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Migs-Cast 08-25-15 : Another Century Bands Rule!

Aug 25, 2015|

Steve Migs, Topshelf, Mono Nick and The Rev talk about Pain In The Grass. Steve plays his interview with the bands featured on the Another Century Stage: Like A Storm, New Years Day, and Stitched Up Heart. We play songs from all three bands, including a brand new song by Stitched Up heart called "Finally Free". Steve has audio of him messing with our co-worker, Vicky. We then hit the message bag, with texts, emails, and we only have time for one voicemail...but it's from Uncle Ricky! Finally we read this week's Facebook Drama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Whenever you're ready let's do it. How hard totally forgot to edit this part down eventually comical art. They turned yeah court humility. All right start telling jokes sir. Now Dimitri Martin. It's going to a baseball game last summer in the stadium pay huge TV in the stadium Jumbotron. This guy proposed to his girlfriend is using the giant TV he put her name and there's a really marry me. She says yes crowd went wild they found a couple in the audience and sitting there thinking god that's so romantic so cool. There remember thinking you know he could also uses screen like good having trouble breaking over somebody. We came out how many red hot dog he's definitely. We'll get desperate. Being. Ever make America. That is the mesa has my name is Steve makes I am hearing my good friend and top job. Well the mighty reverend en Fuego like. Ever anger and there. And everybody's favorite the man who loves that Arizona sweep tape. Some popcorn and return to bestsellers are actually just watched that Dimitri Martin special last night all yeah. I'm mostly to have when it was funny as hell would you wait for that show yes exactly that's higher than point oh my god. That is odd yeah so this got me to have a shorter legs as they estimate meeting and news new. So let's get things going Janne of the week a man and that rocked. Back pain in the grass it's like a storm. Love the way you Heatley yeah. I'm the biggest cash. It's crazy he's got a from New Zealand for when he sings he doesn't sound like you have an accent at all. It's hard rock N. You guys catch you guys from the second stage now I missed are there four. It's day veterans I was so I don't want no matter how. I wanted to join FaceBook I've spent the majority of my time and I wasn't doing work stoppage. Five the second stage watching all the fans and another century saves who's is chicken and nylon. Which one. A remarkable on the fly Dixie from six apart Tuesday here. On the Iron Man. The fact there was this talk of a market guy around run shot century media. Who brought all the events do us harm they have any idea what their viewers on do we get played on the on the makes cats and. They're military okay. So damn good but I wanted to break it down right now this is the son with the did you review or you get ready lo. We turn the lights on you close your eyes at full song. The president did what does it matter if you turn the lights are no closer. I don't know and you just dies out the lights are out I was the only girl I don't know any right yes. Kids are due to injury to you then that's not a visionary OK. It's a serious stuff alone you know I'm I'm I'm I'm not. It's very moving time tour I'm tired really wanted to starter. All the jobs. No one man what an instrument you don't know. Find none. Never feel I'm. We're just hard times I'm like oh my god. The whale and there's only a way better and we're on the. That was cool evenings are doing well in the journal. Are yet. There are fewer greens back when Jack. Your old. I miss that I've never seen every corner of the energy. But because we got energy that is a mob lawyer for my Valentine back. During the interview. At his service foreshadowing. Because it's in the middle of the interviews like Tyler the name of the songs so I'm gonna go off my phone. And find it Helio micro Internet service and I frankly haven't declared an wanna play only because I was like I and it's. So Fides. So AB David and I toll pulls. A BJ when envy the guys from like a storm I forgot to. I could not remember the proper way to say the name of the song we just played all the way you hate me how they aren't they. We'll get to that the second day you don't but let's let's listen to BJ from picking weird with Matt from Kabul from a Valentine's. We Matt from the end that's all we wanted you might see something that was the other looks good. But the narrative resembled the hot hand you know right the F. Yeah if you want you got to watch a video. I get Simon yeah when I assure you. Can I love playing god that's on the video I'm talking about. So the video is or these songs here is old and I've got it you want to battle. What there are on here hold on hold on hold on. Guess other scenario. Got a client could find his video by the news video. When did you have an old couple drinks and he's care's last. So like and I think so are we get like guys is not a good thing to do like to scroll through my phone and got so much how can he do that as soon. How silly of him and I and I really emphasized that it was absurd and funny. But we're gonna play some of the interviews from that I did on the second stage it's a mood that the bands are only three or four minutes long and not super long but they're kind of fun. Pop and I totally jinxed myself because I don't talk to the guys on like a storm and on top how much I loved the song we just played there was a gem of the week. But I still here during this interview. I can't remember the way didn't make the name of the song from now I'd like to blame our friend Donny at Rainier around pine for this interview and that's just. Believe that there are really different state of mind while doing this interview and I think you'll be able to tell. As you view goes along so here's the other guys from like a storm. Backstage at me in the. Grass I like dharma and Chris yeah I don't rather how they're ready for certain is that you were talking about heritage I was giving them. You know solidarity by engineers on the road didn't do you're gonna need to do not dealing with your own life and now he's on your bathroom. I don't know where to help these children and when we don't miss you we're even here there. Bullets and vegetables and on weight yeah eight of course my name. So it's very good brilliant teams and so that's the horse's head no I think anyone wants is this an. Yeah. You know and is there hey he doesn't happen after this sell to me it's. It's a very village in Simmons there is a very. Valuable thing what they O'Brien announced I'm only saying I'm out the only one just saying that they haven't so yeah this incident yeah. Many audiences thousands upon thousands it's unlocks the Gene Simmons there next season is huge market for that I'd like to Sturm has never count to three of us. Yeah rodeos in and I did and I didn't even dying while you. I think it's. I'm. Where you when I was either lose an honest and we were leaving fully mended soon it yeah. It's not about your Mac hello I'm alana throughout O'Reilly yeah. Really powerful new song it's. Long now and our guys hey there's a certain level just. Heavy and run fifty anymore it's how do we love furthermore we actually we just played bad we've played physical and delves into the grounds well and now only. When he loves Bonilla went about favorite bands growing up in his split up for a long time so for us to be playing the same physical as there was unbelievable. They realize there's things from you guys talk to retailers are not yet she's awesome and heart just. Assessing the little guys that you know I mean it's a good example I could like mentor to a lot of hot rock stars that did nearly every day. I decided he wanted me yeah there you have it and it. And that's why we have to resize objects is it to bounce back now I'm just wondering because it sure does so I don't know settlement plan. You are out there Baghdad Bureau good yeah yeah you know we all want. There was the hour and the caught up. You run out of prison and I want to ask you does it's as any music nerd comes I don't like every other it's. Okay. Really do create jobs I have to say I like their opinion on the low wage you're going to hate me or humbled by the way you pay me one outlet from. And does so. I think Jay and his loss yeah I. Bizarre and I'll read and Ryan yeah that was yeah. Obviously present the news and we get to did you reviewing there in terms of making I was certainly calling him orgasm three years maybe you know I don't listen to that they had. Eight a regular tell yeah. And that's when I challenge you say you're typically we could all go and how to do an assessment every gun straight dead as opposed to blowing my cents an hour I. Yeah you guys are doing. Well thank you and and I actually did not know the record is so cool awesome and say hey I usually do you guys did you guys enjoy your responses from gone home. It is incredible I mean. You know eat veggies and recorded that album ourselves we wrote old songs especially against us yeah we always get along regional arms unloaded here just really getting into character yeah whose kids are they going to tell us. Struggles access your music and then Michelle plus account come through all of them so yeah congress. Should you digital reading this I'm not on the record Giuliani does so Michelle but even more assertive towards a Morse uses fresh this your best and the most from your daily yeah today and I appreciate until they got there I think that's the saving this for us yeah. Thank you have. I don't know I guess it didn't seem not to me but I'd like to hear allegedly won today so yeah it is still it's interesting and we did that. Oh Bullard a lot of doubt a lot of really weird stuff. Iron play is so aren't you see millions thank you for taking the sound guys. Sense. Also. Whenever I thought error prone area near that son mr. Singh will see what our NCAA and got a great attitude albeit they were funny to monitor and in my some beverages like these are just constant nonstop is joking around. I never got to ask him those that we are hearing your voice some vocal when you don't have an accent when you saying. So fast and athletic and Internet or Internet and I inherited my ideas are doing impressions from all I don't know all the awful awful. Everytime I hear that notre. While. Well I was gonna say I think how are still private parts all of the movie yeah hours he would sit on the speaker yeah. No I do an editor do that's a great seen enough movies are amazing so funny. By another minute we got the talk we couldn't help myself and Steve. He goes crazy in my schedule I would Soledad it's on front of me but like every thirty minutes I was running somewhere of whether it be stage announces second series he used. Like I was so nervous especially after BI decided. The Al pay tribute to Donnie over at Rainier behind. I was never I forget something and there was a moment where I was like OK they told me a system meet at this certain spot. When nobody told me at that spot changed over costs rose 530 I don't source is doing an interview or for thirty. Susan do an interview with Ashley from from my New Year's Day and I'm there and there's nobody. Nobody around me in Ireland so from our satellite can you get a hold a subject we don't have the headset sim lake who. So like I'll go back to your original location Hummer and now trying to get there and of course people like stay there stay patient right yeah I asked. Get there and thankfully they're all just hang out drink a beer would be guessing nobody cared to buy necessities vibe was sold much more relaxed than them the main stage like. Props to mark from my century media because I. You can tell like doesn't. He's a guy at the top of the chain and his laid back attitude that comes do you hanging out being cool Lilly trickle down to everything including the bands in the crew so I was like system. Very fun Mike. Motley crew of people experience factor it's cool and they can do that instilling you know get stuff done yet that's great time to sometimes you can't yap gap but do Smart guy and Italy that's awesome that he would use up the boss man he was always a difficult so. Just talk with Ashley this one also equally just what happens. Moments before I interviewed the like a storm guys I think if an americorps one happen before the other car so obviously it's interesting on line just is a heads up. But here's actually from here today. And yet we go down a weird road towards the end as well. But here it actually from New Year's Day I. When she's kind of I am loving what you guys have been doing and I think. The heroes I'm hearing there's a darling don't you know coming as it is finishes coming out very soon but clearly these are some of the just never satisfying you know I was just at least on the EP we want is huge casino Michael as always an get heavier. How we started this panel I was so young. You know you can only be so heavy when your your teenagers you know it'll really start his. We were teenagers you know we worry kids we were kids. And and you know the danys finally cutting what I always envisioned what he would just dark and had to eat out like that you're saying to our community. That's my music writer doesn't even matter if it's country. It's scrapped its mettle as a doctor and lyrical content and I aesthetically anything like that. As such silly sound wise that's what I always gravitated towards. So NASA that's kind music catalog I'm playing out right like you like he's Indian Country and certainly I love that he claims that there is an inch. And unknown Hanson like the darker weird stuff as I always been on sale. Yeah absolutely this is something that's I think it just brings a certain emotion I mean I don't know I'm getting older important. And I find myself I'm joking about like I'm having menopause when it comes to music man and iron sides of the matter what I hear about a year and straight to a certain way all the settlement and an emotional about it yeah. And I don't know if you noticed that yourself from when you're seventeen BI. Always been like I music has always been like. He did know what came first amused at the misery to the misery we miserable Susan's got music art is a Saturday sneaking his role I don't know that idol is losing points and was miserable is that music makes me happy. It's only because I feel like you know and then the cliche and I cannot alone coming up many haven't outlet for those feelings in me you know title is there repeat it can yeah. And hopefully Niemi I think your music videos are part Tim cross and you and I feel like they always look good stories and most businesses. Horror film that's yeah. I'm right here comes from the screen right here that is important when you write the songs maybe going to write this I'm doing your blessing on you thinking oh how would I knew how important visuals. Yes I am right when I write music or regulators and raise visual. And if I can see earlier in my head that lit the clear straight themselves. He knows so yeah I'm very visual person and usually as a writing the song ideas for that music video just come naturally. There was a facility could go back into the person who's in charge of scoring it since I mean as Lauren that would what's so would you like your banner your music beetlejuice and I've ever has as a. How are aghast at how I met him yeah Danielle middle Alabama all right I'm about. I went into your nephew I descendants is a very bold statement but I wish I would hope I could be like gives and that's it that's better than him presented here and he said it knocked me I don't even included. Figure out how to load this into it and let everybody know about how best lead getting out maybe they're watching back just gotten too big. I don't where you live not just hitting against a hot idea yeah. I don't and I we won't know until the news that's come out now right Allen didn't. And I mean I did something wrong sound and somebody else right. We should be spotting this on film the worst ever arm is good note on like CNN worst criminals ever. Aren't we actually Steve the worst criminals ever mile zone New Year's Day after the kind of guy who is joining us Lisa let's think here. You go. We're gonna go commit murder I guess a doctor Danielle coming up at. Faster than they do have a new song now is not coming out I guess until fall or something like that but others this is one of the songs I saw the music video for which got me to want to talk about the music is good pretty Trippi. If it's New Year's Day. Kill or be killed. Top getting your girl like this one centers like the female friend didn't. Music I can't believe you know wasn't on the second stint I was like the front of me knows what is. As Sears McNamee drinking Beers and you know I didn't get a fire. There. Do you have easy would this show looks like topping. And no I don't think so soon as delegates and from a 101 dalmatians snow right. Wow crew and rattled. I got hot version Jack Jack yeah. They're prepared to honor their fighters like Rand yeah. I can remember the damn thing. Heidi Dallas sexy. Don't thank me everything ready for whoever. Oh yeah she's car. To grab girl right there. Yeah. Good stuff. Deserve more you're trying to rock bands right now than usual you need an alleyway. Yeah a lot of that are actually. People heard like in this moment obviously I hop pretty reckless. Heaven lessons as. Assassins of course was cleared mine on this morning on the you can make you there's two. On the second stage and it is very hard and on New Year's Day. But I just feels to me like there's a lot of chick singers out there now singer Michael Thurmond very girlie man. There's all of them. The dawn of time now. Good old band those in the ninety's yeah. Great pitch going on the second. Dude they don't keep jobs in the big game and says look let's say did it goes when I go in the village may. That. And here I'm a little too old Luke prove that oil perhaps is that going it would be pretty awesome like I was still on it. You don't like I'm really warm right now yeah you two and oh yeah. There are some that did on the second day. Did you get pretty Norah. How people who like a lot of people. And did Jesus was swimming near Tel evidently valiantly through the arms. Even if people like they go by you remembered like JU from behind and look what does that play. You're hitting them from behind them until we killed crowd started dancing. Everybody was picking people up when they went down not that it's. Important. How does someone girl I think you've got to hit her boyfriend you kept trying to push it he. White man. I'm Joan Rivers. Maybe that's what's your hope and I've not I wanna be single. Don't get there. I want more animated. Do and then Bolivia. Closer from there I thought the and sorry and there are offer a couple weeks I watch air come out and weeks what we were up front a couple of Tuesday oh yeah yes and maybe we'll try to figure out something I don't know yet but I'm kind of glad we're off next Tuesday. Why's that Penny Arcade expo. Last weekend. The avenue weekend that's Tuesday yeah nobody goes until Monday he's a ranger man and an -- this is like this and in the spring really. Turns I'd. Actually go out and do stuff oh crazy got all the don't do any interviews at second stage Benson did it isn't it mind. It's been such an item I hair and mountain lions docking Danielle from in the Pacific and and sometimes even talk about stop and people's cats dogs when the lights have. Myself would make C hostage to parts. Back story today so Smart it gave the guy who runs the label that as saying very nice things about. He come on your payments a year during the interview makes the right and again I can't wait really big fan of their music looking forward to seeing him live he is would you be OK we're doing the interview. Right in front with I'm with the Motley zoo cats. Because mix he really likes cats on my Irene knew that like she does a lot of animal rescue Stahl that play oh yes so. There's some that's near and dear to her heart in my yeah of course and so she shows I don't like to. If you want is my whole lot of cancer in the interview will be very like. Very elegant value holding attack if you insist is okay society president worth yeah. So that this interview is myself makes the increase the cash suites a model easier rescue. Here it makes me and I just race yet this is curious she is went marmalade zoo animal arrest deal. Nine out of their kittens on this show us you know I kind of guy. It's like a magnet for I mean there's no necessity to a lot of stuff we can rescue and I think that major props here at such a great cause it's like my excuse to have a baby when it. Her a little bit that's really bugging you will be back Sunday night. I on TV now I homeland yeah ninety's semi. Had a bottle media had diet and fitness studio apartment probably not a good idea. Becoming a crazy cat woman becoming are already down. Yeah I'd say it's bad it's only chance you have one now I have line and I only have one minute hot fives. An apple or foster's. How do you keep track him on five cats. Just a bit and Elian is ST they're saying I didn't there's. So are we getting into a debate that Nomura poppy guys now about the puppy rescued I would love puppies I just I never home and take them now and like in LA valley. Pick up their who. Right yeah that's kind of I didn't. I did act Boston a dog 1000 her staying on on and what kind of dog wasn't cute little hairy areas namely all of his finger on them pretty good everywhere now. My dogs don't doesn't mean he's very yeah I still do it now it's my accounts of how much water and yeah that's your big clearly it is good because. That's what we've got a lot of us just a part I'm sort citizen you guys everyone he's been texting me Europe. Messaging me on Twitter whatever may be our goal which many more success EMI stitched up heart gala I can't I'm not I'm glad I asked anyway unless everybody I told commercials are not absolute from the Matty from an oozing out of Tyler yeah and I'm lying about liking cash. Taxis are being honest not lying though they hang out how. I agony yeah isn't ready to put on a full length of yellow book that you're in Ukraine in the spring we've been doing a lot of reproduction right now I'm really excited. We have a new single coming on the next week your tail and finally free anything get a free download online I'm very very cool. Because I've been enjoying your grave Frankenstein and that's all of this plus this on his way back to those crowds are deceased husband does something new in bad. I yeah yeah. Yeah she's solid but like you're not sort of okay is it doing this thing a little bit and you see you grow up would say that one moment you realize I'm in I'm. I'm getting I'm becoming an adult when I was like back in the day let me have my day's top. As William. Famous life quote to have out there on your MySpace to take its. I am in Vietnam and now it's just who's on the crazy cat lady I guess that's a good lie and I'm on my teens so angry the tally is. Played with honor kids now they probably eat Mino. I could pitch bloodshed that he acted Katz definitely. What's the what's important conversation Rick Rubin told Laura what body part would you want the beat first let's not go there. Now I had a really bad and their accent I thought he did he'd seen here now objectives listening after all I. I actually ends are always looked. I really do appreciate it if you miss any time and I'm hundreds and being sincere and I said yeah. I cannot wait to see you guys yeah I think he's some lights out so let me see here is that you can watch me give me a hug were sluggers. It's a good thing I think we need to all embracing each other and demoralize everybody should hug which it was an iPod and apple Harry putter now for. Oh yeah zeal that. The and she looks nice to Dallas gorgeous and on stage just play it feels that she's singing to you in fact I have a picture put on my Twitter I put up on the blog and a KI SW dot com I'll show you guys really quick come. The picture I took while she was singing and I swear the guy she's looking right at me in this picture I could be wrong but. He Newton Newton knew that. And not look like she's looking right at me she is Julian Wright and you're sold right. Our style Gloria taught. She's got gray haired tailed ought to be and documents in the sun finally free and doubt is. Awesome that she brought it up and at the time I didn't have a copy of that summit I'd sucks this is mentioned the song. And so we are like ten minutes before restarted the podcast is when I got FaceBook message from mark in music oh and eight. Have you check out this onto while your at it do whatever you want with it and it's a song called finally free ice so let's check it out. And I remember playing the song live to lose by Soledad didn't like he kept telling me if she's seven while. So much better than the old stuff come home Sierra full record. Soon. The great drumming on songs. Severe life right out from Iraq and right. Marlins are in his place yeah CNN irritation out right after understructure. That's. There's some events played out live as Miller song I didn't make carmike. You're not alone or something along those lines. Anyone who is dead in my remembered Pacifica I. Deal before you start to talk about what you look for fans from every so let's talk business. A little ahead social media and that's Don I was like hi yeah it sounds you know I hit some people on the feels like it's like one of those songs I think a lot of adults kids whoever listens to his son and connect to an emotional. I got the upcoming year's going to be good here for those. Jam them. Guys are gas. Oh yeah I'm pretty pumped about though the future stitched up heart I hope they come back down soon would be awesome they came back down we could. Get him on the resident and makes guest on Jesse because he needed time machine to do that path to get that I would be cool I would pretty awesome. The so before we get the voice about the emails and text messages. It's a top losing their what I did this I had decided to dual secret videotaping. And looks you kind of reaction I would get from miss Vicky Barcelona now are we joints heart murmurs on them. Yes while yeah. He yelled wow so. I like all iconic big time you know and I a guy got my video going on my phone. I propped up so was I kind of like pointed at her here and then just kind of just let it sit for a couple seconds and then just push to far now and acted like as if it was an accident. Tonight. Boobs and and the reaction was priceless. From some. A and I. That's also laid. Those elusive as you get run over I mean it was pretty desert scenario as there are very good candidate if if I debated about my Twitter it's on the audience well anybody that's the look up her fed is as I re funny because she's so serious whenever she was doing at that moment and he's just hot eloquence and I could point out right now and I'm on my phones these guys have taken out. Yeah that's yeah. Yeah. Hi I'm laughing maybe. Netted a. She's doing. We've had asked. It's you wanna 20 I exited and right like what it was gonna smell like you ask the board. Becomes I have. A tall man and do more. Ohio is that's got to be a new catch phrase and it's really tees there's just a cover the porch. I mean these guys are to be awesome I'm in the go yeah yeah. As far as the boys who have enticement in my however many we can get to before news or you don't let me and tag thirty minutes to talk. Barrett out of our product since he's the man who going to cover the pork the reverend en Fuego. Let's go text messages text it is first one Rachel Barley is back Saturday and ever since. It is the six series and ergo there were cut in the bill of bridge of violating react we know could. And we love it she is back in back with full force I was scenery yesterday I went down on a regular arena right Meyer can't stand but I went the other way I just regular that I pass by I think who is or evil nemesis the move is it us tomatoes from early I don't know if there's something building immense the same kind of thing down there those guys and that's I remember her talking about always battling with the girl down the street -- that some oil disaster arch rival. So for those that don't know what I mean if you listen to the meat Stacey do you rate tomorrow's a bikini very still pose some of the greatest match ads and Rachel. Acts bar legal letter acts but you would happen today and then the resistance there's a release that I don't think this was ago way after a while yet but it's definitely for our oh Ontario. How is your wife making your dinner this question mark O'Donnell and these small list. Since India and all my no but. To pull on that note down our credit how he afternoon both of Saddam. And care milk metals limited human mind your and that my friends and but it could lose as a good you know the bigger screen I do have a bigger screen hat goes off so I'll watch wrist value judgment if you play. It's a site down right now Lego DMZ is down there's your movies. And then then Angela. And there's houses losing thousands names are doing it. Dinners she's got even hotter than did those YouTube. Making dinner and underwear there's humans are denied any of you call them underwear off. Now I think the longer it's like it's basically dental floss you had late this leather strap in that. She says. I've always she doesn't see dozens of posts on smashed I guess sisters because I've learned you don't you're sort yourself I did ask her alive at that fits on just a regular Tom bond segment for the video she's like I just take my pants off and then. I love and resolves on women nonsense sounds like the greatest invention knives on how your wife making your dinner we keep pace. Yeah. You watch you follower on smash Chad I'm just among go in mr. Graham Boyd here are greater due. Oh man this because that video and answers are yes that's what I. Watching him from mr. and so is there for all time Jessica Sierra Leone got a Tony for our window when it comes to snap Jack. Tony Tony four hours Karachi delete though because usually tell the picture of the boyfriend to. Yeah he's just done that I toss it does soup yeah yeah as a matter had to have one when he was OK with us because you know anyone who's. Called Rachel's school with us church or terror how care he as a matter her. You know brim. A couple old ones but odds for I don't as just a bumper stickers from scuba Steve says I do you have a whirlwind chickens and cross the road without having their motives questioned hilarious. As a deadline you can. Another person's screen sharing this interview I theory of a dead man that OB don't they have would've been awesome interview. And as the US soil as though he's still the master of his domain nice job while backing graduation Ziggy that art text actually there is a more Texans for guys. Printed it but I didn't put in that disease can be bragging about the. Well maybe get some action okay yeah wake up he called us last week. Still he is getting actually he's he's with a girl that's right you're it and I he's just tell he commands her to do it right and she's hard and like like a terror and act on their current. This column more in the south Texas though that the movies this past weekend a woman sat next to me and asked for me ask me for a handful of the popcorn I was eating. On us since that is an exit for the next two hours I said yes. Not a genuine outside of the total stranger and asked them for their food. Hash tag Titanic dues for life. And if so what does it is like no teacher around you need that and encourage my ass so I got some money now. Plus it's he went out differently if it's you I'm OK with no if you know I wanted to ask our injuries due to a strange how just keep walking I will never what are you sitting next an army uncertain accents and middle attack and he's there yet or I will find another seat that wants it next you asking some random weird though. Like all I would you know maybe you would get up and leave if you as a math yeah now I would just like the ultimate uncomfortable man art why topic grab a handful in the next topic and a handful of that handful and I take a little handful. I don't ski pillaging or this person I definitely know my plan is the next time there everytime I go to movies announces by the Jumbo popcorn. So when somebody asking me like are you can have at all. Yeah don't talk. Israel. Never really felt I saw somebody where that a little while. There you almost popcorn we all know my like Rick why Egan the Jumbo pop farming just in case somebody asks you some pet dog. The best excuse that is too funny I got up. Ditto I had one occasion where I was doing the only commute I trappers and there's someone sitting next to me and they didn't ask. But they kept asking questions about the role. I could do think sometimes if you if you buddy up with the shaft still make you something that some on the menu enter typically those just alone that says stuff. So one of our guys Tacoma oneself so who's the man he makes you ever go to Tacoma and as a guy mayor Celso CL SOI believe. Just ask him to make his special role. Trust me it's like I know that they're working on a major role right now I yeah ours. And Harry told I sent him text or trafford today man. If you ask me what you like what you want on it. And they got these good things like this my fear roll right now but if you have a chance to sit down it's also. Just ask him he knows the role and it's an old movie rolled sushi now are so good so yes somebody was a so what's the one you know might I don't know there's not a name to what's on it they kept asking him dynamite would you like to try I want non dot com. No McMahon coming hot it's all you can eat I can get another role later it's not a big deal might try it finally ninth. He may be taken nude like marble yet all what god but it's. I don't know how I would handle some leads that they got some of your popcorn. It's weird almost like a really hot check out. I don't even know how I would answer because I mean my first reaction is no quote do you wanna have that awkward yeah especially for sitting next to him in the end you have to it's a full theater leg. Would you rather them ask them assistant take care like I felt. If they just two games that they got to like your religious Tucker out yet I hit some balls right there. It depends on how much dirt on the news senior now I know that's weird as apple yet they're cut entirely under is really well you go here's your popcorn congratulations. Oh yeah. Is similar guys if you opt thirsty now who in their right mind does that not only wanna go to second ourselves about I don't wanna got a movie theaters and home because. He's gonna have and a half million a packed theater rerouted the word of thanks for the movie's moral gravity goes a lot of movie screenings yeah and what is your phone's screen saver. I want my it's my fiance the wreath. Up close it's fun. Yeah exciting like that might vote is so stupid my phonies just dumb is like try to make it as the wallpaper and it would make it any smaller but he would only make it bigger. And yeah so it's like is just. Let's do extreme close about her face so much that I have like items in the man Elizabeth Stefan or T student but I like I like the picture. And it makes you smile overtime as it is a great deal with it but yeah I David Edwards Michelle out. It's so close like Amanda if you're like an inch away from somebody's face that is the perspective of his phone screen saver and it's in the fall in that picture wasn't that far away that's what I mean or that close up it was farther away and my stupid phones just like no you just want this. Apart right here in my home screen top to a sheriff's on screen saver it's just I about cracked screen it's okay this is what are came with a phone call you never got around to changing and then. But are you an idea of a scoring lines like cats they say my great guy look blue tees. Proud and I'm trouble with the fiance because they change yours to picture of me. And it was a picture that she. There's never been able fan I'm ever sense. You pretty pissed about because it was a really and as wallpaper policy Donna was in Gaza good movie nights it's me like. Making the weird frowning face today do what was she doing immigration this lost I had she was doing nothing was of it was he wallpaper of Mario lake Super Mario put the really neat wind. This can't find anywhere I can't find a new reality is just like a background on her for owner mark her follow okay yet so I chasers doesn't get pissed about it got you into that you're never gonna find that picture economic brochure off find it now I've never come down and has yet. Paramount bomb bomb bomb bomb will be spent on that fat that's all I text messages. Ye. Oh yeah. I would never stood apart right that's. These new messages off. You've got mail. And they just cancer mills. You show us. It's not had deserted the but the gas theft at eight days fifty days. Let's do comes along voicemails. Let's do the emails. Yeah I knew that I really do listen one voicemail are particular route do one in ten rounds with. You have a preference at first. 10 politicking 00. Says it. And I don't do this one and yeah I know now 100 Sarah how about zero zero and meet. I'll let ER. EA games and it went out all right. What a different. Between stand and it. Z arm up man. Hey. I yeah comeback. A key index swing yeah away. Did all right always vaguely you know what was I expecting a walk off home run keys are complied fully count one more. Yet every emails I mean literally you know we wanna we do I'll give us. They emails I'll come back. It's. A. Okay. Ties personal income from the reverend point guards. Yeah I had to you know remember that in July 3 what are we worth. Reeves put something up on top easy day like your beanie topics NASCAR hot wheels except try and see who makes the most money. Yeah after I don't lower worth I like that so we each pick one thing that we don't we hey we depart with gas and we put up for sale now. To see who makes the most money. Top would you be willing to sell on your even Kosher. Is is Larry negative figures of the mountain out all right so serious here after next fall we'll somebody's from your life for anything mechanic whatever you have a thing when you're dumb free teacher to to nitpick every CD in the newsroom as long as you claim ownership about it that's fine you know he can do you really is you could started at a penny yeah can really see like no means yes each start each one had a penny have no reserves are minimum by. Now don't get that. We just made the rules man she can't have that I'm critical blocks on them is it. So that they like cavaliers smarmy looking alien figure it's indiscriminate and T oh yeah put something out and put it up. We have one item and whoever makes the most money. When all the money. I was he's almighty and stick ourselves up for dinner deadly sweep. That we chemical. But cameras I'm not expecting no I was gonna say yeah. I don't I say we give them probably get dollar because exercised by it now I don't think I think I'm not putting a lot of states that rushing gonna make it takes a lot is a couple blocks down that you we go there after one is there any Catholic I can put my car up for a penny and you have to sell it that if you don't care writing what the thing on any level you will look harder than okay whatever your will on apartheid is gonna find some ways my god loves us though are you part I got a lot of collectibles are about chipping. You gotta we'll check yourself or from here oh yeah RA terrorism station is the work related so we're gonna say free shipping on the yap. Yes free shipping because we're gonna unless you any anti freedom all United States of America right he had a mile and only 48 news now winning weird. Nigerian hustler a slowness price wasn't filing an ample and I'm talking recently you know an island aha. What we're gonna find out all I get where I only nine months because we game and whatever item we bring in Louisiana that were stuck with and I can figure this out on this is going to be fine I'm excited about this. Until a stupid stuff. A lot of steam is some women talk about cleaning up the apartment. What if one of the things we have we don't realize is like a giant like collector community for you know like if he doesn't like killers of 500 dollars. They are crazy bidding war that you win certitude extol Alexis yeah. And I want to 500 dollars worth of deluxe is sir. You know in a row yes because. And we're not leaving until we beat the mall I like that great idea raffle ticket now be a fun one. One of Zarqawi worth. I got to sell something and no topic is how he's doing it I know that's got to find some in the Soledad you know if we give me a couple minutes to like I can list everything right at the beginning in the podcasts like real generically and then at the end I can make it. A better description for the rest of the week. Yeah and that way they would all ended during our podcast so good and watch them and hold brilliant. So I started visiting that he made nice stir I have done it if you don't top result well person. Do in this that he can do is do it while we're doing the podcast like it is a might pretty much good idea I'm I'm a field that he's maybe solicit a few things during the BJ makeshift. Definitely like I got off devil you know I don't know if things that were listed that I just under realistic that's so awesome yeah out. Our next email this comes from AJ it's his idea of America shot because Steve's talking yeah I think yeah today we only have a couple minutes. The next expressed fiasco it's a taste of drama and a mask came socially Jake and and the saudis AJ. Longtime listener in my first female company guys for some advice my family had to put down my childhood dog Abby and visit me pretty hard. Few of my favorite pet growing up and haven't had to deal with a loss like this it's my brother died when he was eight. Yes since you've got a good deal lawsuit dog Lucy I was wondering if you anyone's in the makes guesses any advice for moving through the grieving process and maybe finding a way to see positive through this. I met him or respect you guys and you all make my life a little bit better by being who you are make me laugh every time a La. So do you thanks in advance for any advice. Who remember the good times just like keep those memories and I I always like any time that you had fun with your pat man's. I don't know Obama on the opposite end of advice for even like any time I still to this day I think about Lucy in my ties and Lucy I start crying I guess it's a tough one but you're right I mean it's. You won a deathly mean. You've had it for so many years joining remembers some fond memories for me the best thing down if you can do this but the best thing to having him having Lulu. Who got our mind off of Lucy not in a negative way but just. We are so busy pitchers a puppy at the time so I mean she'd she'd really like suck the life and I I mean I. We got to constantly be training her and not doing it well clearly this is the craftsman house but. But having glue around and also move pick up a lot of weird quirks that Lucy Lucy had so is going. And a sense that you've found like she was living. Through Lucy's leg lease your living through our so that helped. So you're able to get another pat I know it sounds weird the not replacing the pad they had. It's just the it's. Then if your dog person cat person eventually gonna get another pet when I get it now. And hit a hobby your mind off of it they'll help you still you know at Nokia of keeping good spirits. And it's I mean it's not a bad thing to be sad now mean it's it's it was that a good news you know it was a party your family it's much more than just a pass it. Yeah and so it's it's okay to be sad once in awhile about it. Good luck staying away from anything that has like dogs he had on television. I tried that and insignia when you're not expecting added the thing when you break up with somebody any show or any song you listened to Zenyatta mined area and has the same way with that but I mean AJ if you if you need to come in I gonna come and watch that the the podcast is a way to cheer up that we now. Otherwise keep in touch us by email. And you know we could always just play this clip of me starting in front of Vicky and all that I don't know that if you ask me is the best way to get over the loss of a packed yeah. From so. Oh. And. I'm sure he's. Yeah maybe not the best way to get over it but at least put a smile on your face then do I do love the lake that that boobs win. I think what I was doing yeah. And this is it maybe he's just because I'm kind of in tune with your fart in the way that I've watched you push and push him out of this podcast OK now did. I heard I was I was against box from. Good Monday. My wife responded that way yeah I really wish him is so wood to cook. Next text there's one direct email Paul Heyman on fire yesterday from drag. And I sent a link and is Paul Heyman dual appointment does best caps host summer slam controversial ending because. Undertake viewers and as a submission all he tapped out but the ref was on the other end time keeper sighed and rang the bell the rest like I Intel entering the bow. This match still goes on and it ruins confused undertake issues about it wakes up forever. Now's the Brock Lesnar in the balls. And I have a submission hold and wind yes right and grew you Brock trade ending what Brock refused to tap out. He wound up passing out but as he's passing I was giving the energy to the finger nice who is awesome so of course Paul Raman not happy about that. And he took it to Monday night raw. Okay. I won't bother. I petted that's not pleasant thought at its original sin but long hole easier. Okay. Little. Or only. You'll help. Baseball. And I love. Flying so high he is so good how he is so had. He didn't read your. It's just amazing hokey as southern and Twitter and Google I wo ball way it is zag and allows an. Because you're wrong. Right. Is very popular we got quite possibly the only believe in wrestling but believe interest Rangel. You know I'm not only yeah. Man talk of a mom and dad upright and fuel payment Pope undertaker takes you both Al I got to talk to my kid about this I. Baseball. For the awkward commerce they wanted to say wrestling speak to any rider and it got that jackass Kennedy had a yeah yeah. Or whatever reason for any new news many guys awesome that a guy that makes things more fun than its agreement becomes the world wrestling he is the vast. We're just. Yeah. Yeah. It. My chickens are let's do some FaceBook drama did an old school and Wu yeah it's murder me so I'm. I appreciate it doesn't always in the quizzes know All My Children were starting it would I eleven minutes to spare moment in their gloves. I spent my fellow. And now what did you. See you need us. And this being moved sobering yes I did best and most. I'm for as. Nice FaceBook drama opportunity to point out stupidity that's happening on FaceBook you guys all know at least one person. That is involved in the world of FaceBook drama whether it be that important not to comment it's. Or them put them the status update everybody as a friend that loves drama this week I will play the role of candy. Copy you'll be Sonia ram you'll be Ralph Ralph and nick you will be. Eva or Avon I guess it depends on what you wanna call or go to Eva Longoria looks. In she's. Back I'll start things off. And I hate when my friend's dad's house. Up area sorry yeah. There's to data I'm like what that helped her. I want my friends date broke down losers I hired Bob best friend's boyfriend of six aren't toilet. Not only did this and not fix it but he's charging me I'll over a thousand dollars Forest Service fee. That's why you shouldn't date losers Sonia yo Mans up at ten feet. Yards at depth. Our cat man my man fixture trial that did you ever think that maybe it's our big fat but decades brick that. My man said he never. As CNN toilet so gross and jacked up and always years I'm being up now America. The probably isn't madman their problem is the size of your ass and I'll back her up at you can zoom. I say we haven't been best friends for years hole dug just one and it candy I gave you a great deal under toilet I ended charger I'm grateful last. Sony is and devastated by Elvis Sonia baby don't even bother fighting candy her gross disgusting habits is why her toilet dissolve. All ralphie ralphie ralphie. You're never gonna learn are you my boyfriend just read what you wrote on FaceBook and Jess why. He wants to kick your rats. And not to scare you but my boyfriend takes UFC fighting Watson. It should try to meet with your fat boyfriend I've seen that early police lumbering around town. Let's just say the only way he could beat me to fight is if he settled me while I was sleeping. Did you see that your book British train with the USC. Or KFC. Ralph I'm not trying to take sides here but you definitely overcharged me form my bathroom and I agree I think candy is a cold hearted bitch but your. Plumbing no pun intended was very crappy you'll merely 600 bucks because you never finish the job. You've seen as Ralph. This is caught an uprising. You suck at bombing but you need to worry less about fixing toilets don't worry more about fixing your nasty ass tastes. I guess my boyfriend will improve your team when he knocks them down your pie hole hash tag. Hugh Gregg toilets where you break your phrase silly senior fat boyfriend can beat me isn't up pie eating contest not a street lights can't beat your men only like she could Ager named after junk food. I love how candy says she's my best friend lists and beds we have a bad bets desensitized to all my man gave you a great deal and what do you do you FaceBook shame him. Ralph don't bother with these people today they come home to baby cakes has been a K excellent step. And hope to man. In all honesty. All you people are a holes does three know this reminds me why I hated you all back in high school candy you're stuck up Psycho Sonia. You don't take care your kid and Ralph your other crappy S plumber never hash tag pun intended hash tag on how do you. Come home to baby gates has baby case wants to pamper who her pooh bear how about that I loved allies than as some beds actually that's how we do it spreads creator dating back almost feel like actively if we did not diary up and finishes we can all tell access to our significant others come and see what kind of response we get up. Come on the baby case. Because Levy case once September Herbert who barracks as one of our attacks are one of our fine techtag DC's text that today or significant other the and screen shots the response put it up on our FaceBook page hope that the Korea CNET I feel like Fallujah Fallujah calling you out because you've. On the if this is a lot better leaving the other had just landed pitcher out now. Now let's see what happens six that's amazing all right well I you can join us on FaceBook just type in the makes cats and join our group he truly was a voicemail or text message to 53271. 478. Seven or email us at. The makes gas at gmail.com. It's I don't know we'll be back next week for the week after that we'll try to figure something out we'll just dying until maybe podcasts I. I don't know. Maybe I'll podcast from home. Me out Syria Iraq. Yeah I'll call Brock Lesnar obviously I was doing a I'll come on line. And although he drove a great cremated. Hey here's thanks to actually from New Year's Day Dixie from. From my system part of boys in like a storm all the fans on. The another century stage from century media mark thank you for help and a soft put on those interviews and setting us up for that sweet new. Steve stop Hart song you. We hear more stuff off without writers get back to Seattle. If you wanna get them in the midst gas. Finally sort of grabbed mine and at times out and I am Steve makes this it makes gas. We'll see what we see yeah. Stay positive and so.