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Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 82 - RIP Lemmy

Jan 10, 2016|

This week we talk about how the memorial for the mighty Lemmy, Randy from Lamb of God's new endeavors, Rob Zombie's movie troubles, Ian drinks some haterade and spews it on Ex Deo, and Kevin overcomes his bedroom alone time problems.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You aren't listening yeah shops backstage press. Episode number 82 welcome back to the pass then we've been gone for a couple weeks go back with 126 game he gets the first episode of points sixteen. To meet them. Didn't quite get the with the new year at the new me has been done what it. Oh look I paid job related now to skin. The calendar or defeated the Miami's lead borrowing game. This is what Kevin Ryan the beard you real and welcome back today it's better it's very heavy day it's very heavy couple weeks but. You know we're still here and it's and it's a new leaf and we've got fifty. Five more weeks with which to what your brain you ask. Well we didn't have an episode last week gains so it is important for a stock that. Let me use. No longer with us that's right we're going to be talking a lot about let me in this podcast in. Illustrating some of the highlights of his life. As we've been doing a metal shop for the last few weeks and I think towards the end of the podcast. As it was when he's funeral memorial service today. We're going to be playing you some some bits and pieces and some of the things that some of his friends had to say I think we're gonna hear from rob how offered a we're going to be hearing from triple H rob Trujillo maybe even. Scottie is from. A bunch of issues so stick around and I'll be talking more about let me but what's been don't know what you guys the last few weeks before he died in the world of metal act Kevin tell us about gonna. Wrestling event you tell me about a day activity I just wanted to street to a battle again Galen all of them he would again it was my first time it's. The bomb dude it's like awesome local underground wrestling we can't tell you where it's that but if you know then you go. You know that he goes by you can you can check him out on FaceBook gets a Twitter needs a grammar all that stuff but you know it's kind of one of those things where. In Washington's the professional wrestling is actually kind of a band. Is eats these. Considered a combat sport and. You would need to have like a lot more regulation not more security securely Ford that try to have like huge insurance policy had rolled it broke your neck goats are even though it is quote unquote you know inner team mean it's not like actual them going in there and trying to. Beat out each other like in in the main like a real fight yet and try to take some ten off but at the same time there are risks so. Anyways it's all thought by donation it's a good time. It's pretty bad ass what I've been doing lately is going to see a bunch of movies I saw the new Star Wars so I finally saw that Africa can spoil funny yeah I sigh. What is it doesn't eight I hate the way a police was awesome and then today I sock. The red and man and the revenue is so until it's so brutal market spoiler or anything but I rules say. That after a scenic unlike past scenes. Bro I've been through some stuff I've been in the do that movie was hardcore free hard hadn't seen it don't tell me is brought to get through. So remember that one part where you put the I haven't been doing any shows really because there haven't been mania the holiday season. But treacherous on the roads that you and then just hanging out teens. I got this pocket from the the men's room and tried that a couple times. It was that already pre news. We know now it was entry is Heidi you know what it was just. And tonight that it takes it cross your fingers point waited segment but. Remember when you last time we podcasted. About how I would get a headache when I would yeah yeah. Yeah migraine man over here. I finally got over an hour and the Christmas miracle like. Is regular. Getting hit like a normal person I am normal. In so you know I had to battle through the headaches I had about four headaches and they were terrible. Just got to get it the demons the end got to get the demons out. India news strain it's like keep you're really into it and you straining like you're heading we operate like you gotta just relax it got to relax a little gonna have a brain and your is seriously. Slick pop in my. Blood. It next time I. I'm gonna have collectively bloody red lake blood shot eyes and innovate. Bigger issue blood are your eyes like those that lizards from the desert tests to scare up your enemies doc 5000. Ryan you have to edit the word every time between people out get it. Good good I'm glad and I'm glad you're in one piece of study was just issued this week that said that guy. At least one orgasm per day by me and reduces the per the risk of prostate cancer by 25% really. Yeah well I'll see as a mountain fifty. It's like Tom Green said. Rub your balls squeezing brawls Sony noted cancer. Take yourself yeah. It's not Tom Green had a lot of words of advice. Obama is on a Swedish Obama litmus Swedish Swedish. Daddy would you like some thoughts to you prior to the ninety's. I would what you Ian Lehman did I've been sick as for the last week. The neighbors it was I felt totally fine last one week ago today. On Saturday when we're in here and it woke up Sunday morning real bright and early probably 45. Hours after we got off air. And it felt what it felt like to meet. It felt like somebody shoved a Fellini and marble Utley and analyst. So I woke up with this like yes like sinus infection which turned in this like terrible. Bronchial lung and I'm finally okay. The you'll notice that my voices nice indeed the sixties. He had to these guys' radio voice that voice that at sea and am now copping up ball managed in long butter. So less is I hope I made someone gang isn't really from the black mole. Yeah from John accurate view which I'm no longer copping up you know what I like which is up which means. Coughing up and black mold did we went from. Fifteen and we went from. To loan but her. Pieces lung butter and got a lot of proteins. And I know Paris Hilton. I don't agree then. Yeah it's. Yeah Asian sensor sound effect. Yet but I've been shaky but it's been good I've been renovating my house it's almost done in time I'm glad to have that finished and I used I had this when I moved into that the rental that I had. My landlord left her son had like in totalled his car. And instead of just like dropping an off at the junkyard. They left it in the backyard for like three years so I've been like that do you. With the broke ass busted up car in my backyard for the last you know year after him so that finally got taken out this week. Nice narrative. So I feel slightly more like to him with Seattle. Yeah got a nice backyard talk to you you know you mentioned a while back the end of the siege that you have found your front it found that they use and yet. None of them none of more notable were not a mart man I was really important update in Idaho they all just didn't sprout. Which means abroad is no longer Ryan. Armour so we'll find out a dragon. This week actually I was gonna mention that along those lines of wrestling I'm going I got a aft flight finally to my first occasion in a while to go down to Las Vegas. On the end of February for ring of honor is on fourteenth anniversary. Gonna watch some wrestling with my friend Simon and you know we're gonna and mark out themed Vegas in price than a bunch of money in. And sleeping on his couch some markets that much money we'll who who Tressel. Well let me see anywhere they you know I mean just off the top here has made it to jam go now for the experience I am going down and that's a bonus. I could see their names but I don't know if you notions cannot Camara 'cause Chico cada. A bunch Japanese students a bunch of former data to be guys an EG styles. Danny Matt Sydell. Make. OK so think about this it's like so let's say WDB is make you death. Ring of honor like dying fetus. Okay is making underground great announce grad real not as extreme as sale at a dying fetus but lake. Technical fund more underground impressive harder to getting to the people letter intuit. Is already is in debt is forget out of control and brings on fire there's barbed wire but might lead inside comes back come what they FT dent in my head just don't worry about it so earlier today was the the memorial service for Lenny kill mr. Who loses which is the real pronunciation of his name people go lightly there are getting on us via text tonight. Mr. kill mr. Interest being so it's kind of like potato potato you know he column what you column and it's just that ties. That's weird because it's. I've always heard it is kill meisters. I always heard it as that as well but there there on their manager today when he was officiating the memorial service. Referenced Jimenez Ian kill mr. Duncan earned so that's that's the official way to pronounce that apparently. That. So yeah I mean. In the last couple weeks have been crazy the first dated. It was announced I was on there and I had to make the announcement on KI SW and there are people let me and passed yes that when he had passed and there were people that literally had been had worked the overnight shift. Worked graveyard and were waking up to me announcing that when he had died yet what was that like and do you get a lot of like I got a lot of bummed out people. But I got a lot of people that we're grateful that I was planes the motor had a played all. Motor head dude it's the eighties in TARP allowed pretty much every time I went on there just talk something about when he related everything to lend me a lot of thinks he can relate to let me. And so I just talked a lot about that everything I've posted online is about him. So for a couple days actually I mean it's not like I did just one day and forgot about it. Every day that week I started off cutesy eighties with the ace of spades. And you know I just tried to show that. And we we care we give a about lend me and you know metal just not the only place you can hear motor head though it is the police leader them the book of it. Yeah of course. We were still down you know obviously we have a huge huge painting of let me in the hallway here. Scariest of the and that's with good reason he's a master of rock and roll. It's a reminder of the engine brownies that's like hey you better get yourself in check men because when he's watching is exactly. And you know he will be for you know furlough time and we were talking about this off there are a little bit like whether you like motor head or not. If you think rock if you like anything handy if you like metal feel like honk if you like hardcore. That's part of the family tree motor head is like one of the stems of that family tree and you are lucky. You have the music you have because of bands like minor head and because of deeds like climbing so. Yeah I saw a comment on the line that really kind of brought home and it said there was. Deep Purple Sabbath and zeppelin and then after that it was moderate range which is. Very true it actually glad they're all together I thought about that for a little bit and just. What other huge big and I think. After those three that was the next big step in the evolution and it's really think it was moderate man. And get you know he was the can down last mother her until the very an end and Kevin and I got to interview him back in 2012. Yet. Point 20 backstage at the mayhem festival or not mayhem sorry mister again Torre was mega death. Motor head. And the political Olympic record oil and hold Moby yeah. And it was kind of thing like he was in its late sixties that it even and we walked into the room and it was in hot box with cigarettes. Aria and it was like the only room in the building where they'll like. There's no smoking in this building but this is when these are exactly what he can do whatever he won all does he had a few bottles of whiskey Jack Daniels just chill in. Ready for us to drink any port of the world yeah go grab victory and sit down stow. In two oldest dirty jokes is awesome you have jokes we've prussian repeat. Had to do with lesbians and fish the one joke that the guy said he is like this is the only clean joke that I can say. During Miami's thing he said ought to pay and it's a walking down the street one was assault. And that was the did you goodness that was my youngest plunged to hook that's awesome all right. Let's get into the metal news. Obviously will always be keeping Lanier around but you know we have to move on and talk a little bit about some of the things that are going on in the world out there in the world of metal and. Once you're still creating music and making things happen. All right so mega that is gonna be putting out a new record. It's fatal luge in its threat to Israel were the first two singles that were available on the negative official website. But the Al full album arrives January 22. And it's a follow up to supercollider so we're gonna check out a little bit of this new single is still view which is the title fashion director. Here after the break. It's the first song where they kind of like highlighted he killed a new guitar players we end what is Fred. It's like half. Today go. And better supercollider. You're the last song last couple. Like. The jobs. And this is like oh yeah applicants also. Don't make it where did. Well I think he's got enough stuff true. Entry in the lyrics there's a petition Boehner on the Internet that's been launched officially call the Jack and Coke let me. Up. And allows them until I got a no brainer. So it's it's one of those like it's a change dot org petition you like these are the same people that petition the White House yeah so it's kind of like. Kind of legitimate I don't know someone I think it's the kind of thing where if you walk into a bar in order away I mean and the bartender doesn't get it. Issue broadly at the out of their any pitcher in the wrong bar man. Now I I'm hoping that the the element thing works out. With there are different now poll what should you have metal elements is discovered or new yet and they wanted to name it lithium. Exactly which fossil. You guys are playing Super Mario Brothers three. Recorders was when he Cuba. Yeah and that's when I came from. Winnie Cooper indeed that's wild net. So I was mentioned in how I had watched a bunch of movies earlier in the podcast rob zombies 31. Is a new movie he's going to be coming out with a new Rob Zombie horror flick it's featuring his beautiful beautiful wife. And policy yes it's after Barry green. Separate attempts. He was getting. He was getting turned down in they were giving him the dreaded NC seventeen. Which means that most showgirl yeah most theaters would not play his movie so we did several several and several cuts. And then finally he's got PD. Our ratings so it's officially rated. Be scared. Well maybe you will be scared or so but our fans don't don't be bummed out because the uncut version will be included on the dvd so what. That process like. Where they they go so our are up thing here. Sorry you need to cut out that part forward you know you cut at a percent off with the outside and you know. Poehler got with you know lawnmower. That part we just can't that. Like which part easy putt on our way when you had. When you have the in ninth going up the pass. I don't glued to it Mamie I you know just let us again I want actual. Of the nice knife near the if if our MIC word if I were him I'd put in something so insane just like there's no way they're at we're gonna green light to Stanley have that dispute the standout things all the rest of the stops pails in comparison to it well I think this is a victory firfer Robb's army honestly. Because you know all of this transco. This movies can be done less female circumcision. At that zombie. And so you know when he releases the dvd he's gonna sell. Out of the un edited cut you know yet. So you go see in the Phil you know in the theater we keep kids have agreed with your kids can. Currently they go by the dvd you later on her own time there was a kid crying during the red leaning today the car owner bringing their kid to go see the revenues. And punched in the face because he's crying during the movement in at a news and I know that bears journey guy's face off put it could get out of here. And the same experience and I went Agassi the peanuts and the my girlfriend turned immediately due due to what does that appease its you're getting out of a Yankee overhead yet he Kagan you're getting a little kids face it you're just the creepy hobo hanging out watching penis. I should but I don't know at this is your book my hook up at like made myself super sticky again I'll put you in my book an insult to. Metal legions has announced that they're going to be playing the motor head tribute show in Los Angeles this weekend which is basically right now. Obviously the motor head tribute was earlier today. We are mentioning this on air the party that's going to be going on in LA and in Los Angeles and Hollywood right now. Has got to be in seen. So many people flew in from around the world just to be at the memorial service for Miami so it's come about who's to. Of anybody that is of consequence and metal and hard rock and and in a ton of other just regular metal heads just hanging out kicking it and party and getting an awesome. Who was it not out there and wish we'd be down there and we forget we can get out some appear we can't we can't. But meadow allegiance yeah that's that's lustrous as though they are going to be playing the V benefit show I guess towards the show for honoring. Lenny Corey Taylor flip not John contessa from the cult. Dave Lombardo is going to be out there they're going to be playing all kinds of stuff David gave L San Marcos and way to fill them all by port nitrate Sanders Alex only mark mainly. So many people downing and ninths. That's awesome. Abbas is gonna become and it's down to hopefully if he can figure out a band to play with them and he streaming a new track from his forthcoming album. Ashes of the dinner around it's a self titled full length of the new Abbas and Camaro January 22 on seasons and missed. In day out it's got bastions of the gamma. Take out a little bit of that here on the best defense. Yet those critical report. Like I would expect. So my. We have Robert voices returns for our boys play and like super let me it's like it's good. So yeah like you that I hope that he actually does get the amount for that. The visible to or what time fire its nose. It row eighteen in life. Game man but nobody's ever gonna compare to that. Classic master broker between the bear in me will be touring with August burns red in the faceless is a huge tour. Some being involved a tiger never good jagr but you know I do know BT band August burns red in the faces are all huge bands. And you know August burns red. They they do really well with slightly younger crowd and they sold out show box. Marquis entirely. Pretty much on their own last time they came through. BT bam does extremely well with music nerds prob nerds. And are faceless is like I heard more of the like death metal like you know. Tech death crowd so it's the tact partners detective there's some. Birds in their own daughter but it's going to be march 24 at the shoebox of us that is going to be a big venue for this. I'm expecting a big turn around and it'll probably sellout. And timber gold will be there. It so Puget piled just announced that he's going to be coming with new blossom so we're gonna have like fifteen more brutal poetry candidates exactly Mansour so asides one man project by this dude named Sean McCain. This guy is sick the other. It's really weird stuff no problems going to be called. Parent feel we act for versions. Uncle. Is it sounds lovely the quotas Everett and recorded the best shout my ever. My main vocals and the sickest ever in my high of locals have never been years now just so you know my babies. And my new record's going to be this effort. He's oddities I'm hydrated and man guilty of amen if you know you're hard core. You wanna be hot core and you wanna let's end goal of the rent. And it's. But he enough hard coal no it was not hard core X day yeah. Tell me and I'm gutter I'd hate train and I will continue her I'd hate train. Yell they train you guys need to focus our cataclysm. I'm just saying it. Just you can cause here here's the quote people of Rome you've responded in great fashion because of our Roma. For this we unleash exhaled new album titled dug deeper in the roots and history ever empire. Jesus Christ your budget white tees in Canada. I understand the like the purse you'll love like like not it was good. Is the difference I used. Same same effort pursuing like some kind of historical I I feel like me not humor and you've been. So there's nothing like. Awesome premise XL here's what they say. They're gonna be dealing with the main concepts surrounding repeated wars 123 between Rome and Carthage the trilogy of the epic. Legendary wars will come to life and bring the showdown between two of the greatest generals that ever walked the earth. Sent an epic right. Why can't they be that good. They just shock because they focus all their attention on that in theory it would be cool but in practice it Garbo recycled governor move. Yes they have to spent a lot of time on the six pack armor here's the other thing that I rating which is makes me even more angry when we're spending time. The new records coming out worldwide February. To 4017. Own so world. Your breath early there is a new song called grieving lightening. By anthrax and it's from the new album for all kings. It is a brand new album that's going to be coming up every 26 our nuclear blast in Europe and make a force in the US naval forces the anthrax is pretty much their own label this point. Yet reading lightning we'll check it out some new mantra. And do. I anthrax Reagan's biggest men. This minute. That's very left hand. Hole in the intensive. Not a lot of what they did Levy who is going on there. I will say though it is day and exercise in both cool. Rallied. Can't wake up. I don't know I'm OK to iron all right that's it for anthrax for this and this. Kind of unimpressed with this first round of anthrax. Hey you know they wrote the problem. They wonder the studio and recorded the out and they say it's going to be a new album and it's gonna sound just like in three axis a little different. It's going to be Iraq game now just a little and interacts integrated listening to the album. No no no no I don't know here's a man it's in sweet. But calling it quits weekend nachos seen them a few times awesome kind. Really awesome band from Chicago. Really gets up I think he's been played with them I played with had been in Indiana in a house show. In the basement of a decrepit ass in farm house. They were like all right we got to these Beers so it was like three cases of beer and they had to she's bricks. Like they weren't. It was like you know like the stick of cheese yeah super big and they're like all right everybody grabbed some cheese butter knife cut that up. So we cut the cheese up in a little chunks and they made a huge just play. Of weekend not kiss the boots there are rules ruled. It was awesome well 11 thing it's not often they're calling it. Where it's they've announced that their band is coming to an end after twelve years there relapse records that they definitely hit a high point within the last few years. So here and littering the statement to anyone gives. We'd like to announce that both said this and excitement that we sixteen will be the final year as a stand for we cannot just. It's been almost twelve years we've decided to hang it up does not for any reason the fact of all good things must eventually come to an end we are rapidly approaching. The end of our time it's been insane and crazy right for us to see who we were able to take his band. Everything was done completely on her own terms and with the same DIY spirit that we have had in the united just. Each other off at her own death in that apartment in 2004 who continue to apply that sacred mindset towards her feature project and I hope all you do with the same. We will do it's we each other profit insurer and our apartments. Think of it all just announced that their thirtieth anniversary is on the way they have a whole full year touring. And there are asking for input on their thirtieth anniversary set list. So they say happy having your everybody. We're celebrating her thirtieth thirtieth anniversary this year we'd like to thank all of you for your continued love and support. Joining us in our celebration. And decide which songs mean to play live in 2016. Visit our website now and select your ten favorite secure and songs it's clobbering time. I have quite a collection of action figures and toys. But I don't know if I would be willing to spend ECX. Dollars each slip knot action figure. They have these things now available on the Germans were not armor and sword now 86 dollars photo realistic three printed figures are available on 110 scale. The term manufactured by stir rumba which is a pretty high end action figure line. I mean there collectibles knowledge you're gonna buy this fear in kid and I'll play with their ninja turtles look I mean stuff are they figure they're figurines is action figures like have arms than yeah. OK we'll their urges. Is Kadaziz. Little in. But just stay and then. On the question do we have to edit out in when it's at ease he came. It's still like you know almost famous yo these. You know of yo you let's. Zone. And I don't know man these action figures are cool like I would definitely take one but 86 dollars is that it's. I would steal one. Well when they're seven of them or nine of them and poll. You know this wasn't on the list of news did you hear ceded. From slip not quite with a hint watch have really this week yet. So there's another one down while he's he's going on to pursue his career as deejay star screen and he he actually has a pretty cool album I used to listen to that sometimes some. German based jungle. He sure is nice or go join up with when biscuit he could. I never there really. Been doing well and who were gathered kills. On opposite day. Obviously we lost let me this week but one of the cool things that we sides that at the this song ace of spades which is thus song that most people know motor head guy. Re entered it. The charts. Like because so many people were listening to so many people were buying it and then as so many people were playing it on the radio. Rat shooting death. So two weeks after the death let me. A group of fans tried to send ace of spades in the top of the UK singles charts. And 888 peaked at number thirteen. So they made up there and he was on the top top twenty again which I think it's regret is that it's been wide. Thirty years. And that Bruce's old their old tigers yet so you know are appealing mean. Just after seventieth birthday made it back on the billboard charts pincer that's later Alice in Chains Black Label Society. All of these bands have in common is that some of their members going to be honoring the all mighty dollar and bad Darryl would time dash now monster energy ride for dinner and time bash 2016. It is the it's it's a benefit honoring him in at lucky strike live in Hollywood California on January 22. Proceeds of the event will benefit them Ronnie James do you stand up and shout cancer fund. Unique feature clapboard performances by members opinion terrorists later Allison jeans Black Label Society machine head debris stone sour. The loss type O negative against a kings six. Double driver franking the user armored saint. When and one in its opening the show will be revolution mother which features might vote lately. In mother ship. Yeah running games DO and calendar to hit that huge buckets equipment. Yet they found cancer research cancer screenings cancer programs. Obviously we lost our body Diaw to stomach cancer. And let me we just lost to a an unknown cancer which we you know details on import based. Go out and and see that that's one show that I would kill the January 22. Coming up in a couple of weeks down in. Then all you're saying that a man in her tickets my handwritten you'd shoot me foreign. I want to show you but I must I would kill me for my leg hold you down and a few funny real hard and think about it. Apple that you know take your eyes out with a sport he was but oil large inmate. A non PC let's see what what what is one thing Randy from lamb of god hasn't done yet. Right you know started a gas are running OK this is kind of a trick question already written a book. An autobiography but now he's writing a fictional novel yeah. So Randy is working on the novel a futuristic now he says. Certain about a fifty to a hundred use years in the future. And that would limit god still not albums. Yeah look the kind of thing like when you are on the road. In a band Mike Lamb of god you've got a lot of time on the you know and that bus and just kind of paying you know like you wanna just waste your time playing game away of cancer all 150 poke him earns a do you wanna Ilia. You severing of consequence. He said WB network in chill. He said Ivan hit about the plot at first I thought oh the innings just got to be awful but that self indulgent. And the thinking about how I can make the end of the book optimistic and it's hard. And I haven't decided how it's gonna end but more than likely there's got to be an optimistic and otherwise I'll just be in depressed. In real life is depressing and. So this kind of cool to continue on with the let me stories. It looks like Oslo this 49 bell crew really N com and played a motor heads song which. Is really really rat. Let's see it has a long been a traditional part of daily life in the Norwegian capital Chiming in quarter hour and also playing in occasional concert is situated in. Piper Seneca in central downtown Oslo. I could play a little bit. Yeah through things like. This song electricity. I. Obviously that's just a bunch of bells ringing but the thing that makes that special in my eyes is that is that a bunch of the priests. In the church. That are down with motor head and although at a plant on the best isn't sure yet man is that would be amazing. That's not just the fact they did that this is Brad and other ode to the amazing if of metal fans in Norway on another motor head and Lenny related note Ian kill mr. It's no listener kill mr. Is featured in the new commercial from finish. It's a 42 spot and it was still just before the iconic motor and front man died. It's a new 42 commercial. In I guess we should play. And seeing things. Oh. When you watch seven mini mart. And you know. Yeah. Hitters don't like him. And well yeah. That's the first time I saw that we on this thing is that good for them and here's our mill can be. You had a Newt is laps of it slip that they mean. And you know. Yeah. This is the biggest. We raise our glasses do you. I'm reading this. Message at the end of it and it looks like dollars and take. Was unscripted he just kind of at least that. In the deciding to go at that instant the actual march. This is what they say this is offered in celebration of the life of a lovely exceptional man a man who celebrated life survivor only himself. We refer shooting a remake of an iconic finish milk gave the tome told this that it was a shot a month ago and it was however moderated. And the take was impromptu moments before the said this is our magical encounter with a great man. Think you win. That's awesome they went with it dances in hilarious. I don't drink milk who had never will US. RA it's so here's someone that thinks someone else's and as. Law crow bars Kirk Wednesday. You read full heard call out Obama. Recently Obama had a speech where he was serving about. Gun. Safety in general odds and gun control in the United States of America and he kind of broke down and it's in two years. And you know Kirk Weinstein went to the FaceBook in the NC Graham in the twitters and he said Obama's faked in this all caps keep in mind. To me it's serious. Errors Obama's fake tears of the worst in attempt I've ever seen carrying his destroy this country. Who continued east felt country with a CUN and on skidding on. And will continue to. You know DBS seated two key Tila Tequila and Twitter and the issue and on this week. Talking about how all she she had all as proof that the earth was flat she's and that she had been killed in 2012 and been replaced. With the drone with a chip in her neck. This reminds me of that particular thing or it's like. He's going to destroy this country until the day he leaves office like how upset do you have to be seriously think that kind of thing. And like I like Kurt when Stein you know they spent some time with us in here and seemed like a really down earth dude but the kind of thing where it's like Steve when you're sewing and so far into infinite lives like that like. And you should probably stop before you tweet tweet stop before you FaceBook and just think for a second you know. Don't just fly outlook and works works board. See you should've put brother he apparently. Just like men. That's the thing about being a celebrity with it and social media count the second anything goes out to reach we Miller place so you can't ever take it back. So I don't think he ever would. It's the kind of thing it's like I'm not a gone on gun owner nor my Republican. Just a drug free tax paying citizens. I'm I'm all does that mean. We heard 103. At a drill. We're looking at this next article were about to start and I cannot help but point out how an un amused Dexter Holland from. The offspring looks and he he just looks like middle aged uncool. On debt every in his forties now he's just like get pumped dad looks like rocked. You think Billy Idol here's the I think they finally got what they wanted. Within its pulled out entirely sold their entire catalog for 35 bucks. One I mean buddy Michael 350 yet times adding a million. Thirty I really don't CD's of the offspring just this week has announced they sold the rights to their entire catalog to Columbia records. For the master recordings in the publishing rights for all of their songs. 435. Million dollars and we don't really talk about the arts freaking ever but this is just an example of one of those things were I think they finally. We just like 35 million. And unsealed and pretty fly for a white guy. What okay the offspring is a band that has the ability to write both be best songs indeed worst in song did have sold seventeen million records east's. America in the prankster. So whether it's from smash which highlights. From 1994. But those are your record expand the sombre Americana from 98 and then 2000 conspiracy of one would still have. Mood goes straight squad to think you've seen ghost cities. Your real name and yeah. I'm at that point where knows they were just like. It's yeah. Or. Each. Peace do like a they're likely to fifteen years race. Used wonder how much money Green Day would make if they were to sell off their entire can or like got your mother or they wouldn't run 35 million prime make at least. 200000000200. 200 half them half a million they have in Broadway Show Saddam of the okay already sold the rights I hit the anyway that that's just. And new article worth noting if Europe where a fan of punk as a young person can think OK so if because it's all well and opened the guy I think we're like the offspring was the progenitor of like. Like you said Green Day and liquidated to sum 41 and you keep donor list of like pop punk bands that were huge. And springs just like gap about that too king CN hit that hit that Jim brewer. News. Got a Jim Byrd the goat boy. Yeah and hired her I always seeing obviously like I loved the movie half baked. Kind of formulated my life. I'm not penalize sergeant is your line sense sorry calm except for that I'm not trying to build some out of prison thankfully currently. He except we can't pray that it's not a huge asset in eastern India since. Wanna talk to Ian. However to the moon like that it travels Graeme. Well anyway timber has a band called Jaber and the regulators. In the we've always known Jim brewer for being like. The guy that would imitate in. Head field from Metallica. Who call. So he's always been a huge fan of AC/DC Metallica has always been joking about them he's got a medal record coming out on metal blade records. Nice appropriate yes. It's being produced by former anthrax and will be tar player rob because you know. And Brad Johnson ray CDC's every other record here damn. This is going to be fantastic. So he says I think it music's going to be very respectable the it's gonna surprise most people I think the hard rock metal world will embrace it. Where many other people who thought he was going to be really funny you'll think oh he really wasn't funny in Europe some real songs. So I don't know what to expect from it but it's definitely hard rock and metal form my generation. Number win Brian posting to the same thing. Metal error numbers to Terry I'm more mad all the news cooking topic OK. That's a good record so that's going to be coming up some time here in the next year we'll see. Timbers all as the favorite. It's about time that we entered metal shops brutal poetry lounge for the first time in 2016 were doing too hot. Full radio tonight Kevin it's time tackling. Quite a passage. From band called Cranium. Half of their record the art of female side of me here's. Masturbation with fermented interest in the. Out cruising for hookers in my rested CNET here. Flashing dollar bills to teacher retention. He'll soon need chipmaker in my chamber of poor man. Don't ask for your savior for divine intervention. Blunt force trauma with a hammer to the hand. Strung up on meat hooks and for game. For some weeks doing their two rocked my own private slaughterhouse. Is what I have to. Need their corpses to be putrid smelling. Time to empty all the battles. And durability. Cold steel piercing dead flesh. Gut she'll look this bloated pig dreamed of in jails pouring out as the tub gets over flood. Time to cleanse my. Teams soon. Now I need to bats in this losing two of who are. Now I must feel. There inside them mice cash. Masturbation with ferment to entrails. Start to rub it. My with a handful of innards. Shooting my into the abdominal had. OK okay. And a bowl yeah. My orgasm. Is great. You kill me with your skin brittle orchard. You're dead I see you. Thanks for a sticking with us. Their match after. So well with us some of the tribute to Lenny. Let's just go they're all four of them as they went we apologize for the the audio quality but the fact is that it was recorded in the sanctuary. Where there is 300 people in a big and down. So just deal with that and you know. Hope you get to raise a glass and if you missed Miami's a memorial then here yeah. So fellas. Any last words before thing about rest in peace Vladimir legend. And our IP let me let me is god you're gal thinks thanks again for listening we'll be back next week. Let me hello everyone and we are both of them Judas Priest. Glenn. Ian Scott. Richie. Jermaine and bill from tree fall. Action and Jen from chips PRO. I mean it includes. All well aligning one's family. The kids. We have so many amazing times we'll Myanmar to have. I have no control. Most recently. In Europe and South America. We're looking forward to seeing the last when he kicked off working together. As we knew him well in the defense. There would be more than one let me moment. Or you fail cheated comedy tremble revenge. I. The what's the overriding emotion. With regards. And his let me know if you can't have a good laugh on the road you marvel packing me. Under the console now when I was in the process of lord Landon. I always felt they don't well. Duration mine line. Here is that man. That live rock and roll. Life on his own sons. True rocker and not break. His music speaks for itself of course so. And as we now know musically strip. It's something I would like to share that took place between meeting. In South America. We just completed attitude and a man who don't think and relating back a bit. I was wondering you're any actual plans are very life and not remarkably early in the morning. I don't soaring sixteen by itself. In a corner. So. And senator Arlen. Reuters we got some good following strong. And for some reason. I took his friend. And beside Barry's silence for a few minutes. I know myself they. He got an eagle and you'll. And I expect you know little girl. That's ultimately our morning that he set down on the moment. So I didn't. And I kissed him and I told him that I loved him. When I grew deuce hits the first thing I indeed it was for I don't minds around some mom. To share. A moment to cherish. A moments of unconditional love and faith. Family and friends. Shannon's. God bless you and me. Call. Hello. Mark it is you know yeah. Yeah. The problem. That. Yeah he's. I don't. Beaches. Or you say. It would easily so border. Nobody's saying Abbas. Had a patent these. Sure. Yeah. TV and I thought first order and advice it's nothing. It's. Buyout hobbies I now covers. The only. Yeah. Yeah. Headphones and that little tiny room in my mom's partner. And the rare but eight years old. Yeah. A sea of red probably three times you. Yeah. And edit the whole. CE. Helens re Max. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sweden. Okay movie and it's the movie that. Well. Well yes yeah all I'm Brett. The. It is now. And I'll. It's. It. Yeah right. Oh yeah so now you know like two years yeah. It is it market. Whatever format it looked into the album cover and and I sat. School missed reads my. Quote. I think that yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Do you want Matt yeah. Just a few weeks ago I was just I. And. Yeah. Are deliberately. Are sound and The Beatles are right yeah. Yeah. It is huge. He's a people. I think there. For the last two years for some reason I don't feel like I'm really connected when we have known obviously a lot longer than that but for some reason these last couple years. My hat. What I call quality time. With this amazing person. There was a moment. Couple years ago I need to let me to do his voice over for an animated short I for theoretical talent. Yeah. He had caught. I think my preview. Can you do this and we only had one day to do it and he was like yeah here but you're right completely yeah. Either through your car is okay when you got a surprise for yourself. I have this view. Before load runner Riviera. And fiscal boot. Beautiful beautiful car but it it was a mind. Right right the starters not work and use your veteran who deals that happen. Sure earlier that morning 9 PM and he gets my stuck to NeuStar and changes we will I don't choose the car up and proud I sure. The department of about twenty minutes of the farms supposed to be there and when he comes out. We're looking at the cars complement any motion to get in the car. And I see. I I think is again. Cartons. It's. I'm like oh my god and when you sit there listeners not anywhere. And I now do you swear or rolling down my face and he stands up and I'll a lot of the members are. I'm determined. And then finally he gets his word and he says. Shouldn't lose it for a while I. Excuse me who lives from ones we've. No car and he's like standing outside his home in certain he's looking around my neighborhood he's he's sort of a history lesson on history. Charity Challenge now where Mary Pickford they're in. Didn't you know it was really great is beautiful and interest even then right in the middle of the story isn't not so we get in the car and sure enough that's how it started right and insincere apology it was like an. Thank you. Paris you gotta respect you know these older car. Silly me I proceeded to go to. Two via voice over studios in Hollywood traffic and I know my low rider and we're bouncing in the car. That's again the rockaway June yeah and the we're listening to all different styles of music and humans really an incredible moment for me it's I mean I. We left them into the studio we gave us two hours a voice over. We dream Jack and cokes the other which they never drink and drink that about fifteen years. I draw offer is how I actually lost my way home I'm trying to get from Hollywood to Venice Beach and actually ended up somewhere in my west littered some. We realize. In the rough and had to say is about a year a year ago I got to hang out when you how Holmes shows there and my good buddy Joni Mitchell option grant invited to see you play this particular issue. I got my immediate left in me. Michelin are right. And the ball she's smoking I'm helping this. Massive layoffs. Rock and roll legend smokey and I was loving every minute and any and I introduced Mason junior when you wanted to see my friends. And here is who he is splinter you right there and takes a big drag it certainly looks over and whose job. Of course we plan on court stalker I know she's here now. Yeah this is beautiful isn't it incredible. Conversation the other I'm distinguish between them I'm loving every minute. I've got these two rock cruel pirates legends like how. Hoping that there is not just. And I just wanna say didn't I love you we love you might solve this for a big party. Embrace me and Bruce. We both here but at the same time. You appreciated you know. Our presence and and we must always respect and love and remember and celebrate our owners because we have. Here we have enjoyed that time. And I know you be so I. Right. Levy say. Here anyway. So. One thing you know. Body and as. You listen to this room you see all of this could you see all of you women love him or laughter I don't want you won't want. And grab celebrating his life. Did it just probably a lot of hidden mushroom fan of his. Got wrestling business Beijing's successful enough to word and I finally reached a point right there. Absolutely important to what my hands and what we do as all you wouldn't know no dance music creates the image music creates an emotion. You do return created character and to me success. When I had the opportunity to observe and participate in and create my agent. I wanted to. As someone who rented it I want that rule guttural feeling I'm 1 who am I wanna know that passion and how. To create the ultimate test is what I did. End. At certain points I think you should get his own right trying to make it otherwise there are people. You communities what you want nice and I'm really makes a lot of we just doesn't ordinances and that was an option. And we made the call and Glen yeah. Making him feel really didn't JB greatest hits the ball. Which was this stuff. They give yourself homeowners. To create one of them that most bad that seems in the history of the WW green. They're driven game and I don't know how to create any kings they went on to create evolution forming. Is this amazing. See if you're not a fan of what we do. If you're in the stadium where about 80000 people and and you're coming off on a riser. On Tuesday to a small all running in the world title runways in your blue deuce side did you come up. We won't lasers and pyro and motor and playing them and one reason he knows you seeing about you is the most suggesting the ball. I. We're we're back over the years lobby day reduces friendship. You know we checked it. Then in some way we connected. You're always. Whenever you lose a job we were in job most often these. I don't know London where we were. Bobby come decision Saturn and another jumping. Blood when Ryan and and is more than we're going down stairs anyway in the form I'm actually going to get him and you come out into the arena in the front row and I. So I don't know what went into the ring and wrestle him and I've come out and I've talked to him again and he's a good. Policy your car and you wait outside until the show's over and I shall we're gonna come back fences are women for hours. So thank you played in motor sometimes you can play someone else you wanted to hear. Torture right he was working on drugs or. A lot of times we just talked about life. Then after that it happens more lifetimes I'm so bad guy in wrestling and after before I've got a series and I remember going to one time after getting beaten again and walking up doom and limb. I went over me she's and I didn't blow and you lose Trinidad and Eagles. I say you can't win a masters in your life. Okay. I just for. So maybe everybody back and my dad and he says it has laid preferred promoter and. It. What do you. You know a lot here a lot of people talk about the differences in who he was you know them. Yeah images lost the ultimate rock and roll icon. But the thing the guy that I have a totally different life and and and all the things you've heard said. That's one quick story for me getting capsule is a lot of that I I went to a show. We were in Phoenix there was just you show that was going to be playing the next day is like zero win. And I. Morgan was playing and who has won two other iconic rock bands that you metal bands and a synonym of reducing consumers' restaurant. What they were all there then. We wanna didn't back stage and not talking with us and improve walking down the hallway and past lives bullies. Tremendous organizer and all of I don't look at boom. And there where Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts and me god. Glass of wine division sends image. Well. It's not a whole lawyer that you would expect growth as a kid you don't. She's called us and this is what I want alcoholic I don't see you know that I'm thinking wow this is just children Islam bans and remember world. Community celebs dress. And auto loans into it I don't sit and we're talking your lemon agency here and there are two. There's a polo want to lows last man it's. Okay. Might be giants it's. He's. Hey who has like most have bruises would step. My wife. Close the door and making indoor recess and go into the World Cup minutes go by we'll look back on descended into my life. Everybody has close love love's got. And I still do but you were us. My wife and there's actual and then hub. You know in some way the ultimate judgment and that was always the coolest thing about whether we had this. Print your frequencies other years and men. We we see each other and it was like no time pass. Maybe two months ago. Definitely reason. Is assessing everything that was going on and we connected with the taught. Sit in an interview. Important I don't know when real is coming to us and we met Randall I see Glenn. Six months earlier you look good maybe you're really good. Sure that any. Man. It was Lincoln club and we want to use your I mean. He was we spend two hours during an interview he laughed the whole time until jokes. I'll be used to be I mean when it was already leaders. You know moral. It was just the coolest thing and that is all I remember him as just zest. That beacon of strength and laughter hands. Just Cole. Yeah same boat length whether you meant to do and I. She was an inspiration. A lot of your life live your life for you. Do you are you. It is way right until the last day. And it and it then there is a better way to go out I don't know what it is that is what is about and why he was you inspiration. Probably an inspiration as you heard today to a lot of people in this room. He was the inspiration for you do won't be an inspiration to millions of kids who want to be that inspiration. That's. The world is ends. I kept things look better gifts I can think we're better man and a I'm just monitor reappear. Latin. CNN program.