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MegaCast 05/18/16 "JT & The Fatones"

May 18, 2016|

This week Luke Willson of the Seahawks rejoins the MegaCast! We chat about what he has been up to, plus Steve shares an epic story of nearly dying on a plane a couple of days ago!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm so include general mood of the may be just sit there are I think you don't like this one. I guess his turned on. I got excited for. His teammates. Rack back. Starting got his name back in the title all unbelievable. Really given her dad's job. I'll forgive and forget it automatically does that hello welcome you back if you like. Don't Wear any condoms not like what I've seen and I forgot we had a conversation last summer like it's like an ex girlfriend yeah my back but he's got to Wear protection those first few times yeah I mean it's. About 2 AM but you know looking back she's still little lonely I will finally got to have that conversation we we need to have and our relationships men. It is you. OK husband and I hope it's. Google cholesterol and welcome back yeah. It's good to be back I feel like we're operates five full bio you guys and Paul as you do but. But I think what's really miss him and we got I got noted job you know I was out of town for a while I was out of town I was in Oklahoma City didn't. By the way don't I don't go overlap here don't at all hello bill war I was in a pile Noah oh it's terrible if you very UN training. Yeah I was trained down OKC a went to a thunder game in didn't cheer for the thunder snow yeah. Almost all the superstar fans out there. We Iraqis supersonic sat. How I was exiting bring it down a huge dagger why Oklahoma City for training my days of god yeah Mike call our strength coach is from there and he opened to the new facility so. You know cutting key smell trouble but is cool because I don't relate tell people look what I'm doing or where I'm doing it. So Winona musical what you do Oklahoma City. I just respond I was staying sober. Yeah. I don't know anyone there OKC isn't new Wilson free pass so I want to it's pretty much did I went to war and then if I went to one little event. How to get some clothes are all abroad Dallas like sweat pants T shirts shorts. In this girls like small or ought to mean Oklahoma city's up big time crushing Oklahoma City right now went in his what is. Podcast brought to you by the tourism board or how different. But she's like hey. She's like oh let what are you doing here Mike judge's Nubian sober. And humbled by. And this is Larry. And she's a go I might give us some event and had a friend invited me. And she cycle who's your friend in my exams Travis. Geez it all I know but do you drowsy play football writes I'm Mike it's the same guy like which is not surprising drivers is great you know going guy. A micro or small world so I at the end user goes so you decide. Do you and so word worry going after this and at the time I was going from okay seeded trawl trawler LA LA each right in Detroit to Seattle eased in that was like my next like eight days. So Mike. Are not it's about commuting from two. Seattle agreed at the you could bear lake regular regime from somebody with a problem I would you still don't know if ideologies Wednesday's overnight AL mother and telling you I. Not a ignoring this we you know we're going OKC rehab this is true but what happened to jail not making excuses for why have I have been away from the mega cast. But look the and that source she texted Travis Simms and he. I just really for an easier to recovering alcoholic. I think to be taking it what did you tell her. A Mike and insane thing I'm about sky did she thought that. I wasn't aware would consider a major sponsor surreal like no fun and now so would be the widow I entered the game. Ellington had a beer and then they're like oh my god I can't believe this late councilman yeah. It's true but also terrible that is. But they did you as a bad evil thing I'd say they don't do it don't you don't do that. I did end up getting your news headline bad ideas oh yeah. A new life sought I think you know seat but usually when people are so I do I say in the Alaskan dog musher can pass and I racy Iditarod I'm and that works appear. But Oklahoma City knows by any. Or no one was buying it here's some good shape to do like so I ended telling people. I create sudoku puzzles. But it's what I want in my they're going to deal my deal this is a little weird but. Actually crate sudoku is McCormick in there's no we're a computer system they can just randomly placed seat together in numbers so hot. He almost mathematically gifted people who can dislike. We don't have to leave it blank she got to go is it you know beginner medium easy hard expert it's actually pretty complex you're familiar enough. Which to do Saddam sudoku Debby Illinois talk like knowledgeable about a good as I said that be right I don't even know what's don't go to duke who we're at yeah how to pronounce it I am only nineteen year old guy you are I'll marry a very difficult time with it yeah. I actually playing sudoku I've never done. Oh you now or you know a year's league numbers. No not very good numbers well ever 69 or. How I. That is. Sorry I have criticism your armory in the bad vibes opposite hi guys are there any negativity circle and -- Jimmy that I brought to you guys clearly was just things don't I get the blood rush and the blame that the heart racing in the brain dead dog should get a drivers get ten pushups duke permanent sit on this chair Alan no shocker all I'm sorry guys. The fact that he wanted to push and we got a good song this week it is it just tend. Yeah okay and in Ontario men are. Are and hearing on how I know he's come back to us and here's more bay hit a my hand you know why. Crushing nature of these days. Polarizing nature are gonna crater lake mud life is changed. This is awesome yeah and you and you push out of us yet you don't want to headphones on we do push oops I do bubble of the most sought. Yeah. This time around ten I think you're gonna wanna keep the headphones on our. That's just our cash Gallo Justin Timberlake. Haven't lewis' when yet residents is there what is the new Zogby asked not to feel like yeah it's going to be this summer hit it and I did this a lot of snapshot videos. My random females. Let's get ten negative rallies really don't believe at all. And can you Rhode Island that was thrown no Luke could just say no idea about how. I swear but I did you tell your boots yeah I'll take your shoes that I wasn't actually their Slidell let's not pass up. Got a drive and you don't us I don't I'm Justine had a first and then I would I would distort truth like I need the pool routes that are comfortable yeah got to do it now. It's so I don't get dear Joseph wanted to come on us. Go run around like Pam Anderson in the old school logs and write things he that's not the same ones actually making it look like you know. Those are the shoot anybody who's dogging on brands like if you were aware which I have but if you're wearing like the little furry yellow decides negligence weird for botulism yo you're afraid of Iraq so that he's a champion fighter. Mean it's still. Well possibly over the line. Yeah I'm gonna tell him that you look stupid and I'm not me now. Rising great dude I don't know. My grapefruit. Well I got doctor radio Magnuson duke who maker yeah how they are very complex you know hundreds Botox. Tour it's sorry do you takes me. Just got back from may a great weekend. Maybe an overused word but for me a powerful powerful weekend. So what I things that hit me in a weekend and then. Monday after the new class it's something and I have heard a few times. Is that instead of war and about taking now and limiting that stuffing your life. Just try to fill those spaces with good things. You know some said a word about any fashion media cards or this that doesn't have an action avocado with your chicken and just filled with good stuff considered just you know trying to take away. Added. Tried time and my parents manner. How they're feeding me nonstop carved all week Yahoo! my web czar you envisage a piece of mentality I had a single vegetable the entire time there it was it was awesome. I. I got a question about this so I'm I'm actually Sony say that. Some doing this like minimal carb thing all right I. You know like ten years ago. There's like all these like diet fads that now locomotive like not war. Liquor not only didn't work. But they're like wrong but ten years from now or Puhn Buick. Bruce idiots a decade ago had tried to no carb diet urging this is actually jet I think. I think low cards work just because close starch is our talk demo we dug into. Right here like we need you know if you're doing paley oh you know I cannot get mad in there if you follow like Tim fair she not get in there I think. I think the acting stuff that kind of got a bad name I think a lot of people were just eat lunch meat bacon at least 600 under doo dah DAB six all day every day right at the act inside them like this is not working man you're still 300 pounds yes I mean there's. There's not far turn nasty yet but I definitely think to yourself that you have and everybody I know that super fit in pretty successful and can keep it off yeah generally now you just try to cut out cards completely and never you don't. I think yours you're you're gonna bounce back and gain more weight. I've been policy have been doing like killed Sammy familial thing I. Yeah and BG no that alcohol wise you're supposed to drink. Tequila. Gin or wine. Thought nobody got the pool most like his potato vodka you can call you well thought tells me from Apple's. Yeah so there are there are reacts as a few vodka is the you can do and it's like the ones I think some until we once made from cherries and. Yes I'll have you ever had a soft tell spirits one I'm not it's a moment one eligibility god you guys are why I loved Tina this is guess it's on par with Tito's really it is time that expenses cost soft tail and it's made in Washington with apples as opposed to potato you'll notice it solid it's an apple flavored vodka. It's just divide can he goes on smoothed the softer sales yeah I use drinking on the rock. Hayley oh really alert and put it. What a you know the power body talks about having a couple glasses of red line every night. Yeah and then on whatever you're cheap day is like turn off the beer you'll do just fine a year you can you wine drinkers. Now I should be more because I Helen injuring more red wines are injuring more often during the week yeah. I'm not and we're very often your Guidant intoxicated off from red line yes yes. Hagel shock okay that's really ask the hang over on red why I was like I primus of them being like a great. Hang over person what I mean that is like how we governor ruins hung over the just gets the vibes right like. Pushes through the hangover gap red line can't do it. Let us not only did. I don't know about you but like by the end of the night I'm a miserable drunk mom like a mean drunk I'm just like. I just feel like a lethargic and sad really from wine yeah I says and I don't know what it is like I got a couple glasses I'm fine but yeah I guess I'm not a big wine drinker. Yeah there were saying Iraq had recently. Was. Standing I was doing my head at lake very low carb thing down drinking vodka and soda is the shirt Asia shots. Well I mean. All of you do the notion global car of soda water OK okay for vodka sodas and unless they're doing shots and Q and four I mean I think it and I know you're you're doing low cards are not happy. If you're in trouble doing that. I don't I don't Koch at that point what they decided to drink that much addition it is had a beard Joseph Alba. Do you have dinner they give another raucous sort of who shouted you. Yellow line is that we do shots like tequila or something like that you like. You do a couple shots a fireball on the switch like all sorts of tequila be good like that that's like of them got healthier option. Honestly I've never. I've probably taken a taken CoBiz now shots in my life yet. I can count the amount of times a shot to Q on one hand really but I'm going to be peer pressure this weekend taking that he's doing tonight and I shot as it. Hopefully we Mexican later saying to kill me around the I might need do. There's some weekend. Weekend events are going down. Vegas use me and in the tour hits. The rumors accusing me flowing a little nervous. Move to Cuba remember that time I'm Leo drunk on tequila was once seen OK don't wanna Wear a period where I hop sort of Cuba like that sponsored the men's room. Failing to show our work on some. We we we had tequila. Constantly that one part of one party rule and had myself and throw from the men's room we got wasted it was Arturo like unveiling two yeah my free tequila. Free drinks all types of drinks and free food which really neat now yeah which we should have strict fuel got so wasted legendary there was a band on stage. And we went on terms that let us have you here and we're gonna play and myself on drums drill on base head. On day lets you. Yeah they had no choice said that we basically told them get off the stage we're taking over how to deal Dalmiya their views are everywhere I think we did last year right I guess I'm the lyrics a hold of Steve's vote hasn't figured out the everybody would air before we start ago I can't find my phone I'm freaking army source I thought. Because I I'm using it for the song. Tonight ended with Niko on the bartender in the C word and then I think well yeah oh went downhill from there yet I've not nothing good come to me doing just two Q all night yeah now. Let's do a nervous about. Yeah how much here for I had a mental block of tequila like I like it. But it's like once I do late milieu we went down had a couple shots it's one thing but Ivanov blues and and night and it shows up on Mike. All right well I'm not having sex and I'm going to be a mess tonight. That's how dangerous it is so yeah I don't it could change probably Justin Leonard yeah but it done what is your go to shot. Now on a guide him frat guys firewire law yeah. Air balls he's so mean firewall this muted the sound terror and Apple's tight this thing candidate in this Favre also new is enough. No aria yeah look at the new Yeager I certainly in candidates been around for awhile then so. What I can I went from fireball. Then Kelly Mitt early twenties it was like now. Once early twenties Canon drinking age lower yeah please use our rule was in nineteen merit nineteen in my own town in eighteen and every other province. That's also inspired probably say yeah so suspect so yeah nicer Canada now. I like to college in Plattsburgh we would drive up over the border in Montreal yeah and we're like sophomores in college royal you don't get hammered let's do it. Mayhem on the big Jamison guy I was just say I do like Irish whiskey tip okay. I went to a huge tell where do you face real if you don't why I think it's jolly Irish whiskey Stoudemire ash. And I it yeah. It did like the one Margaret do Buckley's all the time like icy drink that I want this huge facing now on your their appeal be like. It's been awhile rabbis and Irish with you except what over the oh notable what's the best she gained you've played well taking shots. Best scheme. Taking a shot have a lot of beer games I don't know if I have shocking to so I heard when I don't have the exact details of their day bit. Basically it's like you have to do it can. The three or four different shots and get Irish car bombs in there until the bear claw claw NCB who first got to growl at the end news. So it's a you have to hold the shots out there and have a good bear growl at the end that's pretty awful good who's pretty epic. Undo that and say I'm the boss also word I was like look in the self love maybe who knows but. There's another shot gamer its like you take a shot I can pick who was induced fluke. Point six right. But you're close to your closer to the range of good drinking games they could fit but what I do it now at 35 north or wish you grow up like I was stubby and abetted she that. I don't wanna girl who want to grow up. I'm still not grunt now yeah I'll never know all yeah I know a girl I until I'd be in a real problem never grown up yeah exactly in Africa so I think there's one no words like you tee shot. And you go to the best looking girl in the bar and ask her slap you in the face is hard is she can't. Six so there's some Tweeter board are missing. The big game is to see who can get slapped in the faced most different Travis make this thing. He did avenue they're burning man I went to a bar and that was in the bartender is a chicken Jews like we have this we have that are whiskey slap. It's a mega as that may want to whiskey slap my ya yeah how I'll take a whiskey slapped. So I did a shot of whiskey she smacked me in the she hugged me he dumb idea that might have been that's pretty epic there is also who can handle most of whiskey slaps me. And about your New Year's trip to a burning into I'm sure that I hope so you board cob we do you podcasts podcast with. We're now into Graham friends so it's official artist and I saw on his page or picture viewing him at burning man how nice is one of the greatest pitchers that ever settled the fire behind us and the fish yeah. Look at this picture and didn't look. This is that the most epic picture I've ever seen. Want it's. Got to put up I'll put it up on the animated cat Twitter that the mega cap it. Do it does take an album cover for like to bring the best view and group. Ever this is an edited now. I mean you might get to like put a filter on that as they camera phone yeah enough background is actually there yeah that's out there aren't that data noxious fire that's behind by the end of the week man lake on Thursday they start burn in the art pieces out and out might apply now you might be focusing on the fire but take a look at what heads well I notice. It's gut. Those leg quarters on your head it was like I was in my snowboarding goggles okay who got to be you gotta goggles in your scarf and somewhere and an Israeli tactical scarf. And then now my fur jacket. Joost. Hugh Laurie legend thrown out ahead. You or a ledge in depth people love that Jack what does his story with this fish. All may and at the top just brought with them as he wanted to like a cool Baghdad would come and then we just relate this issue so weird we got to take it everywhere and take pictures of the honestly my mind is blown this so it's awesome in this picture but I could never ran a race time and then right after that I climbed up put a forty foot wouldn't latter. To go to a bar just a platform that was built up but it. My let's legendary now I'm speechless when I was going to the pictures I have like I stared at that instrument detects do and say what dot. Because it's unbelievable that that one is like an ad like this is why you wanna go to Vernon Matt. Right more like I said if you've got a breather I get indie hip hop group or an EB MTJ duo that's the album cover. Welcome to burning man do you inspire me and I stuck I don't have to do it wait till we eat later I got the stories are where you spoke to us I'm excited are just a quick break when we get back at you wanna share with the guys I mentioned to both the united I forgot my wife on my flight to New Jersey. Where she died that I actually died Steve almost died I almost. It's unbelievable. That's pretty impressive on a year I had my mom curious have you undergrad something similar happened maybe not dying obviously yeah I tell weird moment in your life where the the one person do not want to be there was there and if return the F out. So when we get back to may Cassel thought well I almost died while going in New Jersey. I'm gonna. Iraq and do what. And pool of talent and steep hop hop scene lit up today and and then it comes to be back next week. Clinical. I just this month. I'm Heidi. They're actually not my. And is that. Sandy is easy on them and I'm tired little. Now yeah. Most students. A fictional story based on rock and rule wields. Richard Dreyfuss is. Wild horses to the biggest thing quit when he meets honky tonk women while weeding and a friend that he encounters a ruby Tuesdays Wednesdays. Let's spin the night together she tells him you can't always get what you want and leaves him to get the golden goose had super. Ronnie wood and Charlie Watts and tell him don't. Mixed emotions when you. Front street fighting man named Jordan Jack fleck and when the wind comes down here shattered realizing they aim to try. Legal drink your jagr and asks him to give me shelter. It's too much so that these student Goodin and he tells CN. To dig deep to believe it's all coming soon to dean moves through. On HBO. These guys throwing the money determination on sales. They would just been a little money from congress give comments. And then it comes due to match. Our eyes meets mil yeah scene Millard. Oh that's right that's. Rap wars man route or even an Iraq War would like somebody did anybody who watch SNL last week the jury malaria is that the I thought them the trade beef saying was also a layer of the video and you ever lose the use united everyone's different did you see you know I'm so it played great he's got a famous straight right Drake can make me feel obviously electric had some distracts yet so just was like drinks beef. And he'd like going to a room and somebody just when they hide like Leslie Jones a kind of bloom off. It just this new camera with zoom in on his eyes in that it would no cut. And it's here with a bunch of dudes behind them like a few pitches he'd say I don't think he didn't just like the mean it's like cool six. You see other Cleveland cavs they controlled the Toronto Raptors for the playoffs it was the other. We not knowing that that was awesome oh million. Our would have won the night and we'll get your is they they posted on bike on the Jumbotron at a picture of Drake rocking I cavs Jersey from at a concert or something like that. The obvious he's Toronto guys got it out like that's a nice jab yeah and then the other one is pretty awesome. Yet there was some web site that was like who do you think will win the NBA finals. Think Golden State Warriors. And who they plan Oklahoma City right yeah and then a high Cleveland Cavaliers or other. So the mayor Toronto was leg you know there's two million people here I think by other human Toronto in my head this and that just like like route is that other now would forgo other teams involved through Greenhill and just. Crapping on Toronto. Applied man his home province de LA right Americans can't declare war are wrong lot of early care. I'm actually go for the cavs. I I mean the mares I really don't care who wins but I don't want gold and say to him yeah I count like this I just wanted to which come out of this morning and obedient makes them like. Kind of one of root for the thunder because I like to ram yeah and and you know Giuliani bush yeah and you know I mean he's one. Where I eat we grew up in the same county all religion is standing outside a DC via live PG. If you don't lose it's the and I like the personality local recede just sucks it like. Mean if some or thunder had a around here you are crucified yet you came on strong like you can you would say in supportive yeah I grant you can't even do it then I like set up black. Gently baseball giants hat that I liked the because well because this. Items Seahawks in niners people would just. Question you just gimme crap all the whole Tom like art archive of where does that anymore yeah I underwent out of control one night we had the old arm movement makes cash or two it was back when Jesse. And to appear like I'm not buying because it's minor scholars comic you thought even scholars is aggressive those cylinder. It's just read and why am. But Michael really gaggle of that I missed some good and I get beaten into this I'm telling you it's absurd I can't imagine it was like for you guys are in. My neighbor called Jermaine is a turn for the niners are and his dad told me that. When he comes up to Seattle he doesn't Wear. His son's Jersey. I'll blame him he's like. Honesty for someone out there is a guy had a body it was like the most firmly abusive place I'd ever been. That's got a whole area. Yeah it would I was a kid because it grew up by huge double stamina my best friend. He would always have season tickets to other ranger games and I would go and anytime arranged for the government first comic. Nor ethic unaware my doubles Jersey via going there and I'm like me be 1213 years old at the time and we. Get in there for saying what do like him were sitting up in the and the blue seats switched roles who Rangers fans remembered as a comic the toughest section yeah like you know. Up in the upper rafters you know. To walk him through the tunnel. Some guy was like a grown man grabs him throws against the wall is your and you're in the blue seats and took cursed me out of my only goodness so I get to my seat. Now we're sitting and I'm still wearing only ask me this guy I'm gonna show my support. Again hit met with an orange. You're kidding me I. Hit the bat that well some twelve and I'm like what the hell that I just gave him away and then there's an orange on the ground hey why it's Oliver and Lawrence the African Rangers game and all right. I hit the back of that would be your words I turn around and all the time swung back to bite you guys flipped me off. After you took turns you off folded and put it under my seat MIT know what I'm never doing that again. Homeless world access to the rumors it was it was insane news it was volatile yeah yeah. Problems aren't so now generally the most part and I remember where redskin stuff into a ravens game. Men and people of Baltimore hate DC you and they would they gave me a bunch I just never leave India like Gallo is our franchise ever Alaska's we sock. Oh yeah. Salty tag. I was so I thought that's a dagger are right there oh yeah. Yeah it's true hate speech reserves right up truth hurts and you're named after Apollo. Yup I around the whole. I drove blow when I first heard them like real. That's what it's named after these are very mascots Edgar Allen and Pope noted didn't I swear to god seriously yes. But you're kidding no hope they had when they started the ravens they had three separate mascots Edgar Allan Inco. That's so so terrible it is I won't give those people credit and bottom without ideas never knew it growing up in PG athletic DC. They never stop light. Late they're like after the NFL like we love the colts from the colts left. They just they stayed in might not of a meeting skins hands or anything else they really were Baltimore fans. They're dubbed the colts' old bay and stayed together. And when the ravens got there. They like open the stadium that's cool yeah it is thought I give credit league that's really where they were true to it make you tired but yet. Thanks for babies is brutal going to decade. This is he would say grossing easily I don't. And maybe are in the minority Billick when I go to a game. I'm not like. The mayor to cheer her teen Yemen a nod there to like. Upset are like guy don't get upset or somebody else doesn't like my team it seems ridiculous that people get that worked up over it it's Simpson over somebody like a fan liking another team. Yeah I I I've equated it was a probable its enemies now in politics the passionate people offer sports and passion of people from have for politics and Don ridiculous like. You have hatred for somebody if they. Our 49ers stand no different than your hatred hatred persona to say I like Hillary Clinton is okay. I might not but that's OK if you do you but people are weird man. Very weird yeah hi nice to have facts be careful I still fall until it. Paula Newton really like you're the guy this is willing as we are you that let me ask for IR YI guys. Really do you really yells at the TV yet players this guy's door and he's a piece of. Since like. But ever never hear of them like you know guys he's trying. OK it's human being like down a bit here and have been called my fair share of names and receive my what's the word are you ever been called. So I'd fire fanned yap. I don't know about being called. So I don't know I've never like I mean I can't imagine what people always bitter Wilson who has I got to leave. If you look you something similar it's got to be all the drama when I saw it and I will sing your movies. Like other C I'll get a tweet it'll be like any works both ways but it's like. Luke Wilson news. The worst player in the NFL I do not know how this person has made our team in like. What was weird was my second year with the year I had cada dealing teams Carolina and it was this guy's a future of the NFL much drama like Twitter timeline like awfully lot of love and it's eating you know about Kim young now I don't deuce side I'd like five hot chick Robin my body OK and I'm like this gracefully. Brits we yes and then the next week I learned. Two terrible and there was like. I hate this guy could we please cut them like people tweeting at the Seahawks are flooding issued this is bizarre. Yeah well look what it is just ever gonna call guy and the officer guy look hi I'm Doug Schneider. Sorry I have to tell you but we got seven Swedes say now we should get rid of you since. Like crazy so you get a limit of two we have eleven at six today your and I hope you're not to tweak guide to are you noted that the guy was good tweet like at the clearly you saw no not at all. And and and granite as I've gotten older I've gotten better about what getting more like Maryland football. Probably arsenal are in the like are the most important things but I don't let it ruin my whole day anymore okay they lose it bums me out and are not going to be like used to be like he would rule my whole day in this in that. And then also like with sounder stuff I'd just like the mass support when people. So like you know well you would know this he's in the field. But sometimes stern under the stairwells up like bars where you can actually get liquor during the game OK so Portland Timbers stay on turf writers swing by there for him. And I'm between the third and fourth order numbers guy was coming in and I got to be a reaction tonight to start kind of go Michael I think you're on the wrong bar Fred. We I don't know this one's for you right. And the guy that looks at us and just kind of puts his head down not like shakes it walks away. Right now I. Maybe I was too harsh with some other senators fans that give me crap look can we Doumit picked guy in and stuff I'm like. Grow up. Like I gave them a foot to a little ass you could somehow prank person Crowley begins here put this later down the left yes little bomb a nice guys or is supposed to move on his right my trusty I'm still you have 'cause sat down median. You know and anger really tone you said it now. That's why rule you can yell whatever you want but like you're at a sporting event like China to curse too much is children and then and then. Turn it to be true my personal sarcasm is always the best way to go. In my via men or Massa with their names yeah oh now that's so it was hilarious even as like a player. I actually enjoy that self that it's like when you get the dudes that are like. I mean I'm ever call hundred mental and number one role site via never throw anything on a guide the fields yeah I solely to pay the money you came to watch she's late great athletes at the top ridiculous you have throws on the field he had knowledge so much to DCW wrestling you should be doing things incident and that that the performers. That was not something they encourage you picked. I'd to Mets fans stories are both from college hitting me causes little less security. One timer play in Memphis and for the game. Guys who go up in. You'll go to the end zone and uses medical Q and LT Meehan I gave you say a prayer or whatever I've got to go post yeah. This lady who leans over. The cement mr. tall so might have been Tulsa. NGOs. EG. Just don't love you all. Yeah. Yeah. That is hard so I don't know why don't pray in Jesus still love you all have a clue or how did. And other all there is always I was pretty epic the other one was Oklahoma State. We played there in their they're like stands are right by the bench. So it's like literally it looks okay. And then like their fans are right there and have those obnoxious like every notre called the B dual side things are those little sticks or ever okay and but we were due to do is my second year as a tight in rotation so we had three kinds are rotating in and somebody mess some up. And we sit down old bench they're coach comes in he's been saying he's all intents of the Korean drum measly. Hey who isn't the last play with now whose name. And then was it me so I was like looking over to see which one of these two dudes is going on up to a in this thing and literally darts is ahead. Right in between me he had this other guy who has coached to do is leave our message. I. Theater coaches leagues burst though a lot of guys don't want anybody got a daughter pace he's got a weekend big game after all you've got to. Do want to at a Merrill Reese are grown College Park so we went all the mailing games and yeah buddy would you waste in the parking Bahrain yes. And then it was 20012002. And free agent there we win. We're winning dollar home games where he might do by like thirty or forty. Like Maryland has real football yeah we think it's bad luck to go win so we get wasted the entire game art movement and then we Snead did Mike do the field house they were on were walking around the field rightly by the cheerleaders. Nobody says a word I can see people up there in their lap and anesthesia and then I went behind the bench and I may be arch mistake. I took a couple of Gator eight students shooting and I don't did and try to get it. Okay this is it is similar to the second for the Gatorade Summers they. What are you doing down here knows that I'm friends with who's our guys thousands of LaMont Jordan was as name. Or it's a running back but yeah at the dollar up front of him and Eric back ally and a hair you that's pretty balls you're there oh you took the glass the Gatorade or. Yes it did man I'm opposite I. They're fast they're proud of and I thought we got it suggests Ari do that's hard do in the NFL put call junior way it was simply that oh yeah NFL you do you like to jail for that little run for senator Ron feel what a streaker. No no no yeah I've been on the field when someone run the field though yes I have to nab an a streaker. I do think if you run on the fields arsenal football team in this players like lined up for kick off for something yeah I think you guys should be allowed to drill with our. Iowa I'm Tony I would if somebody came by and like B I'm trying to think we had won once I think it was a year to go but the public now a streaker but it dude came on the field knowing drilled a there was like a big moment in the game like the momentum was going news site. You're rolling and also noose like. They would go lowly Kerio and there was like dude scars from a few over 45 seconds a site right defense catch her breath like. Late dude this is bonk. Right new should be if you're our fan do you realize that this is not the right time to be doing that the terrible. Jackass three years ago Grant Hill I forget who obviously for the suns in the sour love Andre you know it's my guys are so I have a mailing I was in a duke fan but I guess in courtside. Grant hills event when the ball he's so I can't help but I don't go terps and he clearly is about to Limbaugh in baton that he turns out is go home. Critics about exhibit good. Selig that's bloody right. Wellesley and to this day even though I hate do become one love god what a great well yeah I got it does have some fun this exactly so new and guys there in. When people are in the stadium I yelled so it's funny. Yet it is funny in you for players and I enjoy it yeah. Some guys thrive off well for sure so the negative stuff for sure that the weird ones are elected to Twitter trolls. I don't get it the Twitter trolls like aggressive and when you read it lake. Even when you hear somebody yelling in that she can still see him there's something about reading it it looks different any teach you different it just seems harsher and yeah I agree so you can only a few. The sarcasm or the stupidity in the guy's voice when they're when they're sharpen you deal in person to say okay. You're drunk you're this year that whatever it is I'm Twitter thank god she composes and then you hit sang you evil person and why tackle. You could just say say eight. I think Ted is the worst guy on the radio that he had to tag me that he makes sure I see it Ellis negativity is in your life years like doing a lot a lot. But I have to do and that's what it is crazy and starved for attention paid day this is a sad thing I think in the eyes of these guys and I don't do it and I would never understand and I try only to reply to people work. Writing in a positive way yeah you know Mike let me give them the attention unfortunately most people. Who get tweet that negativity will respond. So got attention a war like that Twitter troll that's the only way they're gonna get a connection how many times have you had someone that segment addicting you. And he responded nightmares student I'm a big fan yeah I go to what they wanna hear back from units god do you can do it a different way be caught and Daniel here back from. Assuring what sucks is like for me especially last year good or bad. I would just give it to roll my self after games some like I don't wanna hear my sister's death Ted introduced him I see some things you've been on the air. I'm not going anywhere in your architect's drawing I don't want everywhere that the site it's bizarre yeah. Yeah I'd say Jesus himself as it would need to be safe onto her no I asked me well and she's not. If you could get to tell yeah it's crazy and Joseph blow their right. So jungle that take another break when we get our media are to die while I realize it's OK okay time. If you're an American cast returns us. This. Sorry not sorry. And then it comes complete ban on CNN. We've. Old game. I. I. Four years musicians have issued cease and desist orders to presidential candidates. Using their music gets campaign stops without the artists' permission. Look for this election season I think there are songs that all of us including the musicians. Can agree are appropriate like this song for Donald Trump. And this song for Hillary Clinton. So if you want to use these songs for your campaigns Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton permission granted. Romance. Clearly I'm better off than. Broken Arrow is brutal limited PG. That's pretty easy and I want I want I am not really will be. If Obama and it is pretty dope that's something a guy you have Beers with. Zach brown yeah Y one KSW in the 100 point seven did you like Zach brown concert together living rock people like film. And then also. Rock shows just a lot of dudes but if the country station was part of it to be a lot more hot chicks short shorts cowboy boots and no finals and you know I love those small town girls who doesn't have the right. There's go to heaven on earth I'll go and watershed I've been a watershed and I've seen the pictures and I drove for in the short shorts there but the white pockets still coming out from under ball to Elton. And it Mohamed said. That's a great idea. I could crush it watershed. Now be a lot of fun. Yeah I don't really care about the music now people like a civil your little sudoku Russo who thinks so I can these amounts are now you say you're probably unloaded thirty. I've come to this realization. That do they know a lot of these females these days are just trifle and just be careful on the Nate they could be. You know wolf in sheep's clothing here look like they're from the country were really just a city person. Suppose yeah that's a good point I think about that I'm okay with those wounds are still in short shorts and how to kick it out I don't care to comfort you cannot. New York City stuff at a Scottish chicken head yeah. Although we gotta present for a slogan fresh off the presses you got yourself an official mega cast T shirt. Poll. Hopefully extra large studio you know how I look at it. I don't know I might I just murdered try and swing guy Dahlia good Allen belt and I shouted down on. Mr. Sam glad you know I didn't listen do it because I was afraid man listen newest. We're just glad we got over this whole bottle nurse in today might owner from Lauren like a roast or something I don't know I ST for Ted I think it's time press institute the condoms off so it's fine. I trust him. I thought I gotta tell a lot of these soldiers. He is couple we see hurt Steve said he attacks just like hey I heard from Lou crew whatever light is equal to come all Ehrlich I think we should come on next week. And Miami my first response was do we even need to call you what is gonna let him right back all of this just. I gave like two minutes went by how Hodges Kitna Carson. I thought well AJ Wright ascent of that right away and take up the good about it and there are a lot of mega babes considerably we are very aware that we. We thank. Your contact how to I described idea you're like that memory play JT if we were in sync your JT of the mega cast in my head and I am fortunate Brad Joey Fatone. Live right I can't even see how did you. JK JC JC OK out yeah I think this is America we're trying you bring in all the girls sort of I guess it we have so many attractive chicks are listening to this podcast who have said. Big first union because of you and and they thumb over the podcasts that are still listening which is awesome salinity Q dangle out I'll take down wall on west. Now applied color him I'm just ready to roll already dealt with dignity and to you but it's. It's supposed to all the people who then your commercial by the way. Haven't seen it. It's like for its again guy took over our progressive at least on the GT progressive Patel and unpacked and it's a joke about a boy band singing about saving you money and insurance. So they are fake names admittedly enjoyed Patel who the heck he's brilliantly we're usually at receiving gives the best sense of humor about the experience and how does not. I mean what a life that guy's been living. Yeah and I mean he's still probably forget but in sync crazy money. He's only so baggage checks from my big fat Greek wedding and then the game show medio semi he's done a lot of random give us. Yeah there you don't have cable you'll see him what I saw on to a cook and show. Does everywhere. Star Tom Carroll being the Fatone probably cells will reel stay inside too. Top whore on like life insurance yeah I got all Iran's got back side double life insurance in these days and no one of the new kids with the Joey MacIntyre is still at one of the richest laid boy band guys ever. Is when they made all their money he did that he sat on it and put it and annoyed real estate and Smart men. Yeah I asked forward thinking NSA get somebody good and is like they're probably said listen you know you've got to deploy there I mean actually go bad people and I don't like I'm sure you have people in your life to like tennis. Lo and I'm Mr. Bush and thanks buddy you know I got a window I gotta make sure I'm going to be okay after that windows over. Tonight our guy made a rule made rule. I wanna I wanna blow money. I'm only blow money on experiences. Not materials. Agreed so that's my leg and that's my one rule for my K if fumble dispense might might do it in five years now. Think it's a clothing item or some like that was five years and as can be go. Probably not right but five years from now what I did think coo over three weekends ago will be even funny here. That's my my wife and let them buy that is reason we saw session saving and we still are I mean I'm. Tar more than me all of a more of a loose cannon when it comes to money don't have fit BMI until we got to bills pay let's have fun. But it's about now saying let's do vacations in the scope places like going Hawaii you're going in his face it's like. We weren't boy am I 95 and barely alive you know look back on on lost money I saved but I will look back on my Q yeah the crazy experiences like you're ten and I don't know Spokane or whatever it may be. Yeah yeah I'll think about just stacking up all those ones and you like now comes the stage experiences. That I. VIP rooms experiences. I think you're all right I'm out I don't I hear there god it's. Unbelievable I shared a little bit of it on the air this morning I'm BJ makes but I think get to go fully into detail so I went home my dad retired from his job so we had a big retirement party. In New Jersey where they live now which is pretty awesome to go check out the new home my parents have been retirement village and it's pretty bad ass it's nice plays awesome yeah dad yeah I'm real happy for them. So what we're flying back from the night before ten and I went to a wrestling event at the Paramount an XT wrestling which is like developmental. Yeah offers a VWE they've got a big show. It got down like eleven just awesome. What are best experiences we had as we have Tom we should talk about some of the weirdness that we experience while there. Had a great time. Top ten off get home around midnight our flights at 5 AM so. My mom my my father wants because of it around like 2:45 in the morning that's that's rough right so my wife's getting up at 1 AM because even though we're on a plane she needs to go or make a bond duo now yes so. I barely got any sleep. He's wife for the record by the way I've seen playing guys that make it like G is hot she is hot right we'll see what I like other people's lives and make. Did have a twelve children taken aqaba and you don't go to sleep then god didn't. Still working on it now it's enough in opening its grim builder put down your face. To grow grew profiling is going to happen I pray. Have found that in do you have his press plays the so. Barely any sleep somewhere guide an hour hour and a half tops asleep run the plane. I'm Mike it was too much dead boy downloaded that my wife doesn't like violent I don't know why there was a good idea you have seen where you guys cutting off his own army and she's like I'm Don young and plus to gratuitous sex in it goes up like hour. She wasn't really fond of that on the plane I don't know why they should go on the plane what I had to Al my iPad well our the app play for airline is it some yeah. Stairs didn't loose it was a terrible idea in my part saw Mike all right you stop watching how many keep watching yeah I'm watching it all the some I get I had this from time to time when my dad don't get enough sleep. I I will pass out now just like. The Alps lose all consciousness strike a couple of seconds and pass out now wake up and migrate our minds leak this isn't taken off notices like. This is like four hours into the flight. All my two word Ike. However many feet in the air yeah and I start getting that feeling and I've always known and ever since having a tattoo that might I'm in my tattoo is the first at studios. Sometimes the blood pressure rise is it nerves get the best of you you might pass out. If you do you will know and you better tell me because if you pass I want tattooing you it's not gonna look good on your. Ever since them any time I've ever passed out I always I'm very aware Dunham about to pass out like I even told you we from a I'm about to pass out there's even a video. Where I got my eyebrow pierced and in the studio once and I felt that I don't I think amid a pass on a when they got hah funny and then I passed out and looks like a dead. It's an awesome video like body body limb disks. Just yeah turn now. I draw opened the tobacco I have three and IMAP Paula do Australia to video movie go get dinner it's it's pretty epic yeah I don't looks and opposites like. KSW Meeks piercing you'll find on YouTube good mom. So I knew what was happening. He intends right yes I don't like wow all right so Mike our boy I'm gonna pass out yes and now Mike that's gonna freak my wife out this is not I don't need to get her into the mix of Acela. Stupid Steve thanks obviously in this chair back I'll close my eyes. Are passed how my eyes are closed. And then I'll come through and be like I just woke up and still never know. That's what I'm thinking in my head so it was a good idea how ya okay I'm not as crazy and I thought it was not a bad idea. I know you have control your paso so then no clearly I don't because when I passed out my eyes opened up. And they went to the back of my head and I went pale and my wife turned over to talk to me in your debt as students and ten. Christie poked me in the face and nothing you do real. Well I must've been high but I but she's like yeah you know at that moment you start to panic but she makes a disaster with their so now she blows in my ear. And nothing. And no reaction either and she doesn't like bringing attention to ourselves and now she's and it's weird conundrum of I need to bring attention to myself because I pick my husband is dead and I have a gum in my mouth and she's like. Two I wanna pull it out or she was afraid that maybe I'll choke on it took on a potential is also afraid that if you put your finger in my mouth I might bite her finger off. So now she's in this conundrum that you wanna look we would have a finger. If you want her husband the choke and clearly she chose joke joke yeah which I understand what she did choose choke did you ever put a finger in my mouth. It's a dusty disease you're there with some of his life. Why what is happening to him guide it sit in in the role of in front of her to the next six section right turns around to she started to cry. And he freaks out. The is that what the hell's going on now the road next all of us are all freaking out. I don't know this is happening until after the fact. I come isn't saying now I think I'm dreaming because some like that in that economic coming back out of our mouth for probably about forty seconds to a minute. Yeah and I'm Mike hell's going on I look over my wife. And all I see her crying on what is wrong with him economical what is wrong with true. And I turn over to the guy next to resist dirty smelly guy I was sitting next to us right now. He's picking his nose. Just sitting there picking. And I look at him and Mike are she's talking about him I don't know what's wrong with him why is he and his nose message scrutinized her back around. And she's looking at me like she saw a ghost or sick are you OK Amazon. Now and that of flight attendant is in my face like if this is mime if the microphone is me she's like right there like looking at me in NFL their forget this and she's like. Sir are you okay. Am might. Yeah I'm fine. They just passed out. Thank you sir are you okay how many yeah I'm Omar MRIs and she's a are you on any medication. I don't know what you got. I love what's right and I. But I realize and then also look at everybody you know like this is not a joke yeah I'm like I'm fine I see a Diet Coke. And she brought back Greg but they almost got to the point where they were gonna call in the plane. Holy smokes could you imagine if I was responsible are deep in the trip as we have another hour and a half. So we land like we're we are going and so so maybe you're like three hours into it Rivet and I would come from the lake city Utah that was her layover was. Two in Newark, New Jersey but to deploy. I'm thinking. The whole rest of the fight I'm humiliated because I'm like could you imagine if like we had to land the plane because I passed out. But doubt it in the worst feeling in the world via our views whose so awkward and getting out of everyone's looking mammy in the section like when we're getting off and Mike. I could keep my head down more. It has like a tunnel. Does the walk of shame or. Oh I love below notice that they did that pass that economic now maybe the story that they're price on sharing is a better friend right now some you know it's it's the so I almost died. I'll do my wife there was kind of growth. You know I guess now I really do know that I love you could a free team that helped out a bit now. Loves their fingers are more important yeah. Those who. Yet their pastel anywhere their customer life not hard hat yeah. Wow what time I was working like a little randomly or alcohol induced. Well this one's kind of poke okay Blake I was making this the housing 115 a year right. It's like Friday night we'd gone out somebody volunteers I don't think anything the next day get up. And it's like what Shaq can appear before utility this college football game. So I shot and a beer. And you know what like you're really hungry you can feel everything might go in your stomach then yeah so like pins and needles right now Mike Almonte got on the amount of puke. And then I walked towards the bathroom same thing and I wake up. And my buddies chicken meat kick in the stomach DD well governor why you can't give me any card I wake up Perseus CF so he's not dead. Closet what happened there like how you walk to the bathroom passed out the DBK to go time you woke up that is. Do you know wow yeah dude it's just a weird feeling when you author could you take your argument dream state. I've never had a Amanda I don't wish upon anybody it's got a terrifying. Really well especially when you see your reaction of your wife and I could you know what the hell imagined our dude I felt awful. I thought I'm trying to find the video of the passing out appear to be kind of funny now. Good that you watch it while we're on the pockets please you ever at any point in your life still had control of passing out I do it's what I can nurse who resides Eileen. Would not be actual pass yelled blurred do you like. From seeing his chair and I passed Celek. That's felon in my head on the staying men. Oh yeah I guess a high possibility RG one time I was at a radio commence during the like a cigar lounge and I got too hot. Mast volatile we beforehand to. And I was getting really warm and Mike on this is really weird I'm feeling really weird and then this guy who's we your next to me kept talking top economic body leave me alone. I think when a pass out he's got hot as real funny. While jurors asked our pass out but I land on my this Geoff and Gerri you know and they're one of the most respected radio shows like in San Diego meg you're just like radio legend C I land on either Jennifer Jenner I fall on him. And then I miss the pool table which is right next on by media fight I almost a guy has enough. I come through and there's all these beat around me and I think I'm that in mind. I think I'm in my job bedroom comment why's everybody partying in our room man and then finally come to make some of the page has passed out. And now that no way I was talking the entire radio convention for the rest about time. There's awesome old big Z there always a Helio is dead wait till it's like you all you have to doubt hurt the gap yeah. I found the videos off to receive a good did you draw that Mike over to me and I can made. If I can I kind of do the audio with it that I would just from Steve. Back in the end dates I guess I say that's got to be a savage yet we if we did like the whole thing where. Basically were given we piercings on the air so we had like thirty people in the Studio One point it was warm I eat. So finally I might get caught up in spirit never had anything pierced ever in my life. And I he'll be kind of cool to me just see what it's like I'm gonna get appears you know take it out but I wonder what it feels like yeah I think I'm eyebrow pierced and admit I felt a flash ripped. It got weird and Elvis son started getting like really weird Sawyer okay so a particular party trick. Yeah unless you pass out a good call. The Sunni or a new goal I hang out with a big at this he's always says that okay. Let's elude I don't mean goes deceive sleep quickly. I area. Always think like you know in the war. Yeah I feel like edit them really you pass can't possibly be awesome and don't micro bio is small. Fastow and see what happens I'll see Jennifer is over as president they got it they never turn these into the when indeed yeah. Who goes I can see you you're a writer yeah OK okay I feel really regret. Representative Shelley is opening up about Ko punch in the face and you won't want to. Yet companies pollster and let's not kick him while he's down. Probably me OK. Here are. Chaos for each yeah. You look you can't limit LL really give us an idea fitness. I'm very. Yeah it's done he's. I'm George. But we're going. That is an army air this clinically now it's called eagle shuttle. Okay oh. Quickly to news yeah shot you don't you know. Are they not say they're. In a panic at this point until now it's you're right. Just. I don't like that was all this test do you know that's a right to know much. Planning to put. Then don't watch it come through. You're right there if case things go. You're probably looked. And it felt less well it's not even Ronan. And they go one. No. But you never seen that know are we know you have this probably it's not his bizarre now I call it. He did then you're relate to your three seconds later you're ailment that does and you're rural low lingual. We'll see it's we're good defense that couldn't do back I had a zombie. Etc. how old not long ago this was when they filmed it and in my buddy never to come and our plays and the queen and we may have won't come over a party before we hit the bars or go to like pesos or wherever. Tour like pressure Mears smoking pot and I make guys wanna see something cool and the like you ask and I would tell what it was I just put it in the VCR and imply it. And your guys reaction was like the same reaction make everybody's like hmmm I feel like I'm watching you die. Yeah one of my buddies actually did not go out with us one night is that I just got to go home and I was too much for me to seek. And he's really stone at the time yeah. There's like she's yet it's really freaky to watch. That is really like. I'm impressed by the muscle and her. Yeah. Getting no it's possible Bryant is not weird I love I saw a video when you come back or you find. Now one yet you what it feels like if you think you're gonna go we your dark tunnel and then you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And that's my eyes opening it and slowly but surely one time and it was a freak out and I know we got to get run them they'll be a quick start by not. Two of them opened my eyes if you like the tunnels opening up time though I mean I had I it took me out for a long time have gone through some dark stuff in my life and I pass on having attacked two. And when I passed out I thought I was dying going to hell. Because if I don't wanna go weird slide because I was sweating so much so I felt like water on me. And I felt like I was going on the slide it was hot because my body pressure was warm yeah fight a sliding into flames. Right let's Trippi. You feel like there's the bottom which is taken out from underneath you in your legs kind of kick out. Yeah that's what it felt like for an extended period of time but I have no control I'd have I'm just gonna keep loading and and to help on the hill right then all of a some moments trying to come through and I cracked not. If on a roller coaster started going up now I see the light at the tunnel my eyes are opening and I make. Are mad or does that chromium Gordon and now Mike didn't really pumped in my if you look I'm going to the stairway to habit. And I really did it was so weird and then all of a sudden my eyes open up this is burly tattoo guy would along popular soccer on this. Okay how all. Bob won't ever go 100. Sokol news student yeah. That's a harsher reality. I don't know I don't know a lot of thought he could do they feel a little low lows and highs and highs are really awkward. Although the amend it. So wall gap. Where you what he changed man after Al paso Phil met him. I ended a relationship right after that I'm an that could have taken a bad relationship and I felt like I wasn't even be always being good boyfriend in the process is well yeah both of us socked his human beings is like and as I gallery at the first one in my first tattoo on with the stars. And I'm Marie get in that tattoo because I needed to help like to talk to get tattoos to get my mind off of whatever crap I'm going to a might think therapy. They cut it just gets my must come just focused on the pain yeah. Sounds weird now. But when the tattoos over it's like I just feel like a release you know for sure and that's kind of like a wet for that reason to get my mind off of this person I go to hell. In this pass ossetian. Soon after I ended the relationship cause I got and I can't be in this one I'm not being not a good boyfriend you're not a good girlfriend and just needs to and yet now chuck deduce yeah. And I suck them. A lollipop. I don't know about part of it looks like it's so intense that I thought it was and now go on the heavens opened that I love my school overall Mitt. I'll call back there yeah on behalf reality and let me just say here's a lolly pop I don't DR Wright but suck on this block on this. While holding like relatively low little suckers when they called. The little ones dumb dumb dumb bombs yes. It's. Suck on this bill gum whose group are saving. What you just did our visit I don't live in fact I'll let it go before youth. I I think it's a fear a lot of us you just the idea of a grown man go and suck on this laid out what. I didn't really know what do you. Reuters that a bit. Good command in negative attitudes installment of saw Condit I don't want my clothes milk. I didn't listen that's my act if I do a lot of ideally yeah exactly but what does he like I lover but taker yeah. Yours now. Hello yeah good that it's there you go week. Are we ready to attend I mean how Brenda Barrett duke edu and again I'm doing your body. Then move ahead of you read this. Project the op fans you know welcome to give up. Exactly yeah. Listening to but different boys com. He goes an extra 80 and a turning into. I'm tired. Oklahoma for that work out. There's. Huge day yeah. Great having you back great to leave that gas welcome back to Seattle's. Flyers out I'm we're back you know it's really did write this it does your eyes you got your shirt days I'll look to serve sport is everywhere I. Big nose big outs and they committee cast the and go back to you about this all the hype then we'll let you move this ahead. Guys. And it is going to be as cowboys field and blow. Our followers on Twitter at the mega cat thank you for listening we'll be back next week. Suck on this.