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BJGN 12-11-15 - Dr. Who - Star Wars

Dec 11, 2015|

The gang discusses which properties they'd like to see get the Telltale Games treatment; talk about the latest Star Wars: the Force Awakens trailer; Gareth von Kallenbach from Skewed & Reviewed has his gift guide for games; BJ discusses the Dr. Who season finale; Vicky and BJ talk Ash vs Evil Dead; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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    It's and Michigan cheese and ice and get your game on Vernon Wells introduces Tuesday night gaming opened the public every first Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PM pretty deep friends did you game on a very well tabletop video RPG's and more seen as little or Boise like Tuesday night damion Fletcher geeks like quiet Vernon Wells is the season for cold retired to the parlor and Vernon Wells for winter themed games such as the song of ice and fire living tar game twelve days and more recently warm delicious
    the ones that you hear the beginning any end of each podcast Vernon Wells . They're actually doing something really special with this so we've got David in John in a with us today for this type guys doing today. Pretty good all right nice and so. First off emerald city comic con is one of the biggest comical lines in L would definitely in the Pacific northwest but also on the West Coast and you guys are actually doing something really cool because Vernon Wells is going to be having a lounge at Emeril so become a prime. Yeah we're gonna do something a little bit different we're going to have come a place for our members to hang out and relax and not have to do all. Stand on their feet. All day long and my age old by the way for you don't know because he set our members GO members we've away what are you talking about members with Vernon Wells members what do I have to be in a summary anyway after they could try to do I have to Vietnam War machine from Mars what are you talking about her business Vernon Wells you speak of sir because I. Well you may actually introduced at my. Well I got that I think I wanna know I'm a member before I go visit your lunch. Actually because I think if you can never tell people too many times how cool Vernon Wells this Libby. Let me do this I'm gonna put John on the spot here. He's one of our members. And what is Vernon Wells in your work. Spoke. Vernon Wells is that awesome place you can go to always find someone a nameless dom and he has really matter what kind of
    it's hard for people find that but now there is definitely would Vernon Wells AAA Haiti then. For people with like minded activities and it's something more is is just as simple as if you wanna
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    doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells . Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes

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Immerse yourself in deep culture movies books cons and especially game. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark cloth. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome yes welcome to BJ she's geek nation and the reverend en Fuego to prosper means he's Tiki bar so you don't know hey Amy and hey we've got Chris walker walk like eight Flanagan who. The only. Joins us fair and we've got the show's namesake mr. BJ Shea are reduced thank you. I don't know what that was doing what you're doing mayors specializing in ever heard anywhere. Carrillo better than your British tell you anything else I know I had a nasty NASCAR right Mickey putting people get a hold of us. Well late in check out our web site has all our podcasts blogs cool information CJ geek nation dot com we also have a FaceBook page beautiful lake all you have to do searcher BJ she's geek nation. He also follow us on Twitter an instant gram steel gray Aramis I. They geek nation how does I leave disappointed I had won many 02243353. The company no real fashion way BJB nation at gmail.com are we also YouTube made by the way. Yeah. I dot com slash BJP nation's energy and and we will lots of videos will be coming up in that Chris has been putting up some very entertaining things on that and communicating how we got an email this came from Adam. And I he says with the recent announcement that telltale games will now be doing a bat man's serious illness. School and you're moving about all this there was an opening night of the PGA class salary. It seems obvious now with mine Kraft story mode border lands takes on popular TV shows and everything is wealth that telltale games will continue to take these story gaming format to any genre and milk the cow as long as the followers continue to support it. My question need to you guys and all of the geek nationals. Is it till till games asked you what series you would like to see them bring out in their episodic choice gaming format what would it be Star Trek. Well I that's is that we had I think I can already answer for Chris and Vijay by not safe telltale games Star Trek TNG if Joba has star Tribune and I think Star Trek has been named a girl I would love it if they did Star Trek actually follow a grace Star Trek yeah Alexander you'll be a really great self a serious look very fit like a Star Trek thing all the great idea after nine and I can. Ever heard does the does this thing called Star Trek I think would be really good for the so moon now our our whole idea yeah. That's ours and you start attorney David dumb ideas Diana at a bus the continues maybe terminator Doctor Who or even something in the past like lost in space all he had asked just wondering also how stoked is spoke co only for bad Mantilla I know that's okay. Are aware there was not telltale games I love them when they're great but I see them almost as like their own medium. Oh I don't totally totally or not games they're bad games death like like he did you realize if you play to one that my big problems are hey I'm not I never change anything new right like any is you know you play portable among us and Dick killer was the killer now you can do about that. And so there's not much you're really doing OK but it's a great team to watch but my out of what was that it's always binary you do this or you do this yeah wanted to see happen you know it's always just and just those two but it. Like your grocery or a third hole yet. They are right react Daryn the day when you could do more than one thing it was amazing the weird this is Israel's vice also sell themselves one on your manipulating a story right there's no other game to do you're not even walking around at all you're doing is making choices they should be choices yes. But even though they're not I don't care because they're great story tell great stories that I exactly at a beauty of it remember it reminds me of this really weird like what is it that there's this game where I've watched my fiance play it on steam. Where you're playing as a bird on Micah beating Sampras. In its just historian you're just going through making a couple decisions as you're going on you to tell the story and she was just enamored with tea and it's the same along the same lines with that. But I love the Walking Dead at play wiley played the first chapter of it but I still love it I love. Like how people are talking about how he's just like the heartbreaking stories going through it and all of these there's so much fun to do so I mean I. To beaver we are having starter would be the best point he going to permissions await away image and that's about it nationally in its they have an episodic. Gaming. Method and that is not common and you can do a lot with episodic storytelling right. GB can do that in the movies can do where you earned the ending right you know and they rebuilt and up. I'm excited for bat make is that the Batman gains have been missing the detective part of that right there's just look like you had a super special computer that even your best cal can like go back in time and watched TV apparently. I. Looked. That's ridiculous. Ed and this will really be like you know the the the detective that man as well we have the cliffhanger baton and it works so used to it yeah the sixth the sixth issue arc. We can do that I'm surprised that commando glad everything on the Internet the question for telltale games for like. Two years now since it's in darkened city cannot really not I'm but. Do you until he does he like they maybe thought up that added there were like we do badminton for a blows like duke Batman and they're like an impairment -- do you do you were expecting something different than maybe yeah I think that it's like we had we had format in games announcer and it's and I didn't expect Warner Bros. next video game I seem to be that man again you know Warner Bros. games is like ours can keep doing bad man again and I like bent in a lot but I've. Plea in Gotham city for years now and I want to fly again you know weak effect that that's certainly not your best welcome we've gotten the worst Superman gamers is remembered for so long and well it's good silver and JR just go back and play as Superman 64. So Ridley lake. It's a challenge. Because it's bad it's hilarious the flight could just like every laser read things or it's what that's like a really bad movie goddess he wants. I have to you have to know what it secretly likes the player game thing that terrible that I up up up up. All right well ID nationals let us know what you would love to see I mean we're all pretty much anonymous here who are anonymous we are this let me set I don't unrealized non anonymous and asks unanimous all were unanimous ours our anonymity okay. All right well yell let us know geek nation that dot com BDD nation and also I do know dot com how we got to move on because I like we have to. Coming up very soon in a one week one week one week all right let's start or day before so wake had. Are there at the fat and around here is the best thing about it they're not done putting out trailers. They just put out a new Chinese version of the Star Wars trailer Oded. Cool more footage a clocks and it just under two minutes is packed with new footage of ray in thin on Jack do you Hahn and chewy aboard the millennium falcon did we see a lot of that also a lot of the first order and Carlo ran teller and it's going to be OK and it's it's just. It's astounding. And by the way raise my main so you know call her baby okay no I do not intact it will not re okay I Alexandria used to cast that's who she is my home my gosh I know shouldn't finish of just sent home. Which is weird because almost everyone and who had an accent previous were a part of the empire writes so this time a mix that's where I no we want Kobe had an accent. This whole issue and it really think we have live views of most new coach call your speech pattern. Men's you'd ease yet and I guess just Muppets. All like which is then the Pacific Epoch if it's enough to clear how it is funny that it just seemed like he was Jett dying you know later had it here now or 61 of the team that had a well all the materials on the first start they were all British. Well that's shoe yeah right on target all those guys well so I gotta get choked out I've done I Don think he was a British. And I kind of relaxed I don't think super British but I think I think if you listen really enough backup accent is disturbing that I have fat so I I am first off I was super stoked about this BA guys because a buddy of mine actually made this trailer. Buddy of the way where where where where first of all not only you ask used to believe you have a friend I your asses of league of our friend who actually has a really cool job yes he's got an amazing job Josh Lee quiet from the commands on whom we've had on with Jimmy Wong as well from view game I thought goes into your they do lay out by a weekly magic the gathering podcast and that that's how I ended up meeting them is because it was the the podcast slugged it was able to get on and have them on geek nation as well. He works making trailers in in Hollywood. And he was so stoked that when he was able to finally announce that this is the one and it released he was just so happy we're just beginning to see a little tidbits of new information that kind of laid out the story a little bit more seek kinda if you kind of see what's going on at. This has me so excited. My guess so excited for this Stephen Barrett edited I had an amber and I and I will be see it next week he'll be exciting. To don't should your spoiler either if I get a chance to see before you would still have a neophyte Dubin in my get a chance see before you I promise texture while diesel he'd jerk. Bill to help yourself what you want to like every trailer possible I don't watch any news stories foot slipped two months avoid this trailer I. I love it all about things like -- -- Superman I wanna know what's going on I don't know anything more about -- you really don't like you really I don't know I know you gonna sing the star movie -- -- -- the Star Wars movie like I already feel like I know John boy biggest hole arc just like the two trailers I've seen here I don't know I don't I and I would say I don't think you do I I would love to be wrong I have a guess I mean I'm not I would I think double -- let anybody down the but -- later in the early days Wear on and I I want you to that way yeah right I'm avoiding as much to do a good job with these trailers -- de wet your whistle and I still don't feel like I know what's good what's so much happening in there so did there's -- different segments of the -- don't know in what order obviously because they can just put things wherever they want to do. Use you see now I imagine you should do you saw Luke in this trailer I'll do. I say I didn't see him that well well here's here's the thing that I I was very very sure in fact Chris and I had a pretty long argument about this on my FaceBook page. So where was so where do you think he was well I thought that he was the one guy aids about a minute 42 into the trailer and there's demand being it looks like he's handcuffed with the storm trooper walking down a hallway and taking a turn oh yeah I saw that guy I thought it was -- that was im sure it was live -- wasn't him no way I turned it up to a 1080. In the Chris is like knowing Lucas it Pia I'm not sure yeah I know my aunt Zelda in Alexandria I was so set on showing. Greg Crist this immediately know look at me being the superior mirrored the thing that I whoever my outlet that's after you're very serious yeah. So so we still have not seemed look we still have not sent in when we think in one of those things where somebody puts their hand on our duty to which is that when I would expect it to be but I mean that was one of the way way way early trailers and we haven't seen any hide nor hair of him cents. And I say you know and I just recently I had no idea how lost episode one. Aren't why did you not know what I caught cigarettes is the that I I don't say that I. I don't really like Jake Lloyd you know and I and I are in a long time since I've watched that one because I've watched you know added to be Hayden Christensen on. I as that I had as a little kid him being in the ship and going out Detroit let's roll that's cool trick that's just something about him. That was missing it in and Hayden Christensen is delivery of him against his acting as a kid is a lot more forgive a bullet hit Christians worse acting as a grown man he was avoidable I mean the kid was how likeable and certain scenes dirt and that's the problem with an with a win hey Chris this is an Achilles he wasn't likable I never liked him. And I think that's important for anybody who's an factories you've got to be likable no matter if you the most despicable person and in the movie right you've got to be likable. And you know what Jake Lloyd was likeable to me I thought it was really great how we just accidentally goes and I mean it's so big it's so little kid I got myself on the I in the body of like an eight year old watching his movies here how close at the big star is this little kid I kid that just goes swell is Strider series push now these buttons and your kid would do. But he's also got the force so you know we can do some things. Because that if she wants a pod race again. The kitchen and den how many times have access and so today makes it more believable that he could actually surviving base running into the dream better relationship. Oh yeah I know I may jar jar didn't bother me so much is because the good fight is hysterical. I mean that's gonna do battle scene is so much more low blood so much more awesome then did he want battle seemed to me in the end bell seems kinda fun. But the billions are awesome fight you can that he was just you know raise the shield her star to shield might just blessed is the gun the gun isn't charger is an idiot I love it and I'm telling. We seem we forgive the character that's made to be comic relief for children because you need to do something Yunel place where you state sits a forgiving that sin because we understand it's an. A series Galileo would Def movie then there was no charm though I did like Lian niece is quite gone and I like yeah I told we want those two guys I really really like dad I'm forcing out the forms character was never she just didn't have anything he's she's chosen charming she was he now. So yeah a charger needed to be there are you know I mean to help the team was good that was hit those three Palkot seemed quite gone ahead and of course ray park. You know Chris semi wanna once again. You've got to watch episode one if you wanna see a great light Saber fight does know and always hope that gas true I mean you ray park was amazing is Darth Maul. And he is like god it's still it's still an amazing scene area arguably you know because they du Ku and you go to was amazing too but yet I was like these are real people you know wasn't CGI people fighter out there and it was just amazing choreography. I got a FaceBook. Message I have a theory about the I got my carried off if this. By the storms your real solidly actually I think is ice I think this guy and the wait you only seemed briefly met Arnold because they'll look like Serena orange jumpsuits. But there's a scene when jump league is characters walking by and it currently they're going under when the big ships or whatever he grabs him in the kind of have a moment with a look at each other walk away yeah like is that Oscar Isaacs embassy the other for the third guy I am not sure who that is my and I simply got up and that's a stern made our case and maybe had met Harry had a delisting noisily Canada. OK yes and going to be. You write about them. I have no idea he would get up Bob but I cannot talk about this FaceBook message that we got from Michael Michael BJ. I just listened to olasky nation this morning you were mentioning how JJ Abrams has made a strong female lead for the new Star Wars. But you would like to know I just on the cell yesterday George Lucas originally one of the Luke's character to be female but executives at 20th Century Fox had no it had to be male one probably know Lucas also originally thought abusing you monkey in the outfit for yelled out. But apparently he also originally had. And C three Prioleau was described as a used car salesman and it is funny how things have evolved. And it was cool that he gave Francis slay a basically I mean that's who you know she she could have easily been Luke and joins us he was a sister gas problems spoiler. So I can't thank you know I'm the that's. That's awesome because I think lay is such a great character not really really do we absolutely angle and I guess Oscar Isaac will be apocalypse and the next because your eyes you saw tries it. Moscow there Isaac Sowells OK they don't know S there are moving on from that this is the second part of gears Von Colin box like your guy. Brit talk about some video game so let's just get right with that part two of our holiday gift guide if you want to listen to Garrett talked about some of the higher end items headsets. Speakers all sorts of different things you can listen to on the last Friday's podcast. Without gears talk about that but today is talking about the games this stuff that might be these stockings staffers those. Last minute items that you can usually pick up everywhere we're gonna start off with something that I thought it was pretty cool because Star Wars is very soon to come out and they've actually figured out a way do put Star Wars on your videogame controller. Absolutely power it's got a line approached our worsening controller sure. Are chewed urged greater emerged mother went up there they work for the Xbox one spoke protesters stopped right there. That is awesome that's super super fun to see those because I mean if you're gonna wanna play somebody like battlefront why not go full out and have an. And so calm walls talk about some of the games it will start off with battlefront do you feel that this is a really good purchase for people. Absolutely you know there there's been a few people saying or what goes live a solo campaign that doesn't have that so my attitude world. It's exactly what they said it was we've already seen them. Back it up to free downloadable content with the battle check coup which included two maps depending on which game mode and that's the thing about a war they may only have talked endure. Gasoline. And tallest. The fact is that. But maps or should he tell the parents that the premiere which gave mode your playing and you get a completely different maps and others essentially like freer for pop perhaps to her fortunately maps there's multiple game play mode is both speak combat fighter. And the form that you understand this little multiplayer based game. And you accept the fact that okay sure there's a few things that might. Need to be patched but became a stable it looks fantastic place well it's a fair test invest but I personally think it's one of the Brothers or worst it's ever been done. I really liked I mean I only played in the beta haven't had a chance to pick it up 'cause we'll talk about that reason and minutes on but I felt it was a lot of fun and just the fact that they've added more heroes since the last time and I was able to play it and you can play as all sorts of different characters it makes you feel like. On your hat you just you're so immersed into this world that everyone really loves enemy come on the Sar worst drive train is so big at this point. Or Excedrin you know I originally got to place their per. On indoor pool lowly chillier running through the woods frighten people with her lightning it's a lot and and tackle paying any doesn't really cool remember in regards to sit when he jumped across the desk and at that spending yeah that's like one of those power move some money you do that move right in the midst of a bunch of rebels and then you just try to mold don't mean that is. What worked against or our base that's a. Amazing Compaq sold to other reason why I have been playing battlefront and that's fallout for I mean. I have been playing so much in this game I'm so glad that you put this oral on the list of gains that people should pick up. Because this is so much more than even what fallout three your new Vegas ones. Oh exactly and the great thing about it it's a high level of customer situation. There's this professional coast where she's poster and a lot of stuff about her experiences what that she had determined that recently about. You Osama settlers were complaining though they want Brett and they want better have a chat or think and no she put it up there for comment to mare. The response to a was what's pretty simple life support. I brought exploring a waste land I'm the one flooding mutated creatures the scavengers. I'm the 100 number one trading on the one crafting. I think he can make sure you have that could pass a lucky dog actually if you like you're radio bandits settlement. LC failures and make a bit for you knock yourself out I think. And that's the fun part about the game either so many different ways you can play fallout for I read an article or guy tried to see if he how high level level he could give before. He even let sanctuary so he was doing a bunch of stuff. Where he wasn't even leaving the main first area that you've got in doing this Gavin gene being experienced by building stuff and he made it to level twelve before you realize that he'd basically done everything that he can do without leaving that area and that's a lot of their not a stuff. You kind of suspend testing and treats one of the things I liked about what a Smart person caribou dumped along with stud dog meat though GAAP and you know the second you can most Sumpter and their own. And either yeah yeah why is the best and you know it takes your breath Europe player you use Mary we're a pretty good but now I'm taking a Becker a gas station make mistakes got you it had done some bar review. Place. I would look at the Nintendo front what is a Nintendo putting out there or what's out there that you feel is good for people with the week I DS or anything like that. All the way you're stuck policing and a lot of really good titles. Lately one of the newer ones whose yoshi's woolly world where chairman wife. It's quite addicted to and essentially. If you think your the best serve the but Nintendo game should think of the console. The one boring you know console games up to worst thing where you leap for one object together against the the classic Mario games so this is basically allowing up to yoshi's she can do real arsenal were cooped. And you do implant forming but it's a world entirely made out a yard. And so that you don't yoshi's you are in the world spread out a yard. And it's very clever because Little Richard graphically religious think one of the sanctions you can do is click you can collect insurance balls that come behind you when you see enemies. You get like a firing up Schumer civil war and come up like this you can pick the angle launcher and a phone or your ball at a to take out an enemy. You can also actually the Vietnamese walker problems that the melt up sort during the they don't charge and he took part of the urine bolster make various platforms come out. Were solidified a joke to other areas so it's a lot of fun. Wow that's cool and then also you're talking about the original Super Mario stuffed one of the biggest things that I seen this year has been the Super Mario maker where people get to make their own levels and then actually share them online. Exactly ineligible the first thing I really got to look at it it's and you come occurred and and my first thought was actually you know I'll be honest I saw pixels than on my. Oh boy you know I'm reduced. Grade aged 3-D acceleration I don't expect to see pixels. And then I saw exactly what was going on it was would be ability to take Mario levels from any error and or basically create your own. Put him out there sure my line and play him. That similar you know. And they can read our I'm just one of those so it's time journal sort of precision platforms frustrate me bureau believes he couldn't think that the that the definitely good to see that carried over to the new version block but I don't let her know when it's just you usually the people with the stylish and strangers cresting levels up and down and it's like Kerio. And it's kind of cool because people can't I mean people can make a really hard levels but the fun part about that is if you shared online with other people you have to be able to beat the level yourself. So it's kind of cool that you can't just make them. Completely impossible level there's a way to win every level out there online as someone has made the and trek I love it Garret again get my column box from skewed and reviewed that's SK and. Anywhere. Well he can try and it's two SK and art Europe on Twitter and not enough FaceBook just look up accurate on Colin barker skewed reviewed and we'll be right there. Awesome thank you so much men have a great holiday. Future church again that's Garrett Von calm but at skewed interviewed. -- and are dot net he sent me a list afterwards talking Muster the Activision games that are also available that he thought that we're really good this includes destiny that taken keen which has a legendary edition that let you get destiny. Expansion one expansion to end the third one that taken keen this complete collection offers a new the new players a perfect affordable way to jump into destiny thing. Also sky Landers which is the number one kids console franchise world wide and those are the ones have the little the little minis that you could put on the little platforms to have your characters on Guitar Hero alive is out and that's a great one as well. And then finally I call of duty black ops three which is featuring the dark gritty future wearing new breed of black ops folders emerged. And the lines between humanity and military remarks are blurred and who more information and all these also available on SK and let's talk some television tea AJ I know you want talks on that does something last. Friday and we are risks I've been very remiss actually for the last three Fridays so Iowa because Doctor Who has been pretty epic the last three episodes of the season have been amazing. I will not spoil all these second parts of these sick of the ES season finale I'm not gonna do it. I just in case for some reason some people haven't seen it but of course the these third two they the second the last episode I guess over the third the last episode would be the one we're cleric. Unfortunately. Spoiler alert Clara alert spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler whether spoiler spoiler but again yeah this is 30 this is three to four weeks ago I think big it's big. Yeah its make and Clara is no longer list. I'm not of course if you read if you read anything you knew that she was leaving the series yet Janet Coleman says she was when she was leaving and and and it was a beautiful article about how she talked about how they can you at least not have my replacement command. Which unfortunately for the doctor. Whenever there's regeneration he's got to see the new guy and that's. You always wonder how that is even if you decide you're leaving the series it sucks to see your places command position and even new people to move manly and you're done. And Janet talked about LA I hope I don't have to see my new person. Command using the new companion. Which they didn't do well as far as it which is cool and it looks like they're not gonna do for the Christmas episode as far as we know. Tom but I will tell you the did the last three episodes worry how this whole season really is been really really good. They have been very few episodes that I have been a fan of the I think I'd watch him all the other some that I loved more than others but. What a great what a great second season for Peter compel the god I just amazing god he's so good and I don't what I mean I used like one of those things it's like well you know rankings and that's of like apple would you rank him as one of the the better of doctors he is one of my favorite doctors can't really really is now could be my demographic. But did you know that crabby I'm tired of it as humanity and tired of stupid people kind of attitude. I love Peter compelled to because I think he really as they said before. He gives Colin baker love because Colin baker never the six doctor. I never got a chance to or the fifth doctor should say it's. No he wasn't six yes the six doctor never got enough time to grow into being a likable character. The first thing he did in his first episode six doctor was choke up a companion which was really disturbing to see bonds series CIA he was an eight hole. Much like Peter to probably mean a whole more they hold in the first doctor does the first doctor what do you know William Martel was somewhat lovable in his crotch in his. But Colin baker was younger a whole choking up Japan yeah. Yeah I had I think everybody was an idiot full of himself. And Colin baker is said that had he had more than a season. You know or if he had known he had a sees in the writers would have really softened him up. And people thought that Peter compelled it was not very friendly in the first season including my daughter my wife well boy oh boy his relationship with Clara. Talk about how to they have a love relationship that isn't boyfriend girlfriend probably fatherly daughter Lee. I mean it was amazing how they did the east you can see they really cared for each other by the end of the second season IMAX is what you saw it wasn't romance it was. True familial love I mean and boy bush today pull it off and you think that. There was set a semi slightly sort of sexual flirtation going on between Matt Smith's doctor and car wreck that. To how they pull this off and now and oh and I will tell you. Boy did Moffett step of the game we saw Rory. They had the story of Rory where he basically was this gladiator guy and he had to guard a box that Amy was trapped in for how many years at thousand malaria. Then we saw the doctor having lived through how many lifetimes to protect the town of Christmas you know day which was part of the Christmas special I think it was a one of the last apples and it was a different generated Nesmith. Well they do you go a look at they put the doctors are now well they upped the game let me tell you in the last two episodes you like hold my god and I will tell you know. You in the last Minnesota. You go well I think I know what's going on via. And I will tell you know that I was surprised that I didn't know what was going on next just what do you think they can't surprise you that they surprise you. Wanna give a big shout outs amazing Williams of course you know or are you start. If she was in a few episodes this season and she shows up again before the season is over. She's tremendous god what a great actor she is a she she she she she played the role she played she should play different characters as her character of Malden. I won't spoil the haven't seen it but Hershey she goes through many different sort of incarnations herself even though she's not a time lord from. But she does a great job a great great to weather the sees the season finale was awesome. Very excited about the Christmas special. I won't say who's going to be our case for summaries you didn't see the previews I mean who doesn't wait this watch the previews after the other countries I'm gonna tell you know the coming out ahead. But I don't know how this is gonna happen there. Somebody's coming back that shouldn't be coming back and shouldn't be interacting with this doctor but somehow they are my brain heard Stephen Moffett does that domain. I. But I'm very excited about this possibility and if people were reading stories you are you know I'm talking about because PRD spoiled it like. Years you know later because people write articles about who the guest stars are going to be gas so there are you talked about who the guest stars gonna be put back in March but. In case you don't know I'll keep it on the demo awesome and December 25 is when that comes out O Christmas catalog is a special presents very. Moving on from that it's a show that I am completely shocked that Vicky is continuing to watch. Ash vs evil dead. Such a good show Ole amid a good idea this is going to be one of those summit to pick up on dvd so I can watch all of them all the way through I don't blame me good. It did did it hasn't been one episode that hasn't made me smile knowing I mean 35 minutes the perfect time on stars which by the way I'll ever watched anything on stars so good for them because. They're getting a lot of exposure I don't have stars and as the reason why I'm not watching it now always so. She's the men see this is what I love to hear though because it's so good leg there's been a bunch of shows that have come out AA especially like this year we're like okay F first couple episodes sure sure your body gets declining really quickly. Yeah and this one really I'll tell you. They've taken a long way around we know what has to be done. And every episode you go really is the old episode going to be about this and yet I am so entertain every time they make. They they don't really I mean it didn't they have enough on the budget where they really make everything look cool. Maria a gory bloody ridiculous and you're not just freaking well I mean you sir is there via its humor it's the business somehow let them bother me it's VAD although this could be real yet they friend had. They put into what three or four different sets when you think about it and I go back DO. He's been on the road. It looks like it's what are they posted a three or four different locations and all these episodes. And you realize. They're not really don't anywhere or doing anything they're not too far away and then gets its energy go OK so the whole episode is going to be about him go are here really the whole episode and you go or the whole episodes on him having dinner with somebody like like elect a holiday dinner. And I agree and don't really the whole episode with a pen yeah I don't know actually nothing ever goes right there's always an ass show where every goes. And it's so good it. And it's great that they have the ability of this the special effects ability unlike you know the original evil dead I mean Tommy Darden have fun but now they have the money. To really do this is so like shark NATO amazing if you like. Okay. Start I don't know watching ash vs evil dead you are missing a tree because this is shark NATO for horror which by the way really sharp NATO is evil dead four. You know basically to these guys don't monsters there in Michigan the other way around because shark you know just didn't he loved and for those disaster movies. Sodium good so good I loved every episode loved every episode. I'm very spoiling anything for those of us looters are your big yellow and you say would you want to yeah you start out there aren't many it's army it's been a week it's all we haven't watched yet I got on the show us how we lose and we next week in the last. Last episode now we saw Lucy Lawless team up with. In this episode they kind of stumble upon a key stumbling upon you know dead the scenes of you know what ash left behind. They have a unique track great advice yeah let me just say they have a unique way of tracking ash. And he goes all the way back to. Warn the movies this early yet and it's so awesome. The cool and I Osama battling everything that's awesome is an idea how to attract. You know below us get to some undercover in situations I'm wondering you know like this can't be. Yeah Lucy basically she shows up with the detective and their partners and then the detective ends up leaving by herself. Because Lucy gets a self and his some oh no they really did the did his own hot water if you will prayer who'll. Yeah and yet Lucy looks bad ass so I can't think this is like no gonna send our too easy and by the way. You know I don't you've seen the mean where they show everybody who's old playing the roles they play may go so why can't Lucy Lawless place Xena yeah I'm saying. I I have to say to her after seeing her and miss I don't see why she's she's kicking ass and she is she to me you know what her for these. Still able to do all the things they want to do it looks like he's Lindsay she looks like Lucy Lawless so it's not like you know some actors you know after Sears doing well and then. And she salukis are usually good at just the greatness is amazing in it ash vs evil dead so I'm thinking. Lucy should just take these episodes shown NBC and say are you there all right I guess I think I should be Xena that is amazing are at all it is time for us to get to keep each. Drama drama here little daughter Liz and aloud what is. I'm it is yeah that's my dad says Tim movies movies and Glenn are trailing the looks on camera and react I had so let me coming up this league that everyone is super excited about the apparently isn't doing so will greener on tomatoes as of yet so it comes out today. In the heart of the scene was in his of the Moby Dick mostly the Moby Dick millionaire or reverses the whales he had but I mean it got the ability here I mean we also have lady stark we have a new Spider-Man we have got a scarecrow is in the see why so little. Really great and I knew that he would Moby Dick and CA has seen the chances grade and enough so screwed up at the 51% on rotten tomatoes. 097%. Wanna see it though has now as does Ron Howard Toobin so people always draws moving oh I liked it and fight and I'm surprised and thought try to it was Ron Howard yeah and that's I think that's what you definitely takes me on the side and makes good movies everybody loves yeah nothing in this mideast PG thirteen 121 minutes. All of these exit lets you know ours goes into Corsica bearded men being a boat for two hours if I really do whatever it was only five years and they are in our case I'm surprised that many people wanna see because I really have no interest I don't have interest and it it gathered at a worse for the need is Ron how were in store all these people are in it might however I don't we didn't go immediately movie. Maybe that's all it is is it's just not appealing to people on that level. The book is a national best international bestseller she is me and the result there that that's the thing exactly so. I just don't know this week. Movies or is that true sir that inspired the book Moby Dick. I know it's because I think it's unfortunate it's obviously classic story have loved to see a revision in a way that people would. Would love it and the even though a lot of you wanna see the sad thing is is that the critics. They're kind of lukewarm about it that's the sad thing. Some classic stories are classic as the sole holder from before great storytelling. There you know and every commander you really along just via my complaints by authors have set up up up and we have to change it a lot like better get receivers Ole miss that's not a musical. Like Victor Hugo could unlock them and tell me I'm gradually you're evaluated his rough and what do you. What else being equal suvs a little weird to me because one I couldn't I had never heard of it. And secondly its not even playing it's coming up today it's not even playing in our area like I could finally a gentlemen different. Did this. We it's called American hero in the main character is played by Steve endorse church he does like the second banana I guess in the blade movie oh yeah center lane like deacon frost please the second one on nine DD hulking center yet if I can against a wedding and he was the big bandwidth you get and that's what I mean like OK gotcha idolize people as a character named Mel Linux. So I'm reluctant superhero is only for crime winning and drugs it's really really isn't the only way you'll ever get to see estranged son is to go straight and dubbed. Those potential as a crime fighters is. I had nano ever and yeah I. That's great beta is out and have Blu-ray dvd now are Eddie Griffin is also on this one aren't you Eddie Griffin plays like his mentor he's in a wheelchairs on if you can't study shows you how appellate kinetic power than Lutz. Yeah I used pre season joining us how the door on front ends an NBA doesn't have a rating at only 94% wanna see it though so zones like southern one of those movies like like super work could be really great or just like are really terrorists might actually into the JAMA makes me think though because they couldn't find in theaters maybe it's straight to dvd. I don't know if Barack didn't just another limited release was no money to get it I think it's funny to remain covered him you know with the police CNN using his power to stop bullets and he's wearing a suit though Captain America shirt. It's like our red circle with a blue star on the inside someone that's running the. Good job this seems like you must be a sort of been and I'll mas parity on your community and obviously it does. Action comedy scifi politics how many man at all like an Indy parity OK and I think it does seem like it seem like Elaine a scary movie type parity this movie I wanna see every no more data didn't get reviewed by anybody you know that's unfortunate too small the death of it and then quick other thing JCD new trailer does T share they came out for the legend of Tarzan. And similar. I don't music tar pit that's another guy don't care about caveat not to interest it and then that definitely looks beef cake there I watch it always has good. And daddy dead and like Tarzan because of the Disney movie out well yeah I I I don't know where there's a Boston right after a loss the team NT trailer so it was a little underwhelming because I was like we dudes are pigs this movie itself but what it's weird because it's late mother the did you move allows a kid but what this does do that I feel like a lot of these Disney remakes are doing and this by the way instance this one not Disney. I'm like I'm a little reject and I don't know I'm in his public domain. Who knew where this one has plots are not familiar with in the gallery right we've got we've got Tarzan wearing a suit drinking teeth about the plot I'm not familiar with who got an indigenous people on the silent right it's not just the white people in the guerrillas and one person well that's a lot like I'm not angry today in the -- timbers and he doesn't have wearing a suit at one point almost goes with jeans and yeah does he almost goes but he doesn't seem alien very much looks like. She's in Europe the cicada it's it's still plot lines that were under from now I wonder if there's going to leave you with it. There was courses skilling and Johnny white collar Tarzan movies and that what twenties and thirties and I wonder if they're taking anything from backs bullets or Jaeger rice Burroughs Laura there's more than a few that that's what's happening right there is its they've taken there is such a little dearth of information during actually Asia that wrong but. A lot of a lot Curacao got there breads from me Jad breadth. Randy and I'm excited as you know we are up bro I'm reading the what the thing in the belliard rewrites the police his tardy and having a claim it's slow acclimated to life in London is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining and I feel my. How can race well in my summer movies he didn't do me a hundred great stoked the legend of Tarzan knew which was an eighty's movie with. This from our mayor in the in the in the title role. He does that he'd he goes to London and you get sort of it introduced to society if you will doesn't care for NASA the record numbers and because of this is a there's precedent for. This right are in if you're not convinced a Margot Robbie plays Jeanne back. And then we have Alexander scars guard plays Tarzan add we know data and Internet you know even Germany cannot Jackson Christopher Waltz. Chris Resop dizzying I do I'm trying to browns as does M I know Anna is Jim money hunt slew. So close close it G money gee month Jim I'm JG Asian you Djimon Hounsou because Djimon Hounsou. You don't like he's any news or maybe. Guardian of the galaxy you know I. I am so I'm sorry I don't be mean there's so much Tarzan I and you realize how many TV series that made so many near Miami has so many of the at this point I leave you may heating up who would know. This is a means and so complex I don't know how your present roses state. Aren't bad in spare. Us really take at this Charlie vs Jake on. July 1 when he sixteen. OK so yeah I'm definitely don't want to mess an Arlington as a stain needing to. Immerse yourself in deep culture movies books cons and especially game. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you could black my geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is a deep gamers paradise. It's like country club for peace without awaiting toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so get key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark cloth.