worst game in the history of NFL football it was almost like. Because it was a school the the replacement players with an update or can we ought to bother intruders from drew moved. Boys Terrell happily go that's what -- of the entire bag call manipulation one again -- Washington on the punt return calls -- comments pass interference but it doesn't you know doesn't change the outcome -- 63 should really do want -- -- somewhere along the way. I'm a Red Bryant had like a game like a career game two blocked field goal well how many tackles daddy was all over the place and then finishes the game ahead but magnet. Yet ejected -- last minute but He just like through stupid head but. Come -- man that would you know it'll hold game they're like at least you know -- -- defense is now in the red gradually emerging as a leader in the dawn. Had to do after the play from Cleveland was they sort of went pretty well -- -- and then there's this terrible well it's -- -- doesn't plan because the -- and a contract. Yeah but you make is -- hamstring and then on the coroner -- his agent only should sit down. Clinton. And -- -- an update there. -- -- pregame warm -- soya Marshawn Lynch areas user I don't wanna bet that's it we're about to remove. Yeah pregame warmups that editing I don't itself. She kinda got a big cuts -- coverage on fox thing as -- -- -- a kind of just came in like it just came in on a shot of Marshawn Lynch sitting on the bench of a towel on his head. And I got a look at the game the breaking news here -- -- my god what now. Marshall a little city injured his back in pregame warm ups on. -- then of course see you -- you finalize the the weekend sports activity with well I mean. Game for a World Series was good. But men as saints game. -- 62 to seven diagonal watch it in 62 to seven and off. I mean that's like when god -- -- -- out corn state goes and plays Nebraska for the first premier Catholic and Huskies play Stanford and everyone says and a nurse Sandra. Do you know about Peyton Manning the colts aren't saying amen and I will lower since Norm Coleman and and play defense but I don't care what you say Iraq and Manning -- defense gave up -- got their importance. -- and Peyton Manning was a 35 your defense gave up 62 boys and play defense like it was what do you tell us He was put up seventy every time He started. But you don't even if we're shoot out game even if you so look paying gonna gone up there are gone toe to -- that's fine but He would have scored 63 point defense is tough to do in America and it has nothing to do that at all to me into -- and you know a man. We suck and just accept it -- not pay Mandarin to defense give us extra boards. -- of quarterback play yes the quarterback -- and often blows but you don't go 62 points you just don't -- and a -- Bad teams don't give a 6220 learning theory that puts a drink I don't Peyton Manning is a team that's -- That's the issue. You -- you are married and still painful for you when you're right I do need a man no doubt about it emit much better team no question but azalea depart Tuesday just they need him in the locker room. But -- just -- -- -- -- -- yeah I generally generally when it's when it's 45 mountain saint subs are on the football. They just read it there they accidentally they were accidentally scoring just like we're -- and I am not a frontal -- -- playing like we stop soaring overnight trying to embarrass him going got a day amend. I don't think about a -- a running back -- never gonna some run and cornerback might stop tournaments like that's -- defense. -- -- -- -- over under on the game this. Just feel good gasoline credit -- a Manchester City hunks 06 on Manchester United -- -- -- -- easier -- answer -- this -- of the first goal now. Likewise it's that He took publisher and because his wife is always have to be me that He scored 30 seasons with the Eagles got in Ramallah. I'm happy because I was Manchester United fans -- so they hung a -- -- Sorrell I was I was. Because text in the -- bodies that's a nice and -- things a big number on him eight. When you look it up every Google announced. They wanted to computers in your work. Because no one ever uses them. Computers and there's your main studio so here's what we're. Gronkowski. Hello Michael animosity don't. You're to a robber Gradkowski did over the over the bye week is a patriots -- tied and then the patriots had a week off. You -- it went back to Arizona sports are now. -- a porn stars out there and beating Jones. VB Jones is a good the good moments that you Gradkowski. Said yeah. Kickers. Now he's -- and Isaiah. Makes Vietnamese have been a -- -- -- sold this company -- manhunt. Gradkowski and for a field goal to any of the limited use of the bunny -- in the new adult film. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is because they're the camera there but what's the difference. If you filmed cooker that you indirectly for sex Buchanan and sort of middleman. And elegant master okay don't wait until it will go OK but look. How about this. What if you picked up a hooker all right. And you brought her back to your place is in a license but of addiction. What what I'm saying is if there's somebody there who says I'll give you a hundred dollars. To have sex and I'll give you a hundred dollars to have sex I think get to -- give you a hundred dollars to be in this movie and then I'll film it. This man is illegal near a license you mean like you just shoots that pornography and so cops came and -- look mamet's. Fulfillment got him -- three my buddies as a professional grade recording equipment. You know and yes I am having such a third yes she's getting paid but actually going to be incomes funneled -- these guys they of the whatever or call ammonia for gonna put an -- and that they do you have a business license and it didn't work but. If you have a business license if we own website even if it's not extreme and I don't know -- -- true. We've given it to social double plus production sort of put number it is less stupid videos and -- club wants -- who -- put -- a minute video Abbas just happens next. With chicks. And we said yes they got paid but we can pay them a sex we pay for them to be in a movie this is our production license -- -- productions we might be able to get away with it. -- so He can get away with -- what I would say is just starts on stupid Internet production company you're sort of a small YouTube was right. Have such -- religion you want tires so much for the little issue requires a secular. Just under the agreement that effort recorded it may or may not be released for public consumption that's I would say you -- do you want even if you're just even if you had your your business license still -- productions and you take imaging general aura around. You're gonna -- -- given Yahoo! an aluminum drug. I thank you get busted by the cops like look here's camera. Here's my business license that if I was taking her out animals stillness. That's a cop says but she was doing something and you weren't filming you say that's an audition. I think He churches were going to be in my movie yeah you heard of the casting doubt nothing might be able -- I don't know but I mean is it right don't I differences. Yeah I'm not gonna try this. Reason -- the threat to settlement have a license -- warehouse are about to flip cam. -- and then my third critically important read this the -- Bernard says. At Mayo a commercial -- -- -- and -- India and every other club. Given of those scary helmet cams that guy that guy didn't you busted who do you did the jump out of who to jump to the chicken has sex -- there because they were. The -- before it was anyway nobody nobody codes -- -- to see it right that was you know fired them. Well yeah I arizonans and how well He got fired straightaway and and that the girl with the exception Australia so that the boss the -- company that while -- -- talk to her we'll see what is the -- -- definitely -- -- damage reports -- the funny thing about it is if you -- the stills from the -- the skydiving company and gas -- from the -- I mean he's just like he's just like Canada of -- comes -- smile -- glass and everything I mean she is into it she is gone nuts. Doing the little awkward I'm because there ha ha ha. He was -- in tandem job they were just both make and haven't sex threat. Middle and that's only difference but I'm not able amended I don't jump to the guy did not have sex with an interview she disclosed in the -- -- yes it did fit within that -- sixty years. Yes it's pretty much to a remains at UPS and when they -- digital don't talk to anyone about this part -- to manage straps to your back. There's -- -- strapped in the back I mean you're you were screaming -- you or -- -- -- his -- man senator -- and wherever it's like you you can you can generally don't like prisoners in Britain is kind of point your screen then you're facing away from him he's the ballot access and these aren't you the adrenaline was really going there was something they've never -- the glory though you're a little nervous and -- were suddenly -- Look at the -- never jumped on -- playing video -- onto it a bit record -- lot of safety precautions at. You're gonna have flashbacks there was an allowance Wear helmets the chute opens needed a shower afterwards. -- -- -- -- Skydiving the same as -- should step there's a damage -- other good.