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MegaCast 05/04/16 "AJ Francis"

May 4, 2016|

This week we "celebrate" Star wars Day, we get loopy on doing a night show, and we call our bud AJ Francis of the Hawks to chat all things Maryland! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast ***sorry for the audio issues at first with AJ...we had the wrong channel pulled up, so we had to edit out some good trash talking between Ted & AJ...I think we will have an opportunity in the future to rehash that haha***

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Generally are. I'm sure I'm Janet B I'm not an elevator met him there aren't you know let them. Are all right here we got attacked he got this one I get a look at new ways to let people know when you hit that ground. I'm gonna do emotion your reaction wholesale OK okay I hear ya man. Okay. We want the AG's golf. Gotta be a good one rarity got our main strengths thank you workers number 95 just shot out worldwide. Didn't fire there has been fired get us started it about no one you know it's like love. The road and I'll name that you're on fire now you get. You re in the studio with us mega family you would see that Ted looks like a conductor for Rage Against The Machine are. God I love these wedge that I was that's been colossus who got a night one and a daughter of doing a Luke Wilson sorry ladies who duke is not with us. Mean we take Katsav faces in the off facility talkative ladies that work here I know all could think they they they caught us talking about it and they're like oh really not a bomber. I have moved yesterday were texting and might get Manny still on for tomorrow is a yeah what time you think general Mike we can do early so reading about a minute later he's a cool. And I what you are available only goes between two with six of my of all the times throughout the entire course of yet of today. That is the four hour window where we absolutely cannot do it. Right like I might push it he said 1230 yeah I'm like hey look miles grow like let's get the show planned right comedy you know podcast I'll be back here by 141 right T yeah pavement like. To go to six artists yeah yeah yeah and I'm down hey I'm gonna do about for a minute. Can Miami and I mean 45 doubt I think I'll be back yeah I mean that we do have too many breaks here and there are so. I'll pop in for those breaks and if it works all right I'll be on the air with you guys otherwise you know what. She listens at a mega cast yeah. Maybe you don't let me do a distance of reverse stuff but honestly listen miles throughout. I think you do can honestly do this major banks and your defended it he keep up to be put it AP I think I think support is already under our shared. So I got to. Sometimes I'm Collins for a an Italian name on the shelves in time to show why the Carnegie Photoshop guys. The company has faith and you is that we have faith in yourself. A coach you have taken it as far as I can go it's about time all of the bird very. I don't I don't speak scenes. On the surface you're ready teams he responsible and I'm leaving the show. But in actuality. I did barely knew to a protest this is your time this is gonna hurt me more than can hurt you you can't it app app app at a bit. Still a bit next week I. Think that's a really awesome parents OJ wondering you know adopted child Ted who. Yeah its so resistant standards of living it really low. It. Everybody gets listed on the black market I'll be really get a Bruce yeah exactly Shiite allies and Harry and maybe I can so why are you doing this with your wife. I feel like when it comes down to it. As parents. Ted and ire were attacked not just sit and Steve if they had been Steve to Ted Steve issue yet every embryo like Greg having him. And who's gonna get my two dads. Paul Reiser. Crack Paul Reiser I don't know he was on the mad about you. I know I feel like he was deaf will matter batches of funny part is I think Greg at beginning in the lesser known of the two of the mighty well Paul Reiser. I got to imagine below but I could be wrong from recent like a popular guy that shows super pop right. All right so my two dads. Jillian Michaels who fought over the same woman thirteen years ago now have upon her death have been awarded joint custody of her dotted to reboot they show no I. Wasim we should use that story to yes just to weirdos that adopted child because even though we're not together. These are just friends rightward to do's and continued to save girl she passed away now raising her child with the one guy make it. And and possibly her child is Stacy Keenan all grownups who smoking hot. Both are man do abdicated. Is a smoke show and it was Paul Reiser who was all right our Paul Reiser and Greg have again to SEC Keenan. As the daughter. Damn the app and were not like we're not related don't I bought parent or just raising gap. And by that we mean a smoking hot woman yet. The authority. Can we reach out there and diagnose Stacey Jean and woods yet she is forty yeah will be that accreditation younger than your but it's OK okay what are your dad's that your older Danube. Seems fine oh man how clearly we want to adopt Jews are child. I'm forty right we now the F are you to marry now. He's sort of you know what what a big supporter of this lake like listen we're we're trying to look it takes a village we wanna be the two main villagers yes. We have a great village yeah. And you have been acting much so we're thinking about rebooting my two dads and why why not have a somebody from the past show be a part of the new reboot. Yeah it's all part of the televisions and attend an hour tonight you have depth slight tendency for doing stuff and by doing stuff CC Keenan tonight this week trip. Ted Steve getting kids. We should adopt a monkey ball. You keep it half the time like a small one yap. He managed to keep it 95% and a time all right I'm not even 80% of propaganda. Or negotiations steep I didn't feel like much like apparently works best that's about compromise kids. So I'll compromise right then we can roll our eyes Lego you've raised three children Stephen buyer raison a monkey yap. Now that thing clings group all the time he doesn't even speak English right. And it does poke at us. No hard it is to make dinner when I'm put our child is throwing feces at us it's disgusting you would want to be there well we do we love our Monte. So we're gonna keep the we don't make five pars anymore it's. Let's that in getting into what he did to the gingerbread house right or the caramel mocha drinks that we made the does he have to put that opinion everything. There is sort of rapid Q at that point decrepit you know. Hi Ted let's not rest do pushups. Hey man that's why I love during the nighttime is that we're off the rails before we even get on the rails yeah we're we're adopting children. Bird droppings hot grown women are adopting monkeys get to today was one of those to be slamming us say like. I'm upset or mad about anything I just. It's just one of those days I feel like a sort of screws and moves all day I don't know why I feel like something weird is in the air. Nielsen net is that a full lose so I don't know but the Mariners are pot. And Donald Trump quite possibly recruit could become our president it's getting closer and closer I know I've had a goal we got haven't serious conversation now right go. Well that's a strong point ever thought about talent that way. They guide and record for a left my house I look at my wife and Mike. I think you might become our president. She's like I'm not even like trying to be funny I'm not trying to make any statement politically I think anyone who's licences podcast know where we stand. I don't think he's going to lose. Well if he goes up against. You know I don't know last night on my iPod to Hesse to come out tomorrow there is a bright enough and I only gives a chance because it just how strong that. The Democrats have done but on the same token I read enough stuff today it's like who knows you don't get what they Hillary right that is what you need on the left hate him people on the right in the middle really hate her and that's I think Bernie has a chance against them but who knows bouncy Bernie's gonna get out of this I. I don't either I had matches. And you say when you want you know I don't wanna turn into a time political discussion but I almost feel like we've reduced to a duel over or just say you know open next three years reed a former president. Yeah we're itself athlete Obama what do you do America need to stick around for a few more years until we get this all dialed in. Split it 5050. Metal halide deafening and Jim McMahon I'm on an iiroc exactly it is they're doing a great Jack I won't give it to W dip back to Indiana dust off the blue. Obama you get to steady end how about we get all the all the living presidents. And by they have to run the country until we figure out what how we're doing and yeah I'd be OK with that yeah I mean look this is no political thing. I just have any issue with the fact that like if Hillary wins and that's just. Bush Clinton bush. Obama then back to the clintons right wages is lake. There what are we doing here but here we are you certain monarchies it's almost like wrestling and a sense we can't let the new talent and Wisconsin and John Sina console a big show time to let those people retire Jesus Christ big show. Right pick a more modest tell somebody to stop doing what they love doing but. I can't watch him cry again nice enough variety and now he's a giant Manning he's crying I'm comfortable I don't like being around dudes I cry eliciting really worthy of crying is happening yup. Ed and I like big show we supposed to be the scariest biggest thing ever. And like when he cried originate over years feels like oh man that's powerful yeah right now play key is just a sad big giant elf right. You're able that's happened some emotions. You trial I. You're cried in front of duty and you realize it is a really bad idea to cry in front of that do you yes I've had that happened before yeah I've gotten emotional high forget Andy was a relationship issue. And I'll remember what was just chatting and former Seahawks were drunk. Ratified he writes sluggers. And and we're talking about the relationship I was MB form a relation Bauman now. And ravenous real heart to heart conversation and I'm just having a tough time with data. And I did my ball that was my big show tears but it was like watery eyes. And he shut it down and I I appreciated that he your brow brow brow. You make it a crime friendly aria. And it makes. No. Giant man that once played football is all it took he's just like now that I did not guys like our friend right or not wouldn't and not a math level and I'm not in the mood I wanna get drunk with you and have fun and it was a great dude I give him credit. Because it turned to night around like after that we had a blast who are laughing yes I needed to hear that like growl. You're not gonna cry for enemy. That's also do you remember a time whereas like OK this is that this is a bad Democrats and a renewed. Oh yeah yeah I'm in the worst what was once in front of a guy and the girl all of them like we were late. It was late a guide Olivier in my ability and he is a hey this is new girl moved in my we should go hang out of their whatever and I'll say RE cool them. And lake yeah I was or that bracelet my buddy Brendan looney the past like yeah and it. Happened to V slate. Plague right don't like his he death a decade or his birthday. That she just is like asking about age she had been in the military are talking. Safe thing Steve Blake hooking up. Can I talk about it all the time for some reason that day. It's like it here. Not only is it tears coming down but then it's like a big image she's like is he just take steered. Maria was it was the wrong place to be dry weather right people know they tell and I cried in front of each other be sure and it's okay because that we weren't without close yeah. What could seek a fact it's become so when I close. Don't judge us. What a great family raising among key you need script and I want a monkey in our lives we can cry amongst each other. Let's just you know downloaded this except what we are still just tell wage tonight that we do you have a monkey the other okay. Apparently not complied with that as he's about your night like we just got to prove to have a monkey yeah. That MM moved see where it goes right Disney does have a set plan on where this BF skills right so I hope we'll disrupt the playoff picture up there right does not map out anything else other than we were just approved to have a monkey as a pat. Yeah and Thursday is simply the day Daschle will be this summer have a couple of cocktails start get real creative with what we're going to trust. Almeida is going to be are some. No we haven't done our part I think are very footsteps I figured an honor of the fact that today is made a fourth even the most you'll probably be listening to this on me the fits since it's a later episode than usual doll. I go to Ohio today sick go to a drink oh. I had you realize that tomorrow up first to go and MI don't speak in the sink and MIL. Our browsers is offering free Spanish born on cigarette in my so that we can all learn Spanish. Seeing me about it yeah. How do you say. That Jose my doc held Congo. And embarrassed and most pantheon as Smart David is still let's stop mistreat us. French Fries. It's the opposite to skip case. So yes if you want free pouring good browsers tomorrow or today whenever you're listening to this on don't they also move as is no. Don't miss not held girl on girl after she owned the pop pop pop pop pop pop pop up at a puppy at the five but we're gonna get good time to suit go I mean to we think that may go for it. What better way to get and then it seemed as Star Wars Ted. They like gates is so popular now I've been a lot to look physically like super fit. I'll react man on the date Heathrow is not only week laying there like the fact guys death rather everybody not as strong as your vodka don't worry geeks I might make front of you but I will not patronize you and your local public feud now. Right we're not gonna Wear glasses without prescriptions. Read those are deep southern tip tips and a socket com. Jane I learned a big I recognize that girl and now she's just wearing black framed glasses right hash tag nerd. No cash jag corps with glass since. Hi Erica Gonzalez made a name is. Dude that is it regulating your right I hate that say always hash tag it like just cylinders now fresh shots and off you've never been a marriage you're the guy you're the girl that. That all marriage master redo. And I can never have the opportunity to talk to because there's not a nice person all of a sudden because you have glasses line you're now the nerd. Yeah there's no chance shame on you for. Harry step four different light years away challenge given the fireball that we had. Oh minus diplomatic I would I don't put jump started and also a bit about not that little monkey. I hear yells let's get that make up battling this is a way for us to get are raising our blood pumping and our brand fox CNN bet Stewart for Star Wars. Nerds slash scorers. It's funny because I really don't even care about. Star Wars. I didn't really embrace celebrating may the fourth because they knew it upsets. So many people on FaceBook to take since the good news. Star Wars in the fourth crafts like god forbid people have fun doing fun things other than talk about political stuff. And pull it breaks then posted pictures of babies all the time dash and whether or not fevered pace is god damn bill I have guys that they hole. Right. It is too late to say you're sorry. Where you now that I need you just isn't. Maybe you take a tour it's tiring. He takes me. I feel like yellen is what's he doing its. This debt talk this week for example a guy big trying to act pretty nice that's right trio of great little white earbuds which it. Carlyle hordes. That's about it just I will be back to make fast swim can turn. All I I wanna talk about something I'm Ted Schmidt made my day no ice. And he probably does and you remember how all right now talk about that when the me cash returns. Star Wars. This is pro NAFTA Canada into Amazon don't know what there and then yeah. I don't know what they're like save as a way it's all. And that cost will be back. Just in time for Star Wars day seeing what the iconic characters used to do to pay the bills now available on VHS or laser disk it's porn Star Wars exiting the action between Han Solo and princess Malia. Luke Skywalker and lend they'll tell CNN they're coming here and and hear or read the scores Darth Vader and she bock. And in bonus footage healthy one includes arrived in present day Washington in the middle of the session of congress and have a five. I'm all metro tiles. Come. Porn Star Wars is that a light Saber in your pants he. Or are you just happy to see me. The mega concert. That. Hey mom isn't the town yet if talks. Take then Stephen back. Oh yes CR. This all Star Wars at all Star Wars all the time so you have to listen and enjoy doing it's kind of well documented and I've never watch Star Wars. All but as a kid like I watched -- everything in November. Is being little and might be guy cut no pinned like the giant horse thing to climb in there. Okay Tony is that the only scene I remember from being a kid maybe seemed part of him you know I. Yeah I don't know if you need to really make it a point to watch it is yeah you're the first one ever says usual watch your original one yeah I think the first two original. They thirds not bad that you watched the first if you feel pretty good about it. They keep watching the details on some website though and your listings to put an order of the rocky movies. And I'm curious what you think before we get to how you made my day and are hit that button there are area com. And I Jeremy exact order. But he listed as did the six rocky movies in order of which is the pastor which is the worst. I. Now I can attend this is my order and I'm curious were you resist my dad you watch other documentaries. I've not seen increased. Okay did that's uneven and at the usual it's an awesome I've heard it's great it's really good its its. The hype it lives up to the hype and I are a lot of great things I was really nervous and it's awesome. So I would I I contend you get a toss up between two and one as the best. OK. Then I would go. Then I mean I would go to one Missouri. For war. Rocky Balboa five this fives a pile. Right that's the one with Tommy Morrison the duke right that's easily the worst one I agree likes it so bad that I had the rocky box sat. And I removed it from the rocky dvd box set and pull Rocky Balboa in place of it and I feel like that's the true five. Yet sort of one's a tough one bright ones. Leads the original within the Italian chicken all right sounds pretty good in the second one that I I'm leaning towards to is being battered and Juan but I important for over three. They clever allaying Mr. T is exciting yeah but what I was a kid man the idea of him going to Russia train and and I mean you know they had killed they had killed Apollo yeah you're right I mean that's a tough call but I always lean towards rocky three because of does McDyess. Spoiler problem. Are no it can't work out seemed to cover line while Rockies get mall Hollywood would his workout club relying just in my god I called. Don't be decent man yeah that is such a bit I mean that's like grit right there like that's like all like he almost won a root for car relying. To Digital's Mickey cluster where owner that. So but then I go on this website and I'm I'm paraphrasing that camera exact sort of unsold livid because they put up so to secure a foot of the spoiler like. And I can skywalker is dead till. That's not right now. No it's on solo has all that time. Hi they put but the what would which when they put a hat they they put rocky five. Ahead of rocky too I think. Announces say well she's not how are you talking about. Mitchell Rocky Balboa which is a good movie yeah I do like Alan Murray comes vacuum Jason Dickson yes there could say I wouldn't put that in the top. Of good output I would put your top four and I didn't put a number two I don't I don't think. I don't seem creed met solo one from what I've heard could crack the top original four. It's five is just a piece pile of crap right I liked it. As a younger person just because it was another rocky movie and doesn't susteren rocky but looking back on it was so bad it was so bad it's terrible. It was just embarrassing like Joss. Also one awesome barrels to also gives us three is a tire gas yet and I toss for a much better. Because he's got to give them up yeah yeah little stretch him out we'll keep going. You know I mean I totally do the fast and furious UID and keep going with those in my not to fast and the furious guy guess is doing the NeuStar track. That's not standards he's both yes and diesel is going to be captain Kirk. Can make sense how complete Spock. She's our rock plays Spock but they should just drop as fox rocks box hash tag rocks rock. The record what you think. Well I've logical and it doesn't matter what do your thing man look I love the rock everybody loves Iraq tonight. But he's always late but I gets kind of joked that he comes in the franchise's stuff like right. As popular as he is and is also his ally come. Really make good movies. No he makes mindless fun films but lights yeah I think maybe the one with given wall bird where they were all Jews stuff. Oh BA yeah that's that's only one I've seen in right now I and watch and yet I like walking tall but it's a reboot but I I I really enjoyed that one. I don't we Seann William Scott and think to run down. Oh yeah now wasn't that honesty and reason while I don't and a lot is I I really wanna try that fruit that they tried that might kind of like made the mall trip out mind that seems like a lot of fond Heidi magical fruit you know this helps the I don't know from the minute he magical fruit would somebody would be with my fellow father of Stacey King in the ninety's. He's been Smith and think we know while we have. While so a baby sitters watching our monkey and Stacy Ricky go off into the jungle and needs some magical bird with good yeah. That's what I do Obama and the Ted Smith speaking through the man who made my day the other day all right I got excited about this and human many remember why. So last time we did the mega cast retarded by you driving around in new vehicle. Ford Edge from died down my buddies Canada Lakewood fort bright and you're telling about all the make sure if you go down there by the way. There's other Ford dealerships in the coma you gotta keep going past summits right there on I five I doubt on the lake what anyone should should they ask for anybody. I ain't deeds xmas and Jeff just yet just tell my I sense in there yeah Jerod a school when he looked real all right so as a British driver attacked me just say hey defense restaurant -- it was so I heard him on the mega cast that's radiation sponsor it if it enacted the company just do them. Size and dockets under the table so I'll pick you up in the summer get caught so rev Wright give you a hard time because I got. Thanks Tom and all these great tool features including being able to top on the phone without have enough have your phone out and all this could get linked up to it was clear day right so all the son Ahmed and I'm eating I'm gonna my phone's ringing and I'm like a high command tents calling. And typically attach calling insight. You know we don't usually call each other unless there's like we need answers to something we need to like Ventura or something yeah it's something's going on that we actually need to talks on Mike. I can't just dip out of this meeting of stuck in this meeting and then ten leaves a voice now we've already had this conversation about how. We think people we voicemails are kind of ridiculous it's still thick bright are you call I'll call you back right I'm thinking. What the hell's going on is Ted enough fire now freaking out. Am I can this meeting and already I guess you could walked out in jacked so would you do the right figure it was. Take a look even that long after your show now not left of your right did you call me left a message I've tried like with plumes some weird going on site fan I get out of the meeting. Check my voicemail and I get this. He had parent undercard. Act Edgewater boat called my car he got what Bonnie. I mean it aren't aren't buried. It was awesome. Yes you have no idea how much fun I'll have it just late hit one button and her dog call Steve Finley Horry. And I can see I can hear the smile on your boys are all doing our program I was so popularity I text you right away MI data made thank you. By tonight he met while what was when I do we go out together. Friday night. We did go off Friday night after the meet the rocker a party yeah we met up and we've basically just hung out all okay we should talk about this but right. Ted and I arrow one sided offense and I'm mad at the throw this up on the Twitter page at the mega cast and make it a poll I wanna know what make of Stanley thanks. We're in the middle Los heated heated text debate with some of our friends because they believed. To Ted. I get to your place and sit on your couch is this what she football. Are stuffed doll. Hey man you're going down a dark cold here I don't and I almost brought up today yes I did. You should have almost like he should be on the may get tired a picture of him I hope night crap I'm at a deleted it off the second seat on a post the picture though. You have a picture because I said to the shiny Mac who is one of the guys that we got into a little bit of an arc all our spiritual guru Indian. Who should be on our side at all times but it was not smell. So I come into your place and there's this you know as a porno stuffed poise it's about twelve inches pot tall yeah you know ladies not that kind of stuff still. They match. I had to switch or twelve which is like to see you like it's lovely to solve. I like and it's Steve's book I've got a she drew huge huge neediest and it was my very it was your turn to grow out yeah. I don't know Greg it's a little stuffed doll it's like a foot tall and says Steve comes and and I said tell them stories I. That I deny not tell the story last week I know not know so what I had the car rank. I picked up our buddy GO. And I'm driving over to us in accordance and one of the things that I always do was stop the mountain Vernon now Barca draft picks you have OB. You're right you're you're continuing on your you're responsible man so I had a mellow I put it down pretty quick. Our buddy Joseph eastern can -- PA which takes a little more time I'm gonna go play the crop claw machine everybody's like don't bother it's gonna it's gonna be a waste your dollar. It won't take my paper ballots finally are trying to change regime I guess four quarters so they're literally had a conversation now gone. Ted those claw machines to halt work reduction algorithms while wobbled as they're like saying like you're wasting your money. I pull out a doll I terror and out of the machine and I go. All. Right. That might turn him around I realize it says Roger so it's an Aaron Rodgers well. But like he's not NFL life since his uniform looks old school needlessly he's wearing middle jets. Is it right I walk in and I went twelfth right so I see I see that the the dawn S units while Mike. Sweet Joseph name with two white thank you and Ted like I said exactly that thank you are my what were you meaning does turn around a termite. Rogers. And and Aaron Rodgers Jersey this is a member Aaron Rodgers uniformly gray pants a white square pants and jet green. Top. And everybody else is like you guys brought to you because you were there and I was about Iran figure craziness that's Aaron Rodgers ever say why would it be Joseph name is like well because god DM legend right the first day of CT noise Super Bowl called the shots that we're gonna win. Kind of a big deal that was like that show they list. The lights note Dan Rogers. So now we're having my text debates and everyone and I can't forcing deleted Samie when you get home tonight you got to send me a picture of it now yeah I'll put an apparent either on the Twitter page tomorrow on C could they might help. Are for people who vote because I'm when you look at this picture. Of this stuff to two way. There's no way it's Aaron Rodgers is not Aaron Rodgers. I still don't think it looks again writer at all now it's toll John name is Emanuel put a Fuzzy jacket pocket. Yeah right that was the other idea should I just pain over his back over his back Jersey just put names if I did say you know what I can get some cloth. Richard Wright naymick and with distinction on there. Yeah well you need to be better stitching yeah you know because you have a small market now that needs close yeah I got to start making it close we can't have this month you walking around naked now and we can't afford to be put in flashy. Close from. Simply put if we get kids to clear the Oshkosh when SharePoint I got stay Oshkosh for gosh. They salaam match I get mentioned the Mariners won. Tires you went at the hat duty so much fun room dude and how crazy is it's an icon talk what are but he Craig gas comedian. Are you now understand a word like I get a random text and an aura that he knows you know I followed the Mariners like we all do and and he's in the big mariners fan so I just says. You get a bunch a summation points my first instinct was. Ted crews still a good candidate in the race shop debt was suspended its yeah that's your point aiming chasing your identity and what they can still make money yeah exactly they gotta do tours are gonna do the speaking engagements AME paid their dollars now I don't know that's a whole thing if he's suspended if you stop it. You can't receive donations are all spending it. Not enough people. But the idea kind of not enough people actually know that it's over and they'll keep sending a law that shady Beaulieu. Com and you tell me politicians and shady spot as Steve that's a timing that is doll that looks like Joseph Mimi his Aaron Rodgers turned out well you know that's what president Charlton changes stuff that's right. It's gonna make America great again in the mood so I'm members are talking about me a marriage how great is it that's awesome. And many brings up a point to remember back in the day when you were revenge savage that you guys completely. Destroyed your relationship with the Mariners all because of what you do with Edgar Martinez spoke to tell. Do I go Martinez I now I don't East Coast Ed you're one of the smoothest swings in bay should be in the hall of fame. He should be at one of the nicest guy you say we've met him he's real nice Superman I mask down. Mel hi I've had a stock just did first get Tina's delicious awesome if you go to Safeco Field. And you're in you I know a lot of you wanna get that the standard ballpark fair. But it does it take take a moment of attorney outside the box. It hot and and enjoy some of you outside the box and enjoy Edgar's Archos did so I don't wanna take this off took highly too far here ought to relate but that is one weird thing with baseball parks now yeah like they need to tell you when your essentially linked. But a lot of good food and I love good food and I love sports but it. I don't know that I it seems weird to interact dumb. Together they I agree I app but I think it brings a lot more people to the park you have a whole different experiences live and revealed wise it definitely made doughnuts seahawk games a lot more enjoyable because they do have those field roast brand birders and I'll note coupons all he had to and it's an all and the best part. Yeah I'm OK with the Mac comes up there's especially the fuel rose Brent I think it is actually pretty delicious. There's never a line. How did admit especially NFL game not there's not aid of one person in front of you if anything is somebody going up to a because so I quote there's no longer get food here all its not real meat all right I'll go over there we twenty minutes for food. Our overall line and the food is good it's I mean. It's for it's good if I think it used to eating that maybe if you're not you get right exists but I agree we demand a bit about just old school. All our friends all yes sewed or beer yeah you know maybe a hot dog did not not a brought a hot dog. Posse not against the brought what we're talking fancy pants stuff I'm saying eliminate the brought. Yeah but I remember terrible RJ stadium of the refugee supply and BM Mike what's lake and I remember thinking like who would eat those details worst. It's true it's. So why aren't so here's a story back in the day. It's crazy to think and this is like at the height of the Mariners being a hot team in 2001 actually 10060. Game right we had our work at the end Randy. We both have a relation with the Mariners they've let us go into the locker room to do locker room interviews nice right so I mean you've got all the sports people and they got. The morning guys from one of seven point seven the end going down there to talk to their guys and it was so surreal like looking back dynamic Bret Boone Jamie Moyer. Edgar and Buhner whoever it may be pretty bright Ichiro. Yeah there are all just milling about. I don't remember really seeing Griffey had a key was very Gaza SharePoint my bag here right now is there's a sedan as they wait immigrant he's not on my team is he so wanted to times and Andy was is all about doing things that you know not thinking long term thinking this is funny let's do it. So he came up put a bunch of fun questions like hey let's let's see how much. Baseball players know about football. Thanks so generic type questions for Edgar Martinez. One of the questions. And I kid you not this was one of them there's two reasons why we were eventually got banned from the locker paying band and I think to this day and I feel bad like I look back on my gap. I kind of wanna go onto your people those are some of the people still worked there a guy Greg and a few other people can be like. But now a young and dumb I can't I don't know why and Andy was just kind of like the guy like the push people's buttons. Out of back nine you had absolutely every right to ban psyched I was really dumb by excel. As a bunch of questions about football and Edgar Martinez. Edgar got the one that I remember and this is really the one that shattered all down Edgar what days typically what days of the Seahawks play on. Edgar's answered Saturdays. Because you know he's right he's a day off right button and then we laughed we made fun of lawmen whose idea that was a running joke on the show our house. Pogo the dirtier the movie now this is like look him back guys like why. Bright. You just crucified amber and I think maybe isn't Edgar from the big. America. I can't I he's opposed to now. Any plays baseball and after the year. He's a Latino that loves football brag but I know northern Mexico the NFL's get a strong all my life it was still way back then no we set him. For failure what might we you know and I was is there and at the time now looking back I is bad the other thing that got us I think the final straw. Maryland this a so so and you really want an interview Ichiro. Amber we're trying to find creative ways like I ever one time. We're in the locker room Jay Buhner does not want to talk to anyone in Jay's kind of an intimidating figure tell him the ball into the boat yeah. He's saying no to all the sports talk a like alone but I'm Tanya to go to Lakewood for that's right. And Tom its AdSense GH old headset just right. So he's saying no to everybody I go on to on premise. Heyman from from the U like Alex are you guys music week on the ice he goes yeah I CD's and I happen pass some army. Our armies they've got an endemic idea either we got the night. They had this thousand Jane CD in the greatest it's an ounce scenes egos. Can get that and make would you do an interview with us here is death no problem to me huh. He did the interview in exchange for a thousand change seedy guy. CDs all you. I don't remember what Lilly did your bag I I bet it was bribery items looking back got a because as much as rope around with a lot of data back to your genes is to CD cases that vote Obama had a bad because we all the recording aquae ever tell ya. So I'm talking I'm talking to Craig about that today and it's funny because my dad you know we operative announced it and he said yes and and his response is dead on dude when it comes to free stuff. We when it comes down to it we all love free asked the man now does when it's in your pocket. Here's a multi could've afforded at that time to pay for Alice in Chains to perform in the locker room for them. Yeah yeah that kind of cash you know I mean yeah but still so all these sports you like to educate The Who Jameson note all of us tonight Allyson chain CV night. That's eight. Mean this scheme announced in seeing CD. And it's a great Doria my view you're right no matter how much have in the bank free is awesome he goes. And is gonna Craig I've had a thousand dollars in my pocket and I was offered a free cheeseburger and that cheeseburger was awesome. Papa Papa my opponent. I don't disagree. But what what killed it for us so we've learned a bribe these guys not talk to anyone and attacked Ichiro. He wanted to do Ichiro like nobody's business like that was that was a life goal for him I don't think. All program and Ichiro that's all and he wanted right he's big baseball and we go to net I think more he wanted his autograph. Thank and here's a big autograph collector so I think it was more that than any gun safety to do here you get the autograph. So somehow I don't know why. He found out an hour why you thought this would be good idea bad teacher loves pizza. Bank bringing a pizza yeah not to bring him a pizza bring him the full box of dominos. To not go locker room. Before they gain. Why wouldn't do that before the game ranked number one there's no chance to join in or you try your forehead to. Get a magic guy eats a lot of pizza before I gave it could have been after my guys died. Fuzzy memory and Dalai drums in my life kids. Bloody ways we show up to the locker room. To do interviews with the players would other respected journalists. At any time. We'll take. A large. Domino's Pizza. It's better. Now or no locker room and a large Domino's Pizza to our. Wouldn't oppose it are you either you or anybody else well there's awkward no one's talking to us you know walks and has not melt down you put Stella got this yes. Freaks out. The guy we dealt with from the Mariners pulled the site as you guys got a gal. Eighties and why. The c'mon dude you can't show up to the locker room sort of giant pizza. Dana. So. I'll never forget this. We are now in the stairwell at Safeco Field. The two of us pretty much just got told we are now effectively banned our media credentials are being told Taylor broke right. Sitting on steps are stairwell even dominos pizza. Because I got told off gas and I quote. Where is it. I said we ate the pizza in the stairwell it was awkward and embarrassing. But I wasn't gonna turn down free pizza over those topics. Ever on the nice classic yeah. You guys are class so here's what's do you have pictures of the guys eating pizza and you guys eating pizza mister Olmert no but I wish we did. The other is that pizza times that was a sad it's pizza experience in my life. Yeah and that's why. Andy and I were banned from Safeco Field it's simply not acknowledge huge out you know is through storms fresh face of that yeah. Three Lil. Apparently doesn't like it when media brings pizza today's players. No date. I can make your cats will be back the eleven telltale signs that you. My view today that even going to use all. They were telling each other. Com Andre and then the program will be back. We'll be back with that story. Hi. Okay. Half we made the fourth. A day when we celebrate all things Star Wars paint force awakens fans when he hears something crazy do you. How long time ago in a decade far far away there existed another Star Wars movie. Which also featured a restless young heroes. Ended on a desert planet. Who encountered an adorable Droid carrying an important message that triggered an interstellar adventure that. Led to a battle with an angry super villain and a black mask and the destruction illegal or bin space does that sound familiar. That's because TJ Abrams grip cannot friend George guest so remember kids celebrating well. I think it was done before it was done better and anyone who claims otherwise needs are very slam deeper into a book called know your. Downside I history you and grateful Bernie Sanders letting monocle wearing mustache waxing that's starters. I make up forty wit do. He's downpours today. Hello you probably wouldn't be needed to make it through. Because it's excuses laid out today anyway. And then the cost is that. Three of a quick shot out the odds actually mean at all I mean yeah I'd like to call them the mega babes. If we had cheerleaders they would be the first to arrive because they make my day every. Time is spent actually rule like we like I can't wait for the may cast a come on I felt really bad economic. It's not coming out for a few hours and I'm just sad to glad to see her and Steffi your back to get back. Oh I in his own Twitter like a week ago look like they might even fight each other some kind of an issue there's little drama. After the new hair does look good. I saw hi I'd like Rebecca who we thought hated us are ready and awesome not she she's savers some of the crazy stories that are thought that she won me over today she is don't hate week. But I until they played basically lake. I don't care that much about beyoncé. Levinson left for awhile as is it make you un American I don't care that much about the outside. All the time and also blustery in your shot out to a serious and some of our mega babes. Mayor food as a boost for Jessica as well she's made a fourth be with you guys can't wait for the podcast how nice and all these she says I'm an alignment room why am I even on Twitter hook up on those who don't remember the one religion really stoned doesn't. And the muscle memory I do harm. You need. Sunshine as well I sure. We gonna give a quick shout out also to our boy AJ Francis from the Seattle Seahawks oh yeah who I was we posted the video of you doing your thumb trek. His response was gross. AJ Francis man. But there's already old rivalry reaching right easy Zagat and a map that guy just check the titles and end alumni you'll see lead America's about a school that's not the point. A hub he's the University of Maryland guy. But you know lake. I didn't you know what you didn't sort of famous in Seattle or you know a sea level so give us some of sea level celebrity or B minus also Steve you've got pets of fame in Seattle it's all been here. Yes but you've bought a more I were to radio there for three years that they were small stations nobody really knew me. Hi AJ has a huge advantage on May yes this he goes home and he's telling a bus trip to those games he's got his own cal zoning DP go but these little -- hard journey he is now is that he's gone back to grad school right now Marilyn's yeah and he's doing it you know she tried calling him because he responded good I broke back after sitting gross I said that's the mat that at its finest. His response have you seen it. And he corrected me he said it's the trash up. Off. AJ jags should I send my attacks and saying hey do you have a secular talk to us on the may cast. Our enemies we got to go to College Park with him now in my hometown. He's where he's living it up worst seat from now he's on the PG boy isn't I don't know. I'm not sure AZ and say yeah he'll fancy announcer on the gummery canning or something recent and it just do this virus known. To chat on our podcasts right now I say there's no way he answers question mark. It's it's 11 o'clock there he just he just responded to ten minutes ago. Oh yeah they strongly primed up hanging out but he's a college fart he's probably sit and that cornerstone owner Bradley's. Actually tonight they might of one could be a big time couldn't even touch Clark. To trash. Tweet attraction that's brutal. Hey Jared I am Yemeni a little more selective and I hit her friend discernment Texas leave the editor responds there's. Yeah I love the rivalry I think it doesn't matter like obviously like this is Washington. And we aren't in the world of bomb of DC stuff but I think the high school rivalry. Everybody can relate to you know I mean there. I'll resign him back oh well sure all of that's. Eric and there's going to be awesome. Hero ho ho proper. All right so let me get this out our are we ready to do this. This is often yeah I'm ready are I think we got everything set up properly. I don't think I've talked to an actual Inzaghi guy. In probably fifteen years on this is going to be great. All elements of wow all right sorry tags are it's not as loud I'm my bad my bad I'm gonna lower our. How we're to want to make a babe is awesome let's say what's up two eyed Jason. And then he's either he's a meltdown are okay Blake DI EO's response to us he's what's it like polar panther or something. No way. So AJ and talk policy doc told Steve. How this started with tiger yet me and him go back to fourth in dragon that get a map that I go but I garrote College Park. Blake a great guy you he's live in the coach art famous he's letting you in a radio played big time radio top here I don't know Jews back there. You gotta you gotta tell zone of DP oh. I live it buddy like what I say it and hope. Everybody made their true but I shouldn't. Put it it's. And this place DP domain and its knowledge or normal Cal's zone they put anything in there and it's also. AJ I used to work he town hall liquor store in front of it and remember because PG county has those blue laws you did during the great jubilee on Sundays is too sure on. More watcher sure deals and a whole we could sure that's also where does a first down I had a high school. That's you know a lot of domestic grads good college I was a pull or at. I wasn't as Smart as some of the other guy asks after the cuts out of work at a liquor store. OK okay you to demand has such control. Half half half a foot or more integrity indicted it has. 9%. I school to college are in no way no including some armed and school who just what to do in the CAC last year football. And go do that. I Steve you have a question and I'm enjoying that because saying how it's like it doesn't matter where you going the wrong can relate to having arrival in high school and exits like. It's funny to hear yet to grown men are still heated about their high school right now I love. Do not believe it's not really a rivalry because Karl our schools so much better. I'd like everything. So it's not like a little more increasingly. You know. That's more like. Dangerous happened cleared every year. More than anything. Feels like we were out drinking on a Friday night I was in Ted's place and he has the math. Flag on his wall. And recruited another also mail us they are dropping some analysts say flag age Arab present I could sure I had. Don't disrespect to boo will like golden Blackberry protect expect. Editorial we go back and forth by late it's all about that MD. Yeah oak but it humans socialism and would now like. You guys from Washington will know they cried at halftime got steeper. Here's Ted suck me into the world of the Turks when we we went to a bowl game and San Francisco it was a yeah I guess Oregon's open air mobile yeah yes I told Steve you hey man you take you to get down there I got the hotel in Mumbai Vista gets in the game. Yes it would doubled the last bull Campbell swore I would too little clue I was watching the game and then get. Summers that I enrolled at Merrill. And to put into perspective like we get down there I might have are smuggled some Yahoo! synthetic mushrooms on so that's 2 o'clock occur. And the night before Ted and I went on the most. Insane. Trip drew the street doesn't have a San Francisco like we ended up in the order you grow got out reserves. Pretty much due to restore a number I would almost got a general I would almost mad men tried to kill us. Don't lose our bitterest curry hit guy broke a bottle because you're walking your dog the tenderloin there's an airline trying to find a weed and this guy's trying to get money from us or like we on any money for his sorry he breaks a bottle. And then Ted throws the punch to the crown on my what they have are we getting into right now so we ran off. Eventually after the other homeless guys are laughing at bad dude because he was trying to. Get them to back him up and like now you're an idiot. AJ he said he yellen. I ran Atlanta rally they beat that might not every not people. Spend their federal until he's gone like a homeless army with the he miner grew you don't know. There weren't flown. Learn volatile international birth. I don't know if it's just they are laughing so the next day like I'm trying to get through the entire experience and Ted's discretion Beers and at some point he leads the entire half of beam the marrow inside the stadium. In cheers it was one of the coolest experiences I've ever been a part of. When we go to my own. Month and you can go for more we're gonna wound the the actual combat global robots are going to increase your crowd around me so it's more calm collected additional men who. Those are good mud more harm than good out globe normally won't phone mode or no problem or move. There's gore when I do agree that they're being very bad very deep very mobile group there screwed up perhaps support. Who wouldn't go well local. Or more oil or not quite old movie the blue modem. Kris yes cheers and all sides and JJ Redick. And I get all these other crazy this. Things that go on in their own games if you wanna lose love love normal. Yeah I mean and how much Fam more on him like I notice that a group College Park my family's indoor one of the football games. For decades and I'm home my cousins and their bodies still go. But I mean I remember owls are in town hall might. 2002001. Might limit amendment 2000 your four won the title that we beat duke. And then we wonder it's a football field toward on the Gulf Coast who and they lit on fire for turner era. Do. I remember I am. We can beat duke who went all boom we do believe. Maybe what. And we want the level of supervision until we couldn't mess clues. There are clues. Form quote quote and I was a good melts out I was always dumped him. Yeah and they want they season would go wounds and we will lose. May be. 5000. Students are warm. Like I mean from my home Cuomo just. But from my. Are normal people a bone removed from the Birmingham. Apollo focal call those mobile I'm going wow a lot of all things. Police while horses in the morning may seem people do or. She's. Yet that's what counts a big chart gets down didn't want to get down. I mean like. Luck in nearly two of your University of Maryland person if there's one team I AJ you've played as you know better than ideal resort football team I hate it's Penn State right. They always disrespect to us so a couple of years ago male and caught a bunch of heat because they didn't shake hands in the right. Keep in mind we mean Penn State that day but I would sit on the radio like if you don't understand it it's because you're not from PG count against any time College Park you would get it. They have a group of Maryland and old the move before and we are quickly that's all. And yet they treat us like second class citizens may have. Like all the people who. Can. I'm moving my own room and move on all the more more. What this school that has no formal methods and under the symbol moment with. Core hole. Yeah I didn't make contests in a game there and highlight of that was that having dinner hooters. I don't who all want to include all incredible how all of those. We probably wouldn't want the ball off whom wore a blue ball didn't move. Report. The Palestinian you don't wanna be and I'd. As loss of age I don't wanna do because I know you watch the capitals game you've got to go to seven games to add to be awesome to be at the capitals games during the playoffs. Why wouldn't you were looking for a home run a lot of walking. On the McConnell won't. We'll coordinate all of the ball in the group the world wouldn't be an awful lot and woe wouldn't most. I thought I. Tasks are definitely Lisa once. Monday. Played there was money Lisa got a lot more shots on goal Saturday it was brutal made an apple leader gone up against trying to not give a absolutely your capital saying that's what it always this UN into a hot goalie you run into bad raps but every year they choke. But I'm ready for them to wit all my world war or. I off we scored. War. Warm warm or move immovable. Rudolph. Or war or. Manson dagger. And then there. Call call call home and out overpowered all three of them pure emotion not this kind of emotion. So cherish. Sucks. And that thought you said I listened to my nephew. Who is like eleven today on a podcast he's doing my brother and he just don't worry dad it's the capsule joke they won't wind and I was like why it's so negative. Forward. Citizen and this just what will stick to how. I didn't get it. I went and visited every time I hate it when you give back the CIA had a coming out of one night. Oh yeah we're shooting yeah. And I'm also. Bill virtually. All my boat owner of emotion that I do try to get them together we reduce pollution. To all film to record drought and now they're normal they're no more than. People really can you actually better allow me to. Also wanted to kick everybody's asked that distinction. Dudes Berrian will make it happen I'll be honest. Ha ha ha ha ha I don't get your way. Did everybody at his the other podcast topping out with Aaron Glenn. Over it's all about wrestling and mean it's it's it's an awesome awesome I guess it is these foot beats and RS the entire time and I'm always on side of AJ but it seems he's battling you guys. I don't agree with him and he says schools and every time and it's a lot of fun to build those guys are great in and you're awesome on it. And who has iTunes or wherever else you gonna get it just go to job being out. Type it in and and you can listen to their pocket to put it on every week. Yes a lot of appreciated moved. Then we. Notion that you ought to do more motion video includes fortune. You. Like we got who normally do my own mobile beholden to do did as well suited what at all. Jake the snake warm also grows slowly pulled a three under our big news. Malik members' jobs moved. Or would you saw a poll what we have some think you're ever gonna girls they are mad at didn't Steve's a man app app app. I mean me for house friends of the he was ardea only the top. Morning show in Seattle and ease the dude. Older people well yes that I saw a buyer you cannot be a more out of shape. And I'll have a harder time pronouncing certain words. Can we couldn't put them and smuggle mushrooms the San Francisco clearly that's the way you could you could start by smuggling some old bay wings maternal bombing whatever. OK okay I'm I'm. And I used in years pull me what I wanted to launched a law. Right. Holocaust. We already had dinner yet it's like 8 o'clock at night man I'm getting longer. I want to do our national war goes all the more now. AJ called talk today hope to meet you won in person. Position I was in aggregates are you guys have taken some time out what does and I appreciate it more global I would talk to you later all The Who is. I was awesome day god has not a you know and I got to hopefully fix the editing the Batman. Apparently is I don't know if we heard him for the first couple minutes. All right but that was long enough push recent stuff and I doubt I figured out we got funny but I mean I'm reminded missed on the conversation about the. Zones and to up the Siobhan yeah I know it's it's bottoming out but if I can't make it work out just edited out and we'll have to have that story when he comes into studio but I I'll try and do something so if it sounds weird apologies but you know what. That's what happens with apologies from Steve that's right. Who cares age getting some calls the ought to just pissed off do that's also hit that guy continued to. There were friends like like library and sing your praises all the time yeah that's our little short of its ten its robotic but I don't hear him say that two man I mean at an IQ says a fan boy different herbs on the camera for the hawks. And yet have a guy plays on the hawks have shown me that kind of love it means a lot it's. And honestly like. That guy did not even play football I would wanna have Amman bank is not about that because he did a great job on the wrestling podcast again jogging out. He's just a funny dude and I've got to spend some time with him in Dallas. Dude is cool as especially shows George sure he's a job and out I just did what. Fun fact kind of job and now I know I know I know I Ted let's get out of here let's do it siren and never get 311 tell tell signs and you might be reduced magma you know what you are. Oh yeah I'm skating star athletes take those black rimmed glasses off you do Lucia dragnet added the stuff back like your nerd when you're not. People may ease pain and ladies to reduce begs to. Yeah you just can't say that our lowest get out of here I'm hungry. And bless you thank you opt out of Hungary to Steve yeah I saw this time around we did Star Wars or did the intro this time mister Darth Vader sorry I thought Jersey Star Trek. Doubted an awesome I'm the maid of fourth yeah but never finishes I guess it will be made I think you then this stuff but now tonight. I'll say hi yeah we'll try to get out. What a lot of work I'd say wait a lot of very and we can't let the mega made down the mega babes or wait force our will trying to pull it off if not. Make that make this play is a huge bags of rebates that make your favorite another day to basis two sacks we can't but let's get chicks. Let's get ten mega families. Okay. Follow us on Twitter had the mega cast thank you everybody for listening. News thanks. The number 99 for your Seahawks AJ Francis. The year I graduated from the back.