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Thee Podcast Episode 121

Feb 11, 2016|

This week we discuss mostly food.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now. About. The Jupiter Jack. It. Hello. To your sound really weird. I don't know what I have in some years. In some crazy on Tory M. Yeah yeah the right Michael and Ken stricker right hopefully I can hear you perfect packet. It was a that jacket met jacked up there isn't a jackass behind the board but. Yes I did it can be a real thing. What was the Jupiter Jack has over and asked him on TV and armor and actually did. I want as a rebel. We never seen. As a gassing on TV product and skimmed away. Demand your moment melt the Jupiter. Open at number creepy crawl these. Said the same thing as creepy crawlers. Maybe that that's Lewis was probably like bake yeah yeah smell weird studio with us still get here doesn't that smelled from time to time and I'm like you don't. I don't open you data and the only don't. He did credible yet really there's also another set those kind of somewhat Alec these brains that you'd make in this little skull. It was like there was a whole thing in I'm obviously late ninety's are like home cooking for kids in the easy bake oven I remember that led the way. And then there's like doctors. Actors Diana's sons like crazy creepy crawler factory to make brains in human I mean just a bunch of sugary could make our goal. There is a young guy means you know that they're likely be crawl is so their Michael spiders. Weren't just like homemade Swedes Finnish. Not it was not allow I don't know how. It's like hard jalla. Yet I was like your most basic. Basic level gummy I mean it was just dust and water. He mean ideally you some sort of dust in the mix it up that he put it in the slow like. Oven type thing a little metal for idea and a little bit of water goes up your mess he's made him. Now my sister had one. Those are my thing however Republican. And America could much I was deathly an adult forever wanted to cook. Who get a daily of the kid absolutely eat. Yet today. You are listening to podcasts that this isn't just Indy my dad suggest any podcast couldn't do this. Starting. Stuff. The starting these senseless and dog. You'll let her Wear a helmet not. Episode 141. Make it up there with the Detroit defense this popular vote this year spot desecrated spot after the all the way all the way ahead. The outlasted by fellow front burner body my partner in crime. Cobb gobbled going romance. Because you've cashed out your Israel bonds and doubled down on the bad boys of summer rewarded for your loyalty this week as nearly every tech stock on the NASDAQ fell off a cliff when linked in leading the way down nearly 50% in the the single day. Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled tumbled nearly two and eleven points the shareholders of the podcast maybe had too early retirement. That's right shares are up over thirty lumber and on strong morale reports from the crew. Winter has broken slowly valentines text in the accident. Pushing physically podcast ever higher in after hours trade we'll hear a match those former squeeze on the seventh. Eight back to other we will still get the cuts that are leagues that up. Matt O'Connor the producer MC TP AKA the weight gain that's right with them that I had. I did have some mats wings this weekend delicious you make good those products that are thinking yeah. You recognize in the crown now all I he's the kid did somehow I don't the way Jay Cutler hurt you know we we call that we gotta have they were small. They are crispy this also is on point you know week gave us. That is something that you play. Your sense are there but yeah I don't know I mean I guess library had a lastly he was make you wings to challenge you but right now many you got that title. Yes thank you yeah. The premier homer lately. Julius yeah I'm I'm glad that you got to experience them when you're telling you told Duane Knight yeah he made this. The com the winking eyes gap how. Would it depends. On Ohio who would care. As a great party are good food you gotta and then into lake here like sometimes in my head. I was due to Lakeland butane and inane stuff. You know circling if you know tenets of it AKK you do be fitted AKA the whole AKA to do Tito's and so. I can get a you know it's like a globally a hundred of you gotta have that in there like if Matt AKA MC TP AK and about weighing tanker with a AKA anger besides baddest boy if I. Could act. I thought our guys that lets have an accomplishment. Besides Battipaglia load out Bellevue. He's proven it makes the man is looking like some pitches to investors on a tax credit it is out and how that one round I action Bronson. AKA the human highlight real. So get to watch and one to an extent yeah yeah the guys claim back the professor. I hate did you ever have an M one a mountain. Yeah I feel like I'm the only person is gone through his entire life with no nickname that's not based direct them last man. Think about. I think issue right as he's a veteran college cup now to. The US is this strong that's name that works is a nickname met in Iran and in one you know. Losers item. To remind my buddy DB. His was the shift and I think that's why they should at the last slice and dice to think that I. The theory that right we loved facet. Policy to release another one. I've played hockey growing up a lot more than basketball arrows on a few different incarnations of the bass Brothers. Mighty Ducks two. All right the 2000 popular one gaffe the knuckle punch David Villa also a lot of knuckle putts and practice there's an end one hockey team authorities do its job well is still as the Mighty Ducks now is our version Indiana line. Our guys yet. In indoor soccer is as a little bit of an aside read you like you can hope punch it really hard and we called the knuckle politics that's crazy York's Eric six feet out or whatever. It's great that great movie. I did see Matt on Super Bowl Sunday. There was a tonic of food there and was assassins to comment to me after I had a leg won the serving. With some crackers sniper's art. I was glad I got that's not a thing is that the that is and it was almost gone out it was a full spread it out this year showed last of it. Yet. Sausage it was evident other people one person me they come back of garlic. But he was it was match there's like all those going on and throw Hadley. I don't know what you call those we call those pants were like the fires underneath it it's like out waters who keeps toppled. Yeah I don't know what those would certainly from a bus says yeah I was ever been to write to one was lake demand troops hostage one was before was meatballs and a crock pot. And a couple of rolls and it was it was a proper so yeah castles bacon ranch double legs Jesus Christ so little. I had how many knows but tell you what man and that buffalo chicken dip. Yeah I'm not sure if I was hunger and the next day or file is just kind of like my stomach was not happy. I'll tell Oregon they put on eye on those aches. Terrico. Yeah that little the red powder that goes on to a woman that Terry on post for pre I was prepared paprika that's on Newcastle man. He's he's told they're a whole other level yet not a wine taste wise they're on a whole other level is a little bacon on them. And then basically east laces at cherry tomatoes losing a little cherry tomato on it but the presentation is also one Ireland. This there's branch in yes man takes pride. He does I think you put ranch in new places that's when you break new ground and you achieve legendary status with me. Which is Lila talker time because they started put ransom burritos. And that's come from a wink here. I think it goes great with branch by the way I one point for the week he got there I was stayed behind the bar without me today. Every beer I drink threw it where he had like six kids. Accra and the next morning is that the scratching my brains out of that one was let's move on a -- up and then I thought I was a little bit. Like reality of evil element here. Exhibit cast headed for pocket fast did not think about you know the past half. As if that's. He picked up you're asked me earlier we did. Like a bar takeover front Mars is opening spot open Lynnwood pretty close the sound check. And we give our take over the whole scooter club yes a decent basically. Ted it was like everything in the night before we stayed the night. It was everything that we hoped the clubhouse and Soto would be I mean at one point because he doesn't open the bar yet right Brad and those issues being and it's just dust so one point I take a sip off abolish kind of look around who's a bunch of dudes gamble and I plan poker there they're all like smoking cigars to maybe go jays out there on an out turned. Can contend the other direction there's dudes getting lineups by the Doris just fantastic. Straight clubhouse stuff turned into the guy on a scooter does. My island through the restaurant and trying to see how are going up to speed down might it lose it. Here is tricky lift your profile yet I just don't like those sitting up on my derailing dude you know I'd missed. This is hoped it would be. There is grave that. It's great that sounds pretty good yeah and then of course you going into your top fashion for a united Iran brings the dais. Ter DP in Wales but the giant ones are right idea. I did hook him up for the diesel like that. Now I did I why couldn't I couldn't make it there and I just yard grab that cost arrived was we slept there. And I went out to go find the suit it's cost around Streep and had to scoot on 99 with that it's like that giant cloudiness probably two feet by two feet. Covered in these things as a hundred mom and a big voice yes I got balanced on my lap and I'm just shots so I'm Maggie now mice treated map is the answer yeah I. Not blow off Imad Al Bana. So I could turn laps to go a turnaround but I knew that I had to take a right to do and the bars so. It all worked out more life along to other turned in Wales I'd like thirty of them. To pin wheels are good but I don't know that I've ever had them in the last five years outside of melt but I'm out. Looks like the sausage dip you know it's a once a year thanks momentum here it's a special event thing also had a. It's supposed to be just once a year this would technically and this season. But we have a mutual friend and myself Friday night youth he literally goes. What do you make it the sausage to DiMaggio my guy and I'm making this weekend Obama go to that party. I think we'll just a Mitchell how to make quick because I. It's like Joseph. You know that's the thing the season's almost over now. Yeah not a year round thing is that Eric I think maybe one of our body's gonna have a party here next couple weeks old person again I'll I'll I'll read it out for that. That's your move. Yeah but you know peripherals party I had also gone down you'll he's got a bunch and substitute south like a drop south it's basically I'll give you the waging on sausage yeah. Like they. The sausage master. I think this is like I made a bunch of wings like Dallas idol we made enough for me and make median carbon fiber that one time and I've never made. Of parties work this was like five packages of wings like five pounds all the lines today. Came out pretty good so nice great gas I'm glad that I can make it on on a more a bigger level you know. Yeah I'm with a bigger bags down. That just did the person it's more and ask about chicken wings is maybe by petty reasons TV and we both like after all miles that is idiotic getting his seal of approval and viewing viewing stopped tell me how much you loved him it was -- breaks as the. Cemented her reputation as the king. Ted you know I think you should make it like boating season you know they have like opening day for that I did bunny yes yeah exactly it. Larry and I know wearing white except between Memorial Day Labor Day. The uses half. The opening of Gypsies and on the closing of duke Susan that's a damn good idea actually not a midnight outside did season's not for another three months. Well did season doesn't officially never opening weekend is they give the guy you do make it Thanksgiving to. Ideal aka that's the first time he gets brought up a winner Marcus town yeah guys that Friday afterwards the first assistive the year Boca. The hottest doesn't. Matter about the article but they're closing closing is like a ski resort. It's just senate February but you know our body has been part of a church still stands still marks. But by April you can't be the top tips season and is always very often dip like you didn't get out. No what do you know Meredith Siena head over. What the complete absence of government groundhog ran I don't know who generally beats up and what would suck if you would set I just think I could make jokes are groundhog oh yeah and a aside. I just activate that dip in the summer time is now gets out of play you know it it would lessen the integrity of the debt it because it's about. You know one thing their bad dip really he brings that table is contrasts you know it's going to be cold outside to enjoy a warm dip knack we scarf announced on a ninety degree day. Now and you get people who are raiding you less than a five star. I don't love it here you gotta bring the data points that it's in the house passed the would you if that was different version of the dip I mean this week. I've got to love it I'm general craziness started spice it myself I'll loans those guys buying Spicer. So that's why I had a little different red too yeah I did notice it looked a little bit of the flavor wise you know I I just. That player profile OPEC that. Violated scam as he did did did arms race to your sand some Mike how's mom was trying to knock it off now yeah exclude you from parties that's not nanotech. I do think though my spinach dip could be a year around it's cold there greater around the holidays but he hit it into you know that show up at this time. It's fair that would take late the world sets Barbeque in July 4 the next level. I only did. That's still my fair comments. Were you by the rebels flee to anyway is kind of top off big break out. Replicate. Its. Boehner knew that. I would wanna start with first. All right today we're gonna have some some arguments. Now we don't start with Kim yet. Valentine's Day. Is this week. Now for us there really means. Obviously NATO again but it doesn't guys that doesn't mean. So he sat back. How I saw Cobb last week. By the way Matt are you any good ping pong Amare right yeah all right. Yeah I don't is that any good eye and some good and are great. Aren't they grow over the ping pong table right. No we had we had one for a couple years we have one now a mom and my grandparents always. Coming I've played. Pretty good game of ping pong when guys are pretty evenly matched. We were almost perfectly matched with fifteen and 2523. Who. It was nice but we were just like the various rally them and lead changes yet long rally 67 lead changes his forehand backhand just from most points or just. We're barely missed a lot of people. Don't use their forehand now much say they do that weird like. They stay on their backhand idea that says that death color now back in the time Oca. And ping pong and it could be our game that no totally coming up so we went out the other night and after words that were set their tone look of people's accounts like hey. Like there's this thing happened Saturday that he beat this should be a decent amount of single women and you should come with me. It all right and come back from Vegas sound. And that talks tomorrow other friends. And I was like hey man make generally gone crazy to wily guerrilla part of you guys. Either Saturday or Sunday so here's my question the single part of me says I should go to the party where there's going to be available with. But then the other part of me is that I really wanna him of these other people just get messed up. You know I look what's the right call I don't know IE. Traditionally I've here on the side of having fun and get messed up with reference. That's that's the sure fire a good time. You know if he if you pursue the women. And it doesn't work ID if you I didn't ask afterwards. You know. And if you go out with the friends you're you're guaranteed to get time. Here's an ad Stan I'm with you I always pursued France over. I'm minus the there are getting way it's not an out not to them I didn't leagues and now generally due to but it you so I know if you brought enough to be it's got to be decent thing so that's the thing I went to this girl's Halloween party and it was unreal we're talking about an art loft in pioneer square. That's its giant I mean your time 122 foot ceilings was huge I was I'm friends with two a guy who was hired to help out of the party is teaching it. And that's the only way I even got an invite. It was there's probably I don't know it was a great party regulars is going off everybody is cool respond and I likened it. To the the do you say his name now for the Halloween party. Carol I like him it's that great Halloween party in the three of us went to you on Korea. Is different but it was on that level of party where this person knows how to throw a great bash. Invites you know I key Frandsen and Noelle be fund. There's no drama there's no anything I mean it's Max out their pawn pizzas out of the oven all my. And dancing Madison pirated DJ that it was just it really cool crowd and so. What I would say is focusing less on the single part although everyone is can be singled there. More on this girl throws bankers and government time and sort of warmer burning man tech crowd. I come in hot putting me out dude yes of course it's not an issue. That's at the well I didn't how I now know this now I don't just I Alice like okay talk about a but it is they have friends that are on Saturday that you could theoretically do both. It's not miss on Saturday if you rally and I believe. We have Monday off for president oh yeah that's why someone like Abby are they use their recovery oh yeah you are coming back from Vegas that was the other parent does Hillary plan on going out big Saturday. Here's my real idea yeah you've right Matt company of both GAAP how many of both. Yes I guess 100%. Well you're the don't blow. Bartlett settled an arsenal played Lester at 4 AM instead of up more. They don't have a stuff. No you'll sleep all the way through Valentine's Day you know be no regrets hit the hole. Should grab some young vixen on your arm watching arsenal. Match every Valentine's Day story report that the ten goes out looking just to have a fundraising tonight ends up beat a girl she also likes the arsenal they watch Leicester city that yeah. 4 AM it being halftime. I like behead them that that you. Did Ted stats like shots on goal I. I really don't worry we both watch the game with a picnic at the position that it. But that's settled let's go to not a dog ten. Let's go to talking point number two I have for us today. As this is being taped it is that Fat Tuesday. Lays in a ball won't take. Everybody down the New Orleans but good central. Also it is a Tuesday which initially ran here KFW would be taco Tuesday also national pizza today. This argument gentlemen pure and simple. Pizza persistent pizza. What are reevaluated on. Just overall if you could only have one in the other one would cease to exist pizza flat flat. But if you bid talk goes represents Mexican food as a category rule then isn't. All right what about timers is next. Cool don't. Mean to me. That's not just because I want you I automatically would go pizza. But if given to John there's genres of food outgoing Mexican everyday that we think our data are out Italian diet. Now scotus. Neighboring so hard so easily category so many different things out. I mean he would Italian Uga. Let's break it down category by category. Are OK so thorough burst a lot of the out adapt hero Charles terra sort of hot actually I'd go to a lot of there's a lot of the they have specifically the crown casino in Melbourne Australia is unbelievable. Also and it's great specifics on how cute is that the guy got the plants I found out the guy who works there and it it. The guy who runs a restaurant there now voted best pizza in the world unit. Competition that was held in Italy and he also runs the July auto plays its home boys bring in the heat. Now casinos will spend my top dollar to get really good chance. So you're saying that to Lotto is good enough to overtake pitcher out. Korea. K. Here's the thing where's the young children don't have as I don't ever had a Charles from Costco. Which I note cannot be topped up. They're not Disneyland has really good and actually it's estimated state. A relic yet that hasn't done yet. Point being united and us dollar daily edit getting it hit turow. Like it there's great throws all over the place of natural state and yeah I've had a lot of that I was like there. You know I never rose to as much better Salina and Italy as much would I want anybody to Otto a bit of the day is that far off from ice. Right with Lebanon's a lot of desert boys and just don't think its parent you know it's like to cattle sushi in the hand Osman a little bit. So it was sushi in Kansas I mean like sushi is terrible blow yet you're right if we lived in Kansas whatever it was sushi would lose because who inhabit these how many leg we live in the case a lot of losing here. Because. You know I'm telling you may be wrong. Maybe there's a whole world out there would cartoons out an entire. The winking zepa through his. Current cup how. You've got this series discussed it looked. Through the shades of just like you can't listen do right. Our homes euros were talking hello you sir Terrell Owens Sherman anti Taliban. I don't know if your Becky grade point your development will grant you rise. Sometimes they have like flavors in them. I do think Ben and Jerry's. Shout out to a man they gave. Chara chunk than he's being nice and flick who all. Yeah yeah yeah but it nice to know ice cream with chunks sure but it is Jeremiah 1% thing and in for Bernie Sanders. Now my remit is to honor at this I have not verified on the Internet but. The cousin your roommate I trusted raises serious dude apparently they're doing an ice cream that is the top 1% of its chocolate. And the rest of it is mint new breakthrough. Hard Chaka shell to get down into the meant to us. Mean. So Bernie's the mint. I think Princeton they were all the men intent. Momentum sign each of us except you MC TP absurd I actually get a little sidetracked here Thatcher wrote a lot of but are you still so then you're still seems like you're leaning. Italian our map with him I mean that's I'm winning Mexican guys wanna make a case retire I had a great breakfast burrito today. Yup you know where is Italy in the breakfast. On a national out. What actually I don't know if it was France it's a you know lay sell music assault. Ya if Tug of registries really like weeks but I mean an Italian bakeries scoreboard dessert type things anyway like I don't know what their brand for breakfast. It's true rip it up peach trees. Prayer Italians hang out of Italian club and I know their opinions and so most Italian pastries like you know Mike's pastries in Boston and Bartoli said those are all like dessert it's rather not breakfast you're ya house and Kabul can always from breakfast. Right. Deaths of Mexican deadly weigh in on that. Breakfast the game they also have not Joe's in case videos. Mr. garage and contract supremes great for reliance. And Riviera you opera he knows tacos and a lot is toward Tom. But he goes yeah. Beans and rice mole laced on everything yeah Mexican. Different column on just a you know all just make the kind of points than those who are sitting at home near the Vincenzo is out there. Don't get too upset. The tank category one yup my all time fear for his team meatballs to you got a lot of foods at a time foods that don't necessarily exist I hear a big CD. Dell lasagna bomb garlic bread bread stick. Achieving a friend of national radio they are good I just feel like a week. If there's even just tortillas at my house leak that's what they're getting meet their business like a box spaghetti and Alex again he could sit there for months on it. It and I just wouldn't do it on not as we get it. Dead I can't ask him a pass him I don't know like let's get food so much better the amateurs I think there's variety in which again. That they were talking pasta. Solves that did cheese bread alarmingly the same thing without Mexicans in six ingredients Hamas and good I mean. Politician and yeah yeah and the Okie guy. You know like ringgit Tony you know now that's that's one of going to be back of the tackles look oh ravioli like she's not always easy grab he'll real game is very slow sausages. That's my deal spam beard Italian cold cuts I'm shameless about via media. It's it pisses can I all right regardless of the company meant that it was not a bad thing. I was at the birthday party for my friend in but late October and I'm sitting there and I try to do it kind of discreetly they didn't know any of his friends and you know he Allen. BR office as the only wanted to know anybody else I was like me. The yields to a way to America next and his like. By yes sir with the below what would you like to end its sick sitting next to attend a drag on super VN fox I don't well. A what do you do about jump right in this well I have friends that I'm with you deals solicit an immediate and my friend across state lose Purdue was like what is the Oz like well basically it's a baby count and they keep a tiny cage in the dark to keep to meet south and you slight. Are you mess and there you Sears is like I'm a 100% see the list is solicitous. Either her raised I don't know one time being some people. It was that you didn't the only yeah why not they're like you know is how they keep the animals that are easily that we don't care either rugged mobile I thought that's ahead got the today I heard something crazy I mean just hire about. Animal rights real quick I heard a crazy fact this weekend hat also have not been able to verify but my my friend he's pretty well versed in the U doesn't. He knows is stuff apparently he is here it's like minks and that whole industry. How they first gain popular free care for got a mink coats yeah you know how they kill those animals. No he claimed baucus apparently there's a couple big mink farms up in snohomish county iron and apparently a bunch of environmentalists let a ton minks out. In mesa Scott. But these are all. Minks are raised in at a domestic and domesticated meant so they know how to hunt tea just devastated by the predators on that Allen a dime but. Apparently the reason their release and how they kill these makes to not damage the Peltz. And somebody please send email this is not right because it blew my mind around its aftermath. No apparently meat stick me. Ike I mean you know you'd call a small dowel. In two. More bodies medical ward right. He says rectum. Yes I was gonna say Iraq top and then they electric cute oh. That's a dome and I'll light. That sounds just crazy enough that it might be true and that's what the big issue is with with me I mean. I announced an update on first inning. Except on imply let's have a good change or. Above that's true that a as a. You Brad tornadoes and though I don't work harder I you bill. Talbots. And I had proponent aids after the fog law. But the other is what others are another bad thing we usually Athens opened an office personnel concepts are kids who. It's doesn't conflict foods. This is my favorite is probably sit in my fur coat discounting might have been yeah. I instead of their registered on camera camera about it I retired David abandons. Regrets the event for game. Treatment you know I seriously did talk about the part. But what do we do and by the way out stick to what you Mexico oh yeah. Mexico so we'd all agree we take pizza vs tacos. But overall. Mexican potato tops over any individual Max him yet peace and pop stars that Mexico wins categorically new pizza really lose to. Hamburgers cheeseburgers that's about the only contender data from this game labels. The pizza chicken little Norway's king as a staggering wings could take I do it easily. Right wings could take on any pizza. I don't know about that remains my burger and Fries somber apprised of the doughnut. Whom they are totally different. Totally different out Ted. Doesn't deserve the food and you know that China put me in a tight spot here a sewage in China and let us know what I don't like it. So we are not charging you see you cannot invoke your Fifth Amendment. I plead the 1230. Yeah. Pete is not bad either only half taco pizza. And snow pizza pizza. I'd say and you get a pizza they taco toppings and then you go to lake. Other places giving a Mexican pizza a couple of tortilla I'm trying to remember where I used to get Mexican pizzas from Miller told us to have him right. Do they still haven't had a top. Why do an event talked about there have been a big talk about it. But there's somewhere that would solar Max compete Smart regularly rounds I. Primarily twenties and then put up pizza had Mexican topics. Billy is. Yeah he had to do is they it wasn't it was I guess super if they didn't have any crust on an eye on the outside is I guess super thin. There pizza crust. But I pizzas sauce. And then sputtered to what they've p.'s size and his red beans and rice and all this. Mexican topic this kind frontrunner ever won the hell was impose our bounds more Galicia. So at protect act so cultured today Robert Pickett. Somehow farmer foreground there. You know I promise you the serious thing will get another time stop on us and so supper controversy U got all excited at. Well I here's the two controversial things I have one to me is out of controversy and that's Cam Newton. I talked about I'm last week I can when he did is I love this and that. Now do I wish you'd. You know stuck around me answered a few more questions. Sure. But I don't think he's the worst person on the planet there is a key so classless this and that let me remind you Peyton Manning mr. white EU everybody loves. Oh when they when he thought the second symbol he went to Dave Boston the saints he did about a shake breezes hang it he walked straight off the field into the tunnel not to be seen. Camera that I will all the same no prop I don't have any real issues with him Hernandez bidder and the Seahawks in they'd knock this out and I think it's faith so I'll take my shots at him because -- nah they just. Out of the a rivalry but. Yeah late night he said show me. Someone it's not as sore loser who you loser you know what I mean when. I've used that quote all the time show me a good loser and I'll show it show you lose the right yeah and have and then today camp said that as a Buick you believe he says that like it's a Vince Lombardi quote. There are a hound her for decades flake. You know but again. You know it's delicate thing nobody wants to mention it's like sign that the black ice and right now it's like he's disrespect and the language you know. Disrespectful. Doesn't like the game legislate. You would never you know Iran announced he called him boy and a while lowering of flat out that's crazy uncle are loony guy and a racist CE. Yeah before that he is that you smokey and. I think you have more along I mean I don't know and are gonna sites out you know he doesn't. The Specter and senator Ron Lewis let me in my thinking is. I think you're more like you live by the sword you die by the sword and Richard Sherman he invites all like controversy Randy is always a cramp the style subs but. When he gets defeated I feel like key was man have to be like aren't you know like but love the trash rained down on me where. Cam Newton was a little bit more of like childish about it. But wasn't he demanding he talk to the other players. We did at a press conference after you lose some Mormon guy behind of talk and. Yeah a lot as is true I heard that yeah as I. As you heard that audience now I am yeah I think I I felt like game plan is just the stacked the box and make them throwing nearly competed with his arm and stuff. And he's talking about can learn like that's only send it right on the other side of him if there was a curtain right here from medio. And then camped just here like he wasn't as being a Dick to the reporters for no reason elements. I did say he should have stuck around longer. I don't want to do at the press conference he was only there couple minutes and it suddenly exactly key easily. Like the worst of the example listen that like he's a good duty wins awards for. Helping out the community like. Sorry he's a 2526. Year old. Black dude he does things a little different that I think a lot of American electricity down. I am you know amen I set out a bitter Seahawks fans pissed that they knocked us out and we have golden boy Russell Wilson as our quarterback who is just. But make all class last year after losing Super Bowl and so it's easy for me is the Seahawks fan to be like yeah Cam Newton. But that's all it is is just needing a sea hawks and I actually have an issue with the guy or how he handled losing them think and handle. Losing part of his general assembly Russell Wilson this. He tickling race out of it which I do you think please he's farm team via but it only take that I wanted part of that I hate to its late. But again the people that had this crazy amount of money small and then number gets smaller and smaller right in the middle class dwindles away. Yeah everybody's insistent on Mike is corporate nonsense it's what you ought to be National Guard you gotta do that lake. Dude I'm sure you cut corners it's your job I'm sure the stuff that goes on there like but you said the worst day of your life. And then you gotta sit answer questions. Like it's late machine works so well in the people get so upset about it like. Discreet yeah it's easy to put people under the microscope he now it's tough to look like in the near ourselves there's a senator worst moment. And people forget those guys are humans it all the time and that it at the end I mean I know it's like sounds like trite saying this but it is a game and so you still like even though that's their profession. You so in that school yard mentality of playing a game against someone you know. Thank you you wanna win and it's like. You know it's a it's a matchup itself mean again that signal go crazy about that in town it's like greatly. Now should you be more pissed off below Wall Street that. Michigan right now like a lot of bad people out there like. Cam Newton and it's a question that repressed artists have a machine wants that Ted China is holding a mass distraction you know rightly Saturday just or golden book Walters could -- and the ball was distribution fleet aunts and figure out how ballot in that system material aboard twenty years ago yeah. What was done that probably a pact as a George Carlin quotes on the about a budget but was on pain meaning elegant bottom. No issue with app like if he widgets in that body's gonna go drink you waste of Budweiser Arabic school. Yeah but I think that was not pitted. Budweiser did not directly pay him to plug but he does own two budged or Peters habitat at the area. Oh yeah does and make crazy money that's a John McCain analyst money on yeah. The building on a bunch about Papa Murphy's public jobs. Yeah he's the first person ever talked with Buffett. I shouldn't say one of the first for people. I saw a picture. And just Kris. That's what I had to probably John immediately when the camera went on them came running in from the side and how I'd kiss on the cheek that's like probably John. Yeah. You know I got to admit that. The first phone wreck our parks are solid. And hit. It in the game is on everybody's offerman now it. Am pop we remember we remember rulers are new rules and thank you want delivered downtown not malice in the pizza vortex to your money. Isn't even close is publish out to Seattle. Went west Seattle and then as one ballot. And I ignored. Seattle ignore the well shall all those young birds got all manner and if you look at Philly stuff you like. And it is aiming downtown is there any of those there's always went west Seattle that was one yeah. Oh now it's got the win the youth. And in the attic apartment building it was a go off about is that commercial for like hey you constipated because O because of all your opiate flakier to appeal for this little. I did not see that yeah the commercial for opiate constitutionally. Take this deal. You're kidding me you know during the Super Bowl yeah that's what we do so many opiates easily prescription drugs at the plate. Here take it here's the greatest thing I was like. If it's a Sunday morning and act in an old copper and then as my handshake. Now you gonna look you mean you hate it take this pill they probably need to treat so much but why are you shaking. Like this is like. We've taken some many of our opiates to Kia group. So here's a pill another pill on top of that like that is not the end. And think about. I mean just think about that as a as a venue like the the Super Bowl. So you're such a huge audience that you're talking about the only commercials that. I'd go to a widespread audience are like the lowest common denominator to abort ever won her huge percentage of people can relate to thanks so much money that crushed when he got to make that money back right. So the fact that they're willing to do something they're run to put out about alongside Ford trucks Coca-Cola Budweiser. You now and say hey this is a big enough from the we know we'll make our money back constipation. For being on opiates pill. That to me says there's a systemic problem that's huge within the US oh yeah moon that's high on my noble. An old lady. That's in her seventies right and she yes she does have chronic back pain and stuff but. The word here is that like useless to meter somewhere in Asia don't show up for five dollars. And use it well I gotta take my pills the doctor says it's norm marketing my pills. That the kind of sit down and relax for a little bit and plates itself again heritage person does not do what brought us an idea Aaron heroin in his you know being you know spears the right to same fits in that category Carol. Doctor approved not costs. Doctor drew not a straight he's awesome man on the street that went up 4%. Yeah but that's the weird thing is these people aren't quote on quote drug jacking each year. No matter how they are not off. And we you're yeah and chase the dragon man I side on a bus and Baltimore. Yeah it's sector I've seen different pills went hooker on a trip once and it was just one crazy guy and there was caddie drinks so much is that yeah. And he's doing prescription drugs like what you really look at ages there. In legislate greatly that. That's not drunk guy drug had a face to honestly power. Yeah I mean yet as I catch an epidemic and beginners in the oxy cop and the oxy express. The documentary. Now so there's all these pain clinics quote unquote in now Florida. I'm in Maryland the end and that area NASA so that's so a lot of the simple skating flop so when these you were doing. Is and I don't know what the scenario list for prescription ms. really easy get prescription and right next door. It have a pain management clinic where you don't get these giant prescriptions and I was like yeah a thousand pills whenever. So what you would do that fly down from Virginia West Virginia area. AP's up in the call that plane route the OxyContin express an oxy express because like 70% of the passengers would be going down there it's. Fuel to the hillbilly heroin. Now it's idiots. So yes I saw that absolutely heroin and keeping track. And I mailed find and protect her answer I would live on Capitol Hill sometimes people try to so yeah you of government hamster. I'd like silly walk by the guy proxy. Our actions on her breeder. Actually known they as one of city marquis to happen. I got some emails oft stated view we ever we gonna have any last week so we're gonna Blige and backed play. We are backed up. Actually gotten of these earlier I'll say this I was able put them in order at all trying to try to move quickly. So policy does the rapid fire questions just let me lead off by saying you are the greatest podcast all the way all the land. He says in Bradley's QMCTP. Science it's a middle loyalists or sustain one even getting your legal advisor addicted that's right Carson lawyers milder brow. Not real services emails to say thank you for an Austin couple years I'm about to embark on a month deployment Murray and the marine pilot let's unimportant. And it's cool as hell yeah. Marine pilot I'm sorry to I think marine pilots fly helicopters and they've fighter jets would Libyan naval aviator at the same thing. I know they need the guys in the fighter the Marines are in the navy that's a subset to rename them what correct. It's like marine officers come out of the naval academy at Annapolis is come back. When Ted. If you've been out we'll have access to be podcasts and Tom back in the states fret not I'm numerous numerous episodes downloaded and we've. Listen you guys all across the world hears stories of home more importantly Seattle may two months away flyby. Every episode I was into you makes you wanna move back to Seattle despite living in downtown San Diego for now he has are awesome cars warm and Kenya to navy email long gone. Party on Wayne captain Graham. Our Kara said it will or make the months flyby the no I did good but but but but also captain grant I don't know if this is navy you're marine. Jets to do this is is just what they do on Mike. Look there's a way to put it might be podcasts on bomb but I assume right stuff or volatile time for the. If it and I got to the point that out there so I'm Kyra Clark are. A lark thought powerful Harbaugh your article gives though. We don't know. Make sure it's credible target them yes we did have the larva are obvious that did Al Gore needs civilian casualties and he's got to pick. I've targeted Jeff did you pick the united and Gaza we got this whole Lotta bad juvenile Huckabee bad karma and Ireland made a practice run bomb a practice run bomb to good for us. Explosion just makes of the go Bouvier wire might Wear my vibes off an Omaha I don't know. Hey guys this puzzle heavyset you don't freedom on the cast of school. Well I thought weird thoughts on it what do you think happens when you dot. Is that lights out game over these are some paradise in the afterlife they get into by being good percent life as a spear an energy carrier under different plane. Of existence or being or do you come back closing a lot of the Joseph Rogan to Joseph Rogan talk about DMT in death and got me thinking. I want a plan to do DM team does not yet. Take care guys are upon I'm not against his name. The drug comment but I like it. I'm not positive where it goes afterwards. But I don't think they'll like when your body dies you're sold eyes and he'd go somewhere else but I also save this. I think a lot of people. A lot of people I think. There's a lot of souls that hang around because there there's something that they didn't do or something they need to make right I think that happens a lot. But I know I know lady that works and and amber and seemed whenever the deal to a death and she's like me you can't feel still here. Just because you know I think sometimes to you know if you don't believe that stuff fire and earth that's fine but I think you'll and and I'm not positive yet reincarnated if you go I don't I don't know if so that I believe in heaven help but I do think the spirit of your body your physical body Judith and. Yeah I think are our brain kind of Greg. Restricts. Our our soul and our our essence like. A lot you know and we get caught up in all this other stuff. Split sometimes the settings just right and you're just totally present and an aware and you know I think that you. When year free of all that stuff you kind of realize. What you are without your brain and in meditation can help with that I know. And I've heard you know DMT in other psychedelic swell as well. And when you when that happens I think I kind there realize it like I'm more than just this human body. And and that when you say that might yet think that that goes some way and gruesome psychedelic experiences. I've become more conscious of that of placate. What's cool this is all your brain you know like you're and you're outside of your brain and when we gave out who we hit too wrapped up in it. You know it it's is you're almost like a different type person and I think without that. I don't know where it goes like they said I don't know I don't know that that that fuels. Thanks so thin it's it's bigger than my human life. Tiger opposing view them in the inner connectedness of this of this almost always especially apparent to those types of situations whether it's meditation or are however OC get there. The best effort explained and how their brand people wrench in this. I posthumously summed up by this you two series called inner worlds outer worlds highly recommend four part series like twenty minutes he's a great. But they talk about how if you had a big spider web that's covered in dew drops. How he if you look at any individual dew drop it reflects every other drop in the web to reflect the ones next to it which are reflecting the ones next to it. And I think that humanity is a lot like that in that. You know we all will have this inner connectedness that we can't quite understand that we can kind of feel and whether where he now. Alive or dead. It it's all sort of states and energy and without doing too metaphysical and it's pretty pretty crazy and that also hearkens back to DNA and how. They say like with fractal that at any one piece of DNA contains the information necessary to recreate the whole. And it's like the dew drops like all of that information is in each individual do drop on you know as some sort of substance of the other information. Anyway. Not off on tangent but I'm with the yes yes there are so that check out that you Tutsis you mention the four. Just it's. Yes it's pretty cool. And blood settlement policy got to still gonna modeled to does sixteen and I probably won't go with this but. Matt didn't want you guys making fun of him borrow Matt and when he has been fun of them for opposing this idea so I am hear me out a cat 100%. Two does sixteen years the you do you do do. This. Appearances. This has many meetings. Mainly. You do what if you want to save you bleed mat anyway it's. He put that I'm. Anyways just do it makes you happy I do you've always wanted to do just for you can do you don't be selfish and not think of others now. You out can I'm typing this how to haven't thought. I'm from the meeting or whatever. That marriage has the right answer to Kansas. A matter of time out why I couldn't tell you guys so I am Ted it was fantastic. Meal window pane of the union sued cop I'm gonna bang. In a room used to stand mats you Thursday shoes bodies just came man's twittered girl. Moving here he only has one else's this guy Greg. And here I love you and remember you do you bluebird. All of those actress Dixie sex with UN council room. Let that's that's receive referencing at the end there via. The united miles room. Having an internal groups now with top left top left on top right now and yeah we've broken as and then on Thursday. Yeah. I'll highlight that you do you part I hit fifth. That's even. Well. Aloha boy still have a few conversations vice though it's not fit that shouldn't say fears they got every other outlets. The boo boo at the end LA and here and you do you that's cool. Say good for your tastes I did Sloan Matt she's pretty. If you're comets come in like a freight train like they they I don't you think about who have. Every broke him then Dan when it gets yeah. But earlier in the Al it effectively puts up that sit there and lately I'm looking at me how to get them on my computer. Now miles ten batter at a congress that he should. At the pages here like I I don't know when missiles from given months ago at least late yeah one of the breach Heber and show me yours now. Silence in the room amenities goes up. We'll have to neighbors are so readers today that's it I'm glad I don't that's good starter line for a conversation went let's talk about it. Here's what happened so I got hurt came sometime after that. A home it out of love and that's kind of what that would do it given broken and in the it is an old woman who's in this who's in his old room. Bob banner mine banner for all you have to sneak in there behind their back can have sex and the. Give room for. Hello Bob voice of losing to be sad Kasten cob and maybe didn't team I would be continued success from the years hustle this. Let me just out of being. Okay being being a batter and finding that sweet spot to knock the ball park and moved to Hawaii September does fifteen. But that's the struggle getting the most success out of my move. So now I hope hits sweet spot and line all of the best ups and in my life here is as. Pair I don't even know how to say that word but obviously apparent this paradise fish parent Tice tactical. Paired bicycle. Made me ideally paradise Perry Perry DC. And an aphrodisiac. As possible parent deep ties colonel mustard gas a day is a coal it's like Perry days accord does. Curtis paradise H. As possible so that mind I humbly submit my a year theme of hey you're sweet spots. Not a bad team for sophomore album are barred cheers producer Matt did that with a girl in the last email. Don't know it it. It sits at the U. Circuits spot. Well. Next email that he went to a fellow at iceberg that. I don't paint pictures we isolate you with a purpose but it. If your sweet spots out of bed. Through this is good MC TP dirty laundry Catherine yeah. With some of those ten Cobb did a great job breaking down when I struggle typing out last week that's why you all into podcasting how many email. Two dozen sixteen definitely feels leaves are revolving around those words passionate commitment. If your hustle was fire two and sixteen is Amber's too as fifty was a grant to does sixteen is a plunge. Feel like after college and setting off a ledge into freefall. And wanna hit the ground running. It's going to be a year vision no matter what he does a circle around some very cool ideas and I'm ready here we come up stocks hit the roof. Where tank with the announcement here's the sad cast noble. Out the world row Witten and well written email the market holds its breath. And this one what's of and there. What's of the podcast it's mighty dubs the amazing email once again I'm finally almost caught up with podcast. One episode ago warning I apologize for the long email of follows tile on your fine. It's normally you all know that the year of the hustled TM. I'll turn and that how did it on how. Last year's starter mats dedication his career both common Ted's burning man adventures and senators are doing what I love again for me toaster or podcast my own instantly creating stuff once. On a whim asserted and resolve podcast podcast all about unsolved mysteries and started because you're going to do it but now a couple months and a handful of heavily researched episodes later. Podcast on the verge of becoming somebody had to make money on and sport like side job. Obviously I'm not a podcast named Bea come superstar celebrity but I just thought that it was really cool and you guys are all almost directly responsible so. Thanks to be here and also tells you don't want to inspire me. And even now I now live on the California coast and nobody commander in the summer and hopefully get a chance Mac do you guys. I'm bodies and I ones are decree music together are going to take off. I take a month off of almost everything during the summer tourist tunes create the metal masterpiece in minutes induced or teenager's again. He is responsible for helping hats that idea thank you keep puzzle line and my bond issues he does write nice. And it means luck if we've it's Friday that much here ever look confirm a way to repay us I mean. It'll take 2% of reasonable pale to muscles littered pierce now thrown out there yeah I mean it's not having your name on a bomb but it's something. We like Beers. You know. Legal weed. I'll have a stuff here. We do a summer get the I didn't realize that just duel in December. Yeah we do slip in slot. On thing where Neil brings food and I make wings. And I remember when turnout. Yeah we've been able to drag. Potluck or something. Does that piece. You posted. Know put your partisan. Middle our summer. But we could do it gas worsened watched a Harper's. We can beat the lockers to. You know me Matt and actually Lar to those sorts harassment that. The other Bruins survey asked yes the actual gardening events or I call up the armor and step up right to disrupt already guys. Give a promise to his liking you do something in a public park. Then it's like if something happens that it's willow was those gas W guys hosted whatever part. The haven't. Arkansas proud podcast. Crowd's always pretty chill like big cats W events or get pretty rowdy but I feel like. Every time. Every time I've met individual podcast listeners. They're all super chill and ought to get togethers or for just how in human thing and one thing to worry about them like that. Yeah hours. I hear area Owen expected to hear right. It's part of it is thought you were. Out some contract is now. Stevens just you know random weapons a Dixon damage from bloat on this weekend tournaments so. On I would say it's finally got disposing midriff or so ago little I had like a big tournament. We arrest with a blow got the bar is really fund to people out here is footage. Now to see that you show us your stomach. Also you know near five pack abstinent for summer. Hey guys on this top topic was from two weeks ago these are the products I didn't know that I need it a new wave oven and essential oils knew eleven was impulse violet when night watching TV almost a decade ago and I still use it my daily content today. Nice pass on talking about it's never. 110 passing ninety products just outweighs everything he spent on an essential oil game and always on. It's so funny that you guys mention that doctor brown government soap when I got introduced government oil completely changed my life I discovered the soil had major healing properties and it got me hit to other essential oils in the whole natural holistic lifestyle. I highly recommend everyone gets a government oil to have in their home why three words government head massage. The size three to four drops. In your scalp after you've taken a shower can be smoked born of freedom bad. Best sleep ever on a day with a girl you guys go back to your place you offer her government had massage should be putting your hands. That's how I got my man. How loved skating. The seriously second time this email sounds like an endorsement government on slump so much cup topics and importantly he stock should go up. Holdren and you guys sometime later this year since I missed the last with the party. This you guys in my upon Asian story of one of normal and Hologic government gave it to me and you can do just that little oil. Leader going no bars or just don't know party but you literally just that your hand one little thing on top. Video sites. The mayor says Erica and then of its rating on essential. Oils they seem seem pretty intriguing. And almost nothing about them they see him as they see him day. Really intriguing and it did and there is there's people like. They. It sounded like there's people that have anything use them that are online saying like Carl that that one or whatever but everybody that he used them seems to be pretty. Yeah pretty endurance normally used for psych me abreast on it and now a lot of use for healing net. Our warning things off yeah that I have to Florida out and and this at all and now. West. Lake peppermint. Temperament the big one was the other day when it uses jasmine. Deem it I don't know school it's so that simple ideas can't figure it. Been. Hey guys this is John Moffett episode gone forever Millicent old have a so's my girl and you guys talk about that interview for like five podcasts after happen the world needs to hear this I need to hear this cul-de-sac cast last week was blessed that. No hope. The sad casts week was less sad than last week while upon I think it is gone yeah. What happened to. It is just. A bunch of our all episodes. Got lost and then I re upload it all mom and all the memory uploaded except for the Moffett one. Yeah. And an episode one is a real long one that. Round there was some talk about going to like recaptured or whatever. They -- that lets just let that out this kind of Lebanese stride you know he isn't different spot back then and it's sort after an entertaining. So talk to John this day in the united. I know he believe a lot of stuff but I think using different tonight I would just kind of prefer not happen now Mary parent. Hey guys just loosened. And hey guys just finished listening to episode fourteen which the top topic was strange food combinations and CTPs that ketchup and grilled cheese Alia. Living in Canada I honestly perfectly normal well known. Is not common for Americans to dip their grilled cheese ketchup no short wouldn't come. Can crazy that's how I love catch up I get on May expect growth she's different. Chatter but still they are crazy for economics and I don't I complied a managed to become and it it backe like so I know rides they in Boston is it all the way down Maryland with a new floor for notre sandwiches. Bridges fluff flaunt it you Byron yeah. What is that about man you didn't like it. I've never tried one thoughts malicious. So Jones a party at Hopkins. There's this guy that can like take we. He could scoop out a huge amount of fluff without breaking my crack and that was like his old tricks and I'm for the uninitiated fluffy is is marshmallow. But it's not a marshmallow it's just it's like a peanut butter him you know it's just the creek radar screen in Najaf. Think it's inside of the Tahoe. The bats well hole girls brought RA I've that yell hello wolf well. Koreans iron just days stereo I don't owe a debt snowball. It's marshmallow man. Do we get to Korea three more used to rip current. I'm watching Alice brought this on might just be a two page here in this want a pack of ten Cobb. Ted you'd mentioned that you were listening to a couple different screw X to close on since he saw that burning man Q share couple of those have been sent out to go back most of the whole podcast thanks mark Bonner. Oh. Simple. You listen to the beaver of wind. With the deep Roland not sorry. To view is my favorite one that's dip loans relax and some girls in the islands also and then beaver. Where are you now where are you now. All of that beavers on. A tune it out some of the earlier intimidating people were written exactly yeah all right man and I play. Like I did you the most where you now to claim discount drug free throws it to beaver I. Act earlier that week right. But it didn't really do froehlich he says looking up at that lets you easily go to a guy like it's a beaver like. It. So doesn't actually started says the one in the last Sam emailed us on the on the bottom. All army goes WSU parties are legit. Highly recommend did last summer it was fantastic. Point six big changes coming this year to be posted but the big change is my soon coming daughter now long term goals are finally coming to fruition. I miss an opponent and my vets. So it's. By cal which I don't the HH about how much you can accomplish in a year in three in five in ten has talked that struck me. I'm not sure if you remember the Condo and redoubling my efforts this year Scott Munro Scott yes do you remember that combo. Have had to come with many people people always overestimate what they can do it a year and underestimate the big news a decade. Atrocities. Like. Learn and talk some serious stuff talks and eaten at all. Still kind of thinking about. Italian vs Mexicans have a do you think the only legitimate argument does pretty well settle on Max yeah what a lot of American forces and it suits do you consider hot dot American. Oh yeah do you consider pizza pizza American. What about white the American pizza as well as American style Pizza Hut is Italian. There's American style only dominoes but there's also you know there's there's like. When you go to other countries they have their style of American foods you know Michael I'm an American foods in Europe are kind of messed up. And so. You know I don't think it's fair to just claim that proves they're not saying you know an assignment like an American volumes. Will we came up with garlic butter sauce of all pop darn it's an improvement. Sure I just think American food is like bars there. Burn her particular weighing sliders sandwiches sliders small sandwiches. Fried pickles I consider ribs American. Yeah but I'm sorry barbecue is probably the the best American the other. Data growth we get hot. Feel like that's Mormon on nine Germans more like. The broad broad powers to match missiles have yet you know I'm I think we do get hot like. American affairs select American continental is pretty Soliai meatloaf we have some obscure items to you know our record this game is real important. Did the ad the USA. Forget about it are we are American or Mexican. The USA is still trying to figure got a I don't know freshness and it's pretty Tex mex. Labels of generals. Tied anyhow this I see that time were we get the capped out there. And sorry dudes are some of the stuff going on my phone here okay and to me. It's as if this number and Simon recalls how nominal matter mom renters Condo in Palm Springs. Number and cool but Gracie is interested for the Coachella festival. Out all right now so. All right so today. I got a call from somebody that I sort of know from my childhood don't know now while. And really nice guy you know really sharp and he. Assays on and I've been asked by other people before always puts me in sort of an awkward position and Roberts and I've talked about this topic a little bit. But he was he's like. Personal financial advisor. And Rafa knows I don't have a right talked about it much but that's isolated in in college you know like when that top finance programs account and and so it almost thrown off vice fuel because generally speaking. Retail investments are not can do. That Credo retiree tells us like what's available on Wall Street or minus shares the podcast that's the best you can make. I'm going on but yeah and usually whatever gain you get by having your money professionally managed just lost by that management fee overtime. And just gonna Kabul sort of really notable cases was it wasn't a Frontline episode Ted we are tiny amount originally but indexed arms yeah but that yet. Yeah so like you know the my advice generally to people is like Kate just get a vanguard index fund doesn't have high management fees and you'll. Do fine but people always trying to time market trying to be an analyst who do a lot of research you're going against. I mean truly like professional. Investors who have inside information in almost every category. A lot of time and I can be reached in the united in the market over light years whatever anyway everything to TM fees so. He took me knock obsession is like hey do you have you know an hour to sit down talk with me and I psych. You know. I don't man that's just not really I think that I believe in here's why and in the short version that Spiller scared you guys. And I he's like he's like oh yeah yeah I know you know four wheels did you tax planning as a cat got an accountant and he was like. Well I'm not really asking for you but. And I like it is original approach was to sought to me a nanny is like okay we'll do Yemeni France and a site command like. I'm not gonna sell them on the reference on the that I don't believe in like I like you I believe in you but. I discount thinks a lot of these products are crap man you know Aussie man curtain and so. With that. Cobb Tommy this week what have your friends tried saudis. Feel free email us you know all I Ask.com. Or hit us on the Twitter Shane pat the podcast. I've gotten. Are couple pyramid scheme offers that I can just like I can tell now Michael Vick when they use the word opportunity. One too many times right now when America she got a mentor to. But I won't pyramid schemes and the most recent one was actually these ice to genetics. Meal replacement shakes. Which I've heard are actually make great as a meal replacement shape which I can't. Recommend is a personal trainer that's outside my scope of practice so. But it do is like the guy was like you know. About an undertaking these it's the sixth grade I love them. I think you did being you know like an and then I did some racers on line is trying to get me Ted. To and vests and then become like a representative for them. To supplement my a personal training and wild day are actually an effective meal replacement shake. Which is an effective way to lose weight and you know like it there's nothing wrong with that I can't recommend it is trainer obviously. So I had an out but that was looking into it and it wasn't it was like K. You'll be under me I'm under my guy debt to debt to. Multi level marketing ad then I've sat I've actually I've gotten like. Probably half a dozen phone calls over the last ten years from guys like hey I got this opportunity man I think could be great Korea. That'd that a debt a right. Yeah I'm good mandates and they keep Holland fractures you know would do whatever president at a time and I can sniff them out one time I didn't see it coming up blind sided and actually had met with my friend and his. His guy that he was under and they try to get me in under than it might be out with the windows only open for right now like. Athletic clothes and there. Her hands on her Rafa. You know with that and one quick aside I believe that in the US anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. But a dietitian. Who's on the media to have credentials registered gas into this guy crazy like San Dario I nutritionist likes a year disarray during the. There is is there's there's trail there's a lot of traders out there that are just like you know. I wouldn't columns scam artists that I intentionally trying to smooth they're trying to like market themselves and give people what they want that's way. Outside their balance in their education. And you know it's just try and it you know like their intentions are good it's to help people lose weight and to grow their business there's nothing wrong with that. But it's like dude you should. He's ended the harness your client's expectations and did look. I can't make you meal plans there are people out there you can seek out that the Internet will also totally be more than enough resources for you. If you wanna lose weight that's where you're gonna have to do you wanna get stronger I'll keep you safe while getting stronger and prevent injury like. That's that's my job is a trainer and if you didn't. If you're a good trainer and you should be able to sell people on that you know and I mean but. Do you hear LA and people I asked me out penalty do meal plan China transit view this epidemic. I know they do like technically they lose their. Serves you or anyone gyms like I seasonal time for that by the end of it that's let's not use. That just turns into a guy selling your product that he needs to push. Bread and rightly pissed at that. You know mainly in that really helped me. And it just kind of annoying BI is it that's a very predatory industry and I don't get Amanda gonna talk. I don't get to crass about it anybody yup rats in a while none of my friends at least. But I will say adding that the I tried that people solely on the those that kind of rule unknowingly is like. We know the party's gonna suck but don't don't. Just. Saturday is going to be great man that's yeah. Library at your uninvited. Alligator re invited on site tonight undermine it you don't count what. I don't live friends it's like. It was a return and it's late. And like sometimes I feel like that in an ass over its late. Let's Udonis has been using your wife leads in the fund that it can be that EU in night the neighbor down the street in the garage smoking weed chugging Beers lakeside village. So eleven due by Saturday at Scotland it's yet. Because you got your neighbor upstairs to on this crazy parties in bonus bangers Simon and I'm frustrated is I am not we have not smoking and the thing you might. Not a bad way. Senate seemed to seize the moment man I know I hope car is the end Julius Caesar some enough been done there. Nor give back but I would not prevent tooth is there are Canadian beer now. I can say no way a while as it's now mine's in a way and we assume it's unlikely okay. God I can't say hornet a qualitatively what one of I've been asked this already saved or you already said. Probably hit that oh you don't and I yeah so actually did and another one that same thing and all I am scheme and their trend I get a lot of them that are business related. McCain used this like. Business system and economic to just you're so far out of your depth right now. And so far into my world leaders just don't know. RFI task precious fatally if you now I can never say that I'm directly that's essentially my town has to use this is arriving much. Really there every day in the spring now you know in the coming right it's kind of just gross authorities grows. Don't use my friendship as a way to you. Sell some stuff did you should be happy. Played memorably 56 years ago what he's long in the Natalee 20082009. Everybody flipped houses. And they they were off. In mortgage brokers are god you my friend honest nice friend only hope they're doing that they're making Kyoto Abbott early in the they were the most annoying group. Well do this we'll do that right now thought how works that there. Yeah yeah oh yeah I'm financial parents' house like. Oh good a little bit foreign. Yeah or aspect NASA kills me put on a lighter note. And restaurants to man. And right. How does that does that take into consideration you're talking to right so that depends on that restaurant. Until you like on you just gotta go this religiously. Don't sell me on the stress although I serious at the same restaurants Elvis yeah. All right. Well well. So what do where would we go from here because delay in effect an hour fifty minutes and yeah I think he's just a class system shorted out you know. For the markets tank rounds yeah yeah I mean I think now there's there's people in China around. Are you know that means. I'll probably more than likely there is there's billions of people who didn't get it get us out here Laura lower right riding high on that basher I have increased prices on the stock sub looking Avery since the other day in hand in hand. It massive food overall better than Italian friends CTV personality fits with the podcast cheers.