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BJGN 04-06-16 - In Those We Trust

Apr 6, 2016|

Rev interviews Collin Joseph Neal & Erin Neal about their Steampunk movie, In Those We Trust, currently on Kickstarter; Spicoli runs down comic news with information on DC's 'Rebirth' and CHEW; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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    the ones that you hear the beginning any end of each podcast Vernon Wells . They're actually doing something really special with this so we've got David in John in a with us today for this type guys doing today. Pretty good all right nice and so. First off emerald city comic con is one of the biggest comical lines in L would definitely in the Pacific northwest but also on the West Coast and you guys are actually doing something really cool because Vernon Wells is going to be having a lounge at Emeril so become a prime. Yeah we're gonna do something a little bit different we're going to have come a place for our members to hang out and relax and not have to do all. Stand on their feet. All day long and my age old by the way for you don't know because he set our members GO members we've away what are you talking about members with Vernon Wells members what do I have to be in a summary anyway after they could try to do I have to Vietnam War machine from Mars what are you talking about her business Vernon Wells you speak of sir because I. Well you may actually introduced at my. Well I got that I think I wanna know I'm a member before I go visit your lunch. Actually because I think if you can never tell people too many times how cool Vernon Wells this Libby. Let me do this I'm gonna put John on the spot here. He's one of our members. And what is Vernon Wells in your work. Spoke. Vernon Wells is that awesome place you can go to always find someone a nameless dom and he has really matter what kind of
    it's hard for people find that but now there is definitely would Vernon Wells AAA Haiti then. For people with like minded activities and it's something more is is just as simple as if you wanna
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    doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells . Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes
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    the bad man sequences I I would watched a movie just with Ben Affleck . Has that meant and I enjoyed I did tackle little bit during the scene now prolonged scene where he. Takes on a building full of bad guys. And has a hand to hand fight with a whole bunch of them. Get stabbed in the middle of a pretty well choreographed fight. And still does beat Sattar at all I ate my favorite care turn an entire thing and I'd love just to see just. An entire movie of him just BS saying with that man was Jeremy Irons as Alfred. I thought an old cynical kinda old bird Bruce Wayne's crap. Alfred was just astounding. Right and that is also
    after the credits no other and this is not normal marvel movie. Jeremy Irons . Had to assistance. In a lot of people what did you quit first tilt assistance line I. Didn't understand. Some of that men's super strength in the movie like how does he move like he's a video game character the way he throws people around there is no explanation if it did have some X a scale in the suit. They show there's a training montage where were you river treated to Ben Affleck sure list and I enjoy that and her pursuits. But nothing accounts for that kind of massive super strength did I miss

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doctoral else. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Welcome yes welcome to mediation is geek nation and the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona. Our primary here are yet hello. The goalie joined does slow and we've got the show's namesake mister Vijay each. Hey Daryn. Mr. Chris walker walk like your plan is on assignment. Following do you have. Who drive the G running the lowered its well how about that pushing all those buttons then especially pushing yours Vijay had is that the test FF. And Vicky how do people get ahold of us. Well you can get a hold of us via our web site had also have live podcasts blogs and cool stuff PG each nation dot com. Does on Facebook's decision we usually keep nation do you also follow us on Twitter and Amsterdam. I ask that you don't do. Has weighed in I have been digging basin in sent a text elitism voice not won many deer 02243353. He doesn't Seneca Nina I'm BJ he leaves and edema that comment that check out our awesome video that YouTube dot com slash. BJ geek nation think geez so much Vicky and we're gonna get right into this because this is something that I really love I love steam punk. And so we were contacted by some people who are making a steam punk movie. In Washington and I and so of course they had to have them on so without any further ado let's get to those fine people. What's meet today is that this is something that's really cool because first off pay it deals with two things that I love I love Washington and I also who love steam punk. And so with us today I've got Colin Neill and also Mary Neil who is due award doing a act kick starter. On a steam punk feature film called in those we trust how you guys do win. We're great aren't good morning guys so oh so tell me a little bit about in those we trust. So I know we trust that if that and an alternative 1924. When world worldwide with so catastrophic because I've thought a few years. And so we enter with you people who credit. Got into these factions look forward and there are they're kind of a war with each other. And we get credit Indiana Jones mis fired by a kind of feel to it. We're women and believed and they gonna do Robin every they had a wild goose chase them let's treasure hunt. I lowered their rating against each other and everything and retirement late start horseback archery and they are on the lady Washington. Which in our local pirate ship. They've they've agreed to come aboard the boat is it really but I'm fine script. So I said we're real support to get it out there. So wavy see you guys actually got and an actual pirate ship you beat in this film. I'm not just one seal the boy she's a lady luck yeah I don't know radio Washington it featured at the interceptor and prior to the Caribbean. On the only help me if I just minutes northwest area as part of a US still that'd active and they go down. Port side through web score and Downey California during the winter months so that nothing happens all during the cold air gallery big time here in the northwest but I. Yeah we ignored it worked with then there where the campaign that are I think all of the above contract actually die that is something we made up we actually stuck in the green and there. Other that we plug got the chambers Centralia railroad museum at a nine mile private railroad track looked there. Almost a hundred year old steam trains. Why don't we actually had the lockdown for this year as well how we're going to be shooting a majority of it and Centralia and shale and also where the train. Because we got a choice of hi Deborah ballrooms but we chose Philip Dick Clark it's sort of felt that there. They have a bordello museum that is accurate through that time period from the 1920s and prior. They'll look like something out of James Garner the wildlife that you see that the through our club however bar and it's like preserved and we have viewed through the entire property group anything that we want to eat in there. But funny and authorities have like a production per film because there's that feeling that I. So we gonna hang light sound anything we want around those areas. We are encouraged to shoot there yet they can edit it very much well let you don't see it until you get. Harding did illegal building. They have been renovated or being rebuilt right now to that historic time. While that is that's amazing is just kind of cool to Cecilia I didn't even realize that was here not a big steam punk fan so this is on the Imus got to go check it on my own. But for the guys up for everyone out there in those we trust if you look on kicks they're not common just search for that you can find it right there. Tell me a little bit about us and this is esteem blog idea who did you what were the idea like why did you want to make eighty steam punk film. Good we actually made the short film version of a couple of years back and people have been bugging us for the year hurt you if you free I mean like debugging that's reared like we won we won it didn't seem upbeat throughout the income feature we actually show bet that short he the M two years ago. And everybody wanted to hear the future and so we finally kind of hunkered down about a year and a half ago it started working on the scraps but if you. We've sort of discovered scheme pond an accident because we want to make a western but we didn't want to do a traditional western we wanted to do something new and fine. For the modern audience and we found in how we get huge. So ballot law went there and we just me hook line and think clearly the right course of them grass where all of that out now. Nice yes one of those things that I found that once you kind of get into the steam punk stuff few. Who really can go in super deep on its. Yeah I think it's simple a lot of fine angle and what. Read about it there's so many different kind bench seemed hope that you can there's something for everyone whether you wanna do high fashion manner post apocalyptic you can do what every why. But the one thing that's great about it at an alternative universe simply can do. And a top button what we just did a post apocalyptic theme song project that I call wait clam legend that'll be out within the next month. Share of people that want to short form but it's pretty much identical to a mad Max universe with the card but not all shot Washington as well. No we love being crop that is amazing now what do I mean this isn't your first in either of your guises first project and so if people can find more stepping goatee faith verses of faith to vs state productions dot com correct. There goes one to make sure I have but yes so what got you guys what inspired you to begin creating you know just in general not just steam punk but all the things that you've been done doing. A lot of the well I I am born in Canada I my. They've been joking about how my first so I think my bowl combine all that my god we're in unit and they they live in LA at the time. I you can actually seen in a movie with Jack Lemmon and I stick my bold and a half ago I didn't know that there is a different world than putt probably about. Fourteen and that's what I hope. Oh you mean movies and real life boat nobody cool. But I I tried to realize they had workable offered for awhile and it it I I had fine. But not the kind of fun I had doing creative work so I just got stuck get it but his story of how he got into it. Yeah I can let it let him tell you a little bit more about. Dowell I I was born an apartment peddle them what you don't make your week so I didn't really grow up your own if you could I don't but I grew up watching 1970. Beamer Marines and AB. All donor or my order all the time premier cheaper ran into the Pollyanna and ages. Inspired me to love or making Yelp from a young age but I never knew that I wanted to make movies and sort of an elective and I school. That was shown. Multi media would be teachers that still mentor to the days you go home. And he got a four mile and then a couple years back when I moved to Seattle the 2008. He dealt with that I'm not called to order the guilt over the cute I want my camera really wanted to focus Donna. Parity had a college degree in I'm gonna get the awful I've shot. And I met my form Trent Green choices of what happened just a few years ago we really can't up our company to just start producing the stuff that we wanted to watch. Rather than just up and make it to survive. Yeah what are part about being. Artist or filmmaker creative type. You get that choice in your life and at the crossroads well when we decided that Buick a couple of years ago just fully focused on things we wanted to make. We ended up actually making more business than we ever had before. Britain during corporate or anything else and that's really where military truck was discovered I doubt we were gonna do it two years ago we're like Eric. We're gonna make everything we can't that we love to build up to this project and right now we had eighty plus can't agree that we all are put before. I'm we have all of our small businesses that we're working we're the ships everything we've researched and done and met with people. I'm and we do a lot of handshake in person Oklahoma. Well then that's been reported that. To make sure that it lives yet I'm and that's why you we really encourage you get the checks Americans not just. People spouting off and one video that we're gonna do great things we have the crucial in the air and all we need it apart and at a dollar. You don't everything is every name in the credits copy of the movie scripts are looking that says you name that yes I'm we have up. Record levels there but we encourage people to donate a dollar. Yeah that was one of the neat things that I saw right on the right on the top of the the kick starter page was the hash tag million the number two and then one million to wind and you just say hey if if if we got a bunch of our fans just to donated dollar. We can get this funded and I thought that was a really good way to throw it out there to people how mean you do have all the different rewards but you're just looking for people who were fans esteem pond and wanna see this cut to come to life. That they can just donate as little as a block to help this half ban. Yeah I mean we we looked at it and a lot of a lot of film including video they think they kind of get it wrong they're like oh well. We we put so much money and drip wrote it we should get a lot of money back like you know we're gonna have filmmakers we are not studios. We don't need to ask people returned by one dollar it like it and what you would rent a movie for an IQ and blur and the bottom whatever it must let Matt. And we want to make sure he'd get it Cuba a dollar and fill the fill your money and we wanna you get your value worked so it. It stop what you're gonna get out there we're gonna give you the movie you want it is seen that foul. A quarter of a cup of coffee got validate remote future the north westerners look like get back out are part of the steps they're focused because they've got hurt dollar after dollar towards us and have fun and that's. You know I can't do that share the link. As to the letter like you're gonna see contents already you can see all of our films other than our first feature which is I can't go out front I diet 1980s locker. I'm completely different and he's trying to cut it at all but we're very proud of it as well and it. And dvd and B of the distribution. So we encourage people say. They like even if you can't donate you can do what her stuff you can share the link and help us get the people okay yeah. And you can see all of the previous casting crews work as well we have a link to everybody's work I've done their best work. So it's an active president made to show you know the reason why we hired these. Yeah it is I think that's the best thing to show is the fact that you guys are on completely serious about doing this it's not someone whose dislike think like even said like I was that we're not thinking about making a movie we've done this before and we've got everything in place. We just need the funds to help make it happen and I think if people are like they want to see steam punk movie that is you know like something new you know that was cheesy like wild wild west was. And something god. I didn't hit it. It's fun to see enemies this sets in the stuff that you guys are using all this information is available for everyone to check out again like I said kick starter dot com just search for in those we trust I'm it'll be right up there the FaceBook page you can just search for in those we trust and also on Twitter chip. After the after the film. Before I let you go bad guys go colony in air and a great deal she wants it to the fans a geek nation. I'm actually if you might come meet us we're going to be at wayward cafe I'm cute date night at 630 for high heat they're coming about theme park are red and. Come bellowed the last so we'll talk you impertinent and you can meet them in the cab and the massacre and everybody will be there that we will be there for sure. That is awesome that is so cool because at that point you also get a face to face to Tennessee with the vibe is an all that fun so that's amazing. Sure that you guys actually where you do UST upon customs Earl will you be going out as as you know the Harry Potter fans as muggles. Al how about when maybe we may be muggles like you have them it is because the wayward is white bronco nation and oh now I may Wear a light fire light he says I got their nighttime might not let though that weekend. We can end up state and good for the. Excellent Colin Neill Aaron Neil gay guys think he's so much for being a part of this and really good luck for around the uptick starter we will also be posting on our FaceBook pages wells of anyone has any troubles they can go right to our FaceBook page will posted up there so everyone can get to it and now hope you'll have to give this says steam -- movie have funded. They hear so much I can't express enough possibly guys think you so much have a great day you do man. So yeah this is awesome I mean Vicky seriously they've got to pirate ships. I'm not an Irish are using for this her. Let's get into some comic book talk us Nicole Lee. You had talked earlier about these are big DC event in Burke's rebirth. And you've got some more information about that I know I feel like there was an event lasts is another friend's death. Yes well ahead on your strictly because that means marbles and have after birth right now. I guess I don't care what sealed doors an and a blank civil wars ended last month and civil work she was at its beginning next two months all the morals all still very well 20 yeah die this time it's Tony and Carol members captain marvel civil harder civil go to America. Still jets marble size of the stolen opposite sites. Where several hours let but it's it's gonna be the best team on civil war two was different it's about changing the future protecting the future they have this like new psychic in human who's gonna. Urine whatever whatever the vision is in the beginning of the book that's going to be the big. Dino does I pointer capital divide the marvel universe over how to how do we deal with us on Oregon yes it's yeah but the idea that that's a that's that's that's coming and found that we got rebirth but really I don't look at what wonder Khan was. About a week and a half ago now in and so right after upbeat yes of course DC announced to much stuff they released an animated movie enough to put your creative deeds. So we don't know bunch of writers and artists for the rebirth books nice bomb. Does all the old skull at the headlines some of them. Some of them are pretty standard and obviously if Robert ADs still working on how Jordan and religion core. The same teams do me Harley Quinn as was doing for the same team is doing are commanded to anti titans as are doing it right now. The big boys are Scott Snyder is leading that man because we energy coming to double. Double month double shift book falls there's there's there's a lot of books that are coming to a month. Tom King who is during Omega men and Grayson just got an exclusive contract with DC he's gonna be right back and tune. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers have ever read so I'm really excited and right back man while Scott Snyder is we've gone to a new series called all star bat man. So he's still going to be doing a bat manned by day but this way it doesn't have to ship. Twice a month OK okay and stuff the all star DC introduced the all star line with all star Superman. And the idea was it was big writers with a really big artists then that talent is the all star. Right right here on initially was out of continuity and it was and also Superman is a fantastic book by free quietly. And Grant Morrison. Then I'm Frank Miller Jim leave it all star Batman and Robin. And that was bad and loses it being bad man who beat crap that is Robin however aren't. And that was that was that that's where they got a bad man lined time. OK yeah and so that kind of killed the all star line. How as so discussed that are talking about this new thing hell let's do this new Batman book with these big artist he's worked on it passed jock it for and Africa via talk is hurting them. Pandora Albuquerque who basically all the people who worked on black mirror if you wants to work with them again. So they're like scurrilous to all star Batman again was bring the all star line back sort of it's gonna be in continuity though so it's still he's continuing his Batman story it's still the main bad man. Bomb but this way he gets to work with big artists and I mean Scott setter has had a great run at bat minions did it seems like has been very very popular and it's been is in five years now and I'll alt a lot of people could do myself think it's among the best characters ever been written this dude is so he's he's just a great writer and he understands that and in so well. But he he's done work such as I mean you you mentioned black Mir which is the only bad man book I owned it was recommended. I mean by again every down and older cars and comics icon because I loved his I loved his American vampire so much. And tell you got me into that that's the cool things about all star bat man it's gonna be Batman on the road. And he mentioned that he loves Americana you know an end zone at our that he loves he loves the he loves a good road trip. And that that part of the idea of this is there's you know Tom King is going to be dealing with Gotham in the Batman titles got Snyder wants to have basically mad hatter lead a bunch of villains chasing Batman throughout the country. All that's kind of cool and I did ask us all right bat man's so I'm down or not not matter how are sort your face is the big Phil he's been wanting to even better had to deal with and flake to face for me I think he's super bad unless. A great writer is ready Jewish Casey's brilliant opinions of the themes. I'm really set for Snyder finally Reza good to face on the all the other big headlines are up pizza mossy and you and pat Gleason are back together they're going to be doing Superman was decent mark on the art and those aren't. That's a stellar creative team on Superman. I'm just super and the one coming up confused I think is how do you Superman without a high standard life's about the Superman of China. And it's been written by Jeanne when yank who wrote American born Chinese and boxers and saints he's done the last ten months of Superman. I haven't been a big fan of Superman but all of his books that take place in China. Art great and everybody loves them so now he's combining those two extra days. I'm super girls getting another book again which is great Steve Orlando who has been writing midnight there and it's been crushing it I mean nighter is writing her and glad to see him writing more. The most exciting news probably those that Greg rock god is returning to DC comics to write a Wonder Woman wow. I Bryant's beyond excited for Greg rock ever Wonder Woman again she feel left DC comics who had to Wonder Woman idea and they were like now's not a good time. And he was just like Australia and already you're anymore I'm in Paris just. That's their history sometimes I doubt they're like hey it's a good died you wanna do it he was like Omar got it outright once you will then yeah all right got it back. Bennet beyond just the same team except for Tara Maginnis is going to be back is Batman beyond is no longer Tim Drake. And there's a new blue beetle book my keys to get fitted Scott Collins is gonna have both kind they write as and Ted court as blue beetle supporting your favorite blue Beatles are back. Other than that it's. Though brought about another big one is Bryan hitch is writing and drawing just a sleek now which is really easy for Bryant pitch. Bombs deeds you heated you probably know him is doing that was amazing eight page spreads in the ultimate it's. And he's been doing it jail a run for the past few months and it's its debt epic widescreen pitch that you look for some rifts out of him produce Justice League. Excellent so that there's all the books are pretty mystery now there's not that many like bizarre books that you wouldn't expect. But the creative teams all seem really strong for its Alfredsson and Apple's doing trinity Venice Superman and Wonder Woman is due to the water colors on that that's gonna be great. But at the very least this this whole the whole rebirth is it's pare down some now there's just good to great characters and DC universe everybody knows and loves. And if you've got one guy that that you want to read this is going to be good place jump on actually it's also good access the history this whole idea is all about legacy. And that. That's debt it's not a reboot because the history of the DC comics are you know the big Yukon X what makes them great is that they've got fifty or 75 years non mystery gas tap into. And do you think teach you. Try to compress at all and put all those teams together which was leaked some ways but more often than not and ended up losing the gravity does like. We we we stepped up Gotham since then but the flash is still missing like 80% of his supporting cast who so hopefully they're gonna come back now we're getting a black all west of the traditional clean kid flash outfit finally it cost so gathered critics are out for rebirth if you wanted us to know more about facts you of course cool and they are all on the politically sticky odds are gonna be started in May and June will be the beginning of rebirth around with civil war two is happening over marvel of course. Excellent so. And moving on from that. You and BJ have been reading Chu and were up to issue fifty fire get close clam dig this story are 55 out of sixty. John Lehman had set out at the beginning to. Green towards the end. Yeah I it is is intense. 55 was set for me. And I Magi I give John Lehman a lot of credit man he threw me so many red herrings and I mean he's so good because he'll give you some film give you splash pages firfer issues. Fifteen sometimes we issues in the future or months in the future so we've all been expecting what we thought was going to happen first three issues of this. Ark was all called that called that a cult that. And ended in the last two wishes ark was well actually I did it apparently call it. The fact that I don't even under the audacity to call because a guy I don't know why lame is joy because I mean limited has created a minute which is so wonderful but the way he writes and he's the first I don't know but it was ever gonna before but he's the first guy that wrote an issue out of order you know basically what when he really he really well on issues like I was like. He went from issued weighty issue to the next it was 28 like what are you doing that was its usual for re out there who like this issue was was about the half it's gonna come out now Powell. And then you're gonna read the follow the fifth biggest Syria's man and a lot Massey was really cool he had it worked so well which which says Joseph isn't it isn't when they so yet it in my Delray police say that is like this makes no sense at all. But the fact that you guys are raving about it instead of like lamb basting in and is it is a disease like really cool it's like you know those episodes that adds up to be were starts out something really attends is happening in the news you know cuts to three weeks earlier I you have a lot of times that's just like. That's just because the Spezza doesn't start out exciting enough to get to watch it but sometimes because they're gonna. They're gonna fill in the details in an audit or to work so that you've got to reveal a more exciting way and that's how limits pulls off. Nice and he had one minute in my big splash were we saw the end of one issue recently. It was like oh crap that looks like his girlfriend you know spent the last arc is where he'll wait several months that's what did you yeah yeah millions dead she's yeah it was a shocking and it's like they did the arc wraps up and oh by the way the next panel hears this and noted it is. And there's about that ends up happening and this does a thing called what the right to solve I was like it's gonna be. Particular biking and is a boy it's gonna be support yeah it's gonna be Mason's boy's gonna kill himself the first three issues all led up to him. Killing her. And then in addition the fourth issue it turns out she's not debt yes it's a knows it turns out she's glad deters us she's not dead it doesn't resolve that Savoy never had any intention of killing yes. What's that bugs me a little bit because to me that was a little bit like when Glenn dies in the Walking Dead early we went we couldn't quote unquote died remember and everybody was dead or when all over queen was supposed to die in season 20 and then. Really liked the suspense was not a story based think the suspense was based on the fact that it takes time between episodes mean and that bothered me but that's like literally the biggest complaint I've had in 55 issues that you and it's not even that big one for death. And I can end and they and it wasn't a big one for me I act because it surprised me yeah that's why do you not surprise me but like I said I was like and all this and that it's been the rest of the issue explaining to me that support had a big plan and he was fooling me and her Antonia the whole time yeah I and I like what I was like OK you do you can meet you win book. And it doesn't quit how will this issue 55 ended it's like OK let me know what John layman well he he actually he delivered it on this it wasn't half fast. It was safer 55 issues when there are two inside look past. One was to kill the other and dine on his flash yeah and 55 issues later that to me inside look past 01 of them is gonna have to eat yellow. Allow all they've all been good guys to the all time and now I think so it's gonna do it he asked him I think it Dice-K does though he did you know we know Tony's powers are getting stronger he may not have to do a whole lot of dining yeah I deserve he could just basically come over and take a west. Yeah because that's a new thing that's happened Tony not in Smith is way too learning about some brown having to deal lot of food do that's way better now need all the flash I mean I I eighties I stopped around thirty you know wanna give back into it and he was just one of those where that was the thing he hated the most if he doesn't have to do that. Holy crap. Yeah I'm excited it's it was a powerful and I did not expect to see Savoy basically. Decided take himself a little hang him. You know why I'm I doubt he's a big boy so that he had he had a pretty good road and. Your job what the whole time I did beginning of that issue a thought to myself this is gonna end with the Savoy manipulating. Tony into eating him but. It didn't do a lot of insure all late August is going to be this and in the way it happens is a way didn't expect it all uniting and includes new questions and new twists and have been so good at bat like. I just there's things that he foreshadows that you do CNN had to edit helps you understand as you're reading it. But at the same time he'll always surprise you. That is sauce which I like because you're right you sides coming down the street it's like okay Tony's not gonna cooperate then the only way for Tony there really know the truth he's gonna have to eats avoids the only way to really learn what some way because he won't listen to some way remote trust them. The only hope trust him is by eating in 'cause you can't you can't lie yeah that would totally totally and so we're just assuming calculate like he had likes to go sibor assuming okay we know how this is gonna go down. And it was totally a flip where are you know it's a boy it was a pretty good dude hey I don't wanna saw send uneven and and he gives his diatribe. How. He's not a good dude. And I don't know if he was talking to somebody who was your was making a video I mean I don't know what was going on his cell like he was respect says that that was his suicide note. At and that this is the letter that he is right it's Tony. Yeah I and do you think he was running by saying it different by saying and he heard a difference imprinted in his mind when Tony eats and he'll get all that yeah. Yeah okay I actually did you think that admitted he said I'm like oh that's definitely what Betty okay and I would watch how he just says it allowed you know Tony's gonna learn that eventually that makes sense to studio all of his past and that's when he gets the gas and gas so he'll get he'll get registered it yeah exempt so that's. And I did it didn't occur to me until now and it's like oh okay. I am very brilliant stuff you know I I I act. I feel badly for anybody who for some reason they only likable to go IC 25 issues and a dominant because this has been an amazing run. I am sad to see there were 55 only if I vicious plus gas. And also they do a good job it is some efforts toward touch on. It's funny and it has these little jokes in the background they have never faltered they've never forgotten a valve that's the little things that make you feel special. And that I I think that's really really tested to rob Gilroy as well as likely his art is just astounding. And I just love all that art meant to me and that's why live on Mad Magazine it's very Sergio Iran bunnies the way he didn't you know you'd there was always something going on in the margins I love that a lot of mad artist Jack to Jack Davis is not more truckers. Those guys would give you like little notes outside of who of course what the writers did. And I love how rob and John have that relationship with with the stories hit a UUU two you really have to blow up the panel's. Yeah I get an iPad and blow off the panel's. Because I want to see what rob was put in the background that is awesome well five more episodes have or issues sorry if she coming up I think at the end of real definitely have to give John layman on in now have him talk about that do like her retrospective on the definitely tighten it up yeah that's a long time in the -- we're talking what how many years 67 years I think we have he's taken some time off from time to time and yes only so that's that's that your baby just like raising the child let's are like a pet you have to down and now it's going to be gone absolutely well I let's get on two or. She Swiss TV slick abhors vaguely. I had what do stone lawyers and babies having Colin still. Enbridge freeze. I don't move. I got a good listener response Star Wars are based are babies babies being abandoned by somebody that's circa oh I see why that's good and nobody is questioning skywalker you have patents are ready connote rob boy way. Well you know the. Yeah really yeah that's how wars the force a weekend as the ceiling movie is having a really weird effect on parents really. Because according to BBs EnerNOC com several names associated with the Star Wars I and world not shot a putt like shot the popularity because those you know they're like wow so for example. Re used to be rain dad at number 141172. It is now jumped up to. 2784. Well that's a job as well as thousand names are now less popular than even array networks and I can see that closing up more than that too yeah Kyle you were movies. Kind of diet low Maleeva and you meet your child how Luke yeah I originally it was actually a 3774. Blow. And it jumps into the number 1160. I wondered if they did different language they would their Kyle lows in the country has to be because she was ranks why would you it was right 3000 it was a great bonus Levin tells why would you name your child Kylie after what happened I'm Craig in my movie because you wanna feel like Gonzalo okay all of our deal without lies because according Marlins are very important for now the severity of summer like lowers something. In a different country fair and maybe my fears tila is a better player after. And I wanna finish what you started. Had 202 total torched a tradition and I can only fins actually donors and your defense actually popular name in England I know if not for that. Okay. Ivan is the most like this already in the name of Albany as a map a factor very popular character all misfits fan out on a blog posts now no but the other one at three Jersey you like a cool name why isn't that a good nuns say it's not honest this article but the weirdest one. Isn't even anybody valid in the movie. Does that land though jumps from 111000. She does he won that's. How cool led a cal Brazil is an unedited and then moved you know. Check out our 111231. Slowly up to 2126. Not a bad day. I guess you older what is I'm rooted in what Hogan washed up pressure X Mathews didn't write really well maybe we don't name iChat and no deal name my child Jewish. Now where you have Brian Grady Little I don't know I mosque pinnacle I'm nobody was an American that you have a better bet to expect at the boots yeah. One more story. Another story. So Jennifer Lawrence I know what I've talked about before that she said she's done with. X-Men movies because she just kind of tired of the make up it's been like gas harm the scenarios like this aren't always a blonde white girl and yes she did it. But actually issued just asked again and she told us empire that they asked eight would you want to return and she says I am dying to come back I love these movies. I love being in them I love ensemble movies because it's on a group it's on everyone's not on anyone's shoulders just like yeah it seems as she was the main focus. I American hostile she now than that that was a great ensemble movie too yeah absolutely now that she's not a contract is running if you like but what you don't mystique and it's also home data wanna be must. At the same time may be and I can't really tell because of trailers and stuff so on either I've two theories either haven new movies coming out I asked a there really I've been up because you know money gap or missed this new movie she's doing less misty blue. You have to landing it and maybe they figured out a way that you don't have to allow her till this though is pretty convinced they were gonna kill mystique off because those pretty so I thought Jennifer Lawrence technology doing were X man the outline doesn't really means what she got up slowly she did say she was. Dying to come back to. Our role often. You telling you telling words rarely big servers that carefully yeah I Jennifer Laurence yep yeah I never mind service. Well I tell you out of the make up thing is and is definitely no joke there are two scifi shows where they changed the characters who make up because of the fact it was not good for them. Battle on five I he remembered that delay and went into the Chris illicit in the end I think season one and he came out had hair because her. Or race of creatures you know they all had these bizarre skull things finish and same case you decide yet dude I can't do this every day and then Virginia hey who played in far escaped. She left the show she was about a blue telepathic alien who really who left the show because the makeup was kill honor. I am so she her character ended up leaving after couple seasons because she said look I just couldn't do that make up anymore just. It was not good for me damn well I yet it's definitely something that can be along those lines. I'd like to see misty more of an odd to see what happens and exit apocalypse just because of I mean I could be extended to get a movie I I'm so wondered out for that Stephen Movielink apocalypse is number to you on my house villains list so. Of all time with you know vandals remember a lot of him with a golf. I'll look pretty so bad at some what I wanna see your vehicle on bitch. Well that's a visitor like Scott Summers I wanna see you wanna see what she don't look like Daschle says she's leading the charge him with the good guys I know you can't be eventually. She could have a fine Donna I'm as. Senior leads. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our Pete jeez the video games or are just a major fan of size flying deep culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. 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