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MegaCast 04/06/16 “Commercial Free!”

Apr 6, 2016|

This week we are “commercial” free, as we are up against the clock before a staff meeting, so we could only do a shortened podcast. We do find time to chat about Roman Reigns of the WWE, the fear of missing out (FOMO), and a special personalized video for Ted from a Seattle Seahawk. Mega Playlist: Push Ups: Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes – “Devil Inside” Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast . Email us: TheMegaCast@yahoo.com .

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah it says oh yes hey we're gonna come. Commercial free there's one of those fragile. Episode of American tax. About three sacred just one big shot that's right and every lawyer and all commercial free because. Timing wise we have about this enough time to do one segment yeah forget about. Fifty to sixty minutes favorite to go pop into a meeting we could've gotten the entire podcast done but I Ted and I sometimes get caught up in our own little worlds. And we've been in this studio. Be guessing and talking for the last twenty or so minutes yeah we needed it we did we needed to get a lot offer access him and I've had some issues with each other. And we finally it would clearly error sort of like I said like she'll even do I'm we just chat for the other fifty skull a dead yet another nomad that is a disservice to the mega family got to give what they want they show up they downloaded they review it. Irina no doubt they were going to stem podcast but they're listening to it. We have dual podcast. Into and in all seriousness head and I am not having any issues with each other reduce. Sometimes and I like to complain about things that we're not happy about to each other. And each of us have been each other psychologists in many ways that's why we're such good friends. I think also we did some tough plague our relationship as opposed to. Other stuff we may ditch amount yeah is that Steve that I haven't issues he would go hey man I have an issue an audio all right. Triples our puppet sometimes and other environment to QB like French ship did have loses straight in order up its aid ship. Rough and I think. It's called flip flop at the end translated and the might of I look at that I got after this license. Mike's mad dog labs there right. The threat right. You mega family has always listening thank you for going nor are pod Twitter page news is that the mega egg has thank you for. To share the podcast or different maybe not this Thompson's mom unless it like sharp podcast is or be the perfect one for them maybe it's good picture yes that's true a taste the pitch chest that's right it's this is. Israel may exit several that are back we're back. Mean. Now soccer. Conrad asked browse the Roman racist and sexist gaff. I heard now. A lot of you ask me what was the crowd response of Roman Marines because apparently on the WW Reid the network com. To be worth saying that they were remote or ring the crowd my eggs to cut out the boos got out of Pennsylvania which it always wow that's fascinating because the and I and I'm a moment Greenspan like I really do like that guy we've item on our show. He's a super cool dude I enjoyed his matches I think all this mess you've been containing red. For some reason and I've refused theories behind it one of them being I I do you think that the midday hatred that some of the fans have for Roman Marines is entirely CM punks fall. Siobhan did a podcast and taco cabana yarder wrestling after he left the buried you we went off on a whole bunch of things. You know and how he lit a torch to that bridge he did he totally dead and some of it I think you got to put a grain of salt I think CM punk when I listen to that podcast. I think he is. I think he's great storyteller. And I what I question. The truth. Behind some of the stories are an end and some of them the good that there is truth behind but I think he's he's overblown some who have become an I don't know if it's him trying to lie to his fans I think it's. How he internalize as things are they keep the kind of guy. From the I viva this is just me I love CM punk I loved everything that he didn't WWE I'm a big fan I feel like she takes things. And and create a bigger issue than actually needs to be which came probably guilty of that today but that's just how sometimes. People are right and during the interview. He was talking about all these issues with the WW we wanted to he kept bringing up dirt during that interview Coca meadows is listened to by millions of people. Was not a company Bob bought and all they're worried about his make Roman looks strong make Roman looks strong accused bit but basically. Making people like you is he's insulting Roman by saying all the W really cared about his trying to make this guy who doesn't deserve that spot. Look bigger than he is and no matter who was wrestling and they said all I care about is making moment looks strong. Well you you tell that to a fan base that loves you there's still chance your name that one of your issues is with. That guy. All of a sudden he was loved by the fans windshield is going on when Mormon range would get tagged him the place to go deep pass. People went nuts for the Superman punch next thing you know no one hates him because all god forbid Sony offered a great opportunity to be. The face of an organization. Why would he say no to that. That's just my theory that the fans. Grow Marines frankly she's got a born on the Mike. I think that the little bit to do with it here yet big when he was at the shield he was silent and he was a big Judy we have that punch in this and that it was cool but what's he starts talk game. I was satellite. At least you bureaucracy much more into wrestling and I am but like for me like he doesn't my biggest issue was he doesn't make me overall really like him. He doesn't make me overall really hate bright and now. He just kinda. Marty jail. You know it's funny I didn't think the less he talks on the microphone the better off he isn't it you think the times when he's like more of like just take us silent warrior. Fans embraced that your problem as me. You know you're you're theories right away more valid than mine are probably over thinking things which is never been I never do got. Ali Sina is in the rap on him that he's terrible wrestler recent good on the might but I also think Sina puts on a new to me like it. Forget this is sports entertainment man I thank you Arizona people get are you entertained by the match whether another guy does a bunch of crazy moves. Are you into the match if you RC a brings up a basket and everybody he wrestles yet everyone thinks she's a terrible wrestler. How is able to make every other rust or look great but he sucks I will missiles split us into a good conversation I love it. So nowadays he's right like everybody knows it. He gets a wrestling straight right but you also know some of the insides yes so it everybody's like a nerdy expert yup and this in the head at lake. So does it feel like that plays into it suits late frantic Larry senator SI everybody's got on the my agent the story line is this and that lake. I don't know sometimes I'm almost like what we're re better off what we thought asks when we didn't know the truth I think so. I think when that would Hokies gave moreover as they call it like I I think the Internet as me wrestling weigh less enjoyable. For mainstream America I think the people over analyze it. And I think you seem to bad guys do great things. In the real World Cup screws up I think. Yeah I get a big you know you wanna let you want your superstars to do good for the community you want the good PR and all that fun stuff but. You know back in the day you're a bad guy you're just a bad guy who's just assumed they were doing bad things when the might like Stephanie McMahon it was a bad guy on the television. But when we see her do all these great things you know behind the scenes it's like all okay well how can I hate this woman. I think Titus a Nielsen greatest example yet he appears to be legit good guy. Nude but just his physical build in the boat yeah but he makes a perfect Brad got Brett he's too nice a sudden there are great thanks father of the year. Now played it like I'm glad he's good dude but maybe it's better front pushes a child and just didn't know this is just like he's our worst. Absolutely. My theory it's my retirement nod Roman Marines I did like you I just weitzman hey Ross and he. I hope he keeps going down this road almost like the guy who just gives you were asked about what the crowd thanks I think you gotta do now I understand you wanna make my bad guy but. IDS up push him as his good guy him on the Mike egos. I'm not a bad guy. Then browse a good lie to me was I'm not a good guy. I'm the guy in a micro and you know I like ally does the best one I've heard him wrestling and forever. As awesome pick up now. Well what do we do one or trying to somewhat. You know obviously an abbreviated podcasters we've got about like eight or nine minutes and so are we to do pushups are produced directed Ted talks. Still some push ups the final start gloves and if we can't get them after the fact I think people understand also it's nine minutes acts. Yeah Qatar for me okay you're. For whatever it's up in this mornings at five minutes is the good time to be due five minute podcasts as long as people sexual interactions. Me you know I'd like to think sexual interactions are longer but in the end of the really. I don't know maybe to be Eva I started the timer from a the first kiss in the first light grays of a boob right just stuff started. Then for sure. But it British soccer match rate action. Great for my you're saying for sure five minutes yeah. No luck I was thinking oh Mike I did come about twelve minutes well over including real foreplay it's obviously over the apparatus AM lake. Legislate KM to study initiates of sex and like thousands like. I don't know Brennan from the start of the process to the and not included in the for a plane to build up if you've ever gone for a run in a really long time and you go Farai it's like. How to run it forever like deal and run for six minutes. Or I you know work when mr. boring day like I've had been working the last hour and you're like oh crap Tony been like seven minutes. Oh yeah yes the worst of the worst days and yet you know he might be right I just. Is it would be weird if I pulled up my stopwatch rename the next time my wife and I were little intimate. Now I don't before just got to glance over the clock they're like seal and how long I'm gonna beat. Back here click into making the best week she got. That's an that I just like realizing that's not a great time. Yeah I mean. I think I don't wanna doing good I wanna think that amount twelve minute man but I could be a five minute managers lost all concept of time. Yeah but they got speedy Gonzales but I'm just saying about his gives a stadium in my head when I was younger I was speedy Gonzales were asked noise out nice. Let's get compared five cents an opportunity to go to the blood Bobbitt to bring out. The Harley is not the blood bobbing and a brain functioning sees this time around speaking in WW me this is a bit and I got up hooked on because it was a big theme song for the NXD take over and you're using and a bunch united W you and you find a good songs. They let us hear it and this is a Frank Carter and the rattlesnakes. Blue devil inside I just dig amend its heavy is that I hope you guys like him as well. So I only get tense and that's all right all right Gary instead. Return. Well I'm. In Sadr City and blow. Really solid. I'm down here early and it's cool yeah. And I really didn't. Analogies and we're back. Terrorists. Nice you smoking and yet man inhaling so I'm loving interpret it adds. Tools it's tiring he takes me. As we go singletary Sarah intelligence didn't tell him about everything we do the things that people care about Russell winds and terrorism for. Not real terrorism should be afraid of renal ways to use that word. This stuff current podcast terrorists closely Arafat to listeners are today we are typically aren't people are expecting I think boom we have been with the other. They spend their day downloading this they're excited and gotten their car gone a word like so we Ellis in the Chad. In his head Todd and Steve complain about things disease miserable makes. And then when we give them. About fifteen minutes apart gas. So welcome to our personal office. I could tell talked today. I don't missile before work but. As the weather gets nice there and it's it's warmer outside heavily let's go around the whole country not just here in Seattle but you know. People have stuff going on man and I I was guilty of this last weekend in and familiarize myself but you know just. You have to do everything. When I was about self care and stuff and that's self care and the like Ingraham and perhaps obviously he should shower and stuff. But just sometimes used audio. Now we get can't do that to LA and and figure out what's important to you. And then played accordingly. You know but I know sometimes about a last week and this is like went to a show went out Friday when I was like wow I agree do all the stuff. Do it. Meg when I went for her to Dallas for wrestle mania weekend you know when we came from metal shop them both of us here we gotta do good talkers you know there's so much stuff to do. Yeah and you wanna do it on the side hole in our but he Johnny Mac her life coach. I saw that on IKEA he's actually doing now personal coaching for your people I saw one of his videos and it was all about that the fall moment tell you to know I do tell Michael tells promo we a little in the pharma. Don't get insecure missing out. And we're all guilty especially like your right in the nice weather make all of me why you guys are going on a vote. Awesome I wanna do it right but all I get a wake up at 2 in the morning I have a wife. And I'm not spending enough time with her take all you I need to miss out on that. Negative and make all there's a million different wrestling event to go check out there's while lays doing Wally mania and he's. We concluded that is there a bunch a wrestlers and it's a good then we have to get up in an hour. And think we need to pull back you know there are we definitely do not miss Tom. A lot of things but sometimes you gotta be like number down on the back burner yeah exactly yeah you know this is always stuff to do in the news now. Every year to set up they rhetoric now Garbo like going to go about buddy Alexis DOS and don'ts go to lake Stevens down in our tight. Do you know is that feasible. I go those hockey term as senator make the draft tournament which is. A really fun hot and it's come back to Seattle I think in June. If you addressed tournament dot com if you play any hockey doesn't matter what level skill Europe it's for everybody and so much fun. But there what you do one you become friends with everybody and you find out that there are doing one as well like. All you guys are going up and having guilty that you're going to Vegas all. Finally go to Vegas two sides go do that oh you're always go to Phoenix are right. And I you know did just won a national housing thankfully I mean wrestle mania was the same weekend otherwise it decal and had a dilemma of a man really wanna go do them a I don't wanna miss out. Yeah they're all there have been fun I'm missing now like Phnom kind of at that point I think a light bulb went off my head and and it's funny that you says. Ted talk that you know I just gonna have to say no or once in awhile and. And you feel bad deal the U like these people writing I have also realized over the years that late. Your true friends they might be disappointed but they're not really gonna give you a super hard time about it. And that my friend is my ten and higher as close as we are because Ted is definitely. It. I'm missing something nice about a ten felt like him I mean I Ted that. Amongst all my friends I think debts it the most like knows my life from when I'm dealing with insisted that does the schedule on the blue living far away from the city. Never once have you ever made me feel bad about not being able to do things I had some friends in the past we've had some mutual friends in the past that she's out. And they were to. Act negative it was a big deal and now would catch when that they're talking about me behind my back to people it's like you know NASA time travel were travels eventually and it's like. I'm not doing it you know and it was a site. Meg okay thank you wanna make me feel bad because of trying to be a good husband you honey we feel bad because ought to be a good employee it's like I can't I don't have this time in my day. To go do everything I wish I did. In Europe the you're in that other position to where it's like. You know. You're married you like your wife there's a reason you married her bright and I don't want some people who unfortunately are not happy relationships or whatever. It's a welcome all the joining get a Wafer like. Now you know I think part of the reason Steve marries her missing likes hanging out with there. But I got him. Look at Florida nothing more this weekend. And like I don't I'm so pumped was penalized two weekends I've not hung out all my life. And and I miss it. And I can't we do some account to do absolutely nothing and no one of the days over the week you reverted tulip festival outlets and you think are you sure you are doing and as you think take a market that. I'm like I don't care I'm just gonna be with you that's all of music on boom we had to drive and I know that your body's gonna shut down from all the traveling from the plane might. That's to me is not hard to ice sitting in a car with you is like some of the greatest thing in the world right now like I'm I cannot wait to do that. Which is about to do a deal like what your it's a plus all the way down so to sit and what does she. Opera that I don't just funny like don't play it too much stuff they but Steve why you're driving through your outlook madam timing here ram and does not do. It. Did this. Yeah I tan yeah licensees. But didn't need joke we haven't gone there in a while I haven't haven't Steve now. Are almost an Olympic question and I had a couple we don't like looking. I'm Michael us. You know. I'm meant to you the best to make I'm getting teriyaki across the street would you liken him like Mickey we have a free lunch here to tell that she kind haren. Siri redacted text I just wrote. Top shelf said just keep that big two little punk I have never needed money and have another one anyway. Fake it like to reply. No. I was women and there. My honey said I literally have nothing to do. I had to go get their own television network yeah. He's he's. Seriously really that's that's a bad condition censored text messages out copy as he had a headphone adapter that I can keep. I don't have to add your wife's a little bored at work so bored at work just literally doing Duffy Steve. I don't we have a meeting theaters around the area and on time she's a place jobs so just let the music out and die you know what thank you guys are listening. And actually will be batter this. Promise that. He was trying to I'm an author of my schedule but maybe what do I tonight's. And I was just let's say hey we need to hear yeah yeah. That's just got to trust me down next week do we got to show that we do our work on that be awesome milk doesn't you have cousin male cousin and his wife. Nice do listen to the podcast. So that he does amount of their. It's right there since. My brother listed that's right that's so my friends lists and not just doesn't have followed scandalous and we just talk trash talk tough guys. Libya on and we never got to talk about. Good buddies and I did about AJ Francis. Com that sagging confidence he had some kind of a member of the Seattle Seahawks send a video chat just throwing him because they went to rival high schools. It was awesome feeling I think I might even given this quickly pulled the video we got a minute I mean it's not that big of a rivalry when you look at the titles sabathia has vs them all. Oh yeah. I guess since late. Stuff clear rivalry. Six to put it in perspective so you know I'm mentioning about the allies have discredited due to the CR TD friends and McGill like him because he's a Turkey went to Marilyn right I love Molitor and says that awesome today and I see Ted checking on his computer to see a when he played. And then almost son took turns around Los amigos. After that guy and Mike. Did did something happen Greg read your family and AJ a really nice guy he's one of the nice is student Matt like you so much fun I our big wrestling fan comic book guy. And you're like now. You had to get Zach got. MI. I know he went to Marilyn I'm thinking Gonzaga with Collin college you know I know. The math is big rival in high school is Gonzaga now like almighty god so when I'm hanging out with him on I think Friday. Pat in Dallas verve to be gassing and talk coming dude. You got to send a message to my boy Ted. He Isaiah told the whole story and he's dying he's again yet it did the video gone. And not Anderson I don't even mind it's Friday morning and I hung over it I get a message from my buddy's teeth right it's a video message so and this is what happened. Ted I am here with without AJ Francis don't talk. Too much to math and GO GA GA go inside all the way. Yeah I see you or why victories a battle cry of god as purple and deserve forgiveness that's that's right Ted. Does appreciate you being Turks and yes I do that was the one Kucinich your girlfriend at that's good because I just. There you go to but that's I Baja goes Danks go terps. Zags I'll just they've got caught out I'm out alone I'm getting a lot of the math guy measured good day I die. Car lengths Bret white garlic America. Cannot read or write him move but I did Napa stacks. We do need a better mascot them. Like a turtle. Now my my school said that mascots it. But just aren't I love the terps logo right but the I don't know with a with a look at the map that is it's an all guys school and our mascot is a stack which is very mean big deer hunt. But it's all guys school. You can do some run meaning your head snags. Do you mind following all the way to high school might our mascot wouldn't for the clippers it was apparently a sword in his mouth bowl game that's even worse you. And the other schools are causes of variance. The other guy we got to go they expect to citizen maybe yeah. GO GA GA go inside all the way DI CT nor why victories are battle cry out and got his purple and your forgiveness that's that's right Ted.