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MegaCast 04/27/16 “SIXX AM”

Apr 27, 2016|

The fellas from SIXX AM join us! They are at the Tacoma Theater on November 5th, and their new CD called “Prayers For The Damned” is out on Friday! Mega Playlist: Push Ups: Anthrax – “For All Kings” SIXX A.M – “Stars”. SIXX A.M -- “Help is On The Way”. SIXX A.M – “Relief”. SIXX A.M -- “Gotta Get It Right”. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast . Email us: TheMegaCast@yahoo.com .

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Without food. Com man. Today out of 27. Yeah yeah. Ozzie I screwed it up again it's exams next week a couple pop up on my daughter and I'm kidding a picnic at an app. They'll be on later today I promise of about fifteen minutes we got Mickey six formerly of Motley crew you've got. James James Michael. Front man for 6 AM. And then DJ dashed by you may remember him from Guns 'N Roses and now he's also with the guitars a 6 AM the going to be calling us and talking to us about their new album comes on Friday which I'm really dig in the three songs I've heard so far and they're playing at the Tacoma dome. Which are down five finger death punch in last November 5 tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 AM. The 6 AM guys threat that that radio contraband. Or let's go to Vegas the and you don't. I did not too. God they had an album listening session. Ted when you do your homework and listen to this column for interviewed you know what's gonna happen back and Steve the same reason I would have done no research that day. This last 75 degree he's the bears go would have called to pull out right. But either way. I think was miles or thrower and into DJ and that was like comment that was awesome on that's cool yeah but even Nicki sixth avenue really heard any data ninth inning and those in his gut. You don't hear bad things about those guys. I've never met Mickey six I've interviewed him countless times on the phone and it's definitely one of the guys I would love to. Just me get a picture where it's big and pictures SCI growing up Motley Crue. Who is without a doubt one of my favorite bands and and got to see them on the last word Mickey six it's just such a guy even though he's not corner put the frontman Fred demand. Kind of is a front man for the Danny wrote. All the songs from Motley Crue lead it was last names in the title. That all in this new bag yeah you can do it tells our initial my crew my yeah I'm sorry man it's okay. It's early I thought it. Contacts get you what the problem is your brain's not functioning it's not Steve forgetting our push ups all right let's do so I was gonna do another 6 AM somebody kinda screwed to pretend that last week you know on. Mirrored your way to a lot yeah I saw that all the music that would have really seem to going in and out of our. Commercials. Will be 6 AM Jimmie tell that we've been we've been banging their records for two weeks jabs and an extra eight yard voice heavy rotation on the mega cast we've never played music from any other group. This much the closest might be one direction. Maybe I mean that's even still maybe a third of the amount times are playing 6 AM and that's the story of our life now moves limit. Is that a song by them. So sorry edited now. Our estimate Steve I'm not some are questioning I only know a couple other songs the ones every player on the mega cast but I it's. Odds are we getting our heart racing Barbara blood pumping and our brand approximate this around him being selfish I grabbed a song that I'm actually. In love with and I am so excited that they're gonna be a pain in the grass. The boys and anthrax. New album if your fan of old school anthrax. I feel like this is going back without. I did go back to trying to sound like what they want sound alike but it has that spirit has that energy to sound young again I don't know what it is I don't know what they're drinking and what they're eaten. But man the new record for all kings is is. One of their past it's so good. He's got an a vinyl I'm pretty pumped dialysis era vinyl guy till I'm sorry to become more more of vinyl guy yeah. It's too cool for me. Yeah you know what it is to me did not so Iraq in CD's eventually like ten years and now you like tennis so cool he listens to CDC it is has a CD player. And I did this knock in his house he sits there with a cigar and listened to see these cycles in his last that is that's awfully well both see you eat eats at you do have like piles and piles CDs it's an adventure you never know it's almost CDC. I don't miss those. Well I tell a lot I miss. The randomness of just like I can't find the CD I'm looking for because I put them on the wrong cases puppet that looks like I should listen to that I was just listen to that anyway yeah. But I do like having the organization of having everything like streaming like you might quickly find what I want is shorter gap. But divine a likely chaos is clearly tense Amanda chaos our momentum border. Boettcher our wrestling tag team name tea house in order that's right which is gonna finish you off today it played that didn't sound off. Oh hole go. Smoothly from anthrax could do is put on we need to. To order yeah. I can I slowed the drive from my god man. Made a family. It's always funny little dizzy and somebody walked by this video. They don't want no again but they have to look at the Nevada but I want I had no faith in our production director. Like it's like that I can make it halfway through the window and disease that report on the ground and packages look like. You leave chaos in order. We're doing chaos and order. The chaotic leg drop. You can never be a punt that was always just look at your life. I'll go out and it's not like one on. We have got a film that does not spare I think it's only bad people like the videos that we've been doing. All right so. Patients are returning and should tell it's gonna show us how skilled of a punter he could be we're this flexibility that's check it out. Actually I was a broad pattern I thought yup that's legit side. Chaos. You could find a video. Automated message at the magnate Jess. Any tools it's tiring he takes me. This Ted talk got inspired by 6 AM. Thought of McCarron well I hope they call it then. I just assume they ours is the right date and catch. Perimeter where phony account and I think obviously Mickey six the successful person and Motley Crue it's an. At a guy could've done not that produce children whatever ya but. We do as you went out and wrote books and starting new project in the cement the Torah kind of remind peoples like stay productive. You know don't be afraid to try new things that have somebody just last week it's a well. I don't wanna give up on this is that I hate failure and I don't wanna be like a failure and some right but. Is it a failure in US had no idea what you were doing in this round you might try to you gave it a 100% didn't work but. They are trying things yeah you know what I mean but I don't think necessarily. You know for that person I got only uses the failures that set you back in life but. You know for everybody you're good at your job to get its you know I'm sure hopefully you're good with the family to you know keep trying new things and change is constant you know. And it's good to do different things get your brain thinking differently in trying to IKEA I. My wife always though looks like a crazy but she gets it was just so nice 'cause I I don't know if I can handle being released it was on who doesn't get. Whatever it is that through their significant other type of passion. To drive that they have so you know we do. The makes cast and we do a mega cast who do radio shows and you have the podcast I'm always like. I what else can idea what else tiebreak you know like a couple of buddies on the donkey style Munson and working on a podcast together on the donkey shall license is going to be really like a hockey. Give me the some hot keep my guess is gonna be a podcast. Done by guys that play hockey and I that kind of spirit that kind of locker room talk. And an end I don't know what we're gonna do it we're what we're gonna do as much as we can and put him out whenever we can we heard you recorded a few. And there the second episode recalls washed her you know sauce I know slot shift and often find audio from that and play for you soon you can hear. Because he's been recalled and in my mind that night and he was wasted a bar sparring at all a woman that he got was just a heavy set woman who don't be an easy night. Tell us who's pregnant. All so John's attempt at buying her attorneys who ran. Obviously did not go well. And there's so much more chaos of that story and one to one of these days probably in the next month these episodes who will start coming up we'll let people now. But then also a summer like a right. I still have these plans and and my real have really been spinning and one he's easier and I got to get together in and sit down talk more but I really wanna do. Some kind of a TV thing we feel like oh yeah a video thing and I really like the idea of just being called ten Steve do doing stuff and what are we going to have to look festival what are we going to 6 AM concert when it comes around and like getting a couple people that didn't that are talented film people pretty biographers and that's put together something fun and sort out there on the Internet and who don't may be may be a local channel pick it up maybe Comcast put it on demand you. You obviously don't you Jews are second I'm OK with that apparently that seems to be very profitable business for some people I mean do that are in some models. That I think we could pull off my hand models and NC Graham. Mean. Joseph. Ten Steve's hands are people in the little sausage trick interest. We get the little sausage fingers and I've got like the long. I don't know are they minor let's hostages. Now they're not what you said like I mean I make this is an average trainer all right so we get multiple sausage fingers and an average and yeah and I can do that. Weird gets doubled joint. It's easy you just don't make a weird thing what is somberness profited and out of the subject I can't do that but I like that yields if freaked out by that. That's a merlot dude dude stopped doing that what are they afraid of like his second OT there's always remember I don't know what else can affect other. But how does that make you give that again. I get to those who get like BC BGB over the weekend things systemic and I can now we got to film it of course that means we're talking about it lays kicks. Darkness I mean this will be stuff that we you might see on Ted and Steve doing stuff. I also near Brigham insane. I also would like if I've been trying to find a place that makes. Hand puppets. All right I want him I want I don't know how much O'Costa but I wanna get in. I Ted puppet and the Steve puppet. Like let Maria anchors a crank anchor Duncan might make those kind. But also there would be enough and the markets are right. Thank you really like. Drew fee but like you could tell us magnet in Vietnam would be very hard to make r.s of were both ball. In yours is gone through some yarn on your face all right yeah I mean and maybe like go back into past episodes of our podcast per ton of fun stories in heaven puppets to have the puppets doing it. And may be reenact it with the puppets you don't college I've monitored in. Poppy college. Sponsored a whole sheet. Both as a young man I wanted to be a ventriloquist hosted and this seems to be something that is meant for you and I didn't have any of that weird stuff Kenya and cost. Where Sheridan. And turned. She if you talk got a quarter of my mouth it's obvious that I'm doing and I grinned like a serial killer. And trying to talk to my teeth return preyed on married doesn't get downstairs you know I guess the talk just a surrogate arsenal podcasts like this I'm sure you all ought to shouted this is that I we talked up chiefs. Themselves and we both noticed it's. Carol. The solid fuel had a stroke. Houses say it's as I Obama to skip at new girl slow the thing you hear a dog keep you just heard we aren't you guys you want Ameristar. Carter hit a video of you doing your part in the good come popular Locke it was I thought I Kerio Ted what are you didn't hear it oh well. So people get freaked out by this yeah man. Adidas gives a what you said he BG beast for what it's. Quote it's double Jordan type of pop it out. Twice as good. Two joints. Two chains to assure our rights and Teddy to joints and more ways than one yeah I'm dog move. Pride that it hills and still be up on the may against age as well still ordinarily is pretty jumpers were you ever saw I. Commend and look at the time. You know where you were right around the corner they should be calling into one we take a quick break hopefully about a time. We get back. The boys from 6 AM will be joining us to me how right I hope open around. There will be back. This is gone ahead. Fueling hate taken Steve's voice for a couple minutes and I inquiry. And then they come. If you're having difficulty communicating with people maybe you should join deep passive aggressive society. And when you join you receive a one of a kind pledge to end a lawyer really thought they'd be shiny year and the bigger they can still do. And I don't bother picking up donuts for our meetings we'll make an extra trip out of our way and will take care of it you just show up. And drink all that cost you we made a one by the way since you're probably too important are too busy you attend now. That's OK it doesn't look like we have time to make it to your birthday party yeah and if you don't want to join. I guess will just being mean is that you. Mitt passive aggressive society. I've gone beyond. He's now waving fans and somebody want to buy right now they're gonna run on a model that has not I don't think they're going to be figured they usually don't whammy bar at that moment where people are right when he had Jesus. Effectively the new slang. Where dad would you do last night not just got to plan my guitar. Really utilize now Lanny bottom. Or. So you mean get sent down to the Max. Further I am I learned a new term and I and I it's a policy and polishing this award. Which that a term for. Oh yeah yes I thought I thought it was a musical term it's not only now. Now we'll tune my accede to my guitar Steve I'll my dad yeah I called enacts. By the way before we it's it's legitimate Arab we got a minute he had and I guess it was edited video of me trying to break that Qatar no. All her it was like we did it for cash video aha. And I found a guitar out my hallway as being thrown out rightly to head was is broke off right. So I go to smack your check smash and actually talk it's really hard yeah. Supposedly easier knowing all three times I just stopped on that I couldn't get an acoustic might be easier owes an acoustic. OK you know maybe I'm wrong I never I've tried to slam him break electric guitar and it didn't go well the first time and I took a real wasn't the we're talking about acoustics to Karzai and I guess I just assumed Kristi might be easier but I'm basing in on the honky tonk man back to the WWS days and I would imagine that he probably use that I'm not real acoustic guitars I like a really cheap one that's what I'm basing it on that nine you know animal house gaps that's right and I believe mind. Some then. No the guy was singing right. Wood to let's say you know how it got some of them steps I guess yeah it I think I was the song he sang. Actually check us this dog. Clearly idea when I'm server blue cross the decider financing members here and I'm. You're fine thank you so these. Q so are you sure you know news this week. Yeah added the real like. Are there a minute late they're gonna call if I promised an update they've got a call this scene. Oh forget adds. I wanna watch a 42 seconds long clip and I need to watch a forty but 32 commercial. Just got. We're gonna have to listen to a commercial for his Brothers all our Brothers off. Right along doing neck and look too good with the lead seek. A fuel. I think it is love. It's very easy. I know. This time. I gave my. Hood she's. No home. I gave you not. Loses to all media. You know all losing. And then he. Hi Maggie. And you a couple of times. Oh yeah he crushed it to you that the movie better than ideal I watched a lot but I also acquire the sought. Barely a no good and rhythm of it but I didn't really know the words I mean there may be my new line. He gave my love a chicken no bone yeah nigh you my love a cherry who did not have a still own the catchers system. None nine no complete pits you know who would use Abraham. There's that whole whole whole all of them all wrong. Hi is the mega cast. They gave. Hello I was seeing Gloria. I think young man how are you. We got that we do we have the whole crew here how the whole crew you get Mickey DJ in media aim at all man I am. Pumped to talk to you guys hey I. The first three sons and I've heard offer prayers for the damned. I don't remember who which her rise you've come to the right place and prayers for the Damgaard. I had a I citizen I suddenly completely team on you guys I feel like these songs. Are going to help people get through whatever crap that they're getting does that make sense our man there's just something really uplifting and but we're talk about it before we start the interview and and and and we have Ted here as well and we're sinners and there's a got. Really upbeat music but then when you really pay attention earlier system RKS going on and and I think that there's a lot of people like to relate to that and I know like there's songs that. Our I might a world level that we talk about issues that are just beyond personal stuff but I feel like even those you can apply to personal problems that we all asked. Yes absolutely that's confronted him very important for us. Our messaging in our music you know I did good core of it. We're were hard rock band that that's theatrical musically. And this live so many layers of the band but when you get into what we're saying. We've always taken on subject matter that maybe some people might you know kind of shy away from. I'm thinking it's rock and roll help we've had so I think it happened actually accidentally. When we were writing the music for those. The soundtrack for the heroine Jerry's books we have all the freedom we found ourselves in the world more than just what we do that this is gonna hurt lies the beautiful people. Accidents can happen stars got to get it right no rise if you know just it's kind of lift that what we do. It's crazy that big moves like you did the first record you know about in 2007. And you guys running are supposed to be a fully functioning ban here we ourselves did you got to crank it out Austin music at the new record coming out on Friday at the tour coming up. How would do it I shined down and then in in five finger death punch is going to be at its common Belmont November 5. Yeah it's got to be nuts for you guys to look back on abbey like wow we weren't you explicitly banned. It's true you know each week we could never planned this and I think that's what shall exciting about six damage it did happen very organically. And happened because this music is incredibly important to us. And I think they've done it became very important to the fans and yeah and they you know you get to work here we are and years down the road and we still feel like we're a brand new band we're still looking at this. This upcoming record prayer for them. Read a lot of ways as our first record in the end and we're excited to be it would get out and do a lot of touring on a. I've heard a lot I think this theory that lay people when we hear music and earn a good mood they can hear the music women a bad mood to hear the lyrics. But I'm always want NASA to make you guys write the songs like. I don't know elected did you Lou depend on where. Bad mood I mean it's okay sounds miserable right now so that's. What started and I'm only gonna get made yeah that's a bit through these kids that are drink in here right Richard Daley it's. All hope nothing spectacular congressman yeah. I couldn't come at your own thing. I don't know how I could have. It's the kind of started out I mean read I read the book that was had a dark subject matter like keep you have to stay dark and you make a pop song would people be mad at just. You know what I hear it's interesting because you know we've basically and it always dealt with a dark subject matter but I think the reason that that resonate with people connect with people is because. We know life is no way he got I think we would all agree didn't know what I could get very very difficult I think especially now when you look at what's going on around the globe. These are tough times and I believe that that's why helmet like life is beautiful have resonated with people. When you look at what our fan bases I'm guessing that the majority of our fans have never had a heroin problem and yet they've been able to connect to a song that was inspired by. You know Mickey heroin addiction. The reason they're able to connect that is because in some way it happened darkness of that song and I hope that song. He connects with their life in their personal stories and I think that as a songwriter that's what you try to do. You you have to empathize. You have to sympathize you have to observe. Like as it's happening in the 26 AM does. It is also part of why I a lot of artists are afraid to really share with people what the true meaning is behind size because of how people interpreted and you don't wanna crash somebody's. The the Al view on a song because and they realize oh it's not about what I thought it wasn't meant so much to me and now I don't know what to think Pete do you think that's while on a night guys a gig maybe arm don't wanna. He completely upfront about what all the lyrics are about. We always finish this song what whatever the song is about we handed to you know our songs anymore that your strong. You can figure anything you want I have songs. You know I dare my song I don't care of David Bowe eroded if you might saw in these something to me everytime I hear in my terror remember when I was going through them that's the beauty of music. Yes that's that's a great point why you could I think the first thing I think get on my blog Ed in today's since three days that's my song I today you know diagram I don't get royalties off of him but I think that's like that song meant something maybe brings out something what does that I'm curious for you gotta go round table discussion like. Outside of your music what does that what what is a song the shores. Well I think one of my and I'm a huge Elvis stamp so I mean I I absolutely loved you know like if frankly I'm not sure I'd get in my way the Gershon he has you know that would that would be one of my favorite songs. That album. Remade. You know from live there's just there's so many allowed a Chris Kristofferson. Who watched closely now and just one that has always spoken to me. Some go to again you know and our dream on really connected to me when I was a kid is like anything you want. You can have if you work hard enough for a that's what I got out of it now I'm sure class Steven what the song's about he would say. Talk about. I you don't have the I. Told her opponent world. It status. Also sucks. And I this may be a silly question for you yet and I know you guys have been doing it all back on the road you spent some time in the road and we haven't been in a band had an idol we've done a lot of traveling together where we know without them we legalize Triplett our hockey but he's very get a bye since. Good Spokane Washington was it a five hour trip and and you always come back from that with a story there's always that one guy that. Seems to be good for history or two while on the road I was wondering who in Europe and thought always provide. Stern no hesitation TJ can't put the patient did well tonight and I can do what number one he's the only guy in the band during the anymore okay. I have blood oh I'm gonna. I mean I guess from the third thing I don't forget our first sure you know we were we're like we've got to go. When we we got to go. And it is good news for the we're opening reduced crew has been right. So we take off and couldn't find DJ or are born this can lead them we'd look at cited nor the Porta potty go back. Taylor yeah a lot of opponent bumpy but no I think he came out. An orange. Clearly you have to go live how do you know he also left almost every show on a Gurney going to the hospital that a guy I'd head action. AM the one show my mom's very religious and I group about a TV bad. You know for the warning show the only time she's ever come to see me play in my entire career what does that show that I went to the hospital and everyone would say your gear problem when you solve the am pro I don't have a lot of problems. And got tough in the portable I had vital and umpire right tire and I I think you're the warlord Caspian area here. When I strongly your car around and smacked me in Miami aaron's all and you look at Demi you free doctors blood that's coming out of here and I thought I was that he'd be out it's a bad thing. Yeah blood coming out of the year is always about. Taylor Dave you better movie here like kind of an advantage we have been yelling back okay going to kill them I'll get into the hospital and another place. That's mostly value. Oh yeah I mean. I wouldn't slim lead singers and flop running bettors and flops around on stage you're eager to. Let's we have independent I was teasing each other's all we have we get on the black and I'm doing what I drink too much like potato myself and others good fund so it should slow motion can Obama puts. It's tase or the other guy I think we do that we knew that if I didn't know our family few weeks we support each other in a lot of ways but it. When we're on stage if somebody makes a mistake. Think if I had probably like if we go into a course like going to the wrong key I can definitely look over James DJ. And just see their backs. Darren and I know pentagon Jamie LP get like that you know back on track or something you know most musicians like that until until we don't feel that we don't know how well I don't make a little big there on their object will actually gone to the microphone ago. That was the I would hate I a couple of them. I've gotta we gotta we gotta have both go to the floor over the DJ and how to turn the tables above that lets your some dirt about the other thing I did today. Black curve her whole heart or something I don't know here for all you need your own exactly you know I've been you know I mean we're constantly play at the playing pranks on each other you know that's just part of very nature of being on at 6 AM tour. Nick he's really good that. That's always. Playing a prank on me I'm legal and social media and watched it happens. And we're constantly giving each other back in just a fun thing we do I think James sometimes like what we have been meeting you've got a couple I did it's. Hillary I cut because of the vans. That's him over for Jay-Z eight due to producing as well you kind of I'll probably do put on my stuff fatherly pat. The band when I properly. You have to figure of the band Bershard. Tell us a little bit and we're playing a show bomb on the modern vintage tour and for some reason I mean DJ both noticed. GM some kind of standing on the this platform on the side Donald why we must have made some kind of like. Meant old connection and we do our gun on each side of Jane Debra when James went for this like super almost impossible. Reaching no. We decided to squeeze him they know they handle it clearly found in my it is true. The world. Work hard and it can have a quiet guy I mean I know we're going to be at Tacoma dome mosque mobile pro breakup Brad after the election I think I should tickets now. That's debris is all about plumbing and he doesn't it's gonna break oh you're gonna see something really unique that Nigerian actually see bandaged gets along and has fun on stayed out and it's smiling and laughing and that's what it's really supposed to be about. You guys so much the opposite of bands that have tension. We you know we really are we you know we referred yourselves isn't it abandoned reverse you know that the longer we're together the more we like each other the less precious we are about our ideas the more collaborative we are. You know exam music has been a byproduct of this fantastic friendship that the three of us have forged over the last ten years. How tough president for other people to get into that mix is you know you've had a couple different drummers and how is it like this but they have to just go through the gauntlet in order just beyond what I cow I. Crack into this that they're that the Big Three amigos. Cracking that code yeah. That's a good question though and we're very very protective of this family. And we do have just an incredible. Touring band a couple of background vocalist and then dust in our drummer didn't really do feel like part of the family and so we're very very lucky to have them and they also keep us. You know balance could keep both enjoying that process we just we love this family. Man I know that you guys have a whole tour going on an as far as interviews I don't want a guy on waste your guys is time it but this has been. A whole lot of ball security yeah I can just sit back and just be a fly on the wall while you guys give each other a hard time all they own and it's it did. Very heated we appreciate you guys plane ride and we are hurting you know supporting new music supporting rock music. He has a grade from how'd they can thank you so much copy and make it through the show yes it's a Saturday mail and oh yeah. Video message and we'll bring you know they did a very important I don't know what you're curious you can't go wrong. Like acquire these two ball out of way out of shape guys showing up doors Muster enough support applied. I would talk Turkey and I some payback he doesn't. Get this Friday get the near record like I said and if the first 3 sons are I am sure it is that an indication of what we are going to get from you guys. I I I genuinely do you think a lot of people's heads are gonna turn into and it's gonna help people get do whatever crap but is that they're getting through it you guys where your heart and your sleeves and I absolutely love that thank you very much thank you can see in November yeah. Did that was awesome. I know that I've ever heard of band legitimately seem to be to having that much fun together they seem like three of the coolest guys that just wanna have a good time Hugh Costello isn't saying. There's sometimes you talked to a band. You can almost feel the tension and ain't crap we've done interviews with this lake. They're all different rooms right even sit together we summon a map that you did that in different rooms have been patched in together and you think about how they write music there. They're they're they're they're just emailing MP threes to each other these guys like basic organic and usually cringe at that the when I hear these guys talk big genuinely sound like. The epitome of an organic and yeah it probably helps all of them have been in bands were it's not like that. Rentokil apart we wanted to ask a couple crew questions you know hey Leo I'd. There's a couple like. Of course DJ asked who was a guitarist for guns N roses for a few years and I'm thinking now we are we not being the proper journalist by asking him about his thoughts on the G and our reunion memory. While this interview was going on a buy you about like. I must yeah he's just say it look let's just talk so much of their bank right let's let's show them the love that they deserve I mean they're they're fun to talk to there's no reason that I deal like tell me about Guns 'N Roses what he had bank star. I. But still it's only guy we should party right now definitely it definitely. I liked it the other two even though there's over were given a scrap of Blake Davis like giving him fun graph about it this happened that was awesome another great point like you you're drunk and you're teasing yourself. Okay fine if you're drunk and I'm sober and you're trying to tase me. Get the apple device she. I got a joke guy wrote around teasing people we like our right. I don't think any guys to have that point were you really punchy guy when you're drunk you are he had there's always that one dude might be a guy that I might be in a room with right now as I'm driving back from Meena clog my beef. Elbowing him punches in the ribs the entire time saying Steve. Grab top of the world man who are here. I know Texas I'm trying to get us home safe. No I mean what you in the Porta potty and a bottle of Jaeger stupidity. I thought they were there is a quick break when we I'd get back. I thought it violates their record at the beginning of the interview keep your seats they said. Is Apple's late all of go get some coffee yeah they'll probably hop up on it literally for the door closed and clicked the phone rang as soon as that door close and I was. Man that was home tonight you only get babble on about something I mean I think people are gonna stick around its African podcast yeah. That are so huge huge thanks to 6 AM again catch them act. This Tacoma dome didn't you play my finger in shine down that's a good show that's a big bill that's a renewal we should talk about we a lot of text messages about last week. Moment tolerant talk to them I think this is for a two week wait oh yeah honestly let's look better and he's ever been a part of us so much fun we were stumped. On a certain song where we started hot and. And. You cleared out well. Arm your family chimed in and dom made it very clear what it was and they were a 100% correct you we're gonna talk a little bit about the comparison between those two sons. Especially since both of those bands are gonna be on tour together which I think is really cool yeah all right so the main cast will be back thank you once again. To the boys and 6 AM let's listen to some 6 AM right now. We'll be back at. If you need it good enough. Help is on the way. And then a constant feedback. Are you tired of up to the and walk around with their I've voted today stickers will now you can shove it up there with your own political statement yeah assist the I'll slide did not vote stick here why the hell should you be informed about the issues. Why should you care about our nation's future you're getting your Social Security screw the rest of them. When somebody looks at your sticker and says what do you mean by that you say what do you stupid can't you read it again since the I did not vote stick can get yours today and who gives a crap doesn't count. Take them steamed but do stunts that promotes cold. And then it cost is back. Soul yeah lol 6 AM right there for you Ted Smith. America loves seeing the stars for the fall yes we elect a fault till we do we love to see that rise in the fall of whatever it is not a 100%. As a wrestling fan that's running game so many of their dvds. The rise and fall of ECW. The rise and fall of WC CW and take all you got me I want to see their eyes and I also wanna see the fall all 100% being very distracting and I were taping this op podcast. The dishes and outside the room he is rocking the worst resting bitch face as he's talking. It was weird man I'd as an app to get my coffee in BJ sit Arab looking in the dork. Allows easy way to talk to Stephen is they don't go just given their close it up the door to update these it has zero happiness on his face right now. Michael can we can look over now I think he's in the right I can't see you at any lead over how I hate that I get it sucks for him because you know he's. Many are of more often than not he's like I can't help it and and the tight I can't even imagine what that would be like to always have that kind of a look. Night you know to be when you're around somebody you think all they're just they just hate me dead and at least our top enemy really is another very nicely just had their resting brits face Ghana. Now now I think I mean you're on the opposite damn where they were rated a party at any given point you can actually get a guy that has a bad mood I would massively imagery might be miserable at that moment. We're just working on our songs yet man asks. Like I mentioned god thank you again to 6 AM that was a lot of fun and narrative Tacoma dome on November 5 we got to go to show finally a Saturday shell that's a good the last few big shows of all been like Monday are like Tuesday I random. We should go. And we should have a summer party. It's called a tad I meant that we some piece of sushi. Kurdish joke party would be dashed by yeah I mean how to proceed he bought a market now my calendar we're going to pursue a part of us. Yes. I Vick actually ought to talk to my wife I feel like she might even be in a party with us that I want to she loves shined down oh no no kidding yeah ticket. That vehicle Woolsey I mean she's always the only game time decision depends on how DO. Sometimes she's just not feeling it like choose when to hang out with the dog and the nice thing is she's always like what you don't have to stay home if you have plans to let the fun. May I don't attack. Yeah yeah and your wife has a huge advantage over it like when the stay home. Like on Saturday. It's late but when you're married and stay home it's like tonight is hosting her own Chalabi to regard cool but I feel like so does senator elect I don't wanna do anything like what you be so lazy mental bullets go do the stuff. This true and I don't wanna do it today and anti it was Ron he's sad I didn't press a few foot. That is fuel load times and how we should talk a little bit about your year long weekend endeavor. I was pretty fun yeah actually that your body looked off fishing with you standing next to a car to their car because they had car ad how great is that picture the pictures phenomenal shot out to the mayor he took that. A group yeah I know he got to debts of senate to dump Joseph and then he brought his camera. And that's no iPhone picture now I checked into the hotel that night I took what pitchers are throwing music. Thought we were in in a cortisol driver around to some water which are real picture it's a great shot at the end did you use that for like Darren prince campaign I was so pumped when he sent me that now looks great son if you go to KI SW dot com ticker at Ted blog. Where you can I get the full scoop on these are weekend trip. Where you were driving. The Ford Edge Steve yes yeah genuine here about until you told me about it I looked it up and Mike. This car still hope yeah yeah eleven join some ads down there for Lakewood Ford and write off by five yup ha ha ha. Than they really came into your car fleck who we tells extra eight app and then now I got in I think it's a brand new to space ship Steve yes lane assist. Uh huh what does that mean Downey demeans like when you're driving on I five say in the rain like the lane assist click to view if you get out of here it started that in your lame that we all kinda late pulls you back over like makes a noise really. Like LED lights and then sunny literally I got there a European space ship calls at Austin. Wow yeah are. So and the second I aside it's I mean that's a segment are an awful commercial is really like the dog because your blowing my mind does that sound like you're one step away from that car driving it. Oh yeah. Linas scenario and heard that I didn't neither Nellie I drive a Jeep man Larry empowers I don't have power windows. I got nothing but I love my duty to simple is that like me but it's not a I got no lane assist deal violate this this is what I hear from YouTube to do 'cause I'm driving stimulate Steve little turtle shell six to compete. He you getting it set the cruise control for have a car lengths you confronting you. So somebody cuts in front and you hit a slowdown to keep that distance. You're blowing my mind trustee did I know it's like I will say the hard part is there's so many bells and what's led to sit in there for liked what he really just try to figure out yet if you get distracted while drive and a halt we have rod distracted driver assist. As you're trying to figure this for can bring out no but I was making phone calls the Bluetooth. And I was like heaven a car can you tell it to give a note you sound really clear. Possibly get a little microphone on somewhere. Somewhere out on out I say to my throne and I would just I just started coming through college people let's have a car which is very ninety's. Just it's a bit that I've been a couple of is that it's already yes a luxury for you to be driving a car. Glad everybody in the car with you you had a column are driving now never and the hurt that I inning get a phone call from ten in the car. I. Art. Aren't some doubts until later us. Well you know maybe maybe I was gonna return as tomorrow maybe Coke which is Thursday may be Donald the ticket because outlook weights and just cruised out steep. Did you for a ride around you wallop. I love that the cruise control a car length is really awesome doing weird thing is what I have a car depleted different version of Ted. But Joseph was like get picked me up at every given his wife Freud came hang out or didn't lunch or whatever and he eagle putter like dear what that I showed up easily. You got here early. If you uncover her early what's that about causing I don't know driving. Compared with late. But we went toolbar and easily can we stay longer and I was like no I said one BR I'm driving let's go I love it responsible Ted. I've never met responsible had this many people haven't. Perfect I. Referral or did break out we got we talked about the comparison I had with the shined down song and with 6 AM sign because last week replaying a bunch of music as I was an idiot you are tickle in the testy does. The three t.'s takeover. No yeah. Yeah. I love the people would treating us at the mega cast all that. A lot of you draw so I got a couple people reminding us hey don't forget. You're interviewing six and this week with a guy like that I also admitted I thank you may have forgotten a little bit misty was tickle the testes and I was just look at it that led. Once we like. Tickle statistics. Houses got talking about girls like hollow yeah I prefer to listen to new we have. It's slipped back as social media stuff because sometimes people just. Tweak when they hear the show where they hear the podcast right but I'm not that my senator or it's not real time bright there's so many times with like what we have pictures Erika woods who was who receive news like I hope I wasn't the guy that said that really inappropriate thing. About wanting to be your friend right and was like that and many first chromium I have no idea where you're talking about a menu Tillman and I hold no wonder why he was concerned. No that wasn't you. Yeah so this sometimes we forget stuff out of context just think what. There's so many times especially thank you for off the our best sometimes it's always not paying attention they sound like they're alive. So I buddies text me a comment about something I just said on the air. And maybe like 8 in the morning and I'm dead in a Mike. Ought to be full disclosure I mean I text America I've no idea what the hell you're talking about I'm in bed right now whatever you heard. Is from a best of show and make all this is what you said on all that's awesome good comment. Basically leave me alone not still in bed I don't audit dot com go back to battle not a car. Where the cruise control for car alliance. It alone. So what are the things I really don't care I try to throughout the song that load up cal grad did the 6 AM song in the Susan's son that was Ghana. Getting me confused because it reminded me of a shine downside in the song is off to the new record and it's called you have come. To the right place and I'm glad I wrote down three songs that I heard there's a near like what songs have you heard I know they G eject you tough match and I got it and I did I don't like what up. Socket dollars and this vessel its armed do yeah I've always always trying to act like ignore songs nice high. Actually 6 AM we parties just stuff you listen to a select two months we illegally downloaded it it's on cassette. This would be eaten we are now parting Suggs the bottom audience that it's just crazy moneymaking scheme to. Who reported back that tape and mix tape did exactly that it at. So that's the sudden can't recover our rice picked up that mix tape. If the picture of why the economy extent when it's an MP3. Ha ha well welcome to pick at the title those Fuzzy quizzes at the data legislate. When you get the word mix tape do you think. An actual tapes of what they missed it medically yup yeah I don't think about just a rapper records that date put out a new underground. Well. No you they have. Well yeah. According yeah I don't nowadays smug yeah that's I mean but I back in the day it was just to mix to a pretty good make a mistake right you made one and David to your friend or your girlfriend or whatever it was sixteen and he's very irresponsible and mean you say we may make statements. Cliche and just hate late just records on people but each other up did you allied into that. Who says it may. We zoom ring and I got our random rap beat. And dad couldn't and freestyle. It just took it distracts gap that was Steve. The plus some respect to my name. Okay Scarlett because I I guess today. Scrolls and I saved my life that invigorate elect then that I never knew you had score can score a lot of until I got three or four year period are just squirrel. T swayze. I was listening to answer your ministry you brought that up and I almost pull off the decider to text him right now get zero for the mega gas at some point I'm gonna work in the names coral. It was a joke because one that he we sell squirrels like Alex girls. He's such a comScore also is because you can't come off your nickname and electoral we collect air I was school girl of the fact that you came over your nickname means you deserve the nickname. Right because it's so ridiculous yes and Obama can't I wanna be called squirrel. My TV set I wanna be called the crusher the project whatever. Tip at a home nicknames you want to be named introduce cute little. Animal around the trees yeah I mean those before I even smoked that was I still second ahead Stoner tendencies that's right you and I literally was likely that's Koroma and so do and many cups corporal Smith is viewed as a world. Are worse hero Smith who's in the city to live on the country you know. Parents world trees grow whatever. It large not to dismantle the I think it it it it it it. Particularly as testes current Steelers a damn squirrel my dream last night that makes sense that talked about yesterday has money that it was a squirrel with a mouthful of not smooth moves that I -- trying to talk to you. Know what our current. So it doesn't get stuck in the PBS. Warm bowl. The last sales watch these documentaries about national parks hot. So that I had a dream that I was in the forests in the squirrel was just like hanging out Mimi is sheiks are full of nuts. But it was late June and I was like squirrel it's too early to be prepared for winner would doom flawless but it was due retrieved it. Sounds like a great Dreamweaver I think it may talk this girl's. Questioning is not motive you know I forgot. Well look the black bear sits atop my totem and the coyotes in there I got to put the squirrel that put total to tell other squirrels are like the one animal that completely fascinates and confuses foreigners. Meg and I did not have squirrels I read a study recently might seem to tumors like. The night in music basically a list of like. The weird perceptions that people from other countries have a mark country when they come here behind one of them was to there're a lot of squirrels. I guess it's a good point is we never like it Tressel like aware of the country of squirrels right there in our cities there ever and nobody flanked she's. We're VCR rat people coming up Hulu rat squirrel runs I think there's a score which I have known as the this I never thought about that Lisa furry animals run in the streets right yeah just doing whatever they deal we just kind of exist with them. I guess it blows the mind of people from other countries whose. So if you go to another country is demanding names coral you might get weird looks maybe now. Now we kind of got we after a do Tacoma dome show it's gonna make France. See how things get out of the nickname squirrel we what's that mean you stick out frantic. Jim there's no other way the movie like there's two Americans. Good point. Literary evidence on the hook up a man barely have time. Implemented a crack addict well next segment we're gonna listen some music smokes this is our last segment. Is it yeah we did a good idea we interviewed. Let's go right now law Arnold a little long right now considers a signed downs on the I mean here's 6 AM on Soros doesn't it you've come to get a ride in his place. Yeah yeah I might be doing a little bit. The base our busy days for undoing the base coral that particular that I soaked with a ticket to here inside the signed on Sunday that is sound like and thank you. All the mega family because they let me know and let me know some like chimed in my 45 minutes after it got posted on the that was the coolest thing if somebody like. Listen to the podcast that quickly. And got back to is that quickly and liked to help satisfy in my acknowledged in a regular family has quickest turnaround on they stepped up huge out all right so here's a sign on Sunday I don't it sound like and it's a song diamond nice. Alia. The part that really sounds like that I think Samsung just had a little bit of a similarity. But the part that I really felt like sounds like you chorus. Here come. Very obvious to me. Story about that you play word. No I don't they made this song for. He expendable readily apparent. Mean seeks venables and so Stallone was lay boom way but you gotta work that into a song. Stallone did that. Stick I'm I'm almost positive that's on the story you know listen all they were like RH and they couldn't figure out than they just kind of put it in there like that the son kicked ass and it's I don't under the the deluxe edition I think of Hamas on the man they say they get time. Thank goodness. It was for a movie right escalate the blue may remixed or something like that I was like what how I can get out like that part of the sun doesn't that's kind of weird that they made a point to put that in there. I was in the movie so I don't know if that words in the movie we got to go check it out. Mentally that's why tip before we go to to show on November 5. This late do we really need to watch seeks rebels do we need to watch both men I guess not. And here's died at sentence grabbed the both sons and kind of put together go back and forth a little bit of a mash up just to kind of make you a little bit closer to your years. Yeah definitely different. But definitely I can hear the similarity is that like there's a certain spirit that both of them. Path yet but it's not like I said I wasn't I hope people walk away from this. Knowing them like accusing. 6 AM avoid ripping off a song is this guy that same flavor and I think it's awesome that they're going to be playing a show together so you can hear both of those songs life mean Friday they Justine that you know we hang up on the band and then you accuse him still exhausted this. You'll scream squirrel did not take my sons and go home good on TV all these nuts. Brodeur preserved and let's go to Somalia who do you take you want to get for listening in now one's gonna subject matter this anthrax on that I'm loving I can't wait to see them. At paying a grass when they perform all I. Okay. Fool it's me. Ready to head. Don't get ahead. Here's the me Scotty has. Oh yeah. I need to make. Somehow we got the big party. Yeah I don't like it. Long story short every time an effective ever played a show I have missed it because of some other reason that maybe it's impossible. What denigrating and my dog died the day that we look at. You know Mike. As I have not spectacular like this is our party that we're hosting god Zeus it's during the anthrax is that I'm gonna cry. Job hasn't offers the art party the starts. I believe this. Remember correctly starts the second anthrax finishes. Think the timing is always easy you can sneak back so I'm going to get to see anthrax finally at pain in the grass yeah. Scotty Indonesia's again legend I'll absolutely engineer tell you I love anthrax I can. Yeah this guy does squirrel ran out but I love them. Well I'm Alec Freeman no ice but so does everybody write such a great version you yeah. You wrote I'm the man. Third we know the mega cast is coming back he's trying to calm girls. Yeah and these. Is he came he came cramped he stuck around for us we're bringing him back yeah will let you finish them. We're okay and that terrible. A picture of my bad sorry sorry that came out wrong commemorated there's greater Seattle Seahawks. The move wasn't joining us again on the mega cats and fingers crossed it's actually gonna happen but he says that he can't wait he actually brought it up when he called me he's a came in nice when can I make a cast again and Mike. Next week he goes yeah. So we enjoy the may have family back together that's right it's been three humor really long mega hug. Oh yeah uncomfortably long yes we do for you girls a year and you guys at Rocco since Friday night. Yes it's Friday night over a cruel seat. Casino in Marysville nice because you creek facility just being.