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Migs-Cast 04-05-16 : Wrestlemania 32 review show back in Seattle.

Apr 5, 2016|

Steve Migs, Topshelf, Mono Nick and The Rev talk about Steve being back from 2 long weekends out of town. Steve talks about all the chants that we did at Wrestlemania and the other wrestling shows he went to. Steve talks about some of the pictures he took with different wrestlers at the indie wrestling shows. Steve talks about the seats and press passes he had at AT&T stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play and where Wrestlemania was held. Steve talks about his run in with an angry lady riding a scooter. We hear a great story about how Steve got 14th row ($800.00 each) seats for the first few matches. If you like wrestling, you will LOVE this episode of the podcast.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is amazing cast. I'm broadcasting live from radio row and Dallas right now which I'm just kidding. As it wow this sure enough of people who are less than like Harry left that I podcast yeah. You podcast last week because of the big wrestle mania spectacular. Which makes me feel not so bad at this podcast will not last very long. Oh I forgot I I later I'm just kidding. But it won't last long I just do remedial eleven that I use you don't have to go into but that's just how it is and also honestly I am dreamed. You eased as as excited as you sounded right there and out jazz you were further morning show yeah you can I can see it on your face off in. You're doing it you've done a tennis of his entire weekend. I was Tom BJ. I felt like I I went on a month long vacation. That's how I feel right now like a Hollywood guy around month because from the minute I woke up to the minute we went to bed and we do not get a lot of sleep. I mean it wasn't a bookmark this is quote unquote work because I mean I was having the time in my life trustee some of the coolest stuff do it now Cameron do some of it like that I had nothing prepared right now I also know that the united have a meeting I tried to cut the circuit some like on the verge of losing my voice. From all the yelling all the cheering because this is saw some just. China you know hello chanting and wrestling inmates it's almost obnoxious it's easy to do an a hole chance. I know we did our holy yes wholly SI it's the best chance OK so that this will be a jumbled mess of a podcasters that are in and out there are even aware mono nick that's on prepared we are daft thank you for help show off some point I'm sure is proven. Tom. So we did a lot of different wrestling events not only just WW obviously the core was going there to check out wrestle mania of do the radio interviews which was awesome. But also we were there for some independent shows like. Feel every wrestler every wrestling promotion flocks to Dallas or ever wrestle mania is going to be. Because give a 100000 plus wrestling fans. Not just to Dallas Cuban people come from all different places across our country but people from Japan from England everywhere. So there are coming to town and some of them are just as free as. Wrestling nerdy as I am as Kevin from metal shop is so we won't know check out other stuff so they set up all these independent shows all these autograph signings. AC Dallas I honestly I think Emmitt to people that actually were from Dallas outside of people I'm working. You know I mean yea asked every time that we God's introduce ourselves to people might go where you from I'm from Britain on from Japan numb from. Cleveland I'm from New York. It's just the saudis so one of the things you went to his Clinton called Russell con and everybody said. That is going to be one of the more fun wrestling events and then on top of it it's also going to be this anarchy is. Are wrestling crowd or this marquee guest OK Smart address out of Michaels who yell at people who loved it but also know. At least a little bit too much yet yet they know too much but still managed to not. Quite know enough right and they know too much and they want to know so it's have been chanting we'll do is be ridiculous because. You know one guy screws up a move all of us on the box mania it's. Youngsters are used or you have stopped you have got yeah the best chance from the entire time there was a wrestle con. There's a Big Ten man tag and one of the guys wrestling was odd Jeff Jarrett. OK yeah who was drunk. Embarrassingly draws a leg and a during the match yet so who. Because they're all there for autograph signings these guys are all hanging out there on during beverages so it's a lot looser than a TV taping for a paper view. So he got hammered his wife was Eric Karen Jarrett she's drawn to 2.0 she spit on a fan club wow that's not good enough and it wasn't like. I'm I'm playing a role it was I'm Matty because some some things stand Muster said that has dropped and she full want to talk to Lou beyond them. It's a thousand or changed to heat heat and it sucked because the match included like guys that were actually good wrestler is like god kill shot was bearing now these are guys that that Middle East Indies are indeed Abu Dhabi bullying Joey Ryan to Don guy he was wrestling you enjoy Ryan C a bit university's. Jeff Jarrett Stephen just try to deliver prone I ought to be entering if you. He's just picked up farm and then George Ryan's a site. Yeah and dobbs Tommy dreamer is a part of a cool and I think Tommy dreamer one point yelled at Jeff Jarrett to do you ready get in his ring right now. Crime and encourage the 2000 people in this hall the camaraderie that is staged and taught have you. Instead they might get my backpack I welcome to the Indy circuit path and I did very you do drug deal to deliver our trauma it was just a cluster after. So as is going on back story about Karen Jarrett before shoes with. Jeff Bob she was with Kurt angle that's her I eat so. Everybody's having a field day with that. So there'd be guys. Suit all of a sudden. I'm on my dad made that's cold right that is bet against duke we want because now united do. Let's go see no C no socks let's go to Baghdad yeah call response thanks so it's we want angle so does she has. Hello my dad and I are. See I thought I had socks I know walls loyal grey one of the resolution runs over to our put their hands over here is the place erupts. It was so much club in my stuff was so entertaining the young bucks they Russell they're great as a George Ryan not once but twice as long got to meet him. Think that's also the we have now to get pictures of all he's got the mount an autograph guy but I love getting pictures from him but there in an environment where all they want to do was make money. Oh yes -- everything is like beauty charge for everything and right points a convention so I feel disrespectful and none of them made me feel like I was like none said hey buddy you want my picture you and I saw these guys taken pictures for free but I just felt like this is their income for the weekend season it's kind of Dickey for me you do want it for free because I've got a camera phone rang and you know and you happen did come across them at some point somewhere so I waited I enjoy Ryan was doing nom he was that is merge Booth. And of course I gotta get near the king of Don style. So I go out tomorrow Mike I don't want any reassurance to solve asserts are just like. You know I'm not gonna walk growing a king of Dong style shirt now and then I don't know like. If you go to another picture of somebody pinching his. Meg is a draw a cartoon drawing of him and another person's hand on his balls data and says like testicular fortitude or so from my fat actor honors style Nadal it's funny how could really drop twenty bucks on a joke yeah our son Michael crap I want a picture with him. Tonight I saw on his table he was also doing not viewed autographs random things I found there was a picture of him from each underground where he's just lost him thank. It's just a sleaze ball and he's also the king of sleaze Colin now am I came bank. How much for that picture for an autograph picture a time box my part you know at ten bucks well spent. Then get dotted rationally hey would you might also getting a picture that's why he's not gonna say no I just gave him ten dollars subtly so I get the picture that was awesome. Did the same for Dahlan castle. Oh yeah put up on the big scares FaceBook page. That was so cool to meet him. And he was yet yo what's he'll like I mean eat very nice because it's like soup I mean it's over ridiculous and I saw the pictures on a picture was amazing the pictures so far better because you see the picture topping. What I know dawn castle no oh my gosh this is the guy the party peacock the way Abdallah the two Filipino guys that has begun boys that they did it because the boy is this is just so. So it ought to nominate any remember the interview that Kevin DO now how to turn now comic actually you know before quoting your lines in it went really well he's a comment that's so cool years or use very respectful. Very nice and now Mike. So I and asked for picture again because he's sitting at the table where people pay to get a picture with them. Some as I'm leaving a Mike you know what I should've got a picture with him now have been cool to put on the league's cast page. So under the Kara might I wonder how much of pictures are firm I look over his twenty box to get a picture and autograph with I don't castle might you know what. After it I'm gonna get the picture nice so I go over there I paid a toy box and the guy he's meal ticket I walk up to telecast guy. Paid my Dick Jerry is fired a night. Mike gotta put this on the website make sure you wanna for the web site. Donna I am up how much I gotta go look buddy this is one less luck gentlemen we get tonight I had done for the booby bars. He retreated zoo I could be. He's not a laughing about that so now I think OK well let's take the picture will he's there are also with his critical of the boys. And I'm get ready for the picture and without even missing a beat don't just Scrooge is his way right confront me where he's basically backed up bombing yeah. And it takes his hand and puts it over under my chin and this is the picture that I yet we don't mind your. Anything you can you can. They're very innocent cinematic. It's amazing being bag boy is flamboyant and. Perhaps. I got to see him razzle you've got a great match we had to a ring of honor TV taping. Taco cabana. Why him wrestle tonight I thought he was just podcasting and he was there to do a podcast but also he surprised the world OK because he showed up and announced that he is back in ring of honor wrestling. Got into them it's that we got the witness that cool also witnessed him rest slaying at Russell com later on that night so. For ring of honor he was doing a serious COLT cabana because he's making a run for the title he's back at ease once the title from Jay lethal later on that night were wrestle kind everything's a lot looser or more finds a way into the comedy version Nike does a commie style wrestling. Very entertaining both styles awesome cool so like why I love this podcast will be great to get a picture with him so my guy in the old. Since the more money to his talking head of state senate job when he box uncle cabana shirt that said colts. CO LT of personality and a big picture of his face cool analytical sharks are out about it any lag way better than dunks out yeah become more wearable exactly how all Wear this shirt so I and I say they call you know I've talked about you a lot of our our our radio show and yeah I Tomei in my pike as big fan of your pocket thing to do and I was really nervous because you don't know the old. It if he's going to be. Pleasant nice he knows some people I've heard that some people say that not the nicest things which I think they must be talking manage their rear end or they must've done something to upset him in okay Chris I watched I watched an entire night and I also watch how you interact with me could not be nicer. Like over the top nice even like later I walked up it says some. May Seattle have a good night off well it it totally helps to lift because each day are in their element to this point right there with wrestling fans it's not like gag you're at a restaurant he just got the bathroom and someone came up and today gonna shaker Randi I know you gonna get a weird action that way right guys are ready for all the fans to come in in you know hang out. Let them and of course there's some people are being jacked not to ask him I got her house still doing and it's like you could tell like in his head tonight. I neurosis is podcast and also know this I. He just wants like to walk away from those people couldn't since it's disrespectful of them you know any kids like all I know CM punk real may Eamon and know your his friends of course a wanna bring it up because you've done nothing. On your own merits which is that me being sarcastic and funny. But even handled that very cordial very respectful suck. I was so still to meet him he was super nice had a great conversation with him got a picture I'll put it up on the blog at some point. Com but all in all like the Indy experience was. So much fun it is so different in the WWE book they're fine but for different reasons WWE is just a monster production then obviously they know what they're doing they got some of the cream of the crop wrestling with them to think it's only Indy shows. And sunny skies just grinding away just trying to do whatever like the Briscoe Brothers apparently had chicken farmers but that's their real job watched. Right there either fifth good early bird rock stars and ring of honor but part of why I guess they have made the jump anywhere else is that that schedule works well frittered chicken farm. Think that's that's very weird I respect that yeah I had a great game look like there fight mega star perverts they're worried out chicken farmers. And this is on Jack did you know in great shape but. Everything about it was so much fun I got a tax to an imprint all of it but he saw the pictures and he asked. How to how to get so close to wrestle mania yeah so wrestle mania. I sat we got tickets but route we got tickets we were in the press box that's cool. Awesome doesn't suck and I am good dude have you anyway it was a this is press box in the Dow AT&T stadium filled with a giant like million yard screen in all it was a yards out. Why in the press box holds over 200 people houses aren't as is as long as the field. Practically own mind I just I have yet actually yes it is as long as the feel the right spots it's ridiculous. It goes. They were first what Democrats is really nice. And like OK were you guys fewer seats error at the very end Fred atop the French receipts at the very end to the press box rights. Some owl are cool so walk him point. Did we leave the press box and are we are now in somewhere else because I don't icu like catering I see they've got to do that are now on the game did we do not look at palladium I didn't know Joseph keep going keep going. He's walking. I know there's this there's a coffee machine there's that don't like where our states. Good. Allowing Atlantic and the seeds for a killer. They did that but yeah the box is huge and I was talking with somebody there and I could you know usually everybody that's in the press box or like stuffy Kuwaiti Tweety media. You have you last year we don't applaud we don't react for unbiased professionals. Do not love wrestling meet I. Everybody's marking out sharing. Cloud being hooting and hollering EL a little more subdued didn't know it's gone. You know hole yes I had I had gas but everybody's cheering it was a fun environment so my favorite podcasters like I Peter Rosenberg from TP. And his own crew David Shoemaker and Greg divergent a cool three really cool guys rerun of running into them a lot. Also ran into Sam Roberts from other Sam Roberts wrestling podcast you know also. Couldn't be nicer re interviewed one on the makes cats you repeater is while palm didn't get to meet Katie Lennon doll. I'm probably because my restraining order says I can hit it. 100 feet she is she's even moored. Beautiful person my chew up Bynum I grabbed that bat he can you protect and dimes me out he's like well Tiger Woods Sam agrarian goes yes it's kind of assessed figure out with Katie my gap I amber tried to say I I. I know I'm I'm analyses Connell it's a sexy librarian yes. She's gorgeous. Thanks she's a huge wrestling fan not like I'm doing it because I wanna win over a guy he's a year out there which I mean that's. That would be a dumping your hot your win over guys is by walking in the room. Bob so that was kind of cool. So yeah we get depressed passes so we have media passes. Sit in the press box and I'm like this is awesome but the joy they know about that the press box as I got in any press box to get the big glass museum here it. But you don't full year. It was Cooley here and accommodating because you give your accommodating more watching what other assets fund. But after like you'll watch the pre show there are Mike let's go down in the societies. Anywhere let's just stand somewhere so we can absorb the full Elena get pictures on it. Do all that too as we go down. I notice there's a sign that says media passes. Access everywhere but backstage. Now my. And Gordon hill outlaw it I'm like it's time to test that theory. And there's a magazine or in the president's we our now club allowed all this say about you isolate excuse BC can't be here. But yes I can't do it would I react and less I mean that's cool little (%expletive) everywhere you go right I like good there's a lie for something like in the sweet now Mike. Let's just see so we should have the badge and a person like let's go so we keep coming because it's so this is lost. Why don't we check out the field level so that's all we get onto the field level we talked about I'm BJ makes this morning to go crazy and RS go to Dudley was such a bitch. For those that can hear a long story short. She comes into the elevator sort of from the press section the only way you get down to the field level at that was easy elevator from what I heard so. Or that goes quickest remic all right so we stopped at like that 300 level. This lady just motors and on harassed all. I thought she was having a good time should drink in her old drink holder which is funny if if she comes and goes straight through everybody and then just slams right into the elevator and I'm thinking on that was and Vinci. I first I'm like oh that's unfortunate it's may first I'm used in this thing. This is well ups hum like oh that's funny you know you just being silly drunk lady is our cyber and it's you know right. Right it's still you can't do that I at a local got a do you lie on a play can be more classical series drinking and driving your. This stadium. So let it bad everywhere I laugh she goes. As not out and finding my our men and I didn't I didn't know I was glad I did you don't laugh at the lady in Nebraska Augusta being funny sight I. Instead of being confrontational Steve instead of being. It's beyond a guy would do a quick witted come back I was they get on to an Ira I looked I don't I'm sorry I didn't know you're either you were joking my dad I'm sorry I mean and then she perceives some light into me and everybody Internet on our two feet. For how lazy we are. And the reason why she can't use that and and hold them like why are you. Complaining you there's room to room gets a giant elevator to a freight elevator pitch a huge elevator to regenerate their lives taken is a lock it up and asked are you. Lazy a holes but I take that stares and a Mike in my head I'm thinking. If she truly. Handicap on that scooter. Like I ask is this yet as it's like a Wal-Mart handicap sort of say or I got Disneyland anyhow we gallery just use it is just he's the front lines of your big first and you don't feel like walking around I didn't I didn't know or did you twister Alec. Yeah I don't know usually if you're like soda can't walk argue in a wheelchair. Is that a Montana be disrespectful and less like she owns or Haskell and it's hers and she was tool around on it but. It wasn't personalized if is delivered chairmen back now. But if they rent them out and I can just be someone who knows that they rent a mountain is is gonna use them could be right yeah I don't know I don't know but I was and I was going to be addict her and she did what she is any closer to be at Paine yes therefore I were in the elevators site I don't we saw him on the way back. As I came and a pleasure from Richard you and your friend does. All. And and and David and his body was I was just talking I knew that this guy sought. To tell him about that one dynamite. She was always good to see. I security guys aren't allowed any of that dog and Syria has Leahy asked Syria was the ultimate advantage. So we get down to the floor because we've got now this pastor gets us down there might. And this is what I did. And now to warm her up in this in the press box I'm like man be cool to get down close but I don't wanna be anybody's way so I go on stub hub. Moments before they them the event starts to see what tickets are for sale whom because I'd stub hub eyes Jose needs that is acting rightly so cute. For the most part not always it's owes you what seats. They're selling what grow what's the numbers so I screen shot of Chris and months ago the event starts on the sales stopped you know I mean. So ice I didn't know that thankfully I learned that after this economic walruses not ticket term album there are hundreds before. But I guess once at the event starts it's no longer open OK so. I'm like dude grow and and section asked which is right against the walkway for the wrestler is a good on the ram pool grow at a pool or 120 something rows back UK and other far less fanatics you thirteen fourteen rolls back. Fifty years it easily be parents and he's gonna do H I JK how and fourteen rows back fellas yeah. Fourteen and rose back seats. Twelve and thirteen. Open so let's go down to her cabin and Kevin's like in all this is that you are. In saying that because he's you're showing him how do work all of these angles of what I find great joy and it's just don't. We know my way into places like you're not like you're not really actually even like legs. Hurting anyone or sack pissing anyone not because it's like DC to partake in. You're like trying to figure all of that quote unquote legit ways still we easily here it. Our pregnancies you remember. Yet they were going for 800 dollars a ticket. I think that law and there went down in price because you know getting closer to eviscerate you wanna get rid of that 800 dollars a ticket for those seats. Right saw my serve press passes it. And you see so we go down to the floor and I should have ads and I don't mind. Walking around some guys like hey where you would what would suite tickets we were you looking for Michael and I'm just walking around some immediate measures I have got a bunch. Because in my head I'm like yup yeah of course I'm trying to say close Simeon a wrestling fan I wanna sit as close as possible because I'm just a nerd like that. Put on top of I wanna get awesome pictures yeah and because of that put him on the website exactly you're actually you know you're actually working you're just be considered not to stand in front of other people that also have a legitimate reason why I'm down here right good good I'm not stealing these tickets slowed up so get down there we watched the latter mattress the first match from there you see that we want to AJ stop a widespread I extra Sterger while Fred I. Minds are being blown for. I haven't had time rival watch that match. I think we want to watch in three matches from. Those seats all and then all assigned to people commenting dog does our seats and make some of a bitch you must of bought these tickets late into the game and after all I was there and I nomad. Finders keeper you crossing this press pass man. So we get out there we move. During it was right around when nod the new day were wrestling Bristol court had zero entrance yet seen the engines is resolved that I care about like the magic to go watch wherever but. The view echoes of the engines is awesome now walking around stone cold shows up the glass breaks that's why I asked him to be on the floor for that that was awesome. Now we're going to check the other ones and now is can and apply when Mike. You know I don't really feel like being the weasel die right now like Bobby the brain the weasel. Let's just find somewhere to post op would there be a press box Wetherbee. In the club section because they're standing spots in the club section which is completely fine yeah I guess is bounce around us absorb all of it. So we get to one and on the other end of the ramp. And we're watching and of course everybody's taking pictures. Because and not sit in their seats says securities dealing with a all this crap he's a bottle. And I care exactly estimates that some MEM laughed and he goes. Am I Carmelo get ready away serie you know love lost. Enable secure are your media are you stand here that's fine if they just. You know how about you guys post up against the railing. And whenever the matches everyone sitting do you guys is crouched down or something in you they don't actually hear these couple seats. You trust they're not even seats. He threw the security guy could not be cooler in his third to see down for us to sit and and there is and I'll be honest there's a wheelchair also an external like restaurants are clustered in a wheelchair. I wouldn't do that but I. But on cross my mind a minute and I'll find out woman a guy who beat him are rare men dealer could Beth let's go revenge for the elevator so. We will now watch in the rest of wrestle mania right there. Right now so like then that bunch a wrestlers dramatics here walking by it's the random people are walking by their rights nearly saw labs and then it was awesome it was so awesome what he's. Thank you so so you were down on the floor fur was stone cold knob all the do you guys out. What was the crowd are okay because. The Dallas the eighteenth tee as stadium winner Helen is it's huge gigantic -- like I've I've only been like no way out which was at I with the Key Arena yes and so that was still a big crowd you could feel the crowd who like just the electricity in the air. What is it like. With that many people in the stadium that big at wrestle mania like everyone's thirty deep down in his stone cold comes out. RBIs since Matt Glass smashed. I don't light headed from not just him in Louisville fan I have I know and I looked up and I looked around and I don't know how those guys wrestle with out like getting light headed or dizzy maybe they do and he just power through it it's overwhelming. Yeah so loud. Like I don't even know I mean for an embassy century link field is louder and a football game which may result in different than on the I'm on the field with. Yet tens of thousands of people in addition to the tens of thousands in the in the area and sit so maybe that's why is that it but it was deafening to stone cold when he came out was easily the loud missed. It was the year deafening. It was on me that and when the rock came out later on. Now into the rock come out later on I know he came out yeah because he came out right before the main event. And if you go to Dallas cal. Boy cheerleaders which is not a bad thing RC are close like we were just a few feet away from that. Becomes not know what I'm thinking is a teacher Canon. Writes these guys is him like all clear I guarantee search from the rock you know you don't know some get an already. And he that bar that talking on the ramp. And everyone's going nuts and don't send it to you but the Favre the teacher tank I don't know it's on a teacher candidates a giant blow torch. That is low all job find a picture. There was cause that's where you can ally in the eyebrows are there yet you do and you could feel the warmth of the and so cruel and so and they had a giant sign it came out within that it was like a big like giant my prophet said the rock. Which is pretty awesome to like it was like okay taken to the next level. Sick the rocky just ladies I hate to late Vince calls a look hey hey Iraq can you can you show wrestle mania. You have to give me a blowtorch through the flame thrower and bright and I look. All right we can do. Do you that is so then he's shooting up this blowtorch and as you're from last year is there Enron browser it yap and I guess it runner us he wasn't counts I thought okay oh maybe she'll be doing some stuff. But she never showed up but so then all of a sudden he looks at his sign. And what does Iraq do he sets a sign on fire we'll show why Powell school here is arming and. It's. Raining there. The man who I had the most fun talking to during a radio row was up bright Wyatt I use is a cool guy we've each got about widgets machine and some other stuff too. He wasn't scheduled to prefer to you know but he kept making these vague statements during these interviews through and not just ours so listen to chief Pete Ellison Sam Roberts and I heard their interviews to when he kept making these days David I go earlier not a part of the wrestle mania has that feeling of condolence and I'm not the you never know what's gonna happen now I go last year you took comic scene some in U every story took on the undertaker. That they are you balmy 99 being me just. You never know what might mix it up with. Buddhists while the rocks doing all this craziness. The lights go out. Ray why in the Wyeth family come out and whose dislike all might come. This is amazing he's gonna get mixed up with and it was a quick low paying but it was awesome then Xena comes out place erupts for him. The final absence makes people like John Sina yeah of course out pot but a lot of you are talking about the from the rains in the reaction from him. And and I'll be on like a rewrite all your you know if you reboot out of there and it was while there are a lot of boos for him. But when you find a spoiler alert when he did win. It is considered a benefit that that the. He went over I mean obviously still all. Majority people brewing but it was a lot less and are a lot more people cheering from the were originally so that's cool he won people over I still get annoyed with only some some fans are days when I hate the guy for what. He took away a spot that was meant for Daniel Bryan I think. Chris you know if you're offered a great job opportunity you should just give it to someone else right say hey we wanna make you the face of our organization who and agree immune to be the next John CNET knob brown. Now Duncan guy over here EU he might want a more right it didn't do that this guy's been doing it longer now of course you gonna take you go to take the opportunity year old with that I think that guy great things are ahead of him. Hopefully eventually left this the Smart at all from Smart. Cole fans and you're through do you see something else they were what eventually stop being such picks him because. He always puts on great matches he's always entertaining it actually AJ Francis from the hawks who hung out with us now Friday morning we were. Don't go out like he's not also like similar tequila and off he's not like a wrestling fan for the sake of being like you know a marginal he's super fan. She's a super fan and it wrestling and he's such a nerd when we were talking when he was on me in the 9 o'clock hour it would just he was talking about comics and mystical I am doing this and business select. This is the coolest thing ever asked is so cool to hear that I mean yes sure he's like a normal guy but he just you never think. That right you don't think he's gonna be that obsessive yet like maybe a watch or from time to time now he knows stuff he brings up my past paper views and knows that car didn't that's cool and I wish I would have done this with him we run of doing something else I did as you went down dissent it's AT&T stadium super early just so we get situated. But he went on what they caught him wrestle mania bar crawl are the ressam the media crawl okay. And it's raise money for Connor security threats occasion O'Connor was a young kid that Daniel Bryan embraced him in the make away Asian. Who's there for wrestling it's very sadly passed away from his battles and I think cancer Vietnam. Say raise money for it on this crawl. And AJ was on the crawl. Watching his Twitter page apparently for X amount of dollars you can pay to have AJ give you the Ric Flair. Chests to slap coach east oh my god I saw some of the pictures and they were like. If you believe me that the so harsh. And he's like I can't believe that I'm doing this for charity yeah did you yeah I if you. Here's some money now hit me as hard as you can yeah slap off the Omaha. I had a file time file wanted to videos I mean for you guys are your weekend while looking for this while I play magic so that was cool yeah but it does not compare to. It could. The weirdest thing I think Kevin realize that I'm just as insane as he is that a key kept me joke about it they got a man got really keep up with me I wanna do business in this well. You know we get this flyer has has made that twelve at midnight after wrestle mania there's an after party there's a three hour in the show going on using I don't know if we don't like that's still it. Ground my phone and order the tickets paid as a 25 box perfect data let's go. We stay I thought we were released if I can power we stayed till the very end while and it was yeah our guys are two peas in a pod at that point I saw some of his pictures side either on his FaceBook prisons to Graham and he loves to just is key doubt as you sound right now are did he was out in the time he couldn't believe it like especially. For him seeing as they TJ Stiles walked by and yeah thin dollar and Samoa Joseph these guys are like icons in the indie scene before they jumped into the WB and given the huge indeed from wrestling fan. So to be able died. Talked to them interview them get pictures retirement it was I know he was a big ECW fan yeah and so yeah I was in Samoa Joseph stuff like that is definitely a tree got the CI Tommy dreamer at the gap yeah yet so I'm that he was Saturday night. Who SATA I lose no Friday night. I was Texan AJ Francis and the Mike came and we have to and after next to you wanna meet up. Verb beer and the guys they will go back to the hotel we're staying out which was high which is where all the wrestling cons are going on Darryl me there. We are there and the bar is his marine. I walk up I see AJ the eyes light up the next day I go over tomorrow he's a sitting and talking today nasty voice. Wow just hang in our band. Hang in how it all these different got a base is there are VD. Are at a resort is assures our media in real. He was sitting most of tomcat uses bull crapping with us as Israel short game so I'm not. You're talking to some ladylike got estimates are former WB diva. And anytime the people came up be stopped what used Owens talking super cordial super -- only if price super break to go yet I have yet mr. pork money. But yet do everything about it was just so much fun I'm trying to find that the slap chop. That I lost laptop yeah. Seen those are the ones that gorgeous so like I mean when Ric Flair would do them. You could hear them from anywhere in the stadium so it just you can give people who wanna do that AJ Francis is it. Forget monster gazans are either defensive linemen guys say yeah all of this whole do you have a question no hope. But let's just is like a bad idea and if people are doing it for charity pet here's a preview red raised over a hundred bucks for Connors cure at mania crawl by people paying to have me. Nature boy you Ric Flair chop them. Pass tag only in America because they're here and easier to find audio stereo. Mine come on sun. I was seeded Dallas to chess straight there slew. Dennis thanks yeah RA. And cool so you guys and I am authority look here today you're paying for it in new you're paying for it. She's. Matt McKenna because it back candidate no way home we're. I do I think a big show slap chop so yeah and I was between tours of ground beneath kind of went backwards it was Armand. Slap me connect itself so loud. God there's like a picture of one guy the after the. That's awful awful awful awful I don't know what's going you won't know you've given us a big boy it is they do that. Feeling I was thinking when you. Relate first starting this whole story off fight it's you know it's for charity like Al Thurman and I. It's fake and Russell say yeah well hey hey guess what wrestling has hit a fat fake you don't still got to make those noises muscle man yeah. I would pay. If they did fifty bucks so that AJ Francis doesn't chaps off and just slap chop you Idec here's my money yeah I can I get a picture resulting castle please look Lindsay to go out I think women if you look at the as far as me and people got to meet the diamond Dallas page com that's I know that he one of the got to follow on Twitter did DDP yoga with him. I know we were thinking about that but it was too close to wrestle mania I'll carry the same day oh yeah how closes celebrates his sixtieth birthday arm wrestle mania I looked at Hadassah is he good god and he was one surprise entrance in the back of the big battle royal over there was about a royal asks why Schaub isn't it. Course sure why not try to put a fright I tomko was that it. To talk pistol rounds are gods and I think that says everybody at AT&T stadium because oh my god my just Katie and indulge your listener and other Sam Roberts wrestling podcast she's. From I think mind she's been talking about when the royal rumble she's like. To talk about a show up to talk like she's like I don't know why but she's a and it's Tonka weird so when all of a sudden he shows up first thing I Donovan I'm sure everybody else that knows his podcast that we locker I really did matter like I -- Taylor and all right now is losing her mind she retreats at the core aspect. Cisco's CI guys like Tom Rosenberg and the GP guys those guys walking around the stadium button. Are like rock stars because it's here. Everybody does somebody if you weren't cheap he wrestling the podcast T shirts they had a big meet up we were gonna trying go to at a bar and I guess it was just packed. That's a feel good for those guys that they're doing because they love it but obviously they're hoping that they have a lot of listeners and and bad lie and they did a great job there radio row is while the new day were definitely a highlight. Bomb mean Sasha banks not once but twice was fined moss two good fit all of this and Saturday night get invited to dinner that's like some mostly for the foreign Preston but I got an invite as well which is pretty cool use an accent. And how Lou I MC Steve. It's the zoo can tell you guess which language I speak. Just I don't know I got my husband I saw some turning from in New York frenzy okay yeah the New York frenzy Steve makes. So I'm thinking I'll though that maybe a couple legends might show up if we're lucky if not it's at a six steak house call though YO steak house in which. And they were just curious bunch of finger through man I was having a field they just did the guy wanted to waiters loved me and cabin because of the concerns of a ten dollar tip after being nice does he kept. I can be a fresh keep him bring her around first people who come to just take a major why I like some guys. Just power it down then I got a buffalo filet. Boom it's unbelievable how is on San much but I would just after Bosnia on looking after my fears okay you reiterate radio guys are not honest and an animal different. Cop and something and I'll go to FiOS. It's a media people some people that work for the WW this is gonna be a lot of fun out really pumped about this are just excited now to some of my. You can install ziglar. There's Becky lynch. All they're Sasha picks hold their Scully stepped in seemed horror of the future dragon's cool. On that since sorrow. Three Bala and they're not just an advantage is there to make a quick time by. They're just I haven't asked why ain't cool there are posting up talking to people they were working the crowd like they were hosting the party. And could not be more friendly Becky lynch Brad I know you're ready everything for this year Tom Karl aha if you would it matter you might just be like you know what I can't get married I already Mosul in a restaurant I've just fantasizing about being with our actually early mr. nice you're so very and cesium were gorgeous in person. Melee like and also the fact that she was cool I struck in the double Warren's but I felt bad like asking for a picture because she was just about to start eating six. I don't care is fine I could just Kabila and stomach now series you'll come back and say now that. And then shaking can you hold the play a lot and I am I got to temperatures are taking a rich old the play and I multi tasker I can't. I got this. There are super nice but that was like. They're run the summit had Sasha and already got a picture of you earlier wrote a kind of wanna get one now or both dressed up nice. This is radar gun and start talking about how much fun she had the morning doing the interviews. The best though was. So cleese took comes over he's a masked wrestler. In its field has his belt as you take a picture then seemed car comes over. Am talking with him and it's so weird to talk with the mast future door again because he speaks perfectly fine English. And he's got a he's mask covers his mouth but you know he still can talk moves got a weird like Andy's eyes are covered with a win a mask is he can't really tell if he's even looking at you know bourbon a full on like long in depth conversation about just stuff. Delays or size I guess is this economy out of my wife just. Because you're all right eating and I can't eat. And there and saw Michael. Command chief to Damascus that describe replaying sneak off into the battery in this on the whole thing that's weird they said slav really maybe I should. Now we are a little think it's a weird only gets weirder now. It's. I are you real quick turns stormy apiece and me every picture that he took a little boy has got to get a word that media badge that's right. The but it was so much fun be I know I gotta get running into a meeting in sorry if you're not a wrestling fan it's yet another podcasts of me miss slobbering about this year wrestling podcast we'll move on next week we'll be back to know I know your bread on occur in the rodeo they're going to be coming in so we sad news about them not to bother anyone now another buddy of mine I don't know this is a bad year for basis and people that once played in the band with me. My but he sugar passed away died in a motorcycle accident Ivan top Damon are off. But it's fine and not find that obviously it's awful but he was one of the founding members of the rodeo. We've brand yeah around that time in addition to do not him and I were starting a new band with myself and Matthew from Peter Parker when we broke opera like buses to abandon me like sugar. Just total sweetheart nice guy. And our band name is lab alma yeah laughs return for got a band they like you know I and he was Matthews why we Klesse as the vagina is. I'm like that's a terrible idea answered yes that's a terrible idea but I think it's hilarious was doing it's it's how I voted. Sorry guys Nader doesn't resign is rice Shaw never played a live show no I don't at a map through that I had a hard time getting up Bob bookings our time is the vagina is yes I think he could have figured some them out then I'm sure that's not going to be wanted to bands that are brought out on the sugar appears nobody knows rather than the three of us that there we were starting a band called the vagina as but we're abusing that merged able right she did. It appears that. Awesome awesome DR Gerald talk more of Brent about it because I'm sure he's got even more stories to assist to truck traveled the world together. But it's just awful man beat. I don't know how it happens a new user responsible motorcycle driver you always love getting on his Harley. A man just. And I'm just speculating I would imagine ya hit. Winds up having to pay attention mount lose bankers in not only don't just take your one mirror check them both for your flip your head around I know I've I see that from experience I almost hit a motorcyclist once 'cause I wasn't nineteen CM in my blind spot but if I would have actually made the effort to turn my head I would have seen them. And then he continued for several miles let me know that I was number we don't. Which is nice and deserving I did enjoy it can get mad at the damage your right Al paramilitary leaders like well. One quick last story speaking of Kevin. And I was joking about the badly triggered memories we go to an annex. These events were all wearing wrestling shirt and all wearing black T shirts right traffic baseball caps in it so. We get into the venue and I I lost Kevin first I guy go others Kevin. Now why I love triangle peak site you go off I go up from behind him and I mean in NATO I meant I go to the bathroom you wanna go. God turns around. I can't deny. I know I didn't look that I go months. And he knows me like you want to show him what I wanted to doesn't you. Don't had a rather if you they don't write my dad and you know. Evidence that that's what you realize is how bad it is left. Job. I give above sorry I got a guy out that's all aluminum bats and ebersol. Minimizing damage that it worry you at this if I asked stranger who wanted to go party would meet. All men are wrong I got a media how should I really had a run because the meeting with the big boss so close. Now simulate for that one kids and life. Lesson to not be late for your meeting with your big boss. Iowa next week I said Brett Thomas Kerr and the rodeo will be joining us to get a big top ten year anniversary show. And are now you're doing in honor of my sugar through every game. May he rest in peace. So get things back to normal next week but thank you guys listening thanks for all the great feedback from all the wrestling fans. On our big podcasts act radio row over estimated 32 huge fans my five. Jill from the WW we know we had just awesome he always talks about and what. Not just him but everyone is WW big treat everybody like goals they know how to do it they know how to handle it. And it's such an easy organizational work great when they do without my so thank you joke. He listens to them makes Jessica that you pretty awesome page are great moment he gives up passes and not make any sort of pass and then Kevin goes this get a fax daisy goes. Nobody does that mean it's it got passed back I don't know how I cannot go. They've bothered everybody.