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BJGN 03-14-16 - Tom Clancy's The Division

Mar 14, 2016|

The gang talks TV, including: Gotham, Supergirl, Once Upon A Time, and Legends of Tomorrow; Rev reviews Tom Clancy's The Division; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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    It's and Michigan cheese and ice and get your game on Vernon Wells introduces Tuesday night gaming opened the public every first Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PM pretty deep friends did you game on a very well tabletop video RPG's and more seen as little or Boise like Tuesday night damion Fletcher geeks like quiet Vernon Wells is the season for cold retired to the parlor and Vernon Wells for winter themed games such as the song of ice and fire living tar game twelve days and more recently warm delicious
    the ones that you hear the beginning any end of each podcast Vernon Wells . They're actually doing something really special with this so we've got David in John in a with us today for this type guys doing today. Pretty good all right nice and so. First off emerald city comic con is one of the biggest comical lines in L would definitely in the Pacific northwest but also on the West Coast and you guys are actually doing something really cool because Vernon Wells is going to be having a lounge at Emeril so become a prime. Yeah we're gonna do something a little bit different we're going to have come a place for our members to hang out and relax and not have to do all. Stand on their feet. All day long and my age old by the way for you don't know because he set our members GO members we've away what are you talking about members with Vernon Wells members what do I have to be in a summary anyway after they could try to do I have to Vietnam War machine from Mars what are you talking about her business Vernon Wells you speak of sir because I. Well you may actually introduced at my. Well I got that I think I wanna know I'm a member before I go visit your lunch. Actually because I think if you can never tell people too many times how cool Vernon Wells this Libby. Let me do this I'm gonna put John on the spot here. He's one of our members. And what is Vernon Wells in your work. Spoke. Vernon Wells is that awesome place you can go to always find someone a nameless dom and he has really matter what kind of
    it's hard for people find that but now there is definitely would Vernon Wells AAA Haiti then. For people with like minded activities and it's something more is is just as simple as if you wanna
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    doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells . Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes

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It's and Michigan cheese and ice and get your game on Vernon Wells introduces Tuesday night gaming opened the public every first Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PM pretty deep friends did you game on a very well tabletop video RPG's and more seen as little or Boise like Tuesday night damion Fletcher geeks like quiet Vernon Wells is the season for cold retired to the parlor and Vernon Wells for winter themed games such as the song of ice and fire living tar game twelve days and more recently warm delicious like duties are tied for fellow attendees to ward off colds or receive half off your first drink. Ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering. Vijay cheesy things. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shea is keep the nation on the river and toy go across for me is Vicky Barcelona. Are. We've got Chris walker walk like if the land of ten new. It's the goalie enjoy it says something something tied it. I'll be out and we've oh it is applied and that's very important now. I ace and the show's namesake mister Vijay Jay hey she's over there apparently legend passed there is no hiding. And running the boards is none other than it's rather G. He likes pack big he has good people get all of us. Well you can check out our web tries to add the pod cast everything is on there Vijay geek nation dot com. Feel like on face the question for BJ she's keeping nation he can also follow us on Twitter and instead Grammy instant read. BJP nations and the Texas in his voice not won any 02243353. Or do we should listening not PG geek nation edging up less sun. And that doesn't it seem to YouTube dot com slash BJB nation college videos they get to videos and it's Friday's he might find us if you're really looking. Press at at our local Plaistow. But we also. I live are now do fire from here. Other is Arizona street are 35 cars more places tremendous and what are your marriage I noticed at least 3 in Seattle why am I then there's its right now her husband's early academy with a perfect as that this pizza pie count. Contents impact of food to beat the back. I wanna start off oh we are toxin TV on the Orioles are doing live TV we did hint at Gotham this one did something I didn't expected to do because. In oddly all the iterations of the villains for the most part we've either seen them before. Or we'd been duped by like the Joker I had characters they're just kind of gone away like fire bug was just a minor one that. I am has had done her thing and then moved on. I didn't expect to see mr. freeze the way we did at the end of this episode when we add that. Thank you all mr. freeh is here are some things some not something we've had from leasing any the other normal or as one of the older ones yeah absolutely I don't expect that especially because. Because at that and the mid season finale. Last year they showed him with the goggles and everything yeah so if she's already basically mr. freeh is an origin you tell us how he became. You know them the broken version he's already run around freezing people yap like I did you do that or you kill him at the end and he never becomes apple with the whole Indian hill saying. I think we're gonna see it yet but I think that's my thing I say hey it's one of those things where you'll see the origin and then some years later when baby Matt becomes the real bad man. As in mister freeze will come back with his suit because I mean he was wearing a suit they've done all these beings and their -- oh he'll go away I didn't expect at the end the episode to see him with the white hair in the glowing blue lies columns are you doing now you never do it forever to see you real bad man right yeah so it has to be now I thought they were never gonna do it. Yeah yeah it is so it was it was actually a really pleasant surprise to see this because. I definitely wanna see more of of extra Fries and now in two mr. freeze. Why did I think it makes sense of the story line because there he's going to be crucial to helping seal gallon that plagued. The return the author Richard feel gallon and we know he's coming that we've seen the promotional pictures yet. And I really museum and an a little bit of that Indian hills seen yet the very end of the episode you have when you see him in a little tubes it was pretty awesome of that adds I'm wondering I couldn't tell if there with we saw anybody else that we continuing need those other two observed didn't and I did have an earlier episodes we have seen British Tony yeah receives officially from behind. OK I don't he has missed it since I actually stepped foot don't ordinarily he couldn't yeah FEMA misery can tell that's finish. And then got planning to last week there was speaking of people would choose the word that we heard forefinger and. Yeah. Yeah I mean really got a little an extra set and I hope it's man back. I you know be really cool when I'm getting rid of sandbags or clay feet so slightly slightly and my daddy so I think it's good to. I think man that's a better call for got a phone I think it especially old though we just did a story where a man is trying to save his wife by creating a super stand out there I didn't transmit to a must surely that's exactly the same story from inventing and every street pay when we heard when you see the -- gallon any sealed tubes at the very end this episode I thought I recognize somebody year kinda looks like somebody in the second sued. It kinda looks like Jerome. All real and they I don't know like Harry it's kinda reddish there's a couple other unidentified men one guy missing an arm can give us. About what was going all gallon as a real thing happening now which flies out it has you're going to delve as reasons the moment I blurs into my act fast path and obviously John as real to me the whole time. So I by the way and areas that Susan McDougal be proud to see Israel as real yeah this is not a bad man turned this from a little book called the Bible. Total I don't know veggies so I have bowl is that is that a good seller I read it in Spanish stimulant that. I know exactly yeah I was as open as the Spanish as of the end but I don't I'm guessing I was. I just say it's flooded out so to. Well tarmac building though it could epithets at any character that's died essentially fair game now. Yeah yeah this season because I don't like their own Lazarus pits staff at this point it's little like you the Lazarus factor we're gonna yeah harsh on the Indian hill resurrection factory. I would look at all those two utility I could figure I would hope for was Solomon grundy. I just need because met in Disney's fun and that's just the meat loving zombies kind of hoping for something like that. But I can see them not whining d.s I think memory is here too because well they believe dumb things that are ridiculous Solomon grundy is. Feet yeah animal you have could see nice I'd heard he's just a zombie or. She's he's a departure that I think also clean king charge fairly base loves problem yes yes are you taking charges they face the same problem and that does not have a problem amen does not have that problem. I do have a theory and in fiscal insurer in the show I called it first OK then I'll let Nordisk has seen all the tunes that everything. I don't think that miss mrs. freezes or thrice and mean is dead yet doesn't really G and act as she she didn't crash it no doubt but I feel like they have taken or. An Indian hill they will not help her or sell a mr. freeze about her too because he's gonna try focusing every. And he's gonna eventually find out breakout have a ceiling and then you know create his own little ice layer vote no why would they keep nor alive who isn't good lead why does he frustrated eighty interest keeping nor a lot just in case she ever needs it as like the extra card like around leverage and why wasn't easy like if if he's because don't leverage all against this guy he would use it and we slate we saw Mimi meet face cracked. He hits it right now he's like okay well I don't I don't live in the box my entire life this little I don't know what the hell's going on I was trying to kill myself son is gonna play along and I can't. Theoretically filth and here. Yes and and execute two mr. freeze after his story is only hours my caddie Hugo strange kidnapping and in the books though isn't she still frozen well in the books in the books it's weird 'cause they're the most the doctors zero nobody cared about him and hit it at that there was an episode abandoning animated series called heart of ice. And that is the story where she is still frozen and he's trying to find these guys trying to find a short that is without a doubt the best mr. free story that is an Emmy award winning episode mom and it was like the six steps of the season Paul Dini won an Emmy for writing it and it. It's not a big part of why and it became so huge. On that series so that's cartoon. And stand that is the only time a story exists the most recent mr. freeze origin story had him obsessed with a woman named Norah who wasn't even his wife. And then she like died. And then he'd try to fight her cure that Arnold had a wide because of that and the animated series that's why I can't think he's gonna have possession of her again but the fact her body is that's one cartoon who did that once a twenty minute span of time it is not that Canon's story. I don't Sullivan all let me bring you up or dying was they basically did that story now fields are dead end because now he can be freeze like this. That was the mr. freeze story what you're suggesting is that it was only two parts of the mystery story when there's a third Mike. They did this great story to your theory can't be right it also breaks the story. All right. So definitely just him there's more do they did Chile India Arnold Schwarzenegger when she doesn't do it now it doesn't count area. I'm out after the. I'm the floor and many other things did happen we talked about Hugo strange Hugo strange mr. Peabody. The these true villains are really of this this arc. GAAP and mr. nice people now in an earlier prejudice seasons penguin yeah I know you're gonna love him that much and then he is that turning and as head because now he is jazz apparently. Scream with England via the arc. Glib and all of the the VR has since the populist he strap that and throw some terrible colors that is phase in the end of brainwashing him into playing some duct duct dues. It was it was pretty crazy to see him. Give turned into that think it's all a dream but then like he really looking like he was just who bird drugged out. Even when bullet Ginn now Gordon relive candlelight all man he is well he's insane memorize a news. Me and Gordon. Is having an issue with that because Gordon though is that penguin knows a lot about payments we can't have a battle on all things Iraq is allowed to honor this is a tough one for ways that it felt it did happen and it's the only thing that I know who did that happen out of that was like everyone around like the guard -- they were like well whatever he's just crazy except Hugo strange -- on the surveillance and that's another reason information I'm Hugo has his eyes everywhere and to have large bat man's identity I mean to her cigarette yes and that's the one cause confusion is -- in the books he's the guy who learns Bruce Wayne is that in the odds up first don't ever do self. That is kind of who are. Stranger persons and we talked about those last time but they did that race while plug Hugo strange in I personally think he looks fantastic as he was strange what AD on all the looks amaze so I think there's a bit to be said about this is one of the very best translations and visually for comic book to screen. And it's a race. Wish I was like there have been a lot of people want to say raise a look a lot worse than BD Wong looks like it usually if you don't know BD Wong was the scientist in Jurassic Park and drastic world. It's she you ahead. Of Virginia literally Cognos and that's where you may have seen him before he's in a bunch of other stuff as well but that may be deemed most recent one. I'm going to baby bat Bruce continues to play his role as the surly teenager trying to find out what's going on and find out who killed his apparent personal creepy man he's here is fast we I have to that's a fact we do find out that. He's. Exit Alfredo. Did do a little bit of research to find that it was and Malone or Patrick matches Malone. Who it well and quote unquote killed his parents. A neat he asks Bruce what he believes the next she says next step should be and it's obvious that. Bruce is gonna say he's going to kill the man on any guys. Bruce tells. Or Alfred tells Prius that he will do it because he doesn't want Bruce to have that on his conscious. And then. You know Bruce agrees to that because he wants to help out but he also enlist Celine they give to give him a gun into his big deal yes the preview for the next episode really leads into. All of this happening where he is going to. Find it matches or who he believes killed his parents and he's going to be the one who wants to pull the trigger. That really Ryan's against everything that bad man is Alec the whole point of his trauma is that he resisted the guy like. She even let some of those partners is currencies will not used because he just doesn't like there are so so did any age for swing ask you forgotten. There were I think at this point this is because this is going to be that turning point in that moment where he has to take that why in the road. And decide I am not going to kill people and this is where he gets exactly I will not kill people I would just. Wraparound the oldest brick there let's look at particularly the hospital near and do everything they can't get a job ever. Did you go. So the life of crime has been an innocent lives drink in all their food so they went out and say to people through and all the videos like obviously the previews for the next episode and who has just. Pictures and new opportunities these we are having another Joker. And now. You see old and he's the girl Gloria patio and they'd she's hasn't varied and Joker at school look she heard the blue light make up. Greenish look and short hair though let's stick our things from my girls to the Joker is seen as she's going to be like the hostess of like the underground murder club that we RDC oh sure sure. Adding you should just as she's described as flam boy any Nat Nat made. Eight and Amanda any kind of enigmatic thinking oh. Collisions this. This is going to be better for shooting. And alienating fish rooting. Lawful I I think there's reason to be very different for me I heard all out yesterday now race she will literally be a fish. I'm she and she will be the last few fish shared this. Hope that by the way it's a really classic fabric store managed to defense there's island and those pretty short OK but. I was very and so it's it's going to be really fun to watch what they do with Karen especially after kind of looking at those pictures from the last episode in May be Jerome isn't really gun we don't like I love pilot kind of what do you do with the Joker now it's like according to view it all the time. So you'll never know aren't going to be I think you feel like she's gonna become the Harley Quinn Ted Jerome cheerleaders do you can do it again I. The Joker is gangs from Batman beyond is a good way of them jokers seem without doing the Joker because you can't do Joker like Jeff this is. It to show what you really have Bennett without that means that reason you wanna have joked that in the Joker is the best ways they could do that yet. Who can comment talking about some other television. Super girl who's still watching super girl and I think you give BJ graduation I know I'm back and assume it's a truly hit its stride yeah so the first like six episodes outlets that because I love superheroes. So why would anybody for Bailey's biceps like a third of so truly. Early cameo on Monica's semi what my daughter and I are like really are we gonna continue this but then they were like hey we're gonna make this a superhero show where zeal lands in a sex and and you know what day and Melissa and I see she's really she she's grown on me god she sold it to and knowingly adorable. You know if she is like red white and blue as you know apple pie and Chevrolet she is super girl. Yes yes he's great at and it's that governor for a second season congratulations that's our sons highlight James you know I I like James Olson night yelling and rich I think they you know I did it and their own way I think that it's you know the shoah is hitting its stride there you know it's if and I'd like I am and I don't. Martian hunt right liked I'd like Hank I had a lot yeah it's really cool and we were there wasn't and so last week but before that we had good introduction of the Brady hack. Yeah that was findings showed up. He and I like that actor. I prayed I forgot the name I know we seen another star Leander fortunately since it was actually several Smallville. All aliens arrested and she was also envy I think she was also the daughter in the new version of the out. Scioscia I like I didn't know she was super Roma nice yes she's been zero smashes she's brainy activists we sobs legion firing in this in this for salts used to have or or really I think you were CC are nuts yeah we don't ask don't you think Brady next the next big nemesis to us. Nice one at that all the big names of their missing him but its original Lex Luther like bring act was the last one they needed it had toy man. You know they've got this natural order is our roads and started having they had bizarrely and sorrow and then this one pretty action doomsday I've lost big to happen to run marketed reduced does that help I didn't know I was there gonna save doomsday for Batman or Superman and whenever we were filibuster or the free access to begin predicted that it any other television no shows that you guys who want to discuss the. And once upon a time just started again what I'll ask Villanova on watching mad if they're now going into the underworld of I had every watch the last episode of lost seasons can't remember what was going on 'cause. So much happened so many characters everything in for those oranges I interest that I like the idea that not doing the same freaking story over and over again like. You go back to the other world you know we all come back. And we we don't worry he's not a happy and they're actually going to come. A write a few wrongs have you I have used every fabled Jen no I don't have alibi the Mueller gets a big big books start about two weeks ago halfway through the third trade of course you are it's hope. Good Senator Obama did they ask why have a hard time we let him do about it I know what that's what they see the once upon a time the grim I've heard stuff I mean I know people say it's good. But after you it's just I'm spoiled with fables it was a big deal winning into such a great job. No I have the last couple trades because as he does come to an end to pretend it along time ago but I refuse to really likes you excellent sign off yeah I don't want them and. So I had not. Progressing in these sorry guys there's so I know I do we ended well you stop three. Like the last place I was that was on display he is certainly was brotherhood there's a certain character that's you know we don't know they're gonna come back. And I don't wanna know they're not gonna come back into CNN that cannot come back at best I don't know if they're doing come back but it made a comeback looks like the one. Time is Timmy has the comments the comment like myself off from my age. Michael what I might like comfort food because like I agree I watched an episode from the first season with a buddy wants because he was watching it. And I forgot how good that shows start off yeah Vienna chill up it's a good finish it would Benny show you have that many seasons. It's going to not be as great I watched the first two seasons that. Really enjoyed it yes start off strong so what do USO compare that to fables and what you are no comparison to life can still do television I guess they're not so did you Vijay feels that could benefit I I don't I want to visualize what I traced this book it has already one of the best comics in Maryland this is really one I all know how ridiculous you McCauley and he likes guys is it's up there has standards like sandman and stuff laid out one of the rules reality one now. And I don't talk about the show and like because I'm trying to eat a lot to BJ but I know that each has a huge cult following I know that to the actors are going to be that until they see on the names. But Freddie Gina and calm down. Regina Captain Hook are gonna be emerald city comic con game doing signings and nice and I noted two characters I I have to give her props she's such a fantastic program. And so big it has huge cannon I think they have a look like they're older once upon a time mini convention going on somewhere. Sometime in the future. It's on loan Emma you look at has ME season so you know has feel like you and yes absolutely. So I what I won't put it down is CA and and we'll just have tables and current C I think Vicki would love fables because I dark. I really do is just you know I only have so much money in the Sony comic books is now I guess having read fables of the late BJ if I had read this before the show started I wouldn't I would have been McGwire well I don't have the Eagles jacket and that's what I and that's labor ASEAN was like hey what do you think you ignorant of tales who don't forget about it and you. Somali clothing is in the way I got its start hooked on it is that my roommate was watching and she wants the very last that says he's one. And just like Kelli wrap it up I reading a life and I want to know why do you go together but it probably would I don't know continents. So I have to ask the goalie about legends of tomorrow because that's another show that I'm kind of like oh man high wire act. I want to show to hit its stride. It seems that they saw not the people that they don't think your existing anyway. It's just what's happening on the show which is unfortunate because. It looks like just putting up my two favorite guys they you know from flash. You know and that's Kathy called. And you know. Yeah I am enamored Rondo because they're so good these IG so super over my own sake why would you split those two guys on less sense in terms of anyone has a cold in the fired anyway I think it's I think it's a mister X model we paralyzed so I don't know week and a half behind mount this outcome but because the way that. Works out that's all my joy in March Madness TI's where it's really where they're legends is still going on even though slash narrower things Hamas in March Madness. Where mom but so legends the the last one ended with like it looked like Cole was about says take out heat wave that's what I look like I have the big mr. acts like icy icy cold and he went on a lot they're partners but they are also polar opposites yeah that's part of lynched in nature of their relationship. I think this was a bit much yum although I do like that met throughout this show we showed heat wave. Well he's not the leader called his he's the criminal called is yeah he's been demanding respect the whole time. And and cold has not showing it to him but lake. Flash still gonna continue it for that reason they're not going to be keep cold had killed his best friend you know that would change the nature of -- start too much that I think is just some missed direct. Guess so yeah yeah well no way to weaken the real drama happens when you're not watching exactly I'm hoping now I'm hoping that doesn't have as I really love those two really really deal. Death death and and how are you with me I and the thing is is that I I like. I Rory and I forget is that is name the got to please rip punter. He's insists he is easy is irritating in the comments this is not the greatest sports really think I think character's very unlikable right now. They key figure of hundreds gonna die. Arthur Domtar not color everything I know he's not like I don't want into I think that it would make a really neat thing if this team with how much time master we're like we still need to solve this problem we have to figure this out and groans. And I yelling punt you're usually he is like a total teams in the comics OK good what are the protagonist so if he is sometimes what he is he's not that much of the stick till late in a bit in the Bristol gold comics is the one telling Brewster gold how to treat time with respect so he's like that I he's he's the wise master and that works but in this one he's sort of the night you guy and a crusade yeah and yet how would you like all the all the characters out shining and rip punter who's supposed to be here. And an and we love we love I love Arthur dharma because he plays a degree Rory who. Doubt what I just thought that was the character who was outshine Lisa our show about China Doctor Who and boy you Rory did step up a lot when he wasn't supposed to be the main guy he was the third wheel that on that show because it was just Amy and it was Mets miss doctor. And Rory had some great great stuff done by Arthur so yeah I it's. Hopefully they write him better because I want to like I wanna like a good I like Arthur. Yeah that show so I initially thought the show's going to be in episodes 90 to be sixteen. And I'm wondering if maybe they should have stuck with east because it's not high grade got first season in episodes and some of them are like well we can't we can't afford sixty episodes that I had a great effect so that some of them are just sort of light Lakeland this last one was there fighting and tied pirates in the tiny stream yet what is fun but like. And it's not the big event television now watching wanna go to a different time all received Elena Jonah hex on a C starter turns version of green arrow and those are also home I don't play tied pirates was needs but. It wasn't the legends of tomorrow Pete's. Yeah you're absolutely right it's lovely and so they look like filler yeah NN and that's unfortunate because I think of that the first season many might feel the Walking Dead the original Walking Dead yeah you know like into the badlands give them a limited season see how they do. And then you know get some cash to do right. Two dollars and sixty lessons can be so plot Haiti if you're trying to get people host on this plot PLC the plot going the whole time right set of waiting till that ended the season from an and it's still obviously don't have the special effects money because what they do they have enough money. They always leave the professor and the dude in our they're both sides of every now so like I. It's firestorm here haven't they Sue Bird. You'd slide it should fire he should be held and they said. I don't think in a separate field the other what was the banks are males on the ship you guys like you said one of them are on the mission when you could have a thus superhero we need him to always say if if they didn't always ended legends of tomorrow he always comes up. Also there's a clear I have. Have a firestorm made on the that I suppose that I got back Atlanta community. Move moving on from that. I wanna talk about. Again that was released last week well that is no we can't we have still all right okay on this is Tom Clancy's the division I Gareth talk a little bit about this but essentially what happens is New York's beaten New York becomes a battle field. Where you have to go and run around and do missions kind of destiny style. And with the gears of war third person overview. Look. Did it did this story mode is kind of interesting at das at this point but like I said it say it's it it's an MMO shooter just like destiny is you run around and open map and tell you get into your match making where you can either go solo. Group with friends or just do random groups of people. You're looking to do on contain or take back New York as a member of the division. Which they just say is a group of people who armed just know they are the last line of defense. Penalize you usually aren't these sort of games. And from that that point you have to go runner on do you missions to takeover you a new based. I'm not too deep into the game right now I'm only level six. That's because the game as hard as ask this game is rough if you get into a place that's like with most MM though is if you're going up against someone who's like levels set in or you're in an instance as may be a level or two above view you can usually take it out way out a little bit of work. No oh vote not in this one not only do they scale with your levels so it's whoever's the highest level in your group is going to be the levels which can make it really our old man it's also if you have like a full group of like four people. They just they said it. Tons of people like you. And it's for the Xbox it's for the PS four and it's also the Xbox one PS four and it's also for the PCI. Data for the PC. It's a lot of fun the graphics are beautiful you just got to make sure that you can run it. It's a new game so that means that they you do have to get an updated graphics card may treat to have that if you just Google can Iowa running it. There's a website that has a list of all games that you can do and I've seen the I'm I'm watching because of the openings he looks like you can also adjusted to pretty much whatever you've got day may not be the greatest looking exactly exactly my buddy he he hasn't updated his computer about five years because normally we display like legal legends are heroes of the storm which does it doesn't take a whole lot of graphics. And he had to turn down the graphics to the minimum for this and he said. The trees and rocks still look like paper machete from that they can play it on so yeah you just have to make sure that she can do that. But it's a lot of fun it's very engaging you can do a ton of side a side quest to -- up yourself dude I'm Logan is seen here or reason to worries in New York minute snow on the ground it looks real yeah that's a realistic looking video I'm looking at gala when it changes from data -- when it's raining it's it's very immersive on that SE some steam blowing out their -- I mean less than those graphics are amazing I I'm I'm assuming these are PCK yeah I would more likely assume that that because as I haven't for the peace I haven't seen it for neither console too soft and right yes it's at Ubisoft games so pretty ask you they do you will have to you -- subscribe to their EU placed system it did subscribers the wrong word we just have to sign up for it it's a free but it's so like Jesse whose pay once he gets split yes and it's it's essentially like. If it's also on steam but you still have to have that you play count. I paid for Z I found a deal online seek and search for those I think they went through green man gaming to give the gold version. Which gives you the game a bunch of little extra add ons like they'll have and also a season pass for the year so you get all the DLC for the year because they're already planning on doing a lot of that stuff thanks it's a lot of fine I suggest you play I suggest you get all your friends and fear which console you want to play it on because you want a group with people on this it's a lot of fine. It's chaotic. And you'll need people with visual dialog. It's a question at this is not the kind of game are we don't wanna play and also the kind of game that would force me out of it fast first ball. So what you said about the leveling thing it sounds like if not the same level as my friends I don't get to play with them you well here's the thing I've been only playing with some friends or the match from the match making or go. For whatever zone you're in so like you this is like oh it's syllable five to seven zone. Those people if you just do random match make nude beach you in with that. But it will do you go up in up to the top of the level whoever it is so if you're with a group of someone who's like ten. And your like five. Yeah you're going to be mostly useless it really seem because it seem like after Meeks has almost five with a level seven guy and I don't think I was doing anything to levels yeah. He just didn't feel that way dose level those in close enough to be additional depleted its that's a design flaw it's two levels means. If it's my buddy plays for an afternoon because I had work and now we can't play together anymore. The music major multiplayer game that ultimately it is it is weird on that and because having not played enough of it with a group being I'm not a 100% at that so slight bounce out I'm hoping it balances out I'm also hoping that. I'm just out since I was new at the game just wasn't very good. And trying to figure out the game so it's just going to be one of those four I'm not a 100% on that and whether or not. It that's really going to be a factor moving forward to the level test this I don't even know that's his voice any kind of had that problem at this has such a low low level cap yet after about a week or so like you guys really played through the campaign and then from there and you're gonna be it singles harmony also Muster really don't for the post game stuff. Yes it could be that that you're just low enough level where there's big discrepancies about tiger at twenty everybody's fine yet and maybe if there's some deep nationals out there who have played a little bit more I mean literally the story mode for me I'm mad twelve point 5%. Not very deep into it only level six. On the are having a blast so far on the same sort of loose thing with any sort of those games and with destiny find new armor new guns. I'll cover based combat imagine yourself yes it is cover based comment and that is when the big diss you want to be cheesy cover zero degrees there's the risk in ghost recon and they've never ended up happening there you pretty much yeah yeah yeah it's it's it's definitely along those lines on the if you play games like that you play games like gears of war. You should bill fall into a very quickly. And I found that I like those games on PC more thing console because the controlled Sima just a little bit little little less responsive than that which. I memos are a lot better in the PC just because everybody can communicate camp yeah I can type and nobody uses mics on console anymore yet pretty much in this what has integrated microphones as well so audio and but you can also I usually just use mumble with the people a game went it works the same amount and on the if you guys let me know how you feel about the game. Or if you can answer some of those questions we we couldn't quite answer on this one BG DD shinji not a comer post on the FaceBook page. Also with failure on the you play at me read and Fuego I'd love to shoot shooter Ellison nationals. And just a quick update because I've been following this is the only video game I might get in my way for the rest of my life oh ask us like no man's guy is coming out in June June I had a sixty dollar price tag god how wine in hand comes this is one of those it's it's it's an exploration game which I like -- and we don't even really know what they're going to be doing greasy yet they've been kind of vague to be showing a lot of the world's. And what you can do they showed an ice plant and with all the additional so bad all they show you running around on a planet so you can get out on foot and do stuff what they showed already even if it is that bare bones. I apologize ex dolphin and game I play out long enough and actually worth it like there's going to be more than that there's already enough that if you just execute what they've shown us. Then it's worth a pretty excited and I think our analysts are you feel about that about. Of bows Tom Clancy is the division or intermediate we should talk about but now we've got to get to rule us. She Swiss TV. Forty abhors being. And I quick little thing you guys should definitely check out this video it's pretty it's pretty often it's a short the video short it's about ten minutes long. And you would think that you can mix Jane Fonda. Pamela Anderson and scifi manpower. Pool yeah Kelly I understand bar where a lot. I didn't I like you nailed it thank you good night Pamela Anderson played the character named Jackie. Whose work out and chapter who performs for an online audience and assistance self help podcast Malays by Jane Fonda. And hasn't very eerie I decide on the IDG George CK posted this and I watched it O nine it was very. But she does such a good job for being like the sex symbol again she is kind of a sex symbol in this. But she is so apparently. Vulnerable in Tennessee what's kind of going der mine in the way they filmed it was just incredible and the site far apart it's a real creepy so and yet every check it out it's on YouTube nice. Didn't really do those who did you guys know that says Sylvester Stallone is going to be anger into the galaxy volume to what. Cool we knew Kurt Russell was going you never when I don't assume that you will be from Peter quills father yeah nobody. Is we know nothing I think it's ridiculous we know nothing about a villain for this movie. Everybody is like Russell has to be the ones are to be a part of outright I see you beat anybody else and challenge is big LC is just start lords that. Yeah right you we were we we haven't even talked about any sort of villain there hasn't been anything guy's gonna be it could beat Kurt Russell Sylvester Stallone you could host this. Silly I think I saw something that they Sons of Anarchy actor is going to be playing somebody who's going to be hunting rocket wrecked him on. How cool a little. Okay well as local actors and sons and energy. A lot of I look at that but I had a theory about Sylvester Stallone I feel like he might end up playing himself. Like he'd be kind of Peter quell is all about you know you know he need to ship them alana which is like 80s90s and when was Sylvester Stallone really cool also Peter quell has memories of earth. The eastern time are you you are is this reason you're right I did my idea Lila I'm Vicky there are gonna is gonna show you right are you showed he has shown that he doesn't care about earth this is a space movie like we're gonna currency flashback to watching rocky no I think you might like a video like he's his like vision leaders on the pattern out before I don't have -- seventies and actually Peter quill has that like all the guys from the seventies that I like if he's like what twenty some thirty years older something's he would have been a kid in the eighties so the music is from the seventies that such as the music his mom listened -- don't OK you know that that's why. In any of the movie it says a year that united can even on an owner then I. I worry that I think you're right nobody has 1980 something out of the more likely to be he said the mall on a similar kind mother doesn't make a mixed signals of songs in the last two years and that's true to do like the trendiest song it's my trial that drug dead you know he held her Soledad you're probably right back indeed be taken later in the eighties so Tommy plan a plan again most telling flag and he was a got a tormented. Sky in Gotham he was the one that Bruce hired to be determined to oh really I mean silver. Yes so I'm so glad you got that time planning exactly idea I think gladiator as well. Yes and since it need 24 are Braveheart but he's Kennedy says he playing the right hand man of love Michael Rucker is young Bill Hall according to record a young it is ravages are on the have a bounty out on rocking Iraq here and as you would hurry down. I mean what are your kid do you know well. Always what do you think he did every everything it could have so that's at least a little bit the taste of what we think the villain is might be and we we know that mentally blinking and nebula is going to be back we've seen I kept you guys have. Karen battery back Elliott and they've been they've posted his concern. I think she needs Steve because she is a very integral part of the infinity gauntlet. Which and always your values do any government review has so well you like a big dinner and Amex Tony three also gotten more of the Santa osu guardians of galaxy and everything else combined event like this if anything goes back to the infinity gauntlet. Darn thing that's. I use data so bored yet Lou there's no there's some on my on my arms that just won a single and house nothing John Snow thank you talk. I'll for the wind OK all right now one more quick story for weed out irrigate our. This is something we talked about for quite a bitch with noble the force awakens movie. Why is it that's win now lay ill went up and you know after Honda I made it. She went hugged Craig. Dell why yen only Graham. Kind of ignored cannot block after Abrams came out and said Argentines who woke up for dramatic irony I'm like OK nothing matters anymore it's everything and theories. Yup neighbor contention was that you know because you're actually ended Conway like peanut butter and jelly and you just lost the peanut butter. So we might win only going in consult Chileans because Abrams intention was that she was busy trying to help helped get thin help. So while ray and lay an had a connection in the force mommy says that was probably one of the mistakes I made and that. My thinking at the time that you Buckhead despite the pain you ceiling was focused on trying to safe and in getting him taking care of so I try to catch Ibaka golf with him and meanwhile the focus on re. And then have a rays finally and lay a fine grade BA DM being that both of them being shot with the forest and never having met. Would know about each other that laid lay a would have been holed about her beyond what she hence with we saw on screen and ray of course what I learned about lay and and that that reunion would be a meeting and every union on one and sort of commiserate shin of the needs. Their mutual long he's JJ underestimates the fans theories because you are having something mysterious of cui who did this so this is joining us our strategic thing where he was like I've got to be pretty and I think people think about it and William their whole movie is like throwing himself there and click including the ambiguous nature of the fact how is she able to take James bomb the storm trooper and convince him a letter ago when she doesn't is she's not schooled on the force RS. We are forced to take a look at other parts of the movie and wonder well what do we see some you know manifestations of that. They which I thought yeah we know they do that she had led the creature she kept from kidnapping BBA to. But now that I use now is are just because it's pretty excited really feels like I was like this will be cold. Yeah this illegal and this'll be called Abu. Frustrated JJ can be better than like there's there's still have not had heard anything that really satisfies me for she's able to convince James Bond do think I like the idea of over the beginning she debates is that guy but a muscle on that because it doesn't look like Abrams try to do that you're so right which is like me filmmakers have a lot of ego yeah they let you know what they're trying to do a good JJ I mean yeah it you know he why have a mystery. If you're not going to go and take everything you know the look at everything you do with the intention if you just did for the heck of it. What do you do we hear you kinda like local booze and women it's brought us about that this is -- well this goes it's a guaranteed to movies in general right now there's a fan base that will take your stuff apart as freshly you don't you don't need to be so many did you that I once you do it like sixty problems on Star Wars don't need that guy now but I'll tell what 57 you can't just get away with her old plot holes are okay because it scifi the opposite is true now scifi fans and a cool cool color plot holes what's the most movie audiences Zagat. Our I will then thank you very much geeky on that. We got to get out of here do yes all right we've got one runs. Wait I feel about him not to and as well OK okay I was going guy's got one reason the fact that there isn't one really good reason and a big TV is 10 that they got and under the aids or drums and bikinis. Well we can't hear so next time guys sustaining any. It's a Michigan cheese and ice and get your game on Vernon Wells introduces Tuesday night gaming opened the public every first Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PM pretty deep friends it's a game on a very well tabletop video RPG's and more see as little or Boise like Tuesday night gaming Pletcher geeks like quiet Vernon Wells is the season for cold retire to the parlor and Vernon Wells for winter themed games such as the song of ice and fire living tar game twelve days and more recently warming delicious like groceries are high for fellow attendees to ward off a cold here receive half off your first drink.