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Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 87 - OBITUARY

Mar 8, 2016|

This week on the podcast, Kevin returns and tells us all about his trips to Cali and Vegas, Ian's experience opening for Suicidal Tendencies, Ryan almost kills a pizza guy, the dude's become the Cryptopsy Crew, new music by Discharge and Anthrax, there's a new Metal Massacre compilation coming (!), a Soulfly and Suffocation tour has been announced, we get a little political and then discuss more reasons why Bruce Dickinson is a badass. We also added Kevin's interview with Obituary from Saturday March

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Tonight. Backstage pass. What's up my the third welcome back to metal shops backstage pass episode number. 87 you literally just told me and I already forgot Yancy seven man I'm back. Welcome back Kevin. Two week. I many sabbatical I would like oh man it's nice to get outside the northwest for a bit. Get outside get some nice weather I think that's gonna be my yearly routine is during the like. That thick of the winter here in the northwest even though we haven't really had that cold of winter for the northwest. I would go down to Southern California. During the time of the year yeah ironically last week it was really nice here though aren't. But yet I see you got back to discern pissing him everybody again sense about I was in Vegas last weekend I was on. But the good ideas that get you were doing Buick LA into Vegas. In between the two weekends you know to come back here and work. I yeah I am thing Oregon for like. Fourteen days of no doubt that. Depleted my entire bank account right. Yes so I went down to LA and I wait for our friend Tim butchers memorial service he passed away. Late 2015 and so I went down in they had two big memorial shows. For. Here in the morning Sacramento. And one in LA the Sacramento show my ride ended up falling. Falling through. It's my friend had a going to work to someone called out what you judge symbol itself I didn't I was able to make pitches six hour drive which. To be honest I was kind of happy I. In the end that I didn't have to get in the car all day because I went inside at the gates and the haunted. Who both played that harms way and decapitated and how Mona at the glass house had never been that venue before rates him bomb ass right shaking with the civil all the boys and gutsy at the gates is in sick. And held wanna yeah it was incredible and that the venue was really cool. Got to see some record stores down in the area cut to a go to some in sketchy. Boot made its metal stores. That night really weird like I got this Mexican in slayer patch it's like one of a kind. Very very bootleg very colorful and it's our fancy you bring like an empty suitcase to fill Alia with all your. Random it's wag at least flag memorabilia. One of the other things so I wanted to really quick mention that these two shows for Tim butcher or if we're an insane success they ended up by. Now raising 141000 dollars for a Stanley. Of about 141000 dollars and that would be to cover the funeral costs and down for everything does obviously he passed away but. You know it's still cost a lot of money to be in the hospital when he was in the hospital in a coma for that's right so dog god that's got to be. It is very expensive so tens of thousands via exactly. So you know it's not like they're not like dead. Broker or anything but obviously that's that's a lot to have to take on the big burden especially when you end up now you end up losing him to ask that just it's like total. The whole thing just sucks exactly so got to see a lot of great fans reconnect with some friends and seen a long time nomads. Were deemed credible that knew no man's record is going to be a keen publisher between sixteen. Definitely you have to check that out we need to get your hands on the yeah I do and ultimately have a hole in record or who we played them sleep in on media. We got it man who will play a couple songs office metal shop. Be excellent song so nomads is great to mobile was graders knew him lock is really really cool. You probably know sand used to play in. Fresher I think it needs to also plain trash truck really tall drummer guy he sings for that band. And they were great. Also one of the coolest things on my Italy trip was I got to. And visit the offices of nuclear blast in metal blade records. I'm so for the past six years the united been doing metal shop we've been talking with the coupled sweet deeds from both those labels. I just emailing back and forth they send us promo stuff and we always. Go through them to do our interviews it's along this situation exactly so is really cool to actually meet these people in person who gets its war the. Yes finally got to make out here and we got to make out finally got to give them as the problems and for so long yes he's thanks for all the records rock. Yeah I think one for the team to bridge. So I god gave you yell slayer at the end. No it's still game. They have it'll they hooked up some some sick Promos. And we get to talk some trash they they gave us them behind the scenes look at the record label. Yeah I was just really cool that's cool and closer to home that are obviously paying huge supermodels and world yen and yeah I do cool things they're being institutes. That's who they can just opened the opened their. Home to you and then this past weekend the weekend before after that I came home Jesus having an advantage did you get a line I went I came home and then I worked for three days while boo boo hoo. I went to Las Vegas for a thing called ring of honor which is a pro wrestling company it's like new day's news daily ECW which is like second. Second to double to be at this point. It's on air. Como for. 1 AM on yet come before while it's reminds me like public access exactly. It's a one hour program I Tivo it. And watch it like the day after it's really cool. Just awesome wrestling I mean deeds like CM pond. Sizzle RO. Daniel Bryan all those guys got their start there Seth Rollins they're all former. Ring of champions. It was a ring of honor slash new Japan pro wrestling collaboration show so I got to nerd out with some friends and just got to go to you. Few of those events it was a five hour TV taping 85 episodes of the show. Point two alive paper view. Means yes I was just it was in our eye on it yeah I'm actually hit there's of it's an embarrassing that well there's an aerial photo of everyone like freaking out and I am on myself up a you just like deceit or he would I am obviously very stoke your Baghdad -- and that guy but yes. It was it was really fun and then when I flew back. I got a text message from Steve makes from the morning shall be Jayne makes. Hoots any ejected me a photo of an invite getting up from getting to be contacted Demi did he was like. Hey you're invited to wrestle mania at 32 that are in Dallas and a and he's like dude I'm going to be on radio row interviewing other wrestlers don't debit and he wrestle mania for the weekend. And I just responded back like. A man if he ever needs the help. In like five minutes later he is like taking you afford that commute did you just all you need to buy a flight and chip and a little bit of money for the hotel I was like no I can't afford it but off and doing reality out so under to be the man it's so they have this thing called radio row so we're gonna be actually I ST inning. BJ life so we're gonna be in Dallas doing the show so I gotta set up the ISDN line down there in Dallas got a tucked into white and figure that. And then I'm also going to be running around gathering wrestler steal an interview it's live. And telling him like queuing him when we're back from commercial and so. I get to do that and then we get to enjoy the weekend and as you read yup and do that like 5 in the morning or whatever yeah they are doing. Well Dewey. Just don't go to sleep yes while this get weird I'm gonna get weird man a did you. This and I'll tell you my entire in rundown of the weekend so we're we're getting in on Thursday Friday morning we're doing the shall. Friday afternoon we're going to access which is flaky. Fan convention thing with Demi to be people and they have all the in like. You get to see like Rick players wardrobe needed to see like championship belts all that stage props and then they also have wrestler he can meet they have like rings you can jumping in and and then so Friday were doing that than Friday night we're going to single enix T which is like Demi DV. Developmental was essentially like the stars of that TV in the next two years will be starting to its own show on the network. In really deep and dirty with this right now Saturday afternoon. We're going to be going to ring of honor. Because they also set up down in Dallas as well to run to kind of gather as many wrestling fans for their product. In the same area. So we're going to be going to ring of honor than Saturday afternoon we're going to be. No descendants Saturday we're gonna go to the hall of fame ceremony where they're going to in ducks being and then Saturday Saturday that we're gonna go see Jim Ross still alive spoken word performance. At like 11 PM that I would legacy you ask me in Austin and then Sunday morning we're going back to access again. And then Demi did he wrestle mania and then march from the beginning to since. I doubted that probably not trying to. The as he'd be runner is in. Order to hopefully go to Vinnie Paul strip club. All it that's in Dallas yes what's it called. I don't know it's got some hilarious has BYU B does seem to bring like Jeff and twelve pack. You should bring a twelve pack of surge I'll do it. Mix so upbeat and does need to guard from makes us some time and he's married but he cannot give them hope we'd like to listen about it. And I highly highly and I I feel like hey. I heard your pac ten it got quiet now. Listen every every week and yet all you're weak with in sticky got to play a few shows new open for suicidal tendencies that was weird super last minute. I got a text from the singer of my other band and to them by play it arguments and he's hey we just offered to play for suicidal tendencies and it was too in days before the show Oca. And so. Everyone in my first band my band that I wrote a lot of Soria got. I just didn't feel like it was a good idea like we're not ready for women practicing like so you got the offer for the blocks right up and then I was like not really wanna do that and everybody else in my being counted just. We are all on the same page at her like it's probably just not gonna. It's not Iomega will do anything you have it exactly in all NB creek and getting it be cool and fun as an experience here I again. In practice not let them answer and I relic been practicing tough with the Hilltop brats because they just are little more on their you know. They have like a more regimented is a couple of the deeds have kids so it's a very specific time that we have very every week so it's gonna happen every week it certificate part time job. Kinda yeah so we got up there dude and and the like I was telling you earlier and it opened the doors. How the the bridges just it was just our efforts and so I say I don't wanna do that and it's it was a body Michael's widow he works at the shirt I know Michael individually outside of this. And I was like but we have this other me and him so they dissent and off to that done. I don't know if it's like a label person or a tour manager of somebody from the suicidal. Camp. Had to like listen to one of our songs on main camp or whatever just to make sure we're not like a game. Alan Jackson covered it. So actually you are they approved it I didn't hear back from him for a couple of days and had an analysis like our enhanced drawing happen and then the morning before. The show. They're like OK guys are on. There I Bolivia will reveal to promote as two and well and then I was just like what are we need to do he's like don't worry about a man shows like. He has like twenty tickets left Jesus that it was sold out before the doors even open seating even need to let him know you and he has got like put on to this awesome Celtic game like opening up an evening with suicidal with what your way to another band that's so savage and it was awesome but ever and I think it was. Thursday night. So's like thirsty Thursday yeah. There's word drama that was our drive that was a good night for metal man like there was not only was there that sold a suicidal show but I went such short term a boat him over a core zone. And then right at the street at the highland was bonds still ahead so that was like fans trash cans of you know and as good leaders doubt that'll. France's. We took over the tends donor. Well yeah I don't know what happened that is it was mostly negative and you were saying that the mega death suicidal children vote on tour was in was in Las Vegas Las Vegas when you're down there. But the two were split. And so for two days there are going up against each other yeah in the same town like in Seattle and then on up so I don't know what happened they should manage it just been. I mean I uncool negative drop in operation just been suicidal and children about him. I was fine with it because watching Dave Lombardo play. Pursues yeah that was so offstage it's another smoke another blow with them. Noble we met him after the show yet and telling a picture with them sweet they had and this was my one on my favorite things they've ever gotten from a show was. First of all I stole guitar put a pick from them cool off the top of his amp because I just had to. And deemed their their original guitar player and had you know since the eighty's yeah. I'm damn those deeds can thread so hard every single person and that bandits and goes off. All of that and anyway they had these these like six by eight crates and it was like. Dave Lombardo Mike Mir like standing together like Mike Hart style and that's considered so I got that and then I got to bow to sign it. That's awesome and so and like and what's one thing that I've really been meaning to do you I just really haven't had the time to do it is I want to make. Like and I think I got inspired from my buddies guitar pick collection that he has like a little open a bull case that he liked. You know ads you know to richer but UN IA between the two of us have so many pictures and like. Press passes and autographs and ya I wanna start making like little. No little Martha Stewart he and arts and crafts like Matt matted framed photos and so I can just get all of that together and up on the wall so I don't like. Lose it in a move for a way via. When I semi house on fire and accident. I set a sign all my press passes and I put those in in that I have this friend in my apartment I am but as far as pictures I just need to go and put them on a flop not enough to have a CD. Bring in the inning give him actually printed out on like nice you know and yet you should are all go through my computer and see what I haven't and you should compile what you have to you and go to like radiating imprinted on the red newspaper I mean I have a decent partner. Article so we can do that we could also what's up Brian bootleg some money. What do you bootleg some money makes makes him my fraudulent copy hundred dollar bills in front. You can tell sorry I hope the FBI is now a thing news FBI went up I highly doubt it I know Ryan he does too and so what I've been trying to do more recently is get on a more on top of like getting some being autograph yeah. It's like get the picture and then that thing in putting together and. That autograph knife by Chris Barnes flew Rhonda to come back. Is that in the locker still there are no right in my order using it to capture a sandwich as Jack has dogs hitting on the thing and like I came back out here they're like mayonnaise on it and I was like well. It was sitting in the kitchen sink as snap it out of there and cleaned up the back walker who sunny days. I remember talked I thought I can actually in the promoter partners is like who's that I was like it's crisp aren't exactly I just took that to make comments which with that. Well that's a pretty medal away case in general seriously at times anyways his old Ryan that you how OK Brian was late to the podcast is he was. GM according to a need just walked back in front so yes did you see them yeah I Agassi ought crypt Ozzie is awesome how it was for no ammonia. Man I gotta say that band is so guide team on point they really torn apart it was awesome. Really glad I got to see him I got secret policy for drivers have more. I never have either Ryan meaning there. Now all of you thanks Ryan decimated with the knights will be broke real bad right now cuddyer had often Wear like hatch. Yeah curt are an opera where we denounce the vials would Jesus. Against John the Baptist yeah why sorrow the which last night. Pretty good movie I wouldn't say it's maybe you really need to see in the theater but it's creepy is and the goat in that movie. These so. Keen mental. That's Thai news. Hell yeah just pay attention to the goat is again a freak you out when you see goats now. Yeah will think it's a very easily get away from you go it's a very slow plodding movie. It's not like if you're like oh it's a horror movie and don't go in expecting it to be really Ormond Beach is expected to Buick kind of look. Reap the drama is not like about to jump scares and my now no no not really there's a few there's a few that are really creepy what was someone who's expecting it to be like a slash or it's definitely not the yeah but it's just creepy thing you can like get a watch it at home wires smoking a block or don't want to when you're tired because it's just held its dreary slow building you have to like intently watching exactly. It's good to go on because he got to Egypt via the day yeah it. Blinding Lee white in. Horrible yet look just handling very muggy god awful but I like the premise. I did the premise was in no way I mean lining Lee white and it does. I like I'm sorry what's his movie called gods of Egypt and what exactly surrounded by white denial in the guy who played. And we're always an Irish dude. Yeah right hands in a man with a Seamus. Are you serious. It. Isn't that stupid is that. Lots of cleavage though so now if away and I will Cleveland paper or any actual movies now it was like the immortal is movie remember that morals mutiny. Now now I like that and whose aren't. I like them and Alec the second 300 twos and Emerson the that was dead you can see what's her name. Naked. Yeah a hundred naked people naked and dead people yeah makes for good movie pretty metal that. Yeah our size hail Caesar. Mean yeah I mean who isn't. George Clooney I'd say that's a Netflix or. Netflix until you know I got. Another story airlines talk about that happened the other week on. I was I doubt in my basement and I heard somebody kind of creep around. Outside by the driveway hassle some lights kind of through the window Iowa help somebody escaped the chains like basement well I only had one. I led the one little window down there are so when somebody walks past he'd have to be in the driveway in order for that to be affected cell. I didn't know what was going on because it was the middle of the night in soundbites to and a so I walked upstairs in their somebody out my backyard with a flashlight. In so Google I grab a bat. I don't have a gun we call that shotgun time baby gap that's up. Icon of all watch the flashlight as the person went along the side of the house and they are kind of looking and all the windows and I can follow it and try to stay low out of plain view. Nassau and go on your port call on my porch and now that the way the laws work is it somebody's on. On your property you can do something about it like. If you injure them it's it can kind of get to be greater if they're actually in your bacon how these dues yet yet if they're actually in your house. It's a lot more black and white it's it strips self defense yeah. So. When the front door is open. The four. Landing area of your house counts as the interior pure torture and so if there on your front porch you can. Then do something about it so they were on my porch. Try and you know I soundtrack and the doorknob. So like careful on out he's right by the door and keep in mind and in my underwear and slick big ass bad. Kind of pump myself up a little bit in front of the back to the front door OK and so I yanked the door open as far as I could and might. Trudge like almost jumped out the door and I was mid swing and this guy just backing most. It's. My room is ordered pizza my head but I didn't hear the guy not in her call her anything all the lights are. I was broke the guy's job and eat it. Or is tiger's image I've put in the let me audio argument what about you you should have clocked in installment beats and that's all love org outfits for you here a minute you I was mad at me now wasn't dean was out of my turn around him with a band at a sons together with the badge achieved in my head as a walk back to my room dude I'm sorry man. Did John Boehner that's why don't have roommates. Well I mean if. That's. If I were him I would agree with you about the shock and I'm but it at the same time if I would've been armed I might of actually fought. It really is not only you I was I was on ads that guy might a gotten. Well did OK you can hear him out of a job like I. Delivered over the course of my life I've delivered pizzas as job for probably about six years so I've delivered made in decent. Amount of pizzas myself and you season we when your doubts both you know what I don't do walking through someone's backyard with the flashlights yeah I go to the front door and knock. And if they don't answer I call and if they don't do anything I call my manager and I go back have a shot. You know I'm not gonna like go Bob I'm gonna go like climb through the wind a mile here's your pizza and like what like what's your deal yet what are in the arsenal and I it's diskette and he is all the way in the back of the house. With a flashlight Alec big as Matt Light. Leo wasn't just a phone Yates you can you can tell from a distance is somebody's using the cellphone like like big splash like its mark from the sticky bandits he's just thrown at your house. Can fill up your you're sink full of washcloth and in the water on. And leave. Well him I'm glad that tell you didn't have to bust a cap or. From knock some heads to Boston skull with a baseball. Of nice Louisville slugger I felt awful I mean if I would actually hit the pizza guy. Actually there's special place in hell reserved for people with delivery people you know I just bought yeah ever heard of the Darwin award. Oh hey he hit it and I think that's a quick way to get yourself there are also. And pizza lives matter man. Pizza does matter so does that. Have you seen to pull yet you know I detect and now possibly can't talk about it I just don't have much time to get to the theater and here's the other thing you can find it on time my buddy that was pirating is movies got his Internet shut him. Because I guess you do a year ago and you're doing torrents and I do not condone this because I actually don't do it that's why have other people do. But what happens when you get the Torii you're supposed to like get the movie or whatever and then delete the file like burn to a thing it or just on external. And he forgot to delete his files what happens when other people start on the CDU in bad news and select a bunch of people downloaded these movies up from like his account and like interleague set like a cease and desist is it's. Obviously had a column for him like thirty bucks and her younger. Damn goat go about your business. That your your check this out so write this down if you listened to podcasts right now and Ian key take this note you can. If you haven't a decent Internet connection. You know obviously and probably should it's no one's on dial up anymore just go to www. rainy year term IPO. Rainier CA ME YGO dot com and it's like at no other country. They had his service on your users are can I against all the time I'm just. I'm just dot teacher I feel about mass of people suddenly and little else eight. It what you have got to be a test of how how has that our audience exactly is that timber groups are watching. Essentially what you did you just click on any movie lions just like in Netflix but it's three till streaming I mean it's totally legal but. Because it's another country and you can't get in trouble 'cause that you're just streaming. And then I honestly remember you can Keaton on the street are only a dream ended child born this guy. I was special places and now. The legal many Wear O'Brien's beard video grab a beer. Are it's so Ryan the beard. Abysmal Don crushed tonight they are really good and the funny thing about the the show is that. You need and Ian Olga similar Krypton teachers in fact we all got those same crypt top teacher we did indeed. It's did do we take a picture of ignorance that we haven't taken the picture. It is being and so vial album cover with John the Baptist having his head cut off. And it's the classic nuns Avaya a topsy I decided to go ahead and get it in long sleeve because it's got beat many crib topsy logos on the sleeve and on the big fan. A piece of leave print shirts got the long sleeve Ian got the short sleeved friends got the long sleeve we're going to be rocking out of the crypto apps to gain current topsy crew Kubel I like that means take credit cards these days but I also don't like that dance at. Have credit card machines because that means that I go further into debt. So okay though well whatever worth that we just you know I'm I'm OK in the capacity boys have heard about the the African gains the girl named after metal bands and Australian as gains or other yet. Who wants to be in the Chelsea Green game. Our I remember watching a documentary on and they were hanging out the Metallica boys and their hanging on the speech in some research shooting them. So they are sort of running away is this and the camera guy turns so one of the guys usually what's happening he's shooting at us and he's like yeah we should have been on the peach it was beyond an essence crew. Hello all are sick to death she is and l.'s number seven Florida. What's that song that evidence and those. All of them. Up. Things imagine that Mike blast and that. As they roll the windows down a good drive. So so bringing it back to my trip and I went to that. And it's that sketchy bootleg and bra in metal stored in Pomona. I bought that slayer pats are talking about and the chicken was working there was wearing only to impart teacher and she goes. Oh yeah when you get many Chinese bootleg one of the kind patches you really got to pick them up let's clear one beautiful she's like when when my son Evan essence when come in. I knew I had to do it because I didn't go to the evidence concert when it played out it was just it was amazing the dream is alive and that you're right yet totally. The treatment is alive Whitney's. Should assert that patch Welker. I think we'll grip inside that title fight about the news there's a lot of good stuff going on in the world. What are we wanna start with today I think what was it oh got a super group is and has been no fly me sad to me about it it's OJ. And never to end of misery index is also and one of the founding members of dying fetus Adam Ferris from. War torn. Brent Ferguson from guar including associate and Lucas from formerly of the black Dolly murder the drummer. Haven't you been called asphalt grades in any tract called angst in parades on line. And it is on vitriol records which is pretty sweet justice Smith of graft or locking go slim. Rice runs the record label and they're going to be put this out so let's check out a little bit of the asphalt threes. Like the. That's not our late alarming. Nice music definitely awesome cool let's keep that. Thought I don't. Has anybody gotten their hands on the actual anthrax the new disk I know and I am now just came in order came out this last week and I haven't. Heard anything except for deep one other song that we play. Before I think it was yeah breeding lightning. See another new anthrax on. The video is super creepy and has Brian posting it you know. Just creepy altogether. Get into the actual meeting this season. And villains almost. Well that's if you guys have heard. Anything else on this because it's like the song they're trying to push you know. It didn't super violent I think that video up. It's like a place to strike medieval torture these murders. I really like is dude it's like executing the and playing chess. And I'm like honestly nothing you can spin and just for no other reason than it's not like grabbing me right away. We'll be able listen to a little more. I don't like to. Volume was shot did I mean it's an anthrax there. So the faces. Faceless have reportedly dropped off another North American tour got its ban just keeps dropping off towards left and right it seems like Debbie and has just been bad luck string of bad luck in Mike. And they're gonna break up almost and then get back together they're singer and guitarist. Yeah I just yet they're nobody can get along with Pataki what they said is that piece of replacement singer that they have lined up backed out because his other band didn't like. So that's pretty much fallen short of which sucks because that's a great tour to be on the between the buried me in August for enter into or. Maybe next time hopefully they get it together. I discharge has a new song coming out when I first. Saw that title. Like a week or two ago. Palace like grade some new band not Google their band name and name themselves discharge. Because I didn't believe it honestly. Yeah you music from discharge. It is awesome so by the new records coming out. Nuclear blast April 149. The records called end of days here's hate bomb. At least part of it. They sand on the new video they said no thought provoking lyrics on this son just two minutes and eight seconds of anger play. Killer. Yen and gas so at a time to be alive when I was down in LA got to stop by metal would like I was saying and I got to see so the artwork for the first ever metal massacre compilation which features often misspelling of the Metallica and attract listings so there's misspelled Metallica. With live like three l.s which is pretty funny. And Tutsis. So they misspelled that put them in metal massacre is institution and it's really like spring boarded metal blade and that's where they've heard the first heard and slayer first heard Metallica. And now they're going to be coming out with a new metal massacre metal massacre fourteen inch when he sixteen. Gonna feature of thirteen bands that the dispute from prime more real what's his name Alan our overall he compiled a trek listing. He is put it together and compilation he said it's an institution it's been dormant for too long. And these are bands. That embodied DIY feel that many metal massacre started awesome so should be pretty cool some of the bands are Italian knocked empty scraper awesome awesome day and cobra stone dragging stroke and stone drag her. Stone dead her. Visit operating COLT. Course there Outkast is can be good man and I definitely guarantee it'll be in ripper of a compilation and compilations are some that you received at opting mark. Well it's kind of thing more like you know you used to then. And this is weird to say and makes me feel an old like I think we're the last of a kind of a generation that had to go and buying music. And then go somewhere and get your so like the only way that you would find out about other bands is like reading the liner notes and stuff. And sell them creating another reason. To purposefully seek out new stuff I think is awesome and just on the purpose of like. I would probably listened to way more music if I had somebody like handing me like check this out check this out you know totally undermine you know such a really good. You know way to promote good and I'm. I feel like no more than half of my current musical taste compilations on Easter pilot has an high school those seven to ten dollar comps that he get a hot topic in the records I guess like that happen that would be like total cared pile would have it would be like. Periodically they or totally Ripken that's our first heard hate breed that's our efforts are neurosis richest guy known as the victim macedon prices buried alive via macedon off the relapse comps knock them. A lot of really good bands. I got a tooth and nail compilation work first heard. This jail and strong arm and stretch Armstrong one the first like harder bands are really as I saw I bought it for MX PX. Isolated by the model for the masses comps like as soon as they come out and go on either ran away and it was it was like hundred answer and boxers on nights. We do that here Alia Blake. I don't think that they do that anymore because the way music industry's changed. Obviously you know it's like harder to get rights to stuff because people were super stingy so I got like some something's buzzing in my right here I'm watching you like sit there just kind of tapped by that I mean it's like a little hepatitis mother of like I have a little bug in my in he your phone repeating the battle I think everyone's saying in a super annoying voice. We Cano speaking of which. Phil bond he is back on the in pod cast your favorite. You're brave at first I thought they said Phil and Selma and -- like oh my god he just dug himself a hole so here's the known now the other film. Phil Aponte re tweeted homophobic and senior phobic tweet from a white power Twitter account they are you surprised how hopeful are you surprised. Not at all but I just liked. He's just like. Alec is Twitter responsibly called mountain set I think you've posted footage that you shouldn't have. And went into that news articles and you said it was a re tweet and I was funny. K yeah he he. This is the guy who. Who if called the vocalist of let black veil brides a fag it. And as well as Republican candidates who opposed privacy rights claiming that I call everyone in my band affect. And tweeting that hash tag hash tag feminism is cancer. Just last year here appeared on MSNBC to defend his views. Of homophobic slurs I believe you might know more older remains on metal shop period now I'm pretty sure did I did we officially. Well what's not and actually made it official now that we really care that Vince you much but I do it tonight I don't know what's as to how well let's just not what I was only one of but like the picture is with the re tweet from a straight up white power site. That he. That they looked all he. Follows. Like he follows them and like seize it and things like Satan re tweak it clearly. So. You know at this point it's the kind of thing where like. This is becoming a bigger societal. Percent going around you guys being fail it's. It's just like. Apologist stake attitude towards in racism and Xena phobia and homophobia or it's like it's cool again 88 ticked. Be up and basher or whatever you know who would ever be like terms people used to throw around you know. It's like acceptable now people like coming back out of the closet ironically. Of their racist you know weird backwards ideologies. I really wish that it's not been saying I mean it's. Download it fails I thought I was getting better or more Phil's line has had no bills thanks bill. Do you whoever named Phil Phil that their fall uncle Phil somebody in Phil's gonna listen it's just T. It is like an elder I knock it off yeah we stuck. You. Bob. Gigantic. Tour announcement this week it's probably 656 pin package its soul fly. Battle cross suffocation. Abnormality and it's and Cody Kong will become always planned missile flight two hours. That is kids bail yet his or makes after I mean they're about across central and I love suffocation I love abnormality. And big tour show closely we you know that means no crappy openers it's going to be may fifteenth at studio seven and I shouldn't really fail because I am a crappy opener more often true true is going to be may thirteenth. Which is a Sunday. Oh cool and actually got. Wisconsin bands unite against Scott Walker for charity compilation. This is awesome so Scott Walker was one of the GOP presidential candidates this time he was the first one to drop out okay. He recognizes name. That's aren't marker although about a local punk hardcore metal indie musicians have teamed up against. Governor Scott Walker. Yeah so they've gathered together to release. And intimidated Wisconsin musicians against Scott Walker compilation CD dvd that worries sponsor issues that Governor Walker repeat you lead to tests. Yeah great thanks. Thanks for controlling vagina as Prius owner. So yes you can check it out it's called un intimidated at Wisconsin musicians against Scott Walker definitely give your money to that quarter goods. That gore. That good at. A ping I got some of the same ever how much like. Pissed off like an angry and really awesome like punk and metal and hardcore there was during the George Bush. Same thing with the Reagan and in this is this. Thing to say but it's like the only silver lining on the cloud of like the potential trump presidency may get so much good music. Think about it. On a guy I'd be bears did it we saw I already am embarrassed. Hit a party and like everyone's laughing matter has gone up by herself the thing is is now it's it's I mean we can go to on this one hole to line but there's now it's like. I'm listening to a lot of talk. Radio listening to watching on CNN watching a lot of Fox News all these news channels that are. All the Republicans are now finally going wall we'd say yeah we if you let this go crazy bobcats and it's we didn't eliminate this. Teen disturbing brat of a human being and now he's gaining so much of momentum that they. They were kind of laughing about it like now it'll die optional dial up it was a you know now we are number in Warren and has Ben you've been a little time. Did you guys see the the takedown that John all over did on him out of and that's one of the best things I've I've ever seen he he expose his Trump's real. Last name yes yet drop. All of it man and like the whole thing he just goes through really really breaks it down yet it's just crazy I'd like to say that it's funny. Does not fun to watch the Republican Party fall apart but no they're making Dick jokes about it here's the other. Thing though it's the heads happening on the democratic side also like the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is controlling the entire democratic process right now. And they are just media blackout adding Bernie Sanders. And setting up the debates on Mike nights of like the playoff football games Saturdays when nobody you know nobody's watching TV beware out. This is weird men and so I think both parties and go while the whole thing just needs a hole like overall when we need to re look at the entire bank is just. And that's why don't clearly backwards on. Both sides and that's what people want trump does he's not a politician. I mean that this would. Essentially uses in. He's not a part of that system. Either way. And that's why he's so appealing to some people which is scary the only here's the last thing anti politician the less they like to say about this is I was reading and watching news clips about the controversy popping up about trump university polian. Where he got people to pay him like 36000. Bucks each. To show up to this like convention. Were they when they show up they go yeah we you can learn such and such but if you really wanna get to the next level. You have to take. Drop your university of you elite or whatever was in the they do it again and I didn't even show up they were taking pictures next week cardboard cutout. Of the tunnel chubby big factor like forty could have hit that sick. Slow yet and then a bunch of people never even got what they in so they each they sterile filling in it's it's just like he's literally con man. And it's working yet. Well whatever people all have different my mom keeps telling me the few things you don't have got to stop talking about politics and religion because this pisses everyone off. But it's. Dangerous times. Even my like more conservative family members alike wallow. This is scary it is throughout. To us via one anyways anyway to bring it back I just think it's cool to see musicians like gather together. Around a common idea ever rocker Vince bush complication for me it's just an idea. But yet school and I mean like if you feel outspoken enough to like BS artist in the championship and saved. What you what's on your mind you might as open your money where your mouth is and get them in bad guys out of office some sort of pumping and called for. Tied on the Hudson is on the way okay remember what we had metal church and here we're still weeks ago it was awesome. They were going to go on their launching their tours and stuff. And apparently like the day before that they were they were going to play their show down in Aberdeen. He like separated his cornea from his eye ball she's Jewish. So I don't I don't like a I didn't it never said but he was like yeah he had to go have like emergency eye surgery he loses. So he's been you know they've been trying to like filling pieces you know. Getting people to fill in form but they just announced that X sabotage guitar player Chris camper he is going to be filling in for Rick on the entire rest of their US tour. Which is red so you can get like old school religion. In sabotage middle church he. I was a process that year I separating from the cornea because they'd like it lands you know yeah. Can I watch I surgery though like peel back that had growth man was growth last night our friend of the show brain sleeping ten he broke his wrist at a show downing at Tacoma and he's going to head out who should. He supposed to head out onto were dead weight. So he's looking for a drummer to fill in the entire day with debut this week. Is working and arsons and I think. AKA just find ourselves he did you break it and play in the shale I don't know is that I know it's funny side I lead their work and years and I don't know I'm just making thing I thought engage here do know that he broke his wrist a some pictures hand was just smashed him smashing. Organ growth. The slip not Marilyn Manson tourists coming to the northwest we didn't have the dates until this week and it's going to be Saturday. June 11 at the white river amphitheater that's awesome we're actually going to be having tickets to that in the next few weeks are going to be heaven. Some tickets to giveaway owner who also not in me incident well. I don't know about you but I'm not going to be there is we ideas. The deal on the I don't we don't blow it Marilyn Manson the area for a it's going to be hard to top that last pain in the grass though that's true. How else is this little bad here's paper he lives cash today. Perseverance. For. So many kids terrible deride her brutality. On I'll be your dealings that are. Mother awaits you. You can bleed now. Everybody cleats now everybody can bleed now not just the I'd king he too. OK so would be very first drummer that he'd read ever had and he wasn't in the band for very long it was what is that what you're they say it was. A guy in 9697 right around when satisfaction as the death of desire came out. And apparently he took a turn down to the life of crime itself and all of his prayers can't bring him back. It's his last all the prayers in the world won't get you out of jailed dude could you just got convicted of felony murder who first degree burglary and criminal possession of a firearm. I'm back in 2014. He killed a 56 year old guy. So he said he went to this guy's house and with a plan of stealing some pills or money. They claimed that the guy and he was robbing dealt pills and had a reputation for keeping large sums of cash in his house. So the driver is said that the gun went off accidentally during a struggle. And found out that he died after seeing it on the news. So he could face of the nineteen years in prison when he sentenced me. 26. The states killing people and Robin a while Jamey Johnson's onstage to a high kicks. Saying show me your boobs he's have a good time in this guy's down a dark and Alan. Drugs or mother her. Marty Friedman and what's your deal weird doesn't like shaking hands apparently German folk. That's not the reasoning he gave the he says on shaking hands appear guitar player it's like my tool and everybody's tool. Okay. Who didn't you get these big guys and they're very excited to squeeze the crap idea hand in it's really kind of stupid. Has come until they tell you that they've look you're playing for fifty years or however many million years and then they squeeze her hand so hard that you can't play guitar anymore. I just don't understand that but you know it's necessary evil I guess I just try to avoid as much can. He. Could outlaw man. You know. He's a he goes on to say I definitely have. I definitely have someone prepare my audience. And tell them not to shake my hand. Is that to go to work and I can't do it and it's really not because Ayman Al bits because I wanna play guitar the next day. Like are you going on like Debbie does Dallas Hugo like and shake 900 hands and one day I don't think that's really the thing. I mean. I can't read my head around. I can't I can't see the logic in the we just be honest we like it if he's injured Arafat just feel like I don't wanna touch you dirty money because he's he's bright if I was sitting there shaking people's hands. The first thing I have sitting to my right would be like a bottle of pure well. No jet. US is understandably like you'd if you just shook like ninety's do you hands you know like half those deeds is off like within four hours from you know ago. I know whatever everybody just took it and just walked out in the lightly. What do you mean you would give me that look like you secret guilty like that's used though to get. Deeds so this is in the totally off off on a different thing but on my FaceBook feed a blows my mind my jaw just dropped. Brand new bantamweight champion mean should Tate. Action beats and holly home holly home beat writer Rosie. Mean should he be calling home Demi should teach the champ says he Mimi she peaked for his runner Rosie. On the other side it. You should post that on making actually it's not a right now to analyze. Do you assuming you like Steve. Shocking news Sharon Osbourne says she cut Ozzie in bed with the minis. Not recently. Because Sharon is like this queen bee an entrepreneur business lady she had a higher four and nannies for kids. If she just did was like I don't want to OK you guys raise my kids. Anyway so I should say she's you know always be traveling and make sense you know obviously territory so. She called the nannies the Bane of my existence saying they were all wanting to be celebrities they were all wanting money I cut two of them in bed. With Ozzie. He clarified she caught the two nannies in compromising positions. With the prince of darkness at different times adding that Ozzie was quote out of his mind on drugs at the time. So she said she finally stop hiring nannies and standard started hiring manes. And dining big day of vision never trust and any enemy any. So be he has bases just blasted venues that charge percentages for march sales. Which is kind of a new one on me but not all that surprising. So you're saying it's super important for a super our merchandise to the people and they know that they can buy some unique stuff for the shows which is much appreciated. Because this goes directly to us and that's great that it's happening. Some venues they start charging bans for selling the merchandise which causes bans rising prices raising the prices the merchandise says is obviously translated. On I was three nights ago counting everything that we need to leave and the venue. Is four ET percent altogether so this is becoming a bad trend between the venue and house and everything is becoming like a mafia people should be able to get. Whatever they want for the prices that are fair. What do you feel about 42% is. Being insane and first of all that's like half it's like give me half your money like what are you serious break idyllic. No get out of my face we just won't play here next time yeah. But it's the kind of thing where like I guess if you sign an agreement or contract we have got to fork it over Kazaa this take drastic court Catholics who gets cut and dry and we'll hear is in his negotiating these contracts right because actually because begin this beat Venus is a big enough band they're selling out the vast majority and he's playing. At this point their careers that you just a played. I don't know any this is this something is easy talking about like in in in the north America's or is something in like Europe. Or they're dealing with this like it's not because I haven't heard much about this they don't you that it doesn't say it doesn't say where exactly ones. I'm duke is the my my band when we open up for suicidal. We may like 600 bucks and just selling T shirts and if they go like give us 42% I'd be like. I put the cable box over the glass of water in just run out the back to our day to take a small percentage I think off top. Or they just ask for certain fee like I can see like a flat feet that that's fair deal like core zone doesn't bucolic what are you I mean due date. Yes that's why elect Charlie Pena's you know Charlie he's had to he has that literally count this year before and then after the show. And then give them a percentage peace prize that it's a little English not everything he does it play some two cores and a while. Did you guys hear the rockets with leftover crack while landing. So let me jump on hero quake the current top posts on the leftover crack. If the page. You read it for BT. L cores on and Seattle is this what's left of their whole. 41 hours ago but that changes but the ball always stays the same seventeen year at lady years later they still get up. Never again for us so it's been an it is 88 comments on right now it's it's been an interest think is it's like. All of my friends that work the security there yet are all on it comic take on it. What do they do would have I don't know the details for sure but from what it sounds like they got into an altercation with one of one of the security guys is that somebody was trying to do some in north positive. For the collective correct thing to do right and it was sold out show smelled like. I don't know I don't know with the angels I look forward to going down there and in fact I should mention something to be guys before he went down earlier seeking get the details agreement yet. Yeah so that's saying I mean like I think that's in lame did you as a band just for other. Pardon me of any John or or for any reason because it's so on and professional. Yeah if you got yourself in that situation they're poke bro you probably earned it. On yeah Georgia PO next dude this is super cool though on the other side of things. And legit dudes to Bruce Dickinson Seaver savage he is if he is a believer in. The flight the world the flight and he put his money where his mouth please and he has invested 360000. Dollars so far 250000 euros. In this thing called the air wing under ten which is the largest aircraft ever dehydrated. Air vehicle which has can stay airborne for the three weeks we vital in delivering several tons of humanitarian aid. He said you wanna put a hospital in Africa you put the whole hospital in the cited this thing whoosh start yet generator delivering your hospital. So this is why he said hey guys it hospital yeah cause I'm just gonna put that in my airplane he met the late investor Roger monk. And he decide to put the money where his mouth is he said he told his wife are about to put a hundred K in a big baggy helium in May go up in smoke. People have to dream analysts you can dream something I'm never gonna happen it's never gonna happen. He added I'm not expect him my money back any time soon. I just wanna be a part of it being a rock guy I could put it on my nose or by a million rules races drag them into swimming pools or could do something useful. There are very few times in your life when you're going to be part of something big that is so awesome so. Yeah a man that Imran I'm sure he'll make some money back in the end put me off for the time being he's just opened. Great slumping real bad ass with the money that he has the size of a football field. So can cool. That rules. Yeah I hope that happens I hope I would love to see that in my lifetime we don't have a wanna see some weird happened and Iron Maiden will be their own. I KK downing looks like he's having some doubts on leaving having left to Judas Priest downing syndrome. Yeah out against you don't that. Who did you meet favored just like slap yourself in and they certainly nodded. New. Attack. Those so unbelievable. Soon more. It's then it's five years since he retired. From Judas Priest and he's been saying that one of the only year hypothetical reasons he'd get back together with the band would be for a rock and roll hall of fame induction. Moved so he's like hey. Rocker hall of fame. Nudge nudge wink wink of Islam is the rock house Judas Priest not already in the rock and roll at the big question. Damn good question. I hope so. Let's see here the weather is one of their OK he's obviously they have Richie and Richie Faulkner I'm latest on the three guitar player thing but I don't think there's room for an extra guitar player and priest. Priest has always been into guitar bands like can't see that working I want to see what happens next. Do you get this this is pot calling the kettle black. Re here. Players Kerry Keane says that Iron Maiden and Metallica aren't living on past successes. Came to look at yourself in the Mir bro. I mean I'd I'd done some of the slayer songs opened you record but they also dug some new Metallica and I also dig some new Iron Maiden. Neither of all three of those bands release. A solid album now they released not some good songs here and there there's like three or four some good songs yet but it. Don't give them weighing in your doing the exact same thing. You know I didn't think I never thought I'd be saying this but you know what old school band is still releasing good material right now. For in May that man. Yeah they're the only ones still that is put out a decent album last couple years from that hole. Crew he did admit though that slayer is to some degree resting on its laurels he was quoted saying we're living on our history for sure. But there was everyone else yet we're the ones trying to push ourselves forward I would say are made a Metallica no offense living on past success. Delegates toward forever on the black record. Just a lot of people don't like. I actually like it heavies can be is it master puppets of course not but it's a great record are meeting for living is living off of first three records have been made it's nonsense and yet but they may. At any great records electing were still making great records as much as people came out wanting to hear ring born into a death they also want your disciple or even implode. If I was in one of those other bands I'd be a little miffed. By that I mean yeah I don't know what yeah here's another thing that irks me when the poses no offense no offense but no offense but here's a statement it doesn't mean you can be a mastered deceived them pulled. In and like to get off on it. And be like 00 he said no offense it's fine he said to really offensive depth things about a split. He said no offense that we deal so that you had and defends well that's gonna tell us. That's why don't some isn't so much trouble right now he can signal no offense but white power. It's here's the last thing I want to say on this and this is what stood out the most to me. He added that Kerry added that slayer success is measured you concert attendance not to record sales may invest. My barometer is alive so we're happy Fella thank you burning report. That means people are into the music whether the record is selling or not they have it they know that and we can play and we haven't seen her back to us. That's pretty much how it shows me people are still in Q it regardless of sales. Thank you Kevin says the guy who almost single handedly ruined one of its biggest heavy metal detectors of all time. Congratulations Kerry so I don't know what you're talking about basically is the end of my statement. Good job Gary thank you get a year little you're becoming a little too. Disconnected route yeah he got. Do you play the balloon a little bit brown. Brown gave him. Metals I was backstage pass is of. Very interesting place but we have to calm things down a little bit this week an episode 58 because it's time now to keep 58. It's like 8687. Off. RA it's episode eighty session guys and it's time to turn things down a little bit give a little bit more artistic and to look into some of the lyrics of the most step death metal bands out there. This week in will be reciting the lyrics to gut to roll so Crete from their album brick of pubescent just spoiled and the song is called car copped a feel like the sixty. Take it away on brutal poetry too hot for radio obsessing over this. Inch. Beagle orgy stained eyes it. Gagging from the stands so vile sucking it with us. Peaking on myself reeker educator fecal matter. Feels like razor blades. Carving up my throat. Self indulgent narcissism and giving myself deep incisions. Mixing. With my blood. Blood clots begin to form in my veins from the blockage of brown. Losing oxygen to my brain as my body shuts itself down. Laid out my cadavers lifeless covered in the pool my own. It. Stench grows as supplies start to swarm. Cleaning my body. As the home for their on ball. Should ask. That was totally. Gupta. Thank you teamster. Making sure that you go to house. Thanks that was generals to treat that was middle shah's backstage pass. And that was totally. He next week patiently put that obituary interview on the end here you have and yeah I think they'd be in the government's entry. Here's a brutal. Here's obituary god Deanna see guys next week peace. Not an import ninety highest W metal shop my name is Kevin nick and he. We're here back in the obituary van. What Boston czars are bands. Quite a nice bus and there in Seattle tonight. On the cable court script topsy abysmal Don obituary tour watching some NHL. He's written out. Doing a little. You know get ready for the show have had to go to amen I don't or I don't. Yeah I'm doing great men very excited to check you guys out tonight I got to the show obviously been a bit trying come back. At least what you see songs you guys. First off I want to ask there's a lot of an epic obituary it's what is your top. Obituary riffs of all time. Oh lord that's a really funny question because we have like thousands of risk yeah. Meet for me personally. Jobs and half navy are chopped in half I'll just call well I guess just left truck and a Fred. 84. What's the key to keeping it together for so long with saw a lot of bands like having revolving. Lineups and whatnot first off were friends via the authorities and I've been friends since like 1980. So. Basically family at this point. That's a big Q admiral mature nowadays you can deal with each other at the end it's cool you know we write good music together. And I think exit. Be friends. Looking at like the obituary song writing process with a process like. Is some guys a couple that are way that some number of global rhythms at the house is about myself home hanging out. And maybe generally its articles of political will remember who recorded down. And bring it to the studio doll of me you'll get together try to work it out to a song and sometimes it's just we're just jammed together hanging out and in between may be practices themselves. Kate got a roof and I'll what's. That we mixing it right assault yet. As you leave the main few ways he happens because they've not done that can. And sometimes it was physically sit down again until the start of the most of them in this although process that kids tool around in I can make start a drumbeat. I'll start a rift. That we record and everybody here so that nobody like war you may turn into something so. Oh and magic from there so obviously there's like the big fourth rationally slayer Metallica anthrax negative yet to name a big four of death metal Willie B. So I think there's a couple of them here on the on the yet tour. Well of there's different generations of death culture so. I guess we'll just I don't know. Maybe suit should view of our generation have done and over like a victory in. I'd I'd say yeah camel corps deadly or of the man death would be willing. Obituary I think would be one end column. There's a million other would you fill in there for me personally I think autopsy would fit in their very well as. The other side hideous side would fit in there it is definitely. Get really Whittle it down before that's kind of an unfair question hard especially without your head and this region. All right so obviously metal fans get pretty wild com what's the most bizarre fan interaction you've had throughout the years. I don't know this weird and bizarre interaction PLO's good actually last night it was a bear in the crowd it's got this fan. Oral form bear suit Metallica. But it is giant Teddy bear wow is that Beirut regarding. We are all dragon. That's awesome until your last record income blood I believe is that your first relapse yeah okay cool is there any up plans CU awful up 24 changing them what oh yeah well eventually we're gonna play some amino place them records of measles. We've actually got a couple souls from bad actual session. That we recorded never finished go sue to finish does we may do at some live stuff that we recorded. And do like either BP or maybe maybe beautiful lake. In between doing another full length studio album so love. After this tour to restart you know writing some new stuff. But yeah there's no specific date yet but we got list of stuff that we can put out we've with a duel around you know we talk about mixing the stuff in giving themselves. Actually recordings of self on this tour as well off. There are some of the stuff place that there is Trevor from obituary anything you wanna say TV met with the metal shop in the Seattle area yeah if you listen in this show right now you're not ever show. So what you do when I guess. Check out Ernie so what we do it now. Thanks for being fans still.