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BJGN 07-24-15 - Pixels - Mockingjay - Star Trek Beyond

Jul 24, 2015|

The gang discusses Pixels, in theaters today; the Mockingjay Part 2 trailer released yesterday; Intern Corey gives us breaking news on Star Trek Beyond; Gareth von Kallenback talks San Diego Comicon news; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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    the ones that you hear the beginning any end of each podcast Vernon Wells . They're actually doing something really special with this so we've got David in John in a with us today for this type guys doing today. Pretty good all right nice and so. First off emerald city comic con is one of the biggest comical lines in L would definitely in the Pacific northwest but also on the West Coast and you guys are actually doing something really cool because Vernon Wells is going to be having a lounge at Emeril so become a prime. Yeah we're gonna do something a little bit different we're going to have come a place for our members to hang out and relax and not have to do all. Stand on their feet. All day long and my age old by the way for you don't know because he set our members GO members we've away what are you talking about members with Vernon Wells members what do I have to be in a summary anyway after they could try to do I have to Vietnam War machine from Mars what are you talking about her business Vernon Wells you speak of sir because I. Well you may actually introduced at my. Well I got that I think I wanna know I'm a member before I go visit your lunch. Actually because I think if you can never tell people too many times how cool Vernon Wells this Libby. Let me do this I'm gonna put John on the spot here. He's one of our members. And what is Vernon Wells in your work. Spoke. Vernon Wells is that awesome place you can go to always find someone a nameless dom and he has really matter what kind of
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    doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells . Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes

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Immerse yourself in deep culture movies books cons and especially game. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark cloth. Ladies and gentlemen. Geeks have always is you are now entering Vijay cheesy things. Welcome yes welcome to BBC's Pete nation I in the river and play golf prosper meat is Vicky Barcelona plus years. RA and I we've also got Chris walker mr. walk like eight Lan hello. We've got screwed Kohl DEA and do this show's namesake mister Vijay jail and it's so good. To be bad. What do you hunt style gates and his cameraman Joseph here and it's like here it is very very good man Sissy ball. So fast food look at you more violence on every Georgia fancy Aztec god it's tough to thinking how can people get ahold of us. It's just BJP nation dot com just like on the heels FaceBook rarely a producer for BJ she's he'd nation will search far. He'll find a full us on Twitter and insecure around you is amber and I signed up. I'm happy day he nation senator Dixon to the boys not 19802243353. Porsche loosening on. Gmail.com. And I figured we would start off with some movie. Tit bits and such because they knew geeky movie is out today case which me is getting just the approximate. Absolutely destroyed as of this recording I believe 13%. On the old RT here is that would be pixels and seeing this in spite of having the dean. And well I guess because it has Adam Sandler and Al. It's sad it's not do unto ged. And after those who might not know about it and because they've been going to be a lot of lot of press sub their Lotta commercials and such yes it looks like aliens have been. Who come to. The earth. And the only. The I guess the only way that they realized or other they've figured out what we have is our video games sure cities had to take us over using those same video games a space invaders a giant Pacman. And other things. And it's not up to the army to save them but some old TDs and video game champions race. Well of course because I mean that's how you doing it's it's essentially Armageddon. Horror video gamers the only Kaz is as sort of thing so. It's really became a Cong Matsui did you yeah I Diaz mr. we beat or Billy Mitchell death penalty killing. Be amazing if they had cameos in this the somehow I'm thinking that maybe I mean this does love to see it as this seems like one of those movies that is it. Which who steeply deep did yard steeply RR ET received yet that that's sort of parallel unsuccessfully other NASA like that it doesn't seem AA it is gonna go too deep into the did you gain knowledge. And history and somebody I don't think you're gonna get through step you're gonna get the Donkey Kong you're gonna get in pac man and stuff like that but beyond that for those eighties games I don't think we're gonna do anything beyond that was a big as the lessons learned here that geeky audience is one more than to deal than to be told hey we know your singing exists right like. Who or where it's not enough to be enamored by the fact that Pacman space invaders are in a movie you gotta like you got days or referenced what did that that culture and community what they got out of his majesty. At a cinema can ninety's jokes around some CGI pixels and maybe that city I mean I don't think of Adam Sandler is a geek. Therefore. Is lighting electrical he said is he able to really. Parodied this with love as opposed to making fun of people that played these yes and yeah I I just I don't know I haven't been a real huge fan of Sandler films. In awhile I think mine blast the one that I really enjoyed seeing actually in the theaters is maybe like the water boy. Or they had no chance Cellini I was pretty us now here's an ally and everybody gets a free pass for animation that's older snag. I I only like I never learn a lot to the my Dudley wants instead is we have to watch together can belittle golf girl Elaine do you view of man that's funny now I have got the second one when it comes at a dieters and my dad things could have been. This one wasn't bad I've grown ups too I did not like a gross one was it was entertaining and that was set now the analysis and a lot of clunkers I mean yeah I the last when I saw in this dieters and have similar move with little Nicky. That was a bit of a conquer all and I was mad I was that I witnessed he hears his son that way and I was really dealing imagine many. Looking. His claim DeDe be the cobbler is one that I saw on to college that's on Netflix right now I noticed the just put that on the very came out last year and I thought I thought click was a nice it was a neat com idea it was fun but because it was downtown art Ingrassia astonishing and I'm really not tired eyes it was all right. 2007. Or something capital LTQ was this thankless. I like that when I was surprisingly it was amazing. Did you see rain on rain on me are reign over me in any city we leave you now Don Cheadle like felonies decent enough I I like I like that money people are. I like the I like the rain rain over me like Spaniards are like this serious love via I like that Adams and. Voting yes or no longer the do you feed. Yeah you know you're I don't IA there and wells got a lot of people in this movie to you Gary Corsica the Dingell Josh gad you've got a memo to Brian Cox shall convene. J. Crew cows. But it doesn't say it appears that this you still are liking it four point 7 on I am BB 27 as a matter score of four points to see Thursday's. Or put to rest and exiting the payoff. While I don't. I at this point. I'm not sure I'm gonna we were seeing it I'd say this is this weekend is going to be and Indian inside out weekend. We're gonna go see that myself in the final hours and it hasn't and yes Korea that's one of those ones where I'm everyone's been saying men we're gonna go check that out so. Wanna see that and train wreck and after all I'm pretty much right now. So really doubted my whom I have no Clinton donors like any has gone. And I strategy junior movie buddy I I just went and saw spy finally be all right what are not they would like let's go see it. And boy that's a fun movie unit American Jason stay them is Amanda enamel to catch Melissa McCarthy knocks it out of the park and there is just a lot of great movies I ended and then you've got pixels unfortunately and 80s80 if you guys go out there and seek you was a review let us know about it I don't see it it's one of those like there's so many movies out there. I'd rather go see am Manning in and I can't really wasn't a huge fan I am Manso China sea got two different time for a spectacular at the next here next week we will have our spectacular and beating that movie up in a -- eighty on rotten tomatoes as of this record and I haven't seen really many people be damn movie opened yet because I'm one article in the Daily Beast Arad says its marbles first flop. And I'm like well how 80% with the critics makes it around our hospice yeah this first sloppy and that's fifteen I don't look at this point I don't know of marvel could actually make what you would call traditional flop. Maybe they're doing a by the numbers saying the marketing vs what it's pulled in this first week and a half or so is the reason. But that's only their concede. Pull on I'm check out Ron tomatoes they gave marvels. The avenger in the first 192%. And then avengers a double Tron 74%. And I feel like most people light. The eight dual channel on more than him and right now aside. I don't necessarily think it's a flop but it's like it's may now the strongest of movies but I don't think it sure aren't pulling up and up still amazing game isn't like I'm curious to see what you're gonna say about the movie next week and feeling. And yeah I like daughter like did I and I think. Really to Vijay earlier but don't. Don't take what people are saying out there you got to go win with it was kind of a fresh mind going out and M and fans so I guess we'll there's not a lot of people that thing I really care about Hamad. I think is telling the such revenue were carpooling this morning plagued I didn't care about Captain America or Iron Man and when I first heard there and make those movies are like really. I've only read a little bit about some in like when they've appeared in the comics I'm reading and like the early kind of huge bags don't. Care about these people make it successful movie and then I was proven wrong and then I didn't think they went man like you made a good really that I wanted to watch out and then. Iron Man is the real great example of like if you wanna look at who. You know beloved church the comics who become beloved in in a major media IR manager example where Tony Stark what you say it totaled. And then Robert Downey junior comes and everybody loves McAleese Star Wars fans were there a year ago now how many nine ball well and Chris Pratt who say they met and this is like for me it was always delegates it's it's a waste clos books ago and this is the C Lister movie like yeah that's not going to be the blockbuster is not gonna have all they list stuff going on. But it's gonna be a lot of fun it's gonna have a different type of appeal. And I think I like for me in you has held the Siri on the spot when I for south for a son literally the day I before I saw the avengers the first avenger movie in theaters from an excellent connector movie Amy I was impressed by it was cool and nice visuals and everything that I love and impressed. I was way more impressed with the dark world. Yes as opposed Saatchi and I actually people didn't think that was a good movie like yeah I like about why anymore but I feel like the first door and this in man were kind of the same thing in the sense if I feel like they're just to connect your movies and barely addressed it on on the non standalone for cannot do eat them for the rest of us that are complaining it's good to connect Germany. And I I didn't feel like. Well I don't know about every Diana and I and I'll be able to weigh in but I will say there's there is fatigue in the non geek people when it comes a superhero movie. Yeah yeah so much out there this week item we're making sure if we're gonna go see a movie it's a you're talking about spy individual retirement train wreck. And we're inside out until the movies that I wanted to see specifically. Not to see a superhero movie. There is a fifty get there and I can't really blame anybody that. And then going back to actually we think we're talking about. Something no Adam stamina doing the non funny stuff if you wanna see another movie that's not really necessarily enough funny around. The one I'm kind of curious to see is the end of the tour. Has Jason Segal and in your dad how mom that the story of the fighting to be the two Rowling story and reporter David Lipsky and acclaimed novelist David Foster Wallace so it's not really rank what did you what one did you get all high. And I'm as I live in just I don't actually doesn't mean I don't do it's it's not news I've used you know you know it was a rude or not. I think it's worth noting when it comes to the fatigue that like how many how many romantic comedies come out in one year. How we horror movies come down one year and who steals the obligation to cede all of them lake. As as a fan of the superhero genre I like that there are no superhero movies that you're not just it's not just the one we get every Euronext into computer it's not like oh here's a superhero movie find it's an honor I just like acting just like hoard just like romance but I know there's going to be a lot of different things in the area. As a geeks though I always feel obligated to. Don't see no problem and not only just because we do the podcast but also because around that's on you let's talk on the studio stop making movies I know I what is actually track your wallet I know and that's that's the hard part that's when you won you got a lot of stuff and why you're so excited to go see those things because I mean like when I was a kid. We had to Super Mario Brothers into the theater oh sorry yeah. Exactly and now you've got to that yet is that you've got things infineon and a stupid Spiderman and I have when I was a kid now why is more into the gym is Verner had thrown open people that are. I don't know what's. Well you know what's opinion does and that's what else is out and wanted to see me in than in the that I needed double feature they go there I'm not one big movie that just stay isn't coming until November but dropped its trailer yesterday have the next one mocking Jay par do that. BJ's and it flat I think in the hater is about mocking Jay won which I have never seen. And I feel like way away so you pissed that you've never seen any 'cause I heard it was horrible because they made one book into two movies like Harry Potter did. And while I am like you said as a fan of something I like the first two movies I thought OK yeah and then they went cold this crap where they turned the third movie into two movies and and I don't waste my time watching what everybody has said is a boring movie but I'm gonna miss some things they're more we shouldn't be in the movie I don't know if there's somebody on the angry at the studio for this yet and I can see that. Let us Seth Green who kind of cut up and made like the perfect Star Wars movie or something like like but everything mission wonder somebody on YouTube is this like chill readings available points. Yeah let's ads like that like the fans cut I'm going to wait. Because the Cawley addressing the fatigue you should make you sit I have a place for one put my money. Hollywood specifically. Fifty Miata of the Hunger Games series and Isaac I wish it did I I have no interest I went to the theaters and watch this and I am now watched hunger mocking gave our wind. And yet you're just yeah it's and it wasn't the worst thing in the world. But I always deathly hallows top part 108 you know same deal and it was because it was it turned it into there was none of the what you what we saw in the first two movies in terms of DD Hunger Games there were no games sort of traps when none of those things that more people fighting now like all the collection stuff added I don't know because it was all right and there was some action Harry just walking around town going a little wonder if sums it known and so of that O assets fight withdrawn in all it was kind of neat in the terms that it set the stage for propaganda V propaganda. So you've got each side trying to do their only places that are troopers scenario Berry got that's actions. Nice sack coming right back as a whole scenario I expect him but you know it's it's one of those 13 don't have too young you don't have to go see it. I'm in this one this is looking like it's putting all of the action. In this movie ask for that big grand finale and yet they could have put most of what they had in the first movie. Together and they probably could cut this and it may be would have been in over two hour movie now been I guess I don't find for me if they awarded just and I went. But again caught with the enemy the money would do movies him. I think it's worth noting that the book mocking Jay I carry these books years ago. When it went right for the first movie came out I want read off three diamond they're they're like sort reads you can read and and it takes you to want. But. It's the third one is like the first to our Hunger Games it's like battle Laurie Allen a book and it's and it's fun and it's bad ass in the third when just isn't the third one is a political drama where it is propaganda deep propaganda so the third movie by debt lake I saw the trailer for the new lucky. Especially this whole thing in in in. In the trailer Exelixis is leading to a big mr. X I know that the way the book ends is just kind of anti climactic. He's got an and that it it sort of negate it it it it explores questions of did you end to war with it does violence and violence. You know when and how how do you and violence and what's the proper way to go about its Hollywood that and I can tell you can do and you know IDF to me that that's that's the problem that. Part one I still have a seat because I'm gonna Selig the week before see part two and I feel like what comes to the fatigue an effigy by the Hunger Games on fatigue part ones in general and because again there's no I don't feel a sense of like I wanna see and I don't mind it if it if part one is just part one of storied but I still don't feel any sense of urgency to see it until the day before apartheid. Did a quick add Google search and I found on the daily dot dot com somebody did their own opinion like this through in the Hunger Games stool and somebody's drill it right up. And don't worry according to screen crushes mad scene where he explains. And when you know you make the decision to split your finale into two parts yields widened Yeltsin's poor results explains. Is not the way movies work dividing a story releasing each portion separate legal against every axiom of good cinematic storytelling. And. Clinton gets a good point what does science thinks I'm not dismayed because AA lag and has some money no I didn't think this delta that really when you make it or due to an end story right you need to figure out what it. What works best for your medium and it's telling a telling a story a year and a half apart doesn't work for any medium and got to recognize that they can't tell the story and have the difference between you know. Hey you know here is the first laughed your budget books that were already to be standalone installer it's like fans can expect to get. RAJ have your house starship troopers say went 0:8 o'clock yeah do it. I'm. PH pretty duke moving time but we wish I had more improves our security staff our intern are a little music pounding years seems do you BA yet. Well at least your finding news for geek nation and I do I do appreciate that but you seem to be breaking and all the time with well I guess some breaking news yeah there is locks are helping you know. Okay. Breaking news right okay. Oh you've got some breaking news on the geeks front what do you have for us today or you can Wear jets and beyond the next surge or movie. Buy low OK okay this is this this is a game changer. What are we okay what's going on here starter beyond you're talking about stark a beyond was Simon peg. With all of the it would everyone else would everybody yes how do you do that but there are many at least ten dollars to the foundation think there's any out what you really wow. I don't know what this. In order to make him downs then everybody and so John shows up and they Zachary Clinton Chris finds it's Madonna Karl urban. Anti Yeltsin and Ager Selma all the made a video to announce sent a wow yeah it was pretty sick looking. And so they actually did it on the deck hood enterprise do. Oh wow yeah I would be posting this video up on the BJ geek nation FaceBook page but of what's what's going on with this like how can you get a chance to do is it like. Like a walk on role on Star Trek beyond it is wow. So there and actually doubled things are doing third. Ten dollars each contribution that's being used horrible from raising platform. And you get injured in three chance to win the ultimate band experience which includes the following. You're the bug I think he did the pledge of Vancouver and San a four star hotel Suisse is still on the scene gloves are checked Yonhap hanging with the cast inexperience in the filming of the movie on you to be transformed hair may get it cost him everything. Enjoy the Star Trek characters. Wow in the NN NNN apparently we're gonna do that they're gonna put you 1383. Films why now. And this into the grand prize winner they're gonna take six people for what they called the starter beyond crew. And you to play they could agreed to visit to close say you to meet with everybody. And you get to deal of the first people who seasons he for the first time so for ten bucks and I figure this is a raffle sort of thing that they're gonna happen that you have and as so you have a chance to bid to win the big prize but even if you don't win the big prize. There's still a chance to go up there and see everything in meter cats. Yeah the Tanzania out. So this is something that's going I mean for the ten dollars is there any more ways that you can actually help out with this or maybe. Oh a little more incentive to do so yeah even if you don't end up winning you can still this old tears Egan has silly for twice fidelity did did you think you turn from the casting crew and the which is going to be really clones are so did you look up as early as deserving fabulous mood who have been passed for 500 bucks he would can't figure concept dirt. Who in that stuff I mean that's literally that you wanna frame and put up on your wall dike yet this is the concept art. From the original movie you judge did that there girls like Cindy talked on anything like that you're gonna be paying a little bit more than five IG out. And give a hundred grid drop flights yeah yeah replica of the captain's chair. OK okay yeah that's pretty awesome and I mean yeah if it's a hundred Patrick OK so if everybody here. Plus some other people decide hey everyone to do this and pull together than good then at that point you're pretty much arguing who gets custody of a chair. Last year was gonna get him for one day you know move arouse him like the Stanley Cup or think everyone gets their day with it and we'll just put it in the museum or something where I know I sort of feel like did. It would be sitting in BJ's corner in the studio yeah absolutely that would be something that yet I mean he's always wanted the captain's chair so I could see him being the guy who would I mean honors and I don't know if there's the hands of return to cut it out oh yes absolutely could so this is actually going for a whole bunch of different on charities. Each person has their own and they talk about it and video with happy if you go to the BJ page of or BJ Shays geek nation page on FaceBook we've got the video see you can check it out on but yeah all whole bunch of different winds. And it looks like oh win this is running from yes a runs from. July 14 two woods was about a week ago yeah I know get out of it until September 1 so you're facing you know a little bit of time and then I checked it out and walk with with the video that we've posted it's also. No way you can click in check it out online you can find all the information and all. The official rules and all that stuff. Awesome man this is a really awesome news that Corey. Are you a tricky I am I am don't don't don't say that don't say that would Benny like sadness there be proud of big ego being attract heat. Yeah it does. That's a death my. I am I'm actually a pretty big tricky the new movies really I'm in good time all of them on the next generation crew then there until proven not us. How do you feel about the first two movies. I really liked and their flashy and very little. Is as far as I'm concerned they showed didn't ages all forming in them being younger it was hard to get in doing so at the movies is really cold to you experienced dealer crew and acts lead. The deal experience fox heard meg just not exactly the first time that the new Spock. Yeah I GI's in new take on the spot and he does updated JJ Abrams is pretty salt with that wealth. Awesome man Kory thank you so much for the news dude I'm really excited and hopefully hoping eight to turn to Richard. That way they thought I had my grandma and that is your only hope you can tailor our kids are different they're luck I know I'm my guy because that's awesome thanks story as they did so BJ c'mon how stogie unnoticed. Are you really kick in for the captain share immediately geez I know it's suited to the whole thing. Hi it's of course you know a look at Simon peg is always been a good friend of our radio show and podcast and I I I just I just love seeing him take control being around and see in my buddy's. They're like a family and this whole promotion they're doing. Really makes you feel like you're part of a family and me and doing some good thing I love this I. I am hoping so much that this movie is good I wanted to be good because they all seem to have good intentions yeah I hope it's amazing and Simon bags writing it I mean he I is home I just go out and -- as I could just go back and watch high now why is he nerd just ipso and Edgar Wright helping him so I I got it I wish Equus ultimate disloyalty I'm not surprised if he was though I mean they're bright and partners I hope so. There's such a nice guy he will probably help and I'll always go in LA is definitely either way I want to be good because Simons a good guy who wanted to be successful this is a great promotion and I of course that first girl that you know was picked. Is just our servers I don't know have you got a lot of fan is so excited about winning something ME. They're cousins who see yourself awesome there was it for the winners there's a video of a guy who won a video game console I'd like evo area it's and you comma con who had the least excited face ever yeah producers like. Article thanks thanks I want that yeah sorry I went added resellers Arabs yeah it happens sometimes when you give some nerds apprised yeah. Now I I had gotten done that in my life and I go you know why do you need billion need to have a pulse you need to look like you're actually are happy you then this stimulant free he did there's a little. Gratitude in there. That sometimes get people just like I don't know. I give her some people that don't pay don't your rip man made they did their thing they put in their time they want their prize and that's that's what they did they don't. They're not doing it because they're excited about something they're doing it. And you win a prize and if it doesn't uprising they don't kid I don't know and that's kind of thing that's terrible I guess collector know how my stuff you have does that make you entitled to more stuff like every if you get is still an achievement that's part of why you collect Jimmie we'll wait let me better at least be friendly as geeks it's if I'm really tired of this just. Disconnected. Unfriendly. Completely anti social I get people have anxiety but you're not coming off is not peace. And you know I know a lot of nice people who are shy and they come off night still even though they're quiet no saline yeah is there's somebody in this room was a very wonderful wife. Who is quite shy but she still comes off as very nice. So there's no X do you whose brother that was manulife. That's not marriage that's good and I am very nice and it did and then as opposed to basically just a troll and waiting like I'm too cool to even acknowledge everyone even though lies your entire life and when I got news millionaires and nice is sexy yet this does difference between like I did not like I like it I don't care what people think around me. Blake got to cut you had to do was a geek right I can't let amateurs everyday and I don't care the people like he's a Taliban insurance that's different than it I don't care about the attack happened the world around me does it did was between conformity and empathy yeah right you should care about only need to get a drag racer should still be like me now this attorney. Pat professional this is what you're working towards is or at all right well that one of the nicest guys in in well not in this term is not in this term top figures on Colin bock. He's got a lot of dazed still from San Diego comic Communist so much news there's so while we've got gears here talking about that's. Pretty sure that skewed and refute your continuing our coverage covers current when he fifteenth we've got tons of video and pictures still to come a few more red we hope to have those solo by the end of the weekend. And a couple more reports for you how. But for now let's talk about some of the other great things that were apt showed us except there was just so much stuff every year there's always more step you can ever hope to get to even if you have an army of people help me out. But it just seemed like this year they just up the factor even more. And this also allowed us to take a look it's on the other things that were there that might not have had as much attention but I feel were absolutely has important. And deserving of coverage has other things one of those would be the composer pedals now be sure panels were. Well known people who imposed the world television. And movies come out and they talk about creative process behind the music that goes into the film shared everything from superhero films. You have shown calorie who had done 24 homeland and many things and you know I'd always found via. Intro to homelands. A little annoying and that we get to talk to him about it saying you know it it this is one I. You know see it that way it's full speed able insider the characters tortured mind innings like that's definitely one way to look at it but it's set up closed up got talked with such. All sorts of people but one of the interest and once we have video up right now on this said the deal more coming. It's Charlie closer and he is doing the music for the new show whispering pines that you see on Clark's supernatural on interest in there about Charlie is that he actually did some how worked with nine inch L and actually. I was involved with tempers are courtiers so it's interesting to see somebody doesn't background in the fuel rock. That alternative music biz moving into television composing you know hey it worked for Danielle and then more and more people seem to be taken that path. Got an interview with dirt course comics were re talked about the plants vs zombie comic series. And now they have to work with developers of the game to basically innings and the great new characters. Any Tim agreed to somebody's there to kind of worked together to make sure that they don't. Cross over in ways that would put but the other projects one idea I'm. Critters comic said the biggest challenge was they had to create human characters to go with those who were assisting in the game the only real human error her. Apple's speaks gibberish but she can't have plants and zombies literally because they don't talk so you needed human characters to advance story lines are very interest and we also got to see. A little bit of the interest they are achieved and predator series and yes searching the written a former verb that is out. They're going up against the predator and a very interest in Obama crossovers so check that out from our course comets and other things said the world growing interest and says met dark horse turn around and there is Guillermo del Toro right there are director. Producer of poem I mean literally right there right next may have arrived early for wanted to signings now when he appeared little later. In that one of the assumption panel smooth talked about that later we're gonna have samarra earlier threat to your mobile world currently. Is going to be involved what they're upcoming Halloween episode. Ends you look to us that. If he had his chance he would love to play bumblebee man's brother arm assumptions oh what's program. Another great thing we had with Seth Meyers of late night television setter rent life Graham and I prayer halls who will be in the suicide squad. Decided to sit down and talk to us about her new show warmer and assure its current appears to Hulu seriously awesome. This very uninteresting animated series Bernie. Superhero with some severe daddy issues who after daddy to retire is the best and most talented girls seem. Decides to leave for greener pastures the sleeves and am forced to deal with government cutbacks and policy can take. And former super her team and 48 hours so undaunted he runs out and puts together a socially pessimist so it's and rejects that word yeah. Talented good fifteen to. Unsuitable. By the government ranking system so he puts his team together Coulter auctions. And they go around and they fight crime ever wake up in a few episodes of it and become a real big and you can check the video. Out on our site you can also catch episodes on YouTube. And finally wrapping things up street fighter five was their on handed pillow fight guardian so really pushing the upcoming video games. But interest and a lot more ovals always had a early big presence at San Diego comic on of course they did as well. They have to upcoming G-20 three expo where they've announced we're gonna see if first look at Captain America civil war principles more footage from our worst sports wagering and there. Projects for next year's interestingly enough though DC was there are on hand Donald would pushing their new shows you know suicide squad that members of grand. They were pushing the TV series and they had a huge gala. Costumes not only from Batman vs Superman Donna justice but from a flash super girl and other shows we're gonna have those pictures loaded up where are very very soon. Final thing I wanted to touch on state was a huge presence of store or son or nobody's seen the hall each picture and video. Over and over that behind the scenes footage apple what I wanted to talk about some of the two boys that were available. I was a little surprised we did not seem more of a Taurus is they don't first bad must bolster the media stores in September but we did see a lot of new clone troopers. Yeah as well as triggering sketch season new type starter with a black. Color Retief and the Arab. Red areas of Cochran bove wrote what really stood up for us and I have the pictures online career and a post put up their Star Wars collectibles and of course they have everything from. ET eighteen pilot costumes rubble pile costumes. And you know so many more things the officially. Designed costumes they have any old set of clone trooper. And Russia that this points they storm trooper armor from the force awaken so if you want to be the first to get yourself. And you look for essentially owning your own. Structure pro trip that coming from you're going to be able to do that you're the Red Cross we have those pictures up. As well and there are a lot of other stuff that will be coming we are a lot of folks talked that there's court speed. A huge Ronald licensing further new films is wells knew a series okay what's upcoming App Store a few real nice presents and stuff. You're you're reviewed talked to order. Q -- to ministers from column bucket cute and reviewed nearly did us are well. Aware as we entered an add one quick thing I usually say the website he has SK NR dot net that he's not letting website isn't it yes I can now I have some music what precisely what ever is there was a tweet that I got from a fall you do the Twitter don't normal over the two and a half I want I want I went -- I had a geek national tweet at me after an episode aired. This wonderful program that we're gonna. What it is good to listen to it isn't good between all of a sudden I was out and I wish I headed up right now and I would I would court indirectly and he's probably gonna hear this and then he'll be over about about. He said. That he really really misses. Vijay. When we have Gareth. Do his thing because that. Viacom buckshot thing you do men. They love and they are not just we recorded when I'm not here I didn't I mean I'm sergeant Eric quiet. BJ Beers go ahead and give us say a clean bond Colin bock bite and Barrett. Now I gotta admit hey we are at there you go hey guys when I'm not hearing about some are ready to SoundBite ready you guys about 46 months. Carrillo junior is a writers' strike and now we do need to get sued. She Swiss TV I wish I guess I missed this when I'm not here miles a day yuck mouth because I'm going to be talking about movies and we were just doing and I am I do that you're very clever instead of except I'm going to be talking about the highest grossing movies. Add all her I heard a rumor that somebody just can you know moved up the little business on there he's in there are now the only DN you these for so long event of the last ten years like dogged jumbled up the right. And of course number one and I'm what does it pixels hey. Oh yeah moves probably not so I say number one nomination put me in on just. It's getting quite Basel. And asked harass you love Adam Sandler ran good there they got a lot and I thought I hate to say if but I I wouldn't surprise of some part of pixels gets and I hope. So for longest time you know the the list is kind of stayed pretty much the same the last couple years I have. But no one has kind of moved up a sly move so I know third place right now under center Moody's from this year and a WE third place. Making one point five to a billion dollars or more this year they came out this year. Within the last couple months I I don't know world Jurassic learn early how you're going live to. Billion dollar and she can really admire the way if he's got less of a review on rotten tomatoes and man can't man. Maria and Jurassic and early because I guess assess its and I wasn't a good movie like like I might that'll be a law I AM. And the committee was 'cause I win sought with mark runner and then we talked afterwards. I talk to Iran or he's gonna who do everything well I you know me I hit it God's cylinder drastic drastic world was everything God's Alicia Manning yeah but I just felt that it was just a rehashing a drastic park in it was so the writing was so. Mean I don't wanna pool on a movie there when my enemy it's obviously then I'm in the minority because it's made one point five whatever battle you know and say hey I get and I get that the writing but I think the writing was meant to be that way they were very cartoons plastic characters meant to be that we NFL but the writing was intentional Chris Chris Pratt we know the guy can do so much more than that. They wanted to be that guy and he was that guy now I kingpin was great and it I like to act. As the audience has been named DJ. Khalil has a name. Celanese. Well there's no they don't get some the only thing he was missing was aimed evil mustache to twirl Yahoo! IDC it was pretty ridiculous scenario and was that over exaggerated thing because really it's a movie about a cool dinosaurs and effects. I like that is opposed to me analogy but god still out there we're trying to get into Iraq I think if we may dinosaurs the first thing the government would do automatic weapons out of. I think you know it's like when I watchers of rolling noticed and then since general scenario went to grab someone else's soda and drink it but the bottom listens and be on it. So I cut a mistake. Interesting that there was any delegates Lou when you gonna drink out of but first on the list who do you think is going to be. Titanic actually that a number 20. Carlo is not that's their avatar avatar is number while he had an hour away James Cameron you know and he owns its own do it yeah I have avatar Titanic dress a world number four. And the avengers out of five and here is is furious seven. I'm really curious seven epic movie that was a fun movie today admit they always makes I think that franchise made that much money yet that's that's was I not well I'm I'm not a very nice guys like. Paul Walker well. Ali Al walker of Paul Walker thing and the and the ending of that movie was very well done the movie's good the rocks fun is all hell this movie bees. He just he's that you use a little thing we had just like the Michelin Man he's just. All the rocky is just a standard rock fight scene and furious seven not so much fun and so I'm rebuild an unrealistic that if there are a guy I mean I love that they you know even those not scifi furious the furious franchise is gonna. Number six avenges age old Tron is a seven Harry Potter and the deathly hollows are no cartel. Aperture Montero I MI easily the last class rank reverend GAAP and number eight us here Rosen. Number nine iron and a three. I don't DL we're really two billion wow all number ten transformers dark of the moon tomorrow all economic now. I don't know why one and I Berezhnaya and out there today NFL analyst there a means Titanic as diligently on their from you know 97 still tickets and tell me what name I mean even you anyway it was just all for evil in even if you adjust for inflation and just like I don't think a lot of those older music going to be compatible and media hasn't experienced. The world wide pumps you up on that NB they also just. They don't why doesn't inflation for population this inflation just refreshed for money right so nice things about the percentage of Americans are going to CD and staffers is how many Americans were asked our problems and guess ten or more Americans to see movies still expensive to buy the two bucks BC VHS you know. I'm it's humorous dollars to have tickets are like seventy bucks a pop tales ever everything. Well until next time as a senior he. Immerse yourself in deep culture movies books cons and especially gaming. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you can black. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells and Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like country club for peace without awaiting toward the atmosphere he can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you. So get key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark cloth.