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BJGN 11-02-15 - Supergirl - Gotham

Nov 2, 2015|

We have a TV recap show with Heroes Reborn, Supergirl, SHIELD, Flash/Arrow, and Gotham; Gareth von Kallenbach discusses monitors & video cards; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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    It's and Michigan cheese and ice and get your game on Vernon Wells introduces Tuesday night gaming opened the public every first Tuesday night starting at 6:30 PM pretty deep friends did you game on a very well tabletop video RPG's and more seen as little or Boise like Tuesday night damion Fletcher geeks like quiet Vernon Wells is the season for cold retired to the parlor and Vernon Wells for winter themed games such as the song of ice and fire living tar game twelve days and more recently warm delicious
    the ones that you hear the beginning any end of each podcast Vernon Wells . They're actually doing something really special with this so we've got David in John in a with us today for this type guys doing today. Pretty good all right nice and so. First off emerald city comic con is one of the biggest comical lines in L would definitely in the Pacific northwest but also on the West Coast and you guys are actually doing something really cool because Vernon Wells is going to be having a lounge at Emeril so become a prime. Yeah we're gonna do something a little bit different we're going to have come a place for our members to hang out and relax and not have to do all. Stand on their feet. All day long and my age old by the way for you don't know because he set our members GO members we've away what are you talking about members with Vernon Wells members what do I have to be in a summary anyway after they could try to do I have to Vietnam War machine from Mars what are you talking about her business Vernon Wells you speak of sir because I. Well you may actually introduced at my. Well I got that I think I wanna know I'm a member before I go visit your lunch. Actually because I think if you can never tell people too many times how cool Vernon Wells this Libby. Let me do this I'm gonna put John on the spot here. He's one of our members. And what is Vernon Wells in your work. Spoke. Vernon Wells is that awesome place you can go to always find someone a nameless dom and he has really matter what kind of
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    doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells . Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes

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Immerse yourself in deep culture movies books cons and especially game. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark cloth. So ladies and gentlemen geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay chase each patient. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shays geek nation and the river in Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona. We've also got Chris walker mr. walk like eight Atlanta also. Oh yes and we've got the co lead death really are only having us here at. Kyle Moore hung over her loan a Halloween night in my civilian hole yourself ticket perhaps having you can't get and I knew her from getting well and we came up big over there you've got caught up. Mickey how can people get a hold of us. You can check out our website an iPod guests at BJP nation dot com which is also legal in the sale Washington mountain marathon Facebook's decision BJ Pekingese since. Falls into an instead Graham means to grab my hat Vijay geek nation senator X and the boys are to 18 02243353. Or she is Annie Le be digging. Nation at gmail.com and we did get an email this came from our friend because he wrote our friend or your brand we have Fred our feet off he says. That in that subject in the as a dictator in all caps dark matter through big geek nation so it's good article new scifi show I haven't heard anyone talk about it all on the TV episodes lately so wanted to let you know about it. The show is dark matter and believe it aired on the scifi network but the complete first season is also available on Netflix and think firefly ish but Grady a group of miss that bad ass is wake up any derelict spaceship was no memories and have to piece their lives together. Which may or may not be a good game. Complete with a strong female lead who happens to be a drop dead knock out it has many subtle fireplace steams the nuances. Anyone who was a fan of the Greek classic or or via space scifi shows in general should give it a shot. Thank you geek nation and thank you very much off we do appreciate that we don't always have enough time to go check out a lot of the shows. And it doesn't help have a lot of shows they're just all yeah on our artists and that's kind of awesome at this point in time mineralized where we're like well I can't watch all of the geeky shows because well they're so damn many of them. I problem net yet it really is and I think that we should probably just get right into some of the TV talk. We didn't talk about heroes on the Friday episode because. I'd. Talking with flying fraud strike and then also talking about the Walking Dead which took bit amount of good amount of time. We wanted to give enough time for all these other shows so I figured we should start with heroes reborn. It and it rule here is still watching the show I am. Excellent I'm. An episode behind now are you now but I'm still trying you know getting there and still consoles just watching it. New Afghan we're still keeping it off of the last episode because. It's only band about three days as since there's on Thursday it's really really awkward for us someone willing to us you week like every show I watch like today over the next six a modern own heroes of my god you're watching heroes Kuznetsov gonna come soon yeah exactly that's what happens with me with a lot of this so we are back at the episode where they have to find sunstone manner. And everyone is tasked in their own specific way to find it. Since stone manor is worthy keep the egos and so it looks like everyone is heading there this point. We did get a confirmation that amigos sword is a hero sword will leave with their superiority you know they'll get an early deficit and why everyone was talking about it and I think there was speculation but I don't know if they had flat out said it now say they it was it was the terrorists I think you'll see who looked at it said that they are Nakamura so Carl Cameron is first got it we learned that it was heroes so okay -- remember that was the moment they cared about to do about that there's characters I didn't care about them all I realized it was hero sword still mattered because -- here you act in this toys. This is a really interesting episode for me ghost story arc it ends. Like so we you know well I mean way to win somebody insert something into a into a key hole and that's no euphemism there. Curse you rules so I thought that was going to be the case you're hoping to be case that that she wasn't too real. Right button on this this has bugs it feels like there's a bunch of characters have already seen but they're also mash together is like super smash bros but it TV show they're ready to test this and are going to be a guy like a bunch of different X rated sixth. Every searchers superhero or solely from a comic book or video game I played yeah but with a different name. In the heroes world's yak and so amigo I I I just it was kind of interesting because I didn't expected to go that way and expect her just to turn into. Whenever we're pixels and go off. I don't think it what's the last we've seen ever I think she's gonna show up again but I did. I did suspect early on that she was conceived not her father of the Hiro Nakamura I think she was trying to say they use their currency cure for some reason and you know how they at least know what they were doing now. And obviously she was and a daughter she was just the re creation of a who already passed away and daughter. Very very weird I'm kind of glad they're Yale hopefully getting away from all of the you Gambia in world. She because we've they've. They've moved on from a they've unlocked the rule or reason why ever now was there was to lock up bureau Nakamura. Cingular hero why. As a superhero. If you are like presumed dead for some time and come back do you have to come back with a bullets where life is a federal rule that he's he's been if you are it's just time. Yeah no I guess he probably doesn't grow facial hair that well but it it's been a long you don't like to grow that ugly mullet. You wouldn't. That's their heads are really good border illegally you just get is one of those guys just can't girlfriend so they went after he was still have a really terrible must act like some pat. They are really active clearly show in the any movie where it's a long time his house where he has no access to raisers for everybody either has a big frothy beer or none at all yeah. I wanna see that really ugly Padua and that is the literary. The neck beard because he can't agree on your cheek I wanna see that I've seen him and roast I'm living that dream a message. I wasn't there an episode. Where in the original heroes series where we saw future hero come back and talk to Peter yeah something and he had like -- a goatee or something yeah yeah old Hewlett boomer bad ass it was like he had just spent his own you don't like long chairman Sony get a better future here that you're also spoke without any accent she's yes ultimately lead and then the Hawthorne all the girls can tweeting for that to happen to be like a sign of his generals from that kid who's you know lost somewhere somebody who knows the whole poll worlds he's got that out here we are due out later he would he still doesn't still hasn't got a future Hiro yeah actually in the future without this seems. To be almost a kind of mid way point for him at that point because he's got kind of the scraggly hair and he did have a long pony tail at the beginning and he sounds a little bit more refined. In me his terms a speed just until it's less than being you know admitted equities just super excited to be a silver bullets at the end of this show he went back to season want to talk to know are something and hello I wholesale that you hitters in the world became part of it the app that would that would be pretty pretty amazing. Needing a guilty now satellite a little sold faster I don't know pictures now you have this happen. Yes it was gonna need she even said yep. America right read I delivered on those are referenced a hero we chose this thing hello did you guys get the other reference the LeRoy Jenkins the vision. I'm. I think you're gonna say LeRoy Jenkins saying the right damn context. Yeah that was not what you know is not a reject Islam being a team is the exact opposite of that I thought a really good way it's it's it's cultural appropriation to trigger reference geek culture don't do right. No the other reference I love you Nico I know I hi guy I shouted brew and I how much. How I'm the player alienated I was OK I think we're bringing in Leonard reference them like yeah. I'm okay now this chick like three days come down. I I knew I get appreciated it Larry and got to like read and heed to me he just seems like he's only capable of being surprised and or giddy oh yeah does seem to have my JC is just a cartoon character like notably diesel love because a plea to the full character less filling this and post time is now with a girl because he spent so much time devoting to mastering this game he did gone out of I don't some awkward as well I am operatives he's a famous enough to be rich. And if you're famous enough to be rich. And also if you do look like Iran who like as far as I was tiny zero do you watch on twitch man there's a lot of people who make a decent amount of money you are as awkward for even more so than Rand fight and I I believe there has already more so but. This certain level of fame and money means that some certain types of people don't care about your awkward and saw yesterday they just care but the moment you ask or care about how seniority as he didn't. Tom me his story is still kind of as big as ass there really was. His story on this episode was him going to parents finding out that he's not going to be safe. No matter anywhere today he travels because everybody including the French they hate TiVo's. And then his girlfriend which I just call exposition girl she convinces him that it is his duty to become a hero of Canada. We're look for stuff so that Canada's like a Mecca for heroes who can tell you can't always let go for everything in the world and like other failures are still is for again after the the nicer americans' sleep these things with their pet hair and make it. So that he's finally realized that he does half to actually become the hero that they need and deserve. The life girl whom I can't remember her name meridia had no that's stagger from brave. Barrett firm grave doubts sorry about that long lean and demo lean that's right moral combat thinking that maybe our members. But she is the life give her eyes she manages to save on the Luke. Zach levees character on finds out that he has now had a purpose which I thought. I don't know he took that turned from being a cold blooded evil murderer yeah to not and trying to do come to grips with his life and trying to find some redemption. I think he's a got a little quick. Yeah there CI and as we journey I I've bought it when they had the whole purpose in life states meet shows are on June 13 his son died and from then on. He's just been doing what he thought he was supposed to do. OK he's just been looking for something to do and so when his crazy wife was like let's kill everybody with my terrible accents that he was like sure let's do it and now that she's gone thank god he's moving past yeah. Question is like whether to go to the parade was a son and eve out. Our members and they wanted to witness history that he believed in it you like I have faith that that we really could co exist around and then when they took his son and he became super villain doesn't let me guess maybe the sun was an. I just totally scan make that an ally yields to endear you Larry Arial earlier and I Vicky wild fan areas in a row while fans varied outcome although some of mine have been true person. I got a call that Tommy was adopted probably know. Love the what if it turns out that it was his son or hinted that caused it. And I can see that because he has the explosive power he could be the new tea zone encourage her sorry I don't know her Kano. Alan angeles' sun that cause everything I need is surely know what caused it. It's totally know this fall you think it is gap I think I thought that if I had other go back thirteenth to June 13 and I'm not gonna fix anything here fill. Heroes like to step up and butterflies were gonna crush is already butterfly. OK everybody it's. A bit. They if you didn't know who the shadow girl was I would say go back and watch and speaking of dark menace kind of funny and the heroes episodes the web's what is Sosa happened before the show here's report came out was called dark matter and is centered around Phoebe so if your interest in that story we talked about that before this is her in this is the culmination. I was kind of sad that Quinton died I those little sense there was my favorite character on the show he was he was a great character he was funny was good to see him be that every man who was a total. Unequivocal dork yeah and it was fun to watch him do that because I mean that's kind of like the embodiment of us at this point and also he was like he wasn't like a stereotypical. Like it was like Garrett community who can barely talk because he's trying to breathe you know try as he was like he was like us is we're all are somewhat witty and just like are pretty much normal but he was let's try to save her sister death. So I mean I've really and I'm I'm enjoying it the show as much as you can from this. And I record our power to being so powerful the just kind of it takes its thinking goddamn times he has animation was also like my animation and her dad's dead my other seed GD. He's saving Luke out of the lake with like the weirdest lake she's waters are about Dana. Slowly out waters back. Amanda where like fetish is like. Yes and so I mean it's still gonna watch is that gonna keep going on with that we do have to move on now because super girl. I did occur as well. And then new episodes are on Mondays to their fight with dostum for that so I haven't been able to watch super girl there we did get an email. We got an email from CD. Who who game he can pretty it's pretty long when did that article and I think they he has been doing this for a different review place. Times but essentially runs down to he thought it was good if not a little cheesy but he still has high hopes that the rest of the season will go well he really enjoys it. Its the goalies I know that you're really chomping at the billion this one I think guys I thought always of all of this super hero pilot that we Washington last two years. Carol flash Gotham shields. I thought this is actually the best pilots any GSE be even says that this is obviously a pilot to throw a lot of stuff that you might how do you feel about it and I thought I thought it was great it had had. Oleg does things that she needed had a super girl caught a falling plane is her first appearance that's who would've thought you classic Superman things to do. It then ended the seeded animation special effects on that card are great. That there's there's a sexy black Jimmy Olsen. Which is which I fully dig I really enjoy the older Jimmy Olsen that he's he's goddess Pulitzer he's worked with Superman before Superman's been around in this world that's and now Superman has asked his pal Jimmy Olsen to go to national city to look so it's a look after his cousin now where is it late in you we you know you affix that metropolis is New York glory Gotham is Goji York got a New York metropolis of Chicago. National city there are all but emergency metropolis is kind of a cross between Mike Chicago new York and LA OK here's what I had to explain to all on the eastern seaboard. Wow this is something that I've always kind of taken with me for the longest time I thought that metropolis whose new York and often was LA. That is absolute nut case. What Zorn says Jimmy hall Gotham city longer than bat man's been character yeah one yeah exactly what I what I heard there are read somewhere on an article was that. They've metropolis is New York by day. And Gotham is New York that night that's a good way to think commitment that's now sort of what I Andreas. These cities are symbols that represent cities in real life that have to reflect the hero's that live in Vancouver so if you try to make any real city you're doing wrong writers are on a deduction works so what is it like how does the word national city now does that well and national allied publications was the original name of DC comics com. Oh right so I don't know that's that's why it's national symbols cities so who are national city C met there cement presumably just in metropolis. It's just a city I don't know well LA doctor and others to believe there's a East Coast somewhere dead as a river there's a bridge. It's got water all those at a city. Yes and one of those cities with all the things with all the different landmarks and right right right yeah it's got does that stuff and it's just got statues are like nobody's since self confidence are you and I know that yes you've been you've been I've been there so we got got a thousand tons of great set pieces in cerebral and I dug. Do you. Like a lot of people are talking about like you know aero flash crossover stuff do you feel that this would be a good idea of a good place for them to kind of do we need those things and more no are you know you wouldn't you just stand on its own on this I think it has to. This this this it opens up with you know my name is Carrie is Orel. I Arab issue of a car and show phenomenon and to her bossy because carriages like. Cart and North Carolina her boss' cat grant who in the comics worked alongside. Clark Kent to most lane. And so in this show she has what's daily planet and now has her own. Her own newspaper interesting turnaround so so. We've got we've got super girl works at a car and at that met trop for our daily planet like place with a Perry White like boss who was a powerful woman. So it's all it's all very Superman and we've got it also though it's a girl's sister or. Is an agent for the DL the department of extra normal operations. Which in the comics that woman works for the CEO it's basically to be PRD. And now these are universal care found just just want your basic shield government organizations that deals with weird stuff. So so we've got a guy we're gonna have our seasonal plot through that and a bunch of escape to villains from the phantom zone. Moves. Into first one was mark talks who has summaries of the persuade or acts I don't know why. I yeah borrowing it there was there was a good death from the third for sentry. I know the Orioles and sweaters and no one knew her name. Yeah the. It's you're still a soda headwinds are talks who was kind of a crypto uneasy because you list are fighting super girl it was a it was a pretty satisfying conclusion for final. Plans are for for a pilot. Possess those very get I'm I'm really excited about this show. Some other comic book shows shield I may have fallen off the cliff you know unfortunately like the best at this stuff so they've done so far. Really notice that's why isn't it wasn't that I stop Linda and I got out. I don't want to know why that are like me which is sunny here like I was couple episodes behind so on Monday am like I don't know what to modernity of today and then inferred out that it comes at Tuesday complete apparent effect that the so that I read this are. Player anyway even Artie tells our good old friend mr. brand injure why post on FaceBook saying that. He it this way they did their take on the martian it was just astounding. Jacked up and and I think that's and that's an apt comparison thank you Brian for that. This was this was a great episode if if if a little bit predictable even. But it just done so well liked the the end of the way that they they played it out and and Gemma telling her story. Essentially and and just and he was he was great I mean it was systematically. Beautiful yet played very well done all around good acting turned in by the new guy. Yeah just great stuff and and yelling if we do know Simmons connect this well right Celek now I want to see are more her because she's really. Proven herself really good showcase piece for that actress and I and and she did it amazing and I think newest predictable it we of course because of those plaster except so we knew that fits fine Simmons in the and we know Simmons survives. And so because of that I think they relate it to meet a lot of it was how was it gonna get to the point at the end. You know and why haven't we heard of this stuff and why right see this guy has so they they had they had all the questions in the right place the question who is and how is she gonna survive it's why isn't this guy scientists to fall laugh tracks are scientists casino stuff like that demand an answer all the questions I had why is she cold and there's no sun answer that. He was it was just such a well crafted piece of television so good that's really fun when they have the attention to details now netcam I gotta watch this ever so. You may hear what you got to do our what was Florida's aren't is that is that you have a that he really sorry premium Allan good. The flash aero. BJ is not here in an economic TC about a but as the goalie give assess how you feel about it right now I'm there are some flashes so do the flesh than what will air alas it was also spectacular enough two really great one lady cop was the villain. League's top lady got whoever thought delayed because it drives such a great owners of these of the weirdest day after dinner hammering out and and I I heard something and I've been watching like meter maid I don't know who scary lovely Rita I. There was like the Internet lost its mind. Over. What looked like. Humanoid shark dad. Asked what's. It like did I thought I submit there's like rebellion so there's a there's a road to the new character called it slash daddy paddies. It to is is a cop and now works alongside. Joseph detective Joseph west on the anti meta human tax task force my head so she was working on that this. This story like two out that episode with this crazy shark man and and eating beef flashes like they always does no shark man when he talked about it I was saying this. Bad and that episode was all about fire storm in a firestorm villain named its talk a mock or some the newest news again I didn't quite get it's it's it's it's her purse some like self sustaining engined seeing it's it's a Russian word ferret some Russian engineering turned. So what he's basically just not firestorm we got we got to new firestorm you would have which I'm gonna do fire yeah and and happy with it Ronnie Raymond I thought I like the way Robby Mel did it but it bothered me that he was a scientist because the big fun of the firestorm dynamic is professor Stein is this scientist and Ronnie Raymond is this jock in his class and the pay attention chemistry. And so. In firestorm a lot of money as you learned some chemistry as there's a sign of just talking to somebody who doesn't know these things I tell my hands that you have to do because your your car looking precise here now we can do that with this with this cornerback he's Smart enough to. To understand the stuff oppressor Stein is saying yeah but. He still requires there's a sty to tell us. We learned that he was a great day student but that he was not that fortunate enough to have the money to afford to go to college she got injured during the of the particle collider explosion and and so we can go and begins to his right scholarship got. Basically. Burnt off because of is is injured have burned down now he's firestorm but he is he's educated he's he's just out of high school his football players jock. And now we're gonna have that dynamic state via the it is so important a firestorm daddy is brilliant it was. Great and so that at the end though like flash is the guy got I was gonna ask yup this girl because she's adorable. And really Patti it's like a puppy gave birth to a kitten this gal you have to especially it's so chassis so that was horrible. And so instead of there and then this. Giant gray hair become. Sure it picks up and don't they if you're so very good of thirty seconds how athletic Georgia by the raising kings shark he's been suicide squad and like to be gave me 52 you have ever suicides well yeah it's okay Diaz and he's he's a giant shark man he's giant shark royalty in effect so I'm royalty Lola is trying to soda king of these -- people don't necessarily live so there's more there's going to be more than just one shark people there's no but there should be I don't know that's that's your spin off right there anybody else are people think shark and guerrilla garage and monster mayhem so don't cemeteries so good so he's amazing grabs the flash and NEC and he says Jim Courier to courier or. And and so we get a little bit more tees on the Xoom angle. I don't know zoom in this newsroom plot in this episode so they sent right to take steps that might work a little bit but did the most amazing thing happens. Yes. First you have birds comparison if he's Harrison wells or whoever yeah shoots drinks are gonna back with a super gun with a super gun. An end to meet for just a second thought it is a captain cool guy and I just called saving Canada really excited you have it's so good but it wasn't it was in terrorism well summer tears and wells and then. Phase of life which I I think I mean I'm certain I will next episode as we talk about it and I'm struggling to care about Harrison wells at all. I like we had this whole great earmarks on story Archie was that the death for -- wind death and now like what are we doing what do we why we China it feels to me like we're trying to keep Tom Cavanaugh and show as we Palin or seven -- unit that's on your resolution Caracter around especially Africa already the big super villain and you kill them beautifully yet but it and that's the -- his story was so good and so the final and but you know Tom -- has a great actor and I'm glad to see him on it again and then and it just makes me that much more curious doing the same to -- -- he's kind of helping the flash being kind of sinister about it and then there's the same music cues in the same waiting and it just all -- ask the same with him and they get that he's still here's some wells have been so we have to do that but. I am I'm super Saturday and that's good as motivation is again now out now Barry knows he's here so we're gonna talk to him and so now I think he's gonna be like now not evil because he's he's not going to be easy in the not gonna make Tom Cavanaugh here usually they're first flash flood and AM I didn't do that the same time thinking and that would be and that would be nice to talk so that was good got arrow is great they had one little named justice was fun or mist mister trick picks in the show we seen T spears now tundra mr. terrific stuff trying to figure out who green arrow is and so his theory was a guy or sit at step polar tech named Neal Adams. Who is one of the most influential writers and artists certainly you're ruined in lanterns are fine the one who drew the infamous cover in which shot speedy Roy harper is shooting up heroin. And and oh Jannero like go back and addiction issue yeah I'm that's Neal Adams so are now on the league job a wanted to bring that a half of. Gotham dad I was pretty big guy episode here because they've finished the F fire bug firefly arc. Come kinds not all know very well and that's the thing at this point they finished just finished her arc but you have not gone the other arc starting yet and so I mean I first off I thought that its interest in mid they're covering a lot of stories in two to three episodes we'll keeping the over arcade like it's not just one episode one and done. They have a couple of episodes to focus on an arc while still having the whole Gallup man's story being this season story which has been hit or miss lay those kind of problem and a first season was they weren't sure they were doing a seasonal or Kirk and episodic story and they. You need to find a good balance you know yeah. At this point I'm OK with it because it seems to be two or three when they first were doing it was like six episode say war one and yeah four and these two or three episodes at a time is working I think we as well as long as they keep consistent and that it looks like they're doing that steel Gallup man is really kind of shown to be a master manipulator. On the that's looking to blow up in May in his face in this upcoming week on tonight's show. Com. I'm eleven butch. Now I'm really wasn't a fact he's the first stop he EU realizes that he has to go when do this W and he knows it's not gonna work. I get is hand chopped off for basically no good reason he gets a nice little. Do you hammer out a doubt yeah sort of ridiculous thing I put out there about it while it's what can we put over a man's hand gestures are a tiny chilies out there. I guess I'm so glad to hear that a Soviet tanks that was a great yeah. Had a chance. And in this thing is is that it it looks like at the end of that has Gallup man. Totally just calls them on it he's like well what's gonna happen here that is gonna get whacked and you know like when the last scene you see him in pain when getting ready. Which is set them up. Quite well I think because butch actually in and didn't notice this but drew Powell the actress Salma Twitter he I was retrieve budget people someone noticed that in that last seen. He lost all of his. Twitches like you really overhead and all the way has seemed at the end like you know Mike's lusting Gallup men said forward butch went to penguin was. Let's see if we can fix that yeah he's gonna. He's gonna save butch. Then IMO I'm kind of OK with that but the problem is is that he's sitting up paying lane. It's gonna turn into. Fight you know that's gonna happen and deals going to be trying to kill pang went. I pay no can't die rag mountain. Galvin story is not done some this kind of thinking which is gonna be the sacrificial lamb on all chopping block humanitarian Communists. Well what we what we have is we have we have two things fighting each other it's the it's the unstoppable force in the immovable object you know penguin who can't dive you've got Galvin who is the big bad yeah and the season is not even half over so no now isn't like a quarter this is going to be a very interesting conflict. And one way or the other and I think we're gonna see some big big changes and I think you might be right that you might be an glitches. Two were going to be that the ending will not be Jim Gordon horses gallop and I think it's going to be penguin in Gallup jail for gore yes middle. Although I wonder to what degree Barnes is going to be part of an rice and I'm love it I more than the fact that I am lead just that you know Gordon's going out there and he knows Gotham. And Barnes like you can't do that you're getting written up for beaten up on this guy he's like a war. Here's this which England started he was like he's told yeah. Andre Andre Erica when Gordon showed up the a year ago he was barred it's your problem -- -- around slowly turning into him to Barnes has more authority than Gordon was ever given no exactly yeah I think so he can be the one to demand these things -- an earlier rate is gonna die in my 34 episodes and I'm loving this character are you so I'd be -- Bart Starr on her why I love Michael checklist I think that when he's in roles like this if you ever watch this shield it immediately if you haven't go watch it it's an amazing story Josh yeah no commission has so good he does a lot of those police got better at SNL you get that that bearing to a minute thing now serves in very well so we have now selena's emotions were up pretty interesting because as much as he says she there met anyone. Cars are running give me a hug his free go yourself Kremlin's how land away and fire bug said it you know it's nice to have someone care. That that was the wrongs do to say in made Selena leave lights out she's she's trying to make a point I don't care what anyone but myself now that that that that was that had the. Opposite effect right exactly and then this this I will say it time and I know Malone missed. Does the first episode where I didn't mind that actress Cicely Kyle I guess yeah I usually just has such a common she's on screen and I don't like her presence I don't like the way she interacts with the other two players but. I I gotta say she is growing on me and I was really impressed we're in this episode. Out of all the younger characters she always felt like she was like they ended the baby ist. As in terms it's like this is a character that I've seen over so many years that. I. It's 'cause like she does have that slightly this year the smarts there right now she has the childish net. Yeah easily air again like you know one I think Selena Kyle I think of more of like you know almost and happily in a sense of what I am quiet threat. Like I am slide I'll get what I want under the radar and so. In as well yeah I gotta be under the radar sometimes an honest. Gave but. I don't really care mostly lower childish and let us. This is you have to area house figured it's independently right in though like I didn't hitter that much but I kind of agree Chris they just did acting has been kind of like. Here's my life you know like like yeah mostly -- -- high -- wait for it to be her turn and that and that can be down and you know writing ends in the collecting and whatnot there don't trust your raising much UNICEF so she's always seemed way more like -- -- so I was actually talking to somebody set a brilliant script and I and I lie and I I was impressed and and I'm happy to say that I am back on board and and we talked entering she's only been linked to other things besides golf and and usually just like they wanted to find out he's doing -- better actor yes the naked and what the hell's going on with the lab at the end we made a little bit of a mention but I mean just the fact that it's it's in your Indian hill tenement areas dad was sort of thing and then it. We enterprise and I actually said to my wife. I'm gonna find a from circling the opinion who has a thing and what it is because I'm so curious I didn't even look it up because I knew I had a guy. Not as far as I know I I think dammit I did it hit it could be some big guy out there are meant to grew in the forgot to Saddam not a thing Glenn I I think the easy thing. I you know that they're making the talents. I isn't a little over a lot about the court of owls right thing in the season right the court and owls basically make on and dead. Soldier spent these or almost dead at this point so yeah. So where we'll we'll see we'll see what happens. Okay Luke booths are hearing here it says like it's the articles has got the writer explains what is happening at Indian hill T is a major character and what this is saying right here. It says could Solomon grundy crawl out of there perhaps on Monday who have struck right after this there's. I think. I'm an Indian hill was a useless piece of land that. That felt Conan got my nice guys drag on his right while I'm all out there so this means then that thought come on and win enterprises are little tight yeah yeah yeah so that means the whoever's running the show or Wayne Newton was in mean. Talk on talk America Aran sweaters says well will we learn Indian hill freaky tough secret underground lab work we experiments are happening are they and there's going to be a big character she said there is a big character and that's what they're people are speculating here and tell me I. Yup and I like any mean any character. Come out artists that I guess that the talent saying I'm only lives that's that's a pretty. Kind of a cross and about that I am not about SE CDs catalog there's a thing yesterday and it's also looks also like she is Donald they're gonna do the talons before bat man's back man you know who'd like the they would dig the court had a have had Telstra hundreds of years but I don't know if you make the talents part of Gotham city yet to write for that's that's the question but it could be so regarding but it could be just any meta human character. That is sort of the balance that I think they did Gotham is is playing with right now is how much do we give. Because there are so many things that don't happen until that man is around or at least in the stories that we know. That that that man sort of creates. In that since we've talked about the Joker of course ad nauseam but I mean there are those things that sort of shouldn't be not that they can't be but they shouldn't be around until we have Batman and them and so how much of that can they actually play when right gives us. Like I was about to do the corks the court happen to depend only about a man bat and found out about the court right I would look low to be seeing more Harvey dent clever that is so well he's. She and Jim Gordon have a hit team Jim gore and I'm more history than back and they were together longer early it would be great. If you could build the Gordon bench relationships it's a realistic you can build. They can also do like what mr. freeze gonna show up and shall we just found out that due to place Meachem on house of cards is going to be mr. freeze socially just cashed in gas. That's a good wonder right if he's you know before nor gets frozen he could just be a scientist correctly there's a lot of history at bat when he should be I think. Attaching too but instead we've got twelve year old Syverson clapped. Big man man he had never knows well neither we need a tiny low interest or need. We are Selena did happen so we'll look at all hey we don't ask you are tied it and we always obligated just Trotter out it's fascinating and complicated more clearly not speak about complicated love interest though what. What about Kristen Kringle well you know that's no longer complicated I don't well how did you know her way home my core as big Mac. The and gets his signals confuse us like always just going to be a normal guys is gonna take charges he's gonna get bone in his going to be our son was so good pursue it was it was great because this moment I thought that he was just like OK I need to beat this alpha man in some sort of aspects so the fact that when he these in you know that my fiance was like. What why is why is ms. Kringle just going lake right for its like. She doesn't need him. To be the strong man she just needs to know that he can do that so that instant that he was just like all right so he kind of showed a little bit about alpha male. It was like that's all I need to go to the bedroom. And it is like no I need to tell you that I murder veer out my injury is still are not white he's screw this up I did president and happened afterwards. Which was seen the words of reserves that he killed or boyfriend I got the impression that they had to do it did I do yeah they did we get away yet they do that but I was and that's thank you take it too far Yankee cap yeah Joey I have to work was like oh this is what she wants irrelevant as yet we act and dozens of pull up a batch. Writes this I was like I'll pessimistic. The way she killed or thought was bizarre. You basically just choked her to death or discover math emitter suffocate yeah like a consultant was an exit interview was trying to make him go to sleep like you try to be he was trying to shut her out and try to supply and the way he was like no no no at the end though it was what did you Rocklin Caspian gas show deter you is is very bizarre you only immoral villains he's a medical examiner person geely and he works with bodies in sake who can't. His mind yet what exactly but I I don't know it felt they were trying to do both of those things you talk about a once you know Eddie did it come -- really don't know which what he's supposed to be it was really strange and really we're not the only -- -- as tension builds on the all about your Reynolds especially with him to an all too personalities anyway I think that's and that and that and that really has a long and I was glad that they didn't bring that in while this was going I'm sure that while still while I was joking you're a senator MIT V just tell Brit already a guy does what it that fast. Oh good a year ago I didn't like those she was Connolly you know he asked for something she get all excited and and yet she got a little suckers keep. So yes there is that. Yeah overall I'm really a guideline I love the stupid show it's a different show is awesome yeah it's. Pretty great considering Syriana's things against us yeah I'm going on before we get out of here you with the geek she Gary is on Colin box. I'm Colin Barr thank you very much Vijay hopefully ability give me more enthused one at some point a lot an attempt but don't. Thank you guy yes he's got some tech stuff out there for our UPC gamers if there's anything out there. Well in the video side did you cards and miners who peers got you hooked up from skewed to read it as Kate and our dot net and Gareth I thought instead of I mean everyone's going nuts about all the games that have been coming out. But we need to talk about some tack and I'm looking out for some tech for you know for the PC gaming while what are some of the good stuff that it's coming up of people can be excited for. All the great thing about it is if you get up DL hardware setup. You know everybody's talking about polish a turn for four K gaming and you know the problem with that is we talked about torturing monitors. Are a little expensive right now they can run anywhere from 1000 dollars upwards tools and then on top of that you have to have a video card it's an you know 197 and 98 series or higher in children or you're looking at. 3400 dollars kind of how much ram you have armor and that sort of thing. And so a lot of people are saying what can I do to get really good performance was what I currently have. And so the middle ground to that is chief sync technology. GC technology what's that what's that about. Well which documented briefly burn a year or so barrel on the idea behind it was there was something Nvidia. And various arm. Monitor manufacturers like during Q pew sonic. Came out within the idea behind it is it's a way to eliminate. Caring and refer Sri cheap yet. When you play games specifically for those who don't know caring actually you're playing a first person shooter. The new church right on the wall new whip to a writer works reluctant for a breach like in the walled withhold certain you won't have received net. That is caring and that's caused by the fact that you've got your tray emerged gone so quickly. You know essentially return you move in the game that you greasing the picture Marie drawing that that's. Essentially how the basics of computer graphics work it's just being down so fast. That sure I can't follow. And so what do Chapman it's when you do movements like that especially in the newer games were so much more teacher also much more happening. There is they lag where things full cherished. You know has a case well everything is being refreshed you also see these which real term strategies with the first of the star craft two games. There was a certain level where there was you so much going on. This thing would bargain on a depression. And deter export couldn't ports for her album and finally one of them Serbs dropped there on the DHL level on an. Sandra how do you tell level down to assure its civil finish the level just fine and then put it back up to hire a little continue playing. And so the idea is that this technology that they have written monitors and video cards. When paired together or eliminate steps and you'll see a much fresher picture you're doesn't have to chairing. You have a much smoother specially referral term strategy when your mood your cursor around the maps go through formal war areas and all that. You don't have that hesitation is that re draw mysterious. And so this is gonna help with a bunch of different games at this point in his this in the G sync technology is this just Nvidia cards then. Currently right now Nvidia's that you Mano. Company behind at but of the main thing of course if you've got to make sure that you have not only achieve sync hard. You gotta make sure you ever achieve Shanken able to monitor. More and more like any good. Yes makes a lot of sense on that and so do these things proudly display like decent technology or do you have to do a little less certain on that over into. They do for chimp owners say he PGA has a very good video card they were shore and off pax prime it is AM. 96 series simply and as you can get a little exported so ramp to route 225240. Berkshire Amazon. Thus by any retailer and it'll tell director on the barge trichet can label notes all the derail next twelve and able. And then same thing with the monitors when you look for the and we just went through the local little chilly chief science monitor and you're good to go. That is great that's a good thing to look out for at least on that and I'm you also mentioned to Ben Q for monitors but you told me a little bit that there they're going with us and stereo stuff right now that as actually doing some good stuff was sound. Yes they have this thing called a true bolo and we saw captain Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. And he know it was really an impressive show but it was kind of one of those things were. He even to a lot of these trade church you know there are always show when things under Kirk structurally can't you see them under control circle yeah stuff like that we're going to optimize. Slip personal little boot just cultural all the sound for me you know convention floor. And they were pirated music and shop like that's others too emotional reps standing in there and everything sounded really good you look at this thing and it's. About the size of you don't tell issue basically. And it has some. These panel for gold pulled out to give disarmament fold and and you'll while this is really good moments when it's when you get in your home. It's even more amazing Carl provided the handers who want to catch you wanna keep grown race surface and what sounded well worked as we found that won't reported on a kitchen table. If you showed up it does sound did not write up directly about you well a projection Alps in any you know Channing Crowder hence why you can move to panels. You know to projector radius but in hopes and very natural rich deep sound to a two degree can this year all the high as you'll blows that you just cheer adapt to it. Like you know the plucking the strings as well most of both grown across the strings and I just a much deeper it is. To be honest it's about us close to. Pure lard to music life without actually being there in front of the that I ever heard it truly impressive. Killer and these things what's the price point on them. Are you can pick this Serbs for about a 150 bucks certainly wrong with the tumultuous month that's definitely worth it if you're looking at tag get that surround sound or mess around somebody just have full sound feeling out from your ads from your PC. Read your best thing about it chosen to Bluetooth enabled so you don't know what's. Generic running water tablets and I share that her PR shake up of a laptop. I'm you can obviously Bluetooth enabled you can try to shake it up their counsels we haven't quite gone mapped. Steps yet but obviously it took some clinical repair little white try to punish. Stereo and the great thing about it is that because when your own negotiator or something that you can run who want Shamu is what that. You listen to music and if you're able to get your games go to. That is awesome here at the game Garrett them on column box from skewed the view that SK NR dot net or can they find Jameel Twitter bird. Kurt Twitter search case and Arturo awesome thank you so much man and it temperament and think he's so much gears again that's gears and Vaughan caught on box front skewed reviewed for escape and are dot net is known how to get hold him a well -- yard he said but yet you can just go to as Canada and hasn't been this to a certain -- yes that is his website and -- what is I can't stop sophomore RB you know we're going humor kind of -- back your way out of words death. We're way over time but we still have enough to get a shorts so. She Swiss TV. Things went back. One thing I do yourself bigger get the old switchers follows Stephen King doesn't post from that auction. But basically he turned his Twitter page into you know he's a loving dad dog any of that this little court you look in vain. And it is you're talking about horror master Stephen King yes solid like Larry seven leggings and there's an article blows it's like he needed check out what he's coasting as is can recruit direct yes slowly AK legacy of evil is there an arrogant thinking of new acts of wickedness is the dog chill and another land like the dog guy at a box of tissues or something he ripped them up smalley AKA the baby you'll enjoy the box of Kleenex is just. The most Steven do you hear writers some of the things that give him people nightmares for years yeah. Has been corrupted by the Internet in deposing dog pictures right yup and they wanted to argue look at all happy the purple dinosaurs as Molly AK testing of evil ruthlessly hunts down the purple dinosaurs. I can see decency and cruise over its dead body can wow so might. I days again the bonds that are go to their IRA say in the second thing I got which. Her you know and nerds like me didn't. We have a real life poker on gin and opening up in Japan. High enough common dreams please Soledad if that endeavor that Pokemon gym. Opening up to November 19 in Osaka the Pokemon expert Jim is described as a hands on. Entertainment facility re trainers apple and UK in June and June detainment so educational and entertainment and I. You re young trainers and probably more than it you know she older ones you know and men's vogue month and your eight lady asked you can receive tips about training your lawn. I don't among the Jim's program is like chat Charlie guards battled coliseum are guarded nor is conscious control scores so. They'll even be a poker money explode Jim year app that will allow change to track their ratings in progress. So it's like the magical wizard in world of Harry Potter seems to be so awesome that abstinence so they're going to be more gym leader who like runs the placement Leno really hard on beat. I want ask I go to a book in my gym and I bite somebody I better get a damn bad to the end that's how he works at the iPad doesn't go. Just maybe get a badge at the end so I love I that is careers that. So Vicki apparently in particular going had to get Rihanna Roger Goodell had to have a pretty good so let's digest. All right that's about to Japan. Yeah I am trying to anywhere Gary as well maybe a flight will be easier. Don't know about that actually track it well and there's an ocean. Yeah what we just play out of the okay when he again this episode well. Our until next time senior V. Immerse yourself in deep culture movies books cons and especially gaming. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you can black. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is a deep gamers paradise. It's like country club for peace without awaiting toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you. So get DJ and and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark cloth.