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MegaCast 02/17/16 “Whistle In The Shrimpboat?”

Feb 17, 2016|

This week we tried to map out an agenda…this is what we wrote for talking topics: Ted in Vegas, Steve is on Sasha Banks Radar, Fashion, Rectums, Taylor Swift & Kanye West. Did we get to all of it? No. But we had a blast trying! Mega Playlist: Push Ups: Hollywood Vampires – “Control” Kendrick Lamar – “Alright”. Ed Sheeran -- “Thinking Out Loud”. Taylor Swift – “Into The Woods". Alabama Shakes -- “Don’t Wanna Fight”. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast . Email us: TheMegaCast@yahoo.com .

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ladies and gentlemen. Whenever I hear our review the all I ever think about its remaining cats help a 100%. X wind always blows up that joke OK so you're sure to follow a 100% every time we play testify which is not often that we should play in more I would give Tom could in my car. The may cast jam and then I look at the tax and everybody think dammit I don't you guys are about to start the mega cast it has ruined that song for. Now doesn't it starts in the senate. Are there any other songs like that Ike and try to think about other songs that just make me a meat like. Turning now don't stop believing I always think about the end of The Sopranos. What's so all you guys use for years like when you autorads collective soul yeah heavy did that the did that the death due to the debt that song yeah. I always hated that song did you idea I don't hated as an intro I hated as the song. Amounted to tilt and show yeah I don't know about the cellular right it's a great intro I understand why he BJ loves it for that I don't understand his fascination and lives obsession with the ban collective souls c.s sold. C soul who caught it. Statistical look at what is it a little world and reach critical that seeks to abbreviate every day say from Rita makes. Mobs to abbreviate everything. Which I generally due to argue call heats up bizarre men and out let me take that back OK I cannot always guys I like anachronism yeah you don't mean yeah. Brit the silly you know. I don't like this weekend it was this relay and Terry Ngo and I hang an outside the hash tag JTT. OK so let out like that kind of stuff I worry that that I know like we don't know which is low drama on our show umbrella turned into a teacher and it was only a joke I just an Al BLB. And it and it took off. What acronyms are fun. You see me now Barnes just an overview we love BBC. For bitch is he crazy I could tilt up poor and kinda real talent. Ball fast rise yet which is of it's I guess you're serious that's a much sturdier terror that is I didn't even think about that somebody who treat a health wants. About China stayed clean around the house they put hash tag angle. How this like I know you know we tend to Islam right. You need to pretend to fart out not click on that hash tag why did did its would you please give an armed guards dedicated fitness dirty birds. Headed skippers the bad epithet at odds negative vertebrate does look this is our goal like are a real head right out of those things that we'd like to talk about. Spy on our list after ten finishes his line of blow Assad Vegas is Vegas Ted was there. My body was there now ran. I am gonna pride do to get out one story that you shared with me in the office. Because I don't it was is the funniest thing I have I have Sasha banks somehow I became. I got on her radar which means. The coolest thing ever hope we will get to that all right wrecked homes wrecked dumps fashion. Fashions and you know I need your help and I Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Jim place yes so hopefully we'll get all those things on this week's edition. Of the mega cast one always get right into it yeah Lancaster it's all about doing those push ups by popular demand we're not allowed not to do dumps are. Our opportunity to get things moving again in that writes mindset the right spirit for the mega cast. When you get your heart racing your blood pumping and your brand functioning this week it's a little bit other grammys seemed. We get Hollywood vampires. Talk about it. You're on a grand I don't. Now we got to talk about that today. We hit ten birdies and we'll talk about my driving ability his fans and Hollywood vampires. Shutting down. Sure mobilcom. It's hard. Some of the got ahead like Canaveral in the background. None of what I now. And they've performed. I saw. And they also did cover of motor heads Asus page and I really liked that version yeah I saw a gap and this is like. But I Janet but I don't think I'd have can't play just seemed. He's not he was it that. A lead of a lineup we'll also have the part where you're like okay break it down Humphrey and all of this is when Joseph prayer Perry shows off his guitar sewing skills. And who starts the solo would Johnny Depp. Yeah and what Posey can grab the piece of it I'd just a smaller on it landmines or talk about it. What those he's saying there's a part right before the guitar solo and I got the audio of it. We Johnny Depp gets on the microphone. And I don't understand why he even wanted to get on the microphone. At what he's saying right there. I mean really accurate figure. Is like to limit Alex some sound garden song there's like that other weird voice comes in by again would do yeah. But it. That just sounds like the pain they're like all right Johnny. You do the creepy voice through a couple of our coach is this the moguls what they put forward his jab and I'm somebody's drunk uncle job not on stage and started mumbling incoherent crap. Now on the. Guys are gonna need not do you. Holloway let's do that I. I didn't even notice he was saying I thought he was just so quiet and just going on. Talking and they may net didn't go with the beat. I grabbed the studio version Mike is that just what they do in the studio version and this is what it sounds like at that part in this on the actual recorded version. Kid works rare. May feel like maybe he just hit the wrong effects pedal on his might or something or maybe he wasn't the guy that was supposed to say that partner. Like it's a some weird like Motley Crue doctor feel good moment. Yeah that's idyllic they're going for British import off devil lies that your studies at talking and hey I traction on it because you know we loved off. But man like. Yes set mine whose did you hear what he had to say about the Hollywood vampires now. The V grannies were held last night and included a performance from the Hollywood vampires. Consisting and Alice Cooper Joseph Perry and Johnny Depp. So while they might not look like your average rock band they definitely sounded like an average rock band. Hole. Hole hit a couple fall coal. Take a tour it's not hiring. These ticks me. William and it changes on the flying just say stay positive yeah let's set the harder to shoot at up an exact command. Now Hoch. The commitment to the heart should. A little more serious Ted talk just. You know and I went out touch on the subject from here and here and there but mental health right moment so like. Everybody takes advice from their friends are enough physical fitness you know you gotta buddies in better shape he says they try this. Little techniques do you and attract ya know make history to your diet. But I think sometimes two with mental health. You know late. It's OK to ask for help them you know and so and so be able. You know what they're doing it I'd add just like you know you listen to the physical stuff to people give you a mental vice sometimes he is going but you understand my life. Right you know and I feel like it's a refrain you hear often and in men. You know used I don't know this week Edison or some like some people it. Selig they haven't altogether and then you have these tragic suicide to listen that just like you know like you never know what's going on to me this is you bring in puzzling sometimes too late. Ask for help peninsula is really you know brought down appeared giving you some advice should. Listen sometimes and released take into consideration. Yeah ally we say America is a big -- of the brain and I think people forget it's in no way it's kind of like a muscle you gotta you gotta exercise it you gotta I figure out a way to get. No different than you trying to get I didn't dad toxins that your body. You know by talking my venting by speaking to people you care about is reaching out and emperor. Help and advice if you're going to do some tough times it's no way getting out that crap that you're holding inside of your head because you keep internal rising yet. I mean we saw with deep mirror assembly who and exactly that that drew me for a loop because I mean. Hate that I hate them make a lot of driven in life we all guilty of this we try to make personal connections everything. But this is how we are and you know I think about you rent I think about the few times I've had the opportunity to interview him back when a worked at the end you know he was a perfect got to talk to extreme sports. Perfect fit for the end we don't we talk from a few times always super nice super respectful and like I've always held that opinion of him leg is being the super nice he's got his crap together he's gay dude. Then you realize man he's been he was going to do some crap because of all the their head injuries. And probably like many of us didn't reach out for help. Well you know it's it's hard for strong people to be seen now lemon would that not annoy a lot of say Al fears that one with gas brutality I was simply Jean says yeah. Chris van lost in the wrestling world I mean hell that's why like when people are bummed about Daniel Bryan I'm Mike. Dumb bombs selfishly that Daniel Bryant retired front page he joined us on the main cast wants. Joseph thank you Doug Reid is done with wrestling because of all the concussions I'm happy. That it was caught in time and hopefully. Have the long term effect won't be back. You know he's got a whole life to live. And man you look back on his his career. I would hope that I'm if I'm Disney arm hit that guy out and wanted to buy the rights to his story when you think about it underdog all the way. To the end and finishes his career army had some stuff happen after the fact where you try to keep going but really. He hit the Mecca and wrestle mania thirty won the championship. And it was like the ultimate underdog story the right build up everything about is like would be an amazing Disney movie. But it's also wrestle it. So was that supposed to mean. The hook up if this guy like him who visited the am I gesture and I huge you know what that's solely a wrestler calculate how much total divas sometimes. Like so does that they celebrate after winning and it's a slate. Give it to scrub diligently you're gonna lay it. I think though for them that it's not so much that that that feeling of winning it said that feeling of you're getting the nod unity yeah you're you're getting. As they called the brass ring beg your right now I mean they know. I would I would wonder though. Like in new situation to wrestle mania does anybody else in Daniel Bryan circle know the end result might or are they not tell until right before. That that too he might not know he might know how everything's building but not know about thinking like does his family now that he's gonna win or. Boris do you like told Mike keep it quiet night just we don't want to risk anybody finding out what's going to happen. No we get to do the real reaction from everybody else a menu. Yeah I don't know it's tough yeah it is a matter how big secret is somebody's always talk when it was a huge his son on Good Morning America and I think this is the clip I might be playing the wrong moment. Where he just addresses and you know wrestling being real and stuff. It's not real and it's not fake so the when you get slammed you really get slammed. I'm helping him slamming into your beating ginger yes. Yeah well that part agri yeah it's it's crazy you know I mean that'd its pages in his career is dumb but like I like you said I think it's important for us to recognize. When our brains not right. Yeah and sometimes you can't you know that's that's ailing so is his name in late him off writer what's going on with this or that you know late. I mean you know listen at least take any consideration to sing. Aren't merely trying to talk to me right now is that it's gone on significant clearly some minority student. Who. What I'm not at the top of your concerns that got really bad god and I about the talk about ransoms review and I'm god. Then you watch fashion advice remains a duty to flash device what's going on. Right so. I don't know what the rule is a wearing. It's a chick OK I know I'm excited about this goes on where you like a shirt multiple times now I'm not same lake. Would you go like I have that one red flannel I love I Wear that thing a bunch but obviously I know like that. The lake when I host Suze up fights I'll. But I have played at a certain we honestly I was I have like five or six of these button ups that I rarely Wear except for that event I hear you man but now it's lake like it's been two and a half years since I've won this one Mike can I Wear them on again. Who or does a picture show up and it's like he's won this one before. Did I battle that would be I that teacher that looks like Lulu yes the dog one. And I've where it may be. In my entire time of mourning that serve which have been a couple of years I've probably worn it six times. Total. All six of those times have been in situations where I wanted to Wear cool shirt. So and it's been a situation where people will be taking pictures to look at that the only sure eyewear to any event is the certainly Lulu on. So men. I feel like yeah and no pictures or how am I think about it. I think I don't wanna become a guy eight opinion of magnitude dude I could who gives an F attitude go ahead and where who cares but. I just made decent at the slower doesn't let drops like I have three that I need to actually a year. We've got good and I ask like how much hoosiers going for. I mean. Chaff from the silly to talk sugar yeah flared again she got raised a lot of money. Did they don't stick out as much as Lou Lou because there is but now some pattern right that's a good point I think he's got my mind you only now right Afghanistan Afghanistan again in the surely you know my in my in my in my life gives me you know a hard time about that all the time makers are always like I'll find that. Short that I love. And they don't buy like six of assurance that look just like it. No I mean and and she's always like can you just like. Change if you were to much we talk and I got like six or some rotating to put there all the same they're all like a hoodie what do different color pocket. And I get like a chance your you know your regular like to sweating heavy I don't I love those that he's out I don't do it early in the morning. I I don't like ending things and I know some think Canadians but you know I really like it yeah memorial I think on a big about his. Getting dressed us wanna throw shirt over me but still look presentable at work at all by Obama's law. Math yeah I'm I'm torn on this from brow. And thrown out there for the mega family. Why don't go get it tonight drug and do what you know the people listen to this the minute gets posted all right all right maybe three people I basically read this on by a pet let's say it's still what I wore them like hit TV show would have aborted LLC clockwise. Up that you he meant but the noise that you wore a muted northwest I feel like you're safe with that gives Althea Malick. I don't know that I have worn that one actually to the to the fight go without one night. That's what I was looking at this morning and I was like I know awards somewhere yet but. Two is like the crowd there's not a real colts. That's where maturity war Europe. Ago a 1000%. Agree with you hide your fear in them is I'm I'm thinking for you out loud sorry but I'm gonna throw it out there I think your fear more social media. Because there's pictures will be posted and know they'll be that one. That one guy now get under your skin my gone. She's dead we're in the same shirt you were last time especially now it's their idea of telling people no matter what should I whereas if you didn't have a total sir Jeremy pitchers with the mega family come I not only don't you know that. I know it but trust me. As a member of the mayor of LA I kinda wanna be the person that does that the tad. But that's not so we didn't spoil Star Wars don't swell its protection we still not slow sort of sarcastic at this point it's fine but I don't know. Fairly soon right. Aren't take a quick break when we get back. What you wanna do. UN took us a little bit about your racetrack all right if we got some time they would talk about how long months Sasha banks of the WW these radar I get over the new Vegas sun is also look at them today. But should I wait dear to your injury to a now pizza. Didn't Vegas. Pizza. I think that they get it's due a lot of pizza and they did not have any since it's touch. A couple. Yeah I will be back. Yeah I don't have to do woods. And then you can't. Tonight it's. Another pointless awards show full of people who don't care about you. I'm so comedian who doesn't want to be there at the I guess there's the Hollywood life and aging Coke can add a starlet who doles out sexual favors like the ice cream man does chocolate tacos. Sears recipient of the lifetime achievement award former sixties pinup whose eyes ears and forehead are held in place by next staples. Thanks celebrates that's great films as historical pick nobody saw and an indulgent Leonardo DiCaprio movie nominated just so heated tend not pointless awards show full of people who don't care about you talk the same. Only on that worked its rapidly going out of business as millennial viewers to lead online streaming. If I was just thinking out loud and I would say and take in Stevens is no love these guys. Big winner over Atlanta and Marcie. I'm. Thank you don't like cancer and highlights here. Not an I don't know I know enough about me. I'd like this are exactly. You know what I mean deal or not. I'm pretty sure it was there are some white guy. That was six that we are gonna say it's. Since been good at some of which goalie Martin is that why I just tell you Miami and. I like guys here's how it. Remember the look like got to look at ETO itself though. You honestly I never cared for Nigerian until I I thought there might even deeper truths that's a big winner Alex wants Bieber kicks ass. Bieber was there. I saw its share and open up for Taylor Swift once. At its common home. And he blew you away you know so good news just Tim he's guitar and a bunch of effects pedals and he creates all these different sounds. With the type of Michael Cooper effects and he has on his guitar. And it's ironically was just a fascinating show to watch and it was just kind of cool to watch one man do all that and and entertain. I sold out arena of people now they're really just deceased Taylor Swift mean and to those pretty cool yeah. So that's my Alou but a new box the weatherman group box caddie you know the loop. Let's talk a little bit about Vegas all right Ted so I went last week. And UN this past week yes so you and I'm glad I have left our stamp on Vegas the last in the last month we definitely have reduce AM posted Treasure Island writes you're down like old makes it just pumped to find out that that was the hotel that that guy who. Who got busted. Banging it chick on the high roller Ferris wheel. The US during do you know the real story. The married part. Yeah yes we got into week so I call I had like so the whole Manger on all finalists you have to have big. Speaking of being a big winner Reggie pulled in a chair and and one in towards Sioux. Right won best music director. And best rock radio DJ Wright we can argue secular like this. So the last day were there the day relieving. I have enough they use experience and LA. Sometimes the lines get bigger whatever site is caught I just had a car service ready for to dictate policy of the hotel Patinkin Reich says Susie and in the ladies like we start talking and widgets that you have somebody at the airport with your name not an out I'll I don't sweat I get a car to the airports yeah I'd missed the by the last mornings like we gotta get out of this town yeah I cars here let's move right. So we did she said she goes did you hear the story about the guy eight get caught haven't sex in the wheel we were like analogies yet he was out here to get married. Has she breaks some of them I didn't sore effort now is that she tells and that she's pregnant by another dude in my due date got engaged after knowing each other there they were going to get married to just knowing tuna for two months Heidi you know that nappy headed makes it a little blue. But that it. It makes a rule less crazy that she was pregnant by another guy like she could quite possibly been monogamous to disguise who about the married. But was pregnant for two months before. Yeah I mean I'm just guessing. Yeah I'm probably wrong right they probably were like her exclusive right she wasn't totally exclude both seem like kind of just slots right so then he breaks up weather goes gets wasted and then bangs and girl in the wheel right 21 year old yeah yeah. Which outsold she's not a hooker you guys know we're all talking about it this seems so weird how do you heard the whole back story of like. He finds that out the reason why don't school he stayed at the scene hotel I was staying at at the same time all right thank Rick and I think we're on the same floor like the 2625. Floor. Would you like man I could walk by this guy out of an awesome. Wells he finds out he storms out crush his five margaritas. Right and then he goes walks or should really talk about that. Yes no home and reaction from the hole. This is the worst day in my life give me a Margarita. Some fat salt the rampant. Does not want ready but I am at low brought up again. So I'm a dip brain freeze. Today and he's walking the strip he seems like you know the street performers. A posse of break dancers and besides that how wearing a red shirt they're wearing a red shirt I used to break dance unloaded good jumper with those guys. And heads of this is his story heads his phone to that girl the 21 year old and today film it. And he was so shocked that she didn't like run off what is camera or his phone. Acer's talking with her. Next thing you know they're having sex and I'm real I've yet she goes like let's go for a ride Herman in the really verify and I haven't sexson and she's like I wanna have sex in my 21 birthday musical let's go. So it does seem a little like. I mean milkman maybe the guy's got game that you and I just never have been vast which is fair which is very true yeah. I don't know what it would be like three with a real object. Might break dancing. And then going on to all our first real here's the thing Steve it's not that mean you can't break dance. It's that we don't drink enough smarter read existed can point cry except we get that Margarito lifestyle. You're right. And evolving gravy next year if you as good at radio rock awards thing again infants and they get some comment. Yeah and united are making bad decisions by drinking margaritas. I've but you are there. All right so we get in there Wednesday night we're seeing at the hard rock nice which has this giant senator bar called set a bar yeah so as soon as we get in there like you can tell it's all rock radio people. Hang out of the box why can you tell us. A lot of tattoos so it's a facial hair. Plus like in Vegas I think if people drinking cocktails everybody just powering through Beers and shots now. Thirdly it's a rocker out I saw some pictures a couple radio brother and and nobody's doc who does I think he's in Idaho. I use there we got to be BA yeah yeah yeah it was good dude Greg guy but I keep. He looks no different then the rest of us right yeah pad to use the big beard like you were dated had to bow out of the picture of him would you like castle and you delay I have of course the bearded guys all get together yeah and with those two guys I feel insufficient Nardelli got a lot bigger a bigger bearden boom. So yeah the first night rocket tough stay up till like four okay does get up the next day go down they have a brunch. Brunch. Budget that gets around eleven barely take it away SATA said brunch inflate to sausage links and I think a grapes. But I met him at lake you make your own awful there now like to exert a lot everything's got a minor offense they were like. Shorter plot first substitutes. That's a personal thank Ted it is even talked about that base then you're you're short beard right it's so you plum sauce and Russell sausage. So then I sit in on a couple panel's slate one as about interviewing. Did the other one was about silly can you accompanying like pearls of wisdom. Now I mean this might sound a little area but it. It's tough because they don't amend your miles and don't be such a good job interviews bright yet anyway I rarely throwing me a question or two. So like I listen to the pan on the design well. Those guys are also battling out I don't know if there's too much AMBER Alert here OK what's that mean the main thing is there it is likely TB conversational which I think I do review right we do interviews here. Oh yeah I mean I look back on the the they've grown to view and and I don't that like the moments very your unit which is cut it up about DC was also yet. Are buried there and talk and do. Particularly its auto Manson interview. How was awesome that's still one of my favorite guy remember running into little bit to the guy who runs. The management company or the label for Manson also does is stuffed with ghost all nice and remember talking to him. When ghost came to town these they would some amends he has yet and he had a crazy interviewing your station didn't realize it was me or did the interview. Now my job as we intend to use all your Steve in my gag just. Per hour I'm sitting there and I'm like why do that how did you talk to these guys about. I love it how we love that he's a good because I thought it was entertaining tale. Right so the young right they get that was a hole I kept laughing his lead the whole panel right. Here's how fortunate there's a whole panel Monterey you do it's much no one else would have been there's two guys from the bay ends up there right. So so they keep talking about how you gotta keep the conversation Ole miss in that they'll want 45 minutes the guys in the bay antsy to work its fans were. A little. I think one of the guys to kill switch okay. And then Americans they played they played at night yet yes but it was just funny is they kept all the rating doesn't you gotta give congress like give give base. So but it was good kills a double what you finish but for hate. So we do that and then there's like gay like cocktail hour beer and wine at like 230 open bar kind of yeah holds that's right meant. You Barack dot right that's I've met him and I met John Ballard the Stewart who just a rebound today. They were have a great time there. And then and where we're doing pretty well since assemblies in the manager was a hold the side. At like six like we're gonna go to in and out nice that we go to in and out how far now from the hard rock. Like a mile and a half OK when you cut through Europe and the UNLV campus you know campus. Still got a blue real way like it was in the middle would quietly cut like a live as a regular college. Gonna be so we are being a college student in Vegas it's got to me especially if like you're like a guy for UNLV LU you're one and like the basketball players. It's got to be also awesome and terrifying for the campus but I did that athletic director yet to know that these guys are like. You know there rock stars or those guys just get better attic immediately. Debt that is Rosie able to slide for three nights a wanna do a lark he had to get appointed prior likes space it out a little bit so we come back from a in and out. Like throw and then whenever it's the showcase sounds like on the style disaster also did you order one of everything went the time we went in now. I got to double double animal style wrong that I was also number one. Let him ordered him why. I was number one behind did you say the ticket that's. Then lake when I would get my older. Yeah what does Michael arousal they never thought I'd. All in all. So one guy who's gonna mills Max Cabrera to be dead smitten. Is that you'll get to a number you I dynamo are nukes out of Moscow. I tonight would you agree that would shut up from hot dog and he didn't. Plague we're a walk you know the still got a drunk. Then started to his wife and Ozzie and make she tiller was number one you all he had. And some of what order I don't know he's ordered admirable between about I did. I doesn't it's it's still up double I was trying to figure out what that was the doubts I forgot to attach the picture I'm that what is tech talk about like beauty find out like who's in a ratings thing is that I got. I think what I miss is just want to order food and I don't know. As those that I may be quick inside joke. Onetime ten and I and if you've heard indeed podcasts or story of us go to San Francisco's loses one of the most ridiculous experiences. Firm many reason enough and doing and out burger is the one of the knights who went in and out. And we were wasted an idea what my buddies or radio guy baby Huey from that station I'm among the finale so yeah on the bone in in San Fran. Teammate Heath I tell that were there could using judging something and I go looters right next door to me as he's coming in. Ted is yelling I take a lot of memories back up first and then he gets on top of a chair. Mets did tired move though that this is his first time eating at in N out burgers and I'll take one of everything. It was awesome. Right it's a similar experience yeah this I'm your number one else number one do you feel so good and it does a lot of people that make it. I made sure to bring you know a lot and Catherine it how could I not so that they paved. I checks Ben's wife flake here it is it's official I'm normalize and she's like all so proud are you great work. Crew picked. Anyhow I think I had about probably helped turn a corner for you that night and they. They do your confidence level priority doodling duly room be like after I hammered out those birders I'm not feeling so hot on gadgets a meal might not on number two we have had basically no one had a good number two out. Simien Mike talked a back to the room. We're hanging out like two and a half three hours to get some ice cream and a one point I don't like got a hundred game it's like eleven right to start. Now like sids and a beard in Canada here urged a go downstairs to the Turkey sandwich. Three smoking hot they might have been working girls whatever they walked by I basically go upstairs in the search you say how much alike. Mike up shower and opera moment to have a typical. It's like men now you know want to meet a number one I'm talking to bands not shout out to my new book he's an ounce of jazz the ballots challenge it is about the depth. Really it was just awesome chatting up people met another guy from Maryland did a drop shot. Do a drop shot don't let your mom yeah we knew Jager bomb. We like to touch down. I think he was closer to a touchdown throws vodka yeah thanks yeah. You're doing right stay in honour of Luke Wilson vodka and energy drinks you know it's nice trip and then made sunrise that morning. And then write the next day went to the pool buckets of beer. Giant soda water soda water and health as much of that hoped now while this is going nine technically there's a radio conference happening where people are panels. Discussing things that you guys. Quite possibly should be a part of it's a 100% okay yeah so then vote button to your priorities are and Jack writes a daytime drop dead need to take kidnapped. The whole reason purveyors Daschle's little wit go clerk is up to these awards right Steve a wake up it's dark about what all god nobody woke you. Now while I saw logs stuff OK so that I called down. They're always in the the vital place you know take a little club in the hard rock and that's really awards ceremony is right from the literally as I walked in castle is just one is a war it's an orchestra. Do you listen acceptance speech yeah I'm still in the back door shut a fireball drinking a beer and he's like this all right as. And. You permit us to use the one thing though one thing I'd want jobs at Smith yeah yeah are that's awesome yeah. That's not good when you're number one men don't need to go watch other people win awards you know in and out of establish it lets just all go with it yeah. No one had Smith number one death and then that night debts of Lleyton are not late night that I left my room. I don't know like ten ordered room service the I was laughing. Think venue late losses ears are not just think he's great he's really excited as like I asked. They have not TV yeah number one and how often do you get to take off the top of a train dish chicken blank stop. Right yeah I was so talked about the how many wings Hollinger yeah are okay cool nice yeah what happened I saw Mike pocket. Posted thing on his Twitter that he woke up to a bird in the room that is finisher. So the the first night. I can't go much later than might a guy and living as a French doors there's no screens autumn right south I got hot delegates and there were floor where you guys are. It's a okay site is left the door open and in the mornings obvious there was a burden back to hang out your. Philosophy up. Size three it and blaming you for your money go boy yeah. That fact this may be reason why tends to be Rubin by himself yeah I wish there was it differently story like I kidnap some famous third you woke up from guys saying over and thank yeah it was in our room would have Turkey like this Turkey don't ask questions like. Mike Tyson's brightest comet or symmetric status or room service Mike Tyson's thirty thirsty you got some thirty. I react to your quick break on your back most of the little Debbie WE yeah Sasha banks how is she knows what's up. Among her radar. Tablet you're legit boss we'll see what happens is that when the mega man and return. And then. Can. I didn't want to cry. Yeah I sit it's. And then it cuts will be back. The. Somewhere. Someone you know it. It's in the middle. Of a dry spell. Am I mean. It may have been brought on by a recent recounts the hectic work schedule. Or bad personal hygiene and many people in the middle of a dry spell or have lost cells confidence and become withdrawn to see and feel balloon ashamed. That is during this national random act of kindness week let's all do our power to relieve the suffering of on base. By banging on my honeymoon. So when you bang a buddy and you can bring someone out of the cold darkness of deviant self pleasure. Indians and assuming my just casually cool fluids there. An awkward to my slam it's so don't wait until you're staring into the puppy dog eyes of someone pleading with you sort Celtic relief. So when you. I'm in a dry spell right now I mean bring somebody it's the right. Show. It's on the. I don't know big stars over at PI grammys Kendrick Lamar. He's a man she's performance now armistice O do do yourself a favor and watch it is that good. Yeah I had it's very polarizing obviously there's you know there's. I mean it that it's at its social commentary and racism I started to be amazing. Mom I love it I that it was. One of the coolest moments on the grammys and I see no long time and it's is visually just intense. No big nice yeah I created great job in I think that could be like one of those moments that will people look back on him being I mean obviously you guys got a following. But I don't think he's like I think that's gonna make Kim more of a household name than anything else he's done. Before that. Yeah stress to the general pot yeah you know like hopefully I mean I think there's obviously going to be people want to hate what he did navy's performance wanna. No go on whatever beyoncé and house. I don't understand that either yeah I mean it's. Skinner her man like I don't think about a lot of that stuff and I mean not knowing it's super heavy obviously but it's scary to think like were. When people are trying to do things that are. You know hoping that they'll help improve their culture maybe bring. Demo up a level and then you have and another group of people that are just completely trying to crap on it and it's just. I didn't think at this point in our lives at 2016 that there'd be so much racism still going up and and I mean maybe I'm just being gullible or naive but. When you see people trying to do things that they feel are our. Positive and powerful and other Jewish. Once you DS word crap on it it just gives candidates a bomber. I think the problem is is that it it it never went away as much as we hope it has ya and then nowadays. Nowadays it's kind of OK to be racist again. Yeah and there are certain ways you can free stuff and safe stuff and it's like no it's okay I mean that's like wouldn't what I see people they're like always you know. Likely trump we getting America back in we gotta get back to like make America great in the fifties and sixties sucked if you weren't a weight straight male now. There's a bottom aren't ya ya mean Utah about people going home be known women while blacks I haven't rights you know would the forget about the Mexicans are Latinos come and and the country now you know Sony that's the that's the scary stuff to me and I also think. Those have allowed us noises we hear it I think the general public. Is different. I think social media is made those that vocal minority. Super loud they got a son who went from them having a voice to them having a megaphone. And and witnessing him because you know that's a guess retreated they get Sheridan and it's the negativity always seems to rise to the top M when it comes to the Internet. And and maybe that's why in or or maybe don't I don't know it's easy out I'm what you did. And it's a culture of arguing now. Yeah I mean nobody really cares about facts is much anymore but just about proving your point and I get it I'm a class a the hub Yasser. So I mean I can do this all day long but then they rank castle feel like you were there traffic. We'll take this so the funny stuff should be deployed you know it's fun for debate class the Blake got caught. William I Debussy people post stories on from mid may find on the Internet now Mike how do you know what your posting is actually true. I just because it's an honor mean. And the means dates facts. Those facts are just tight dimmed by somebody who created that team. Again it's not true. It's just blows my mind dude it's a little bit yes some of the twos like. Out and out on a lesser known to sometimes to what you can just tell by the way won't like what people post that put us off funny thing given K that was like nothing says I only worked out for ten minutes like gay inspirational. Click thing about working now. Do you inspirational ones are good all Christ almighty like guides you don't waste. Your posting that Billick or not. Just shut up about it right just because you posted doesn't mean that that washes away the Q do you being the complete opposite of that. Yeah who is more often than not the people I know that pose a lot of inspirational things are. The exact antipathy and did a Mike Tyson antithesis antithesis and to the exact opposite the strange day when I effort out of where is Steve at Baghdad with the particularly in the hot seat this sort of piggyback on that I like. If they don't feel like all the haters in this and that it's like now yeah you did did I mean what do you call dean haters gonna hate guys who look at each look each. You are complete ass laughs lately there's a reason people managing now. I get that back so I get it I know that terrible feeling and none of us care and you have right hair or short hair or long hair. Or impair. Why don't always does mean our short hair don't care. And I think it will be good good you should care. Again we should care about how we look at. I think it does it's I'll do another one stop using animals as your props the show was your cleavage her you perfectly doesn't make up. Isn't this puppy cute like come on you know you look like you took thirty pictures play no matter how blunt. Let's look at more poppy go. What right does it all my boobs look fantastic. And it just sad all of these puppies look good. From some unsettling Jerry Lawler forgot about it to him but I ought. Can see you analyze the small poppy all the time. Music off as pretty you have an Internet WW he's perfect time because somehow. I. That's comprised of a drain now poppies aren't. I did real quick yes so we have a mutual bunny. Yes he has a son that sleep too at this point is two years old are packed so after you're you know the story right I don't know my deal it's a hole. I'm right I know you're tired right so after the the naked people parade the solstice for extra lot. Given his brother his two year old son or sit there and these girls come by. Dresses like egyptians and they're just wearing body paint right now I've seen the my buddies like we're trying to keep it together but they're very attractive women bray we got our kid here right in their early do you mind if we Parker. Mike's here. And they also had a party puts them. The son looks up I don't know burgers nice puppies. I'm amazed at her apartment now that figure memorial head that's awesome I guess he's human just like he likes the far right divide and all the adults go like now they may do they have great breast they do we know they do. Your father and uncle agree those are nice parties. Thank everybody in Fremont agrees. Amazing puppies is a reason that we're everybody played with the best puppies to humane societies to give memo more emphasis beautiful puppies dovetail but puppies like that I adopted day. You're ready to Boston on. Now I own them yeah yeah. Let's just also draws few months until they get a better owner in yeah its owners wanna put no money stellar work of great energy to dinners. Selloff did so trust your bag Steve cook was single choice right I'm sorry every distraction rally poppy speak and hobbies such a bank everybody. GWB diva I've gone on record many times current roster are not come up past guys and guys and retired and guys don't wrestle she's my. A 100%. Favorite WWE superstar not diva superstar man or woman I think she's the best in the game right now are night and she taught is that. Oh yes but I but why I think she's awesome there's plenty hot chicks in our wrestlers. But like she is. She gets wrestling ninety understands the psychology immediately see it that way she everything she does in the ring matters. The way she walks out of the job the backed gorilla position in comes out and you know and her stage intro and all that crap. Everything seems so well calculated and it been and it's just done to the best. Right so I'm a big fan yeah so much so that I have a Sasha bank's future move this is legit boss now let's go back. To have pain in the grass member a penny dress I wore the sauce about banks T shirt current stage and I treated out there won't put haven tweeted out there. Back in August maybe September. Hey wrapping Sasha banks that pay in the grass with a picture of me you know onstage. And yes dictionary treated it there was awesome us pumped. Well maybe two or three days ago a month into grand. Clearly I follow. Sasha banks. And I'm just grown like through pictures of not hers isn't going to my feet so random various moment people all the people I follow. And that picture pops up comic. It's going on and then I met couple notifications from people are saying is this you act I'm Steve megs are Lindsey Graham the make you that's me and weird like I don't remember postings on Internet. My Sasha banks in street Rampage. And she posted the picture of me on her aims to Rampage. To it has 111000 likes now granted her pictures of her debt like 32000 still 111000 likes 111000 people like this and she writes. Hash tag legit boss at WW shops goes away for her to promote the shirt. But right but I like. I'm just completely floored by assuming this is the coolest thing ever I am really Jack now about them talk to Kevin for metal shop he's speaking out about it our boss to. Rollins like this is insanely that's awesome so of course I go into the com contests and its focus it's like a slew of who is this who is this and then people are picking up on the background. A message announcement Tom we're about to introduce our three d.s grace so I backdrop is like this alien look and figure behind me. So now we were like that's a loss and she likes being disgrace that a person like. That's not the lead singer Three Days Grace what's going on members like they get another new lead singer like. All of this thing now we were debating a which is Saturday originally singer and TDs grace or you current lead singer probable W funny. My favorite. What person is is that Travis barker. That's where I'm Mike and I'm dying because like. There are now get my listeners and are like hey is this huge issue and I guess that's me as I mean it's me so I think if sort of re supposed to be able to put to when to be gathered at. It's not there it's they've got a bit like there's like a full on like 78 comments and a lot of them are like people arguing over who's better. There was losing air go to new singer and then on top of that yet random people gone. Who this guy but I was so jacked up that pictured here. It's a great picture right it's a great pitch to you it's great picture for shark tale yeah and that's why did allied being able to show some love for someone I'm a fan of and what better way in front of a sold out crowd at the wider amphitheater and hope we'll get a couple cool pictures under the deal. Powers is my wife and I were talking about no Mike she's like that's pretty cool when you really think about it like. Yet you tweeted that her many many months ago and she re tweeted it. But at some point. How does that still how does still on her radar like she had no saved that picture and figure all use it at some point to promote. You know whatever. They make good. The man dying at I think we all geek out whenever like somebody that reroute a fan of recognizes us or acknowledges us the fact that my picture might just be on her phone. It's pretty malaria. And also and think about Dallas right what does she is that night scroll through her throne who's like oh you know what also the slow out again now. British is lovingly looks at that picture or want to know I just think about too steep and in our boss or dog likes all wrestle mania going to be sit in vs Sasha. I'm like yeah out losing leaves town hall. Right. See who has the the magic to keep this guy. Cook. The magic to keep this cast. With some ladies throughout the magic to keep this guy brother. Two women. One ring. One press. WT divas title now milk Steve makes his at the top of the rafters and there's a latter first wanted to reach out to allow that ladder and grab him. You know where the keynote Jimmy drinking up there rafter. Margaritas. Rough five involved but at. Billion bad decisions wrestle mania 32. I thought I was awesome what is wrestle mania. It's gonna be better on the first week of April I'm right around that time. Might so maybe people. Third. To be coming up front it's a first is a Friday. And yet so it's probably April 3 it's coming up Dallas I was if you go. Just good it's a well you like the event in Europe and Dallas. Not once I went to a radio commence on the enough and I asked which speak you know from Booker said like we mentioned earlier the biggest. There hookers hanging out in the lobby of the hotel that we were doing our radio convention. In Dallas is Dallas. It was only a Vegas know at first I was like why is this smoking and smoking hot chick just hanging out of the bar by herself. And as the night progressed. She would like post up talking to somebody then talk to someone else and then all of a sudden she just leave with a guy and losing Dennis are looking around you start paying more attention to. You're like Wohl. Think there's a bunch of hookers here. So me being drunk. I thought it was pretty cool. I text my wife babe you'll believe how many hookers are hanging on the lobby here read though radio convention. So why do you think I'd think why would you think I think that is cool like. You're right it's disgusting my brand. Through the suspect that the head to the so yeah it's. We'll to a problem I'm sure resilient Texas in like Vegas insanely some of those working girls are so like movie hooker right because for most cities man. When you think about a hooker you think you rally guarantees or just they're talking about street walkers and yes Seattle Genetics in the salacious insurance wearing a bomber jacket no pants yet eggs half. Have to learn it when you go there just like oh my god that woman is so hot she is how much you may also down there and in Chatham up and have drinks all night long. No why not ever come to the point of I mean I didn't but now looking back on him what a great. Didn't do just sap a number don't know like hey. Now it's time for the business partner had everybody Ehrlich are that you're nice woman but I. Really only if Britain were there any doubt you were like. On the fence like who I really do wanna think about investing in this girl. Yes. That would be alive I said now describe her. It did. Imus take the fifth on the there's just there's just some were so hot out as like I you know like. Doing upstairs now but I'll sit here and pay for a few drinks and it's just hang out right. And and then I'll go of stairs and think about you yeah it's so it's almost like at that point it was at a strip club. Yeah I guess so I am and but instead of getting old dance you buy drinks yeah. Not a bad deal no I mean I had some more simple individuals sometimes it's fun to talk to it an attractive check. Yeah it's not itself for also right I mean even some of the girls I talked to were not hookers they are just hot chicks. Really dressed like hookers you have to legislate that's when you sit at a bar at 3 AM like. Obviously you all like to drink but a tough call in Vegas like they your hollering and talking with some girls. 3 AM in Nadal not looking hot. Mean is there a tactful way to be like are you a hooker or you can tell the difference you can yeah okay. There was is that over a rookie hooker. Love that Michael Carter there was a couple the first night I couldn't tell timer Rucker Billick the second day it was like 130 afternoon. There's just two girls in Mike. I would like to tops out and then late like those tightly skirts a deal likely that pencil sunny legislate. That's way too hot to be like the middle of the day right now obviously you're working right NASA viewpoint you yeah because you're not getting that dulled up. If you're just hard to go to Vegas to party try go into the pool. Yes exactly right read your joints opener of the day Euro clubs night. Do you yoga tradition I don't know I think leave your club ready. So I get it nighttime Selig. I just always that hard to tell where you exit window like I mean if your car ready at 7 PM still hooker. Us. At the bar you have. If you're by yourself right it was just you and a friend in your club ready I'm I'm leaning towards hooker OK you know with a friend. Great to female friends if there's other guys friends within minutes they got obviously not look here's an early bird yeah break. So that was how that's I judged I like it at all yet I don't sleep does a good chance I might even in my head column early this lookers out of Selma does that do chicks at the barn trio. How I zeros costs. I had enough for one of you for perhaps an hour right now that I hasn't leftover chicken wings. Basically they are my friend and he's emerged. Aren't we gotta get that he is little bird on its the united. Let's not play an average then again and do our push ups go yeah you can't believe that you're behind if you look at certain Alomar time. These grannies were held last night and included a performance from the Hollywood vampires that's consistent and Alice Cooper Joseph Perry and Johnny Depp. So while they might not look like your average rock band they definitely sounded like an. Average rock band. That is hard yeah really hard. For dog and there isn't I don't know I guess it's like the song. Feel like you're really feeling the. Her family. Finance on Twitter. We now are from her. Related death at shopping dot com thank you good. I was ahead. I cannot live. Brand new. We've been. It. I don't say hello my daughter a good morning my darling isn't he says cook we try to decipher this pond. I have a present for you in my trumpet. Study said he thought about Aaron and his slumber. Chain. Good morning my darling I'm with John Allen okay. I'm a present for you in my. Slumped red shrimp boat shouldn't mechanic. The idea that I don't know her hi I'm Dick and you know waitress living. Shelley's jelly something's probably open probably wasted. I sit open aren't so it probably open in the firm vote. I'm about to bring you away so I still hear proverbial whistle. We'll because I knew whistle and then vote. That's sadly so did you order it like go to the restaurant I don't think you should vote. It's tacked on that doesn't always get rid always on the street boats. The proverbial whistle and acts. Jelly while it doesn't it does why not me so I know average musician that is no way to live life milk doesn't Johnny does the slide up every day. We got to get daddy aren't going to try to walked and got a bag of Byron.