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Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 72 - Don't Take It So F'n Serious

Oct 12, 2015|

In this episode we discuss people who take death metal lyrics a little too far (and why you shouldn't), lots of Megadeth news, a clip from the upcoming Horror and Metal documentary and an especially heinous piece of poetry from Visceral Evisceration. Check it!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Cynics yeah shops backstage press. I'll ride episode number 71. I certainly do that needs to last week with 71 hour when I was not here applaud drywall work welcome back Kevin thank mr. tonight also well I mean and also with Brian beard and Travis the virus looks almost all welcome back be it man around. It's been it's been a long cool week the reins back today it was hit thin torturous dude (%expletive) in. I was saying too much rain on the podcast last week about how would be under care to my car got ripped off and well. I didn't get it fixed this week so my cars. I couldn't go rounds and as can be flooded men on the way home are you parked under cover yet they get. But man just driving through them bunkers. So we get that up to this week Ryan stories tell me stories we Brian on man it's it's been a pretty wild week for me on. But he some some occasional freelance work for there's some. It's kind of a free lancer collected in town Coleman who Trevor studious. And the main guys just just finds film and audio gigs and I'm like like bigger production things pan basically just. Has this huge list of different people that you'd have different skills and do different things and he. Coordinates everybody in just kind of so what is the work which is awesome well you get. I was I definitely would appoint a standard bloom off work before an extra week fifteen for a a couple of commercials on pursue anyone for Fuji film won 10 and this one. And another 149 EXO. Which is it. Actually really. Cool new product is Cecil camera that is clips and decided upon. You can get massive amounts of zoom in really really high equal pictures. Now you think any self east I'm just keep. Yeah some of the got to invent the new selfish statement no no one had nothing to advance another result he stated that there was actually a woman down there that had. Force LP stakes. Her pills with a different camera on each one thing that's you did you like you're walking around doing like a panoramic view of the world found out she was using those informing interviews and stuff just like help sell the stake in the ground like a credit to be an interview for view once you it was interesting you know there's a guy there that I walked in and he had abused ballroom at top of the head with Afro on aside do you address Block's coming out of the bottom of that sort of looked like a man forged a unique hitting each. And then as ours and I rocketed. As I was walking around. Like what I wonder blue skies were in that and and I argue aside a block and desperate that Digisette I'll be playing with lights. In is just all these big curtains I kind of put my head okay it's like playing with a plastic slick hard at eighteen I don't iPod cold. And it was cool little boost traffic across clown. A clown Afro. Crusty the clown kind of style with the side here you know walk up and they throw me know he was just walking around in like I got to follow this gamble he he had the boot. Pass on it so I knew he was working for there he's in it was semi legit yes just as disorderly crew hired this guy. I'm really impressed some I unity skull yeah. He's got a real hard core school that bad ass. This is it was really good times I had attitude is that and started help on the podium mine with another audio products that he's got going on in and I went for hike. Perky park. He stated Nike. Round man I've been staying in DC because I work a work for a company to its makes and sells hammered dole summer's end in harps. And all weeklong I was preparing the crazy disorder they actually they've been around for. Since the seventies or even eat maybe in the sixties but. Got their biggest order it all in one to Japan. So I've been preparing 35 I think it was 36 hearts descend to Japan and so it was crazy man and they're gonna be buying sixty hammered cool Summers. How much space this thirty. Five hearts take up arms oh man I was making boxes all and we double pack these things so let's like packed on uh oh yeah oh yes I was McCann boxes all week so if you ever need some boxed. Commune and if I can do it efficiently. With using his little tape is possible and make it looked very professional but I yamana sweat that out but it always is good Mandy it's nice this. Have a job where I'm on my feet. I'm actually working I'm not stuck in a fork in office settings see the progress of what you're doing exactly and keys these super active. So if I reckon you know I'd its exercise and getting exercise I can even just like you know nodding does go to the gym I can even cancel my gym that's. Since you remember what kind of phone you use. We some kind of like Samsung lingers and you can download on your phone that like picks up the amount of steps. They've taken out and play it stares you crawled in and it kind of thing it's but there it tracks it for you yeah you should do that and see how many miles of walking around in circles. I'm down checking out there that bond you out cure of the aisle and I can say it. Well what ever happened that's a reason for you to get up and be more active with. And beef you at all. It's got to show rules by the way man my boss your bosses solid. Third in line to cancel and now. Know about the man other job outright or school but I'm Abbas my other job they're there hippies and and there. They're chilled out very very cool people hit these men and he had Travis that was your weak man my weeks been pretty busy we've had note we Adam. As I mentioned last podcast I'm land lord yeah you are lions are able portal and lord yes absolutely and we had a recent vacancies so I've been working on. That. Cleaning up that place and this particular. Tenet was not need some dirty mother is yes though that's gonna take a lot of work it looked like a war zone out there book that's open or is that an hourly thing you've encountered there so far. So far there. Yeah I'd say so what was it just like garbage that's like I have everything in the apartment either had to be cleaned fixed or replaced. Like everything you can they be taken in the light bulbs. That was like tape on part of the stole I think in the wire copper and out of the walls like what is that noise how is running point make that kind of know what what are these raisers why does that razors it's like lying rat. There are just up a bag of rotting black bananas. On the balcony. Hey you know just the guys he is just in case you wanted these reluctant for what they but the anything they can do to PC they've put they put them in a biodegradable. Plastic bag well we could take this to the compost band related work real bad for you. Yap. Ninety banks and is about how other people in some times of blows my mind and I know how did you live like this I think yeah on the glass houses move go to college. Did you really know it appears these guys well did or did somebody know. Ought they explained they they orbit got a people like why don't we have to follow all the rules a wide I have to pay a fee to have this stakes that it was. It wasn't your fault why can't I park here why can't I have. People I know you don't have sex she analysts as the current there sir just like your very certain people you know it's certain people. They just like to push it just to see how far you can go I and that. Guy that you're back I am by you or your home now so we'll call when spiritual life and your clue about you clearly I'm not a little time to time. Yeah I did. I keep my card between McKee the bathroom clean I don't live there that's that's the thing it always blows my mind like. No one else whatever you do you want to live in a pile of garbage exactly so mission accomplished. Job one thing that. One thing that blows my mind is like you know there's apartments where they keep you the option of smoking cigarettes in your apartment. I smoke I haven't smoked cigarettes for five days now but if even if I did well doesn't think he even if I was smoking cigarettes and you know just. I can't imagine wanting to. King live in smoke like like smoking senior apartment EU. Yes I you're up what occasional suitor here and there is fine but smoking. All the time your wall yellow it's mostly. Just think. You having bill Guinea I ate one of my best friends it's in my neighborhood that I grew up with lived with his mom and his grandparents but it was like split house yeah so their half of the it was like. They didn't smoke in the house that they lived in the the other half like his grandparents would sit in their kitchen. And while they were cooking and playing cards it's changing laws. With the windows closed keys so you would walk in there and it would literally be hot make you throw a lot yeah. I was just like it's like being in Vegas you know him. This is crazy like I would stand in there for a couple minutes and just be right and therapy bona headache yet. Is this what this is smoke a pack of heart I mean smoke in man. What about you man how is your week I won because he scorpions last night he added. As it was being. Awesome I still bombed out is on the beach you know anniversary it's the fiftieth anniversary of the scorpions so why I show where senator so if you've ever been you know it's like smaller Key Arena via like it's little it's where they have the thunderbirds games and whatnot. And I felt like it took a couple of songs for them the kind of like get warmed up and get the crowd warmed up OK but they take those dudes are in their late sixties some early seventies. And they're all still ripped. And they're all like jumping around still elected drummer still stand up likes national symbols school it was awesome so. I hope they come back is it looks like they've totally the gotten them how many high haggard built a long period. Everywhere. Like a half of the into how the concert there was this fat kid behind me with the longest mullah. And he was like head banging so hard that like the tip of his rat delicate smack. At. I'm not it's like hot I'll get them all and I rats man its turnaround and both of its parent said mullets the analysis like all right this is like some theaters. Yet this. Is. He'd show it was awesome. Hell yeah and apparently what you missed queens or AK Imus queens right by a couple of minutes like showed up at 830 to show started at eight. And I was there for maybe ten minutes until. Like it they the banner that they had it was a huge like crown with the queen's crown because like oh queens are about to go on dope and then the thing drops. And it goes scorpions and I was like oh you were not Pronger was Alabama. But it was awesome anyway so that it might blackout they did it awesome it was dealt and regret to fundamental. Cool. Yeah today I went to a mob family were not Hillary and it was my grandfather's 85 birthday today so awesome that's pretty and are split up cramps yet he had like quadruple bypass surgery like east 1520 years ago and he still. Region he still Qichen as impressive like I don't see my family very often have a huge family it's my mom's side of the family and I had. I have ten aunts and uncles. And they all have kids and now they alive kids so in that house is probably seventy people. Tom you know ran around big house when I haven't seen them all decent size my aunt's house. And I go in there haven't seen emperor of years and you know I'll be the first to admit that over the last three or four years I've probably put on like 3040 pounds so I change and I don't see amber and so the first thing that I hear when I want to and it was like. Domain looks like he gained a little weight. It's like oh this is why I come in cock you guys ease but if I mean you know the story of life. My dad said that my uncle talk. I think I don't know cool it you kind of big and I'm like oh you look really old. Goat like me to say like you don't bother Mike oh yeah I've been hit the gym. Like what are you when you wanna while backer rational but yeah you want me to say that's forming and then you have to go around like 3040 people and do that so would you become too conversation. So plan. And we tan dostum I let my family in Iran. It's just cool to see my grandfather is 85 birthday I was like what's your goal what's on your gill who only like you know with the goals he goes. Make it to ninety's for the slang it's that's it he's like. Yeah. Cool. You know border fence remember CNET Henry Rollins motivational speech wall back Greece talk about easily you know year you know. Under certain aged just get that's going to be just as you can. If you're old though. You know and all you wanna do and I'm like hey what would you get fired up about what it would you want and should I just solid today. I thought I would wanna keep my teeth ignored hours but I don't want my critique. I'm just glad I woke up. Oh it's so earlier today actually went to my wedding steel winning Kathy really acting bad. They've been dating since. I think junior or senior year high school and I was there the first time that they went on ad or the day he asked her out. He actually went up on stage and concert at Keller high school and he flipped his guitar and said Kathy. We go to prom with me. So I saw their relationship and it it's been really cool. And awaiting. In Auburn steelman actually listens to metal shop in the podcast cell and escorted to say steelman congratulations. She's dream woman. And now you are together. Forever for the better or worse feel like I've gotten weed from steelman vicariously through. People and treatment. And I think it thinks you you played with his standing camp courage probably yeah awesome for yeah totally Katie NK yeah. How to school with them but give it time school well. Let's. With decent news. Right so this CN on metal shop news first up this week. Ryan's body has created a new phone in called chubby and watched it. Kirk currently working on now we're. Is that like grinder. Now it being bluntly concept is you would solid and it puts a little blood on the street here phone whenever year child and you hit the wanton and pencil Boehner while ago. On the mask like on like a Google map and he got locate all of the pet owners in a little kids now. On my basic. If you see hold. And so you know oval Boehner marks on the map in other hot chicks around he'd other subsidies are now going to happen in the water and after awhile he's planning on creating the sister up drip and oh yeah that terrible idea. Three you can do it and hit the button on whether or not you wanna see where the other and it won't show who these people are but you know. Yeah some sexual activity going on here is. Here's what is really going on down here and I'm sure opens or maybe I should. Either the worst or best idea as to turn it off when your. Goes down a normal size that's what you're supposed to be if you're ever unfortunate enough to deal pluses no permanent job it is some varieties had to hit a bullet to talk like my job and I've been given our Reggie is ever. Made mania weird question I go to ER it changed the color purple mark you've taken a bunker on now I'm horrible problem at all. I do not have ED erectile dysfunction but I have taken yet Viagra. I just to see what happens here's the yes I've taken it what. I've never I've literally never talk to somebody about this it was somebody that I now. I am a well look I don't know if you wanna even mention what you're even about to say okay this continue on with your story well I got some I got some Viagra. I acquired some Viagra on the cheap a pill now and it was an interesting you can find it easily on the Internet. The girl was completely satisfied in every way. And I age she knows. By the end and I found god it was like did you not go away. Yeah. Like I was punching it non display no ads claiming image or just was. I mean you know isn't even down a tiny bit like after. All right like readiness rights are all that been like a minute later it would go right back I so. I I was ready to go against it sounds like too much I don't tell us a female. Friend of mine about this in the way she is because I think about doing it as elegant surprise mostly French you know. And my prize not my other friends. Said you know you should teller before you do that yeah you don't that's really at being creepy and like mass stuff. Because you know she's thinking she's in until like a normal night of like yeah what's he doing our first round six review last Tony thirty minutes not 2030 hours yet exactly exactly so. You know which which I think is is a very valid point each probably like hey heads up let's do this for like seven hours straight so. Get ready you know we got around one we got around to we got round rocky four. We got them rushing around we got the Apollo creed around it and it was an anxious. Need name. And I'm not trying to brag aren't paying and I hang up music. Now I I didn't have the use in hopefully you know here's the thing that was and I have to. Are the majority of people that use those kind of things used it for fun and not because they have to really that's why they're sales are. And so astronomically high is that it's a recreational. Fun thing to did. Not everybody that uses that needs it. It's just kind of like hey hey check this out I can hang my bathroom about it I think you'd be funny to lay. If you were transference among the top might. Did they put it in Simmons vitamin narrowly eluded I know I can definitely go to work in and we talked about Devin a lot to hit the button yeah. And now. Bettering your literally OK so let's take it to the worst possible scenario of that. If your erection last for more than four hours like this in the commercial call every buddy no you need to go directly to the emergency room because otherwise it will rocked. Awfully ore body rise. Your he won't fall off because the blood that's in it will rot and die so what happens. And this is why it's not funny. Is if you get an erection lasting more than four hours yet to go to the ER they have to take a big fat in neagle. Stick continued. And extract all of the blood out. Just in order for your Dick to work in the future. This has got so I'm not fond just saying man. This warning against imperil Israel on this recreational. Toys listen to song lyrics in there so yeah. I Ahmadabad recoba additional. And new radio handled well as kill you come on man you're just talking about getting hard so over you and I are talking about. Drain on the blow out of our. With and crazy needle I thought this is metal shrugged backs ace fast needle. Just like brutal blow every literally. Man I don't want annually until someone just threw you know it's a good way to wake up in the morning getting catheter pulled out your. Wake up. Jesus'. Jock when no one would medals out we should just delete the last thirty carrying on. Speaking of metal news. Of non things that I know it looks like metal lock collapses are common backhand. Well at least trying to evade destruction campaign to raise some mom. There isn't much they just they're raising awareness for the metal on metal vocalists. I don't know maybe the final final season here's the thing that puts me off about this news stories last week we are like oh my god there's this countdown going on on this website is why is it a lot of is it like I thought the countdown is gonna go down and last Thursday it ended. And as it ended there are like now to sign that petition in count down to let down like at that there are going to be like countdown to one pitch. Like that's everybody thought or like hey Bubba block at least there are announcing that they are attempting to move forward with the final version of metal lock and they haven't that a. It's going to be this season. Or a movie. But if you wanna tweet at Hulu had adult swim with the hash tag metal lock lips now. You gain. Doing the voting I suppose you know there's several now you wanna see it. CD tweet Hulu an adult swim with the past segment lockquote now looking instead you can sign the petition at the official website we sure do that like Britain or you can male and guitar picks get this may also guitar picks that we have line around. Travis you're gonna do that aren't oh yeah I got politics that everybody it is ams can implement them below and I got a ton of stamps and ever use so it's just seems like a no brainer. Here's the clock back people pay X. Now bring us in metal lock lips standard I was little my note will say yeah and the next one's getting heavy anthrax. Picks what could that. Why anthrax I mean I'm not a terrorist. That's where I I got all our anti again or so offered for the I'm a bit of a bummer now it looks like secure com vocalist later on revealed that he recently that he is pre tumor that's awful it and be before I. Keep going with this. This picture that they used to have him holding up a skull. I'll be glad to break kind of an approach where it messed up that's the strange kind of image to put on their metal underground. Now. Anybody that is that I'm going home I've got I got extremely sick eight days ago and was rushed to the hospital. Scans have shown there's a bot. It's as a blind passenger in my head. Most likely it's benign I can live with that as long as it does not grow bigger removing it is extremely complicated. As in your brain. And should only be done if it grows into a size or it's a matter of life and death. We all get our set of cards in this happened be one of mine there are so many people left to deal with them so much with much worse things and I do. So I do not feel sorry for myself. That's you know that's actually see her positive way to look at it and I wouldn't doubt that the dude from mr. Khan would say something like daddy always seem like a pretty down to earth guy. And it's cool that he's not like go whoa is me about it but at the same time let's keep them in our thoughts and our anti prayers and hopefully we'll get some. Great black model of it and who. So aborted awesome awesome band. Super brutal I love seeing a man alive because they're not only other brutal but their whole area slides stage banter is 100% on point did you call the audience to leverage is. If you didn't see. He's won all bought do this. General did. All in the day and why is everyone standing around in this. It Greg wool. Anyways get aborted in their guitars Dini Tucker have parting ways he left the band. Gas itself. Who's up next night in there for three amazing years he decide to step back and pursue a new path in life. And those guys seem like they got pretty crazy personalities yeah. There are definitely trying to meddle is awesome and weird and funny and bird. So aborted hopefully they finding new suite guitars I'm sure they won't have any problems. Finding. You know sweet tarts Travis weintraub. Speaking you know speed of weird strange things. I'm Linden in firm romped shine there very odds singer on recently started up his own. Project in normally does this would be something that I mentioned because the album is great. But this music videos one of the most disturbing things I've seen in awhile is basically him doing a planet of the apes stop being likened to being the movie and everybody here's naked where they're like hunting and hunting. Guys with the nets he's doing that with naked women dressed up in weird pursuits and many catches on. And he forces them to work out. And apparently that powers their instruments as the practice I'm watching or is weird video as I'm watching this this is like Baywatch. Without the swimsuit cops yep pretty much is what it looks like yet another sound we'll skip like half way through until I'm doing and it's it's just a bunch of boobs. My regular Ali weird is dungy creepy and I mean it's obviously more than that but then autopsy. And very very Oxford and Iran yeah if you're in a weird stuff and you know on. And moves Dick in sex metaphors and go check out fish on mine went and I didn't include it in the metal news this week but it's worth noting that rom sign is also back. Working on new music. Also answered so that's gonna happen sometime in the future you know I remember when legacy and at the Tacoma dome I can't remember so much fire one of those somebody mid commons just like the Germans are always working out everyone's jacked that began as they're the site. German people just can't solve or now the rob shank came on stage and a keyboard players on the treadmill. In an effort in the gym rat just goes he's like see he's worked it. While he's on TJ you just out of your show dude can be exploding writing. That they have that was just. Blowing up. And handled it foam coming out of any was writing it that was awesome round I'm not my cup team musically that much like their cool against being and he's got to go see their live show. Gene or weird perverted holy areas awesome and just real dynamic take lots of exercise. The Shea yo kids. So that's being a German music rage is coming back there reborn. After they had some dram. Which and that man any bands so it says that they're going to be working on their first new album since 2012. And it's war for tracker so who knows how long are actually going to be but. They're on the way back again be doing a whole bunch a European two or so rages back and I'm into it. Ghost obviously. Very very well known these days they just pattern in record. They're gimme coming to town October 20 to see India's guar. And there are also well known for their face pain and four. There there. In age of not showing who they truly are but it's prong. Guitarist Tommy Victor. Has tweeted a photo that included Glenn Danzig violence Elmo Sean from White Zombie. And what appears to be close for a man pop up in near its history. Pop emeritus vocalist and the leader of ghost the guy who actually you know where's the Pope outfit. It was believed in the passage Swedish musician Tobias forge of magnet car cartel repugnant and subdivision. Hand yeah without Emeka did. It's Al it's Al. That's crazy that. That he allowed that to get out there. You know when they were doing the easy he didn't want to get out there when they were doing the acoustic thing down. At solar planets are platters. I went to the bar next forties the bathroom and thirteen skated navy guys with the same kind of a haircut as the pixels schools in there drinking beer. Talking in. Not entirely hero like Harry are you know you guys why is it's I was tempted to kind of easily snap a picture Buick in a as the as the go from. But you don't wanna be that I. Wouldn't I wouldn't wanna be decked out quick walk like a guy K I'm a journalist. That's kind of an. Thing to do now I Tommy Victor from prong obviously not announce have a good time we'll do is this helping with a bunch of metal all star's death and then you wondering. Oh why is this guy who looks exactly like pop America is just chilling in the middle of all he's the heavy metal yeah ours so clever mouth. Posted this article and my favorite is the first response from genie says. You ignorant bladder mouth for not putting up. A warning before posts and wish you. Maybe not everyone wanted to see I didn't and anybody wants to say otherwise live your lives you wasting gulf of mine. All asks. Her why can't call her there speaking truth to him did Jimmy spoiler alert again. Thank you need the spoiler alerts are lesions said. You museum and this man he needs it. Jimmy was into the metal shop I can't speculate it would really cool it was built in and I have respect for you before you didn't give me and spoiler alert she needs to smoke in GA man maybe he should and he's on that. PCB he's the kind of guy that would be like. You can tell me what happens at the end of a lot to oral arts accuse the ten years ago. Our amber on and have northwest on the north north hard core board after I posted a picture of the cloverfield monster. Andrew was like man you should assist spoiler alert. I didn't wanna note it looked like and I was like hey. Have you grow up and stop Morgan a guy home to now. Are speaking of growing up and stop worrying about. A (%expletive) about mega death. Playing in China is that's an awesome and I don't care what you think about meg that or gave the State's politics. Any heavy metal band playing in China is in insane to me because at the Communist nation they repress the Internet. They and cut wireless Internet up from people all the time and they let me get in but they did totally. Cut their set short end. They required them to submit their set list that's wild to the government. Before they played in some of the signs they played they had to play instrument only. Because the lyrics were two controversial. So bad play China kinda. I should be really down here some instrumental made it that began. Like they played skin MIT to answer Mannelly they played holy wars. And away holy wars and anger again just were emitted from the simplest completely. Stuffing there and it's so I am according to the Wall Street Journal authorities in trying to require entertainment companies to jump through hoops amending the minute details of the show including set lists. The process reflects the control had held by China censors. We try to prevent incidents like the one in 2008 where Icelandic singer Bjork that troublemaker. Sang at a Shanghai concert about the ever politically sensitive issue of Tibetan freedom. How dare she. In in more meg gets news the drummer Tony we're no ex Demi Moore daring island Angel corpse to corpse not subject amount you have not already. He made his life debut in Beijing China playing with negative obviously. You have followed the pop if you followed podcast you know the Chris Adler. Of lamb of god played on the last hour of the newest may get the record about to come out. But you know he's he's busy would limit gods we can't tore all the around the world with them so now they got Tony. Tony Moreno who was drummed second forum and now he's got the full gig so that's awesome for him. And we are broad group yeah absolutely that's more power to him. And maybe he can actually stay in negative for a few years before he did. Yeah what's has made a life in Beijing poster of Chris Stadler. Deeply about them I think you might have not adventure and not that show you out while. I don't know maybe that's the image they're going for but they're like Kevin said the reality is they're gonna need it drummer now and you know Chris others pretty busy most of the time listening from this article it sounds like he's pretty that's the term is pretty up and busy too on. In looks like he was the the drum tech. For Chris Butler which makes sense. And any greater Nile and he was in gimme Borger reporting and you played in Edmonton and so he he's basically saying you said Davis and I'm busiest right now for the next 1218 months the planet guide and I will do everything it can't play as many shows with you as I possibly can. But there may be appoint were and they have asking a week and he said always free. How week for you cruel. Cruel Ukraine's. Side. It working yeah. It would just trying to Siewert goes and that that's from my Tony Lorena. Detector now from Chris others so on I'm assuming of their paychecks and big enough I mean I OK I I'm assuming play. With meg you're gonna get paid a lot I'm glad you're doing that because I wonder if conclude that this triumvirate of negative news with the fact that may get its debut the stain is selling his San Diego home. 45 point 375. Million. Dollars fees and rules so lovely and Alex. Then next time you feel bad like five million dollars any time gave the stain gets on and says anything about anything just be like hey. You'd have sold your house for five million dollars. You are totally fine and yet nothing to worry about but here's what he said you know the saying happy wife happy life. My wife and daughter very very happy living in Nashville where he's been for since 2014. And he wants to sell at his California so being in the big four got a big for money do you. Richard Cheney and a man San Diego would be fun to live in I wouldn't really wanna live in LA but San Diego got the beaches and you. Right there next to Mexico to go future in eager craziness on down in Tijuana. So here's the thing about this house is only 5000 square feet which is not that big for like I mentioned Korea especially for five million dollars it's got. Room and a media room and a dance approach like the movies Durham a bar in office a jam. Five bedrooms five full bathrooms. But it's got a state of the art sound and recording studio awesome a control room a reception room and producers boarding room cool so basically like. A recording. It's like you're being. So you could be like hey you can see in the beach house if you want here's a deal with Dave missing house though okay. He's gonna he's gonna white is not on every part of the house or. Just like on step Brothers may be geez. I drums. Gross okay. Moving on from negative news so case a DR strings have been putting out a dime bag. Themed strings for awhile fair Travis and you play guitar I used to get the dime strings and does that wilds also. I guess it was dime though all of the entire time. And there is a real love my caddie. So but they're putting out a new series of dean guitars which was dime bags you know later model guitars featuring high voltage DR strings. I mean so how are they going to be using dimes name on just use it up like it's like. I didn't planning this stuff in charge of this ever gave its seal approval and and got near ridiculous it was holographic down the biggest thing to look up. Who's in charge of dime bags ST grade reader. This issue in charge of those businesses systems like I believe so she sells his teachers and his dying day hardware. Like his merchandise and some like that main base official dime bag merchandise in. And all that stuff all the money goes toward read it and the dime bag. The state I mean DR they put our great strings like the DR rival to strengthen. And if they're gonna be going on the the dime bags signature guitars make sense to me. Wall answer questions he had earlier how long is he going to keep associating as long as they can as long as people still buy them. And defeat the Alley to get going with that like the ML dean's guitars and like the ones that later on that dime helped design before his wrath that that's one thing but yet they've been. They've been manufacturing like new models and stuff in your right. I'm didn't play those men and in the room. So. It's like being like god told me that I needed to read this book called the bubble. But down told me I need you read this rich but DR strings target. Their hand well though which makes them temperamental. I mean can dive deep into that rabbit hole that's a whole lot of technological. Side of things. String to Guadalajara polling gusting that are in Halloween cost okay innings following cost him when we get on why Kevin how offered. How bird or N'sync comp costs. It. I guess it's about time I mean you finally escaped the south and juggle both free. I guess it's okay albeit juggle over following the only areas. Are where some in the foo who. Oversized clothes. Paint my face entering some pago. Won't won't pitch. It's still better than. The second round could juggle its teeth. I they go out of that nipple on it isolate that use that as my ring too much every columnist who don't. Move it won't be its. On that getting Garland me. You know left for Halloween last year I intentionally didn't leave my house. I woke up that day and I had like I have like a weird final destination. The time about that damn I was like man if I go out tonight. Something this can happen to me. Believer does in explanation last year on the podcast he's yeah arms and I didn't leave the house he said that of the for the last few years he ended up getting drug can banging read too weird shows that he didn't lie. If you think huh. I'm glad that it's true last year you were like man I'd be the bad decisions the last few years right there any 100 I think Barack. But that didn't have anything to do with what I'm talking about right now right by her man. He Halloween is like the purge. Not until our ally close the windows ST is this side load at age forty I have isn't going to fill out there. In the dark with my cat. I don't like. Did you give out candy. I I live in a new house where I haven't experienced that yet but if I lived on Capitol Hill. If anybody comes knocking on my indoor I'm getting the antenna with a baseball bat you know newsmakers borrowed money my kids. Capital there's just like cancers in homeless people. Families don't live on Gallo and what about you guys haven't strategy and annually and help the kids. There's not really kids around our neighborhood either trust my dad killed related departments gain entry in her by her owner some live. Place now this is where the dead kids and no matter where I've ever lived even when I was in high school of what my parents I think we got. To which records meters and then what are you a lot. Of parents look and it keeps. Yeah out and is still hurting the people do. And people. With a sign that just says please take one. And then everybody has to see your feedback on a run Tehran's dole Lamar and I. So I don't like it as the rest of neighborhoods or neighborhoods starts wondering. Who's got the as kids and a causal. Can arrest them if any kids listening to this podcast. So kids if you're in the Auburn area kids do listen to metal shop backseat as Ariel iPhone. Don't tell your loan. If you're in the arbor area find where sir mix A lot lives because he used to give out the in best candy go to sir mix a lot in my mansion this guy gave way to that big honking king sized candy bars. Take as many as you wanted. Or makes a lot was a bad ass. Always make sure you go to his house we will get out go to the rich people's. Yet you like get transplanted into the rich neighborhoods home after like just during christmastime. You drive through the rich people's neighborhoods is are delivered to my ears yeah. Like and you get that king size mom can. No. Yeah you're gonna turn up mark. I'm lesser makes a lot gave way the big key new bars like the years about pushing it she'll need you know. He aipac big butts in can work. Well that's how the let's get exactly he figured he's trying to train all alone have large bust that up conspiracy guys entering right now. I don't anyone who explore that training you could just that he likes big bars in the cannot lie is now. And hey you yeah I. I we have here you see nothing perverted. Island ally big bars and I cannot lie you get in. Which you like that. Open that's biker jacket at my curtains make your egg. My. I can actor felt ill. He said that he is that he doesn't have it in him anymore to write super aggressive music world to just don't have any mean Ballmer. So he's at it's it's not likely you'll ever write music again no call for the type of harsh locals. That characterized the beans early efforts. On the power play the old though no. How about knows. But my favorite was when someone when someone. Sent its week out to Michael actor politics who I want open it back with the old songs. And he just tweeted back. I would like to add back forty di eight pack. That's like a fundamental. Burned the cup like us older and my with that reach we like 80000. Count and that hurts me but it wasn't even involved my my favorite one was somebody's holding them assignments and European pestilence and you'll Michael. Aren't actually do your first of all what. I asked. Michael Thacker film actress on point and this one's son. I don't know what the hell you got into what I hope you've had damn good spot and that's not. So. They sing that they're gonna be recording a record in 26 teams that will be coming out at 2017. So there is new OPEC on the way but it's it's a different. Animal now justice. Something you've got to respect otherwise. God off. Burton C bell from Fear Factory is the latest to say pandora and Spock fired getting away with. Murder. Haters he says that. And for not paying song I heard our air royalty rate. Because of the constant decrees that govern. Govern how the vast majority of American songwriters are compensated for their lurk. I don't know man I think he's getting away with murder pretending like he can sing that way in the studio. And inventing lies and its us. Here's a new record. Same record okay. Saturday. I'm me me me me give me money last time I saw Fear Factory and he started doing the singing parts. I saw only ten people around me just we you heard drinking during world. Turn him down turned down it was just such a contrast. And does lower zone holes were still locate down with any do that a low. Well. And I want you to the people's JD game and I until I can well. This kind of yeah yeah thank you targeted Dino flight did you know look at a good tune even Lawler. It's right or and it's with my name right you know okay no. Anyway it's like the delivered and we don't really change that news story. Anyways yeah okay he is right there he is right in the fact that Spotify and pandora are paying anyone. Anywhere near the amount of money they're making up their advertising that's true. At all and the parties that they are dictating the course of the future of the music industry. And there are indicating that. Yet you're just not gonna get any money to musicians look into the art let's get a little people here who in this room hasn't paid for Spotify account I haven't paid at a ten dollar month by African do you rent that's hard no now. END I have a free account OK but I only use it for word certain things focus a year the angling in a while and stuff. Yeah yeah I hear. I have I've paid a monthly fees and meets him I don't know wanna hear that month samplings I've been thinking about it the only reason I haven't is because my eyes. Many iPad that I use. Amount of space that's available on and so few and I can't see music to you know a fair enough I mean if I having stayed any music to my spot in my just search every time it and I go through and and well I listed makes it so that you can access that when you're not connected to the Internet so for me when I go out in the woods ago shooting or go camping or something like that I can access it. Yeah aside from south. The thing is though I grew up with windows products. Which always had the availability we could just put your MP threes on whatever you wanted yeah yeah and just carry around with you this whole thing is fundamentally different in the fact that you have access to. Every thing that's been recorded you don't own arguably yet. And nobody's getting paid any way around except for Spotify or pandora. If you you'd pay for so I don't I'm you know I don't. I don't know harp about it honestly I'd I don't want anything to do with Spotify. Aggies pandora because united. I like to expose myself to new things in red you know as it brings you something that would be recommended after the fact. And has has paid subscription to geez he's title. That that's that's service say now man I. And on and that's another hard no. On now I so endlessly to seize and if I'm listening to music and in order most albums on there are. Under ten bucks I mean usually it's like to redefine parts or whole album some brand privatization if there's much or recommendations for other. Brad Anderson they reckon and you know so some musicians recommending other musicians stop also there are a lot of bands on band camp until coaches modify. Exactly didn't. To hear let me let me read. Through the rest of this because I feel like this gives us a little perspective about some of the facts regarding these streaming services is effects Dax steering is a very debated issue right now because companies like pandora and Spotify are getting away with murder basically because they're going with the contract they're going with the trademark agreement written in the 1940s. To pay artists the least amount of rupee possible. Because in the 1940s. There was no such thing as the Internet. And they never expected. So because of that A using this copyright trademark law that was written to get away with paying the artists literally nothing so for instance and artists like a Dell. Obviously multi platinum artist Grammy winning its center etc. Whatever song someone like you probably her most popular. Had over eleven million listens on pandora. The person who wrote that song because of the royalty rate only got paid 111000. Dollars. For over eleven million hits. Or listens on pandora. And he says that's being ridiculous. And that's what they're getting away and pandora is fighting to keep it that way well and so that there. The reality is. That's the trajectory of the way music listening is going because everyone in here just went except for Ryan I use it. Even for free ever want to know why because that's the way it's going. I don't use my desktop and my desktop computer at all anymore for anything except preening things off on my screener. Like and that's where my hard drive is in my seriously the only one not using spot by this point out. Apparently I mean I used in this room he is and all of the MP threes are already home. Now I'm gonna CD's that I have I mean I'll go through YouTube but 90% yet 9% muscles bank. Maybe it's men but. I mean even in nice I band camp doesn't make you a dinosaur that and companies like four or five years old. Am I mean it will say hey Ryan. You're a dinosaur I still have hundreds of CD's I guess that makes me to Europe and Travis is the real dinosaur apparently I have a cassette deck in my car up. All I just picked up guys and still Ariza and who of one upmanship. So it's interesting man and I really really hope that we find a way to compensate musicians. Because otherwise. They won't being exist. They just want. The next generation won't have a place the last stroke that thing just settlement and a client and I've I do like something out of mind of streaming analyze I always end up buying. But that's just me. And that's something we go back and in fact Ryan have we got our cattle at T shirts yet. Two days. Today's I'm not icon to your area they're going to Egypt now because they were I did decorum pre orders he got me wondering with the countless assurances. I gave him Tony boxed me daddy so they're shipped counties. Cool. So filled rhetoric this did. Yes then he got gentle light off the net staying in pleading guilty to threatening to kill and drug possession and hiring somebody to kill somebody. According to radio in New Zealand still read from a CDC has paid out less than half of his required 120000 dollars in reparations that's all he -- yeah. Buddy movie when he he's been out less than half of that so. I don't know must've straight match his money away. Because if you got that ECD poked. We were just about how would gay Messina selling his house for five million dollars that is nothing compared EC DC that's what I'm sick and they've been around for food authority Wal-Mart minus. So I can't pay you 60000. Dollars if I'm a drummer of AC DC. And I got problems feeling that you would have gotten cash in his wall at any given time if you're drummer from easy with the DC. And I feel like he's asking to do is go to jail I mean they put in my house arrest so we can just hang Canada's own house. And yeah like hey how about I just don't pay. Off. That's what should it roll up and I know I am air yeah. Here's enough money that you may be legs stopped calling it and here's a little money and I gave you have we don't know I got 5000 times more Nat. Mean. Up. You can. Jesus has some Australian that's who we say. So in this really have a news story and this is not funny at all that that last news story there are some humor that this is (%expletive) yeah there are things hair. Of black do you members and go board. He reportedly. Killed. A us child. A mother a seven year old son. His neighbors his neighbors before turning the gun on himself last Friday October 2. They were identified. As his neighbors and he's a 47 year old Hugh reportedly spray paint I love you baby our garage door that was meant for her. He said they said there has been disputes between the man and the woman. He had no criminal record but he's neighbor said that sold most of his possessions in the past few weeks in barricaded his house. Quote unquote the last six months he kind of gave me a really eerie feeling the neighbor said like the way he acted his demeanor he would always be around children. Sears is totally. Done. And OK so where in a situation where here in America we have a gun problem right inter and I'm not tried tennis and political but. We got people kill each other all the time rank is a talk on the weapons on local media in when you're in a situation like this we're like hey my neighbors barricading himself and his house. He's obviously descending innocently and increase your madness is selling all of this stuff right weighty who you call like war. Who do you turn do to help you with that. Because he's still an American he's got the freedom to do it he wants. Do you call the cops like you Collison digital elderly what do you do you know. So that's I think that's the problem and that's the scary part because this happens all over the place whenever you sevens BRE Eric has he was in a metal band. And you know obviously went. For the worst possible scenario but. How many times do you see like a shooting in people go oh Leann like I was like I was open we have creepy and I totally assumed he would decently this thing. It also gas say something and I'm Mike. I don't know if the big question mark if you like the other side of the coin is how pretty sketchy. As people do you know. That like do we huge. All the time I feel that agency wouldn't phone calls right away from you Ruble. Well major you unfair they still do you get complaints like fifty delegates wanted member of wanting didn't they call and Mike. Like hostage situation on the celebrity's house in swat team kicked the door down like if we care enough about that. Why can't we get these people help or like put a flag on it or something like that in the thing that further bums me out is that this guy is obviously like a member of the metal community who has perpetuating that. This guy's a scary metal and it killed and neighbors got sick. In disturbing is I saw people respond to this story with the actual mental spiritual and brutal. You know that. Yes that's on board yeah man. Anyone who glorifies that or says anything positive about that you and we said this before a metal shop like we talk about some pretty heinous. But and it's all it's all tongue in cheek it's like a horror movie we're nuts we don't need energy literally you'd if you're not supposed to rip entrails from birds and you're just not supposed to do that obviously canyon not viewed that police. Can listen to the medal and head bang with your friends and have a beer and hang out. I've. At this argument a couple of times where. It it's come up with people that are really and you know corn things like that means that weird things like that that. That glorify the bull being in lights intentionally saying heinous things. And you know it it kind of kind of making acting like an ass. A cool thing. Hands. You know dirt that's that's the difference between been canceling cannibal corpse and dying fetus and things like that is all it's obvious entertainment gray. Whereas I whereas Syria they get off stage it's it's not like that rank and and that's that's a hard that's my biggest problem. With bands of that sub genre. Is there there's no effort to say like yell. This is obviously entertainment program should probably not be really disrespectfully together early rank in your mom literally is there image if they don't. If they don't play along with it and had super impressionable kids and I'm sounded like a parent and you know I mean it's. I'm glad we're talking about this this this is something I've been meaning to talk about is we put some pretty heinous. Then I've just recently discovered and it was a right after we're talking about the 25. Anniversary of Judas Priest being attacked by. You know getting that lawsuit burden. Those kids computing suicide by shooting themselves after listening to cover songs of the seventies rock band. And we were like hey I can list off the top of my head a dozen. Famous bands that are 101000. Times worse than that. You've got to be kidding me. And at this point we have the Internet so it means they can exist in math. And no one either notices carriers or realizes that at their and debris in song is I'm going to cut your head off. And rape you rate you rate view. And it's like this over and over and over again it's insane and we got to just be on the lookout for his own thing because some people take seriously. And it's not to be taken seriously and. Donald cannot it is it's separate you got to separate yourself Chris Barnes. Said it on air. He blatantly just not even a month or so ago when he was up year. He is like I does entertainment and I just hang out at home in. Smoke some weed and highlight watch war movies Chris Parnell vegetarian. Nicest guy I know probably super chill very politically active and aware and just kind of like. Not that it's not. It's a separation man it's an it's an active entertainment unit you have but my point is you have got one of the guys that created. The whole brutal death metal thing on air just being a normal person acting like a normal person saying. Can I I don't want to misquote in but it there's there are some long ones are just like yeah I want it I just wanted to write something to match. The music that was being created I needed something on that level and so I turned a war kids don't live beginning cocaine. And I'm glad retarded about this because we're in the middle of October it's Halloween time I watch the world watched in horror movies like that man very normal thing it's fun it's awesome let's not ruin it uniting means. And so if and or when you see a friend of yours or somebody kind of just taking it a little too seriously or you realize some days may be descending into some. Strange place. That's a real and paying especially in America and now you need year help the mountains you tell them to get help. Or just be like yo calm down. Or just what I find is that more often than not and we said this last week on the podcast. Just egg knowledge people being nice to people on a normal level. Because you just complimenting somebody on one thing could be. That that moment it blocks them off the alleged that they were about to jump off. Or some suicidal crazy homicidal. It takes you know just be nice to be that they snow leopard out of somebody's stage instead. So little openers in now so that takes us into the next story you don't look as fat today. Oh thanks. Man. I didn't mean that comfortable last night Kevin your head is extortion Tuesday because. You're not going to there aren't you Randy Ellis grazing your beard. Today Alex great I don't cure for those for you guys are great. Your less infectious today. More talk. All right what I was going. Go into is that there is a new trailer for a movie called the history of mental and horror. Kind of just tying together everything we just mentioned some got to play it for you right now it's going to be some view or horrors heaviest hitters some of metals heaviest hitters. Alice Cooper curd candy Corey Taylor tweet your Mir is John five from Christian rob zombies band. Tom's of beanie one of the youth corps masters. Along with Sid Haig from doubles three Jackson hasn't hasn't corpses that are here again. First time seen phantom on screen or people change their looks it was shocking to people. Eighties was the splatter decade. And that's when I became wizard of gore doctor glory king of gore. It's hard to say about whether face he's obviously you don't care but he's more than that I don't think they have any idea how big Myers felt that character has become. It's human it's not Hume. It's this little. My term coming home function sales back into zombies were very freight. Until we made by who would give. That'll if you look at it musically it was basically for other. Black savagely first I was back over there blues that they made it into this beautiful. Dark art. That so many generations of artists and content. Horror films like the perfect backdrop to what heavy metal vice Versa. And just doing it they just go go hand in hand because of all the lyrics are dark and sinister the music and through horror genre are defiant. Against society. If it's about being extreme. Stream or stream you scared the thing with the thing. Where fans are middle we're looking for that bit. Definitely spears sure it's my mom took me deceive the original jaws I was really you know. And if it's dark from eight I was terrified of the dark I always went to bed very young. Right as dusk was falling so I saw the shadows from and I think that was worse things are terrified me was my big grin fear would be like. Trapped underneath something nobody here me being stuck him crevice. Of the earth there's something like that. Don't be afraid of the dark. Scared that. The first time I saw live living dead I was so. It's the texture its moments it just gets under my skin no matter how many times and see the movie that affected me the most. With Salem slot. I mean still warm all time favorite band with the best marketing idea ever of Eddie. I always tell Alice Cooper wasn't for him I wouldn't be here surely look like this and this fits where all the ones I we said they had thing is you pop punk. Sound with the hard as static place sports. I was just getting kind of started movement peer review. Dope show music videos came. You know I was raised and kept him. We came into the convention business through the entertainment business. What we are selling in what we're buying it is not stop its memories there are people out there love or another people who love heavy metal. And other people out there who have boats and basically. I'm reaching out to those people. And say hey man. And minted two and a lot of cool stuff you just come over and check it out. There. Heavy metal and horror. I don't. Movie and they want you here at eight donate donate donate in that they want you don't exist only 50000 dollars to get the movie completed. So it sounds like they did a lot of the interviews and some of the integration but I'd be interested to see that metal horror together. Make sense to me. All right at this point in are metal shop backstage pass podcast. We are going to entered the brutal poetry too on the radio program. Who's doing this one tonight Kevin or better and better he's going to be doing visceral of this duration. Such as Tom him this a roll and this they're reaching its and the FB Kyrie and gynecologists. Kevin. Can pregnant women rule believing their child. Routine inspection turns into it felt right to fresh. Al rivals to slash first. And notorious doctors late east theirs it. Just remains totally non. Lying. Astride. Key amputate her shanks. Followed. By fingers and arms and legs in hand. With a hammer in the baby get shattered. Re pro dating free until its tattered. It's nice blue eyes out of the sockets. To drenched in in this bootlegging minutes. Consume on phallic string of newborn. Iraq he shreds of arrival flash. Venereal organs so merged with savvy listen you're in this pitched. Wrote even wrecked. My secret why she in in two. Abreast of those two sources. Say did of these PC meal. Finally slobbering her blue mean the middle. Im ball movement move with a goal X screech. Rooms cling on the gynecological. Chair extension decay creates mortuary. Layer. After the room is cleaned up but in. Another wounded and we through bloodshed but tables are turning now. To win or genes in the blood red and looking into she emasculated him genital dinner with nice and full work. Catch up. On the severance programs. The salacious. School lunch he is well. What portion and. Yeah. Kevin's thank you gets arched feet its arched. Its artistry. It is beautiful. You don't take it you can seriously man embalmed of the boob. And I called baseless and metal shops backstage pass this week final words for me guys this week before out I'll feel later Tim. Travis it's good to have you again I know it's hard to follow that I've really down on the ads. Visceral each visitor HK okay this my final word if you're starting a band out there please be more creative than just calling it visceral eviscerate him and no more tougher. No more renowned bands and. Viscerally misery she got. All right we'll see you guys the next week things to listen to metal shops backstage pack. Just. Shops backstage press.