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Thee Podcast Episode 129

Apr 7, 2016|

This week we discuss Hooters girls & strippers, “rich” rappers, and Ted’s illustrious coaching days.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I was very excited. He never perhaps that's before the court and show matter you ready I don't I'd putt well. Gonna move the Mike grounder by Ernst and demonstrate a few horrible idea probably got a seat erratic you know you guys know of your read on to say this. I don't behave in. Who. Well. And it's really not ready even now ready that there is not ready. Yeah. Podcast yeah just any contest just look I can't call this. Leave contact him starting the pits. Starting. Stuff. The starting these tents and top. You'll underwear I don't know. I've won what eight. What savage avoid these hits it over the posted it here podcast. The greatest spot doesn't slow spot gas and all the way. A man athletic offbeat but yes. All right it'll estimate my partner in crime might burner buddy he's always here is not on two wheels somewhere in southeast H app. Nobody the top cops going off. The Dow up three and a half points this morning NASDAQ down to a quarter futures contracts for the greater chance on land remains strong as he podcast on prices since you want their team level. Public pressure coming in the wake of the Panama banking scandals both Ted Nancy DP were cleared of any wrongdoing. Her remains under investigation what's. I'm not exactly proud of me on the hill. Get this video set up sports the new shades looking good with the ball he's ready for the summer back out of the producer. MC TP put them. Hi Ted Edelman Boston what flavor sort of Marty rocket and I let rely on them think you Kroger had a big fan and big soda water not. Thought they were just you know give those guys Ted. Is that the same one of the do in the three liter bottle. To you know those like store brands that in three liter bottle just a Wal-Mart Kmart and rumors that Wal-Mart Kmart and they wouldn't put soda water and three liter. Leader bot a bottle because it's like not terrible for you just soda water. I feel like really there's only come in like. Claimed cola or orange Kohler grape soda now and on in the super big goal of tonic water and seltzer waters of some thing. Yeah no tonics gross Thomas writes he's shaking Celso water. Tonic. Talk watered number one is gonna gross number two is it has just editors a soda severe drinking vodka tonic she buys of the stranded Jack and Coke. When you're not doing yourself any favors where soda water is just bubbly water and trying to hide it. And I will buy it by the two leader. Containers when they're when they're goodbye and his drink your iPad because I ago I go through at least one of those days. I was pretty pumped that you left couple or one of those that LA it's his party. Oh yeah definitely took down a shot a firebombs and both all right. I gonna I gonna take time out here about half an hour to affect us all of those two leaders announced a source wouldn't on this that bad guys were you know how some drinks make a statement about the person's Franken yeah. So obviously like there's blue dolphins not to drink water whenever there's like. With Coca here Sanders rightfully be here's your fan I know exactly. What I eat. All right once. Rudolph dollars a my visit and exits the cob there's a famous president Ecstasy you know first that's the last thing I heard about access to the golf and I don't I don't do drugs so. I noticed you're always late and it isn't like he's some years ago the statue limitations might be up on one blue dolphins following oral get hot Ecstasy on the streets I'm guessing at a time and I couldn't see my legal account Iconia Reilly accountable through soundproof windows over the time your buddy who'll remain nameless. Which is rubbed his whole naked body on a floor in love and it got the blue dolphins. OK go look at. Cocoa and he'll just bring back water but I have a draft for drinks make a statement about people. What do you guys think about the martini drinker. What age. Woman. 29. She has a move. Mid level management positions probably annoys most people not really a manager. But once the look fifty. Oh I hate yourself too seriously living so if if a martini is trying to look fancy what is the actual fancy tree. I don't know and Martina Martinis to me like if you little like I don't know if you're over forty injuring Martinis I get you dislike Martinis but it's just. Just a fancy way to get a shot. But at other videos of would you martini very. Very you know we're no lower from Ruth but basically just give me chill jet but in a cool glass yeah. I don't know olives CI don't mind vodka drinkers are about girls slim down bachus sodas have a pint about vodka martini both. You know I went through a phase right rank him as he tees which I can imagine that at all ordered. I can now imagine you civilian and buy commodities however I would have liked to buy individual. You know what people I think this summer picking up back crazy tricks also say like the only show. But Martinis are bad beat I don't know it's still seems out of your if you order a good martini bar. I get it but I and that's something about I think about chick that's that's 29 during the martini like. You know in the sports bar so many students would get real speed crazy drinks for the summer a mole on wall ballot the base out of trees with them or those things we have had. Rainforest Cafe. No time out there are so crazy we took a picture with them an act Cameron name of them. Meat and you use Stephen. After August TP who knows that's probably just some giant frozen concoction they had their newest element there's this group porn out of at the umbrella. It's beautiful yeah I mean hurricanes occur in the light up cup denial let's keep the cup there added we paid for. But we had untreated call Rainforest Cafe in another state naslund is now and they're literally not in Washington now of that's restaurants yells out assassin missed. I mean themselves. I don't know personally lost I would certainly he's I would know and now on this. And I'm as one hoosiers pizza also down coma plus dual champagne that's when my daughter once in awhile. Long story but it just seems oddly quickly and champagne at risk is vastly guys did dozen nice touch out and drink arsenic where it's like your style here yeah. Well you pitch a lot of heat for. That's why I like ordered every like a problem and a four times in my life with one specific body savage on this much. But you just sit down the bar and orders champagne. And just peeler to say what these guys about Mike what do they do like it's Tuesday but why did you actually pay. It does raise my eyebrows I won't come lifestyle that. Come about when that. Look at that scooter so even down there we did a radio mat for. For fun to Mikey and they. They had like a bunch of old owners were there they're all in town from all over the country whatever. And we just like sort of like sort of make friends of them like slowly as terrain of the group smashed a three hours later on the scooters branded by us. Going to a dive bar examine all the staff is awesome that's off. Nice greats. Hooters I denied Elaine little oil and I'd. I mean 88 feels a little cliche or campy or whatever you go in there and that place is in awesome man it is. Yeah you hear me talk bad about suitors president. And they like I get that it's. We had this conversation before. Now maybe not Arnold I did the tutors is all the same right in the it's like a ski. Number notice that you lead the girls are always mostly top U bureau off like yours to support your own pitcher and like. Certain things they do you like when we sit down at a table and say hey I get it's a formula I love. The rough I did you carry it up but it does like I at no point of I've been to a looters have been like. I have a chance that this chick that this girl likes me but I like the fact of thank you just kissed him I had this observer Edwards would. Hundreds Easter break into Baghdad after he. I love is always that damaged nerves or no she likes me man here's. She's not so I told you about what might happen with threes and I recently heard a story about those out here. Might have been aka Gphone on the street perturbed. But I don't while I mean like strip clubs trying to I don't out. I think lake I think you know I'm documents a specific times I definitely did like two years ago. And then like she followed me on Twitter a law and the like bright light. Think one and I got home arousing passions and her message and isles that call Joseph Girardi said Leah message. So I sent a sent to one back in the next one I got up of that no no definitely I am the only one of the sent two messages now. How I. I don't know. That sounds like I'm not gonna hit bottom of the hours they did and not about let's move. The announcement soon. I was so stoked you're like yeah this traverse sent me a message that this is gonna happen the government over the chipper great feeling I hooked up with ex strippers. Oca that another ever done a million active duty stripper now I told you how. Oh mine happened right that she she sent me a message on FaceBook. And then a quick garner told our FaceBook profile and it's a I didn't realize that if you dancer Rick soup without her FaceBook profile. It's that kind of caught me off guard also hole is a stripper just message me on my things stripper men at a. Yeah. Monroe tops friendly round master pretend that so Zelaya so also selfless and he disappeared to Florida guy has strippers tend to Matthew. We've got to strike quickly enough iron is hot at the right you're mining gold for like three weeks almost a month that logo are not the gold ran out. Yeah it's cold it's just stick around very often do and in Gypsy like the analogies this is happening I just suffers from what could happen village is meant you could say it's good you don't look good at running back for a. At first seemed like a joke now pat Beck on yourself you. Can bet that it. Yeah well strippers are awesome yeah after a while that story. What I was thinking about strippers. And I started Texan reality editor at what successor should get some news at least the these artists that country back on. An amount of parent so obviously there's a Kaz doesn't Portland over the recount isn't there well known for different clubs right. Yeah and great -- friend of ours it was there apparently had never been on before. Ever or in Portland and never meant a one before amber wall Portland's obviously are aggressive we happened to me. I can't say now I'm off to are often. Knowing. How he's he's a hole and myself we we went into wine and Hewitt. He was reacting. Like eight specific. Ethnicity reacts to magic. You must react the mind blown amid just. Every time something good happened for the entire weekend but that's simulate the state of Washington has richer clubs and there's some really hot chicks and but there's no drinking so we just attempt until they have that you value of the vibe it's just fun for an hour and then after Ohio health psychologist out of now. DeVon it's I think three things Killian Washington can won the three foot rule whether it's obeyed or not still just kind of you know makes things less. I like it it takes whatever Sam there was several ever obeyed. I don't know but I think that it makes them less likely to go even further down like they'll they'll cut it down to six images or be touching human and they don't go like you now. IBM degrees so that's one number two not being dropped because obviously. We're not drunk I mean. Alcohol is flattering to the way everyone looks especially and including. Strippers PSC section scars yet you know when Everest checkered past and all kind of ones. Number three. There's no competition there's not that many strip club like in Portland are so many. That you have like world class talent being drawn to the city like a magnet. And because there's so many of all got to keep their game tied opponent is a little bit of a tough defense and an ethical world famous town for sure Paula I don't but that's just that's that's of sayings like I watched a woman who has a ballet dancer for fifteen years. Do over and Portland still yet hit a great hill on the physical world class ballad it now now honestly different times. Also in Portland. It Darius. Just the way that it's set up I don't know where the difference kicks in if it's alcohol related. But DA I think it's just the way it's set up it's more of a bar with strippers and it. So guys are hanging out if you're over there watching the stripper dance. You tip like a mother (%expletive) And got to pay the meters rescind a right bar whereas in Seattle there's an expensive covers and the girls are only making their money on lap dances. I vendor. Pulitzer club's three times I've never been approached for a lapped yes he had that this is a totally different. Business model however it works with the alcohol whatever in the tipping but. Just the whole vibe is way chiller and more more relaxed out of Portland and that's better for business. That's a great point besides late getting approach with a lap dances is one thing. Allegedly his enemy. Blast from one to one. Like the girls like wouldn't lead me miles is the same story in some counts and then it's like your her remark that no other girls to come over what they were gonna try to be approval daylight. Yeah not my image of the stripper I want. But you're attractive. You just I don't know I just a walker has had them in Korea right exactly what we're spending. Along great respect for the quick note this is a business. Putted law of averages right you gotta keep knocking on doors are knocking on dudes does quit now. No ma'am I don't mean any disrespect you don't need to move on them. We retirement place and you district though so paste paste see you saying that. And I don't but still it. Hand a cat that that plays I have wanted to see and then place your retirement on an he said dial someone's. The next hour house Barca off. At last an hour to. Cats and kittens kittens cabaret kids amber yeah that is pretty good name yeah that may have been placed her fellow law and whose tax if there's. So often that girls DM already data twice but I did it. The lack of good parties pasty east. Let's take care of you who like hey hey Ted you gotta look at this that. And they're all hot guy added up on adult friend finder and a half how are talking about ten. Yeah I don't know what happened yeah. Tens anyway you can you can go back and see what you sent to the stripper. That night you fashion message to you. There is Cobb I don't know I feel like my direct messages are racing after awhile maybe I am but. Maybe that's wishful thinking don't nurture you and I honestly it was the first one who is I can't remember exactly was not been too clever but the second one was late. Because I just open it up and think oh message. That I must fight our way of a problem I mean just you don't really terrible Ted Smith dame. Ethnic and then might it took really did deer -- realized that I am only once and she does not. You know the you're gives terrible man a C a C three and only need to. Yeah you're right but there ever moments I thought that was a long shot gold. I mean you're throwing hail marys for data from the three yard lastly it's funny right now just the that the electorate moves and she likes follow Obama think now. So late it's mr. principally deal. It's true that he's gotten far away from hooters but workers is the casket at a picnic at its with the experts started what do we do with this. I don't know we do it all the time. But suitors backed suitors one of the greatest days of my life. Was totally and what year was but it was that a you know you'll see yes you know domestic ALCS American League championships series. Yankees vs the Orioles right so like my dad my brother my brother's friend we got four tickets where you'll see this playoff. Resolves it right to receive baseball playoffs we'll baseball time says in Baltimore does that Baltimore ranked so we ghetto and I remember we went like this who orders. In the inner harbor like for lunch in it just you know I think thirteen or something either way it's just it was an amazing day for young man. Like suitors for Elijah and Ted Smith was half Tor yeah I'm thing epic. This morning. They can in my back through. Don't like take its last probability this that is legitimate doesn't this torturous don't look after her anonymously. That just means I'm a illustration young Ted Smith. I attended the game with his dad's brother this gray sweatpants polluters are team first Boehner it was so awesome man. And it's funny too is I've I don't part of this rose to ultimately these guys across from us we're clearly going to regain which I mean that the next table over. And they were rightfully yours just go through als like drinking as much fear was crazy but I don't do that prominent. Yeah it was a fun match at a summit tickets it. Some guy as they are giving a hundred bucks for the taken a look at my dad knew a debt. We get tickets as it's only were seven I think we should sell Comerica. A hundred dollars is the world to me right now just thirty dollars would have been huge and what do by all the stuff soft pretzels that led translate what those are two cents. And it doesn't. It a body double back to hooters. I probably would not take the thirty bucks all right act that that is kind of classic Ted Smith who but the thought they first I want to make us want 350. Almost four dollars. And I get our shoot craps got a real and that's what I went despair about those aren't all that ardea. Had to like get somebody to buy me lunch the next day. And it's got thought and so got the effect after thought but that you're exactly right if I'd made that thirty bucks I probably go to walks. But right across the street to shooters that. Yeah I. Senators you guys go in today if this guy on the editors for we have later yeah. That would have been the beginning of me to having tickets to games and not actually going to that the worst that that. Might you know Saddam's elite early some of them show up late. Mean in all fairness. Your season take hold. Yeah I aim for a season that is not known for having practiced short number of game site we're talking. NFL football here which items founders which I don't know how many home games naymick 1630. Effect it is every 1617. That is leading yeah when I have them I feel like every week I was surprised by game's on as another game on Wednesday it like Al like fat as the duke yeah. But I mean I should do and mail it to its tail. I have yet. I look the whole I don't wrong I do exports are watching sports but dead. Atmosphere around which is the past cnet's exaggerate when he started on master it was America nobody mr. X is of the tailgate. I. Bet you go to the stadium and have fun I was decision could not died in the parking lot they're definitely play well. Yeah and the McCain it would mean literally Millen was terrible for years the first year free agents showed up. How was. Meaning it was early two thousands I was like 20/20 one. Bernie and I didn't go into a single game they won every home game. It was the best year they had to this day. They want ACC they really have like ten wins we did make it into one got the end game the we set the parking lot of yet do our jobs data parking lot current and well there we've got to sit at a motor immensely with the Orix a 100%. I can respect the doesn't go to training games actually after like the third game of their still won and I'm sin pardon on to yet and they were just they were crushing people it was unbelievable. How do we get our tailgate on the season bells on us now next year you were saying this for the you don't football game. I'm your next year you were sending had to math again and you don't basketball right right via aren't signed me up that's going to be fun yeah had a couple games and of course those guys stuck around. As the other guys yeah yeah. Yeah that happens to sell it I will say this bass won't tell any different animal. Charlie that's what you show up you park. Crush couple Beers in your car and you can sleep and it looks. Whereas football crystal Beers outside Jakarta Bosnian Ferrero you know we gotta we a year between now and I'm committed couple friends up there on the Greek street. I'm out for mom's weekend at the miles an amateur yet rolled this weekend right yeah yeah Matt still and I get to the pain is always the right. There's always next year Darren did give it a go low lane our recommendation. And endorsement a full endorsement yet she tried doing it. You wanted to show or. She did that you see your game today and I'll come over two years ago. Yeah. We still yeah. Mr. that is still do moms we can. Terri and their hot sisters and her mom every year because they love moms we can so much and none of them go to laws do anymore. Yeah allegedly it is just chaos and destruction in the biblical scale over there a mom's weekend and let's not talk about too much and it's gonna get us to. Felt stale pointer points. For your back boys bring it back. Did anybody watch NCAA. Two image of putts the last two minutes that was perfect and I NE SE yeah yeah absolutely insane. What's what. Cannot vote which want to build do the woman in the North Carolina to have the palm Torre went out the guy and let's call like be assessed a man from range. That was unbelievable is way beyond the arc to yet those are the best finishes that's in a long time as the big man. Yeah but can't buy it when a kid from Carolina made that shot and it rattles around Mikey said he added dive up and under doubt now just slate. That is unbelievable. But I Texan my buddy. How about that about that shot and then before you get by respond easily have a match crypto has like no kid. That's unbelievable. House crazy man is not confine. You know women to rent final four they did pretty cool have you seen that chick what you gas from you don't know. She doesn't. She doesn't jump so does the job he has. Train went do you. She stands on the ground for three point shot she just she is. It looks like a larger woman she's trying to jam and you know into she's she's a stroke it. Did I imagine guys that citizens of Europe like I I can't shoot at college three about jumping. Yeah now an idea that automatic the news it's coming it's human phrase. I mean over the course of the year. I don't know I think the course of like the playoffs. I Adam Follett ballots ballots watched and I just got. I don't mail when Miller honest run I was like well. While at six shooting threes without jumping that's pretty cool yeah and then that other chick was like in the game against Hughes she was up like. Six and six or seven of seven from three in the first. However many minutes but I am I really had it on and Seattle lake. All of their points except for two of this one chick that was his only knocking down threes and she's you know 100% from three point range is. Preempts. She she clearly is late train you know. They were you watch a highlight reels it looks like one of us claim proper shot yeah I think she wouldn't gee you don't need to jump chopper prophesied here diplomats doing the exact it. And I know you can hear me telling this go look at a follow my it's like a robot looked everywhere now but seriously. When you see they're not jumping you're like holy week. Huge stroke of those sinners and that takes some power I would want to go to nontraditional sports now it's like the what Jim feels like the granny shot for an. For an free throws was not one of the most my highest percentages of all time the Al yeah that football coach who does like the no punting. Yeah it's like as an outing he's a high school go to high school it's crazy eyes never homeowners. And how there hasn't been at least one basketball that's made it that prominence. And using the back four on free throw us a feel like that always made it so much easier. And these pros I mean grad they can. Swish them but after you would make it more accurate she's back for being Dow is such a basketball but I thought there at least BI. Can't imagine it would make him more accurate really mean that now. Nobody can do and angles. They're very good basketball but I just as they is uploaded. And then I'd never see it doing is back for intentional. Analogy time. All right I think you'd be like watching Mike. The Olympics emulate why don't they just stay on the green run. What I think why doesn't everybody switch it seems to be much easier for them a bit rob agreed rod right. Easier. Wouldn't it make the free throws easier and thus help them make more cat his. Here's another analogy for you you know how it in baseball if your dependents are right here though Matt Dowd yeah. Nuclear has a right handed pitchers it's easier to hit appear ready right. Or left the united play baseball no idea where ideally you want the guy like pity Iranian air and now if you're hitter you wonder if you want a right handed pitcher. It's harder to see it's hard to face a lefty and pitchers that it has a right handed hitter right look at some as I write saying if there's a left. There's a left handed pitcher wanted to switch up and hit left. While. As women hold our current hit left hand even if it gives you that you know. That's slight advantage. Do what I Psycho space to for for years right the first year coach of the freshman or sophomore in high school house coach and sixth graders. And we dedicated that is and projects in production and MB Dexter this. So he could pitch with both arms ranked so mile buddy like this is the best. Like he's the best pitcher. We'll have him throw four innings of one arm definitely a few things look the other our that way like he's not breaking any like the little kid a roll after that it's only one arm. They're using up each time. So it's Selig a great theory right. And at the time I won't lie how loud trouble comprehending this does get out of a teenager it's time to coach seemed late. Would that with the fifth grader but ten or something that 1012 and yeah. The problem was is the key it was a keep it. So he could pitch with both arms and doing well but if he got more of the late two guys on base he breakdown but cry on the man found it was horrible. I of course speedily fears over the thing that would you yell Adam switched to opera. Well. You try to present eleven year old eight innings. That the fact that let's go ahead. Arms. Heroin what are your one's psyche man and you destructed it. But I mean that's the thing you what's it like he was it that much trouble he just let a couple guys on base in just started to put across. They'll look if we lose a game and you cry I'm behind it we winning game and you cry. But I either so good about watching even a small kid Ryan during Rockne and all of the man known. It felt it was just like I've ever toll of a coach like we just gotta just a couple of corporate that he was a father like Paula don't but obviously. No like we're gonna take him out of the team he's having that trouble with that chip I'll never forget what bothered. To look. The first day we lose or go to the field one of the other kids lap tonight is looked at what. It's funny to you this do you like where. Yeah. I quite like Fortier Christie I'm Kelly out in full control but I got about an adult but imagine an America is not easy Smith. Yeah basically. Lined up Ted. But to this day it's still burn into that little black students took. Both are pretty boat part every time I got out it was a onetime incident you Toobin on the base. It was cry god dammit you're a mid thirties and don't let it go because with the right there. Good to arms but one site you meant. A week one. Take that much. Competitive globally to club. Not fired up about miscues but you don't think acting is what I. It's 1617. Years it probably like a bullet though. That don't don't like a real job it's not definitely a full ability he I don't know for like his back road in like how strong he is that the company that later. The power over your talent. And I you little ditch. But it could have made it out of the second inning you Arabs. I did you attempt for up. He's spoiled it. That we Datsyuk. Good sized kid should hit better. Made him do you mean. Oh man I have no idea how to get to that email. But I watered Neitzel just countless just reads the regular emails that I'm gonna have Matt read affair Iowa. Well I guess if you go back to strippers I was coming your career of teaching thing from last week hero pumped about that I know that he retired. Zeller was yeah I don't know as you just had to be tired like you 26. He's like a dual Wal-Mart torrent that I'm done so here was the conversation is that the pro move those of like my final two were every time. You know Billy I couldn't get his people relate solely on social media vehement. Get real dude we put in thirty years at a job that chilly out retiring in this and that it's like what. Not saying you don't work car but I respect their regulars were given a bit late. Why are we mad at him because he capitalized on it how me and and once they're retired twice X but he's already made millions lake sometimes I don't I don't get that. You know his bitterness yeah and I know that you're right that's what it is. This is saying we deal with on FaceBook. Yeah now. I do and he's probably tired to really do you have you know I know this like sounds absurd to say because he. Plays music for a living but they do have brutal tour schedules. Mean I know TS to schedule to shows a nice six days a week and there are all over the country and world I mean their. One show boom next and how plan and that yet you after 34 years can burn you out. Yeah here at 30400 shows a year. Point eight stole ideas like is gonna hear a lot of money you be able to react on it takes time off now. Yeah well that's certainly to you know how much how much is enough. I think for some people. You know. Have you seen as much in music but you don't preceding business sometimes you see some guys it's like. They're never gonna stop working like they always think they need more we just it's like you've never enough keynotes or what could be making this IDC with the athletes to. You know. I do I mean athletes that wanna go like if you're famous European footballer uniquely English league in you know you're Steven Gerrard. You're into a cash grab and America for a couple years get more popular. Make a bunch of money like I inhaled at all. But some guy you know sometimes you see that with fighters it's like. Stop. The that Haiti is not worth the game that you go into your brain around me punch drunk yeah and you know you're not gonna win that fight it. Balsam of not much for choice unfortunately you know in the end. Traditionally explicit boxing winnings you know but that's out the door right BM went. And the tax man in the obviously promoter and her drink staff strippers. Mike. Mike Tyson had a house that seven kitchens. Yeah seven in one house. Yeah seven places to prepare food. Like how I appreciate your weak man how could you ever believe them possibly. Need that it's obviously when you went bankrupt fifty cent bonnet and now I don't know his whole financial situations murmurs rise bankrupt or maybe super rich. I don't know I'm not not digress but anyway so don't go for now last. Now last I commission takes they genuinely need the money that he's not broke. Which you know it's common in business to file Chapter Eleven. Right Chapter Eleven Chapter Eleven as a real or believed trapped 7 NEWS we have no money. But either way like businesses do this all the time rich people do this all the time they file for bankruptcy. They hide money in certain places. They kind of get away with it. They thought that unheard of fifties problem is that he can't get away from being a rapper. So it keeps posting pictures of just stacks and stacks of cash and then in the courts like what's this about their oats that money. The other side of that. Yeah legislate. To me like I get a ease in other rich guy Paul like a kind of an ass move that they do that they can keep our money evidently don't go on social media. And brag about the money you haven't anywhere in Joes everywhere. Yeah I read his his attorneys. And comments about that you're saying basically Mike is his job is promoting the lifestyle on what people think he's loving and whenever and T. Can I mean. Wanted to I don't quite agree or disagree with the two on the cash thing do you combine like pallets of fake cash. Now rap videos case so I was look into this the other day because a somebody posted one of those pallets on on rent. And down secrets hub I was a rapper. Not doing. All the dollar bills why videos brio. Street hundreds yeah the prom knows when you get shelled with like 600 grams to a shoe were with the possibly don't know nargis hired dancers of the day. And somebody's eyes on the panel time. The so with these mistake bills they sell ones that look real up to one inch away but those are only one sided. Because the US government obviously the storm. Printing really good faith money so if you see some accounting bills in rap video to do have them leaned towards them seek only to the maximum. Now poured in and downforce it was united front merely you'll see both sides or if you want bills at a peak appear real from four feet away. Then there double sides. And it costs about. Forty bucks for ten grams. So yet and they date or they sell on they can sell out like. Bank money which is like the professional white rapper you know this has like 101000 yeah who on it or they'll sell you drug money. Which is reprimanded and all the bills like act quickly got out there. Yeah I think with him to just I'd now like posting even if it's fake by late again I don't get it. I get fat in your legal defenses he needs Cuba this lifestyle to put my you thought it was broker this or that like. Just talking to his urine bankruptcy court math there posse arrested or six months yeah. And and I get that everybody has different prices he might widget just heavily damn Weiner to spend money crazy. Bush guys get in ornament you don't drink you don't smoke like what your excuse doesn't smoke. Fifty I think he smoked whittled time now oh easily guess super he changes what's he gets a new trainer every three weeks or month. Disease like that is all things fitness and easily you can't you can't stay fit with the same trainer of the year your muscles are plateau or something graded he's our whole. He's a level of fitness that most people aren't ya but that's is opening that's how he got into lake that's a little money off of vitamin water is he legit just like. And they they brought him into the fold and he sold a budget it. And he your 450 million on the Douglas well as a company and again I have a hard time thinking that guys broke and it feels. And his son hell of a lot of mind clear through 450 million. Mean that's just that's absurd. Ya I can't even imagine a system I'd go therefore forbidden. I mean only I can think of to buy right off the top that would eat up a lot of money probably couple jets boats. Votes yeah Otis yeah I would like to widget channel and Camilo how do you Arnie more than one jet dude you're talking crazy mirror now. But what do Blake would have you're well. Do you just put your jets offered you any good right now. And and an out of Boston what I need to get to the Hampton punter Jeff gets the Hamptons without Juwan maybe let us ever take it. Top right maybe to exist there's a lot of sense of jets that he's going to be cool guitars and. Do what I got my jet. Catered by hooters hooters girls up there. So why don't the jet to get it back yes I just stops wrist but yet wrist had problems. It would've understood amuses me like my jet and my helicopter and my boat on which the helicopter lands. Two jets now you just get greedy you ask you how to do boo hoo yeah I her I don't think deep yeah it was really my problem jets. You buy a yacht. Yeah Omega house I don't know you go crazy parties doesn't have a couple of just these jets like chasing each other and the crowd people and that's that's two jets. It expelled said you know like the first but I feel like I need to I got to upgrade its sixteen. Debbie flattering and it's one to fourteen look at cost. To say you'll bust of. And I'll just concentrate on making this private jet orders dream happen with Matt yeah. We have the pictures we would send you hook up but that immediate use are found to private jet it. Was he has gonna each beyond one of the two jets blows told their BT Asia is now we're gonna beyond the looters sponsored terror are cater jet. You know you are okay but the other Geneva Hampton and it didn't hit it's waiting for us broke. With the strippers the murders girl's just a warm we understand there is waitresses. Now they're like he had appetites and yet. Yet with advertisers at a sling were smoking leave. For EU domains. Like we're duel it might. We're probably trying to hit on the chicks like a lot of illegal stuff like the most illegal we will do is that you snapped to the parent live stream right now. Yes ramp pizza and that sets chicks dig Dusan pizza giant pizzas and it's guaranteed that's rest me. I recruited somebody else for John. 1000 yeah I forgot what the hell boat to watch OJ cynically guys yes them. Finale oh it is so I wherever doctor cool. And tonight as we're taping this Tuesday and yes that is your listening that comes out Thursday. Calorie goes right. Yes we size attention that you really got to get one probably album pretty damn thing all right. I remember the wages is going to be all over Russell we walked down there that big feed according Peebles it takes to equal things out. So I just solid giant pizza the other day. And that. I'm now. I don't know four guys who do are some really strong we are right now in four guys. I just talking about easily done it toderat PCs do better would she actually slams per. But to appease I don't know if that's your first maybe Leo sixteenth than their thinner I mean I almost should be a thin pizza. I almost wanna throw some crazy insanity to have one of those things in my own. I let it get to win the case I double impressed. It. Taken it to that next level. Right talk about. It's our pizza for each. Seat now because of these jets even expand and you'll minds. My uncle we doubled the pizza. Diversified he'll bounce particular neck. Verse by toppings. Are for real solid three to be bills are. Hello gentleman I was like four or cast every week. Losing three guys perspectives on life and it's events or made of events since you three always come up with Kabul. Though. Boe for those talking about that's a real I strippers. That Nevada and credit. Our men and events you three always come up with dizzy insight into what still trying to figure that out I. I'm still a little confused as what comes to our guys' mind first food or sex among. I sit and office cubicle wasn't through your buds as they do my work Sharyl Michael hours they don't was in my mind as a crack up every other minute for no apparent reason to them. Garner a resonance on parents then I've been almost forty year old woman finding as hilarious just normally you know. Keep it up but you guys loyalists and Kathy. Think you think I have to think why I think I have to say. That food comes first ranked as the giant pizza was in play but then we need to get from Telerate Garros is they have hot waitresses too well. Yeah I think food but food is so good after sex and agreed. Post sex food is that some of the best suit my Nagin and George to stanza territory. Marie that episode of science already tried to have sex. While eating and saying what's new is certain to store food is bedside stand yes I don't seem guilt missed the bogey ultimately brought in the TV as well I'll threat yeah. But he cited confusing sexy food. So I give and Jerry or harassment thoughts but even Jerry erected diner and he started it worked up just eating disease he did to urges were together. It's a tough question about love food and women they did the two best things in the world what's it gonna be man. I've taken with it. Foods always there for me what I think we got those bales started tutor started with a really good winning recipe. And then they said at hot chicks who am I hate to do it I'm with the yes. Group I do agree though. Through after sex is great plus for me. After sex dietary restrictions not yeah they didn't just got later Geneva allies want resides right. It's like bong hits in the morning. That the odds I love a day off man gets down and ends on. It is it's a little bit the last thing I'd spread to you the Senator Kennedy it's like bong of the in the morning you know if I. You don't want to out of its nadir. Receive a penalty. He got. I. Kamal god they guy has permitted last closer party Lynnwood. It's so I was the one in the suit. Good drinks great people and I seriously amazing part about my fiance Kimberly and I are taking a mini get away from work and responsibility to Sweden thank you guys would know. I've training is happening around city renowned mean about a bar something even better thanks in advance as always Q of the good work mark upon armament. Inning going on this weekend fair. Enough and I was all ready for mom's weekend. So half toward the miles we can't. Full the founders at a town on the tool fassel's going on a north Maryland Marysville. And there have been incidents that an unarmed just minutes. Dude you're limited them to get wrong here element man. Stuff and spinal like nine BR BR rockets on Thursday. The first Thursday of every month the screen are locked down. Who for two. What do you. I can't give bars obviously nothing jumps off downtown and say they like what's good on downtown like the job to Mount Vernon. Oh are what's going on downtown street in Thursday's collapse. But yeah dude Friday or Saturday downtown. I would recommend a brunch to bell and wheat. Fifteen dollar bottom is the most. Karma pays for basically learning as just stuff pork millions Clinton. And I should be a nice weekend and I mean I think is a program. Turkish suffered blows posting here aren't yet. Do parks we had somebody give parson city. Craig parks also pike place list Solingen hip ties with terrorists. Out of car key for the first time this past week. Wow that's let's cart it's up well. North about on the water. Yeah ladies and Cianci golden gardens for a minute our right north of golden gardens Fiat right on the water might come real that they keep. You don't feel like you're in the city by the time we are now wind VS Rhode Island it's crazy dude my guess is always discovery Parkinson yes government Malia yeah. I wasn't this cloud burst brewery open recently. One of the big brew masters from lesion Ike's got his new place with you pretty cool. Flashing lights idea. Evidently was in mind opened with him. Equipment. So I. I've got to get their music. Hey guys just wonder remind you to send you some measurements saying get on making those shorts for you at least in waist size that he do measurement on her side to that also be helpful. Love the podcast toys thanks que me laughing Q but the good work part well as a chick I just have to say classy baby. Debbie TF who spends that kind of money on stupid final candle holder at least go to a glass form bison and cool and unique thank you collect. Well banks collect I agree with. Well I mean just today. To infuriate you foreigner. They've sold close to forty million dollars with those things somebody told me it's like DM towns. That it's like they give a bunch of money back to people idea get them. Who are they your beside a measuring tea. I'd I usually have a in my bag where I'd just as it took him out before a food Al west you can bet you have to take. Curve measurement for clients. There's a mortgage and use her. But they're called them. Counsel them out once. Well we do waist size at least four and then next week 38 to measure the I'm like a thirty the enemy crushes on a distraction on pro I have a strong 34 and this points thirty. And they are crucial day and I catalog and I don't think most now. Just send me now I'll get the stuff down Auburn's next week. That tale of irritate Jose. They tell us just checking in on yell with the best podcast all the land although I was listening to you last show he had managed little Woody's in the best burgers not being instead restaurant last year that a massive monkey hamburger for massive monkey day. Those amazing hopefully there'd again. That way you can really taste about expert remember the date is April 23 shoebox market. Oh intent you know my brother fired up for the Seahawks game with Russia and his phantom of podcast as a mine. Nice. That we can't get a drink or smoke and we play him both my upon Iran. How nice. Yet that was the the season opener after that Seahawks emblem Super Bowl. Aria that was like we were down they're broadcasting in and then. It is cool man for rows across and he performed in you remember that dale Ellis also our 2000 show part of yeah I remember that. Hey guys. I ought to says stereo podcast that pressing name names I was with a cute girl. At that. That that party. And she said something kind of jokingly to someone that. That we all know and that he didn't like it is straight up Calder. But trick instantly. It's amazing. I've fairly comfortable but I want to. Memory tone that. Hey guys just so out of character back I checked the guys know it is very yet I epic. Hey guys heard Ted tightened by the best burger he's ever had a turn a lot of burgers and Seattle has. As a buddy and I have a mission find the best bird Seattle sir because of the Seattle Matt article anyway there's some want to try to think the two best. Are the burger palace kitchen. Remember it. My own now in west Seattle awesome ground beef excellent she's great Macon and topped the good bunt. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of other ones that are really good as well in council Woody's Unita etc. Those two of the best I've tried so far thanks testament I would try the one palace track and weird I've heard. What are called salt Toro Upton shoreline has a really good burger from Greenwood there. And I've heard I think we've talked about soft cast last week but Jack's grill unless the efforts as well. Yet there's a huge I think I think any time you go to state counted Dallas burger bar yet you're going to be a pretty good here. Definitely. In regards to stitches. Yeah this is who by the way killed 1000 close to that man who punched you out did it one night. Still just has to be one of the biggest car crashes in a music and history. Are frivolous car crash because no matter how ridiculous are horrible the music is it just can't seem to turn off. Hello well it's like Stockholm syndrome a freer years. Also given her the song one million dimes by him please please please go check it out but chorus sassy one of the funniest things I've ever heard. Hope all is good Alfie. Ivan I remember that deep India yeah discard if you can't get in there have Miley Cyrus just has begs to be played on repeat. One million dimes Matt bush is certain mica a pool on how long this stays free. Well it it's all an act to be free forever yeah. When it's not. Some time. Now are now. Morning guys running this is 7 am. How will go to notification went on that Stevens pass it on eleven some power in the night it's my girl and I had of their for the day nice. Which made me curious. What was your guys' favorite unexpected memory from this winter or in general take care mark on too long gone. Meeting Jimmy Page. That's pretty cool and came together like two days before. And I see him in Gaza to meet him or they hear is going to be there that's going to the event. Honoring Jimmy Page. Which had guys from Alice in Chains stuff McKay in came from sound garner a bunch ought awesome musicians scheduled to play. And as an event honoring Jimmy Page. That does going back two days before and then. On the way out there I found out Jimmy Page himself would be impaired person in that get to meet him. Nice yeah. This program that. Check out trying to hook up with for a possible private sealed a deal nice yeah lets say Omar. This guided James goes and he was 89 coming down play drivers and teams in the podcast and got down there. Losing a whole spread stopped. Yeah like muscles there's some clams that you piece of how a bit and images whose unexpected losses this off the iris salmon house. No divers on the waterfront. Wait when the north click OK like down the out now and our downtown waterfront Boca one of our commanders it. Damn damn late unions. To what the waterfront couldn't see balls. Posts and salt water health consequences job. Man I I honestly can't they would go on I was trying man I'm too thrown off by as PS. I think it's O boy yes Scotty you're killing your have been named pronounces pronunciation man. Do long guy who rounds at the long guy had a bit of the modest pretentious as had schism thanks guys to Alonso. Done Dell long gone. The one guy yeah. And I. I don't know how when. And you can call him do warm guy but I said the wrong guy Uga mall whenever arts are meant by about eight to one guy. Could just say it meant to one guy I'm I'm sorry it I hunt I apologize. Maternity about it apparently got out of its each winter you know that one I'll moments true what's up all how. Pilots I think I used everyday pop the vagina. I guess yes and have those fancy robots all sailed school. Oh you guys can. Yes and have those cancer robots all sailed school pars in Allen moonshine tie tie it and let's talk about this time. That thing is not low tech prank. And I paint. It's it's producing you nineteenth. Hearing. And other stuff Wilson pay a also lake if it gets emotional need. It affects women a lot I'm not gonna Regina. Loot them what was it low tech requires maintenance balls both physical psychological and emotional yeah the psychological effect it has people. Now it I mean. I don't get that. Yes I have I agree with you wholeheartedly tents that. Not. That well if you can hear you you balance the PH on it's not that low tech but they scientific. Lab. Yeah that's true but did see one of those B yarder. It's not a whole love doll. It's just like kind of BR in its not like two things you hold it looks like boobs. And it's got a ping doing something for you willow agreed it was in Asia make antibodies that probably had a good time. Yeah hello is going to be a can't we do we talked about the double standard right do we ever come to a conclusion on that. Why isn't so weird for guys to have something by enough for growth sex toys because of the giants doll. Like body parts where is they just the years is a fake body kit or a flashlight was the most socially accepted in male sex to a friendly it's still not that socially accepted. Ever values that's pretty socially acceptable I'd say who did. All of us. All three of us are. We'll have all made that clear. Side presented and I thought he said my mom talks about well like it. Hi we use your mind on top of mount Perot. Of the closet for public but do you ever retired time battle of the the shiner lifestyle. Yourselves the joined to prep work for your WSU frat party when I get tenancy and get some input from an actual clue on the approach is you need to make. Last week after the cast that we highlighted right over that studios started asking her and she gave us a glowing review from months. We fully endorsed it yeah now it's their idea and beyond a glowing review it review it was like you have to go. It is also the Euro that everybody is regulated it's going to be greatly the pistons fans our mark on. Probably buses not Tyler you just leave any doubt that's got to see you later. Allen got some way to map problem I guess I. I. Has twice zero feet I think this is a separate email. Yes it is cat as a twenty year old female on recent college grad let's just say that congratulations. Converts an and to be a Ph.D. candidate poetry is hot totally torque. Nice. All right. How wasn't so whistle and Ted be it could be fifteen year old bass and a frantic pace. Until. He said he'd be rolling into town and a brand new clean truck. Now might actually be commencing its best of luck boys Josie. That trucks have to do wonders or as of that do they love it out there man you get over the mountains like. Truck is an aphrodisiac. Mean. Moving moving. I'd say some more truck stuff but I don't. Dual stroke engine. In testing data hammered. It does not there at fort. That is that the ship you fracture talking about right. There is February Dodd's dodged the I don't out right all right. Had boys I email them back. Do you unit hemmings to make a difference now aren't they had a spherical hasn't soldiers wherever they like did back in the day but now the technologies advance its investment. I didn't know I did not know that I don't know why did you get it do or didn't know which you can't know this stuff for the truck stop Doss yeah. And mine appears to poet. I just went up poets who has his pitch to. Thank you to crew cab which put him back. To crew. Or not and crew. That's as the cab question. And I patent derailed both suck for. That for about six poets. They voice and email and about a month to raise the red violets are blue. When Amy rich which you could suck. The good. You'll see track but. Yet you say it's like there's light on and I are you must buy it turns out front. What words are serious you know by. UB other art critic of symmetric. Didn't let her go like this wasn't real drive to Boston to have our lowest common denominator to NATO. Like dominated our lowest common denominator Jesus it is it. Night but let's have the greatest game in the world like a you know they respect I don't know I joins in my truck had to come outside brilliance of the magma to. But the stars. How does already back there in a lawn chair and pressured Beers us. I hope he's talking about it's much struck. And voice that would also if you're at the party for an hour and a half. You would hear me no lesson from eight times you know our call he wasn't dropped. That's totally Sam. The digital one joked he gave a biter to the drug what I I have no segue drugs come outside. What about an old dude was struck. By not actually did dad okay. Come visit no poetry go to college and Chicago Boston scrubs. Where do aged men trying to hit on smoking on college girls is that so wrong. By the time we hit with the fact we had a podcast nobody would believe. But sap open with that guys that you don't wanna see which. They boys. He hit he couldn't. You remind me of my daughter and I thought I'm. Playboy I know there and back about a month ago about moving amount place to put them down with no remain it's nice. Everything's been going really well so far Alabama cul-de-sac that's all duplex is in my connecting neighbor may get along well throw horseshoes smoke most days in the backyard. More recently his neighbors complained. Tanned only confront my neighbor when I was finally confront my neighbor when I was around. He's constantly sitting out as Baghdad watching us and seems to appear whenever we smoke. How should I approach them or show you an approach and how to handle this. I feel I wanna be like spell my neighbors but does that lead illegal and I he is it legal and I use it for back and mark. And this especially if it's in the backyard. There may it may technically not be legal that's in the front averaged in the backyard. Pretty sure you and appreciate really allowed to smoke pot in your back any athlete ideally that we really always you'd want to smoke using your iron up front yard in view of things you're gonna Toronto property but like. In back but what that said you've only been in this neighborhood from ranked innovate. You said it's town homes are yes all right those are called this actually move in those neighborhoods everybody already knows each other this and that the guy probably July alike fusion singled and but I would say talk to your other neighbor. There's got to be a way to. Ease this over in and have a cat side. Yeah I mean figure out what he's into. You mean to be likes if you like conservative of the year maybe it's sort of food. Or sporting event in images find common ground but the guy is right now he's just probably been there forever or use the new guy on the block these just aren't out of spite. Yeah and I say also Goran excuse yourself if you have an irony I think people tend to so to yes over at a until ten or see that law. Joke joke it's innocent and he knows current prisons throughout the wealth of misinformation but I believe. They are not allowed to smoke within view of a public thoroughfare. It's insanely that's uglier every other roles it's always like. The day how are all right Darren says he said backyard as some backyards can be viewed from public their affairs that's why that's why it says I obviously. You know if the sidewalk declare war. You know cold sack less big street that got to me you're not having trouble mistook yeah. Iranians say to watch its legal you're in your backyard rightly it's like him being mad at you guys are back to drinking beer. Right which you do it. Well I think it's our backyard chickens and earlier period. Right I am saying there is a different this elite basically the same thing but there is a difference do you data but. I would just. What I want to call the cops confident show up now so. I think I'm with Ted I think it's a two step process step one you go try to be nice the guy you know via the velvet glove stepped to the iron fist he just smoke a six a bong in the back parent on top of it doesn't have the first time of war yet and don't go over there my teammates in the conversation excellent audio problem with wheat. Don't mean you have to address atop the other buddy Libby go over as a group think. You know atom over get a ham. I like it I'm glad the living situations working out pretty well. Our boys we get along on here. Last week cop cut off my email so here's the rest you know has obviously been on the job. Cobb mr. cool a lookup philosophically yeah we'll staying grounded as part of men's resiliency group and as a man of western. My main thing is sick out of that research was men are allowed to feel two emotions about stepping out of the status quo of masculinity. Those emotions being happiness and anger. We men are not allowed feel the other range of emotions like sadness without having a masculinity question. You challenge the status quo and a great way to really appreciate unique views and how you challenge almost think differently. Put yourself out that two and I think you're doing great great things and challenging all of us become better people keep it up the podcast and be the same idea kudos. Thanks Lucas appreciate that. Ted favor having my back I said a few dude to MC TPI. And save me from coming out as a complete A hole Mac my little rotator chip. I did have a follow and funny enough. You're tiger about a mile and a loose which we teach Lucci stingiest Hebrew car Cobb. Yet it mining and respondents school Boston. And I want to BC analyst college. After row my email mrs. what I said and GDP you know I love YouTube I was give you a hard time. I live I love the comic relief and the personal stories of breed of the cast. Arousal of your stories your cost sentenced crushed. You're amazing incitement I guess would be the same without you either. That goes for all three via the map I hate your damn kinks as a Bruins panic kills me to see beyond those who check receipts the cheats. Play for the kings. I did like the reception Boston game and the kings came to town and by the mass holes didn't do and I think LA as a strong chance to win the cup this year. Collect in the playoffs he's a great fit in our system is very very well received by kings spans the an immense amount of gratitude. For two babies for some so. So every loss but things with it. I continue to bit about that prior week's top topic but I think if bank could it now after bleep a lot. It allows much less over after the kinks are chat pickings shark and I thought Africa but but as head of shocker. I'm boycotting this past week's top topic it was a total disappointment Cobb a fall flat out gets back and say damn did I totally agree I am. Q how about like tense things were restarted the it's on track lastly I you only get really stone and watched impractical jokers on true TV so enough file on extended. You'll be disappointed sincerely his grace AK Luke of house whiskey. First of this man king of rock the first podcast or little Harper's and protector of the nice that. Practical Joker is pretty funny. What is it. To show like three guys I'd forget they are like friends whenever. The might lets say three of us are doing right like first I go out to a situation. And there's something in my ear. And then you guys are telling you what to say it would to do you and then might be they do it to each other they can be as harsh on each other's mean each others want. But it's pretty funny joke I do you find it of the kind of funny that easily get really I watch it the person recommended it to me with them. I. Know you'll bill is it really looks Edward. But she likes Trailer Park Boys still Oliver is great crowd as a geisha it is just so does this season. And anything. I saw bubbles got arrested for a domestic violence was an April fools they were there for real now Israel has a what happened. Distort what I've read is that. The trailer park boy he's secured card in LA doing press for their new season which is on Netflix and he's intent. Then the story is that Mike Smith the guy that basically creates a show place bubbles him in some girly knows it to a heated argument. Men somebody else calls the cops the cops show up. And they arrested him policy for misdemeanor. Something. Well I don't you know the people that are there like you could see him put his hands on her. She of course was like you got its hands on me we were just screaming at each other so it's kind of like. Rates in that area replete China now I mean as somebody else's. Somebody else calls the cops on you. As well again it doesn't have a misdemeanor you know yeah. So yeah there's Bhutto's hopefully it doesn't turn into a Ray Rice the video comes out with that demon again. So but I was Avis I've been. Any semis now pretty heated argument sympathy at sporting event points. And security came out like three times relic late to her you okay in this in that island like. Each okay lake. She's a crazy one that sort of discover say to a guy who talked but I that I always stuck in these kind of odd. He now sell by competitive atmosphere and Reich that the state yet but without one of my accidentally doesn't look at it you're like yeah we saw him doing stuff to ourselves. Yeah you don't see that too 'cause it's weird is he just Calder is very good friend. Not his girlfriend or something and bilateral story get it done much good for bubbles there's always some then. I'm always in Sadiq hear like the real story behind the story you know of what you see in the papers and there's like what really went down. And yeah. I'd just heard crazy stories we are now more are going to bug the things analyst with him and it's wild how much of a narrative can vary from the truth. I listening to which is very tough I didn't there. Likes fishy you've had some drinks you know is that this happened at that famous bar in LA that hotel. Merriment or something. I'm one of those famous old school Alley hotels. So I know some IG into arguments there's even drinking it's very very hard to just kind of leave it. And walk away and lips and you're arguing the man or woman but you know. Just I would suggest throw people waving yeah those arguments like even though you're you could be 100% right but you just gotta leak. Yes that's a hopefully that works have a little. Canada where Kirby is that Eminem Oakley was yeah. So about that up topic each each each chewed he. Yeah tough pin down from London. I mean I would have expected as early one of the other boys and then enough from. Not from bubbles man just sent. I can't always young bubbles mean Randy okay and it's the man who. But if the cameras capture. His size is the bowling ball and we inaudible is also. Earned. In those birds. And what she's yours okay so. I was down to Portland on Saturday and the big joke right is that Portland and Seattle ten years ago that's been the joke since I was a kid. And it's totally true. I was down and I felt honestly almost only twenty years ago I thought it was in Seattle in 1996. Which was great but ya just sort of summary of the neighborhoods were really built out to Mike a lot of the downtown Los comic not a decrepit but it just it wasn't like the gleaming like shining Amaral the Seattle has become. And says think about just how how to exchange and how everyone sort of pat thinks about their hometown and never has. I would say Iran has twisted relationship at their home town you know like they love it when it was vacated for what it's become. But life is change you know change is constant everything changes over time that's like one of the big things and Buddhist philosophy. Anyway. Top topic this week. When thinking about either your hometown or when you live them whichever one is more relevant for you what has changed for the better. What has changed for the worse pure free email us you know at the top. He may not be podcast dot com discipline Twitter machine. At the podcast. To res. I mean for meat ladies talk in DC or Seattle it's both the same problem. It's nice. Cushy DC it's nice that neighborhoods really terrible. But you can live in now. But there's so got inexpensive anybody that actually growth in the city can afford to live in this. You know setting and I see that Seattle now to have been here for eleven years. But even. He was Seattle I feel like I knew when I moved years is basically just evaporate. And it's like you can you know. If you don't make. Six figures you can't live downtown. Seriously. You know it's great trying to find a one bedroom for 12100 dollars Paris in the average now is a 16100 for a one bedroom she. Asia since it denizens and. And soon. In Seattle yeah I mean boo. For the worst. I would say that ramp prizes and just how old. I don't even. I try not get too bummed out about the B affects the right the culture being sucked I think that's had dramatized. Dramatic sized a little bit. But that it is that when you see did the shops that have been around forever get close is their rents skyrocketing and stuff. That's is that just kills demand and make it's. It's something and they I've just steam. Become more and more rampant. Well I you know I think. For the better you know there's there's a lot. Lot of really good looking girls in this town now minor events and it could and its security or David David. Out of it because they just follow the tax money or what but. Somehow the city's hidden getting hotter. Not just good looking but well educated to it's it's pretty wild I don't wanna I think that as things got really good to be too good looking too Smart from my case. Did not help my chances with minimum but it's nice to look at when a runner Greenway. To business so many etc. soda plays like you go with that and I don't want to like offend any any towel very apparent satellite they're doubly so please you says that a much more your wheel house. Your style and I sent them down if we went to mom's weekend maybe eleven you know oh yeah. Listen to track that. Some growing to veteran. Yeah for me dealt with a woman's got better season better dressed which you know scam that whenever. The traffic is ruthless. I just I mean besides coming in today suspend their point total lockdown on the personality or worse gala event some cool new restaurants. Let's not announce on the positive side mostly and I wanted to be peeved. Brett are more rosy about it but both say well you know just being I've moved to. In 2000 appeared from the Manhattan Beach, California. Which would is an amazing place in the eighty's and ninety's to grow up. And that place has changed and gotten way richer like in an insane rate probably. If this similar trajectory to Seattle if not even steeper like it is become the hot spot and it is not like I remember it the united that it's just a total culture shock good out there I had this romanticized. Vision of what Manhattan beaches in my head still. But I you go down there and you know all my friends little Redondo now or even more inland but I reference this stay in the south bay have all moved to Redondo behave Vietnam had beaches for yuppies installed. The united it but to me because that in lived through that a marriage is the best that I throw out that I'm from Manhattan Beach now. I'm always like do people get the image of the Manhattan Beach and I grew up then or what it's become now. Probably it's become. I mean that's like informally there's some places. Slate. And Grady right with that money comes better looking women it's stuff like like I'm kind of joking but it's also to determine not like. The sometimes that I just wanna go to late. Not a fancy place it's supposed to look like it that far I wanna go to an actual kind that. Grimy dungy place you know like that the players who are for burgers it was like crime year dungy but it was that was your time alas we know I only both school as soon as we lost his. That was given out last week now Heidi wanna bring you back up your they're Cobb liked it so much doesn't I had us up talking about by a mark. Competitive to a does that act as we really there is just we walked in a mile to Nintendo's like this is my kind of vibe here's just low key. I unpretentious. You know they decide they come pre near food that you be achieved here there whatever it's not there's no TVs and thing was just you know their cake and I'm and yet even a real. I would like for her a lot too good. My job my satellite pepper Fiat now how Cobb went out the horse radish flavor. And now is more noticeable though it was unexpected and noticed that in the first late two bites are so. But once I kind of as I that is going to be horseradish flavor in this next by acting it's Muster ever. Who's the other outlook. Job got caught in the trap of his own self. He got in there we were in a hurry. He used he get those were ready to order. We were written right but he's taken charge right. And any panicked hit though what tilt what are fascinate just lake and I think you just ordered the signal I think we all ordered same burger. But I think it does have some got a horse like a Muster. That has that in that was late right nobody was prepared for. Mistakes were mad. I can properly evaluate burger that I had it's I don't like course rash. More mustard really and so I gotta go back some point to two years so confident the regulars they would you want. Who do a recruiter and really kind of burger at the placed Davis server burgers and you're like a cheeseburger with strategies due. That's what you was over for good. Did it really is positively that is always trying to rush through and anxiety are in my head to head orders. And then I heard the same thing can have the that it doubles back to college next. That there have been. Mara but that accent ladies I'll distorted it asks. Hi Dick you know episode 128 I got up all 130 you know every says about 13. Iran Jones comes take you back. I almost forgot about that yeah 130 we haven't tested it Iraq Jones is back of the building. He's got the promise of things coming up shows him what not they're ready be happy here means of people he's innocent like today. So but they you know have some 129. Fred TTP for Kyle beach at Smith is the podcasts. Chips.