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MegaCast 06/08/16 “Still Winning!!!”

Jun 8, 2016|

This week Ted & Steve chat about Muhammad Ali’s passing, as well as talk about depression and the odd way that Steve got out of a rut this morning. Plus, the fellas continue to win, win, win…no matter what. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast . Email us: TheMegaCast@yahoo.com .

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No matter what you think. Mr. Mohammed Ali. Religion it. Sir can that happen at my. Anyway. Never again. Never be and then make me and that's a lot of the in my game. And watches and. The greatest good. Okay. I know okay. I want to fight. General the whole world. So why can't we're it's. And it's good Pamela look in. Of all places in Africa in the Congo wow unbelievable I wound up winning home territory remaining capital it is coming up in the were you when Tommy got for ten years. Okay you Karbala when I guess we'll talk. Normally run through walls that. Let's get it off car wreck didn't mom oh yeah man that's pretty cool. Naral like not the one I had heard thought I was yeah I like I don't know put together again the music makes it makes it even more inspirational talks do. And every guy like that overly dramatic music it just makes you feel like your read Iran to a wall for somebody yeah what they'll do talk about a mile music that's repeated Smith. A man who brought so much cheer it's. All the mega family. Movie he inspires you reduce Ted talks. You're himself with the win his take on two lips. You're so it's taking up too. Amanda loves. Passionately but he. I'm animated classic baby's. Who could blame him. I always contend. That's our music I straight I always contend every grade I it's kind of somber but one have been nice if you knew you were dying. That I could be like our miss start the tribute to now so I can hear them before I leave. Because this really amazing things being so it'd be about friends whether it be about Mohammed Ali whether me about. Somebody's uncle yeah nine yard warned that the funeral and they are once Jersey's great stories about how important they were but that person will never know. How you truly feel because those emotions no feelings about when they're gone. Yeah it's like the Huck Finn syndrome ranked. You'd like to be their Sierra funeral. Yeah let's go on hardly you that you can't do it I really say on Lebanese prime looking down innocent and smiling I hope that's true some of them yeah some might be like what you see. You forgot about that. But I the tiger 85000 dollars now redirect me so evil you know you're looking down on like. Not smile and I'll let you address ungrateful piece of crap god can you strike one that bunt down I'm not ours and yeah he's a mad mad. Were they saying about me Britain's Sunday yes it's time. Now I'm sure talk a little bit about Mohammed Ali because they become short then they did. It's been a weird thing could I because a lot of you are showing a lot of love and then. Then of course on the flip side you get the people like why are we celebrating this guy always a racist who this guy and ads like. I think it'll forget that the things that Mohammed Ali did to try and bring not only himself up but he's race up. Was it totally different time than now. And white people just got to get over sorry there's a huge difference between being pro black as a black person and right. Black people have a lot to overcome over the years. Did till morning support like that doesn't make them racists. Right I mean now if you go welcome I can't be white power it's like. Does that is racist right Ali Al don't have we've had. The power but there's no reasonable he's keeping you doubt which team you might lives matter we can do that yeah exactly or there or the idea of lake. All this reverse racism and everything it's like the epitome. Of the most races as she can do is to take richer which you're doing to another group of people that put it on yourself height you know make. I can't stand martyrs it's one thing in my life that drives me nuts you know though was the victim. Right all right if it's good enough for this why isn't good enough for that I hate that mentality. BC women's rights is here with jobs minority rights and happened so often and and and as I switch from piers Morgan. I just like I don't ever think violently about man if there was ever a time the smack somebody upside the head out of the time music you know he was of he was a racist and he was camped champion like segregation in him. Signals and many would say he he put up these video clips of an injury did many years ago at a British reporter where he did talk about you know. He feels that it. Black people should stay in relation black people notice in an interview would be released invasions and it's like there's a whole different time you talking to a guy who has been. Him and his culture. Are being treated like a lesser like a contaminant way worse than it is now a music and so of course he's going to Aaron ought to put into words but it's like. At that time in the spirit of what he was saying I can understand where he was coming from it was about we need to stay strong as a unit as a culture we need to rise above everything. And he's even set an interview since then like you know he's he's his opinions changed over years like any human being exactly like Mohammed Ali at the age of 25 had a hole if reminds a demo hollow earlier data fifth. Be around re right it's lake it's lake. Malcolm X it's like people forget the second half of the man's story remind America and it started you know and and then I was like oh wait a minute. To be a good Muslim money to hang out with white people too and everybody right you know I keep them under talk up the stuff in the sixties film is still segregated America. In this in mad you know you are you willing genes you know the Klan zine el. People Diane on the freedom rides the south ranking. So Horry and the guys like what in his twenties there's stuff I said my twenties I wouldn't stand by for anything now. My opinion of many things back in the days that's no different like we used words differently when we're younger we evolve as humans so why can't we give the benefit of the doubt very need to give the benefit out he just look at interviews for mullah Mohammed Ali where he point blank said yeah I was. Over the years I've I've evolved as a human being. The biggest Ali fan right I mean that I respect with the man did inside and outside the rink I would say sports wise. That guy none of none of what he did socially would matter he was a great great boxer yeah I mean there are untouchable when you got in his prime rhetorical broke his jolly any finish fifteen rounds in that fight I mean you think about before he had to stop fighting because of all the draft stopped and all that me and in his prime he this is what 67 years there's an I said this before. There's no man or woman athlete on the planet right now that would do that. No first social issue now premieres no change. I mean how do you now look at that as something whether or not you agree with why needed someone that was so strong in his convictions that it was like. Did you have you seventies and away better and I could I mean when it comes onto a new assist. It bothers me when I see that it bothered me because it's only making this issue with race in our country in our world. Continue to take several steps backwards because like we can't. We can't put a guy on a pedestal that did some amazing things whether you agree to an all month. The fact you're just nitpicking subcommittee did when he was younger and had a chip on his shoulder and understandably so. We were just being completely forget all the stuff he's done since then have to seems ridiculous to. Host piers Morgan and you know. You see it a lot I think in major cities frankly I think you see here in Seattle which is a very kind of white city them but it's very liberal ranks. But then there's ceased to whom we wider your man if you ask me here. Yeah wintertime I'd like to see some snow a copy running lights are. You while you should see some but there's undertones of racism right Lisa go to the south and you deal some of those rednecks and stuff. Should know where you stand with dump them and their honest about it but I think it's worse when you take educated people that try to you know. Conventional stuff this way or that way and it's like. That racism is kind of worse you know but the closed door meetings for people are allowed in in this and that. Thought I'd get out the right and I always say that you can really realize how racist of a culture we're still in. Just by reading comments on any news story that involves race all she even if there's a positive story even if it like a sports story. You get a few comments and you're gonna see the N word you're gonna see whatever it is that's a derogatory toward turn towards the whatever subject is the stories about I heard I. Iron somebody say great today what's his name honey Jones who ES PM and and he was like that everybody loves Ali right in music but he has. We deal with Ollie right now because we can't deal with Cam Newton to limit dad after it touched down. You tell me we can deal with the black a powerful black athlete like that late nonsense. Could deal what Richard Sherman being outspoken yeah. I mean think about dead opera I mean yeah obvious he's he's dog he's a thugs are called what you want. Right to share price just sky news Seattle where it is the new and oratory dog is the new Eduardo I know some people pride disagree with and that's fine but I mean when you see people using it the weighted they're using in the context have been using it. That work could easily be replaced at the end part. A 100%. And it's very it's it's very simple so I will say with Ali for my taste I never liked Joseph Frazier stuff you just a one on the Philippines a Greta I'm a white person. So it's not my place to say whether or not the girl. I find it very odd so many who was pro black would call another black man gorilla that much no but again also Carmen uncle Tom right out of a white guys it's not my point to step in there but as any fan and I've seen Meena use a Joseph Frazier. I know how much that affected him and hurt him. In Al Lee. Never had can never swallow his pride and have the guts to go there and apologize he said his kid wants I don't blame Joseph Frazier. Joseph Frazier sent him back after the fight and say you follow once apologizing come over himself. Absolutely and I saw that he was George for performing did an interview where he said all know all that stuff was just it was just Hollywood stuff. That they were actually cool behind the scenes and I wonder. I don't. I don't know I wasn't behind the scenes hanging out from what I've seen there was a period where they were but after that fight. Does that mean national stuff with Frazier or he would be like yeah he you know like gods Kirstie with parkinson's for what how he acted like that's not somebody whose friends behind the seats. Well inlet. It brings it perfectly to the Ted talk today is Steve let's get Santa. Let's read is that tech tonight tonight on the items at the heart race in the blood pumping in the brain functioning it's obviously function of rabbit series Jack. You already are and what better way to get things going. I feel like this is something that costs us we've never heard before I thought we're just gonna play Khaled every week. Here I come. I'll try to pretend you're right. Putted terrible multiplier you. Perfect for Mohammed Ali yeah. Broad form and you know we Mike latest on again next week free we don't know. Reply barrel rules. Can. And almost out now. Moody's go. There was a couple moments during this week your bullpen and I were texting each other just because you're thinking about this song. Special Saturday morning I will call hobbies. Just sort of played it. Well I tell them ahead. And they say they now. Now. I think if we were a tag team we have to come out and I've song. Disciples of fun to disciples of fund wears 321 battle whereas project for you to be vocal wrestling promotions. What do you know higher resident tag team I would love to do it but I would hurt somebody is I don't know what I'm doing or myself. Forgot I pick it up to be like a street fight Edwards just speak conscious. And only you can put your life in my hands releasing the video water pound. Where the the one does the do you rolls up to the house that he parks his car. And he is tops out he's got like the WB championship belts. And just walking like all fingering petty like tosses giving him his body just stick dueling if makes life. I heard the audio courtesy would take his walk when he hops out of the car is just like arrests are in its. Perfect all man. I'm on the I want the how do we get it so that we can just come out of the tunnel or out of wherever the behind the curtain the music plays. I'm okay would wearing wrestling trunks if that's what we need to do we go into arranged and we have the music gone all the craziness and then we just. Never wrestle yeah I want well I think I'd be like seven balance. Just to cut off shorts and tights underneath now we need to be like Seth Rollins were like we wind but we never actually flight yes he could. Because after all all we do is win win win no matter what the (%expletive) out there aren't that students dead. Any tools it's tiring. He takes me. So I did talk. Actually a lot to do with that Ali Frazier thing and the thing about a lot now. Whether it's with a significant other whether it's a friend or whether it's you know for those guys kind of co workers as they were boxers. Periods of time you know there's that old same time heals all wounds. I don't know that I really believe it you can forgive somebody but at the end of the day he wants a trust is broken. But I just don't see time repairing that Mac you can have superficial relationships these people and stuff and that they be honestly that's fine I do over the few people. But if you wanna rebuild right on to let me this women if you rebuild trust with somebody had. You gotta do something to make of trust you again right like you got to build trust you just can't let. A period of time go by and just like god that's forgotten right. Like now like I'm not upset about it but like it ain't forgotten brown you still ahead on my girls think he's exactly right yeah sometimes you know Blakey has got to. Now I know we didn't go to our friendship I've been through most of my good buddies like there's times are you just I don't know I mess up for something in the idea hey. That's all me you know there's no excuse that I I don't blame you for being mad and and in that'll be awkward and it'll take a little bit of time but that will be much better than just letting. Huge vast amount of time going thinking and hoping just gonna disappear. Bright and and then sometimes not only do you think three interest FiOS ought to be patient I mean to you know like they have that mentality it's an ego driven world I guess but I gives. You US top. You'd think that okay well I've apologized I've done my due diligence OK now let's move past it physical assault that easy sometimes it fitted that does the wounds are still there and I'm with dvi used to always be like as a yup time heals everything. As I've gotten older. Well I think that that's not necessarily true either sink time removing yourself further from whatever it is that hurt you it's just. You're able to handle it better. It doesn't it I think he looks ready doesn't affect you the same moral right and I and I think. I think you kind of heal that wound in a way where it's like that wound isn't hurting anymore you know what it's late. And you can forgive that person but it's like if you don't change anything about yourself and how. Do you want to trust you again you know what I hate the most is Marty said oh sorry what you really do how much you dad DM lift you up. Right I don't get mad at me because I haven't fully forgiven you yet. And us and trust me I have been guilty of this friendships I've done and relationships. You know like I honey Heidi sits you know but I didn't mean it right I guess is like well it's been a date should be fine rap I don't know either shut up about it right at no point that I take the time to understand her side of the argument and whether it was a hundred prolong the I've never really took the time and that and that sort of saying like you can't just do it not well outside announcement a week. And then here's a gimmick look if you don't like it that's too bad because after all. Idyllic we. Probably not a bad way to handle by three. All the help I would give a lot of lot of props to any individual and decide to handle verified by quoting that song recording that a what did you just have a lake. I don't know what your girlfriends yellow and catch you in some holly she can't see you relate. The Bluetooth speaker strict hair that's turned off and she's like what he had to say about that you just joke well. Hundred when Dave and his payday now. Take a quick break I do wanna talk a little bit about means of travel Mecca. He thought this is the mega cast not always gonna just be poop jokes in the part story just sadly a lot of talk about this stuff I want to a little bit about I. I don't know if I'd. And I got everybody we all have issues with depression at just you know and I've battled a Syrian man. Yes they were rusty from me and I and I wanna share because they're big. And that there is a moral to the end of the story of the depression I was dealing with and that sometimes you can find happiness and you can get out of that rut by the most ridiculous way. Yeah and I want to share that with yes it actually involves our friend AJ Francis. Well I'm not it was just going to be masturbation. I can't will be back all of that is a great idea. Yeah. Take in Steve she's bad pitches and they needed a break and then it costs will be best. You read Red Sox who. They come from my friend again told gang camp purely my believable and in no mood and you land. I mean you know. Okay. I'm really really really young like well. Oh me oh. I am on any and. Donald Trump has made his mark on the American political landscape now he can make his mark on you with an official trapped 201610. To. Not trump stamp the official tramp stamp Ford trucks supporters see your behind trump shouldn't he be behind YouTube and he will be when you get a tramp stamp. Plus a portion of every tramp stamp purchased will go to veterans. I'm not really sure how much or win but it'll. It'll probably go to veterans and what is McDonald's say about trump stamps incredible. Really amazing to continue people going to be very very impressed some say trump speaks out of his box so why not have his space near your mind. Backing trumped. Then back to try and get a trump stepped today makes your lower back. Great again with that trumps stamped. As soon. A paste them. And Venus have been made not made that could have. And that's a pulled the. Just days yeah. I don't crazy. This. Sometimes it. The minute can't. It's better. Let's see action Bronson back I had a put back into the mix because you got me hooked on actually Bronson cooking your gut the food show I'll have to that's delicious half that's delicious if you haven't seen it. I don't even know the challenges until Ted spent the night one night in and was put you know and I are cable. And even put my wife into the mix I dot there's no wasted and enjoy watching. This on you rapper and I like is not a lot of pot talk about food but she was just is entertainment as we work and it's on the vice. Work yeah man that's that's delicious is an act shall I caller shows sweetie gets pretty good that's a little more deeper if you're into we'd I think yeah Albert however would be that I want but there's a good legal stuff to that I think would be good for her to a pitched yes late in. Non Stoner panic is a guy's not a huge stunner but that's but F that's delicious try the best on warms world's pretty good to Eric and you know Eddie long. Oh yeah yeah he's opera took the boat yet exactly tech has a very in make. I heard him on non hot 97 was revenue 1 morning I'll pop sometimes like when I'm driving and at 3 in the morning it's 6 o'clock in New York or on the East Coast also comes with and rosenbergs is stuck right in Rosenberg could super nice guy and madam but I'll tell us how you get to hang out with him that's also cool guy yeah really nice guy anyway you're east coaster and you medalist in Iraq I mean hot 97 is the Mecca for more brutal legend Ron I've Steve let me ask is the guy's great he had a great wrestling podcast called GP. And that's our intimacy resume radio row at the same time we were so. I had among my podcast and makes cast when we were there how nice is this a quick little chat and talk about wrestling stuff but we kept running into on the entire weekend. And adding it to run too many drinks but I yeah company. Kids who served on there I use excel yeah I these I got up and never some wasted ready to Iran now now yeah. But those are to tell people the media. Yea you don't know did just completely like Sam Roberts another wrestling podcast guy who was on OP radio super nice guy but you didn't drink at all yet so as I look at all from the leader of arm of course gonna go Rosenberg. Yeah yeah because the type of marijuana have a drink they really talk to 6 AM ranked yeah it's a little one do the drinks and our DJ asked about so. Oh where are they going with this experimental product so. Eddie Wong was on there yet Connecticut exist thank you very opinionated very entertaining. Yes he has and he's got a future Horry goes around to different countries and stuff that's pretty good 2000 thing heal the thick of the fight action Bronson show. Is mayhem. Mammal ran. The bigger black dude right he would be my favorite character on that show right what I loved what he does like the slow low. And like each assurance for some pent up but I'm here it is wreck you have heard is. Are not good I don't think cheeses could have or prep for her this look eight. Action it is so that's silly to Bosnia out about a which makes me wonder then amicus we know like somebody. You are more willing to like their band their art. You'll give him the benefit not so even after a liking him and still not being impressed by ain't. Now I you have high means it's really not a hell yeah I got to basically do it again I hate to be you'd take but it sounds like that site. Typically that's what happens. You know reminds me when I was in high school right Wu tang clan. Was massive and this is a marriage just kind of split off to their own thing everybody knows risen. Right but then Rizzo put out he can think you're like one or two albums under the name Bobby digital. After ma Alex what my buddy Alex coming back to me like. Cops that knew Bobby digital when he was so pumped for it to this day I'm pretty sure it's one of the worst records ever released by anybody in the votes and Clinton have really. I don't office Rizzo lives usually pretty good. The challenge is garbage time Rudolph. I also wanted to give a quick shot to Leno right out AKA rapidly euros emailed us that the may cast don't make as at Yahoo.com. Did you start listening to make a cast nice I almost heard them all by now. I hope she loves the fake commercials aren't free kick there I actually ran the zone dot when we play those commercials like osu is that you can't cite cost cape. Chill out come back no we actually make ticker headphones off. But the commercial play. We chat. A good tournament very serious conversation like oh crap we're back if that's the weird thing that's the funny part. We don't really that was the reason that we had the ability to edit and take a pause in its got to regroup. But it's now become like we're just treating this like it's a live show. Yeah its format like this apex is our chops have practiced when they were going to go over the radio world. Right reset it right now yes we heard it here first coming for you Joseph Frazier threw half. By the way I forgot to match it's a mile podcast and know may cast next week okay. But I'll find I'll be crater Lake Tahoe all that's right you're off next week yeah I was a no no way guest next week this personnel makes gas DNA that's right canceling and our. Don I've got to do with follow. Note I have to for the trifecta this week that was on yours for a little bit Ohio and our mega cast it. Dude you're I would that I Tuesday Wednesday Thursday it's taking care of contents guy Ted Smith. We are the Adam Carolla major road games are podcasting to in Seattle bright red blood contact. Did you boy that's right we're creating our own nom. Podcast one network. I'm content and Steve's Steve says one. She says you were since you live it live in Seattle so she could stalked us until we let her be our assistant. Are you living in Lacey right now at a crappy car that I can take on the freeway I've been there that's the worst thing. When I first moved on Iran might Cheney transmission blew out. And I going to 35 miles per hour sanity beside route everywhere and you dig out I'd just love when you're in those cars that had 12 month as the Mercury two pence yeah GS. But it's like take when you leave the big you know the stop sign or ever and you're only going like five miles an hour returns it's time. Right so I got NASCAR you're driving an 81 station wagon. Substances do the best. Hi Susan I've never been a breeze to our stripper. But I haven't mistaken for a stripper a couple of times and I was in my twenties. Now forty I'm married and had a big Fannie KI SW my whole life. And just learned about the podcasts and listen to them all day long I believe podcasts are the future. Thank you Whitney Houston well some people believe it children mean Steve would you believe right spot gas renewed disciple of the fund children do not need to be a part of our plans. I can deal it's going to be a fan thank you guys met from Bradley Europe thank you that's awesome I'm glad that I you got hooked into the podcast. Pride because in Luke Wilson but that's fine the disciples of fine are very Smart individuals shore. The what are your kids' favorite tag team and they'll take pictures they're great with kids yes they're Smart enough not to suffer a for now we'll where are disciples of fund we have makeup make a really good road warriors we have like that war paint our face to reduce completely like not. Man I'll now that's a good question as well wait stuff on our heads yes. It felt like what felt like bulls lyzard double Warren Zore. If I paid your head on my face might your face in my head and you came here for my taste in your head. I'd that is probably one of the better ideas I've heard ten years yes now he's a fine and their pressure yet with a backpack I asked asked. So take yesterday I like I mentioned records which can break we're really don't pause we just continued to. I am there's a personal question about I would imagine you have your time for you not feeling all that happy and shore I don't know that for years right and it's symptomatic all of us deal with in some way shape or form some way worse than others and him. I'm not trying to say woe is me kind of a thing but yes stay man. I could not get out of my own head start bad night to Torres lying in bed like. This vague. My wife was asleep and I'm lying there for hours and then just racing thoughts and I mean. Just but again these rights and I don't know even know how to put into words but I could take I think it's taken my thanks and that we all just need to feel appreciated. And surely go do something into his mother knew my wife lives anything she was only kept my head on straight and has no idea that I was I don't really share this with terror. Because I don't want an IQ. I don't know maybe of the Sagan old school thought I don't have her concern of one Butte. Person and that is the rock for her and I need to be better about that I think it doesn't hurt to share these feelings but. As usual life. That's a good point I I I generation staunch. So I play hockey alive and for me hockey is a form of therapy if our dance for me to get out on the ice. To forget all my problems my phone is a way distractions are gone in and just dealing with what is happening on the ice and around friends and a man and a good time. Am also releasing a lot of like. I'm swipe my ass off. It's a great thing about sports when you're on the ice you don't have to think about work you are right thing about a relationship are you gotta worry about a stop the puck in distributing. Right and for some people like you know working out does that for the man to death so really helped my wife's keeper head on straight so yeah. Monday I wonder if Brothers taught Joseph I mean whatever Steve absolutely I almost did I yoga with her all nice yogurt yoga. With her and I backed down at the last second just because. I was like I'm not sure if it were ready to be in the same room from what we do yoga I am I'm warming sure you're comfortable knowing that I'm there. So I think maybe next week I do hot yoga with her ex supporters do that's right. You're due out with a lying down babies were dancing frog I don't know this. I'll access. Gender of the GDP yoga terms but they're not the real Leo in terms it's all the same stuff I am now. Yeah safety zone is something completely different yet just. Right baby goes or whatever yeah. Yeah off so anyways so. Hockey is a good sense to me to kind of let out whatever is going on in my world whatever insecurities and I haven't it's kind of reset. So Monday I was gonna go play there was a couple too many goalies so Mike asked her I'll go home work out of home and did something. Get a good sweat and felt fine. Yesterday I was supposed to go play. And I kind of did but there is. But a mix up in the schedule so there was already two goalies that are there writers can carry over from what we were gonna do so they stuck around. There's no fault of theirs they were but it did in begged everyone got all be follows rotate all the goalies. Was an hour long skate you try to rotate for goalies you maybe get fifteen minutes of ice time. Depending on how the game works I mean half hour twenty minutes right. So that a bad mood about the housing and get my full sweat I barely broke a sweat nose like. And you put on the gear on and off bright and then I it took two hours to get home dep will be in a bad move. And I certain then all of a sudden the issue that I have surrogate and more more intensified and make anyone who probably deals or depression at times it's like. Once your mind starts going down that rabbit hole in security next scene on the feeling appreciated the work place nobody used on him doing a good job vanished just quit my job and I. Like every like just anger but ya like to the point where Mike parody created arguments I'm gonna have with our boss. Arguments a gravel coworkers I'm gonna go in tomorrow and I'm gonna set every place on fire. Did I do the same thing man brides you know I need a ralphs are thinking about scenarios where I'm already in an argument with somebody B it's like that Syria has even happened and it probably will never have now like why am I getting so worked up right. And it's like all it took what may be like somebody was a little. Armed short we feel like a boss yeah I think tomorrow if they're like that with me I am gonna march in their office and say I am Dodd. And it's like. So this is all going on in my head like opera NYNEX should last Elvis there because I didn't feel laughing because you've probably experienced it's I I got a happy to hear you say this I thought I Miller lonely you know I've been doing this stuff. Ours is going on all I think you can't go to sleep so makes it even worse I almost got up into some it's going to work it's gonna go to work right now and get ready for this. The hell is wrong with me to midnight I get up at 2 in the morning and I am losing my mind Ted. So I guess I got so bad I as sure but the worker just punch back the space out there Eddie also. They're good they do during your flip flops ticket. But awesome shoes Mac stock every organ overnight and it's obsolete I don't care a bigger muscles are. It's. This pickup but not sleeping it eats. I kid about that I think it's awesome that's heeded the ultimate overnight. Employee he knows no one's around so I don't honestly I thought BJU when he was right on your board I thought BJ's is doing that you got sleeps while he did. Oh really. Yeah he dressed up for us you were T shirts with sleeves and more shoes. Off a pop up are very proud this letter to the of Mel I was impressed. I was waiting for I was excited for it a Michael he's gonna show what he's going west Seattle on a sunny day. I would bet his entire. 365 days or 64 or whatever but Romans is here a less plus it's like the dead of winner then he'll Wear a hoodie with the show or just. That is McCain. So I love it is a perfect thing to do such a kings fans are so anyways I'm going to do all this crap right dead I'm losing my mind like I almost is gonna text you back you up brow. Can I can't talk and some don't like we've my wife I'm gonna need a new boy you talk to them all yet there was a lot of I know and I was like finally I fell asleep. Browsing really just feeling so when secured just about in music it's just depression we delicate life. Happens and you try your best foot forward and sometimes your brain just wants to keep you down and keep kicking you down until. You gotta figure something out so I would knows that things happen usually hockey is a great putt away from me get my mind straight to not being able to do that really kind of act with me. Think about maybe going afloat you know doing the float Seattle thing ahead of you I think that helps me get my mind sat. It's going to be is and spot. Eating I'm even thinking about school and like McDonald's in the middle of the night doesn't that's right and only my wife of average audience and where you got. What are get a big Mac the breast. Leave me alone. How all lie so does that I have nights like that. But I'll just. I was blatantly Soviet join a 1 AM we just put on like the stupid it's late comedy I confide yeah Tom you were hit it's like Alice in a veggie out which I don't know if it helps but at the moment it makes you feel that I always. Whenever I'm down I and I since anybody trying to do something fun I know it sounds so stupid and so. Like the worst advice like that cheesy as some advice but it did for me it does work like merry go play hockey let me go watch a cool movie that's funny now depressing one. Police around the drums like do things that. You enjoy doing. Yea and a price to be depressed really should do when something you know to sit there were stewing in your thoughts yeah one hockey all that makes it even worse bizarre kind of bombed out and you're released version it was so bad I want my buddies in the former NHL or use any. You don't seem like yourself and I just snapped. Hi this is why god and it was kind of his home. Maybe all the did the error had the mix up happy as a man that's my dad and I'm sorry am I dude it's fine I'm just. Understand like. I value my time and I value and yeah this is nothing to do we view and I dvd no meager pay national election on I am really sorry which is like. Thank you used to be the first DR Tom thank you very good trash talker like all of us in and a good way but I keep you realize that I was affected by this and it wasn't really about. The hockey news and made it worse. Yeah or let's nice email ginseng just let me go for a week to Felix did your back griped. Try to circle back to Ted talk. What you do you still not good these are good somebody who pitched it right. So off let me grab this so on the way in she made I think it is the most insulted they never say anybody. When they're like downer depressed quit being a bitch JR like stop whining get over it can have none of that works that's gonna help calm your focus. That it arguments would like significant others whenever I get over it just shut up now yet that's gonna make. That's the only two sacks. Ding Ding Ding alright yeah yeah. Consumer Ratliff did a quick break I mean I back. Here's achieves this a make people sit directly commercial. I'm Sarah do something happened on the way into work this morning that completely put me in a better space and it was like there's almost negative. One of those things in life we needed to hear whether it be like a song a TV show for me was a podcast and involvement of our bodies are are ready AJ Francis and nice and his team. They're podcast. Really really set me and put me in such a better place. And now west ought I'll play that clip for you army get back all right I started the look forward to this. That's maybe like taking steam and have a the minute concert will be back. My mouth you've seen those TV ads for the Swiss for what jets where families find a box of them on their doorstep just is that kids make a mess and now that's with for has cornered the home cleaning market they're branching out into feminine hygiene. Introducing sliver Maxi pads a great thing to have around my house when you've got kids or ovaries are all. Keep pure vinyl floors sparkling clean or use some of those days when you don't care how the damn floor looks sliver Maxi pads have extra strain within easy to keeping them safe and secure when you were swimming horseback riding or mopping the entryway no pun intended with her Maxi pad. Adds the greatest products from Suisse first period. My mum are shallow and. It's only about ten yeah. Mom. Whose mother has not committed to seeing bound to jam and then you're content to match. Dissolves and I'm shocked that I never really to fully blew up. Is that not a lonely island voice no particularly good zip. I'll call if some guy called hard knocks. Called day am I really thought that was it ABC get murdered I pick a guy who's really sing and about love being in pajamas I do wanna see that pop star live at. I know man I do wanna see I heard is very funny yeah didn't do well on the box office that the Ali any Andy Samberg movie really. Connects on it on out commercial level like hot rod. And I bet flopped yeah I love that movie. Yeah I know it's funny. I you know me I never go to the damn movie theater the analysts analysts were interviewing somebody I'm not going home movie theater register on the energy Dunham did it just takes such a pain in the ass. I mean I'm still I suppose in a movie theater might do with you last year for the Kobe and now is awesome. All eyes are set to address may be asked to speak in a depression. That was that was handy. Because we were in a room of not only were watch him who would every content which had to give anyone has no chance to see it without the quality and montage of that montage of pack go see it's it's a really compelling funny idea yet and it's awesome. A man when you're in a room with people that were related to Kurt. Friends of Kurt worked with Kurt thank everybody we were in the premiere that was like we're sitting next Cortese family right. It was awkward is sued for having apparently there was fireworks after you left I was glad we left yet we left before the Q&A yeah where I guess some people that were connected to. The whole scene did not really think that this movie shine the bright light and I got heated Allah I too am glad weren't there fast. Yeah I mean look everybody is if you if I died tomorrow in so many makes a movie about my life. Your interpretation. Of who are was is going to be different then. Somebody I grew up with the right to be far different then. I don't know maybe even you know cop but I go to festivals less you know I'll collateral acog and of the Dubai you partying can help how they didn't student Jeff Smith. The light of jacket guy who strides. There's a low stick warrior that's a lot the shoes. Or you're going to choose. Yeah I saw those oh yeah that's I get all of our fire yeah I cannot wait to Wear those Steve. If they don't want to find I didn't collect electric styles yeah the same government meets our lineups pat. We should discuss sponsoring us. Announced last and yet we might be offended rave Coulter a little bit and and madam I have sneakers yet eventually Stephen hi all just. CS yeah will basically be Tron maybe a pain in the grass issues. You know we always do was staged announcement towards the end of the night it is night time. How do we we need to work with the people there and we need to come out like some might robot music. And come out fully lit up from head to toe and then deregulation dominant disturbed. Would be awkward at all. Clean would we can't do it does that last stage announcements for everybody the state should not this time but to be funny if we cleared everybody out in the news walk out there like robots and we never tell anybody who we are. And every pop off our goods like sisters are you. Disturbed. And read my part I accept that's prepped prepped Barbara Barbara Barbara. Apparently revenge of the nerds right. The good hidden. Land the land the land back. And a man who we miss. Most of the crew which you it would be worth different I would have to have like a film crew with us. Oh yeah I do like a full like. Thirty minute documentary. About a one make him a 32. Stage announcement the build up and every yes. Action and it's funny to like I've been a burning man I gotta fassel's steep you Evan but you you you understand the culture that's what I forget when you've never been any of that stuff viewers like. Here's what's your lights up the IQ she laid up like. Yet he had never seen just. Right it does not that weird man stuff Claire somebody relates written entry and about layup at the WB have to wrestle mania. There's in new union text to be thinking it was me there's a guy and you're always Wear the green jacket he's running green jacket that lit up. And I even got like a few and what this guy I know I she does out of the TP podcast Greg. He's a gruesome sky with this thing you know Mike. I am my body that Oklahoma but he's thought it was me that if you people thinking it was me double and hockey guys to found that he understood that. It's a holder for world's. It doesn't normal that didn't seem weird to me they don't bump it wasn't me I'm I'm still bombed. All right so off before we lack Zaria wrestling podcast that's how he's depressed and sad guys very sad. And it's amazing the dumb things in life that could easily pull you out of depression you. I grabbed the audio of this but of course not loaded into our machines so I don't have the. Different Steve but I have an iPhone so well let's start to have to prep for the show I do abroad I just don't follow through mad I got follow through issues. It is not a thing mr. You know what not AME Ellison in my office all right fine but I really quite apparent hate me here. I wish him the public is still there. My office. Shape do the show finished it you don't need him anymore started yelling in my laps may say Shiite. Day shape. You got discovered all right and you talked to this do you talk Steve Faris whom I've known him Zhang Cheney. Today we gotta talk who's saying you. From BJ. Now just first they Burt but Robert Bobby Bobby well Bobbie Jo. GO yeah my addition proved probable last son's name is jail in the exact place. Let me connecting those dots stand at narcotics that are. So how cool the so that when driving in. And sad. Kind Vietnam. But I am so can I bomb MMI all right you know I was slept much haven't thought I happy this is not a happy -- other you know what I'm gonna put on put on podcast that I enjoy because some of that country a better mindset and I got put on it's called topping out it's not our podcast about wrestling yup it's hosted by Aaron Oster. And our poster Oster and a disaster. Going Clark who bear all Marilyn guys object Glen Clark right works the station I started at right he has it in good times. He does the shift that. Miles was on yeah a thousand drill I would imagine yeah I think Syria or it's not as some followed each other Twitter I'll reach out till super great guy I bomb. Andy Elson doing AJ Francis formerly the Seattle Seahawks now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and age and I still stay in touch but off. So much as I terps yes absolutely go zags easy OK ER EE. Tough. Job. So I got there I guess it's very funny. I enjoy what they do and it and it's a wrestling pockets ocelot wrestling podcast is on the geek like that so. As I'm listening to it all the sun at the end of the podcast of this week's episode which is on their episode acumen on June 2. Pot right towards the end. It's I guess that they were talking to me. Are because you're talking about me I'll nice and it's like when you don't expect it. It's such a cool thing yeah when my depression is being based off of not feeling appreciated or recognized. Even though nobody indeed it was like anything happen to make me feel that way it was just my mind going down weird rabbit holes of in security. The year this was like wow it's almost like as if like. It was meant that. You know I don't know what I know come to me you have certain belief systems and some people don't some not trying to get into that world but. You know as almost like his or something was out there and I was like OK you need to hear this right now for some reason at this moment you need to hear this so I don't know if it's exactly the right spot but you know. We'll figure it out we're podcast and a and a professional yet there are a lot yeah but you cannot. Life will be like my and all right very good that's our top five for this week I'm pretty much you are on Twitter at its. It hurts sort of I let us give a huge shout out you're always Steve Biggs. A nice I don't know where it's like okay promote your Twitter. All I wanna Stevens I'm Tim about this you said in an are recorded as many days before he was sad particularly we need to address said Steve. Newsroom make visual match it's a pick up says Steve and visual makes theory out. Nominated. Hall of fame for the national yeah yo humbled I asked. Only rhetoric. Call all these. Kind of. I loved Gladys. Gladys is like wow. I was so lost another such a great emotional reaction to it like how awesome you know I've made me feel good to hear that. I they don't edit there's no they get Terry get away with that they are good on their pockets before it was very free to drop F bombs not to worry about the man and added him her. It's tough competition. I believe however people can vote but can't buy more than the. If a guy I don't like there's a certain categories for you can. Bomb but for our categories being voted on upon upon a paddle. Within a panel of 400 radio pros. I don't know whether you go in with BJ neurologist do you both. I riverbed BJ and makes an entity in parentheses is BJ Shea Steve makes better nominated for the radio hall of fame are right. Can I say if they nominate you and it's like BJ and mace you should like. Now I'll wait to you give me about a self parody funny or lobbied just talking apple Kanye Intermec I'm all you finish. Power move Darby are some of what you. Be all of fan you can throw Provo for next you know freak in doubt dude image that is uncle. Eva Blix announced its shouted at Senator Clinton not just our candidate is BJ in this sentence and her yeah yeah I don't know probably netted the show not just need c'mon. Are right about that right I bet that's correct I mean. I don't care what it just with the amount of radio. Morning shows out there that's unbelievable. It's it's unfathomable. It's more likely that I didn't the rink and any thing like that happens. To restore that they were doing their bucket list in the world of wrestling and Aaron one of his bucket list items was that he wants to get in the ring at some point and into wrestling match I. Six that's incredibly they are nominated for app. Active local slash regional the show. That's an issue that's been negative for ten years or more there against stiff competition a presence diva and Philadelphia yeah blah Canada's nice yeah rock stars are forever but it's just. Nominated is unreal to begin with it goes supporter I every UH oh F dot. Where does this week it's no. It's funny because even a resounding he's in the room with them AJ is broadcasting in not Tampa. Because I DA's yeah this is using Skype and he sounds great all night is pretty cool is here. And guess where he's staying single Brent Grimes because they're buddies are and servicing at their house but Brendan currently renting out Seamus is house. Hall not how it got the ultimate wrestling fans. And job just by chance. Staying at the house where she misled us. Can tell the steel sometime yeah over your cousins for my nephew may not be sorry I have to still soft and take something off the wall. Are here we opt to wait for AJ just drops like the best line is one sentence there's like I got so fired up when I heard it. If these. Is the website to find out more support are what makes has been so good to us not that's that's just greens that I eighth inning mania yet no freaking out at no freaking out. Yesterday's betting that I have put a couple reached an error when I had recorded earlier to be attorney put an awfully nice to allow more politically here man I felt great man I mean bill hold any right M I'd. I even Joseph like song it's time. I don't know by you when you watch like any of these awards shows and only it's still good to be nominated knowing. Sure feels good to be nominated to submit that you just won a ways you know I mean look I could have never been nominated for something that's actually like. Cool you know like I mean it really really really like I an honor and now I get like. Grand different level but I get when Mike you know a guy gets nominated for an Academy Award in your life it's an honor just to be nominated with these people. And thank all now I understand yet there's only five reviewed this year that are being nominated no different in this thing I think there's four other shows maybe three or four other shows are nominated. I don't wanna hear Steve shut it down yeah you'll. Tally it all you do was win. Forget this happy to be nominated stuff that's a good point man that is a very popular. Let's let us all at an audio and when you leave no matter what. I'm all for you. Rating on this everywhere I. Create every day and my hands go up and socket and make. And then walk up to save us a good cop. How to I hired DJ college and our colleagues took me jealous yeah. Got a lot of cash he's on beyoncé store and I got to learn how to pronounce his name it's probably act you know what else you do. Do you believe that memorable speech yo I know what you want a might drop that time is overcome a lead in the stained piece. Has checked Mike stand proven its. Hash tag respecting our gear. I felt he hoped. Ever tries that height don't do that god damn karaoke or anything my girls are expensive stopping it. Do you back in the band days mom yelled we were very like loud and you've been to some of our shows and some of them got a little weird and it's a desert Emma Meade trashing the drums isolated arcing and jumping into the drum set and I realize like. It was a one timers like really nice here in the guide to sound out of it I'm not mad. Don't ever do any gang guys come on like these are nice microphones. Cynically play the show I ever like I knew I can while still wanted to knock my drums over. So I think we're playing between a science kind of grabbed the microphone to move out of the way he's not rock star at all Legos so I guess. I'm being respectful but I am also a rambunctious. A law. Before we how wrapped it up yes I do have another small bone to pick with you Ontario again last time I didn't even know. Did the boy you gonna pay good news because I dig deep post ABC was meant to your breakfast and we have never shared these this breakfast now and we won they will all right are always the newborn millions of people who content. Over the weekend. I saw your having some fund them and Europe and Seattle las account that looks great I know that area. I worry about what you're teaching your dogs out. She posted a picture and its lake here's. Lou Lou having a blast and that dog was on top of the table. I'm no closer to its sleeve changed your dog on top of the picnic table what are you what this dark. It was a brand shoes and your car guy alright alright. They look what a picnic table. I think you are the parents. Are the parents. Club that it reads out these guys negative more than like they were both tired and lose kind of out of it. By the voice echoes in my eyes and I did it. And I had I known are gonna walk into an idea no they didn't drop my price but they would you what is seen in my house was that. Clutter on account but you could talk all public. Ted is only one reason and one reason alone why I'm willing to put my dog on top of the table a wideout spot now. Because I didn't win. Idyllic we. It never gets old how I was two years later this song yeah. We are at the this year it's our summer anthem yeah. Pollution permits them then they say hey how. Maybe but it's like yeah of course you have summer anthem yeah I think DV six. Are and it gives us an idea we didn't have time to play I guess a movie line. I they would do it not next week could drop next week because that we GAAP practical try to forget by then yeah. You'll probably have a luxurious Wednesday next week I'll have to be amazing going to be full of happiness. Hey Matt thank you guys soliciting Julie thanks for listening to me you know lord yes I'm let everybody listens to this shows very appreciated. Tell us on Twitter at amerigas yeah mega hugs everyone had a good chance still hope we have time. Always. Oh he definitely got it. We've got a lead Steve pans up. And they are scared to. A.