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MegaCast 05/25/16 “Are We D-Bags?!!!”

May 31, 2016|

This week go through a list to see if we are D-Bags, and we discuss the idea of having a #MegaOrgy! Plus we try and figure out if there is a TV host for one of those food shows that we would actually want to hang out with. Mega Playlist: Push Ups: The Tragically Hip – “Courage” The Tragically Hip – “Tired As F***”. The Tragically Hip – “New Orleans Is Sinking”. The Tragically Hip – “Wheat Kings”. The Tragically Hip – “Gotta Get It Right”. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast . Email us: TheMegaCast@yahoo.com .

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Losing our you know it is eleven. Good to see you as always at that the end Matt's friends that live right here not living for me then they're men and women. La vida loca ma'am I'll sing about borders. They get older they stay the seeming intent threat. So of Cirque. Promos quote quota OO o'clock o'clock up what it's let's go to. Lindsay just throw that micro wherever I wanna do that migrant I would Luke's not here I do whatever the F I want. On the loose cannon now Luke. Who brought all our donors talk about Luke anyone know what happened god and man bluegrass. Blue Zaire or does this time around ideas NT stuff to deal I don't shocking. The man has stuff to do in preparation for football season movie it's unacceptable tragically those guys even practicing together outside the seasoned yet. I 200 nice to me last night they manned. Now I got stuck I had a deal I'm sorry I don't crutch for too hard off topic. I of course not dude we only. Read we kid because we care. You know I do think we need to address one thing. Yes we joke about the Luke affect in the women's. But it's. It is not last week actually did episode with him yes at first what 562 weeks ago were all from chicks all from checks all of attractive chicks yeah. And end it just keeps comment but there's. A whole new crop of ladies have now jumped onto the mega cast of notice and people like you I've interacted with us and it's moot. Brings all the girls to the yard he does and it's awesome yeah man he's a man. I never thought that many ladies listen the podcast not a lot I mean you know there are not complaining and and we love the mega dude don't get us wrong. Mega man. That doesn't sound recommend. All of mega man what I call to make a baby is a mega babes I think mega deeds I think is still. May get married so we get the mega man and the mega babes can I ask really this is all leading up to one awkward may go orgy. It took her up right. Price tag. Meg ROK. I want you. May or may not be good as you probably want to it's all right poll wears Jersey. Full disclosure the make or he's just gonna remake death. And I'll be there watching Steagall so yeah. Other Mike carries a big Ted and his mega orgy guy. She's really just ridiculous Adori mega man battle be overly friendly with him out. Maybe I five and that's about it yeah yeah all that kind of stuff away shark looks. I mean nudge. Yeah obviously awaken a nod to not back kind of nudged Bonino just fine but I hit nudge now hold that is harassed Steve know it surprise snow hit nudges. Curiosity or else yeah hello you know typical got to suffer us that they can give me we should just get right into things and I do to push ups and and get the show Rowan yes yeah looks like a real show this week yes absolutely so we gotta get ten this is our opportunity for those that are new to Jamaica as maybe it was some last week because Luke was on between the out there we got a ton a new read tweets and followers and all that great stuff which is awesome what why we do these push have to say you're focused. And you're a 100% invested in the may cast has to get the heart racing the blood pumping in the brain functioning at this time around as far. I hit up push up dedication. Because that I came across this news during. A band that I really like I got to see when I was in college and Aaron amazing band I always call them Canada's version of Pearl Jam. They're not maybe selling tons of records were when they tore they'd they'd pack out places to Tragically Hip. And if you're a hockey guy you know this band it's almost like that's like being number one band if you if you Wear a broad now and hockey guys bring up ahead. And all of the hits yeah and hit that that's you know that's just how you do it. All right commanders in the hips every hockey guy probably see them live at least once I could get decent number of hockey Isaac yeah I got it all yeah absolutely. It's sure yet when I saw Lemieux's heading up when he stood crowd dispelled it might say what am I some him Vermont my get a small club and it was awesome. Great vocalist great lyricist piazza also the Bruce Springsteen vibe to Bloomberg a working man temperament saying. Well he just announced that he's been diagnosed with a terminal cancer are brain cancer yeah. And here's the crazy part he isn't his own stopped pouring like he's gonna seed which I thought was like. It's a bomber story obviously and it's sad but I that that was so cool that like this guy loves. What he does loves his band mates and his damage so again we're gonna do this as hard as it might be. We're gonna continue to hit the road in this is gonna kind of be like a swan song for the guy so I figured. All the music you can hear today animated cast is going to be a Tragically Hip. All right good chance to be able to get introduced their music and I think people would really dealer feel like rock music you might not ever heard of them their their royalty in Canada but. Not really known all that well on the State's and my favorite song is a song called courage and I felt like wow. Not no better song more appropriate for what he's going through is this a band like I would know but not now like I don't know that I know. This song will be. The best indication I think so if you're familiar with this song and maybe you know a couple other ones but I grab like their biggest songs yeah birds so I was like. Listen to them enjoy their music. This once proud Gordon Downey pray for Gord it sucks that this is going on for those guys but ma'am what an inspiration that even know he knows his days are numbered. Still want to go out there provide entertainment and be Woody's boys went up poster that's. Pretty damn cool. It is I don't know that I can do that. I have no idea I don't know how I can react to some going back like that I'd wanna go to the Maldives in the Disney World yeah. Well maybe into the bunny ranch again yeah maybe some like debt going up that many orgy. Yeah I now feel the vibe Diane. Might sound odd but I don't know having sex is the most important thing. Elena go have fun and see people follow the roller coasters in the order that I see the say hitter or recovering go to the bodies of three to the mall believes that's a great idea yeah our guys should get ten dead. Hiring out like a family. I'm fine. I love this song enough. It's really huge Tragically Hip. I'm not feel bad you're looking at a like I got up the ban on news that's crime and are now you do life death and I don't think they're right. Tour it's tiring. He takes me just not been addressed. Well this Ted talk was before I'd you're gonna have a somber. Didn't push ups. Sorry coach not gonna bring the room down as the the the cool thing what they're doing the Republican ticket ticket it's like it's just look at each. Yeah let's celebrate. These diet and Indian style I cop out all right. Why do or die dogged liberalize. Live like you're never gonna die. I think the note I have my Ted dockets suburb blast off. That gets I want again. I don't race or else it's there. But a lot of buckets it. Start of South America could trigger just this summer blast off flick get it done this we did it ever Matt Howard Dean yeah meg or geez doubtless. I say have flood this weekend. You know obviously didn't work gathered to but I also like Coca dared do that man get Debra. Look at the breadth and get the water. Gotta go slipped amid broad slide even a mix and a glass of water reader bronze and order it now. Did she Scotia the most I don't care you don't get to a point you know our affiliate somebody won't do you much as possible. Obviously if you can't tell my point that's something we markets they wouldn't get going on this week. No I've gone out a little dinner Friday night then Saturday evident. Yeah yeah Steve. Saturday's SA. Though how much you GOP now so you know all you do not yogi yes a Saturday you know seventy of course I gotta go get my day last AM. And then going to last day of the week not Saturday am not sure Saturday night and then Sunday. Can be a fun day did not go build big brunch with then the Psycho and his whole family like a bunch of come in for at a town. They have got that brunch like seven years and Roland has awesome yeah. And then Sunday night. It's been like three weeks for Al hunt Jones and a motor and a god give it to Sunday night at CNN where you don't you don't panayota east. And you know it's always a game time decision not tally up she is my favorite. But sometimes you just with the greasy goodness some Pizza Hut not all board dot com and those are something you do but we've got good every week we probably need to heighten their chicken wings. Don't they are right. I hit the stage and what they're deliberate way but what about the so you got it going through them double pizza that they don't tell you that dry cages now wearing that's the most consistent Christmas small wedding I've ever got delivered. X ticker at all. Well from Friday to avoid the yeah typically do these on you knowing your guy got a day off to Mike. LeMieux and I think it means is they get out. All you can eat sushi after we play hockey hmm I am so excited nice those are my favorite times they win. I did it sound stupid for whatever I miss having him go and hockey league of pisses me off that he's got a real job now that he can't do that. Because we would like clockwork every Friday. And it's a good way to kick off summer some of us. Reid would play hockey get a good sweat and not feel. Well we took away more calories back into our system because we do stand go to trappers. And just crushed role after role after role we eat so much for our late lunch. That neither one of us who's able to eat dinner yeah I got to go home in my wife's it would be like. Do you even needed dinner a Mike. I'm gonna sit this one out and I'll be ready for our snack after. Yeah deadly around eight minutes after snack or some kind of ice cream. Yeah exactly I from recurrent yeah that'll throw you know I think we're doing now on Saturday we're gonna hit a man she's moon or. Throw to go to some medium priced. Can be struck. And Seattle. Our. Reason for secondary that come out as like peace and open just a weird name for May immediate it's not that's what happened when you get that meg or do you include. I don't you know your plump and told police it comes slightly put DC delegate sub shop. Plump feet I would have started plays golf warm peace deal there's a place an Ocean City email and called tell these carbon fitness and they deliver some Stokley. Some crazy time later at 3 AM it's also they've probably had the best logo. I think its just lake a budget chubby barriers to sneak yeah sounds awesome yes and I he's got a W so these are viewed differently studies that point one and up yet except. That's on the back bay yeah. I've placed it beds violated of your health codes Tug he's likely to respond though I miss studies. That's the truth you know obviously there's so in in taos and mail and are used to live right aha there's a place called but those breakaway. Great she did she stakes great subs right Obey Fries but above it was always rumor was. Massage Holler they did you help. But happy moments yeah so really we're just talking subs and saudis I think it's like I don't intersection where they meet. Didn't have done a brilliant marketing plan yeah but never went upstairs I just supposed to suck ups to two foot long and then give up your foot long. Ho ho ho ho ho ho I think I can tell what the foot logs of after you out I mean let's meet or maybe had a six inch. Never give up the six inch. And they get another six into after looks like I have this theory that I think a lot of couples would have easier Friday nights if they had sex then went out to dinner. Then you know because it's always said conversation landing in the Hudson mural on at least the duties definite we weren't trail. You're a 100% more chill and it's late. I think the little things that would get a relationship I didn't know you won't know what we all know she not surprised she's a regular salad ranked in the Jeannie my price is right in general we have got to like listen. You know who like the hard line in the sand. You sort of settle it stay what you don't like the couple Fries is one thing bright future here and a half my order right you know dipping in in my economy and I didn't eat your tomatoes right. Hands off that's a pulley rich. Dude I. So it does do that that is funny you bring man up only so why yes yes a salad. And then I'll be ordering say what you get a jam icon thing about getting the Burr about how I guess out because seek. But I it was a problem just hope and have a couple of your Fries and that's all I need. I'm trying to be very healthy but now you very naive. Given me the green light I'm definitely gonna go yeah exactly even if it means that to give up its gonna be a couple casualties meaning that you're gonna eat ZoneAlarm of course it would go with the Friday. CM saint this tension. East like he has sex bright you know it's like honey take the Fries I don't care of all the Fries I want them yeah I'm just need this burden burger is planning to plenty film you know it you're right telling black bean burger you can't if you. Sure. I'm not yeah yes of Palm Beach resident of the restaurant. It's been out here yet to Capitol Hill junior Saturday maybe ya ha aren't. You wanna know he never. How close Ari I should do is look at you like public and it might myself this fight but otherwise the cult like let's meet before and it's something that you have a Jerry I'll I'll let you know yeah. I'd like synagogue is an edit Steve like web part cool to see America like listening in the Mike. Had a really one million dinner. I don't think Ted wants me dinner now once were walking into the summer. Summer blast off weekend bride eighteen million per summer blast off weekends. Now I know it's important Bob Bennett Portland three weeks ten straight a more open and it's important mob after that you don't says yeah yeah. Have a civil plus all low. Phillips now we're gonna talk a little bit and I got some stories new York and actually we've been putting this off for awhile do wanna find out of rom these bags yes that's good at I eleven. Eleven telltale sign. Number one side you're really excited here about the list of reasons why you my dvds rank. Free throw cut it was going to be total BS bro aren't may yet come back we're all gonna find out of reduced tax. Bring seamless based. I need time it is true. Good break up a cup of coffee recommend a cubs will be back. If. Who's an epidemic. Time has come. To help young women of America. And stop people over usage. Of the word slate and you know. Like written in his armor coming after him like yeah I just really looking get a big head like just having my time and I tell you. What I want like start thanks for. Yeah we know what it's like. Parents please teach your daughter there's no use for those words in those sentences. Sadly there's a generation of young women learning bad habits from the card that she ends. You know the link you like sixty pounds oplink isn't it time when every night. When playing go to McDonald's like that's not happening and we don't let that happen to your daughter. Thank you. Taken Steve Novak and so let's go down. Online challenge. Tenement and at the Columbia Easter menu all right guard retired him over the about it dislike what really eat Darren thank. The out spring rolls the rock talked goes. What is it overall Taka sprouting corn to tee is stuffed with avocado tomatoes soya were caught up spinach so on true and fresh salsa. My caddie that brought kale and seaweed salad. Out all right let's go to other birders have burgers to meet with Kayla so bitter. Yet I haven't got fried maintain got to be something kind of sweet to offset the bitterness and that's a good call you get the crazy to make him burger it's a jerk tofu burger on its own fresh big bond with rights plan teams. Grocery onions potato salad tomatoes and how the median male. That's your celebrity did that might be when I'm getting yeah they even got my tempo they hampers me at a Tampa. Ted and I have had a very bad experience dealing temple you know we try happens nasty you delta field grows like sausages oh my god yeah I read those all the time we've always been grow those and they taste amazing I CM I'm always like highly Chase Field gross sausages are really good the fuel rose murders are pretty damn good too. We were just talking about my wife went to make me get knocked Joes like I am a big. Alex are you after she's got some Phoebe in chief that's not bad wood into you know in in a mile I try to eat like a bite of it it's okay all right I'm so close to. It would. But the Mardy. Take it wasn't a pepper Jack I want that we have. Not that spicy though. But other gal get that I guess field rose Lee's ground a state ground beef yeah atomic. Let's do this just do some homemade not chose. Yup I'm I'm excited about that nobody right I mean. I know you her own right they do need to know that. Happy wife happy life. And it. She's gonna make them meals America intolerant use meat if if she's a beat him it's his luck ran the bottom line exist doctors are back in your home life I'm excited. I'd thank you guys the plus side. Look I got to find more happiness is when it comes and and she cooked three meals but obviously I would much rather to go to a rest try to eat a giant plate of unhealthy noxious. Well yeah if this is what I got to work whereas. I'm pumped. All right let's talk about regular not chips yes do you prefer a place that has like a bunch of shredded cheese are our place again who's who just like the molten cheese on top. All. I like it when it's like fully melted on my bad chips. So. We know what I mean like do you like lake shredded cheese on top that gets melted RS or likely do we kind of like Mel beat LA doubled the amount easy ways noted the Foley shredded the strategies aren't. When you. I think I like to cheat molten cheese me I'm good I'm gonna send it back yeah I mean but. What do I call premieres on yours now you can never housing yes do you go ground beef for tricked him. I always go chicken but ideally I would prefer ground beef right in a pervert broke ground beef is the way to go yeah I feel a connection that is to a trick him yeah. OK don't go every got that out of the way now whichever seat. Now we can talk about whether or not reduce backs that and it. Didn't feel like job molten cheese you reduce back now to get off thanks Steve just kidding I got this article it starts everything everybody knows the world is full would. Filled with juice bags but nobody thinks that themselves reduced backs. That is what philosophers like me call a paradox. You're eleven indisputable signs that you might indeed be due respect I kind of protect. I know somebody. But we both know somebody that would be number in the number 11 you DM random girls. Right so that's that's not me right in Brazil like if like us just say. You got to know the person free cinema direct message. Well not always. I look at what instance would you direct message Sony needed now. Late but it Jacob talking. I don't know like if they thought I can't do it. I guess it here Richmond than I have direct message people I don't know before but I mean like I've I've already changed up on Twitter. All of them towel and then kind of was like I had a by the way. Are we ought to let me read the reason why they're there are murdered I should they be so like they followed me and that I would you say oh hey what's up. To write and you have sex you really get on those on this day orgy. You'll be the first time to find more people maybe you can help me find them. This person says sodomy amend its by saying you DM random girls with the intention of showing either join them your penis. Are asking members showed there. There lady parts that's not cool bro not at all my guess that was a yeah. All right so I guess 41 but we'll both do studies and in that situation. But yeah I. And there might do it wasn't like years and like I have DM people I don't have met in person but not relate China. I DE a DM a stripper wants it did you do I recognize that according to get this out of our yard. But according what do you think if we have more than half. Yeah okay so right now we're both that one. Our act I'm gonna incorporate my single years. All right that's good I feel like that day if I just go with our married life married Steve and me out I mean of course I'm never gonna a practice Obama any of these. The point. Although I'm not Jim Rome because the next one. You've you've lecture somebody about electronic dance music. Check mark up on that we need to read it Richard Clarke of northern extolled the virtues of EDM yup we both enjoy it yet this. This did you have you done that you're reduced back you've ever said you do you. I you know zones and I'm gonna go get wasted tonight you know you are you do you bro I only have ever said that seriously. Yeah I could it bring you said they get if you say that that's a phrase that's so crane G and devoid of original thought. Thank you pull out of a slump advertising campaign aimed solely at deuce bags yeah it's more yeah I don't think that counts of doing an. Sarcastic right now I think generally what I say and it's a mostly to put down all right so we're okay on that we like our man well you knew you hero next one. Missed my now applied to Ted in movies and the latest hobby. You Wear lululemon. Oh I don't Steve okay Steve that's what's so much that is where bathing suit you really stats also opt fifth spot that class they had. Being a yoga bro is suspect enough this thing says. But like everybody the mayor where's lululemon dance all the time and I do not look at him go do shag. I think you're reduced bag if you make it a point to let people know you're wearing lululemon you know I mean I there's a big bank. Because it's expensive move a lot of Cairo wife loves Lulu lemon clothes and it's not cheap. And I go in the store with their a because it's fun a look at the ladies that worked there I think it's like Nirvana but off. More importantly thank all see the big guy section and some of those pencil very comfortable. Here's just think I've never been an Alou and store skis all you missing out. Never been an historic for everything I can tell their clothes don't really have an insignia. The only way I can know people go to Lou let let her spend money there this is a start carrying all that stuff and Lulu lemon back in the bag to bag his status map. My wife got a whole bunch of Rome Jim guy friends that like I can if I give you money to have that bag it to be used had been back I've others. Yeah it's crazy like I'd always see him and I didn't know where they were at that house likes and that's to me that's the only real status C thing becomes a blue leather so we're safe neither of us renters tax. What was that was about four ranked. 1234 yup are so right now where are we two out of four to at a fork to the tracks he can return. You play acoustic guitar. So I wish I have an acoustic guitar my law office but I don't know how to play it if I want to does that make me like you should battery must say I'm not really talk about the guy adjusting surrounds Qatar all by himself. Well I'm talking about Mac guy you know the one he shows up in serenade the Romans tender acoustics darlings because he's the most sensitive man in the world. Yup I can agree with that yes that's that but you know what I guys get laid yeah that's the difference right. All right and lululemon pants. On his one on. I don't know either one of us are guilty of this use text speak in real life. They kind of go ash tag partying. Yeah right it's a lake. Be RV right or oh wow yeah that's not us. JK it is us. Mountains on us are so far OK I think the thing that I use the most debts and Akram is an old army wanna just fu Bard. You have abounding that's yeah that's got text speech right art text speak right here on going RO TFL. Alex asked who the best. Again though that's the way before the tech speak right exact I figure finally back yeah. Four hours ago now so glorious but I think it's like step through Kazaa don't you say if you don't pull it it is absolutely. That situation home and stuff. Our next one whose is bigger they're worried about your super passionate about any of the following prostate median ism environmental Islam. Now now Melanie murdered if anything can do a whole thing about how. Academic big fluctuation comes to what your feet and it's up the path. That's a tactic that's for earth like look at just that they didn't dot nachos will get it but that's what the like they are so worried about it now. I got to embrace it I do agree you do year to JK. Mounted in my guitar pop we use we will we really mean you. So they will give an example power we feeling today or what are we thinking this morning. I never do that now OK so were fine and I want only to going in more detail so why do bring good hands man we are now. You make a big show being sensitive progressive a very good person. TX show up are you doing good things. That's us again and they were front do wanna do specs now is awesome. You don't tip I'll definitely not a very tempered many adding I'm guilty of over tip you'll need both yeah I go over 20% more often than not yeah. That's it. Other eleven or more you're in this guy. Tonya. That's themselves. You too well we're not cognac a cognac or eight so out of all these I got nervous or could we started off swing and so but personally we are probably like 80 am every like director randomly DM girls. Per Diem random girls that really could do that then off to relay we like media and we're not even Mike. My my good good. We're good morning guys that are race yeah the continent and they say Julie DM yeah. Reminded that our our our our share of drugs that make EDM more fun and then the residual effect you still enjoy ED and music. Yeah I must say it out there today like I like my eighty M either early in the morning at a festival yeah. Or driving I enjoyed listening tedium while driving car. If I don't let what you'll drive much but I guess I do it via its report I do a lot of driving and does help me stay away nice to organs. We're not usually and I suspect made a family. You don't don't worry you're not listening to a couple of these bags oh not at all not at all we're actually far from it where we're great people we do great things is there. And well I don't know where you're from here. We don't need to go anywhere men aren't I do want to have a little bit about our the Moussaoui a bit over the last weekend united we had a good day out. Yeah it would also today whether this founders that was awesome thank you yes and no worries have been Osama. I emit a sound rational while Lester my window. I would I do not sit in the section that we sat in an enacted to experience what it's like to be that close to the field and is. You're seeds are incredible. Yeah my seats are right in the North End but there's I don't know 146. You're 46 Roby seagate the rough and gets to represent. But right like there's the hawks nest and then there's so suites on the ground floor and there's one section in between that yes. So that's for me in my body sit there we had a seat since 09. But we have six seats and it in the front row six in the background. Yes there's a great there's like Wallace but it's great when you're right on the field the other team gets a warm up brains running back right in front of you yeah there's tons lake police sausage Sanders right behind us like your spot if you don't really have to go and there's a kid valley right behind us out. But you know you get good through like that yet I love that section. And everybody around you guys whose cool like Corel and everybody everybody that I met while there was like superb pop friendly and also willing to share of their knowledge of soccer we I only know so much. Ruin our parent billion term man and she only knows so much of each you know as a lot more than me could you played soccer but I grownup but she still has some curiosity about the environment the experienced a chance to dancing the balancing. It was it was a lot of fun to just kind of pick the brain to some of the guys is great to sit with you it's great to watch the game up that close it's such that they lost produced a lot of fun. Yeah and that's the cool thing like. You know when searching lake sounder because there's so many games yet so late you know we got those tickets forever so that's like you we know her body behind us you know her body like to the side of us. Yeah he becoming a little community there that's. I was hoping for when I got my season tickets for the Seahawks are really tot mom's going to be part of it is awesome make us so pumping out. Seats on my dad's going to be Graeme we item for many years. The only problem is everybody who sat around me were scalpers. There's tickets and it's out of so I had no idea who was going to be I do people bright today alike to the right of me I knew and they were super quiet they weren't meant I don't think they had fun at two games. They do sat there remote granted it was a season when Maine see and remember it was when Jim Moore was a coach there was really much to cheer about but it was still kind of weird they want friendly. Yeah and was Seahawks to man might. Billy have a finite number of games really early 89 home games eight A don't you play Austria right. Sort of pre season of course spread to do the problem is lake even if you have season tickets but only eight of those rights of people go full board. A 100% in whereas like Sanders there's enough for the matches they don't me wrong there's a lot of drinking that goes like Scottish judges I didn't notice anybody drink and yeah I still furious over she hallway as that does the Joseph as a judge. I still like it's a little more were paced out have all year. Yet it ain't so yes I now Meehan my guys like we're always joke around like I was like you know we're all like mid thirties late. We just got to got older it used to be like a ping there's twelve must release form she's to be blacked out drunk. Are added see any of that yeah I never got her out of their pot a scenario being cool yeah had been but I guess that yeah I mean it was so cool to be around like that kind of like it was almost a family you know like there's a group of people ever knew each other high end and anyone who's community group was welcomed with open arms. And to be a little watched the ECS guys from across the field seeker really see what they're doing LAL was like from the perspective of like the goalie for the opposing team that's what it felt like. I don't know how those guys can function after a deal. But I'll I would go straight to bed. They're 2000. Nonstop yet and logos intense yeah. Debt and they'll go to temple afterwards. There was temple. All mash well I notice in the world wrestling that's for Dellucci underground people Russell. No temples and a couple of blocks over from the stadium and it's a pool hall. I'll let after the game sand if you are the real environment going there. It's all these siesta he's slate socially after a win everybody's pretty fired up late drinking beer shoot and for what it's like. Oh this is supporter culture all really that's a ton of fun. And the other thing I learned while being there was but do not realize only small shows go to some mismatches so yeah and groups Suffolk. You know not yet met legal ladies night kind of action gets an attractive crowds it's unbelievable it is I don't get how so once you go to a sporting event the wearing heels. Yeah I would get that either I think. I think you know I think sounder sands overall. Prior while I'm mayor says an attractive and until we do yeah but like Sanders day in and day out I think he's like more attractive I will give the NFL fans this. But there's a lot of cute girls and then like the ones that are all dressed up are just. Ridiculous yeah. But they're like few and far between is a uterus out is that there's a lot of it's almost a 5050 split yeah. Right into it and there are blonde and caught if we are in Sweden yes the other nice thing is to is like soccer between indoor outdoor adult leagues like put a lot of you'll still play. That's a good point yeah absolutely and then it's good to tickets aren't super expensive so that helps you know ICG mig even if you're not like. You get tickets is not ideal would make the Seahawks where it's like. Needs of dropping hundreds and hundreds of dollars to be able to go to one game. Yeah exactly throws Forman met afterward you went to the last international on LeMay who talk about that the next break yeah congress shall yet I was unbelievable so we get back. I should play a Seahawks Sunday yeah half I don't know land that we have yet to our stuff rose planet I know we need to get well wish to of the RV. We shouldn't go anywhere Steve let's read it will drive and a target for tailgating game we'll take off Monday that will retired and on Monday. Wake up Monday morning wonder what Al lapin. Why OEM Portland and who's this data drove us upsets me dill and that you guys I stayed sober don't worry right. But I did a bunch of masked. Played brilliant series just showed two hours yes I gotta be my dealer. Deborah Moore broke back to Seattle. We'll get back we did get an and he now somebody won and our help. All right so maybe you'll get to that I don't know it's real well or just got a kid around not a new mega advice all right. So we'll see what happens I gotta get opinions. Yes you do that it it I guess returns. These guys aren't wheat kings. Plus they're kings have called constant. The minute concert will be back then and now. Let me. Okay. Games. I. Do you smell and slay no not anymore. Marvel presents the civil war Cologne low. Each bottle captures the essence of superhero woman feels seductive in six weeks rich yourself with the black widow. Should I. Could you silt and displacing super rich and Smart with I your mantle. When Captain America. These folks the musty scent of an antique American flag. Brain wash your senses in the dark passionate confusion we Bucky Barnes. Could see. Feels tiny blue Monday with an old man so am I. And then there's the bow and arrow guys who doesn't have a sense because he's pointless. I hate the civil war code. Yeah unleash your power by unleashing their roots. I. Who do you smell that I. Tendencies might have a collective power and phones and plus they are seeing. And that cost is bad news on the series. News you can believe. I was hoping. No race. Is not there. You only. Cink in the sand and I don't. Actually am right there. Singing in German New Orleans. Just wants W into our bowl game right and because you already out we went to the north suburban Sri going out there for a few hours them and of Tibetan were huge I wanna go back to nor are we got to go to north and here's an seem torn our plans yeah I guess I guess at a new orleans' lake in nighttime yes highly want to burn street during the day and it that this is gross disgusting and we still got kind of drunk and have fun Yemen as a nasty area all that is so gross protect ugly lie Jauron yeah yeah brutal ethnic when bar lights crime and a bar. Yeah that's what it looks like death. It's not the worst is outside you can just smells like this involved there's just terrible play that night when you're hammered cinemanow also. Oh unbelievable. Yeah go mud slide everybody's drunk and recent times I've been there at one time I went there a couple nights out on Bourbon Street. I want to ask bomb but nobody's like being dead ex cup. They don't run their lululemon listening EDM to Yemen women like nobody's due respects I always do you after we are feeling drunk. I. Actually I love that place in type I always say it's the dive bar version of Vegas. Yeah you drink outside all bets are off. There are strip clubs might Doris Starbucks here in Seattle like. Every block has a stray bit at Burris should ridiculously you don't even know when you're walking in and register cover for some bar. The main thing I remember was he got there and we went to like some little lake. We call like diner or whatever reason you're down there that's it the best to this time today rights or Democrat oh I don't I don't think your elderly backside sorry. And that's kind of what's now. Just with his say in late we ate there and it was sign in the labor walking around Berman street like our buddies is supposed to meet a severe like there flying an answer like. I mean it's a pat O'Brien's OK yeah Mike you rule in place that originated the hurricane yes so we got there at the right place tomorrow like this kind of sucks like. While love law so again pat O'Brien's late dialogue take hurricane. And then it was like we during that hurricane as it. Trying to cool clear out. Route aluminum. Yeah I heard Jane turned our moods don't quit you need alcohol and Indra Burr ridge street yeah and then he went to a bar and resist tub girl working and you know like we're going to be your tub yes and had like just seized land. Massive balsam boobs they're like barely in the sole topic. It she was a bottom floor of what is our hope bought more than I've ever ordered three Miller Lite so we got nine. As it was like buy one get two free kids yeah it was awesome. Yeah yeah I do are we do we treated Deborah pat O'Brien's whoever that I marketing guy was a brilliant personal Iran of missiles immediately. Hey if you are surprised I reported a radio station all Mac pass guy doesn't meet up. And to have met the guy bought us some drinks he gives a little bit of a tore around like the good plays and yeah treated us like gold it was awesome in every our super cool man yeah I really dug divided panel Brian yeah they yep that's the same Pat O'Brien C is the truth. And then all night. It's just like damage to sit stacks must actually cut cities filled with the hurricane Max yeah it's fun to watch yeah exactly yeah all men are now wanna go. I N I would have facet of beads presumably to Lyon took a war zone or you weren't there at night now are nice and a war zone be demand they're flying left to right. Really truly are taking their tops off for Pete's sake he all he would love it. It's awesome does crazy thing the next day so we drove up that did that afternoon or even in them to baton are judged that we're going to a game the next day ranked yeah. We in the game is at 6 PM kickoff we got there at 11 AM and had department a mile and a half away in a recent boy your late. Yeah they take it their tailgate serious no joke yeah it was also the that was the story about late date we met these guys and I'm for Cody Cody blue. He's like a Meyer tailgate you know whatever. And I mean they've got takes a plate you know with the purple beer they could put the food dye and it. They've got like food and everything so many they take EST down like twenty about some of which are short. So we all its throw into uneasily here's a lot of tour dollars. He's like all my and all of wanted to won a total of yeah like I ask five of us like crushing your beer eating your fruit but just taken their money that's awesome distorted dollars for a whole day of the year and crude liked. That's not that are depart I honestly thought that he meant per person yeah. But now he must Amazon remains very high low didn't use instant. Do you jump tech yeah that's awesome our buddy will sat with Jodie throughout the whole guillotine man I don't know how we lost of and then he went over to their seats and of course they just all have like their traveler cup which just the giant plastic cup full burba did soda. Man oh yeah. Yet there's something about that area is a musical vibe and your I love also Bob urban street there's a few like obviously it is the bars go get just ask faced right but then there's like these random Mike. Like old school jazz bars are right and men are you going there and you can barely get a sea ice time just like. Bright up on the people next year have drinks are flowing in and he most ridiculously talented like jazz groups in. Just New Orleans five bands it's some odd man as a music fan knows that even though not even a big fan of that style. But when you're there and you like witnessing my third the good genuine version of it. It's so cool yeah so cool you have things like that part that's like the birthplace of jazz know. I get an ice. Policy to cemetery but I think it's a parked somewhere in town all I click on Sundays back in the day with like slaves and stuff that's or they can all get together and play music. I heard about that yet and that this is really the birthplace of it was that featured on the the Foo Fighters documentary. Well maybe that's right got a trump I think so all right yeah I make us sound really familiar I'm picturing you know my well I never saw I'd bet it was either that are board game one of those shows could be asked to hit the other presidents get manual board Jane did you see that. Yet they have a six dollar meal and Vietnam. Oh I didn't even read that further into it. Holy aboard that's a board making traded out late have no beer and I picked up the tab six dollars. Report Damir guy bag if you're gonna pick one of those on TV food people. Would you go. We breed they were to pick somebody else now. Who I love Anthony boarding show yeah but given me a totally different people I don't think he'd like me very much I'll be my conversation or be very fun yeah I got late. Right like my personality your prior to the same way. Completely clashes with his kind of like. Just right way to. I don't know the word fancies the right word. Now or even intellectuals the right word I mean he isn't a Smart man right here to show Denise still like the bass slot you honor say it. And if this starts a war between mag Kasten and liberating so be it using cable having fun. Steve it sounds like I've got to find something you have no reservations about the comet. All. That's right board name but I don't think you're capable fun. I think he just would have drinks and it's what other people having fun right. While being measurable. I'd rather hang out and Adam Richman studio lot of food all that's your pitching in to pick him Richmond. I guess there really like his show is gadget spurs fan always a soccer thing all while I'll take it Eddie long. Every wand that will not have guessed that yet man busy shows pretty dope. Four I mean we can throw in our action Bronson. Is sort of food show. Yeah a lot out mayhem browns is another one much shore but not sure how he'd take me you you get mad unit challengers to erase a race it may be a beard off. Yeah out. Who else Zimmerman seems all right you're going to foudy Jimi yeah he SS or shrink again you know I shall. Yeah to get this isn't quite the trip to as I like to know what other people like of all the food people would you go on them by dinner with. At the may cast on Twitter. Now I'm really thinking about it. Everybody. What won him driving miss him but you question. Do body from K boss. Unless you're on your eye sockets are one of driving that's she's Steve as you go out with cake boss just please let me now are well I think. My niece's sex with a joke. What about basic cakes golf. Melanie that you always the case now decorated charm city cakes. Is I think he's based in d.s old Baltimore yeah that Charles city yeah how can they help. I'm close enough. Six. Sorry man. I don't know just you know watch all those dessert show us now. Our man cake boss say some basic cakes they now how much idiom I used to watch a mall do you watch the people who live in Alaska. Now see that's what I'm into what age you got man. The last elastic bands like Alaska last frontier click whatever it's called touch that I watched none of that that is Elysee relates any part of my life. Like it was a good jets and it's great endorsement. It all really got to get RV to a forty festival that has vendors and showering right that's your idea roughing yes yeah and how meridia that some big roughing it in most awesome way possible. Not exactly what about who's the angry English and all Nancy. Gordon Ramsay no boys dumb. Restaurant impossible Geithner got a Holyoke to address that meridor wrestler dealt him. Robert Englund. No alien named Robert isn't Robert Englund Freddy gathered from a guy. This isn't a good question now thinking about it who have a lot of crew guys out there yeah I think it's funny the new ones are guys yet he. All attack me how I feel it's honest. We just saw what I meant I was with you this wasn't a very friendly person. Yeah I mean I'm with ya I and he's no decreasing wrecked us he had he isn't. As I saw Blake he you know he's telling our restaurant in Vegas or whatever yeah and he's doing like a display out front casino. And he's got like this car right in it's loaded with two types of Duke's. Miller Lite and fireball bits like the look yeah. That's stuff that I got to issued the diabetes is not that doubt one it's been a night out eating yeah you know and I still remembered Irvine Robert Irvine that's the guy that's all you too. All right yeah yeah I mean the one I will give guy a few Eddie I remember when I met him though that was like in the prime when he was doing I was shows yeah it's a mining was PGA that was like. You know he probably just tired maybe. It was a long day Fran met out like that that's there. Like he's like I said he's just been nothing but great to us I got no issues with the guy I just. It is the other Serbian leaders don't want you don't think that you really mesh well who was outside of work thanks. Yeah and that's kind of where was that I guess is nice enough guy and I heroin and it was a news crew was super cool to. But if I had to pick and Ron Adam Richman. Yeah spurs aside you know what I'll probably take out of Richardson may be a fun dude yeah I think he'd be a lot more serious now I know. No this is a tough choice to break his fourteen is obviously what I watch the most doesn't match over habits like. I know how friendly we get along I don't know of any of these guys really be that much fun and I know it. You know like you're right let him or make them Lauren lake let's let's go action Bronson actor run and with the whole crew we get stone and ready seeds that are yeah exactly glad that we got to the bottom baldness. Now let that settle Steve. It's time for us do our push on to get that he doesn't really have to make a cigar our career real quick and I Darwin who got about twenty seconds so what do you Steve aren't. I this comes from Joseph Wile who listens to enemy Daschle well yes as a guy or girl to girl. When -- like coach two kids once. But Moscow to Babe Ruth baseball talk ringers they're Famer Joseph well you know well. Really they were studs I forget how to gotta love our team they reduce its yes. They were like straight from like the Caribbean somewhere and they were also missed something big from Reagan to move retail wizard mode kickers movie. The we have growth Ferraro and he had it to do ringers yeah exhibited sound like political what is. Think they never showed up to practice and he's there though you don't mean my brother like we tried to bend our morals and magic is like we got a bench him like Kristin Cunningham homers and it's like we we got a pension when we can win here right extension. Could put a maker of play them yeah I now having lot of them left thirteen was a bench or. Woodrow road since that I tried daily gat mad I could use the mega family's advice protection a lot for about a week and it seemed to collect. Joao and I placed alas I did pick me up. He's kind of old school he insists that we go out to dinner commitments disconnect our ancestry does that sacks is that old school. Guess I'll. I know my guess panel dating and this new world man. Yeah you could. Going to out of the car he opened the door for me I saw it a long stemmed red rose waiting for me on the seats. To me off guard I barely know the guy he's bringing me erodes. And now we've never even spoke on the phone the day when while everything. But it's all like he was trying too hard is it cheesy to bring. Roses to someone on a first aid or my just being too cynical messenger well. I never did. Down like this is why Alex I would I've done that before where I've gone a couple of days to do my wife after a couple of they tight center releases. After a couple dates. Yeah she's asking specifically the first date first is a lol in and day knew and have the yeah both. I hate no dismissed a guy because he does he's trying hard right I mean a snippet. I mean that's Sox what if this guy is like the ultimate viewed again you'd want to have a make or do you west. And because of that rose. You deny him of that opportunity. Yeah I really I don't think you brag I'm just because of that if any thing to be a fun story related on the line you can make final four. Good point older romantics here had a rose on the first date give him a couple more data keeps giving like. I would say it only the I'd be worried about it vehemently to clinging yeah does it seem that that's coming. I know I was. Aren't going out of pretty clinging boyfriend we are Arab. I'm awful Vator. Awful relationships. It's at until I got older and yeah make. Finally a kind and I still I think I was pushing the limits a little bit probably when I first started dating said I could've sold out a little bit but you know you don't. He's really get past that initial weirdness of this. Mural at the end it sounds like she's a little. Like if he's overzealous someone and I think she might be a little worried on the late insist that we had dinner like I don't know that's that old school are we here in lake. But you know which sometimes are Crawford drill bits I got I'd like to have dinner have an actual date it's an early. There's something about it since Bonnie traditionalists a right way to do. Yeah none design. Taxing taxing taxing you telling me up into banged in a texting is much easier than talking. Right you get a real but I mean. Some people are really good on its I've gone out on a date with a drummer onetime boom we were texting a lot into super talkative on text. And all of this is going to be a lot of fun we have for Mexican food on their forget it was up and the north and site mill creek I think. We owe him Mexican food and whose deed always stayed in my life they know I almost wanted to be like hey. People picking yourself up to don't mind assist. But even taxed Nina who's it's soft it's so dull either of those tough to have sex slated for. There has since. You're caught. Instead. Let's get out of here. Live mega games. Go back go less to. Well you just upgraded me update you hide. Thank thank you Melissa into the mega gas followers on Twitter at a mega cast. Who magma sweet yeah summertime that's the fun out there have dragged you crazy go have a brunch. And a lot of water just getting into some water and they get into a bag or use the equipment fitness fitness and Tom Stevens exec Jeff. I don't like a more or disturbed young had to put up. Yeah that may have family. I'm very paranoid about hit my head again. I notice you have a very carefully and get up. Sellers profit up. Dan Emma Morley we get every time out the absolute back next week cruise.