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MegaCast 06/01/16 “All We Do Is Win”

Jun 1, 2016|

Ted and Steve are all about winning this week, so put down that Loser Tea or that Loser Danish and put your hands up and win win win with us! This week, Steve tests Ted’s abilities at quoting movies, we learn that Steve’s wife has joined the dark side, and they finally get to some emails and tweets from the MegaFamily! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pop up call miserable event. I'll Google may not been on the big stats do Apollo real that got you there is great to have resonated guest issue it was awesome. But I made her own exit here in order for me Barry mig store ride. Miserable millions have some needs to swoop into the city and just village and that it's okay and then I'm good. Went to get out of my system so it's like December 23 like screw you kids you know today's gonna sock did you want trespass act. Today the proverbial call and your stockings. You really want and you have beast with what he's gonna take it students aren't that encounter with. And I'll see how high. Hey yeah. Let's just get caught up on the other big stats. Yeah after a break there SAS flights angels survive may resume and showed up on the makes jazz and he's back. For the mega cash a couple of holes they had you know I have to go terrible SATA drive at regular tour I think you both safe. I here's the dilemma. There are out there my nose gear right into we'll get the push of time in a minute. We got a bunch emails in the mega families a mega babes edit Chiming in I love to do a segment where we just finally address some of the emails that we haven't gotten to. My go I'm lost her close friends haven't CL a little friend right leg and I wouldn't say like you know best for and some whatever. Well listen I get old school east goes friend there that's less all right yeah so he he's like hey man I know they don't like really talking much on the phone but I. Kim and Kim tagged. Can we talk try five minutes. And make more than how they won't talk about him like why can just say what you wanna talk about in the tax and I can respond to you like. I know it sounds stupid. And maybe people I think people who spend their entire day at their job talking will probably understands us yeah you know what I mean. And getting your music your job you like kind of on a computer and whatever it is you do where you don't have to have a lot of interaction maybe this doesn't make any sense do you think you won't find better things to bitch about measurable megs. What is it. Yeah Ted. Yeah I department dirtier didn't hear us each year's I now don't all of a big tomorrow and act and are you let me or you're against me. Auditors say is that's a good miserable quote by the way yes played every result persons and LA are you with your you looked like. I'm not to eat there her just just of just existing debt just lifts Maine I have to take a stance I'm with you know it's not against you can't beat it. Now once resort like. Are you whether we are again job like I'm against him and try to get everything that you said for the last hours. I would I would I would you ought. I did. More on the story on a big if you're if you are still in your life and you'd like to give him a hard time because they don't wanna be on the phone. Maybe you should do like a cup like think about why they don't wanna be on the phone maybe like they spend all day talking maybe they spent all day on the phone maybe that they've ever job Ritter but a telemarketer they're on the radio or whatever it may be. Bartender. Hey you know right waitress yes I. When you're done you're you're you're mentally and verbally dreams yeah. And I don't wanna talk and I feel like it'd keep bringing it up is he married divorced I do it better be something on that level but can you say that hey man I'm having a tough time in my life. Can we talk as opposed to I know that you don't like talking on the phone okay tonight to go a bit of a shot at me. And you expected me to be like none and no I do the talking on the phone and I love talking to you. Of course are very sarcasm that's yeah like drizzle makes it to hook had. I think I think to. Not just for the I just play devil's advocate your stomach or does. And other debts yeah is that you shouted you I think he's just taking it very you're right fancy way of feel like. So I mean you really talking on the phone because I guess five minutes then I got a big opinion a passive aggressive line and we use yeah yeah okay. That our attempt on what is passed an address or what's not let me know what it doesn't exist anymore Steve I've been reading up on that's a really should aggressively this is just. A fancy way of being aggressive 'cause it's still aggressive right so this idea that is that it's passive. I think is nonsense in Seattle people love to use it like Seattle so passive aggressive like. Now they're kind of aggressive they're just kind of pain in these about it it's like politely aggressive yeah. Right sometimes it's almost worse yet what can you ought to mean you got problems say it. We like figured out I'm being nice to you but I'm telling you that you bring that you don't want me here. Yes yeah it's likely you deal with customer service here. But you know are you just dead spam email thanks for contacting us yeah. Did you see. Cap which is named Sanjay Sam Champion yesterday now. I it's easily the weather guy on Mike CBS morning show packed and weather channel yeah I know now I know you're talking out so he was on a flight. Where they were like all the flights. Like this for safety reasons it's too heavy we gotta take some people off. They just like took off big lake in input on other people who have entered into SpinRite does it easily said people often I don't I shooting I shouldn't take necessary hit Vegas in the latest heavy we need to take some people off from put others all right different and even those that are ordered to dinners those are the people were taken out. He was just gonna like this is not this translates. Just take off. It now you should be adding people on if if the weights that big of an issue shouldn't this be taking people off. Like if if there's a big discrepancy about us is a hundred pounds. Some army 200 counting we had 200 pounds over the limit. This has taken off like 500 pounds worth of people to them put 300 pounds of people back on just take off the Georgia pounds worth of people and not put anybody back on. Yeah out yet but then there's not new money out of their pocket. Right side hit from what I read it seem like neighbors are maybe these are just people they wanted to get on the plains of airline about it. Dot either way the airlines there it's going to it's a big airline might. Said the CDN and he just the fake retreats that is like now. But take a look at it DM do you like I'm doing this publicly furries are. He hit it top one and now. I just some of the recent flight where have. We removed we were some local one could come back from new York and we looked at our tickets and a possible bid for both them middle seats and I even next to Terry Rio we order them online for some reason do they do that all the time now yeah. Just move your seat and so we go to the basket Leo while awaiting IK is there anyway you know Mike to sit next to each other don't care where I gave its window I hour. You know mil and you window IO the celebrity chatter you know. And music welcome back to me later we're not sure right now we don't have anything to come back later on like while I think. I understand Matt that makes no sense to me in it and they kept saying were full flight on LaBeouf. The final like ten minutes before boarding I go over McCain any luck getting cozy grab my ticket he just. Punches of seven a computer and then voila we have seats next to each other the only. How that happened like this make you know it's been a sense that we sit in the row and this guy sitting next to Wesley goes. He's saying something any he works for the airline companies that Alia we keep this throw empty. As they wrote thirteen or something like that we keep it and deep and depend dues to case the circumstances like yours. Then we will put you two together they'll make. In my had a Mike on I was cool but also my had to make policy you waited until the last minute to make sure nobody cooler. And I really don't know quite what are you waiting for right and you do when I. First asked yeah there was no wonder they dress she and her seat to begin wearing a judge each no your right now it's. I have one man for my birthday I'll fly back from the East Coast on first class and it's usually New Year's Eve and I specifically got a seat. On the aisle is that look we have some Beers left appeal but right. And like yeah allergist and making others get teenager next to me or some of them is dead got to get Allen Miller came in lake. I booked the seat so I wouldn't bug anybody right and then they do is moved it. Now the out you can't help that gets frustrating. Odd man our lets us reset though a lot of our. Once we get the blog all fired up our actual maybe terrible terrible still be around but we gotta get Tammy I get our heart racing a blood pumping and our brand dog Jay Wright said. And what better song to do that. Then this one. I felt like they did it some thought. I'd do it we. Buried okay. Can make it at that. What are handled I don't know. Oh hell yeah. I missed you so deluded about. Moody's go. I do I got a. C'mon make good neighbors. And. Brutal. Take a tour it's tiring. He takes me. But coming off that soggy scenes isn't perfect when I wrote about today and I'm actually legitimately fired up and happy this is your minutes hundreds of dust is incredible. You don't like that song. Proudly displayed to stuff you don't like that song you Muslim lose an admitted yeah I wake up in the morning and have a glass of loser coffee. We don't lose a Danish. Dan Stiller degrees outside you drink it ice loser calls he looked like a batch. And don't go up there in your pockets and our. At Danish rally all old and crusty path trains she's on top of that. Just mold dog since what do lose a couple off our. How. Does it this week. It took the prequel well you don't want a real loser really jealous yeah as you ought to be the winner like phonetic assets. Right. So a lot of New Year's they do what you love right. It's and you wanna do that. But often times like he fined and things in those in a kind of get in the way you got to be responsible to it. You know editing thank sometimes you gotta have a job that maybe not necessarily something you love. But some of the pays the bills and help support your family your help support your single lifestyle whatever it is. I still do agree with do something you'll laugh so if you're a singer ram make you don't go fight a karaoke but also. Write some songs you know go to an open Mike Keenan really roll the dice or something you know I know plenty of people that tried their hand at stand up comedy and in this and that's a mean. You can be responsible and and in had your job and career and still do things you look. And there's so many outlets and resource is your absolute laugh maybe bring of these singer example is that there's somebody home recording studios. Where you shouldn't have a problem being able to write a song even though no one ever listens to it. Yeah processes fund an end to stand up comedy thing and I know you've you've dabbled in that from time to time and yeah. My in my mind is still racing because you know that that roast is going to happen but the -- to Steve eventually I think you might happen on September 11 Amal. Nice after. A masters did say nice hackers and I know you need to pick it. Which is like dude that's the Seahawks home opener rich duly pumped that I can write and our boy out Craig gas has really. Embrace this broached the idea he's gonna be a part of it goods which need a professional and he's working them getting on some other. Night mean people to not just. Beyond the dais. But just being the audience but also could DC's super connected in this town and you know. He knows some people that I know we all know but he knows in my different level. And so he's like all yeah I think these guys insert her and rock stars insert certain athletes would absolutely come. If I hit them up in my. This could be above who has special night so keep in mind September 11 I might be a pretty awesome night at the pro life. The grocer Steve makes a nice not confirmed just yet but it's looking like it's gonna happen. I hike you know. Obviously as is what you're good friends yeah senior get rose still we also it will be incredible but I cannot wait to get out there and take shots of people on the offer concern that death solid gap Ted I think Ted you will I am saying it now. We're confidence that Ted will be the MVP you never solve I'm gonna go ruthless some people yes. Carrie like our man by the wheels are spinning and not good I am I am excited scared. S less about. Being from a microphone and doing comedy I mean I don't do waited. In a way like our live events on the radio but it's different it's different IPOs coming up what an idea a plan of attack him delivering it and lose winging it. Yeah like I'm I'm I'm excited don't see how much I like that. Nervous I don't wanna fail idea but if I like a lot thank I mean it's obviously something they'll be fun to be would you from time to time make you know I know we've been Thomas I do live events. You imagine if we start creating crazy stuff like athletes come to op. It was just different and it's like you now. The Seahawks run an offense again running hunt look like there's a reason may have set place right to thrust the studio comfortable this is our set play. Absolutely that. Yeah I mean. Once you remove that headphones to microphone in the rural make it's weird he gets scary so Alia. You know we we played that I dad died DJ college song not only do it would all do is win. Have you heard the remakes and I I don't understand it it's it's actually marijuana. I people find the time to go through people's speeches grabbed the words. Of a song and an edited together so the person that what insert celebrity here is now singing the song all right so somebody grabbed a bunch of Donald Trump stuff. It's him sing in Khaled Saad. Did all I do is win socks so you're checking out. You're fired. I do is. Got money on my my. Yeah right. Everybody says go up. But how how are you even doing this disk they how many hours and somebody put into make this happen maybe just easy for them. And they say there. Don't know some. They're behind his word different I know what I don't even know how you can ninety Billick did you ever Jack. Yes right like I saw a thing with him. He's literally in a room in a giant hotel room and Mickey is just late chain smoking cigarettes. Yeah killer view he's drinking or not. And basically just sit there mess and crannies that got an LA has come to me. And he just like and he's got to know which one's going to be hit like I don't have that eerie like I did you sit here and do this all day and do some 1000 subpoena pick which ones are worth a damn yeah. Good thing about one any ideas are not nearly is awesome you got Obama singing Rihanna song work all right. War war war war more war semi happy once worked more more more easy eating dirt dirt dirt dirt yeah. War war war war movie works when you come learn learn learn learn more I don't know if you turn first burn burn burn. I mean I deserve this just do it sells ads like this sound like what I would be a little more I don't know why steps. You know I tell you know. No cost me an actress. Are allowed to graduate. I loved it the trump when it's awesome the truck was legit you know it's going to be able to play at trump clip laugh about it talk about it and I have somebody a trump supported it all whacked out of their mind and send us a text message like that happens on the radio yeah. Like I mean it. I know we've talked about this before but I miss I mean maybe because you have social media but the day SNL would just. Roasts whatever president. Is in office or denied whether be raking Clinton whoever. And I mean I am radio people got to do it too but I think nowadays because we have that direct line to. Sometimes some people that aren't thinking on that clearly they get so worked up like it we played that clip and just laughed about it Buick you have to liberals. Think Dallas is a funny clip and. Yeah I mean but. Just not this is not what we do anymore yeah I mean you look at trumpet and then you know there's evidence and everything else about that trump university itself. He never dresses that he could just come on go again we screwed up was brought you a lot of money yes but he doesn't address that he is gonna solve. Liberal media coming up. German writer he knows there's some people you don't Fox News that makes him good points and what do people on the left you they got to just Fox News Derek yeah actually rightly they've if we started this. I'm on my Obama and all of a word goofing on Obama benign not mean spirited self just joking about it we can joke about things and Steve you know the bottom line when I'm gonna say yes are you should keep two sides fired off try to keep yelling at each other routes stupid. The stuff that doesn't really matter to them. The millionaires take all the money layout look and damn straight I know why go Jeff for that neither no no. And pushed a break stay that's right let's go back to drinking minerals and reserved seat for our loser Danish is loop yet. Member a doughnut. A fluke with no holes is not a flute. But it doughnut no holes is a Danish. You thank you cast I say okay and then the cost will be back. OK okay. Flying this weekend right how would you like to skip the long lines and all the security hassle completely. It's easy. Cruise's. Let's say you're flying from LAX to San Francisco. Shop to arrive at the airport two and a half hours early and then more time to wait to board shake off land did your bags. Would cruise and we pick you when your family up in an SUV and also. Comic journey that takes just as long but without those long lines. And don't worry you'll still get in mid trip meal at every check your order you. In N out burger in Bakersfield now your cruise in and recharge your per person would be airline wounded. Your families you'll love it and don't lose your dad knowing cakes you've seen. I'll burn Bakersfield so come on skip the airport completely. Cruises. Yeah and and then it comes. And Whitney takes me I don't know and Steve yeah measles and we'll and his mask. So I'll send it. I should I. Us. I. Where women and were awesome Ted young man. I love that you see now. Just site make a record these like greatest songs aren't Rahal awesome I am thought a couple weeks yep they're good I'm so awesome. I added threatened realize you look at your shoulder would you like. They're emotionally chic so hostile way some Kushinka would you say that saga that. Has. Lately got to its amount of effort popped goody image that's familiar role here pretty so awesome for a picnic you bought tickets. So you'll some of the fact that I Lizzie it's it's what I do. I didn't realize mentally we rented a break that you recording not caddie shack with the flute line yeah. Of course is that I am the worst when it comes to remembering lines to movies is only a few movies that I can. Spit out some lines obviously pretty things aren't because it's a bunch of random noises that sound like tea today won a top. Talent I can quote movies all day -- Teddy is the ultimate movie quarter yeah so I can't repressed historian dot wow I should put Ted to the test I think you're gonna goal six for six guards are 676 of them there I can't export I love the title of the headlines I can't export to movie quotes that you'll never use a real life. Are these lake can real sports movies Ehrlich say yes all right. Well yes yeah that was according to fact check better equipped you don't know what though in the grand scheme of things caddie shack by looking at some of the things on this would be considered a sports movie well that's yearly joked with caddie shack raped with sat what's the greatest sports we all time. Data show. Would source sports movie of all sucked at objective. I don't know that caddie shack two X. And I am a lot of other. Candidates differently temporarily I didn't I know I'd get fat but I still would entertained by it. Susan no occasion to did you feel. OK I thought those guys were gone army and I got a double check it all right. You've probably right and yeah in your your way more in tune with remember I. I'm the worst of remembering anything from a film so I'm not only remember the names in the movies and ICI to describe in sort of all you talking about. Take it. The house for an example I might I ask that wants. Let's just expects us. And I see a mark 12 entering. You know how much a movie with him a few weeks ago. And it wasn't taking in May it was like taken three team like the same concept though there's a movie worth an advocate like his son was killed yes. Through movie I don't know and they were. I was like you know I get it now this guy has also yeah they do is we have niece again he's is completely bought in to being the bad ass whisper guy and Ed Harris is a pretty good bad guy to you're right absolutely I do don't we are on the man trying to find a movie to watch him. I can reverse three different action movies. Where this story but the description was pretty much the same. Man's son kidnapped man's wife kidnapped it's like all somebody's kidnapped somebody's killed. And these guys out for revenge. Sergeant Stephens a doll Williams knees and whoever. There's there's this old Denzel movie right yeah from like I don't know thirteen fourteen years ago called man on fire are great film so when I was working in Baltimore right yeah yeah you know there's different people to do commercials. So one guy just every commercial he does is like Barry uplift. And it was like. Denzel Washington unleashes his fiery rage. Let's pick it couldn't do. It's it's a lords from this group who could be that bad ass mother bunker telling people they'll bend somebody else's loss. Yeah that's wild with no matter what I think miles and there'll definitely remembered rated Harper's strong. Language and how inappropriate violence is not right. For strong sexual contest and paying full frontal nudity for those that is the life publishes his firing her. H. When on the case he gets though still whenever I don't I don't want to move to another meg home alone are at night and I don't mean yeah can be ours as well as I NBA and SSC. I've ever struck sexual got dead repudiate duty it's full frontal nudity I was like I was high five in myself honored. Yes. Yeah. Strong sexual content that was the best stuff did look I was sad really to relax yet but we I had caddie shack. Hunt like somebody taped it on TV I hug VHS. I would kill bone in freezing it at the scene with him in Lacey under a rock hall's. Think he's easier groups that I saw that and you know yeah. Do you remember lamb is our address a bigger your tape. Really VA system like. Basic instinct. And all forget about it I mean even about I watched the whole movie out make sure rewind and knew exactly is that mr. skin for mr. Skinner existed you know we were all mr. skin right we just kept the pod wild or did remember that one at a great sex scene -- Of course showgirls the pool seemed doomed us to shower scene. In. The aliens. Us so star ships troopers. I can't remember starship troopers yet to literally add depth to movie that shower scene is also I don't know if I remember seeing now want. Denise Richards on Kashmir and she is so hot has always been hot used pot is so crazy and that's okay. Our rights are there was growth stood. Iconix towards the course that you'll never user realized here's a blurb today said there are thousands of sports movies out there with memorable lines that we all know. But there are only a handful that have become a part of our vernacular. To become. Part of our vernacular become part of everyday culture so what is basically the movie lies that people do is use. More on more than one occasion. So these are TVs or when you actually use which is funny that they after they base the title is it's because he'll never use in real life because it's basically movie line to use a lot. But it did put an asterisk asterisk next door to maybe I was a part of the joke all right start so I've got six of them and apply them and in Europe is an op I am. How will be shocked if you don't get 606 dollars a lot of pressure now Steve I know Barak are so here's number six. This is the six the most iconic sports movie quote that you'll never use in real life. Well maybe that's Ivan Drago from rock before he got it the whole lot let's break you can't do now you do that was yeah day I did rocky four honestly I disagreed that that's I think if he dies he dies is a better line from rocky fork. Slips. To call I think the best line from rocky number four has to be at the end when rocky was single handedly responsible for ending the Cold War. You know I gave guy if we can get along you can go along of course I'm paraphrasing job yeah that's it's a great moment. Yep but he's right debt ceiling on rocky for us probably use that that is a good line. For them Ivan Drago that work outs team needs him on do you stop all still good movie and the ramp keep still and off it always routed faster and faster and punching in his sight just what averages hit Matt threshold more more. Have you seen his TV commercials Dolph Lundgren no Dolph Lundgren by the way I saw a universal soldier I thought Dolph Lundgren is gonna take off to a dude either you greet the punish her. Yeah so Dolph Lungren has the U agreement and Roberta. Oh man I got. Called the old guy Allenby podcasts there there comet MCT feel like I'm getting with he manes wearing underwear he's got that Bob got Alex he wrote a tiger that was green with or. Strikes I don't you wanna talk to those two ever again yeah. So I'm actually on branding Kabul and in the Graham nice nap deep sand boil lesson he needs I don't care that you like my last picture Kolb. Do not down when he man yeah down with me so keep drinking your lose a copy. Start. Ago the attacks. I here's number five but let's see if I tell Dillon knows this and so easy. But I think. Small. Well so lots all right yeah there sale that's too easy are probably 20 yeah besides I am really going to be shocked to begin any of these rock. Well that's a cornfield a jerk and it's all just a build out for you navigate detection is dead. Because I got spoiler alert I'll hope. You're right people wrote in seemingly yes. Now wondering be able haven't seen that means all new world of people that are that led Adam grown up underneath us and didn't sound right. We are not immunized. That's what I've done the way word be your way to say that we're all that's the young bride and there's younger people. I am German wife hasn't instilled a during these. She probably hats and now which I mean pillaging is a great movie but that that's a baseball movie their their longer their hair like. I'm Al Abbie I could sure that and you would enjoy it no different and I almost think I I'd be afraid to show her bull Durham thank you mentioned you know I love that movie. Yeah. Boulder I would I would think she'd have a better chance of enjoying bold Dora and agreed infield which they use a difference when you're watching a football moving. Like there's antagonists and stuff but it's very violent yes and like they didn't fist fights off the field and stuff they make up border was. Bremer the titans and there's racist stuff but they get through it. And like it's a feel good story but it's kind of like you work through it yet whereas baseball whom he sushi field Egypt needs and saved. It's a long long reboot. To get to the fact that he says unresolved issues of his father it's like it's such or serious OT just like it is up her Palmer yeah. The baseball movie cost America you can stick. Not in gossip doesn't out of time and I don't think he's the best actor in the world right but he makes a great baseball movie. Now what okay what's your favorite baseball movie of all time. Did I feel like baseball movies are almost like Superman movies they did recent crop but they're not the most exciting movies awhile till eight men out wow yeah. Men out thinking institute path to. Really aren't that only is so underrated study. The ivory spreads being. But always in this below are threats or acts that guy too he makes a movie we I mean major league of course is a great Major League I obviously. Have you see bad news bears I mean there are some good baseball movies but I just see Major League where they go back to the minors these Major League three I had two of you out a preacher asked. Look look look it. You gotta get there were no room while playing Donald do a lot of good contract and a sexually transmitted disease holes probably got. But. I'm sure some evil Caldwell wild thing now just. I remembered three again I will be shocked in defense and it gets its one drop. The prices won't pitch. Are all acting Joseph lawyer what he's hit in a fight with Bob are here. If they are really just hoards of movie. We don't spread this is that he's looking golf I eat all I know hockey player really couldn't cut it anywhere in the Boston Bruins are loved by Happy Gilmore right I mean whoever he's really got ever stat and other player in the state yields at record that is very true. Do you have so I mean I don't think you'll ever stumped you on these things aren't number two again. I think I would have went six for six on the east. Yeah. Lost any dvds is named Jeffrey for Jerry Maguire. First Cuba Gooding junior. Great call back go to are you with me or are you against me yeah Nokia and how is the epitome of everybody was pretty spoiler alert was pretty much against yet except for that one girl she. All which is named to that I liked Jane Moore is such a great sleaze ball that clearly Jay Mohr was great I I feel like Jay Mohr was almost like. Like that was like and Ari Gold like performance unit team man I'd love Jay Mohr for years. I've never understood why yes and send it to that next level. He's kind of was on the precipice for quite some time yet and I could people like me that like Jim lake follows stuff he does and everything he had to absorb into the world of sports not the negative but like he really like I mean I think that guy really enjoys being. A Sports Radio guy. He does and but he's also a really entertaining comedian slash doctor. Like get a weekend you can go to all four shows he doesn't differing. Our act for each show I never seen a mighty fall did you crush us. Have you read I read his book a long time ago his job book about music experience being in Saturday Night Live how awful the experience was for him pick up a great book I mean it really kind of gives you an idea of like how hard it was to. You you have a lot of respect for the guys that have made it on SNL guys and girls yeah because. I mean hughes' hit his head against the wall and then finally got to skip that worked and it turns out he stole them the premise from another comedian. And and had that basically was almost in that was pretty close to career suicide for him when it came out that. I was a bit I think in an Irish bar I remember correctly was at the very iconic funnies SS is still wraps it could've been to. You know Gretzky I have the double check me has been so wanted to read the book my memory retention has never been great little brats you Steve I'm pretty sure that's the bit. And there lies the size of a welcome mice. All the look it up a look at a brown Gretzky currently ranked eighteenth in the AP college ball column is supposed to be stub I had many of these movie quotes. Especially number one. You called golf so trying to solve. Our car and let merode. While. Not enough I'll. Pay you know. Quick before we go to break it's a Jauron talked about sports I don't know if you came across a story but there is a guide us playing a tennis. Any got into trouble because he started making fun of his opponents grunts Scalia did you see this yet. It's hilarious it's also so did they were I guess having a match and what an guys and you'll hear it in the audio I mean he is very loud and is granted like Monica Seles like grunts but not sexy to some dude yeah. And finally after about like the fifth or sixth grunt. His opponent. Just makes makes a mockery of him yet and he gets penalized for it. It's. That's. It's. OK I while it's. OK. Okay. I'm. Oh. That is awesome is good Korea and let it get that point confronted him for doing that which I mean. There is a little much yet. I don't know man Samuel Blake it's like boys got to grunt to tell you press it's a the only does that allow owls moved right through LAQ does that have to do feel bad for his girlfriend. Paul what did you silent when he actually has sex with what you decent receiver for the tennis match yeah. It's. Funny dude I'm okay. I'm. If. That's better than nothing better than tablet that's something that sounds innocent jet fuel as expected they can now that's all well. It is such as usual previous felony grand you go I just gave up grammys so much is the brand new mobile voice and. It is what it is just need give would you give. And you didn't you got to economize. I don't see how we end yeah yeah I cannot see he had the BM much competitive needs and. Among goods are not alone time you know I. Good time in a long time you know I. He lets it yeah I'm way dale. I feel this room and then it comes easy that way. If you're having difficulty communicating with people who maybe you should join deep passive aggressive society. And when you joined you receive a one of a kind clenched in her. Although liar really thought they'd be shiny year and bigger. I guess they'll do. And I don't bother picking up donuts for our meeting will make an extra trip out of our way and will take care of you just show up. And drink all the costs CU we made a one by the way since you're probably too important are too busy do attend that's okay. It doesn't look like we have time to make it to your birthday party either and if you don't want to join. I guess we'll just being mean they always avenue. No passive aggressive society. These guys that kinda helped. That's why I'm voice this is for free and then it cost his. Always good. Senator Reid. We need a plan that passive aggressive commercial. What do you still exist five seconds to summer sky moon I've won I'm not like them. There's some relief fund they're like kind of like a boy band of instruments right yeah don't like meg I'm. Mike. Aaron one direction it's Good Charlotte yeah everything they were here few weeks ago Derek did I didn't hear arena yeah why did. I had no idea who they were right right so they were civil rights out of our outside of our office. Italy it's an excellent excellent snacks missed putts in the story. But us talk in this somebody who rumor remain nameless steadily and are those who uses mainly people are Japanese like. He's like look like. They're really cool guys like they did it that laid them. Bulk of their audience slightly late teenage girls he's like they they catchy songs via I like now I mean that's legislate garlic that's yeah. Yeah they're fun I mean I wanted to hate America first in fact I did hate in my first memorize an ad that's on economic tunnel fonts on. Let's face outside our office like much on foods like half an hour. Hello anybody came by and saying things they were super nice and like oh yeah whatever like men are living the dream right now. How does that itself if you wanna hate I'm sorry we can't help here that's right. And I've taken a loser copy you dot ol' yeah no chance they're winners that they got out where French press that's right. But a gallon of a man. Texas where we started the mega catcher trying to like door quick little crap like K that's yeah there's a summit that all men and it brought that up to. I hope we will get on this we'll see but you said you got a bone to pick quickly I dill and very curious what this move is in need to pick with me. All right. I think that so. Steve. Over the years you're not of begin pitcher married to the yes hum 80% premium. Tonight you eat a lot of meat meal time in this the path. And then what I talked TE you know lake will go out we'll get like sushi. Maybe you'll go crazy being gay chicken wings now level wolf these that the buffalo while doing right I've heard you talk about detonate crappy teriyaki food yes this and that. So today I'd get up. Dropping a deuce scroll the social media nice double IC and the cast w.'s slate they would Jeffrey Friedman neo SA Tara Steve Biggs is. I chicken fried steak. How much mother. He never I never heard you once they've even say the word chicken fried steak I'll be honest with you I have no idea what you're talking about. Well. It was a picture view but get a rash shot and there's a piece of chicken fried steak fry you it on the slate or. It's it's great. I mean mid. And then the other time we were Peter Parker thanks John Capitol Hill we went to some book. Within a bar at a breakfast type place but it means open all hours at a diner I Capitol Hill and Michael it's on the menu that I alto Los lake. Yes I think so yeah. All unbelievable so is awesome and like 10 o'clock at night I mean chicken fried steak and eggs are launching a privacy when meg but it's not I guess that I'm like obsessed with that I batted twice in a year. Just he she seemed crazy Blake. Steve save her Achilles chicken fried steak and some kids W page yet as rice I'll be Vicky Miguel have Vicki said did out. Maybe I'll think what's your what are your favorite meal for breakfast clearly Steve Mays loves him some country fried steak as my country fried steak he'd girl. Carl you've got girl who got an insult. But not like you silly girls I just don't have a bone to pick will be used to civil we have just like. See you know was just craft steak I really did we got some hot but that's OK and we do everything in excess beer during the Hindus that eat pizza. But nope sorry were you like hey man we she gets a ticket for reading about ticket pricing for breakfast and dinner one day in Spokane. OK but I did have the twister on this picture rare reduce concerning. Like I look red like like bill look at a prison at why Utica pics are being. Those are awkward it's not just like what really awkward picture a I don't like them on the map makes interest it was Steve's like a pro Tim Crockett simply offered some nice level chicken fried steak I saw that week. A Mike. Why are we talk about ticket price to. The golden Vicki. You've Karl. Just it just it just come out of them aren't that you're right. Economy out of the blue by you bring not only where did you read this right like you could sit Steve loves how much like that makes sense I've got out lots of Steve. We have we're at a point now I agree you should have experienced all the food love. We have just like it's easy to press its. You can of food I gotta tell you know I taught we talk about how we're gonna can be screwed had dinner yeah. Unbelievable experience are the food there is phenomenal and it's all begin IO is on yet that had. That she's on it. But it's not geez it was cashier's no alternative to peace to it tasted. It was on par with any good design you know I've ever had 08 we got to go one many times but said we had an out of Cairo I was through the roof. Are my wife and a great meal of the get tofu like a chilly type meal. I met Cilic to lay him type of Romeo well. There's it was delicious and then afterwards we went to sugar pump which is like Derek dessert place a few blocks away. And it's all of the yen ice cream loans and dairy free basically. And that we had like our cookies and cream blizzard demos through my coconut milk or something off unbelievable deed. You see Ben and Jerry's got dairy free now I noticed that yeah everything but Macau by guessing goes notice it's this giant billboard right outside of our work across the street I know. Lets you sit there. Our dues to get my wife though I have to bring this up are not going to be happy. Hostages. During the dark side. Wait a minute which dark side is she like a nerd. No she's not she wears glasses because she actually needs glasses so yellow in the Dirksen and Joni resonant homes designed into and Polly minority she looks real she's not a big sports and now. My home here I'm worried now look you're given it's a conversation that we've had on this Mel you cast not today but on the mega cast we've we've. Raged against this don't tell me you own one of those stupid candle holders. Who was the first thing in my low shooting near notes. Classy vis peace. She's joined the dark side man. Donna you yes you got the speech about how it's great and it's offered a lot of it's you're chaired here's the problem. She had no idea what these guys he BB king was right all right. So while we babysit it her parents stock Trixie. Her rock. Her mom comes back. At and for every our own net as you see in the picture. Her mom comes back putting gift for my wife that she saw when they re shopping. To pink glassy baby. And she shares the story. To fool knobs and is that all forty seems better I heard they were like sixty area maybe I was wrong I don't know but I doubt that's what I heard and shares the whole story and my Wednesday. I love it this is so cool and Terry now prominently placed her living room. It's been used to dude I'd say what man not happy about since I gotta hire some cleaners every knows a good house -- local business let me now that you do you really. Gob that one night we all hung out and Ryan castle came over yeah he was very disturbed by your bathroom in just funny because it didn't I need to blink and I didn't even bother me like that Ted's dad it was a complete. Messed up what that's right I was socialists and as there's like after all the flash is everywhere it looks Mike. It's jab at castle was like in genuinely disturbed by it yet. I'm gonna get that thing clean in the next week until we got I'm gonna go to target in get a bunch of different candle holders of receive she can even notice it just adds depth it's yeah did you say when we come over tonight. They didn't take it I got a plastic baby into reject all I want do. Yeah are still pace man I'm Mike great. Now we're going to be in the glassy baby business Mo now right and then it makes us seem like bad guy is simply a veto if you don't support classy babies are Tom does that give my chair right I don't care Toms shoes you don't look like girls Toms shoes doubt very fond of the series director parachutes my wife got for Christmas ones who have. There're there are those are boots all right our. I don't Tia a oh my gosh he's awful on top you might have to companies guy all right you know what let's just basically means a MySpace. And shoes I wish it was the same town tubby ourselves. Let's hold out on the glassy babies. Let's see Neil let's give it a good test threats we get so end of summer let's revisit it in see if at any point this summer. Other than her mother so many came over and let you know look. Classy baby makes a serve I'll catch a Brit I'm in the right by dynamos us inviting people into our home we got to do that to Steve. Tennis that's not gonna happen. I do wanna get to a few messages that we got from some of our fine I'll make a family member all right our I Twitter at the mega cast you know. We read changes in every its second more frequently but right now it side to make gas at Yahoo.com the probably Yahoo! is that insist. I know it to about two maybe 300. Spam emails before I found I mean I don't know how many tell those to my our count was breached. That this person is looking for love but they've got some money to give to us make all of make your your pet your PayPal account has to be changed click on this link. It's a little ones that are filthy but the words are backwards right so it's like need to emulate. Them cook told neatest. It's. Didn't hit a pathetic he just picked it up to fifteen. What all you're talking about lady but dean bulbs you won't touch strip. I gonna do it it's been awhile since we've chatted click on this to see my picture. I don't know they are we never chatted I'm not calling you on the phone up nice girl. From Lithuania yeah. Bob McKenzie she is a nice girl not from Lithuania but you listened to the mega cast in she's all right I've enjoyed having to make gets back to the original broad time. Between Steve migs indeed Ted Smith. Nice thank you. Appreciate that is that girl and the the other girl they have to be sisters right or does that drive to account. I don't know produced is that the Twitter right yeah I still expect yes. And I feel at least got a followed by another girl the last thing Phillips some links are they sisters or maybe she has two accounts or it could be both yeah maybe she's. Her own sister. Our former backup. UN on Wednesday night may episode anime cats or. We ever went to doing what remember we did make a weekend one to reopen the the megaphone Scalia maybe doubt even be perfect for this she says you guys should to a FaceBook live stream of the may cast a bit to be hilarious so bad call I think it's a great idea may will pilot a Saturday afternoon or Saturday night at some point we'll try to figure it out. And tried to erratic spot where we can put the carry you see both of us try and and and and the fun part would be people who watch it live and then they could call him. Yeah and and chime in on whatever whatever stupid thing now we're talking about probably Dicey babies I think also we should take it ought on a walk. Okay you know live streaming Ted Steve go to walk after the mega cast we got we are we're off to a restaurant yeah we continue to show there yeah I heard at all if it. People won't be creeped out so we got some emails as well this one I'm pumped about it I'm sorry. Somebody's car from like several months ago so I apology that we haven't gotten back to give it. Now did you understand now on we're not trying to be dishes but two times we just don't think we know. Butch I never checked Steve I know I'll meet you there clearly think. Because I've been catching up on the podcast on a two guys and on something I started this actually last year but I got sidetracked by life and emerald city cop comic con cock fight. But now back on track and look and a started up again. What I've attached to the early stages of the Ted and Steve Muppets. Nice of you guys want me to prize you want to provide me with any input as stiff fabric color you want please brief real feel free to let me know. Are we sure does and you progress updates until the ultimate reveal keep it real close as always thanks for the last semester butch nice thanks butch. Besides he's got ahead so far not not like it's before the skin is on it so take of the policy part off. I was very excited to see that because there's nothing I want more than a mega cast puppet. We like guys Sesame Street puppets are like may mean yet. Meaning it's not the word. You know liked what were the ones of the strings no marionette to marry and Noah looks like more like a Sesame Street type puppet you have any. It input on fabric close us. I don't know I've never had a published do you wanna dress nice and a bottom up do you want now I always feel like it T shirt and jeans or shorts like eyewear outside radio. Jereme Perry genes. Rebecca black T shirt yeah. If you didn't hit it out and how much if it's a whole body thing Debbie Cole. Put a body suit no I don't know if there's like from head to toe and actual popular dishes like from the waist up. Clearly on a large bowl tickets off from the waist down it's a position a year topic just like get to go and seek. It was signed by Steve spoke to lightly like is that Steve dress is almost every day up cigarettes has played dreadfully predominance. Rod Jessica. He she China's of the single pod gets a solid start applying and instantly began to wonder what would tendency to think about this. Sorry Steve I don't see any doors wearing mirrored glass is half. I don't even know you'd you'll find humor in its like I do it's song by the artist called brook candy featuring wait quiet and the song is called you word. Makes the rules and heard this Ted feel like I might. I've never heard the song until I grabbed it. And there's all kind of and then. I'm. No cash and yeah fools. Could strip clubs on the and the video is an advertising brilliant yeah you'll want to radio. It's basic raw. You gotta be tracking that yeah. So she writes I'm a woman but I don't want to make color rules. What rules do you like this act and what will you like a lady it's actually there are rules. Now worse tells us to type more but it's almost on the clock out I got I don't crack a beer bloody boys and Jessica. Like pigs disaster like sexual role certain lake rules like relationship. Relationship roles I got one I Od the the number one rule but we know where you wanna go we. I don't wanna take it because I take it. Typically in I don't know if you had just into relationships I know it's kind of like a rehashing probably a lot of people complain about but it's very true my world. Any suggestion I make it's a not feeling like eaten that. Yeah you pick it's a psychological thing and it's like Everett Everett a few things about it there there's some people. Jack I may agree with but it's tough to do. Where it's lake. It's baiting you into an argument her conversation that you can't look yeah which we have for and then you suggest things they don't know that doesn't work. So basically it's almost like a wanting for you to finally say okay we're gonna need here. What do you like it or not right idea but then you have to deal with the backlash of that Sony sells chicken the end yeah I mean I I'm with you that's. I don't think that one I ever go away that's when I get the most trouble with teams especially like I don't mind picking those nights. But I guess you know whatever or if your goal there I'll give a quick example was the last time it really blew from a as I was driving back from. Is the Olympic national national park right over on the peninsula. We're driving through. One of those towns I forget which one. And like as she's driving by chiefs on should be here yet that's what you read here that's not to file that is that did nothing restaurant. Pick a place we'll let me tell you I started with we could eat at taco well I'll be far right and ended in and that's a bad thing to say right and then it's likely you just get. Yeah he had he gets frustrated and they got to do really yell at you I am frustrated because you asked me about five goddamn restaurants and I said. Quiet will give guess what while we're trying to pick a place seed the reason why were picking up Macy's because we're hungry and under human beings are hungry. We're angry we're angry we kickers. Pick a place exactly. And I still say people should be having sex before they go out. Oh before death pre dinner sex is that your rule I try doesn't always work. But this sixteen that I needed to do it just ideology and the rim multiple time return are going out the you know my tad now. I'm not having sex with him of sexual we go out do I don't want to know this but Tony good to dinner. You could leave the stock just meat potato guys in the world. You said sexy girlfriend. And she plans to go to lake leaf only. But do it yeah totally totally out there more handsomely sorrow no doubt. This a rustic are simply follow him like a horse man I just want some alleged. Foliage foliage and act. Julie says OS and used thank you for you guys for what you do on a migs and the Ted Smith podcast follow our mis cast be podcast. And I usually say they may cast alas because it's my favorite. Yeah I let down at the beginning of this week is going with my middle class problems are so thankful listening YouTube and Luke on a Wednesday night. You guys are always so funny genuine im positive thanks for helping this teacher survive the last few weeks of school nice ballad love a daylight where we just take it if we could take calls or be so funny here. Teachers complaints about the student. Solve their diet right now to its early June all liked it's I Urbina student dialing notice I Brothers and administrator but it's a corrected that the teachers everybody wants out by this by me absent from everyone's foot is one foot out the door yeah one more and we'll get out you'll see beyond the rest them from next time. This comes from Cindy ninety million the last few pockets like to know that even though Luke Wilson is. Has abandoned you just kidding. So a panic and I now listen every week I enjoyed the camaraderie between both of you and you make me laugh out loud which is kind of embarrassing at work since it's really quiet. Mood of the great work and at some Cindy yet another and babe. That got turned onto us thanks to Luke Wilson and I like the one mega big saves us relax for like the best spiked that. Dude I'm you do Baffert thought sorry I know my wife is an economy she now does it did I did it Sunday brunch from having the best piece of Brecht our Baikonur had my life hit a rebel. And then I say specifically one piece of cake the last piece of bacon and a little over the toasted like the most enjoyable white balance the best short. It's again goddess. Your favorite fight for last my wiping some insane and now she started doing in the bitter in the ass because we were in New York where at a deli. And where he means of course is very difficult a front view you know options is having a salvage is also enjoying a potato commission told that some believe what you know erratic commission noted East Coast. I think this dome and in stores as well like he Yemen a frozen food section. Potato commission is my one lead. Simplest but most awesome meal but you're gonna have. Well I think she's done there's been a little piece of the tea commission last. And security finished a salad she sees talk my parents so I reach over grab it and put in my mouth as you and I was gonna eat that. And I that you can exert our top cop and I just started chewing it and swallow it and she's like. No I really was gonna eat that I'm like almost constant source are you thankfully. My dad and doing finishing his commission and a half laughs so she got to enjoy his command switched amid high. That I dot I was like oh my god I'm really sorry I do not which is like I was saving the best thing the last like you'd like to dale. What we need to let me know it's. All ice personnel but you're not all bets are off that commission's mind. That's that's quite relaxed but generally a good idea you know I think Eric you know why. Let's. Idyllic we. I'll have an elegant beautiful and every week. I'm reading your community because instead. I. Thank you know listening. Moody's. Do. Oh that's great reminder for anyone that listens to us on iTunes. Right now there's tutors and he's going on the topic that's all I did some issues but our web sites that create dying he's so. Ed you have the old beat I'm gonna keep posting on there until they tell me I can't anymore you are the show ever met three stops seeing our podcast. Download the card please I didn't see day. On the feed you even see our names are night and talk about iTunes a sale like Peter Smith. And Steve Mays and not. Like in the sub title I thank Al show up on the newer feeds so. And basically if you have the old Phoebe had a for a while you had to re subscribe to a news feed please do as on iTunes. We have on our Twitter at the mega cast so you can subscribe to our new seat please and hopefully they'll get this all figured I know some issues on the as well they're trying to figure it all out I don't get any website just an addict it's been the biggest headache for the mayor cast more than anything else I think. Bruce is just doesn't seem right the. NASA is evident BJ and made it happen to the manager whichever rights he knows what about this hour's hot and then. Bill that is one thing is a huge pet peeve of mine. So who is sure we don't we will not doing their effort gently dude not everyone that fall rightly geez really nobody's fault yearly there's just there's so it's a new system it right we don't have all the kinks out. Yeah and I don't doubt why it's affecting us that the may cast because one day and we know. Do we narrative. I'm iron regularly drinking. Actually I have a cold weather as we get the next thing because we're winners. Can make it at.