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BJGN 01-08-16 - 1000+ Spectacular!

Jan 8, 2016|

The gang discusses the Doctor Who Christmas special; Ash vs. Evil Dead; and celebrate 1000+ episodes of the shows by replaying our favorite interviews including Michael Rooker, M Shadows, John Boyega, and more!

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    It's and Michigan cheese and ice and get your game on Vernon Wells introduces Tuesday night gaming opened the public every first Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PM pretty deep friends did you game on a very well tabletop video RPG's and more seen as little or Boise like Tuesday night damion Fletcher geeks like quiet Vernon Wells is the season for cold retired to the parlor and Vernon Wells for winter themed games such as the song of ice and fire living tar game twelve days and more recently warm delicious
    the ones that you hear the beginning any end of each podcast Vernon Wells . They're actually doing something really special with this so we've got David in John in a with us today for this type guys doing today. Pretty good all right nice and so. First off emerald city comic con is one of the biggest comical lines in L would definitely in the Pacific northwest but also on the West Coast and you guys are actually doing something really cool because Vernon Wells is going to be having a lounge at Emeril so become a prime. Yeah we're gonna do something a little bit different we're going to have come a place for our members to hang out and relax and not have to do all. Stand on their feet. All day long and my age old by the way for you don't know because he set our members GO members we've away what are you talking about members with Vernon Wells members what do I have to be in a summary anyway after they could try to do I have to Vietnam War machine from Mars what are you talking about her business Vernon Wells you speak of sir because I. Well you may actually introduced at my. Well I got that I think I wanna know I'm a member before I go visit your lunch. Actually because I think if you can never tell people too many times how cool Vernon Wells this Libby. Let me do this I'm gonna put John on the spot here. He's one of our members. And what is Vernon Wells in your work. Spoke. Vernon Wells is that awesome place you can go to always find someone a nameless dom and he has really matter what kind of
    it's hard for people find that but now there is definitely would Vernon Wells AAA Haiti then. For people with like minded activities and it's something more is is just as simple as if you wanna
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    doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells . Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes

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It's and Michigan cheese and ice and get your game on Vernon Wells introduces Tuesday night gaming opened the public every first Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PM pretty deep friends did you game on a very well tabletop video RPG's and more seen as little or Boise like Tuesday night damion Fletcher geeks like quiet Vernon Wells is the season for cold retired to the parlor and Vernon Wells for winter themed games such as the song of ice and fire living tar game twelve days and more recently warm delicious like duties are tied for fellow attendees to ward off colds or receive half off your first drink ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay. Stacy thanks for welcoming you as welcome to be gay Shays geek nation welcome 126 teen. Played out across for me is Vicky Barcelona. We've got to Chris walker walk I got an idea Yang Yang. We do have a BJJ hey maybe having 1620 style he had Anderson Macaulay joins us. The hello Vicky how good people get a hold of us if they choose to be self. Well they can check out our podcast that had a bad our podcast and our web site and Ireland implemented the headline prime Jesse did he may not on the blue. Tony sixteen is feeling hurried to people like us on FaceBook I have to user to be chic geek nation you can also follow us on Twitter and Houston Graham didn't start her out as. As BJP nation. Does a text and it was a voice not add one nanny 02243353. Off the shoes and not be Diggnation edging up a common guess that's why we're. So yeah. YouTube dot com slash BJD. Nation think you're do you you only get onto today's festivities. There is the convention that's happening in Everett this weekend so today through the tenth at the Holiday Inn in downtown Everett it's called a con when he sixteenth. It does had not had anything to do with orca whales. In fact it is a new game and do each convention can and providing the events out to the snohomish county and northern Seattle metro area those don't know ever it's about thirty minutes north of Seattle narrate or a con is and include inclusive event offering a safe and welcoming environment for everyone who wants to play games learn new games and hang out with like minded geeks of all kinds. Or Kaka has more than just games though they have worked to have a full schedule panels planning covering at putting on covering topics such as site five. Phantom game design and pop culture they're gonna have trivia contest you can meet writers designers and artists and experts at the fan table Alley and of course always have that vendor gluten. Gas vendor alt delete and yet been drew but if you want more information for you can go to orca con dot org. And I are buddies shot and we did god create the game dirty come. Oh yeah and I am did you see shots on the CIA it's a fun game and yet try out the game it's a lot of fun yeah definitely definitely awesome. Now we got to move on to the meat of what today is because he said meet him yet he did more and a half years ago. We decided to start a tiny little podcast by the name of BJ Shays geek nation did your bond games it's started. With BJ Shea myself. In Vicky young and from there. We added one individual. You know that was a mistake. Who is actually in this room right now I don't know triumphant return for a couple of episodes. Mr. reindeer and a lot why. Gave my daddy well. All wrong. It's not yards and a son you. I thought well this is where is his name boom that's his name I have my buddy our guy was it nature's candy we landed Julianne before he left. Yeah we didn't give up a follow up and I don't understand why two days of all days do we have mr. juror what indie studio well the same reason why we have mr. Peter Greenburg. In the cause I overcame years as chew bubble gum. And talk about nerdy things and I don't have any bubble gum tiny little I know here I know why why why because we were available. Area so new these sure do it very and I really gamble on another view on Thursday I think we're always shows up movie brings food so that's not unusual in that is one of the other reasons why he's here yeah vomit and then later on I mean Pete came in for his talking snack. Chris walker has joined us to do his board game stuff since Nicole Lee. Has joined us as well you I used to go here well we were you living an alone. I finally got less of you you really so it's you do Nino after returning kitchen. What today reported its mirror and you ask everyone is here this is it a packed house because. Like we mentioned before we left on break. Beating she's keep nation as now done over 1000. Episode order. And it really got an ass and we would have figured that out by the time we hit 1000 yeah I thought I did the math right and then and Chile have forgot to incorporate special ops. And it's so easy thing to forget cap. So what I did with that is I gave mark the last podcast of the year and then gave him these first podcast of the year. And so that's all we need to worry about mark for. Very. Smart griner. I have a laundry list of things to worry about oh are very honored are very low simmer down on that note this is interns is going to be a bit of a best of it because we're gonna talk about some of our favorite segments. Om one of the things though Brandon you've been you've been gone for awhile. On this yes almost a year and I wanted to know looking kind of catch up with UNC how how is your lie I've been doing how is the geeky world of mr. brand ginger way outside of in this podcasts Ben's. It's it's good IA I am the greater of the Britney Spears mobile game that comes out in just a few short weeks moon. We are in. Is it more or less of them the beta phase right now and we're getting a lot of good feedback so we're we're very happy about that what's it like two and right for a Britney Spears game it's weird. They hit OK and like I'm back on the writer radar guy I have you know I have denim brand and Boren who's the guy who hired me he's different to their Charl when they were gonna budget games the other swords all still sort of you know we're now fairly you know back. I he does he's sort of you know hill he'll be my editor. And and he approves Omagh on my question but I'm on the guy and play loose and there's quests. Oh yeah yeah quest to become the next Britney or do you know rhetoric you Mir took pop star inspirational and oh yeah out of everybody it's it's great guide they tell me I'm a genius all the time. That's ordinarily stands and we never did it left us yeah they do they do they say it like this you're a genius yeah. Jury duty new say exchange money for my services we do is oh we don't really know what credit let dust I don't I. I'm so unaccustomed to having health insurance I forget to use it. I'm like I heard as you go to the doctor wish I could all I could tell and I don't go to the the thing and I it's just it's a super cool place to work I get to rate every day. And I'm just I I feel very valued. But I do miss being here comes as you say he had no matter. I had dinner I had made search result in the black comics but I I will say that people task as we wrote in the other. I actually. Couldn't remember how to park. I also couldn't remember which forms show won the irony here man eight to sixteen or eight Houston sixteen delay I had an adjustment that back far enough out of the loop that that it started to slow for the beneficial for three years enough problems finding the room well I don't I don't know room once I got great foray Agha village Cairo that I will say my chair still smells the same. Well food we never actually had it Champloo Bernie thinks so that is traditional and authentic Brandon sent to you might wanna have a burned through. Early Rama noodles on ref arts well that's an hour winds that would is would take the job of dealing with friends share could affect the benefit of the brave the strong news. And Peter Greenberg. Like I said before one of the great things that having UN was talking sacked because you real sort of weird stuff bribing you guys with food so I can be on the podcast yeah that's great work for me it's great. I am also listen to give Pete a lot of credit because I mean a lot all the credits yes a lot a lot of cool closely if you notice I've noticed our FaceBook page is really just gotten a lot cooler because Pete has been through a lot of great stuff up there something that he started doing some months back so. A great contribution on that end it all our FaceBook are belong to me yeah told us they embraced a gigabyte crap from you people by being on FaceBook all the time but he does that any it's a pat on the back we'll see what. What doesn't talk about himself deep post other source of people wanna read yeah you know years ago here's what I ate for lunch just two seconds ago OK here's another thing about people that so great yeah. It's a very young people also the slight difference before we get into the reminiscing about the show's I've. Felt that it would just it we would be remiss if we didn't have another talking smack with Pete. So Pete did you bring in some tasty treats for all of us to endure I did it. I don't think you'll have to endure it I think I chose this one specifically because. This is good you know. Thousand fish episode how presentation and I wanted something that's been around for awhile maybe it's all gone away made a come back here doesn't your licks her. Close to move it existed in the eighties disappeared early on Matt actually on crystal patsy about that are telling yourselves. Lou knows Aaron those originals are they back another bad dogs in there and may god grant. I stand. Wow very Weston and prepared and a little earlier in my in my basement I think the I'd make my own and reuse the mob hit and I know I'm a little bit yeah I don't know I would actually like boy. And from the eighties that that has not been opened its just a sea of some sort of ghost comes out of that are suddenly I don't know I. What while it's not easy I would recommend on YouTube going online and looking at the Crystal Pepsi I'd seen the oh yeah oh yeah there's a guy who buys me a bottle of crystal clear patsy off of eBay I'm guessing and he just sort of shotguns and and into Marty Turco is oh. All of the well Isiah has say hey Kate really do about what we're gonna do there no spoilers there hood. Minnesota fan a seltzer. Like seltzer water you're like all the fees are flavored we should still. DSL call her related follow once the water a lot of water off a lot from G so want Jews so I just this can happen what's the difference between orange soda and flavored self serve is a lot more water in the Selz. Fear I'm like yeah lesser less crap yeah that would go into your orange delicious it's better for you or for that reason far less delicious. Crazy isn't as easy as those things where it is it is is it is carbonated as much as regular soda yet. Yes yes it up. Permanent but OK I guess you BJ you can never head seltzer remove all. Product of life beyond like this concentration a little earlier like you would have been. Yeah I was all about the regular so there's a prison you have to solve America's social water to meet growing up in in Massachusetts seltzer water was just what you put in your beverage like we have a hard alcohol down otherwise you drank so he's associate or tonic is it basically like soda water tonic water with less flavor. Is what I'm getting like syrup like for the soda I think it was when we could try some I know. Happy I know if I could speculate interview I don't know the don't have any scenario worst seltzer cool so I brought in three different flavors Vanilla cream or black cheery tune and root beer I think Holler phenomenal. I know Jim's options would you need to outrun the organism even though again they are you there Illini are zero. Buys cream soda so I was I didn't do anything like that and they know Vanilla cream I've always like had me and I know Chris Paul has not Vanilla beer it's on us once Vanilla cream I will give out Freescale is the girl try it. I'd say go to another beer fan in general. Sorry while I am yes fact that this is clear friends and I don't let's water you know it's. It showed Mitt well this is a 130 calories so there's yes camrys here I am ingredients. Carbonated water of carrying a cane sugar old Internet and natural flavors of this is a sugar drink it's not. Oh one's as you would normally get if your your watching your weight does have a stance on day aides argue we. Better for you than normal soda because of the Ohio asked corn syrup and easy and ingredients. Mean it's still soda so it's not like your best endeavors those are pretty low bar. Yeah yeah when I don't know from Dustin good flaming out anyway malicious I'm chasing really good Vanilla cream that's dissent it is legitimately cream soda here. When I was in high school onscreen persona when I was in high school we had a student Turkoglu Jack Shaq because we were the lumberjack to okay well they're glad that there's spanky I we admit that I New York seltzer was the thing was your seltzer or clearly Canadian. Which is a similar type of beverage and then you would have a jolly rancher that would be flavor compatible. Well you're easily sorted out earlier entry in the U drink here seltzer water here we were hardcore this or. You really good news on the original yourself it's available now and I have to say Pete it is I mean it it it's Casey if you. If you wanna treat from time to time again this cane sugar and it's our three dollars and for guys trying to avoid cards I probably won't be drinking is a whole lot but it's. It is tasty I really do like we that the label they it's very old school yeah guys to your original label they had the. Well issue I was gonna bring this up actually I was a big fan near soldiers and I know George. Media and I think they don't work so worried you are trash what's the difference and that if I thought the same Ole give the labels of the images insane. But it's the they used to have be styrofoam. They haul and you. Had a drink in the New York seltzer was pure netlabel upland school certainly done well we may hear a little more environmental conscience and god I'm not felt the word I'm saying it I'm that's one thing I do recall is going to college credits out of a massage everything it's. Like if I didn't know this was seltzer I would think is just me be kind of we Revere like you know and like. And danced out in as I can rest fast food place that for the series I know we if if you if I close my eyes it took us a monopoly gets clear. Yeah I'm telling an organic group beer yeah yeah it's just it's a sailor earth and sugar was a cigarette treat you and and this is the best cream soda that I had actually I had a guy like Vanilla cream soda but usually it takes very chemically include this near cells or cream soda and knocks out and parlay need to place your right now makes imports come with human embryo crap. This is good to compete today they called up buddy Kramer it's all employees confirmed here on out. Dad. Are except toys sixty units all downhill from here if only I was twenty again I could drink does and not worry about the fact I do intend and hop act. I did I call early John you know just like oh yeah. Go to great yep yeah they thought he had dude. I know we have internally listed are our favorite segments I just remembered one in that was listening to you EA whose eat those Harry Potter and Jolie being. I not so I'm not looking up that audio playing medic got to make its vomit again for human years it's gotten even listen to do I just wish I could've seen your degree in those cases. Now little one night of sorry what my beer moments in have to be when we went to Spokane it was recorded but we actually he province of those jelly beans for lilac city comic line and had people tried and he tried them. Mean you might not going mud and on about Colombia free comic out of makes it really only common. And if you get the voters are vomiting and they weren't this. I always bogeys bogeys despite this I think yeah the kids get to get all right we got to get it over BJ would get there to say oh yeah we do have to before we get into the big stuff. We do need to talk a little bit about you heard that this shows we are woefully behind on at least talking about this is so tough because obviously we said we can map we have a lot of things to do you know really Monday shows me pact Wednesday shows that we tax. But we do what I mentioned of course there's a lot of great scifi going on a lot of great side by that happened. Doctor Who of course had their Christmas special. Fantastic. A and I know there's some people that haven't seen yet. In this room here who are Doctor Who fans away retirement yes but you know it's what I love about this episode was I but for years have been telling everybody. Who have been disagreeing with me. That they have not wrapped up the doctor and river story arc now because they said until I see him give her. A sonic screwdriver that storyline is not over everybody said no there was some shorts they released it showed the Matt Smith doctor getting all dressed up and they go have nights out. That's it it's over they are done. And it well. To all you got to look after Christmas episode proved me right through me. It is is spectacular. Great great episode I loved it I loved a lot lot of people said it was a lighthearted episode now ready you're sure you did you see the F. I did we we want all of our family and I I have to really applaud them because given he's watched a little bit of doctor drew but she's never seen river song ever. Madeleine is really getting into Doctor Who has never seen her her songs are Ryan knows then and I know. But it was it was totally inclusive even for people who didn't. Understand I gave made its own gravy everything you needed to know was right there and I thought it was a just a lovely. Episode and and Christmas was never threatened with being ruined and out together and a robot feeding children and that's fine because they've done that a lot. Then I love the Doctor Who Christmas specials always always love them but. This one was it was just. It was only it was. Very comedic can light hearted. Including I don't know the gentleman's name but guy he played he he was an. Alice in Wonderland played tweedle Dee tweedle dumb but he's also been in a British air airplane show that. They'll. Again is that he's so good to see anyone half of little Britain yeah yeah yeah that guy I Canada's military there. Let's seize immediately into it'll look Gabelli asset yeah so I made yes yeah that's right yes in life series briefly. PI he's he's so good in and so there was a lot of comedy channel I think a lot of folks dug the fact that it was a light from a much more lighthearted Christmas special branded as you said there was you know Santa wasn't being destroyed as I went you know well and I love polygamous thief river song RA finals you arson was I don't want to hold. River song charming knew you'd know more about doctor whose random people are under her rate they should be if they know I I I. Always was is it was a great story arc the whole river song story our ability palm river song thing was brilliantly done. What I went back and looked at the first episode which is these silence a library episode where she needs the doctor for the first time. Are you or he Meserve for the first time really. And all the things that happened there that basically came to fruition in the last episode the Christmas episode unbelievable. Today my even my wife is she's what she's like how they put these things because I said this happened what 2008. When she first came on the show. And just brilliantly done love did a big big four or five stars whenever that one blow. Out of Pettigrew Fahrenheit you know I think their brilliance comes from. Not having a big plan but leaving things open ended enough that they can come back to things and and clearly these characters and and you know in this case give excellent closure. Great tip if you know because the story dinosaur ever song of the doctors and never meet each other orders so whenever he needs her she knows what's gonna happen his future he knows what's gonna happen and her future because they need got a border she's traveling in one direction and time he's traveling in another direction so they never meet each other on the same timeline. So we can do it's very disjointed river's life because we're meeting here is the doctor meets or. So we're not seeing her life where senior life go backwards not forwards so we don't know where we are and she jumps around a bit. Does a great video online on YouTube called doctor river song's timeline. And it shows her timeline in chronological order every scene she's been in. It helps ought to lock as I was confused about a few things and when I saw this little YouTube video that Al schemes in narrates unlike. This is really so I don't know that comes from maybe I don't have series eight general to put on the series a Latino Blu-ray or something. It's cool I would recommend people watch that then you get to watch a Christmas episode and go all while this is I know the story river song moved. Love did wonderful nice and I'm glad bred inside too because I know Chris is behind I don't know Zuma of Washington so I tried with such did you ever else hear that he knows. Chris is gone I know I. No matter how far out a lot of sun that you tell Florida etc. I got the baby got that while our case so why allies and other third when other show you want to talk about BJ ash vs evil dead don't know what a lot of people on this podcast love as her. Nice it's phenomenal. Phenomenal yes it's more evil dead even an army of dark currency. But it is phenomenal that is very good though and I would say this though he's more army of drug received an evil dead the he himself but you're right it's much more evil dead. It like that the viva the show is very much like the first two evil dead movies but ash is more army of darkness to me. Oh yeah it's definitely the character continued long so brilliant and on its worst friend ever learning from his mistake low ball and so that's sort of the beauty of it like he doesn't have you know. He still thinks he's the greatest. And they finish up that they found in the season finale and it's been and we we can talk about it's been a week I think she knew her toddlers against India if you haven't spoilers but Vicky and Aaron hall she's like what do you think of the season finale. And out of even to ask for the evil that message you know. I didn't expect. To see after she scope all right I'm out. And that I guess so what are ash would do. Even after the hole he comes and you know he's like I'm not take your neon man. Toward a fight it out eminent you know screw you lady then you know then later he sees he's getting his ass can't then okay. Dan Ellis free access deal political like let's do that. Yeah. I did he take a look at it I think that he thinks you know what I've party lost the chick that I really lights and I don't wanna lose but I know Pablo for Pedro he keeps going on her behalf and I cannot remember you telling you I did is so I really think part of it is probably going to be that I also love the fact that means. He didn't have to get real Lucy Lawless is character in order wind it up so we're gonna get to see more of her. Lucy Lawless keeps showing me that she should be Xena she just was amazing whether they get some body doubles whatever they had to do was she was so amazing as an ass kicking person in this evil dead. I don't know masks. Yeah yeah it was good to see the I don't we don't always hers but still it was nice. But I don't I applaud balloon man she looks great for agencies can get asked her age I love it I expect that she's gonna show them that Xena removed that NBC is doing I I think she could be Xena. I mean I love it oh I'd rather she was. I mean I just I'm saying after seeing ash vs evil dead ideal senior reason why she can't let's just be what Xena where she's that are life at her age I think she can pull it off. Because she. You know she pulled it off and ask for zeal that so we all loved that boy what I wanna win what a definite win show and good for stars because. I think they got Walter blunt a silly the show that I really watch on stars which are like well Larry I read you like want to go it was a fun show often. Yeah and then they got this so good for stars for maybe getting into that hey you we might wanna get this network watchers show's network. And I think we all agree is much as we all love you a little army of darkness if the show had been bad it would have been to head here all right I'll you could've just been kind of bad it would have been awful mean and it's still great he really was the way Sam raining knocked out of the parking is that people he had worked firmly it was so good and each episode is a half hour right yeah waiting until they met that actually helps it yes yes yeah I think yeah it really really does the timing is perfect. And every time you go are they really spent a whole episode doing this like. And you go I'm so glad they did an episode doing that's. Let's start a little credit they also have black cells which is an awesome Irish out our guy of character yeah you're right I didn't get OK if they don't awesome wolf thank you very much for that BJ and you know what it's funny because this is almost an entire podcast on it's own right here. Oh yeah. Hair was weighing owners aren't well these are spectacular this is a spectacular and we have done over a thousand episodes and I thought that we would start off. We have eight voicemail. Not from Wagner. The. Well that's from one of our many other contributors mr. Mike Seaver and America Americans and I'm content. What's Iraqi nationals might cyber defense plus Sarah special ops here and I want thinking gradually you guys on 1000 plus episodes. And I tell you it's one hell of an accomplishment. And a real testament to how special this show is. It means so much to so many people I mean. This isn't just show it really is like the title says. The nation you know Deke nationals all over the world. Really gravitate towards what you guys deal it's it's awesome now I know you haven't heard a lot for me recently. But that's just because I'd been off chasing my own dreams of being on the radio just like you. You guys to thank for that Nazi because of the inclusive nature of this show I've always felt welcome to. And that's inspired me to pursue my interest in broadcasting. It's because of my positive experience being a part of Vijay Shays can do nation that empowered me to redirect my passion for listening to the radio toward actually creating radio myself. I honestly would not be doing what I am right now without giving that first taste of broadcasting for you guys. You're the best thanks for helping me find the passion and I didn't even know I had and it's my sincerest hope that you will continue to inspire people. The same way you've inspired me for another thousand episodes and beyond. Thank you and until next Sunday nationals make good choices and I. You know what and I gotta say I went to his broadcasting class actually because. Nobody minded does does radio who did radio Seattle Bob rivers teaches a class in Seattle that Mike is now attending. And I got to go there and because they did this that they were doing all the stuff and I was the speaker and I'm happy that we got to inspire somebody to do. Something artistic like this because that's why god in this business myself as I was inspired by somebody on the radio and there are people kind enough to be inclusive to let me and they give it a shot so. I'm happy we're doing that too and I mean I mean you've been doing radio for a long time since the turn this over a long time love but this isn't this podcast gives you the chance to really talk about the stuff that you don't normally get to talk about in radio. I mean yeah we've gotten into I mean like exit when he attends an a lot of thing you know the two thousands really became you know this is like the decade of the geeks. Where we're just getting inundated would like geeky stuff and it's a lot easier talk about that but when we started this it's still really wasn't that. You know easy to talk about geeky stuff in the mainstream. And we still have people you know in the halls of the building on the main radio show that we do in people even on the main radio show that still give us a hard time out because they're not as big uber geek as we even though the. For those are the same people that are gonna go watch Captain America they're gonna go see all these Kiki movies and he'll do some geeky stuff even if it's not the love that we're doing at the only play play cards against humanity though probably plays some of those games. And like if it's not gonna be like a twilight and hear him but. I guarantee you tend that's why I love this podcast because this is for people who are all about the geek. This is the kind of radio show that you know I would do for free poll which by the way I do yeah. Okay. It's in the state that were DDT to miss so mainstream it's pretty cool but at the same time you find yourself with people who just cede some movies it you know watching TV shows. It's nice to have this sort of community where we can we can really go deep you yes talk about the Star Trek movie that came on the last five years ago to talk about every Star Trek series could you see. All of them so we understand there are no audio I press my music hurry it up and I was good enough that you should grew so did the audience appreciates that they want some ground level of golf calling just because you brought this up budding geek watching instant watching star tradition her again by doctor. Colleague guess so I just saw. I saw all or queens mom as a Ron Lynn back in the old man. A. Thompson who by the way was the Borg queen you and Voyager envoys issues Mark Wahlberg queens mom's. So all it was is I'm gonna go and create older clean and yeah this is like yeah she's she knows who's going to be equally because she was aboard queen build it. That is amazing by the way I wanted to tell Vijay and and walker I don't know if you guys nobody mega blocks the bastard Lagos Wright have I stepped up their game over the last years because of the halo towards the things they're Gallagher those they have Star Trek now cool guy and he's got Indiana maybe. Master we got another email from Heather Reese be who we've had on a lower and editor hotline poll found. She says Heather firms to Larry oppressed here I just wanted to take a moment in behalf of all of us a total area to congratulate you on 1000 plus shows we're proud to consider of the gig nationals friends have told area and have had a blast talking to you guys about our passion for books. And keep him in general keep up the great work in history another thousand shows at least. We'll see us. Gray hair only that yeah. So what that one of the things don't really wanna talk about is some of the best segments that we've had mom or her V four and a. After years of what we've done and be Jeff thought I would start with you calm because you've been here since the beginning with Dickie and I. And you. And been able to talk with a lot of people. But at the same point in getting deep into the geeky stuff has been what you really let you go talk to so many people. What was what are your favorite things from the geek nation. I know RI and the reason I picked this one there's many folks that I've interviewed in my career on the radio and on BJC's Diggnation the cool thing is that we get them a lot of folks on and how I would be remiss if I didn't give a lot of love to Simon Tay he's always been good to us we met him Neil via the main radio show. And I he's been on the nation as well. This is so it's what you think the main radio show we have success in Seattle everybody wants to be on it if they're promoting it as something that's fits with the vibe of our show. I I don't what is stood up to me is we had one interview with a major guy. That didn't come our regular radio show he'd say yeah I'd love to come on your BJ shaky nations podcast went with it was our first few episodes really. Yeah we know what the hell it was this was literally episode 24 gas plays this well was very early I think Brandon was on as a guest yeah we're talking and because also in that episode we spoke with John layman from Q. And so this was one of those ones where this is very early in the geek nation and this guy I mean this guy at the time of the show was a major guys still a major fan favorite of the show the show's huge win this little podcasts and I was so happy like he's gonna come on talk to voice. And we and it had nothing to do with the main radio show he was is like c'mon and he was fantastic and that is Michael Rucker Murrow himself from the Walking Dead. This is what I love this because he this was this was eighteen nation only guess. Yes exactly I was. And without further ado here's mr. Michael recur it's a pretty epic guest that we got this week they have nobody knows who Michael recur is well legally Jimmy shed because he's Merle from the Walking Dead yeah. Hi until a man who. How hot hand I was doing pretty head man. How's the weather up there we got a lot of wind and other way you have heard and their. When going down down down in LA and stuff like that what bells gone on the into the world. As minority has great email I woke up three point and I love good. You know I'll do not need all the way. Since the great big vocalists that that the fact that there are. Well they get at least you're prepared for a don't Michael because they you know what if it goes bad you know you got a dimpled. That's right had what I call my lovely. I. Still won't stay away from and they were handcuffed and they don't put it on chain you anywhere. Don't you have prepared this year. They're didn't you give a hack sign your survival can at all times now he's. All I saw the essential. If that's how well we aren't talking with Michael Rucker like I said Merle drama the Walking Dead lucky day just went on its big hiatus and always sub Merle this this last season so far was and a bit of a flashback with Darryl can USA you any information about what's going to be happening once the Walking Dead comes back in February peak in regards with UN you're character. Oh why do you ask yeah Cordelia hit all of you unity my and inquisitive reporter here I have to do I. I have to ask the hard question you know you do for you know there's no way Michael can answer that question. And I can you why you know you probably know more than you. Yeah I don't know that I look bad on the show you've probably got all these well I think you know what's going you you know well a lot more there there. Yeah I've been read a lot about it. And trying to aid China at least give the rumors are so nice you know I stay away and Michael Dino I don't do the same kind of guy but. Missing got a guy like me Michael but I like to read those things in know how we shows an NLO watch him be surprising not look at those spoiler blogs. I don't really I guess that's me man I'm a fan of the show myself I didn't ask you go to Barnes and I would then you know I did I know I've got in the past. I I don't even didn't read the other scripts you know I have the other kids early read a moderate you know what I want to know what's going learned form what kind of what the ball to go on to. As an actor Michael do you like and not know about the Scripps is well you know as a performer accidentally get to come in they're just be fresh and not know where you're at. I like to do that even know on the days when I'm actually working here I am all I can do a lot of good result. I like Zhou fresh are all like the other bad dream really medically a little later won a million physically. Or even all of it and they know they know trying to minimize the much prefer the big bad. Have a bad that there are real well. She's so lets me share youth you've played some troubled individuals in your time and I. Your. We never felt the people she is yeah that's true I'm right you what do you want you to tap into huge repair. I don't know how I listened to your show this. I feel people don't prepare you for the Merle charger book about the rest of your. Backyard that is good. I'm a big Saturday show us so getting back to bit. This spontaneity I really think that's really cool where you have not knowing what's going on is. Do as the best you know there's going to be a big cliffhanger like off. Maybe not on at the end of every show but it seemed like they get base skip a couple of shows. And then they probably could pay European patent you stay out so it should go Lafayette hills and that's good that's cool what. And I'm more of the other people that idea all the lies in the people chatting. About the Iowa Montana have. I had you only every single shop and we. Good luck this Dayton attention much of the good things and it did you hope you'll quit golf. Wilmer is a popular character even though meeting pretty much see real despicable guy. How do you feel about him being as so popular being the character that he is it. Sure and you know you don't know utterly out of politically non critical job fair you know in the lunch we showed them. And even in the cable shows and enroll as Coke so completely. Our move politically correct bet they're here because it is it's crazy Ted let people know that you know I had I don't I enjoy donut hole. Here Michael I always told everybody. Merle is what Archie Bunker would have been if there was a zombie apocalypse. Are not cops knock you regularly know lol yeah. Oh I don't know what they're cello that's that was a great show Michael finally we are talking to Michael Rucker he plays Merlin Milwaukee did check on his website. Michael roker online dot com. And Michael the thing I wanna point out is a Lebanon like three episodes and yet he he's a big part of this series. I know our net credit limit this really tricky guys no one full episode. One my at all to anyone seeing. I'm emotionally Saddam Hussein through. So much more guys remind you. Yeah I like AOL. Talk about Mike Levitt talk about my drug cash in my. Everybody in my clap and all I kind of felt I go to the content and they know no good yeah yeah all the audience here our our thinking oh. That's Bulldog she's healing up there. I mean you do not going to be really just probably get back finished fashion o'clock you know looking good and you now look at that they like. So I'm Michael I'd like to ask I've known Robert curtain for awhile he is of course the creator of the Walking Dead comic and producer on the show. And I have to say that we all knew he would be successful that they use sort of the guy at least likely to have TV show about a comic book and a talk show about his TV show about his comic book. I was just wondering why your experience has been working with Robert Kirk. Nobody is really cool laid back. You know I think you're right did did he doesn't seem effect but let's say you know there's a lot of people surrounding this fall off. But I'm ready now I mean not how many how many are graphic novels are they're like 09 B 8790. Album. You know my own little huge really huge following and I imagine going I'm sure a number of years now hole. I'm just I'm just gonna blow away via. All oh. We are to be accepted you guys basically middle America and everywhere I go home you know the only show in the hole I laid it. And I do wanna see Merle comeback I think that would be awesome because you jiggle it all the energy machine slip up I believe deals really gonna flip out you know Henry I don't know what the hell's gonna happen with her. And I wonder you know with Merle monologue and the surely the way I've seen him in the limited time I've seen them. I wonder if he actually might indeed it is likely to say this person. In this world. Obama and why did I am not a month. I could win tomorrow does get back sooner or later food no I didn't. I. Don't know why do I don't know I don't know I'm feeling very important most single hard. I looked like just. Our village and that's going to be fun to play because your job is going to be a make us still like one of the most heinous guys you can ever imagine in modern day society it is. You already do now who committed. The future everyone's doing and you're right and what mutilated character so it's very very. You know why this whole lot of fun to do all my desk and have people respond to a bigger and I've done that. Pretty. I played them pretty despicable. Role in the people still I mean my god I shutting him big George you have this serial killer might have women coming up to me a whole lot of dead could take Jeremy. Clearly we ought to have a crazy and that's the cars but oh well oh yeah we live we love zoom burn of course anytime you when. Not bad mistake patent. Had a bad theory here is live. I'm a good line I mean there's no way I can even imagine writing this stuff stay right. So even though little eagle out there you go away and of course. Bad media. Trolling around Louisville mayor live and hang out where their man and to a new movie I must be a chicken. Yeah I felt that year care JB in the movie super. Who was just kind of even though you is Kevin begins right hand man bag waiting got towards the end of the film you're used just kind of going along with the ride in that didn't agree with this stuff that was going on. All trademarks you know might but I just played no role of the regular regular guy out they are just a bulletin Joseph you got a million to protect its schmuck. And this hasn't happened. I have no idea and I get a payday and I and I and I ought to extend it nice comeback and it makes more money I'm not scared to get children love never. Blu-ray didn't play Jay Don gets a regular guy and that's how I ended up playing it really came out pretty. I think people enjoy the role even know why do thugs still not a lot out. Our our lineup why they're trying to look at it is still go to movies do well rounded peace. And that is a cool thing Michael 'cause when you're on the screen you'd do steal the same. I guy try but let's take over the show whatever hundred content even if you didn't he could not now I don't know I'm definitely I'm definitely not proud maybe this studio don't wanna hear this. And I'm not a team player. I'm Adam does not comply with that's not what I have primary in the scene it's my job. It's my job to take over that thing and that the other actors go I guess they're very get there after being here and then did you get your money. And you know as little as a good happy. Kind of goes somewhat of a competitive thing going aren't. You know that the Pentagon. Yeah. Who's gonna win out though that day you know you. Sometimes sometimes it's my role and sometimes it's somebody else's. And let's all let you know what they didn't make you change anything in the editing my own so you never know what will happen. Okay sir confession time might all have for although the weirdness and badness that you brought to the screen do you have like. A secret desire that's never been fulfilled like you know what I really wanna do is beyond belief eat. Oh I don't know I gotta tell you. Why don't you don't match double and I IIR. And I'd guy I'd truly really admire people wouldn't chariot notes. I would assume that because I certainly cheer and not include four seconds you're still love saying why can't Felix stole. I I appreciate people who have that ability and no I don't have a. Secret to good under the ticker at very quiet clean it isn't fair question Michael is there is something they you'd love to do that would surprise Michael rook for fans. Fallout that's a good question. That would surprise that you know why I have people live stage. There's nothing that can be surprised if much looked pretty good idea I don't know almost anybody if Obama might do that I can. I didn't do any day nearly as. As far as why I have you know I knew I'd be flattered I really enjoy Colleen O'Brien doing what currently. And I really enjoy up to local comedy but that's my bet my bag I feel I grew out Abbott & Costello now. Like to see you play Britain Brandon. How Buckeyes were talking to Jon Lehman who chew prayer. What do Michael roker be great as good as Tony choose boss the candidates all the time apple yes oh my god yes absorb while we ask any NN again Antioch and Michael. At video Robert Kirk amendment is basically the guy you know there who wrote a novel from walking down the rabbit novels well John Lehman is the guy that wrote a graphic novels for Jew and returning to a show on showtime. I think you know what this a B grade for Rucker to be this comedic character to be that guy we're going to be talking to young women next so the week we can catch this yet he'd be great if you yet you know what Rucker you gotta be that guy. A perfect. What you know I don't get the pocono a check get a good guy yeah you've by all means you do pitching whatever you at all the pooch. And I've still got to make Obama. I'd go hard know your connector and they're allowed to I want you work. So we have a stance here as if I don't maybe that's good that's good Doug good it may. Well guys I'm I'm not I'm not enjoy your show I've I've boldly showed a couple thousand you really have a oh she's nice yeah. No I I don't think we aren't bad enough. How can clearly how I know I I don't know garbage and people I know I didn't you know I don't know what your gender and I don't. When are we more without brand for you but I you may know all the great stuff you've done if you don't pay as a compliment like that man that means a lot thanks so much. Very rare and pretty good car maybe you should take it easy take care told Merck that I mean. It's just cool man everywhere that. And it's just he's such a nice guy for playing such a bastard and he's played I mean he's played evil characters before Merle was one of those. But just assets a nice Blake friendly guy you're like what. Well and he wanted to sing and answering Atlanta that was sort of literary. And it's it's supplements and a lot of guys that I Chris Harvard has been great to this podcast Kevin Smith has been great to this podcast we have relationships with them via the main radio show the same thing with a Wil Wheaton. I think is so I don't wanna you know diminish any of that they've been really great to our podcast but we met them through the main radio show Michael walker it was hey here's a little podcast. I legal come on and I was like this is that's why it's my favorite just for that reason that's awesome Mickey. As the as the one of the original founding members and the jays in the NG yes it OG Mickey. What is one of your favorite as segments. One might bigger ones and it in. People are gonna say it's because of the new Star Wars movies selling it and ruining that and only amplified it because when I met this young individual I was not only blown away by his talent. But just how sweet he was the nineteen at the time jumble eight when there are you to him for half a block yeah him and Joseph Cornish came into the studios so right where. Right where heat in Vicky are sitting right now John boy eagle was sitting there to talk to this microphone I'm talking to remain do right now yeah I'm really anybody is like dude don't put away uniform on don't do you. It's. A. I don't do it don't Ossetia and things but knows blown away like that movie just a young but. When he came in huge super polite to all of us he was eking out with us I think and we talk about transformers GAAP. Ever ever think we had like a transformer wallpaper on the computer in front of us and he started like oh. This imagining star Tom a video game will off my lake but just to see him be stood dizzy at six so polite and so this week when I heard with the whole sarge wars thing I kind of got excited like dean and they kind of have a better person. I had a similar when I was there when I when they announced that he was going to be the main guys start us off like just just like with mark Hammel they got their guy he can this guy can lead a generation of geeks yes and he can be he's he's he's a nice guy he's geeky guy is like this this great when you're the best thing about urban. He's British. Sorry EE that's why he doesn't come back and how you guys haven't fixed this problem no I don't go to war is at its it's running rampant that silly Elena my favorite interviews and done and without any further ado mr. John boy a gap come July 29 it's the inner city vs outer space and attack the block kids at theaters. Please welcome to BJ she's geek nation and John boy EA yet and Joseph Cornish raised and that's no problem this movie was fantastic. We didn't know all like coming into its we wind into a blind so well that really was an ex who wasn't sure we're gonna expect. But the fact is you guys melded comedy and horror so well I mean it was I look I just love the movies but everyone else detailed I tell you this and. I wanna say this right now. You have to see this movie this is there's always one movie comes out during a blockbuster sees in the summer or winter season. It is always one movie that people don't know about instead they go to all the once again publicize and yup. This is a movie of the Arab people gone resolved got a lot of waste my money on Madagascar is so. We know we went to see attack the block a laser and had no idea. What the movie was but I have even seen the trailer it's just you know here's how it happened guy do we we've got a good relationship with Edgar Wright and and I saw -- tweet about Scott Pilgrim being shown all over Americans don't festivals in the summer. And I'm like hey let him know only when it comes to Seattle I love the film and he goes. Hey can you also if you get a chance talk up the movie that I produced called attack the block and I said tiger I don't know the movies about what's going money goes. What's your name only if you get a chance give us some pub. I mean really what's our guys and say hey is there it and sees screening out well so why go when not knowing anything. Economic old guy and it's been watching I watch Star Trek when it was on TV for reals you know no reruns. I see a lot of scifi horror and action and all that sort of walking to a movie and go wow I really don't know where this movie's gonna go low. Which is tremendous. And and I have to say John the most is character. Man I AM it was throughout that whole movie I had so many different things that I wanted to say due to your character if I had the opportunity for a while and yeah that's as valid today. Path. Now there was no there was there was a lot of love mistakes but I will day except as the movie went on and boy what a rich. Character Ottoman stereo type songs and and so that's a wanna talk to guys about it out of everything was attacked while again. If you're listening to attack the block the you know what if you want your money back if you see them moving don't like you find rebel give you money that's what. Like very ad that's that's this is you need this movie and I hardly don't want to talk about because it's so great to go when I'm not have a clue but you know how life is everybody wants and I was summoned. I eighty you know Joseph I don't know where did you come up with the idea it imported this movie the way it was because he it's brilliant two way it was done. Thank you so well when you you know I'm a big fan of American eighties creature features are on congress ass thank Katie needs he was. So I'm we hit me really hard I love Graham and ends. I lost criticism left credits are a lot of ghostbusters. I like old school movies that I have fantastic things happening in kind of really environments. I'd never seen that kind of story tolls. In an area well John and I live which is South London. Which is a beautiful wherever they can be quite rough and tough on occasion and it'll be cool combination to set. A fantasy adventure movie in this secrecy of an environment. And you guys call the block I guess who called the hood here in America it's basically happy and the aliens in the hole in his what's going on kinda thing yeah I mean I think in the UK it's a lot more mixed you got a lot more a lot of different types of people live in a very close call says. And that's sort of what the movie's about it's about all these different types of people in the neighborhood. Who live close to each other but don't necessarily know each other and this event happens and I have to work together. To fight sit and most of different citizen. You know it's a kind of little analysis of society as well as being a crazy. Monster mash up chased me. Now you wrote you wrote this may be how does it feel to Hadley your baby your project think Howell on the big screen as somebody like I love comic books and Wendy would like to write a comment (%expletive) How does it feel to finally have a completed an out there for people to watch you feel. Amazing you know there's so it really does this Issa and it does feel like a you know a child you feel so close to win and then this movie has a cost of eleven. Pretty much fuss IMAX is and if they were a bit between the ages of ten and seventeen when we shot the movie. On the first und Ericsson compose we have a school like basement jags Arafat's first time moving composes. The director fat talk free is it is a first time allowance is a lot of fresh talent a lot of new faces. And I feel just proud and excited and amazed that it's getting good response I mean it's one of the coolest things I learned about it worthy of the creatures themselves. I don't know where they see deal or was it though the buzz like your computer generated or were they just how did the actors have to deal with those. Well our preaches. I've kind of popped back to old school movies as movies I mentioned earlier you know I wanted to do it. I have this thing doesn't months using contemporary movies are very same beef. When did dragons from Harry Potter could wander into cloverfield and you wouldn't know different aspects whereas in the age sees it to grandma and signed up and in NET. UConn and none is there was a sense of design and also shipped in flavor and style. That's been lost a little bit plus the toss it in the old days the creature is when that they were practical way yes when they interacted with humans then it was real. So we wanted to do that against our preaches a mostly practical. We use CG technology to actually. Removed details rather than I mean I well I'm numb when you see the movie I understand that but I hope these are creatures unlike you've ever seen in any movies before. I and I have to say man and John boy yea also who plays lead character Moses and as you had to deal with the screech is a lot and Joseph I know you've done some work with Stephen Martin he and the Doctor Who crew had to be really jealous because they consider themselves the creature guys did make the scariest creatures ever. And I took a look at those guys are boy Steven mop it's probably yelling just out going and why did we come up with these guys. Piano yes. We'll speaking of scary create I don't do well in these kind of movies I was squealing like a little girl and actually on my way out of the theater I heard I had no windows down. And I heard somebody brakes squealing it sounded just like one of the alien wow. Hamels had a panic attack but what I'm curious to valley when you watch some movie more referred John like it was there are even the most filming it. PG alimony or you kind of like squeal like. You know they had dads yeah action nothing's. To put a lot of surprises and I want this on so busy than their boat that was gonna make her stump and we don't 2000. Urine that's right well I don't know when their when they actors are really terrified of what they have to do to do this scene I love that in the united coolest thing was you guys watching the media for the first day. Did you like giggling a fuss because you are thrilled to seal up onscreen screen yeah the tenth amendment then he went silent and then he just turned into like an audiences and Joseph won't tell what was your favorite part about all of the favorite scene that you had either filming in or even seeing yourself on the screen. I mean I had fun doing a low scenes I have to say I'm funds do in the humor run those relief here as a low tree Indian to the amendment and the guys such as marijuana is John what I can storyline. It's when Moses does something very very humor. Oh yeah I guess I have to tell idea John great job because seed for the most part the movie John it looks like you know what you don't ever want a message him he's afraid and nothing. And then during like you said the hero or run. Boy did you get to seize. This is a little kid they it was the first time we go. Because your Tallinn the movie you just seem like you're probably you could be like a 22 year old king guy. And to find out there really these are all just kids in the neighborhood but boy did you show that as you're about to go do what needed to be done yeah. Would do this you know it's like and it can aware are just a lot of feelings. Yeah I noticed something completely unrealistic this is where you want disk could not end well for the fourth son of a gun any Indy I really got debt we have side. Well you know what this is could really sucks for me but it's got to be done. And I'm just a little kid why am I here what a great job great portrayal to be able to bring that out in the give me because the character of so many levels which. This I wanna talk about this Sony parts of this movie that. Are different than your typical. Comedy typical horror movie typical scifi movie typical beginnings. Problems a westside story time movies. I love the unique first contact response and I'm. I'm old enough to remember picking wins Jeffrey conquering it was getting the Balkans drunken clots who's boss got shot holding the cure for cancer you know assorted ways humans have reacted to aliens. But the way she let the kids on the block deciding here's how we're gonna have our first contact moment. I don't think they've ever seen and the movie and I was sin they're gone. Oh look that way as humans you know is over the years we watch size file away from forbidden planet in movies like that how humans are reactive war of the worlds the older one. And how why and how we meet and show you really took a look at instead. This might happen if aliens come down there worth the way. That the humans interact with these creatures when they seem to the first IAEA you know alien wishes that it landed in Elliott's backyard and. It's. Got. We see this guy not over yet you know that was what excited me about the idea or not. And you know you really put your finger on it completely when you talked about his starting with a stereotype. And a very deliberately does that. These kids when you first see them on mosques are anonymous you don't know how old they are you done any sense of I carried is an identity. And so many people especially in the UK that's how they were god kids like that. They define them by one mistake call one action. And you know this movie is you know heightened and it's kind of a scifi movie but at the same time is talking about. How it's important to see the whole picture when you look at kids especially. And especially with the kids it looks like it's it's it's the kids in you'd see it in the movie that they they have families. But they're not really there there either inattentive or they're just not there at all in some cases. And it shows that they're able to have a families it to a however way they want they can make it themselves and we've heard that term a lot another British shows amigos are like Chad family said the downturn Chatham where just a working class kids stent in people that come from parents that are inattentive time which we don't have that kind of a term so much here in America but it does seem that it does have a chance fields in this entire neighborhood. Sonny yeah I mean that's listing what in the UK no one's quite sure what it means I'm kind of no shortage means and and sunny this movie is an attempt to move away from easy definitions basically. But to be honest. I don't ever met a group of people who go this film like you guys have I almost feel like I have to say anything because you you really got and you understand you understand the subtext and that's. I will follow him to you he starts an army and the following in tennis soccer yes OK okay SAR doesn't come around an hour. But there again with few years in the same vein as the exact same thing with that I won't completely as they do the next move you make I would get I will buy this dvd instantly just as it comes up because I Leavitt come what are the questions are about Labonte who they are just quickly we talk Jack Joseph Cornish. And John we are energized by your guest John of course run direct this movie Joseph Jodi and yes and John we got I anywhere yeah. Honest odds are now John is something Miami you guys so much talent I mean you. You really you stole this movie was so much going on well you know with the creatures and all the characters. And then you you did he really did make this go okay we got us we got a feel for this guy who you wanna hate Damir did renamo you wanna hate him early miscarriages and all I can hate and so John great job on that and the movies attack the block again Joseph Cornish the writer director John we I guess who stars as Moses. And guys check this movie out it is on July 29 you know a lot of other movies you're gonna go all right wants to see that but. You don't see attack the block he's your own fault because it season greats are great Slade really great well done flick I have to agree with that in as speaking about alien invasion census it did complete premise of the movie. I want. No in the events have an actual invasion. And now would you choose to fight or run away and then also on that if you if you were going to fight these aliens that he you know take can be a mud stick on the in a clean in a closet and just be the crap out of them would you have -- we give a certain type of a weapon that you would I'd choose well it would you tell these are the type the Brooke aliens come with these ones yes it's yellow I invented them so they were because Tommy respectful of me. So I got and I and all I have to do is. I've seen a whole lot about the aliens but when you see these aliens for the first time it is such a unique take on it out which I love and there's a scene where you think you're seeing the aliens and a particular way and then you find out you're not share that way. And that is again another brilliant thing that you go why I was surprised in a movie that's been done so many times. They just you know that that kind of level of what you guys brought to the zombie acting and the creation of the creatures and Mike you said using CGI to. You know transformer us to death. I I didn't and that's what's so wonderful about the movies open and I don't mean to pick on transformers tons of internal let's just keeps you have a good pass it looks clean I write everything this is sometimes in special effects you know. He would take away from what she's really just be a side thing and the performance and the story. Yeah same thing yeah. Now I'll Werner had nick frost on next week and now we're asking you questions though I was curious if you had a chance what question would you ask him. IE there's no question I couldn't arsenic trust lemon in for good ten years. And are much questioning has gone pretty deep and pretty humble constable several. I saw no one's life that's happened John would you have anything out that you would ask him Pasco and mr. Nicklaus you've got to interview nick frost what would you would you ask him. And move on in the mood who competed in these guys had a good chance he's in the movie of course oh yeah he's an attack the block and an east us had a great chance to told Cheney gave you acting advice and stuff. In each day carelessly as to what they tell me. He says don't don't be free to ask questions if you need to hole some things and understand our scuff fund T will I end mentally alive how does that work for somebody like mic at the wheel with camino because yeah you're relatively new actor. And he of course is that I you know done so many great things. What's it intimidate I mean you go away Mary DA do you wonder like how I do you know yet it's one thing to try to perform for the director and everybody but when you get somebody who's done that in New York. Did you make it a little difficult I whatever I almost think it would be hard not to be a little intimidated. No I'm glad Austin and and that's that's great London it was amazing and I thought I was Quinlan mr. frost is just like killed. Let's not let her leave your personal some locals are just stays cool throughout the year that's what Mickey is he's amazing guy. I love that we're Edward W play there at your girls Santa Claus. I had a sudden that's that's fantastic and so now they have if you were in an alien invasion of any kind of really invasion weapon of choice. Well I enjoy the playing around finalized some you know this is Terry got to realize in the world of movie shooting a big rocket an alien is going to be the definition of fun. Particularly if you're really why so maybe it was just so bottom. Eighty I don't know almost a Third World you know what I mean when you saw the video games you get to do and I and John I know you were taken a look at the yeah my -- and game and you heard so I I guess I gather your gray gamers first person style tell you know so what kind of weapon and that's what weapon if you had your choice because I know you're you know what you're given in the movie but if somebody have you had your choice and it was a real alien invasion how what weapon of all the world of gaming would you want to take on the bad ass alias. How would you use bush Shia LaBeouf decent chance almost three to take a stall. They all night yeah what does that what does he is he's lucky on the spikes to these eyes. And then he goes and Jackson. We will move smuggling black values that high class and yeah they got that is denies so you your big gamer what's your games of choice then at this point well among them full 42 clue do you leave you in the how do you color. Oh god I'm forty love 46 prestige no wonder there's so I'll I'll leave when the Yankees are okay my husband he has sometimes. Because I didn't. Under each nation we do this little thing called on my three solo when you say here are my three in favor of video games are of all time on the cylinder playing out all time. I don't PSI like the original pre suppose that's almost a met one of the most amazing moments in video games ever think when he meets the kind of Mecca prints at the very anti does. And again I know they game but I never got asked the timing of anxiety the other person writes us one yeah very Sus kind of Mac classic version don't want them one of the most amazing moms and whenever I never say never got to see that it's not enough surreal like on my morale like I didn't earn interest here OK. I really enjoyed a -- Siena CA off. The only good straight ahead first person shooter. Someone just on you go you nine months. That's conducive off I prefer the second take and how we use the candle. I used the and dad I was always stuck my lob I use martial law all the time because of the little flip thing he would do in the death from above I just love to see a movie and every single person with the CB Terence look at her like I would like characters very early so that's awesome yeah. My return games yes I know not rule has since we're talking my three I got to know movies. He show the way you did this movie really feels like you have such a love for this the genre and different things so Europe's. Three favorite movies Ubuntu on the scifi horror and in general your three favorite movies because I gather they probably influence you on some level yeah yeah when I'd say over the edge which is an American gangly eighteen Dunleavy Matt Dillon's first imovie. I lifetime movie I say in time to time the rocket assault on precinct thirteen. Think you know influence. And then I have to say ET. Which eight unanswered and I did there is this scene that's so ET ish but gone wrong yet and it's relatively early in the movie and that's what I and that that's another of you know you just love when somebody pays homage because you mentioned did and we sort of hinted at it but you like she said it's not a re cease PC pieces moment but it just sort of make you go. What happened is Steven Spielberg's. It was a bee was just a sick puppy. We had a bad really bad childhood and decided to make the movie. How about you John you're three ceremonies well don't worry a smuggler really tell him I'm play well tons of time the book. The first alien. I'm a minute to do these. Not talking about alien and it says that the creatures again they gave me the same kind of fear failing its its you can you. Don't and I don't want using away but you don't see a whole lot of them in terms of like when they're coming that she just don't know what to expect. And I think that was the beauty of it and they get and again like it's a horror movie with comedic elements and kind of flip flopping back and forth but there's ties or it's like should I be afraid she is like yes I wanna be I'm terrified right now and then you come any swoop in with some just a great funny lines and awesome funny moments. In that cave then there's still there's still and I'm a bush gore fan like yeah like gory stuff and you guys still make it a make you're really good for Vicki was between men and screaming I'm sorry I. I true I don't. Under our fan that I absolutely love this movie I was I want to weigh blown away and the thing I really like is that he had comedy you have your work but you also have hundreds. A moral to it that I really enjoy and I don't want I get away too much saves it I think it's something that everyone just because it's a big. Perhaps it's easy to come. It's it will teach each. And that's our. I'm happy I got my exact new series sleepless handsome guy you know and Joseph you know I I hey how do you make us how. And I don't even know if you if this is so you had to tackle because Irina you remember reading and I'm a big Doctor Who fancy or reading about how people would hide behind the couch and seeing the dollars. And of course now you know it's so hard to scare people on the level where people were so scared in England back then. And yet. This movie feels like this is as scared as you could scare people it's a day you know what that was so desensitized we seen so much. Then I that I feel like this is probably how scared people would get today like there's a moment in the movie where where they're being told people are being told hey this stuff going down and people are laughing at the characters telling a magnet and then all of a sudden they go all I guess isn't some guy I think that's really how would goad people just wouldn't. I'll what are you talking about ten NBA and that's how you achieve that in game was that a big challenge you know how could make this a scary movie that would really be a real scary mover today. What we did does it for such you know even though it's a crazy fantasy movie of all I went on to the neighborhood I spoke to loads of local kids I told them through the story and I listen to everything they said and a lot of what they said I put in the film. So a lot of the reactions on the dollar in the film a genuine response is from young people to the story. Plus we're doing something in the movie where the beginning you kind of feel he maybe should be more scared affect kids. In a film and actually I was amongst us. Then we then we bring some in the scariest and the kids how we start to sit around your allegiance is kind of thing. So yeah it's more than just a creatures and potentially scary you know and to me that's a good energy to have to play with us ambition anymore. Yeah I did I love that does the fear switching was amazing. And a new movie has go attack the block we've got to director Joseph Cornish year and down Moses played by John boy Diego which. You know and John I've been reading a lot of good stuff about you and I know people don't like to believe I guess solve real artists go I don't believe the good the bad but. You know people are saying like this job this Jon boy that is going to be that guy behind me and if this movie is any indication. Man you brought a lot to the screen and and how I learned how old are you nineteen he has some of the Big Ten. Okay why you know and play and I joke for you grow you had to do you had a career and other stuff beyond just doing a movie yeah I'm ninety I know it's. You know people should be good one thing and that's enough for Joe's been good and audio video podcasting radio television shows. And now a lot of great foray into the movies and I know that haven't seen a lot of ads for Tintin and you had something to do with that movie as well I want people to know that's right I'm one of three rice is I'm not going to right Stephen Mossad. And me and that's not bad those are three guys that you know it makes me want you know I wasn't sure to thank him send him but now that I know your name is on and along with a head during Stephens who I have a lot of respect for Edgar we all know of course from us based and Shaun of the dead and Scott Pilgrim. And Stephen mosques and MLS is is a mosque that is always so yeah okay so cinema radio him of course a Doctor Who was a great episodes and now he's a producer of the show. He contingencies on my list attack on the block should be on your list who this movie I'm telling you you're gonna enjoy it because. It's a movie that's fresh. Sun. And well done a great piece of art and in the middle of the summer aware of that's what we should expect we don't always get that. But attack the block you heard the name here inner city vs outer space she got to make this happen. See it before other people call you knucklehead for not CNN yeah guys thank you so much thank you Larry I don't know are right thank you. We ring the bell every time he says without further ado I just want a lot more things are on pace calories I don't see how I guess. Simmered down now OK okay. And it fell to come out today it's going to be a nightmare now it's thousandth episode man I highlighted how else do you. You know Segway and any these are ready now that currently do weird things on my own child's dad. The bella to correct unwanted behavior like out on sale or not anymore he can hit it she just did this did such amount at a attack. All right well let knees start talking about what I really enjoyed with all of this. Do they have ads you're just had yourself fully get it looks like to get it to like it I saw a couple there's a reason they call her Vicky two times follow. It has nothing to do with this I don't know yeah SFR IVD's I don't have one more energy is that way to the stays still my favorite interviews another one. Oh yeah see. Hello Barbara in the crowned the man lawyers courses natural. I'm a blue hole. Game right now anyone who's listening to this raise your hand if you surprised Mickey talking about the ground. Yeah that's the thought that everybody yeah. Everybody is or plastic hander is what I want to wish you play around us. Without any further ado. You limit our I guess I did to James so bark. He is the writer and artist from my favorite graphic novel and because they hand we have come out with one of the greatest movies of all time in my opinion is he gonna get cryptic come this week and you get more information a cryptic on Seattle dot com. It's none other than James au bar now I have to ask you what was the inspiration to write the crowd. I had a lot of personal issues that are needed to work code and it was cheaper than therapy could yeah. Now that I'm older I I am very re read as the new release of it the special edition that you released and I found myself. With a much bigger appreciation for it maybe I. I'd I didn't really really realize it at the time but it seems so much more like. More of a love story than a tale of revenge. How how do you feel about that when people come to you and that talk to you about it. Yes it's it's definitely I mean numbed my readership is like eat polar opposite of every comic com comic franchise fees and net. For 60% women and 40% men hands isn't just I think it is because the romance element that it is in essence a love story and and that's a law that would justify racial violence and that's the only guy I always thought of it as like. One last love letter to each person I had lost. And you have such a beautiful odd juxtaposition because you have. Some beautiful works of art when that area and as Shelley are still together. Mixed with us some very very graphic violence that I think really kind of drives that point home man. Twenty years ago I didn't fit the album for romance are put it difficult for me and I had a lot of fun doing the violence until now I'm. Now it was the it was a polar opposite you know where your mom older and I'm you know I have calmed down a bad I was helped a lot of my my anger and I'm so that new violent scenes that there were reinstated work. Really the difficult part for me you know I guess I guess after living in these short 35 years I'd. I'd seen enough of brutality. So it was definitely I definitely allow local story I mean obviously within your own heart but also just the setting of Detroit as well yeah yeah pretty much every place in there is a real place in the tree or was twenty years ago hum. Essentially notorious and abandoned city now and I would say good 90% of the characters of all people that are here you know all the ha all the gang members names were taken from the CD I'm so if it does never pretty. You know I'll learn the our Booth kind of mysterious supernatural element tells someone coming back from the dead now. Everything else is pretty firmly grounded in reality. Now I must first introduce the Kronos fourteen and I saw the movie and then going back and actually reading you know the special edition and reading them for a regular story I found that. The million Booker actually very different I mean they're the same basic thing how much input did you have on the new story for the movie. Hum I actually had a lot of input and the main reason that strayed so far from the book is that they just did not have the money you things. The way I had done them in the book you know people people don't understand that bad movie costs less than one episode of ER. You know I'm I am not in such a ten million dollar film and then you know the fact that it's still holds up so well twenty years later it should step. It's pretty astonishing you know and actually give all the credit to ask you want to director Alex Torres and non. And Brandon harmful so overall you know I think he. You know especially Brandon I think they got to flavor right I don't even know. Armed constraints were charged you know they couldn't export markets. Feel like there's rumors going around that there's a new crow remake in the in the works renowned for awhile Bradley Cooper was murmured to play air Trayvon. Is there any do you tell us thinking about that are content and actually probably no more modern conniving and it was such a beautiful movie that I I man I hope I don't PPI here but actually has been on a big portion in my laid Brendon released portrait done. With club parts from the movie. How do you how do you feel about Natalee. I mean this is yeah I mean over 750000. Copies have been sold the crow a worldwide. Did you people come up TU and show you off the works of art how do you feel about cell level dedication that a lot of the fans have. Well I definitely appreciate it Tom you know because these these are people who are alarming that you are well below link thumb. You know which is which is one of the reason and I are the reasons I do these inventions aren't good I can definitely make more money tide stayed home awards. For you need to get out there and now. You show your your fans here appreciation showdown you will be. Add cryptic con Seattle. This this coming up weekend I just coming up real soon ticket information is available I critic can't Seattle dot com you'll have original art there'll be new commissions as well is that correct. Yeah I'll I'll bring a lot of our original horror imprints and interest Cheryl I in addition today here also an accomplished painter working on murals and such huge O when he what. Do you do you do that then the crow not our wants and occur of I guess the do you cutting to keep on with these are dark aspects or what do you like to find yourself painting anything instant I was specific or particular. You know the croatians in to me that's part of my personal Aso met. Everything everything I do kind of has disarmed dark gothic ignore kill two were appears it's nonviolent there's a suggestion the violence you know hum. Hi I trichet had backed although shears and you know the worst neighborhood that he tour itself seemed to be and that's what I do just you know hi I do I do teams creation engine as well but those are mostly just personal workshop. You know portrayed so well wives and girlfriends. I do 01 mark crashing going back to her anything like if you had a chance to do to do it all of like to do a new one today. Where they give you you know everything that you want to carte Blanche you know be like you're down here's everything. Who would you pick out of all the actors today to be air Trayvon. Com you know I'd I'd get anxious salon and company are really like coach Julien murky color I nice calls. I'm not gonna I don't know peace should get cold enough to do it. He seemed like he. Possibly could be. Looking back at like 28 days later. Yeah he has the kind of gone look. But at the same play I met you he can kind of bulk up to be pretty awesome at the half but as far as these remakes go com or reboots whatever they want all of you know is. Kennedy thank my whole economy is you know you can. You can spend a hundred million dollars nine you can get Ridley Scott director Johnny Depp to star and I think you're all I can make even come close to life. We're now Branden fluctuate I definitely agree with that yeah guess so it's just kind of self defeating the end and I really don't understand why. I'm why Hollywood is trying did turn to take a vicious like it James Bond franchise win. That's not what it was built for you know it's a self contained story. I can actually spoke to Bradley Cooper's I'm okay it wasn't agent but one of his representatives are south had to show. Could you shed like today after he agreed to do a T yeah like 19100 negative emails alone I don't know what she lands end and now one positive Warren and downstairs no win situation certain. Yet and that's unfortunate too because I think a lot of people need to look at some of his work because you did this movie is small movie called midnight meat train and it was a dark gory movie a vice he played he played a really really well. And I think he has enough acting chops to make something like that happened with no. With no repercussions from people's calorie the same lines that I people got really mad when Tom Cruise I did Lewis that new interview with the vampire. It links people freaked out and he's still he pulled it off really well and it brings an end and I party. Thought he was exceptional and limitless crew. So he ER I mean I know I have nothing against Bradley Cooper it's just I can't picture anyone else and now world besides him and definitely agree Lloyd thank you very much sir are your welcome Vicky I remember after that you're able to actually speak. With hand yeah I met him at the convention and and I show my tattoo my dad my app energy drain even portrait tattooed in my lane that's gonna call the police yeah yeah yeah he was a little worried about the fact it is wearing a skirt and I was pulling it out. Well I'm pretty sure and a happy about that. Conan again on every side as well. What are the judging now. Go ahead now live often dreamland their for a little while thinking of to learn your dream and I do wanna talk about what my favorite segment was is because it was an energy that I did myself. Com but I thought it was really cool because it emerged the world of gaming and armed metal. And M shadows from the bench seven full I didn't know I didn't really realize this but he was. He's a big gamer he's played a lot of games and then he had the chance to make and IOS game based on it. Then there's her band event seven full. In the pressure really really fun IOS game and they was hailed the king so I had a chance to speak to end shadows about this and that wealth without any further ado over. Interview with mr. and shadows and shadows are you everybody. To Orlando and Livan brave men how are you Ryan. There are saying they marry her two little border around and under an interview and I'm doing good how that is awesome dude I'm I've been able to play Hilton seeking death fat and man I'd like really hurt yeah you are not picked it up doesn't want it I am I am definitely a gamer are in so. Being able to see why what you wanna put out there it's a lot of fun because this game. Com it really like you guys I came and played pain in the grass last year for us. And that was the first time I'd been able to ever experience it in event seven fold show and going back and playing this game the game atmosphere really reflects the the kind of show that you guys put on your concerts. You're pro America hurt our guard pretty like. Looked darker feel there are cool yeah and it's into reminds me a lot of like how like the diablo story lines and stuff like pension did you develop the storyline to go into this game. Yeah I'll marry you or do not all of it wears a programmer and artist so art wrote this story we were to GT DL and then we we I mean we worked on literally was an error every day with them. I'll live food you know the mechanics of physics the guys so words. You know that enemies like how much damage they can take a look back and used the dialogue. Who did everything and went out on tour are getting build out every day that is not throws during after showed no country penetrated. That is so amazing in the game hail to thinking death match it's available for IOS and Google play it's out right now you know a lot more information at death mag game dot com but you could just go and check it out also get like previous and see a lot of stuff like if you just go to your IOS devices. Armed what was it like for YouTube once you create a game for a mobile platform it was it that intention seek it kinda take it wherever you wanted to go. Yeah they lived intangible that would want to alienate these camps. Stan. You know like we know that everybody can mean I don't want everybody come and I think if you're gonna go to. Most people out Smartphones yeah yeah it's very and then even when you go order like you know southeast Asia and South America early getting. Smartphone well you know there's a few years -- wasn't nut case well now you see around the world and we tell if we're gonna do the game we should start off like you're starting smaller than bigger lenders make a game that all of our fans can get and then we didn't want nickel and dime people an app purchases we wanted to give you one solid try to uncover all game. And you don't need to buy anything else so we're a couple rules that we live by a bomb when it came down of the game and try to talk to trends. That are going on a live on App Store but yeah the idea came from now and we wanted to do something Cooper 300 other than doing you know born music videos over the. And yet this does feel like a like I really like kind of left. I only wanna caught a music video but almost like a video game movie because. You really respected the old school style of where there's a real story to what is not just pop in there and smack some stuff you got some really great storyline is going on with this. Yeah I never really bought and a lot of the newer games in opinion but I do like at all congenital classics from the classic hydrocarbon collagen the Contra Bloomberg California and is although. So we wrote this story in funeral and the game play as well as top down you know. 3-D game play is does very reminiscent of old school plot for an. I'm so for our that was a big thing if you wanted to seem to be hard Rita bought a whole hand holding we wanted to challenging game that made you feel good when you finally beat it now and you know. Regain our it is you know there's a lot of great games but none armor classics in my book. I think this one really can now go up there in that sort of turn because like you said it is hard it is difficult. And I played there I think it's just kind of like the first map area because it is hard it was tough for do you think Kenny gets through it all. But did does it make you feel better when you can do it like yeah you've got a certain cinema alive and you've got things in bonuses that help you out that you can buy and you know that health the man and the fun stuff to get you through those. But at the same point it's that great feeling of accomplishment but even connecting to. And how we're. Well I drove tiger had a bargain I think I think yacht you know like in you have to be used to control where if you took control of a little tougher obviously be easier than Georgia Tech but I think. You know another reminder we are going to this who has. And Zelda and Mario you didn't need it did you depreciate of armor and different helmets and you know warm you know different magic should do this now you had one thing in good to figure out how to get your game and this is more of a puzzle game and not sense what is. A very old school thought tarnishing. You know some you can score people or like to welcome mark your character murmured so it's good to you that the arbiter if it's not that type game yeah well I think older guys we'll get a certain older kids will get it. Oh yeah and I mean I've been gaming I mean I'm only 35 but I am being gaming I'll probably sensed it you know I would like two or three beaches because. How ingrained Mike Stanley was in that sort of things. Having like field you know commodore sixty fours and getting a Nintendo when I was like six and just having it be the coolest thing ever and I was looking you know I was checking some stuff out online and I found out that you're actually in May a movie I'm a documentary about gaming cold dying news. A ten you know one of the videos I wash was you trying to learn star craft twos so I mean this isn't coming from just a guy who wanted to be in you know making games to be a part of his band but you are really a gamer. Well actually average quality crew heard a plan as well we play now placed on the replay seventeenth that I am a DM armed. So we click arguably one hour and mica. You know they they do their competition simply not call you you'll need air. He's guilty people over the longer breeding like OK I got she is all about but a game like star craft is obviously a very big time burner you're gonna win hurts. I wanna quit it and I'm told him to become for a report out just don't make records and I am. She and another. Think about this is that while it is hey I'm an event seven full game hands down alms is you're not. You're doing your own take on not only on the music main event seven full ball like we're talk about those clap former your integrating armed with that music and you've got new digital tracks featured in the game. You are totally fresh news stuff you know we're not trying to take Milledge from the old trunk were making eight grammys song for every level. And I've got one foot in the ninth either or the late eighties and one foot in 20140. It's kind of guy. Good production value but it also got pretty good sound and tone. And as strong melodies are running throughout you know we took a lot of guidance from Moldova leveled an old Pennsylvania levels which were dashed mute on how we ad deputy Gerber for game. Yeah and that was one of the fun things is like when I'm playing this game all the times when I'm playing a game I want to you either have the sound load not to disturb anyone around me or have my headphones and cook for this one even on just my iPad I'm cranking it up and my girlfriend was just like what does that music and she ended up just watching me play it. Listening to the music because that is another thing that really helps draw you into this game. Yeah are we out you know we had a big discussion that we put food music level you know. That's the normal level for reduce your rebound put up a little bit we're going to have come and upper peninsula per cent though you'll notice that some of the you know. Some of those data and text are all part of the game is much because we. You know we are bare and we're proud of the song are we really wanted to live below water in the mix but I'm glad you're enjoying it because. You know about that kind of stuff but I wouldn't bite you in count structure I was. Younger and I'm or 100 YouTube came out I do you know Burma under a just came driver on my car listening to heavy metal bird hello. Oreo should never got there I did that a lot with I mean I remember buying the final Tennessee's six or Tom Clancy three how everyone doing the soundtrack that affair because yeah I was so good and I mean you've got he got so much in this I want askew com when you sat down to do this and you realize that she wanted to make a game that encompasses what you love and also come into integrate 77 full. What was something that you absolutely needed in this game to make here and an X seven approved game. I needed to it's the end of you don't if you took everything you read some bold out of it I wanted to be there again not that worked I cannot sell. Which I think it does Little League we really appreciate them and correct thing on here and what you know who we are. But I would say that one thing that's. Had to be in the game and I didn't want to be a mind what I can watch a one under these puzzles and you get further into the game real noticed on a lot of levels are based on. Figuring out how goals you know putting the pieces together to where you can actually proceed further into the game. Not one thing that I got I'm not a always loved about the although. And what I don't like about game nowadays as they usually got a lot of gamble this you know show you where you need to go yeah keep what you respond over and over and over til you get there. Sean in typical start going lower and lower leg and while that I wanted people when they believe they still. Yeah I mean you've got I mean you start off with like five lives you gotta make shirts youth it's it's also a little bit of a resource management too because you do get potions like I said before to keep you alive. But then I mean some of the boss is already are pretty testy got to make sure you have that balance and you gotta be good at the game and that's I really love that because. Like you say Al lot of these games now it's like okay walked down this path and then who quote unquote random into owner in LA now worth. It could mean new mineral park Contra was a mean by one little one little boy you're dead. Yeah we're playing right up that they'll play a cakewalk I get out of work so I realized early. You know that was that. About our current remark regarding that we wanna make it got out. But in terms of Google we definitely. We wanted it could be economic challenge for people who they can really articulate are going to be. I love the fact that you also said that they like to eat if not a denim event seven fold that you might miss a little bit but they're not the same point you give a lot of tickets for the M and seven full fans. You've got you've got to band members all the band members are in the game. There are we did not because you know like you like we're talking about became very hard shell here if you we decided that we give me the BM members. Then that's. And here that the members are very powerful and we give you he the band members then that's part of the game and then all the political you have got a lot. So we will we didn't reset OK if you wanna buy a band member or consider kind of a sheet. It goes because the band members sort of four times more powerful than before you start a complete yet so while we're basically say if you want a five band member. Then you can easily carry you can get your way initial game a little easier which is our way and say OK here. You had this year the way you can you know or go he's given certain I'll go oriental grinding out for corn for hours and already did no work. If I love it because I mean a lot of the games do have that but it's that it's also elect has said that sense of accomplishment we like. You know why you guys can sit back I'm OK I can handle this. I didn't even know that you were a gamer enters we told we just got educated me on the fact that you have a CO DDH is that something that surprises people when you tell them that or do you is it just one of those things that is just. Part of the M shadows repertoire. Well I think a lot of can't know at this point I'm like I travel around someone of my it's my rotation actually just computer gaming system. So when I go to my Dresser that's basically all it is clear my planner or a huge game or whatever you can out of trouble in the and it's easy you know it is what it is. And that's what I enjoy doing but I. I think a lot of people know disappointed you know if you're not a gamer nerd you can you can Bure and if you're gamer then you're like Scott a meeting you know Armageddon video. So it's one of those things where people are just almost ensure. Well two other big corner I just stood and helped me yet good idea it's a cool way to bond with people beyond just the music as well still. I have like most admired just friends or you know our line you know a lot of a gap we moved and are all over the country your all over the world than. You know a lot of our metal on metal on tour you know no it actually cute he kind of freedom in the grand for a little riddle try him out of their cool you play even more yeah and I got kind of cool thing you know we're neared an end and Adam attempts. Create an environment when you get online and you're playing. You know the community of people that are critical planners note no doubt about it. Definitely agree and shadows again it's hailed two bikini desk backs. Available for IOS in Google play com thank you so much man for us that taking the time to talk about it. They're going to play in the game your golf from title I really do love it in one of those things that actually causes admitted nerd rage which. It may sound like a bad thing but that is completely awesome because that means it's worth trying to get through. Yeah Foley do I loved I loved it nerds you are getting the same where Robert brief order metric gamer almighty god that game I don't dude I played so little that just because I was like I'm it's like that like mrs. collusion man those are the games and I'm just like these are cool old school like throw backs. And they do not pull any punches. He added smarmy Boyd took me all summer like three former leader I beat big game you're a 100% tomorrow it fully crap yeah. Are definitely my biggest accomplishment gay marriage tell people out there like 200%. Forgive me like more than by people who got that there's so few people yeah I mean seriously you can put that up on your mantle as some deadly could trophy on that one man I didn't make my own trophy I. Actually think he's so much man. Are bigger part. Letter that was great I love did however great it was great idea I was course I did it as a did you like better I did I felt it was great for. Jerks storage. Yards from that's. Met Brandon yes as not your yes he has he'll let you know that he is here without weight nope not a threat. A say come on your native Brandon yes I was one of your favorite segments from the years lend me your guess he was in it. Yeah well I would hope so but you weren't interestingly enough today wait I think I think you're gonna this wouldn't know he was not a good now all I know again I know this and I first I I I do wanna say that one I I didn't realize I was supposed to count special ops which was my own damn show. I'm and I thought about what my favorite episode a special ops and I don't have one that is. I don't know any double A Harlan Ellison yeah and that does from the UFO reporting center that way Syria asked various from Harlan Ellison. Enjoy if you go back he just search for its that you harder on is just way too big to put in in this bill that probably is his I want in my favor special ops honorable mention my favorite. Thing that ever happened surrounding the show was the day that you and I spend the day watching the tornado trilogy yet with some of the people what made it yes. In us when he. Now we're all mayor I was gaining by the time it was done absolutely. And I fell in love with the world's and that they can we never seen before. But mind my thing is geek out and the reason I love you guy does because I feel like. Vijay was gone so yeah I don't know man from again less screaming that this time around but the the other part of it was that I I felt it was very true to who we were irradiated it was if somebody had recorded us. Hanging out you know the thirteen page games that we did which were also very fine yes where big long affairs and you know will be made new movie some day they if if this was just us having fun and I don't think I would trade it for anything in the. And we played geek out three different times that we've played it. The one on iron on air. The first time out fans which will be playing on here for the second time to where we I actually stopped the episode and we were done. And I guess I just alternative media never went arguing and then the other third one where it was Vicky and that the crew says he used peas and currently pending Christine a court yeah yeah yeah yeah and you guys ended up playing and that was the one mystical you know winning. And I serve on the long before that thank you very much Rick I was not there for the first one but as yet I'm on the site and disunity just out OK so we can never played again good. I don't know entry story I've never played outside of the show really yeah well we certainly don't you guys in the late actress Mary we played up on the way to lilac city comic con to there was yet and pee myself in a car and we are playing on the way down the road trip think it's awesome well. Funny further review. Your geek out episode I found the sat the Penny Arcade expo it's important game called geek out. I'm while it's. From the since she can't compete. Check out video game tennis is supposed to out compete your opponents by out bidding and completing challenges in different categories of deep creek you steal and score points by being able to complete bigger lists than your opponents but don't bid too high or you could end up losing points in the end. And so I thought this to be a lot of fun for us you'll play through on this agreed. The geek out topics conform to one of multiple categories five of them. We have guys games comic scifi fantasy. And that miscellaneous. And don't done. And I figured that today would be a great time for the geek nation to do the education geek out I. Everybody is it is really proud I hear we need location heat get out. We've got ourselves free your age contestants today your left is mr. brandy journal are really well and I. And next to him is Vicky Barcelona. Not on. And we've also got Christopher walker they should have a mile range and no problems so today we're gonna tell everyone about. You get out and. The house rules or the scoring guide future player rule received one point. For each list card they receive it give you points for each penalty chip they received in the first player to reach a total of five points has successfully eat cat out geeks. Their opponent stole two way mirror yeah. OK as I mean I love you. Well since it's carry on just us and showed today we will have some fun with this there is a specific diet. And that has each of the only colors that correspond with each of the topics on it and afford that's what I guess I want to decide randomly who should go first. Mean mean mean mean mean or you just butting up for it but how can I think he wins on I didn't even know what Antonio blow brands reference how how. Leo while wise did they give you easy for me then thanks for a lot of well I hope you make it easy for everyone hello Jeffrey is so united so let's start Hume G. Yeah Barcelona yes go ahead and give me a role the guy. It's the next and we heard aids here still want to look like I'm green you've got green. And you heard me on the L if you're on the green is fantasies so we'll start when the key Mickey. Jude fictional characters. On the COLT named Angel it's. So these are angels better names that are traditional and non biblical continued named to. Brad this is actually very different cultures. But I don't know I can't non biblical I don't know how my gawker you're the next why don't you may move a fictional non biblical Angel. So you want to angels scored on Google or you want to people with the angels name's corn Julie angels who are non biblical thing. While I can name the Lou what I and we only got one here all crazy Joseph what can you do choose. I can do your all right then Brandon you had your new name then. Warren Worthington from the X-Men. Needs and so that whoever Christopher Walken played in the process. Now let's chemical that's the goal there I can't do now and not even when you have. There last year Angel from Angel. In the vampire and Anna Nelson really the vampire around but he's mean no named Angel named Angel was glad that that's Andre era this thing as I want someone named Michael because I got a million knows this is how geek out work us. So we will yeah. We light an Angel from the avenging Angel series of Moody's. And free game Charlie's Angels. And I will give Brennan up more able to one place where. And our next. We've got Christopher walker you are yeah. Go ahead and give me a roll those guys are things we may yet turn ons are and vinik a lot isn't getting garnering. Black black that is miscellaneous shrewd to fictional idol and so. Did you name to a fictional islands the absolutely. Brandon can you name three fictional item islands yes against Vicky can you name for fictionalized it islands or do you call Brandon. I call Brandon Brandon was three fictional island and so okay. Us is Fantasy Island yes the second is the island from lost. Yes and the third is Jim no show the mutants. There are enclave in the X-Men comics well also planet. Know when I'm. I don't know million that is really you and congratulations that's two points or one of five and bring along is pretty far ahead at this point get a challenge him in there you get it up the anti like I did this to our advantage. And a new us. Brenda and. It's really not a computer programmer from elbow and might turn ons include horses. Makes you and I mean I love. Commitment and yellow yellow is side five. The look this isn't an easy battle on five universe and you need to. I can then nine I can you name it's. Now. And I locker room. That I. I know I know a lot of errors in one episode about him and told CNB term I heard. Oh snap so I couldn't actually tell you so. I'm. Glad we're going to save nobody gets one on nothing and forgotten. Okay and I think that's don't want to remember everything from cap we. Though you bring you news new. Do you think he Barcelona whose do Lowrie has just got to go ahead role for us until we got I got live. Blues which is comics. Q as stress extraterrestrial. Comic book characters can you name June. Yeah yeah Chris walker can you name three yes. Branden Joseph what can you name for you need time out oh. You know where it's everywhere and TV. I. Anything that when I was. Brandon has gone to ride came you need six or reduce well brain injury wise I think it means that it's no big he's got six. Chris walker. If I had more time we guy could totally do seven but I mean a challenge beginning six. Mickey it's up to you it's unique in the sixth home. The group in front direct killer is Sherry Lena from Carolina lever from runaways and both their parents. That's five and then we also have. Let's assays for what's his name. Then house star there you go picky kid came away I forgot about. The entire cast I don't guarding him right after practice except for Chris Pratt. Sunny you're a little bit but then I can I have your name's Jack hale mentioned Superman yeah I'd go right now my listen daily to determine how could I have read a rump. From my pizza burns who Chris walker mean to was the best warmth. OK but it's been Kevin who. Like him I got miscellaneous again we can't miscellaneous. We latest hand. We may be able to do fine yeah right now we know we really have fun on the show I have known and right now these scores are Brenden with you Chris with zero act that you want and yeah and not less miscellaneous. Owed this would be a good one for brand mineral grades and it's a hardy with Lilly who who's actually turned into Chris I know there's always starts. Chris can you do six musical groups that formed in the bay he needs shoots. Look the yes formed in the form did CAD is. That's ever consult Wikipedia and I was gonna say he had didn't I now have a list of every single six music over a farm in the eighties. Can you do six musical works right I am pretty sure I can't. Well I'm pretty sure I can but it would be a really long shelf. Okay hearings. How can hold on you can do six I can do six grand jury what can you do 70 sure Town Car right in my sleep did you Barcelona can you know eight. And yeah I can do they know not that way no way I thank you tumors are used as you can now. Right then friend ginger one seven musical groups from that Ford did. In the eighty swarmed in the in his okay you ready on that Wikipedia betting big momentum you can check them all out culture guru the Pet Shop Boys game yankees recoil skinny puppy electronic and doubting Thomas. That was way too fast and wait you know my computer crapping out on me some damage done. What was a very fresh when you're setting. Hey hey GO. Lucio alone. Yeah it's I mean I know what a tragedy or was this segment you know I think you used with complete 'cause you Rudolph's fluids and harm our cowboys host polo club your I think that's who informed earlier in the your own cousin Laura and asthma before and you'll Shannon Jerusalem I don't has no long mealtime was Reynolds sorry sorry I actually terribly sorry I asked. She's the guys who groomed for the danger why and tell proof otherwise as we point. We're not an argument about that I wouldn't know yet that seems like one of those nebulous when you just. I'm close and fun in the you had to conjure your man. No Herat had kind of loyal listener I think a jacuzzi three or something is used that is fine we're gonna get to Brandi thank you knew everybody should dad's coming given it to bring in for three years why. I'll I'll I. Break endanger what you are cops go ahead and roll those guy by the way I don't Nigerians know that I haven't auditioned for the chase yes it the week after your wedding warmer so he's such cases a game showing GS minutes it's about trivia so this is the Zulu yeah nice. Bread the bread which is. Games which back could be anything in big games. To video games I may sit on munger. Oh they kill you named to video games based on monger based on Mon. Yeah Vicky can you name it three. I think so yes Chris walker can you name for mark. Newton Newton no no I cannot you cannot tricky name three video games based on long gaps. Ghost in the shell. Those of you seemed to hasn't alienated and help you EO announced. You end. Who can monorail. No they are not. I. Came our religion and on the shoot your hand signs and luckily I. Oh. I'm not what do you Leo. And gunned them waiting a paragon doing apparently that's the universal sign for Pokemon and did not know that I know what is your view it graduation speech you've got you've boyfriend and has three Chris walker. Where are lying. Don't look and is and I really hadn't seen on screen the locker room from listening to. Look at the cause I never got another question I'm I'm genuinely am I guess I don't know. I don't know wasn't wasn't under the gun because again and we might have been a TV show before was among the I didn't see different types of G gun then kind of waned some gunned I don't know there right are now they're just. As. We totally host tonight we play then so yeah I letting you Daschle's come I'm glad I wanna record this that's normally wins BJ. Jessica looks and didn't think I just love people. Yeah well you're young and every once again being dominant here this czar thing right now I can only in the play now the all time down here. Vicki go ahead give us a roll back and I. I got green the green and is fantasy woo. Envoys to. I iconic locations from The Lord of the Rings can you name QB Keith yes Chris walker can you name three. I'm listening to and skipped Eminem I can name six extras walker is naming series superstore but Randy and juror what can you named seven now. Chris walker give us six. Out of six she said yes six while it was because she tells me. Scalia more or plus Florian. The prancing pony breed than the Shire. And eyes and guards what is he prancing pony depressing pony is and in June and danced by an added. Did he said locations are yes iconic locations it is it is it is the in that they need that. In breathe. When now when Gandalf has been captured advertising guard one of the other places and into. All right yeah I have yet seen the video the. I mean you know on. Oh come home alive no sorry that I Bernardino Helms deep. Did you need I mean these next few cars could go and I'm no longer is now on the lower gas six. Chris you're still trailing with one envy he's got you branding is still ahead with some. Three her mom also yes that we should we are up you. Chris walker now yeah I wrote hello this is don't as peculiar yet. Blank blank is you get to June oh why oh aimed ironic scifi fantasy or miscellaneous. I feel like we haven't had much scifi or games at amateur site via scifi. To fictional espionage. Agencies. Can you name to yes. Chris I mean Brendan drew what can you name three yes absolutely and I think he can you name for. We need yes all right she says she can name for Chris walker in five. Please AS. Five fictional espionage agencies. Man whose team moved me. Who moved to Ivey said five I believe I can name 55. I news' Bob Brennan Georgian named six iron and I could name ten PSP are you going to call they know they don't know the exist six all right you know all right brain injured when you are ups juice six. Six. Go for current so ST six yet. Uncle he had ms. shields opinions hydrant near soared we have no doubt in my thirteen Newton now you forgot EPO and make him. Nor did I know I. I say yes no Dan. And in whatever random I don't know I turn you have heat game point at this points to how exciting born. And then Chris with your single ex wife cookie with and we should tell you why does the audience let's listen to them. Like worlds like San. Packets are Chris Henry here a chance power of prayer is not a right branded Roy you're and give us a choice you may not dammit they're. Blank blank you get to choose from games comics scifi fantasy or miscellaneous. Hariri will surprise everyone and deal with Mussolini who miscellaneous. For fictional television shows. So shows that are not actually shows but within the realm of fiction and yes for Vicky can you name five. Yes Chris walker can you name six. Oh yeah not this fast I can't go Mickey Mickey name I. Itchy and scratchy month. Brett tar yes. Now is hoping he would get in a row from. Thank you dinner theater right and not an annuity is negative Q you go back down to. Water has now skyrocketed to second play yes still a a long ways are gonna come Brandon. During here for years to move past Mickey go ahead give us a roll those guys try to redeem yourself here. Blankets bill thank you choose you Jews or they're on miscellaneous as well miscellaneous fees chose torn into television shows slasher films in which will Wheaton appears can you name to yes. Chris walker can you name three easily. It's more for brand injure wa. Beyond. Yes a yard before they can't are branded in you are at four can you choose for. Yes I can go for it. On that would be the Wil Wheaton project yes stand by means yes. And then either you yes TV and show are you an alien movies show and Sarah gonna furnish gas have my Canada. Yes. I'm gonna be so Smart and I am pretty well you can't it's a lot of work only be don't know how can I please someone tell me to. Yeah mentally and soldiers and let's plus you looks like that's contagious there all right. And blank list of games games the games are the red ones mean let me. Can you name for Sims games. I don't want what is. Yeah that's all right branding can you name but a Sims game when wells The Sims game and are dead yeah. Chris walker named for Sims games from The Sims yes SimCity Jim coaster and Sims for. Usually don't want to do another very well yeah. But I gotta go let's let's lasted a little bit there's tube I want it I didn't ever go back to that well after the SimCity instant closer to like configure. I'm them yeah. Our guys so we're going you to check county scoreboard right now why did your wife is an. Still lead with five correct Chris walker is seconds trailing with apps you need big key is back get real you say. So who is the last person to roll and only remember me yes all right brand injure what do I give a Sorrell and I. Lower blue and brown eyed boy oh we've guide. Name me four fictional comic book journalists can you do for me and my sleeve. Vicky can you do diet yet. Chris walker can you do six. I didn't do 200. Vicky Barcelona and give me three. Finally fictional and he's attorney know you gotta you gotta do oh I arrived in fictional comic book journalists solely for. Peter Parker's Superman and TJ Jonah Jamison. Whatever. Know. And journalists. What's his face and that's not why don't you girls I know his face and turn remember his name to I don't know. OM Lois Lane and he also. And yeah. Crew would signal big Laurence Fishburne. According did you know now I'm. You live. Upon his name is ironic it is a bit don't you think we. Don't you ever do that again I sort. He'd cut and the negative to move. We numbers alone. We're. In the area meaning still Brazil. Did you only do this yeah who's written. It looks and things. You know the very life joining us and Jimmy Olsen Peter Parker Lois Lane Eddie Brock we have now non. Clark country so good call guys Superman Clark air. I know I'm Amanda I have ever as good legitimate question and just curious the only nuclear. Did Peter Parker were doing actual journalism or photography all the council textbook that was insurance perfect whenever illustrator and flaws that leave Gary light comic book Perry White and because if I get enough. Mickey give us a roll try to get yourself out of that hole and by the way I like to apologize to all the news photographers out there because Chris walker apparently the concern you know actual journal quote this definition of a journalist to write a minute interview soon certainly don't want to do well menus and said hello back to comics. It's more vampires. Who appear in comic books can you give me for vampires who appear in comic book yes. Chris walker can you give me far IS. Spread injure what can you give me sixth. Man really there's really it's a yeah they're pretty sure I can all right. I'm Vicky can you give me sell they didn't. Money team tar just sort of me. Yes I think against Chris walker can you name eighteen easily. Brand injure what can you name nine ship every minute the Vicky can you name and know who ran right Jim let's not. Andre gave me a time you're right sir have a branding dimming back there with vampires. Always always defer to meet please. I was totally lost respect for you and I meant for members who are not coming but I surrender I. Guess 38999. Appearing almost current. It's a revamp guerrilla yes Dre can lean on her sister to. Who will term other three Dracula. For. Out of shtick here now. I'm from companies in on the north Nimrod. From the Marvel Comics not the mutant under the vampire memorize waiting double turn on the side it's not bullied. Six with solar. Whistler whistler whistler whistler it turned over to her merit seven deacon frost eight. Actually how when he inside and out so I got six the hasn't said. If you want more Brandon one more round. I the. From the oh my god I'm gonna turn my card here in a minute. Found the phone if you run as. Guaranteed stairs old and oh I'm gonna see you know we. She shouldn't get a higher your mother MW warming is more below her tiny Smart well RBS angels biker mama said Lou we have. They're all looks and the entire cast of true blend. They're opening comics I'm telling me the president they had let's call I. Crappy twilight in comment where where there are guys comics and in the eye yeah another Gillian restore to publish a. I wanna see. It it was some small little who I mean like wild storms during the hearings thing was I don't know somebody out there. Chris walker UF revealed earlier in the ICS warrior could exploit the growing doling rule acts. Black is miscellaneous. Suite two films based on the works of Shakespeare can you give me too yes. Branding can you give me three absolutely Mickey can you give me four yes. Chris walker can you give me tired yes. Brandon Giroux I can you give me sick just. Vicky can you give mes shattered. Yes. Chris can you give me aids absolutely blow. Friend and your what can you give me nine. Yes. Vicki can you do ten. There's attends our captain yet ten is that you get it or you Charlie Brennan I challenge Brandon every branding give us denying that things. We have films based on the works of Shakespeare. All right so we've got king Lear we've got Hamlet the tempest. Three different versions of Romeo and Juliet one there and financing. That some key much ado about nothing new here in Mecca method and Richard the third. Mean I ask you and Alan. Good actually got much ado about nothing. Sean and Hamlet twice right well and then there's ten things I hate about you and then there's the you really are there good she's the man. Flanking. How dare you blanking it and I know how much I had. Is an NRC is actually. Not a movie not a not a movie that's true you have an idea. So they did Ian McKellen play both Hamlet and Richard the third in two separate movies and then he makes and then islets as Jason Miller isn't right for your time around home and possibly Hamlet so I know. Stressed there are literally ten version for her Giuliani. Samberg and if you look let's check in the scoreboard free feature wise is in the lead with seven Chris walker has to Wednesday he. Little hole where it's negative too and I living in the Lydia. All right brand enjoy your op for the U rolling it back and William and really and I. Dream. Green which is an end to see who you care centers wow really you've characters from Thailand or play. All. No doubt. From the guy who may or may not have written many Highlander books. You name this you can't can't yes Mickey can you name three didn't. No now and I can only name three I think. Randi are. You afraid and production can you name three that he can do as I just got YouTube. Connor from. McLeod. Duncan. Doughnuts no doubt in my mind that I. I'll I O. Sorry that is correct I made about my sorry yeah. You really aren't any I didn't want you have to swear I still feel very excited when she is excited she swears an announcement and among other things or slips into Spanglish and he's a little puppet I'm actually go through. Peel it open. Oh. I just saying let's roll a dime to my negro is I don't wanna stop doing it. Alike who mutually your choice it's the blank one it's. Miscellaneous searchers from Thailand get sick last say it's historical wars can you name six historical wars yet. Seven Chris walker can you name seven and are we going to differ intrigued between the wars and police actions. Yes I can okayed. Where we had. 77 so Brent can you named eight. Yes Mickey can you name not Nina yes Chris walker can you do ten and yes I can what's your ten. Tell Tunisian more. The Trojan war. To Crimean war. The war of 1812. The American revolution. Pulled orwellian World War II. The Korean War. Summers last. And did you or did you. Thinking or lunchtime moved. Your eye your right I mean easily. All of the Mexican American war verio. What are the Spanish American war I think technically yes marriage American pad and emeritus of English American artifacts. And they say the word reaching twelve you didn't get the seven years for. Oh congratulations Chris are you battle for best selling lawyer and technically a police action grassroots non singing the Vietnam War. Really really reduce air quotes Vietnam War no just the war part scenario how to rise of Chris you've got three points Brendan is still very much closer to the end wood eight Mickey you are in the hole I'm hardly getting any I don't hear this did you guys. Okay. Chris walker give us a role and I think he's only offer participant ribbon committee but always black. Black miscellaneous Jew television westerns. Yes. All right three television westerns to Brendan juror walked by the way don't forget to check out the sweet potatoes. Yes it's dismal turnout Mel how period millionaires Mickey can you name for television westerns yes. Chris walker can you name five yes branding can you name sick on the hook. Mickey can you name seven and. And now it's all right break and enjoy give us six. TF that TV western OK so that would be Barbary coast. Well while Weston. The TV I was asked at the end it was I really crappy movies Riley came up. On gun smoke yes and hands on yes and vowing to bring the rifleman figure I'm all right commend them. I don't know Muslim I've been telling memory watching TV show baron's friends did you say the girl ran. The only one I actually knew what and joke from monster. And oh okay Brandon hitting it set up you'll pay only you know. Who is up next now that was my turn so that was yours so Brandon juror well it is your turn roll the dice and see how well this goes for you you have a really great you know three raiders name brand if you're an aspirin. And there was mom. And read she writes. Is gay TV and I have. Video games in which you can play the villain can you name two new games in which you can play the villains. Omelet it's. I don't know I don't protect him Mickey commuted to new games in which you weigh in the yes I can bring can name to Vicky can you name three. ES. Chris walker can you name for. Yes. I branding can you name five. Now Chris walker give less for real games in which you can play that no one. Them overlord at one end overlord to. The entire premise of the game is playing in the room to room. I have to pick one of the moral games mar a Lago club around Atlanta oh yeah married again Palin you know. And am. Oh in Nam. Time and our crew CT. Fell yes did you play as early claim currently crimped hair house also thinking sonic enough. And occasionally knuckles he was still night got hello hello I am able Heckman and you play as a villain in Pacman. I don't know you please character who's going early eating other characters they feel like he itself defensive doesn't out he's an anti hero with the worst and I'm sure. I am thinking a what is that card game those just a medal out of Sanaa after I was trying to think and I don't know if they're actually villains in that though they're just bad bad people are all bad people yeah. It's literally a uniquely melons is due out this whole team has a role to die when the I know that I. Thank you. And it. Blue which is comic books. Give us two members of the in Justice League can you name two members of the injustice Li yes. Chris walker can you name three. Smoke Micky I. Members of the injustice leagues and I'm not DSL and mostly because I didn't when he brand in the winning point come on you can do this I mean doesn't serve Mauricio. But I don't actually know. That's not leave the steps cynical Justice League characters isn't it's the injustice league coming is just say bizarre ONG Tara I don't know. Fleming can do no. Then had to be right. I have no idea I ran zooming it's wrong what. We're encouraging during the especially in just really just a sleeve shirt yeah I feel like really when you pray that my idol I said yes and she said bizarre when she Tara. Com actually let's look it up current cup we're gonna what is like clay IA I'm. I say we do you're checking its otherwise you're naked poorer about how I. Everything. Injustice we. By the way we've your plane kinda wrong moves to play as a way. It's right in the rules it says no you're real are allowed you need valid list. For example. See this back in the future affect the future park you cannot listen I love and emissions. I promise something and then there is so that's how that we're I sound like the. Corina says if I remember. On the international and there are rademan men are no don't let's lose their black Mans Crowe knows how woman doctor Lyon. Kelly hang in sinister Joker industrial. And clue master major disaster cook clean and cannot sing in two. Do you do we have a bizarre ON DG Tora Carmelo kings country terminal it was fun I would still assessing the that's. I don't why I went right with he wrong and just seeing guys machine. Do you remember what moaning in Barcelona nice negative first four points. So yeah I got my younger and I was I don't know how can you. And she. Let's see who wasn't cheer them on cue from Tarzan while we wait went year old amber or none gag going reward that I Brendan. You're. Com how anemic two fictional mountains that are named to the demands named. Mom. Now I don't think ninth I mean he he can you name to its name to fictional Malcolm Smith yes. Chris walker yes yeah. Can you do 30 absolutely I can yes. Brandon can you do for a maybe don't know know Chris what are you a screen name to fictional mountains Mount Olympus mount doom and done manifesting. Where is done manifest and don't manifest in is at the top of course a laissez on the disc world it is where all the gods of that oral live OK okay you got there aren't quite the credit they do. I think a noon and can hone. And well yeah yeah. What about Hurley a big rock canyon and I. All right then can we have. Long Vicky Barcelona. Let's go back to the stores are now Brendan has on the cusp with nine humorous is slowly sneaking back with five gets sticky is actually I mean for all intents and purposes out of the game but when I was. We love having her on I think exactly Vicki woody apple hello yellow which is scifi. Two side by spy films. Can you give us two scifi spy Phil no. Letter can you give us to satisfy your section. Printed your regular pills or he has just let my pinky can you give up Brandon bell Randy Newman and worrying wearing their own scifi. Okay by Phillips is greater view to a kill arc to proceed. You could just name cipher as James Bond octopus is scifi film. Does that count a shy guy on who maintain minutes and I were Aiello it'll grab whom I don't know why are you calling it isn't going to vote because like when you think aside by you think of the outer space using this crazy on an inkling that does not seem to be crazy to me TV gadgets that you provide Naji provide a size five element there and James Bond about the Miguel funds that the loans use yeah adults in the firm's dirty on the gas lasers. I think we were. An everyday world we have laser point we don't need death blazers. If we don't always going to be pretty sweet how do we know we announced the lasers at the grocery store and give us you're breaking my point former CIA or not they're psychiatry. You know what unfortunately Santa I am the host to this winter run I have. Branden Joseph an estimate control on this and we got a dad and ask Marty I 45 minutes and I think. A good point for us to go Brandon pets. Very good choice and that it's fun it's fun just to listen to us what more literally geek out. So its path I pay very cool on that and Chris walker you know. You've been able to do a lot of stuff that you came in as first as a friend mister Brandon journal out and the end. And then he turned it into a a knowledge pool of your own right mostly into the board games I mean yeah are. You are one of the quintessential Star Trek geeks you know come along with mr. BJ but as the years have gone along you've also turned into. The board game maven. You've been able to do played four games figure them out for all of us so we can play them and enjoyed them their head I hear all the rules they usually always you're one rule he's out health Amazon's stock increase might end because I have an asset straight and I'm an enabler. And so all Mo what do you have for some of your favorite segments. Well I really I really hate to say that I agree with Brandon about anything but that there'd be nothing was really amazing about a place that. My favorite personal moment with some do and that was set owes something that I would never have been able to do. Without you guys and and joining this show and and having having the opportunity because of the I wanna use the word clout but it sounds we're. Clout because you really don't have any exactly exactly and I I never would have thought we had a kind of used to get this done but I was a little lineup an interview. With a couple heroes of mine now Matt Sloane an errand Yonder for our to guess crumbling society Amir or. You're you're the worst thing going man I did what you out together dude doesn't earlier this yesterday early reviews are visiting and we are talking to him because like hey would you set this up are you sure you wanna. I'm my guy you get a million dollars umbrella movement but I got this was defeated so you make it you have to ask kind of percent that podcast were Christians like the common man just did an interview. And then I just it's dead that was so much fun I target those guys and then actually. He was insist that the next day I believe after we talked to him on the radio. Aaron was access packs and I actually got to thank him personally oh fine for doing that with us so very -- now. My goodness there in the. Well. Without any further adieu. Let's talk to you they have revved do yourself a favor. And look up some new words simmer down. And are now stuck with MS beer and boardgames. We're talking today with them Matt Sloane and hearing Yonder of blame society and Chad Vader and beer and board games welcome to the basement in society camps. So many amazing things that I. Just love and I'm really hoping that the nation is set is as excited as I am a little nervous talking to a couple heroes today after just saying that's how. So hey SA earlier today. Great. Pretty. I'm becoming a little bit about about the blame society and how that all sort of came together understand that you guys were out working together or maybe now we're ET other but you're both involved with a lot of improbable work out there in Wisconsin where you have to from. Yeah that's how we first match and common we started to collaborating on being a project. And doing stuff for public access television. And yes right when EUQ was starting to get big we made a vehicle generator and a blood and it's glaring it's. Took up to their. By the way if you if you haven't seen Chad Vator is hysterical we basically a story about dark brother who you really didn't know a whole lot about a fifth oh wasn't as proficient as Darth was which means instead of running the death star. He runs a supermarket. There and I learned to media empire America can. And I ask you just jamming and did the and the idea of the of of a Darth Vader like character interacting with humanity. But with his Darth Vader sensibilities. It's always so well done and especially with all of the mammoth size nemesis is usually. CA he runs into in the world of supermarkets. That's a guys how this is BJ I worked in supermarkets so I was just laughing my ass off because I spend many in my years trying to work my way up through the management through and a and it's almost just like you described. Did you hear distracted very strange baby don't I hope you'll miss. That may or may not happen during the overnight shift when did you start to wave too many guys you know nine lives cat food Kansas cuts how. Beautifully got agents and look. Yes some sort of some bizarre stuff happens when they shut the doors before there was one before our world will meet you how we are so that it intends. That was this so was this character the has said work done in one of your other processes or was this something you were approached as sort of a what if proposition I would if Darth Vader I wasn't quite as successful. Well ultimately be laid out what happened yes. I was a guy we still something we developed. You know sir. It sort of initial idea of error is greater working historian we thought okay well let me get. His Brothers don't you know get started reader would just you know that anyone disagree and you just you know charter planes are thought to file today that the so we wanted to make it someone told a bit more incompetence. We don't actually get any respect but want respect and don't actually lost a comic foil I wanted to also like pleasure now with a bunch of you know yeah interesting characters who. You know we don't turn jobs that we were bad stuff like best groups. So glad you can get rid sort of more from original experience. Yeah I'm making an ensemble is really an important part of clearance from the projects. So they yen and I'm glad you brought that up because I mean a lot of the characters anyone this Vijay was saying that anyone who's spent any time working in inner inner retail job Lorena in this sort of it's a company job where you're serving people helping people. Has met just about all of these characters I think and we had those characters we had that they creepy guy who works and they shift in things like that so. I think that's a great touch and makes it feel almost real. Tennessee and it's very very well done is great special effects and NSA is multiple seasons so you can check that out if you just go on YouTube and search for Chad Vader you're gonna is he's going to be great. If that was the only thing you guys did that still be a helmet comes from but here you guys have been affected YouTube. I including with to great things that you of mashed up together beer and board man and I that's that's another I wanna find out early leg and we all do it now why didn't we think you're putting an idea to let you got SL Internet. It's funny you bring that up Vijay when when you brought me on the show originally as the board game guy. I was I chatting with one of our other cohosts. Back then and sing you would be awesome if we just. Filmed us playing games and drinking and just let it go and take that insanity and put it up somewhere. And then he says to me owing you think you're more games. I'm all all. Got new life cereal maker Fiat they do so much better than we could always a bridesmaid so what was the what was the sort of the inception what was the original. The seed idea for for that showed is that that this is just a piece a genius I have to tell here. Well I don't really nothing more than its. I was playing board games or drinking beer with my brother like a few years ago. And we are you know you know making fun of each other making jokes. Like we always knew we played more games. Student band. So now like wait a minute I mean you know we can do you know you else. And there will be fun I was you know pretty much as simple as Latin and so we decided to make it interrupts or persons. Seeing and we had. We've had enough so there isn't you know certain. Amounts are more around the beer and you know by now we've actually it's actually turn trumps. I just playing more into drinking beer into this. Multifaceted thing where we have a lot of Internet audience that watches us kinds direct the show and they can have influence. And input enjoyed what happens. I'm taking biased shot. Yeah that's. Hoya and I don't like if you need a couple of times it's it's pretty amazing to to watch and I'll go down in real time it's it's it's it's some consumer special. I am sure really cool thing about it now is that a lot of monster games we play our sponsored by a game designers to. I haven't heard seen or heard seen and heard her hair probably coming aggressors designers and you know we had a player games and I'm introduced into the world which is really cool. And hey guys listen here's the other thing is that it's not just about the board games could you guys also introduce a system pretty sweet Beers improvements ahead I'm wondering is that also something that is sponsored if people start saying hey we want you triarc brew with that beyond there are now forty yards to do a lot of research to figure that out. We don't get a lot of beer sponsorships we've done a false view I'm. But for the most part what we do I'm we get a lot of fans sponsorships let our fans on her own. And being themselves sometimes end. I'm no actually no actually get to choose what Gary you're actually read whatever their favorite beer is felt the coliseum bewildered actually shells. And it and I really like that idea of you know I guess you know stern kick starter then went to some role in your patriot on now where got people can. Much like kick starting a project they can donate to your show and then that not only helps you guys stay in in production and also. Either the rewards that you provide C as someone wants to pick a game pre S to play for that matter to treat severe for that night and I think that. I really like that is that as a business model was that there was that something you guys spend just kind of looked around and said you know we need to find a way to make some money on this. Well enough. I think what will you what we work we're doing world com. You know we're really gonna get this year weeklies. And it kind of grind than we thought well we're going to be nice. You it's not only be able to have more budget for this I don't have a good trend involves. We ran like three chicken burgers and they're being you know for very small amount of foreign. In a few shows and they each time they just went really well or Torino we should make something that's more. I'm ready an easy. Thing where people can just we are happy new objects are each other wanna make good money we make it amongst police. Situations that we would let people. Do it through PayPal and trouble came along and improbable under way now be less patriots. Where you know everybody just papers whatever they weren't my employees to argue our show Billings. And you know we were able to keep doing this thing and we knew probably. I live about trivia episodes. A year ago. I can get him into. I mean if you if you got the time to sit down and and go through already it's a lot it's a lot to unpack but it is. So satisfying their first time I I heard about the show I wanna save is just about two years ago now. I went through everything that you guys had as far as your board game we didn't see him for quite some time I was I was I was on and totally in little looser but I just a guy got to this point where I has said. And this is fantastic and now it is appointment TV for my wife and I. For like every time we you know sit down or like what kind of shows we have to watch them is they're new beer imported into pushing out so we over their Miller but. One of the other shows that we we really got excited about in another thing we talked about a lot on this show though is movies and things like that in Matthew you've got another show with with Craig Johnson called a welcome to the basement. I've got this is and I what I describe it to people I tell limits. Equal parts. Ebert and Roeper and mystery science theater 3000. Because security guys who are comedians and who are entertaining. And they watch a movie and maybe it's a good movie maybe it's not such a good movie released in their opinion and they not only comment on the movie the whole time they're watching a bit in the units recap and here's what I like there's what didn't work. Was this something that says they've met the EU had done you just had a bunch of movies that you would always wanted to get around to watching in and then found a way to sort of entertainment world was it. Courage actuary of the New Year's resolution felt I eighth I had these movies that we do. Since the mainland mechanic with the north particular first episode like I'd been needing a watchers for years and years and never got around to a matter of political big. And and I thought well off the German watch more. And I thought okay. Maybe I could I'll turn it into a show. And I know Craig is into those items from because I am I know we like talking about I'm so that show just kind of developed from there. That's fantastic and that's another when the we watch pretty irregular they'd be you know sometimes they do. Sort of obscure movies and sometimes a little bit more mainstream but it's always always really as. Operators everywhere watch a movie too because you don't have to watch him go like you know if you don't really like I never wanted to sit through waterworld as I heard so many better than I ever admitted and I don't know why can sift through their waterworld yes but I think I am and I. Finished. An editor. Clear to what appealed to a lot of but the audience. They don't have to watch themselves it is still enjoy the recap Jack but has there has there been any movie that you've actually regretted it finishing because of this project. I am. Well you know I know we kind of say that's not so much over here and show like summed up some down. I I I sort of encouraged people to watch. Every movie that we launches because she should form their own opinions however there are some movies and we watched a kind of guy did. And in particular health notable on the about the reality now that's. I'm trying to schedule and dances it is a terrible movie but I loved it couldn't touch screens I mean it's it's. I think if the I had an unmatched yet title alone on that line I think I just have to watch that specifically about your ordinary bad movies I Austin. So airing now one of the other projects that you were gone up pretty regularly is so overrun nagging society pimps and on the YouTube you know YouTube well sensation I think is not too strong a word. One of the things you guys do you play a lot of games you memory and then also Jason does a lot of the young voice work on they Christopher Walken through which is really did so brilliant on my goodness and I had to relax the mind credit to present in prison like Y and threw just a name in itself from some of you get an award for that. Now. I understand the your relationship was Jason Jason Stevens. And dad goes back quite a ways say is that something that yeah you guys were again just sort of sitting around inside that this would be funny and and we can get people who watch this is that there is a reais came from on Saturday. Was he like a video game body that he would steadily star writhing on your. Well yeah I mean didn't cure I improbable as well it's. Meant she eggs I just I knew that he can do you go. I'm you know false impression. And I really wanted to work I didn't choose. Video games and so obviously this sort of it is I mean when you're watching medical commodity title as I. People's Christopher Walken and I don't even if you walk through a video game so obviously Christopher or secure. I don't it's perseverance. And then. The other the other Lou I would like on the for Kim serious fallout sky rim seven days to die. And that's one that says a is. That I'm that I watched quite a bit mean and even then defend episodes where you've got people on their playing with you there's a GG five staffer and if you look at you you mean Tim Curry I'm. That and that's seems like he did may have started out sort of as a twitch situation or is that something where you again where you just thought that it would be entertaining for people to watch you play these games and maybe do it well. Or is it just something wrecking. Running commentary and doing things intentionally. Poorly with good data GT eight highway it has jumping all over everybody knocking him down killing them donuts things like this. Actually I mean I was especially what the big PGA video that we do a tumultuous. And it was just an about it. And I hate your inner join the other team and you know once every time we tried you create a demolition derby where everybody was just in a car. And you know they try to and it's. You know political the last car going by you know and so chaotic and they only control people like games so that's a muscle there eastern endure. I'm people flying helicopters surrounding smashing the. And blowing everything out I. That was they would zinc and pretty epic I gotta admit itself if I'm Oregon as well I do you led to whether we have any new projects coming up that you want a low wanna plug on our show here. Why we aren't you are excited or more against the coming out today nice. An intermediary well ER PG years that the the the regular the tabletop. Thought about your lord god got. And then tomorrow is a new episode. What motivates you they're good. And a lot Saturday. Saturday and you have this sort of editor PGA actually there's we have been playing since June which is stage urgent role playing game and death. Don't vote for another so well coming out of Saturday's. It's really into Mexico and out. So I can you guys of course that means well we have to ask me may have played board games I mean you're more you're so we have to ask all right so mad. Unsung game I mean I'd say you know why do you ask your favorite game but what do you think is an unsung game that people don't appreciate enough and you're like why don't people like this game more and the same question for you Aaron. Commodore Karen Hughes for perhaps a game you go white people like this so much she's just like Michael alleging that I don't know. Don't think the faithful. I would say com. I think though we will be named snake oil glut on the show yeah that's. We've we've actually in the guys that we need we met ensures that a guy mid game and get so it's a really fun game. To play was basically anybody in a lot of user to be creative. I mean Ellen yeah and the commissioner comes for you and your friends and the trouble the cards. We you know we played hard against humanity elapse meanwhile are released its funny games a lot of times. You know good humor is coming true more from the carton now from new. And I cannot think earlier paging our product to one of your friends that he can got a hand up and can do it however you want to let your creativity. No there there and I like that game is another game I'm trying to give the name of anonymous calls cards fighting where you basically have these different characters from history. And he has to raise this remark we you have to basically make your pitch as to why they weren't in the fight against everybody in the right now I and there's a judge I end and and then they get weapons and there's scenarios. I love that's the same reason because you really have to come out and go here's why the wicked witch of the west would be Xena the warrior princess fashion show I'll. The machine and the guy. I I agree guys that think you know straight and you guys are in Prague based Indian no way we we we have a lot of that with performing artists around here too it really we get involved with. That does make for a fun game because it's so creative to come up of all those different. Reasons why he junior interaction middle audience don't necessarily. Develop on purpose. So does where we find you on on the Internet. Apart from other places we listed already doing listen and go right ahead sort of the act last usage drive traffic. Well darn near almost. Since garbage. You know mentally fit for my play or YouTube Erin and I are on our web site or beer and sports and triumph. I'm not a lawyer citing. Fox. Swede will guys' eyes thanks for everything you do it's it's a lot of fun very entertaining at I would just like to say man. It's so nice for the geek community. To have performing artists really be frightened forward so that they can see that you know what we can have a lot of fun we're very personal very entertaining. So they can really you know add another spin into the world of dean dome where sometimes people think we don't talk to anybody we're not a lot of fun to be around that is good news we look at our cardboard and our tokens that's always do. And shows like will you guys do show that no actually you know what it can be held a fund Simon a big party hang a lot of us geeks. Yet there are a little earth where were we all like departing Hebron and you know should do just a result sales. Well thanks again guys for being with us today I really appreciated once again we've just been talking when Matt Sloane and they're young they're go check him out dark arts take it easy Chris it was. Yeah you get tired yeah yeah yeah. I could watch you and across the whole way the whole time death and you definitely didn't show how terrified you were in our heads and I was I was I was dull jittery inside you know couldn't move typically. Us the goal. Yeah ask what do you have forest man. Well I mean FL like. This works I was heroes like episode twelve or something now is Alex interment BJ's made and we really thought we got really I thought I'd. Did it's a bit like those movies you just never know women guys coming but apparently you guys had all the cool people on that I would have met loves god that I gave back and it's I know that we are got credits or went out. That's good that's good yeah I. Sorry yeah I don't know that's. But but so what when I first came back and then did the guardians of the galaxy spectacular my first appearance after you know my internship appearance. Our dolls lot of fun but I think I gotta go to speak out too that like like I think like Fred it said it was us it was us and filtered. There is there's no time when you get a geek more and there are elements we asked them to remember the stuff they know that well okay good that you're happy just a waste stuff that is way that's what we want people to come up towards a deal like how that may George viewed like I want to have it every day that I don't get. Vowed to ask the that's. Those that it also. Ed this is gonna sell to beat but I don't need to be beat Brandon farewell for Scott ooh I like I'm into you know how did I look now is that his mind that was the greatest day in my life I'm proud that Latin war. I don't like say it was the episodes following which was really wow I favored and what I like this one alert where if I guess and elements Airbus the podcast will be voicemail and email we heard the beginning of this show and and hearing just kind of the effects that we had to keep nationals. And Ed Ed badger was last show was kind of like that but more internal. Yes we effect we've had on each other so I thought that was that's and he was like or sweetest shale yes and he gave everyone a chance to I guess I appreciate brand and not for him leaving before what he has contributed to what I want these studies are good about it we continually say that we want to ask I. I have to say that when he said he when he mentioned a voicemail I remembered I have I once left a terrible and I I don't know how else. There was a review of some time or some sort of news item being sick and you don't play that. No we will not play and that we will some goals despite every aspect. Without any further ado. We will give give kudos to brand in as our final segment here for this spectacular breakdown of a thousand plus episodes. The segment where we all give our heartfelt goodbyes. To mr. Brandon journalist well I think you very much geeky for that I guess sits at the time for a do. I get out of here. Sears. We had an entity episode. It's like. It's the end of an error at the Brennan journal where do you can't discuss the game in some way where we thought we did that I really don't ask for much power right there were a lot of dedication. Don't get a dancer McCain's brand in your lifetime achievement annoy you evidence from the Latin Grammy. You get a Latin Grammy moment man wearing a Larry listen let's say that I've been on the show for three plus years. And some. I mean. Don't make fun yeah I'm a little sliver and Mo said do you resurrection. Family I've been doing this every Thursday and then with mark every Wednesday. And and some. I mean I'm going on to a good thing but I I have to tell you that I I have appreciated all of all the time we spent together and I love you and I can't thank you enough for giving this back to me. I came here as a guest IU invited meteor party I brought mark to the party Barbara walker to the party are brought to feel part because it's a good party would like most of those moves. Thanks Tim I actually just like to Tiffany Barney downgrade could and then so I realized you know we're also friends held to a certain practically neighbors Daphne. Yes I still feel I I have this this. Terrible pain in the pit in my stomach where I feel like we're gonna see each other again. It's illegal not to. Into the summer vacation after he's no fiscal or you are going off to college after you've had a nice good point oh you know it is a good point because you moved in your doing stuff you're good you're gonna have a full time job you're right I mean I hope we get to see each other but we policy each other as much as we do doing this final Ian Gold. Yeah I mean my guy I have to travel beyond where I live now in the off closer he'll be closer to BJ and the rest and yes I. Thanks Jack I want to hold a lottery and I don't know well. You know and and weaves you know over the last few months we've we've had trouble getting get ready to go there for game day even you know so it's is it good to meet. I it this is it's a little bit. It's a little bit her game to be perfectly honest with you because you know rev view you've always been there to listen to me bitch. Walker then you do something not know why I'm pro walker is a guests you know as a friends like this guy can talk about games and he stuck here he's now he's well what does anybody even now determining cast my daughter shares were all supposed to be temporary the goalie precedes me but the but you know why I love getting to know him I know bigger fan of yours and I. Mickey you're like a little sister. Now while I did hit fifth and that's about it Kyra you know as as you would do little sister and sometimes I shake my head. The guardian of the day I Yonhap meter and Andrew to Hershey store in and I've watched you grow and BJ you've given me. Everything you've been dug a great person to work for and worked with. And I just I love you all near your my family and calm and that's fans you know all to view pummeled. You know can Tyrod it's been great and then I'll be you know I hope when we do thirteen page like you'll call me for thirteen page yes. And you can still be around. Clinton's well you're around as much muy you're always going to be invited here and of course you aren't completely leaving usual do some special Los episodes with with Smart don't where we're kind of working that out you know I have to its ultimate job and everything Omar loosely again CNN you know ten you know me I throw again I'd like every day go. Foundation we didn't find wonderful and it's just it's one of those things where did know the moving on is very hard. But you're moving on for first you know you better things to say anything at all yeah I'm going to be working on a mobile game and that's really all I can say and and it. Maybe as some point when they game gets released we can have you talked about I'm I'm I'm actually I'm not clear on what I can say yeah yeah it is I don't wanna hurt it it's a game that is mobile troops are all true but is this story develops yeah seriously. Is it again that I can play mobile league this show. Has been the one constant in the and you guys know listen and the listeners I think a picked Obama over time like this has been the one constant in May life that has changed massively over the last three years absolutely I went from being married did not being married and and you know we beat the big huge massive life changes so. Thank you for being a constant and so I just I was real happy to be here. As that as though. As a voice for the listeners. Because I've really are you've Angeles I'm always for the what's happened well since I've listened to our spare us your choice I can demand diesel is a bush. I don't know I lost I did nose is more crazy what is. I know a lot of them will miss your insides and I I definitely will say that whenever you do people follow what juror what does follow him on Twitter follow one Facebook's. Because. I EU branding your really good guy. And I think here a massive creative talent and I think there's going to be a ton of things today you'll be doing in the future that may or may not be involving us. But I'm always going to be super happy to see you excel and everything that you do so for myself and you know from from the listeners. Aspect. Good riddance because there wow I don't know if I. Chris walker here because longtime listener for some caller hi I'm up up up. In all seriousness you gave me this wonderful gift that was bringing me onto this show and IE I have no way. That I can ever possibly think you know four and I know I bust your chops a lot of the times. As sometimes just first humorous sometimes because your mystical union. But. The reality. The reality of the situation is that IA EM going to miss you perhaps. As much in more than anyone else here. You and I have become amazing friends over the last several years. And this was one of the earliest and best present you've ever given me and I eat I will miss you horribly. And I'm going to move the microphone away from his face now. The fifth how. Lessons were all day in the from the Dujail there you go. It feels good show. It's getting even prior yeah you do the filled in this room are so sick. I'm not gonna say the next part of your. And I'll mind wow always the brother and sister that really been taught how to talk. No but I appreciate the love everything you've done for me last couple years even just me bitching about. Boy a user to see us in there and gossiping with me and don't teaching me a few things you me you know and yelling at me when I haven't seen a movie which I've seen a few now and may god. And then still way behind on the analysts say an island redo and it's given me to come to share my dam road. Plus I nagging me she need actual. You're gonna lead is really good on the yeah I his own. Your old you understand like paying eagle what are your neighbor's house you can't borrow sugar early. And it also means I wasn't shoes we haven't heard I heard that's how I'm happy song that Kamal I don't know who are so I'm sure I'll definitely tell he's clearly got a veteran like I got a Rainier beach jerk no I don't. No better not better. Read papers all which you like to say so congress is going oh you were going to please you have to tell its age I don't wanna ruin his seat because I know he's known brand of replies I was gonna say some nice having development agenda and I I'm new on the shows you all none since her less than I don't know I don't really know. That's true that's sure us and to be fair Brandon was my replacements in the beginning it could fit I was I was the comic book guy and then I had to go to college and so. They got a brand and German Philipp thank you for that by the way now back now you can go to your job I'd always slack and that's why it's here. Given so much contents so let's start on the show it was it was in this thing like we were like hey we're all these when we talk about it because we have this room that we can record a podcast and then that I want to call it. Bandanna got a call three years later for BJ saying hey you wanna come talk electoral votes morals like but you have like mark on her brand ensure on the do you read me under some kid reads tumbles to the guy who writes Scott writes comic books. And and so is very excited because I want to write comic books most like right out and now with the trojans this old history lesson and that is why we provisionally you know. Did you like here and deterred me you know feel adequate in any way be because you're you're also if not you know I really don't that does not priorities to make. Yeah up again he's proven. Us right about but but I guess I was I was excited to. To meet somebody history and that's it's a finally you know meet meet the guys that listen to it listen the contestants are left it. And and then I was out I was pleasantly surprised that off my got to enjoy all the interactions that I was indeed even more than on Mike and death. I had been here a long address the gas and missy just not so often to. Don't get a man's. Ian hey you know Brandon I remember I remember seeing SE a senior icon. You're avatar on Twitter whatever hell we're going and profile picture and just every once in awhile to seeing it was a Karl I think was the Karl tell it Kensington Carl Wilkens and are yeah you're Karl Pilkington again I just thought OK I kind of dig those guys so. And just having some conversations and then it just struck me. As our revenue Vicki and I said hey we're gonna do this disease the company was bothering you podcast. And I didn't want a new one because it's like to not do a radio show for your people and you don't. But then somebody said what he did it was something you like to talk about. My whole you mean like I can do podcast about stuff that I mistress and and so then I went to revenue mix because I know that they're like me twisted in dark you can expect. I do this I've just been so wonderful because legs Coley said we've got to talk about stuff we love to talk about and then we started interacting with people. Cool love to talk about it then all of a sudden interacting with people who are working in the business that we love to talk about in that I was so stoked that here's a comic book writer. Who said yeah I'll come on your show we have fun night but do you understand you're actually legit your regular living in this we're just see no slobs I cannot I. And high it was the it was the best tweed I think I've ever made because I just say hey wants money and and I'm a socially socially awkward shy guy but I thought I'd like this dude seems cool. Amber and I'm so happy we did because you open the door to great great people to commend all of your friends in the business that we had on the show as guests. Then of course people like. Because he more than anybody else is like. Hey a little guy you want to waste an afternoon because most people. Wanna do things in their lives we say we game like liquor Jami oh we want to yeah exactly you know as I saw my wife just watching my every was well there's a side table as if we are twelve years old she's a mother I don't I really don't ever calm all is really bread and I mean all this cool stuff has happened. Because of UN and you also have illustrated why eighth we do this broadcast at least why I want to do this by just. The other reason I wanted to do it not only take so I can keep my company -- talk about cool things but there were so many great talented people out there. Who don't get a place to show off their talents. And when I met you I thought this guy I can't believe this guy if somebody doesn't have this guy in their souls. I feel the same way but everybody in this room so I thought he would be great if this place to be. Of a place people could stay until they get called a launching pad oh yes and it. It doesn't surprise me Brandon that you need that you have this job and you can't talk about it but from what I know what you and I spoken about this is an amazing opportunity to a deserving human beings like they're here. It's literally like change yeah and it it's that you put it to me it's a no brainer as a matter of fact Tom I don't know why you didn't have this job. Three years ago because you are as talented then as you are now and I'm glad somebody finally noticed like we newsroom on notice. And we are very happy I am I said you're going but I'm very happy you're going because you deserve it. And you always have a place at this table hell we let's call back we'll let him there. OK okay and just as say a final little bit on this and I don't know five talked even knew about a brand him but we had do you want for just your interview to talk about the stuff that you done. That was. It's really a in audition. For you. And Jeff you blew it out of the park I hard. I guess that's probably the best sports call ref and that's well and they're kind of ruined him but anyway I blew it out of college they have guys step pass I have. Out of march yet how that's Hayward to either reactors and are you just are still illegal and we'd like. Vijay he's he threw it out there but he and I both side in new arms something really special and we should with a lot of people that have come through here. On the you know from Christina Warner to your brother mark who honor on you have really sorry again about you know you guys have created you guys create your own show which was hands down amazing and even though you're moving on from that arms and marks got himself I mean I'm happy that people know we're like Utah Jazz launch pad mark's got he's got a job posting a talk show on radio station in Seattle BI you know and and win we we knew he was good enough to do that. Casino barges to go very good job and she's amazingly talented absolutely don't special ops and Ellis continuing with. Oh you are the other actors that you or your whereabouts and now you know and our buddy Joseph of course who's on Orlando yeah yeah I I don't know Joseph Holmes from team hyper Q well I had Christina and Justin he certainly India was. I'm reluctant I have I have to say you know you're revealing to me that you still auditioned me I knew true stories that Barbara walker and once you wanna keep him. So. I I know you're kinda right it's a gamble on market wasn't sure about obviously via but you know and hey I knew. You have given me and you given me a great friend base which frankly I didn't really have until we started this podcast because I. Focus on Stanley focused on my career. And not on on what I love which is of course kinky stuff I just know I I just had to do you know I I kept my head down for so many years moved around the country. I realize what kind of friend lists and hobby let's. And because of you rule and this podcast. I now have I I believe much richer life. Well I've said this before so telling them you know drumming a bomb. When I first heard you know learn the rock guys when you come on they're geek podcast I almost just said no one principal place just broke my as like oh really okay and then I listen to what I was like I don't know I think this is the real deal. And I mean. You are the real deal here I all of you are you're you don't just talk the talk you walk the walk here you're the geeky isn't he's ever met in my. Life I had Australian Open Kara Olson renowned error love. There we go through. All right well I don't have any names to drop so I guess is there how are well. Like I'm always said with few he's IUG eight. I would let's say one more thing you do glow words those some parting words since then by god I love I. I ask you if you're giving him alone because it's all done. Those are always always we always jolly and she's us enemies are valued colleagues know loved and neither do yourself with very well. Make you pat Perez de oh with disastrous like Johnson. Yeah I'm on the Austin as. Stain teeth. Moon you root zone is it's. Really. It's just I have Florida. OK okay. No fun at all but thank you so much for those memories brand dad do what they did then the door did you really get them what you they go I have to say it's like you say it's just like Jesse comes and I'm just as miserables that wasn't what I we haven't missed a step. Actually there was you know I think we should do yes. Well I kind of put the subtle taste good to see what did he nationals what their favorite moment yeah the last thousand pairs of out of us are out. How else all aren't part of us at the end Aaron Cook some replying to fool with what do people say on FaceBook. And niece just says head explodes from the enormity of the task. It's your heart just one does that mean honestly John I always like Misha yeah. I thought Chelsea says my favorite segment with in the game into Wizards of the Coast to play fifth edition. Boone oh yeah and speaking got you have played DD for the very first time you and I don't know I can't early twenties. They're also now that's the best way to get into. I don't ever done this before she says that she gets under custom pool cue and. Adams says the episode was when you finally give up the random name generating a Brandon. Seriously you. And they may a lot of travel can miss that could Matt says like the time when you did that thing that was funny we were all like ha hi hi yes that was gas. Clutter Matt I actually don't remember that he had better out there and you're off and ellenberger ever podcast I'm Betty. Chris he CD yeah. I have name moment that I really loved about the podcast but over the years no matter what episode one you'll always be my favorite so as a fan of the BJ Shea morning experience LBJ migs knowing that BJ rather Vicky ordinary that mere concept alone lend itself to a would become an off some podcast. I've always entertained by the woody banner thoughts opinions and dirty news and of course to calling you read my emails. I'm this year and raining Jerel out I loved the show and has kept its momentum and is still doing adolescence is a key do what you do rock. On all thank you very tired and I have to tell you you know that thought that that was the look on will we lose face we had a man has really he had to be convinced to commend to our radio station yes because he just got sick and tired of people making fun of nerds and every time he would go anywhere people would just make funny geeks. He's I am back on all morning radio show and make him the notices is different this is given a number I don't ever forget the look on his face. He we just interview restart on here don't we start talking about stuff and he just he just conceding just. Why do you guys really aren't geeks out. This study didn't even at CI so many people are so surprised to know what's outside of this. You know that that Mike if you will successful people can be geeks. I think folks were surprised to Chris Hardwick because he was a star singled out for who would have thought he was as much of a geeky as he was the. The New York. And I last slow and that kind of almost a think a message back and for a minute the thing and it's. Complimentary just a Coley Marleau out and. Man up Hummer guys and as Elijah high yield related to Elijah and knowing analyze and I realize is in the Fam and look at that beard here is related to sudden. Wait too many to count there's so many great podcast from the guys that he family as the ratings usually work for. But my absolute favorite is deep nations let sing a lot to actually like the additions Nicole Lee. And she made it just a little bit better and then it was the force and congratulations on a thousand episode DDD entertaining bastards nice at and then replied yes the police slid right in there and helped out along with the momentum staff bonus points for being a founder is because well which I can you Arturs yet. Eliza says no doubt I've never been a comic book reader. But I love superheroes I'm constantly looking them up and reading everything I've been more into marvel since the movies have been grave NBC's generally too. Over power for me that's the Cole along with the flash girls not a small village setter up have made them equal to mean now that the police knowledge is may need big fan. And that's one thing I do wanna mention is that calm a lot of us who do read comics are on the marble sides so the fact that we got to Cooley in here. To talk DC and had eight innings Michael. Has been a boon so again thank you so much typically for being a part of it man it's so much you know basically have that many financial select my goal like Canada and examine a Superman as much as possible so the fact that anybody is awesome to me. And that means you guys. Out there think he's so much gas you're welcome thank you nation right euphoria Chris you brand in its Nicole Lee who competes with. Vijay I can read and myself we're all thankful that people won't listen to us ramble about all of this geeky stuff. I am so happy that you guys who helped contribute will send this information. If you're writing stuff if you're doing stuff if you're creating things letting us know about best that we can share with the world that's what we're out here to deal. Can tell my son Matt has seen anything. It says Michigan Tuesday rising get your game on Vernon Wells introduces Tuesday night gaming opened the public every first Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PM pretty deep friends did you game on a very well tabletop video RPG's and more seen as little or Boise like Tuesday night gaming Pletcher geeks like quiet Vernon Wells is the season for cold retire to the parlor and Vernon Wells for winter themed games such as the song of ice and fire living card game twelve days and more recently warming delicious like cookies are tied for fellow attendees to ward off colds or receive half off your first drink.