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BJGN 11-06-15 - Ash vs Evil Dead

Nov 6, 2015|

Rev reminds everyone that Extra Life is happening this weekend; the gang discusses TV with The Walking Dead, Ash vs Evil Dead & Heroes Reborn; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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    It's and Michigan cheese and ice and get your game on Vernon Wells introduces Tuesday night gaming opened the public every first Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PM pretty deep friends did you game on a very well tabletop video RPG's and more seen as little or Boise like Tuesday night damion Fletcher geeks like quiet Vernon Wells is the season for cold retired to the parlor and Vernon Wells for winter themed games such as the song of ice and fire living tar game twelve days and more recently warm delicious
    the ones that you hear the beginning any end of each podcast Vernon Wells . They're actually doing something really special with this so we've got David in John in a with us today for this type guys doing today. Pretty good all right nice and so. First off emerald city comic con is one of the biggest comical lines in L would definitely in the Pacific northwest but also on the West Coast and you guys are actually doing something really cool because Vernon Wells is going to be having a lounge at Emeril so become a prime. Yeah we're gonna do something a little bit different we're going to have come a place for our members to hang out and relax and not have to do all. Stand on their feet. All day long and my age old by the way for you don't know because he set our members GO members we've away what are you talking about members with Vernon Wells members what do I have to be in a summary anyway after they could try to do I have to Vietnam War machine from Mars what are you talking about her business Vernon Wells you speak of sir because I. Well you may actually introduced at my. Well I got that I think I wanna know I'm a member before I go visit your lunch. Actually because I think if you can never tell people too many times how cool Vernon Wells this Libby. Let me do this I'm gonna put John on the spot here. He's one of our members. And what is Vernon Wells in your work. Spoke. Vernon Wells is that awesome place you can go to always find someone a nameless dom and he has really matter what kind of
    it's hard for people find that but now there is definitely would Vernon Wells AAA Haiti then. For people with like minded activities and it's something more is is just as simple as if you wanna
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    doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells . Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes

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Immerse yourself in deep culture movies books cons and especially game. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark cloth. Ladies and gentlemen. Geeks have always lose and you are now entering Vijay JC makes. Welcome yes welcome the Vijay Shays geek nation and I and the reverend en Fuego across for media is Vicky Barcelona now up ground. So often we've also got Chris walker walk like eight plan are you doing how you can Wear it. Smith co lead does join us remember remember cool. Well now what I forgot something yesterday exactly. Teammates. BJ Shea is not doing he has he is on assignment he didn't remember remembered some years back yeah huh. Which is quite our it would meet and fall off it's not so great when your you know flatulence. Hey is it there had this caddie gives me the chance do what you all bask in my glory that. The one rule under Jane that. You know makes me want him to be here exactly PPP a regular guy should just be a rule they're probably should be done is create a hostile and I regret. This is well I'm hosting the show I can children's show bread not just starting. Say hi OK and I think the college all of us now hey Taylor went RA Dickey how to be able to all of us. Check out our website at our podcast BJ geek nation dot com goes like on FaceBook petition for BJ she's geek nation. You can also follow us on Twitter and instant Graham didn't stick Doral and the BJP nation send Texas to the waist and had one may 02243353. Your shoes I mean I'm BJ geek nation in gmail.com. And you guys can also vote should the red not. Be allowed to fight. No you should you guys just say the codes that let far. Let red fart but tread on view him no move on from that response one thing we recently did a live event with the main radiation or wearable you're all there wells the goalie wasn't there but that's okay and one person asked us as I today let's oblivious to Graham we'll be posting more. So just don't worry about that we will have more things to do that and so make sure give us a follow on that. And I'm also another the re post apps so if you do anything not for the youth like a three posts on mr. Graham tad yes. To say maybe indeed nation re posting these. So geeky things you do over the weekend we talk about the stuff that we do you know the previous week. I'm far geeky stuff we'd love to see the board games the video games. Yeah all that stuff like cool gear you got anything we just wanna see we your geeky world has yet. We got going on here in a lot of us don't have like though Lou box and Lou crater he knows we'd like to see the openings of those well let's we're geeky types are probably nicer looking and the we are where they could hit hit hit hit it pretty much kind of aesthetically pleasing your coach could argue that but I am doing in the oval sweat shirt. He's like the top none none you wouldn't comfortable there yet so I'm so the guy that you're doing okay. A durable anymore comfortably you'd be wearing your for yemen's these are pretty enclosed at exactly I'm one thing to note tomorrow. Is a really big day because a lot of people are doing the extra life charity yeah yeah for our gaming. On there's a lot of people out there are doing is so if you have friends and such watch them but also ice I suggest that you check out on the mocks boarding house feed you can find that we've posted links on our page to make sure you can go right to help donate. The debt to earning Chris in the NPC cast in all the people that they're going to be having there. This is 24 hours most of doing video games. Green egg Chris and Aaron with NPC cast working through mock boarding are going differently they're going tabletop which means that board games and RPG games. I know that we're gonna have some geek nationals. Four or some of the crew here are going to be checking it out you know Lockheed and Vickie it's the goalie said he was gonna try right now would be there now I heard a Los some. So I'd definitely helps them out. Give them some support if you can't make it down the mocs boarding you can watch him on the stream which we've posted on our FaceBook page. Give them a lot a lot of help donate it for good cause. And if you're local to the western Washington area they are helping us Seattle children's hospitals. Which helps out aids local so it's a great thing to do if you're not local there's a ton of other places and another a lot of people doing things C confined need to go to extra life dot org they'll have a lot of information on the different people doing that. You can also follow my nose and social media and just look for extra light the hash tag got no help on a lot of kids as well and it's a good talks. Are we gotta talk some TV shows I think I want to start so well. Let's start with the Walking Dead master of the sanctuary in the conflict and you knew you you be quiet there I would have definitely a master of the segue let's talk about dead things gat or maybe not so much did things because well not a whole lot of that or any right. Picabo did think the Walking Dead the week before was the very very graphic and very disturbing for everybody emotionally. Good passing of clan from some well what we zoom is the passing of glancing at the end so what do they do US state blue ball less. Okay give us hey. An hour and a half episode of mortgage and it's his story coming from. Coming from the basically clear right where he had his little house and he was completely broke and his his wife had died his child had died he had nothing and he was on the road to just killing everything. Zombies humans no matter what. He had a clear everything. On an it would seem again. When he finally caught up with Rick in the gang. He's more of a zen master yeah a little more Jett died I don't know if you guys saw that somebody added light Saber and lights adverse effects to his both staff. Mentally as early as John Lawrence is not always great it was wonderful to load it any kind of exemplifies what he's become he's really edge and I master at this point sure. Well how did he get there. While he fights that he finds a portly man named Eastman dad who is. He was a very interesting character. I didn't know what to expect in it was really fun and win the fact is you don't see him right away. The first encounter you have is when. You hear the goat. Affectionately named tablets yeah handled everything when you when you name ago I don't think it's ever a good thing notice and you get that emotionally attached to leg goat. And most for most this episode I was just like come on don't kill a goat. Don't kill a go at most some as yelling at Morgan hey Morgan don't kill the goat yeah I was worried about the go to the apple really was we you don't see him at all you just see more again sneaking up on this release sweet. Cabin that was oh was this man Eastman who we find out. And the guys just like to go it's not yards. Plea is no way. George Morgan responds with a hail of gunfire have to ethic could OK okay did say that he's just like all right he shot at me but how about you stop doing that how what you just go away or we could talk about they're about to see exactly he wants to he's he's a booster he wants to help. And well eventually he had to sit. Morgan down with a couple of can go both staffs. Moves Annan ever get the martial arts stuff com. But he DOD personnel he says an 18100 times during the ups are happier NATO a key though Nikita and there was swords now what does it. Here wolf thank you very much welcome and that was it I didn't mean to say come on. So we get to the fact that EC sets him down he's got a cage in his it in his. A little cabin got. And he's basically not going to give up on Morgan. He's letting him well hang out in there and try today he's trying to get him to talk to work through things can. Because we find out the east men well for studies berries and barely there and they're living out there on his own it's damaging with he is goat tablets. Arms he was a psychiatrist. Which I feel is sort of hope for in the apocalypse as. As an analyst actually and I always cycle analysts and it's a subtle different outlet an important one. And he. He's been working way as you live as you were there with kids say he said the worst job was to evaluate prison inmates taller every generation into society and that he and his spent his entire career. Judging here in judging people's from a wrong word but evaluating people and determining their from you know state of mental health. Yes and that. Lends itself I think very well to the situation he's in especially someone who shows up who is as broken as Morgan but we're also sort of led to believe there's no overt statement about the worst sort of led to believe that Morgan may well be the first actual person. That hasn't that Eastman has encountered. Yes first living person obviously yeah and it's it was such. He built the whole progress of the episode and that we talked a little bit about it on spots just because market for some reason is able to give props. Like he's gonna process this entire season while of the Walking Dead fold. For him yes I actually. But I really I really liked riding on this and while it didn't progress the story. Whatsoever helps you realize and kind of figure out. Who Morgan is. Some people weren't familiar with him if they came in a later in in this reasons we're just like wolf who is this guy and if you missed anything from on the first season two when we saw him and clear. You just don't know what he's about right. This this and this was a surprise for the casual viewer which honestly at this point who who is still watching this as a casual viewer I don't know. If there's a lot of people out there who didn't realize who Morgan was or if they. If they didn't before hand they probably went back and looked it up on yelling because a whole episode about one guy. You gotta know that that's important stuff even if it doesn't progress the storyline very much which it did not. If it still gave us the true that that I said the true fans that's not the right nutrition apologize to the fans not true for as a turning a thing. To the fans it gave us of three. Very interesting and very well crafted story about this character and I think I'd think that I went into it being very frustrated that we were gonna get any more story progression as a guy you know I do I need a whole hour nap yeah organ. I don't I don't need this what does this come on give me my show back. And I watch says I can't that was awesome. Yes and I think what this also does is it leads you to understand. Morgan's philosophy. Moving forward. On at this point I think even somebody on already mentioned that the present time Morgan once we got back got he's Kennedy is basically trying to stop Rick. From turning into the clear phase Morgan yeah Ricky is getting that point he's just like we got to kill whomever and if it's not part of our group. He used to be the guy who was like bring people landing we need people we need community and obviously that hasn't worked out multiple times that are remembered by it is the problem yes first time shame on you second time one's gonna kill you. And I think that Morgan is trying to do that. And you've unfortunately got people like Carol. Armed men who has no issue whatsoever put a bullet in somebody who's attacking Neas head. Arm on that note as well we find out that the guy he thought he didn't kill. And more so it what a Morgan didn't kill them on and more so it was the guiding he had first met up with at the camp fire exactly so I think that we had figured that out or somebody had. But it. I wasn't too sure sort of want to bring it out. I'm I'm gonna start calling this season the people with the issues season ticket and at every every every time we we encounter. These characters who we feel like we've gone on this huge long journey whiff. We aren't in this season seeing new facets of their broken this nor. How they're dealing with what is happening how they're dealing with the world around them and that's sort of the overlap underlying theme of this entire show is. How would you deal with this and we're seeing different aspects of different has to be able to get the bulls get the governor who got. You know ever everybody basically having their own perspective on this and very few of them. Seek a 100% I'd eye on anything I mean even caroling and Rick. We're at odds for a big part of what season three new and and and just. Every little wave that everyone who has been. Just wrecked by this and and we and rightly so wrecked by this each of them has found a way to deal with it and survive and it's not always. In the you know in the interest of the group as a whole necessarily. But each and every one of them has their own take on what it means new to survive in this new world and I like that we are seeing those different perspectives and I think it's fantastic way. For this show to continue and to keep giving me the wonderful miss that gives me every week. One of the flow more poignant things that Eastman said was that everything is about people and I think that's stuck with Morgan as well if these art. You know a guy and it's the hardest part because he's trying to save them away the wolf one of the wolves. And the guy's just he just comes forward within the nasty tartar teeth or what in the hell he does have a Beagle she's blocks honesty all I aegis like. I'm going to kill you are now going to kill everybody if he because that's what he does his code key that is his coach great it was anyway is that one of those things or Morgan realizes and he's had to do it he's had to kill people on the and he realizes that sometimes you just. Can't save people. But all life is precious thing and how do you deal with that. Well and that's the problem now is because Morgan has. Morgan knows how far gone he was. And to be able to come back from Matt yes he now OK in my opinion in this is just one nerd talk and compete for am in my opinion he believes in his heart soul that he can bring other people back from that edge. Yet and I feel Leahy. Yes he senses that he has a duty to do stone and that's a lot of that's a lot of pressure to put on one person and well as put on yourself and you know again doesn't have that he's had. Psychological training you know true true and so how is he going to be until that I don't know much. Get up and is gonna make bigger bigger problems now I'm a big. Proponent of the viewpoint that in fact Morgan is not responsible for what happened to Rick at the at the camper. But on the other hand if he takes it upon himself to try and bring someone else back from the edge like this. We're gonna get we're gonna get a quiet guy in and day and it can situation he's easy on him worse so the dark side period. Gaffe and there and I am I'm not excited about where it's going through me bad things for the people that I likely you know what it's still a great story and really it's. Exactly and that's the thing I wanted to see how these stories play out and I'm present I'm in love and it's so you're definitely I was definitely OK with the ad the more you know once Shaq. He was he was great what couple things that I noticed at the very end you hear someone yell opened the gate means you're trying to figure who that was like Rick let it sounds like Korea and consensus is that it's break. More likely coming back at that end right and also Stephen Yoon was not in the opening credit you know he was not and that's freaking people out. Of course it might have some visas do with the character being eaten alive on television the way exactly but everyone is holding very very fast to the fact that oak Glen can die he's such an important character that's a lot of wishful thinking don't actually need ball carrier regularly like this is the about the show is people die. A lot. This this is the leaf fan hope engine just driving along and and and the and I think the show runners in the producers in the show are milking it for what it's worth yeah and they took Stephen you know out of the credits because you know what. They want you to be and they want you still examining what you notice they wanted to keep watching this thing also is that a lot of the fuels and not be there are a lot of is not be fooled by the show runners but by people on the Internet who have articles. Who make money when you click on that so we are still gonna hear hope. That's how it worked. Bet that's how you're part of the system yeah I'll hopefully this next week will we'll get a little bit more to that but I could see then stretching out. What happened to gland and tell the mid season finale may hand farther I think even Vijay mention that that they could stretch separate long long time. And distrust people insane until we have another show with a bunch of good stuff when adults we do have a show with a budget did step here's an amazing thing greet. Vicky actually watch this one. I don't even know how first I think he how did you not first off pull your pants because it. That's scary you like it was plagued my colleagues scary as it. He's got just carry my dad yeah I'm blood actually like obviously watching many groans. Bryant. I don't like stuff like hostel and saw because that's almost almost plausible. I mean. Like some of the yes some of the gore porn can get really really in. Intense and very. Can't miss free medical because they're doing and this was the bombastic and over the top. You have very sleazy and essentially kinda cheesy not a bad manage he writes I don't start with I the body. You know he's you know traditional point in his life and I'm trying to be supported the metaphor in. There. Hey let's go back to my house to watch movies or playing video you don't have. Until half former that I have have really not that within I'm a member of thanks I did kick his ass and that old school Mario Kart to any 99 and they're 1990s Mario Kart mailed these. And we don't mention pursuit. Legal test vs the learning that I well we're talking about and I think I could just see you at the thought of they just been like are among the car and weight difference in the evil dead because I've only seen the last evil that they cannot a couple of years so it'll be okay these minerals entity record breaking a blood oh man yeah but the blood usage from well over the top. A little bit more iron this area Alamos economy and he peed my pants a little bit but it. Not lose its Bruce Campbell linking yeah hello Larry as any still locates. I saw the footage of him for Mac and a day like he was very attracted. So what yeah. Are you are used that you may he still has that charm only hearing bad I would hit that Elisa did twenty years older but still like I guess I can't act like the illness is good evening. So you seem to be a little bit more Kelly on that Daniel like our attic and see what you used to be what's going knowledge announced. So yes it's ash immerses evil dead. The opening scene like the first four minutes. I look at the right back into the world that is. Just scrape back into it you realize that he is just a coonhound this is the one their baggage boiled all of these deep is the ultimate. And somehow he still has an economic on. And it's just a colossal flop rice spike what does he do he unleashes evil by saved by trying to get in a woman's hands slowly yet he gets stone apparently I don't know of an economic on eight the mushrooms but he was having some fun with it. A day and decides oh yeah I wanna check out some poetry he stagger us tag are very liberated from the book of the dead. And they don't actually see whether or not he misled on is going to I know right we don't really do work we don't know. I love the show because the affects the affects a great feel they've gotten gory practical effects but they've also mixed in. Some CG so they asked and it's the same sort of thing that they've done with. When they did it with army of darkness. They used the technology that they could afford and they had available for NASA there's some stop motion animation and that they're worse than something really bad video effects by today's standards but there are finally when you see the little lashes running around. They did that with the add to all. Yeah as an all right so very the gulf where it was perfect and it was everything that you would wind yet. In an evil dead. You show like. Ever and I really clearly think. With this show I don't know you don't I don't know every time I started till the when the dollar tanking Zardari spoilers right you're absolutely the first time so when he attacks with an adult attacking him and then public comes in with term. The shovel and smash the doll like why would the doll house blunt. Now I'm thinking note note that cyber site and yet not think Michelle easy innate yet that's still one big thing is that with dead guy it's they are. Michael Vick can go into human especially third dead yeah and they're just like possessed little. Themes that I buddy just possessing adult body which would have blood mussina had a and that's I'm glad I guess that's why like I can think he'll definite about it just enjoy yet don't worry about that and I'm in addition to ash we've got say a whole slew of characters including up Pablo Pablo. Am I mean I just raising hopes as well always they were yelling especially the birds he knows list of the kidney he might speakers here meets he reminds me a bit of Napoleon Dynamite with Kramer hair. And Hillary should think and mustaches. To have a big east. Yeah I love him in that I would say comic relief in a sense to me so nerdy but a feeling that all comic relief so yeah I'm aware now. I mean this is this is these guys the horror comedy that I love this and scream queens I think are the two shows that are really. Really doing it well armed won two things and I'll also I'll we talked about Kelly he she is a new trainee at. And whom. Apparently is a friend of pop blows. And I don't necessarily want us there romantic interest I hope it's hollow Germans he enters the not for his candles and little creepy to me I don't think you will there. And other than the fact that Bruce goes for or numbers that. Ash goes for everything. That is only as far but she's already been on to his kind of wiles and realize that he's kind of a knob. So I think if it's anything it's going to be Pablo and Kelly. One person they haven't met up with yet is the cop Amanda. She ended up going into a haunted house with her partner. And watched him get killed. And they know nobody believes that it was the dead diets are these crazy things happen and. Had a slight because I was wondering like what what's going on why is it that this house is Alton hunt content it's because the girl that time attacked them first found the girl that they can cash is getting high ranked. That's all we Agassi got possessive I was in there and that was wilder stuff was happening and and and so she is trying to deal with the fact they she had to kill heard no one at that point dead I its partner. And no one believes that she has done that hopefully they're going to be meeting up soon in that and for somebody else that appeared in this episode. The quote unquote appeared yeah. The winds the Amanda Fisher the the police officer when she's in the diner in studies. You know she's like oh I can't trust my eyes right now that was Lucille are as Lewis Gonzalez like a like the woman in the white I was like OK what she's going to like when I first saw her in the shot out like she's wearing a white is so. Like you it's so attention grabbing Allen that is a person that is going to be influential on the scene and as she was I didn't even realize it was Lucio as I thought maybe at the very end of the episode we sock. Her mom or her way rather Kelly's mom mom who is supposed to be dead for the last six months that was going to be music I thought that was gonna be Lucy and because we don't see any face thirty thing like that doesn't it might still be. Well I guess just and I have TV she is listen I'm only looking at the episode I'm not looking at anything else. Is it known listed as Rubino B no B no buyers yak. Something like that ever read an article as saying that she's going to have some dealings with ash. I just don't really I don't think it's going to be now I don't feel it's going to be her mother let me tell the other good maybe bad and there are now. I ask you a lull in f.s is listed as well so that's important in nursing bureaucrats are going for Lucy Lawless what does quota grow geeky thing you should not and I love right yeah I mean she was great shield yup and guy nicely Xena. Yeah and nice she even on the eyes and nose she hasn't speculated that shall be a part of the new Xena once they bring that out from super happy to see her on this show yeah. In she did an episode of adventure time apparently doesn't fool it. Salem which is about the and the rich content you obviously parks and rec and after she acted because you have a lot of stuff Villa editorial yes things a lot of like geeky stuff that's what they're isn't like battlestar lacking obviously just. Do are they geeky goddess. Is unique and so it's superstar for this calm right now if you haven't watched the episode I know that. Their FaceBook page Ashe first the evil that happens the first episode up it's on stars if you don't have it I don't have that cable network while maybe figured out I love you but I definitely definitely check this out if you can't if you love the evil dead if you loved. Army of darkness and this has everything you love about it. Bruce Campbell being used to do she is too which is where he's a master. Oh. It's yet you get funny and he asked for is old school fans and even the people who had never seen anything like that they develop flash back the way they did yeah those rails like I'm a little. Where we're at yet and I was going on this first episode was I'd directed by Sam marine meet. On so I it has everything that you left now and I don't know if the rest of them are I would highly doubt that the rest of the want to direct buying it and it's gonna have the same feel some superstar crew that are definitely check it out let us know what you think about it. A series any says you know he is writing credits for eleven episodes creator credit creator can have occurred and can I never episode I had enough which means he probably has the OK on the already has yet. Moving on from that we need to talk about heroes reborn. Hi June 13 part Jude just dropped yesterday not talking about that one talking about June 13 part wind so Riley's go by my tablet like I want to might only shows a little tablet a marine your only little half. Can and can't do it in that voice later you know it's like a little too little really really really. There are and we none. Really who you in the room where it felt all right I love it enough pop or shall I thought there wasn't a new episode I was really bombed. And part of the problem isn't the World Series put a lot of shows and flocks and some people didn't realize well it did happen Mickey. And well we can tell you would have been had just listen to this show right now time for that fact I'm self so everyone showed up. The big headline and held the big thing that we had left with was a hero and HR GR return to you by June 13 when he fourteen. In an effort to stop the bombing at the unity summit. Well we find out they hero is super against butterflies and huh huh. Which we're looking glass of cities like rocket is temporary butterfly like if there was ever irked that he foreshadowing that was super obvious it was that one Everett kill all the butter relies one that was the thing is that he actually sticks to that. He and eighties that well sticks to his what you get it's he's going to do is step on the least amount of butterfly is sure so one of the things that he actually I think you'd appreciate this as the goalie he uses his power. In terms of like at one point in the scenes as is just a scene of him standing there he's frozen time and then he just blinks like seven returns and improved improved blue blue blue. And it's because he's checking out all the alternate time lines and to make sure and see what happens and he comes to the realization. That it's not going to be any better and this is going to the edu least worst outcome there was Al does about a lot alike. Camera behind no like no we can't do ready say as if he's not the master time it's basically teleport them anywhere any time to stop soon after does act like he's a lot less powerful than he is whenever I know is on the screen to Maria. And so we find out about the bombs on the bombs are a high end of harris'. And that was kind of a cool way to go about it I thought that was super funny got to see hero on being a sweet swords men. I but ultimately ineffective because there's that they just basically just he used certainly to rush you just get as many decades of hurt if you blow it up when you make it happen in a man on courteous reference so far dirty as reference on the geek nation I know. Plenty of people who got that Owens. They did I'm not saying they did not I'm just saying can't we let it come here Greta is like deep catalog when we amazing we. Star craft that far deep cut the exact one of the most you can't just a matter say you're just like our asserting that you know January early and Russia is I don't some LeRoy Jenkins right parenting. Luke enjoy when we get a little bit of back story and their son in the reason why they went there in the first place. I and the fact also that they're terrible parents who don't pay attention where their child is and then and apparently go on an evil murdering spree because they can't keep track of their manage your child. Had surety hatch Euro Tariq. Oh Tomo the creator of ever now we find out how he traps hero in the version of the game he is an evo. Who can and fix only people and that was critical limits on one I think bill that her dad is gonna do all this stuff you could call on that there and it makes a lot more sense as to why. It completely meet mimics the real world rice terms is because he's just you brought it back into caring about the storyline I'm not delay the incident will soon have to say it helps to have zero incentive he's he's gonna go ahead as carrier and so yeah and the fact that they only had the graphics as the little small screen text or graphics were so bad in this on the CG I think you just because it was less of it yes exactly we really only had Phoebe with the black out. The black out that cloud I guess of what you call and about a boy she's not real monster yet she's not move could going to. And we just kind of find out that he was her blacking it out to stop all the power so no evo could stop this from happening. We get to see Angela petroleum. Saddam and Mo hinder smoke an area which was tight or nervous until you realize it was a year passed so while we have Angela there. Tom Moe hinder is trying to stop the Harris is from blowing things up. And it looks like he. While they blame lake while they blame him and they're like we're not as is doing a leasing single handers claiming he was terrorist more in there and it looks like he ends up dying in the blast India and so this is all were I think this is all we're gonna see if Mo hinder. Mom wants Obama to look at these are just showing any key you're getting a taste of each of the old school people wins small roles because I think frankly a lot of people don't have time to do more. Question wolf did. In the first episode so low hindered dies in the blast you're saying that that's just that's how I've billion yeah okay but then didn't they say. And I could be wrong -- reform wrong in the first episode when they're talking about it and small has come out and saying they should yeah yeah yeah he's losing your metropolitan and we're not as diseases yeah basically you Posey has hit during claiming responsibility permits and they're responsible for Clinton I don't remember if they claim that he said this before he supposedly guider it was afterwards because even after her. And in the in the first episode one and what's his face of what's her face killed the that the mutant intraday at the evo support group right Mo hinder claims that he didn't is that as well so he's he's clean today the ghost of Mo hinder or at least the company that's for Teddy to be money there. Hayes has been claiming things for over a year now. Threaten build they're claiming it so I mean used to do I think the average citizen assume he's in prison then I'm guessing there's nothing at all this chase and he's at large are Gina terrorist Al cracked and yes things are still happening but they they don't actually shown anywhere so what we're led to believe in this episode then is that that that ever not this is actually. Using him as their scapegoat for everything got turned. And we get a lot of tiny whining stuff way he does tool know as a running around on future no. Runs to the hospital while pass no way is stuck add the unit in the unity convention. And so. Future no logos. Fines Claire and that's is the interesting thing is you look at the the CC feed ABC even knowing there it's like. Future no I'm going to the past and he's looking at themselves and as you can see everything there is a little bit which does it implies though. Because didn't in that ended previous episodes where right we now know. In knives of three or four whatever was when they were he was looking at the CC feed the that was future no he was looking at yes that was actually absolutely he would you're looking what you mean news. That it did that they're doing time trouble one of those this is already happened just a cycle yet admitted into the blue dress things have to be the same artist explaining all of the stuff this is making one and a half from. Usually born here they're figuring it out they're laying out the ground work on that. Bob and then we get to the big reveal that Claire is going to stay dead there's no Hayden Panettiere on the show they just show her covered face. Never know go anywhere beyond that which I didn't really think that they would have a alive Claire this point and they. Mind if she is they're filling the justice for a second we have died come on man in Tennessee air. And that is part of me thinks maybe so showed that the animal into one of those that it could do to us these are keeping under wraps really well I'd be amazing if they can do and harassed. I would like to be personally I feel like there is. And oh so important but also I now that we know that that the kids are the kids yet and exactly she dies she died we have our surrogate cleaners in childbirth. Which was very confused and I'm like wait a minute and like us that she can't die because she's well maybe they the children took away her power right over the long what happens when you able yet to happen to win. Eating what's your CBS and it. I did this shadow I don't know anything at all to us about how I'm so I don't know had a little orchestrated that they had this huge events planned with all of this stuff you know. On not on her due date on the day Claire goes into labor. I which is harder to yes well I think yeah right our at the right many they would have to have known David how are you don't know your induce pregnancy. This isn't misfits and don't have stuff like milk powers mennonite or Novak I got. I don't know that we haven't seen are noticeably the first episode of the first couple episodes. Where hell is Micah and those who don't remember Mike if he your hero truth there. He's your truth there yeah yet he's the guy he is the Internet phenomenon yeah like that that we haven't actually seen him hit and I'm doing. No I like that kind is a gold are tracking mean Nino barely had just a real small biz saw how he might come you are. I do music he's been until now. But when we're talking by just kind of think that maybe he's going to be just like every other player that was in the original heroes there for a second either get killed off or second time with a legal hard everything's that we might actually be sourcing a lot more of them not a work path. Past halfway through. And we've we've we've set up a world and a storyline that we care about the very least we care kind of Obama's combatant and about Zach Levi and we don't we care about the one of the kids that's a good actor. And subtle effect that obviously would like you will matter I guess. But now all they can if they did in the first few episodes have a bunch of the past characters who would have drawn too much focus we never would have learned about these new character I guess you're here how they can put in there without scream themselves so hopefully they will although part of me thinks maybe it'll just be a series of. Cameos but now concern get I'm now that I am thinking of its. How many years has it been since. Claire jumped off the Ferris wheel me in there and knowing that a couple all right yet they mentioned it being. When they mentioned the other read article or not -- the first show was four seasons so we have four years after it cleared drug jumps off the is that it after declared jumps up rituals the end of the first series yet has rebels like what 56 years ago yeah so so in a -- -- time so there I says should be in theory about Saturn are you like ten in the show you get a little more on her age like 33 years no matter whoever wants the lesson I learned how are gonna say like I can see why do you you make good point with the Mali thing to do the jobless. How much they search took. We did mention about the babies the babies are actually Molina and Tommy's slash niece and so while we find out that his real name is Nathan. He is. Both of them are going to save the world and how did they do that they go back in time fifteen years so they can grow up because. The edge the big bad what's or nets is going to be looking for. Looking for a one year old baby yet. Now you don't worry about that even though surely knows that she's on the look out for them. Because they're very explain that that's why she was making all the evil finders and all the apps and all that stuff. So is their plan isn't totally working out and now we're gonna see that. At the end of this we do see HRG trying to kill Erica but it stopped by the 2014 version of himself you know the old and busted version. And we don't know says he's gotten us now no not at all. And we don't see what happens. But with these teaser for the next episode we realize that more butterflies are kicked around. And so this will cause some chaos we see that Matt Hartman is coming back mr. Gregg Kornberg. In. And. Yes some of the apartment my dad and so we'll see no good he's one of my favorites in that yet it's it's kind of funny because it means to go you're talking about the acting when you get someone who is like. Who is like Noah Bennett who knows his role and knows how he supposed to act and you get a couple people who are little more goofy footed you're like. I don't love it as like really bad bad they'll agree to another had a lot of screen tablet look nobody is that bad except for is that Levi's life and half the daughter than yeah with the light towers and I didn't and the problem is the problem was actually buy is when he is with in this episode he was Joanna you just like. Yeah he's got to hear her man who headed that's a butterfly you can go ahead and step on the all right let's go would you think about that with the watching getter ash vs the evil dead yet but now we've got to get to do. She Swiss TV. Three pars maybe pray tell it is Friday so a lot of you people are more than likely going to be happening inexorably often means time to lean lefty let Eric Newman will be busy playing hours and hours and hours of game I'll for a lot of us work work work work. And I can't break away from all the game than everything that you're going to be doing on your busy weekend I want to go see a movie and we have a couple letter out this week. And I think you might be interest and boom first plan is the peanuts movies oh yes I love because I'm looking at the I NDB listen it's all children. If they're just kids and I was kids doing and I can't article used that's what they did back in the day you know blended PRC the black white picture all the kids Danny run a microphone doing all voices it's freaking adorable. And as Murray now on Ron's later than 84%. CNN's Reza it is all kinds he had going to be good kids. Yemeni 97% want to see it's and if you get secure is not the story is gonna be. Snip embarks upon his greatest mission and he and I steam take to the skies to pursue arch nemesis while his best pal Charlie Brown begin Elena. The question back at home. Alphonso shreds if you read a bear inverse is snoopy in the NBA Charlie Brown tries to get so finally kicks the football here half half half half that's. Millions have been a fairness to the supply always nobody wants you. Can't kick the football always never knowingly that would be the end of peanuts forever like you that would be less aggressive they did so you can't get a desolate area finale that's how they do it as The Sopranos style he's getting up there is about to KK Shia not moving and it all and then black yep they need to make your own disciplines that are folk. I've I met somebody who's just like Charlie Brown it's like everything bad that can happen does tap into the sky amid the room don't pan out he's listed right there. Annie is next a difference with that at some years actually talked about spots yesterday care yeah you get Internet I don't know that they just couldn't. The respect her. Born. Has. That's drank so if you want again Marx Cleland what are your view. And say you yesterday's podcast and decide for yourself whether or not you want to see the movie based on this big James Bond and is he loves James Bond here's the thing he also let's start tricky you know how much he hated the new Star Trek cool cool. He is now about the same same level of random for the new James Bond. Well this James Bond cryptic message from bonds passed him on the track try to trail. Money trail on trial. Season two undercover as sinister organization. While and battles political force is to keep the Secret Service a liar bond yields back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind Specter terrible truth and that does not drilling may say I want to see it 63% Iran tomatoes which still call. I just fresh examples outright from bombs hit their faith gap that took. Yeah and that's my thing do and it's it's rough when I have a podcast with a guy who loves us so much and a Mike don't really care and and explain why I don't care and he's like. You're not Iran go screw yourself to know enough facts. Did you see this guy and bad men no way that I felt the exact same way like did not rod but also goes herself yeah. I do when I'm million images like posters and somehow illegal weird kind of skeleton in May be even better the Day of The Dead vibe that that makes because honesty someone a C. Any movie that kind of can illustrate Mexico in any of that like I'm curious to see there are I just keynesian Mexico. So I may do a lot of data that stuff as well so is it for if somebody takes me to the CLC and Havana. Beth Beth video game maybe I'm maybe we need match out there you know abilities and that's Davidson it's any all right and a Seymour he I he has some her look what's Kristall stop all us love it's just stuff votes yes so both of them are in it as well so I definitely. If you're into James Bond. Manner most like weather alerts are shuffled to as a manager. What everyone already knows that she's always the guy he wasn't a bad guy and Jane doe in chain that other people he was just to know how violent murderer you're right he wasn't technically imagine you are want to be violent murder is not bad guys and Georgian troops here. I'll arising out there right there just that character isn't Tarantino for anything else making pictures two and a half hours long gap she's had a bottle into right. So this I found and it's a limited release but it's. 77% on rotten tomatoes and 90% people wanna see and it's called the hallows are the woods. Seth how's the woods yet but the hallows in the print to seize the what it's okay. But I am I was like cooking with an English to English translation yes still has a hidden hidden from him is his word doesn't count my name what it's edited action in sheer horror mystery in the spent site section and fantasies I know what it is slow. Might just so plus. It says up failure moves into remote mill house in Ireland find themselves in a fight for survival with demonic creatures living in the woods that's sounds like or no that's what I saw you know science fiction fantasy and mystery in its action adventure like does it could visit she was county there in it me or not it does not think the. That's too. I'd like to North County it is because it like stay away from those particular house if they're harmed it like that she. We don't want to lose any better than being an auto dealer getting your present no man no he's not all right our that's a fun the thing you don't go to. He has she'd tie. I don't a is gonna say that they don't really have a lot of actors that I know loves him the only one I dear nice. Is a ruse Bolton as a menace. We have a Joseph mall from you know he's known for his deal weakening Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter feminist that I live out blond hair you financing has yet I think there says the main shake John and no the check no eviction. No can't be no sudden nobody nobody called Chernobyl LH OK we're all good reading. Judge made enormous gap double double or what I learned edge of darkness and just you know I can smell a lot of those are the worst stuff so I mean if you're into that kind of thing therefore it. I very much into that kind of thing stopping it I'll stop breath. Proud guy did you what he terms of the I have everyone's always after him. Great style until. Next Sunday and seeing these. Immerse yourself in deep culture movies books cons and especially gaming. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you comply my geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is a deep gamers paradise. It's like and country club for peace without awaiting toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and gets your. So get. Vernon Wells BMW Jockey Club. BMW dark clubs.