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BJGN 06-15-15 - Heroes Reborn - Video Game Hall of Fame

Jun 15, 2015|

Vicky, Spicoli and Rev discuss casting news for Heroes Reborn; dubious choices in the Video Game Hall of Fame; major differences between books and their movie counterparts; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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    doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells . Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes

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Immerse yourself a geek culture movies books cons and especially gaming video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is a deep gamers paradise. It's like and country club for peace without going toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and gets your he'd gone with professionals just like you so get DJ and and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark cloth. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Welcome yes what going to be Casey's geek patient and reverent of Fuego across for me is Vicky Barcelona and on my supervisor. Watch out we've also got to go eight you have a super president. Fred Yang are not doing their job yeah you're not my supervisor Vicki Huckabee would get a hold of us. Check out our website with all the podcast and Vijay geek nation dot com or down I'm not your supervisor. Like a front facing such a secure meeting she's eat nation doesn't follow on Twitter and insert ground. Frank yeah. At the end it's like marine happens BJP nation 50% of that really doesn't hoist not at 21980 GQ 43353. Pursues any night beating each nation and gmail.com. And I start off talking about a show that Vicki and I both loved a lot heroes. Heroes reborn is going to be happening Thursday nights this fall on NBC. And they're coming back heroes are born. Greg run Bergen is going to be coming back as detective Matt park man. That's the news it's enough for a while palm Massa Oki Massey Oca sorry about that as her own Nakamura and had Jack Coleman has no Bennett they'll be coming back. Zach led he's going to be in the show on food they've also just recently announced that Christine rose will return as Angelo put truly. And as she is also coming back out with the Haitian Jimmy John Louis is coming back in man since bill Romer. Our Adrian has star and now a mile event Camellia. We don't know what's gonna be in store for Angela the chilly in the thirteen episode revival. On but they definitely said that nine either neither of the the truly boys so there won't be full family reunion. Well NHL on them over in Gotham being Wheldon yeah. The gas now but also by the same point I'm new event to Billy is also a lot on this show called whisper for the whisper. It's it's something on ABC I don't know but I got a job yeah he does have a job so I doubt that. On the website as to a list of people that days that they will not become a back as well as Hayden Hannity air. I think she's still doing Nashville and Ali Larter isn't coming back music therapy say that your literacy of the world every episode like four topic of mercy I help them help a little bit of those the first season that they that they comforted in at least every season got like to create edit your idea and even at the end of the entire series it was her it was sixty always in the world in it was her exposing the heroes to the world. Zachary quint O did turn down an offer to return a Siler so. He and even similar bring one of the best character actor Sam freed is telling EW that everyone who's coming back has been in the press. So they've got all the people that they've got so far who's coming back. KB tabby cat and who's that he's Mike and his little boy I hope Mike is coming he's a grown man now. Look at and meet the big boy now. He's a big boy NN news in the morning so any five held that they want to know how older we do. Twenty yes 'cause I'm 25 million us mask on so yeah lots of heroes news. I am and I'm cool with fifth. Like I mean I just. I am hoping that they can. Redeem it thirteen episode arcs really I enjoy. I hope they're gonna do the same thing that they're doing with aquarius on on NBC which is they're putting out. All of the episodes online you can see them right away this is where the shows and feel like I really wanna binge watched as opposed to wait a week for them we'll see how that works out. Mom and see exactly how this works out with of Korea's as well but yeah that's euros and a I'm I'm still gonna be stoked torn out of Marat I like Al exact Levy I think he can add a new dimension to it he was good on chuck I didn't go to if if NBC were doing like. Anything else and I feel like are you could have saved this time summer something worth of music but I'm also like well. They're saving a lot of other stuff like that 10 PM stuff like Hannibal is regulators are making it dirty ingredients. Horrifying and boring and pretend chance but that's just mean it's like this is this is where NBC is right now that rebooting the show that did not end in like it did it was not in the well liked by the end of a lot of Kelly has had an advantage heroes it was a great show and it's it oh absolutely it was the you know Wyatt. Turned to crap brain because the writers gases into the writers' strike hit in it basically ruined everything and so I'd so something like that attend a dead season three the writers' strike was over they didn't fix with a better writer and but then stardom as a ballot graph and that's that's where NBC is now where they can bring that back and I'll might not because there are putting out any Israel remotely interest in it. And that's I guess that's part of why I'm unwilling to get a shot is like you know NBC. I was still bad for you so all I watch I watch these characters I some familiar ways for thirteen episodes and l.'s move onto Gotham you know it's kind of what yeah it's one of those things I'm curious. Arm but at the same point if it's more like fed later wines. I just as opposed to the potential that the first season had an I think it's why I like to so much has won a stick through beyond that because. First off there weren't a lot of hero shows out there at the time and now there's an insane glut of them and like you've changed not complaining about a whole crowd and made life more difficult and so beautiful out I can't go do anything and wouldn't BJ is back next week we're gonna talk about a show that. Seems to be what you heroes was trying to be incensed age which is a Netflix series right now though want to go to dodge them to talk and actually if you act as we who I know I'm one episode three. Think he's like almost done with this series. Have been done last night Asia access to be dig any crap for this because we are fighting for originally like. Oh how many episodes are you an unlocked his second one is a one finishing the third one ha ha next day like civic yet and I passed the fourth episode now what are you on. Milan I finished eleventh tee hours and one day I didn't mean our city really do and I luncheonette located he had to go to the bank he had to go do this to you he's young I got my shoes on a little gap at the app that I love competition daredevil she. I now want to daredevil emotional week. She said well at least you're watching a lot of (%expletive) else. Consuming lining because you I have really enjoyed it will be she was saying the energy returns off right Noah just so no it doesn't see here's the problem with Netflix do they give you twenty seconds to press the back button to Harden your controller can do if you don't get in that time of the nicely just RG model just keep wiling comptroller the attorney awed like well authorities started. A little bit now Alec cannot. I'm so. I you're stuck and yeah I would've watched the last episode of my roommate and showed up. And they needed dean than in the living room area. And a joy and light episode you like to like what's going on like shut up don't explain it we're watching the first few episodes together. And then there's music didn't notice they they went to work and I get off work early on Sunday is another hour and it did it that's. Awesome but yeah I will be talking about that so I differ one year from the heat nationals about that. Greenberg are missing album Eric sooner I want I wondered if maybe you'll love bug PD give us a little voice notable women viewing I guess Jarrett. Moving on from that I found an interesting. You see here's the thing it kind of makes me annoyed is these hall of games we've talked about lists and award shows and all these things lists are BS. Thank you mark runner awards shows are basically just ways for people just pat each other on the back. Tom hall of fans along the same line. But there is the toy hall of fame these strong national museum of play which is in Rochester New York is the home of the national toy hall of fame and now they're opening up a new world video game hall of fame. The announced the first six inductees. First off pong. Absolutely makes sense when the first BA games Devlin makes sense Pacman yes I agree with that because that. Really really helped push it in the eighties Super Mario Brothers yes because that's console early on it totally makes sense tetris. Yup yes 100% this one the most addictive games worldwide all these are fine doom. I have an issue if because they say it's the game that may shooting into the first person perspective a massive genre. I would like to save exaggerating Wolfenstein 3-D area is the one that should be in there as opposed to that. I think that doomed. A had a did had eight. And had a different story and it was kind of a fun story because you know going to Mars and Helen Elizabeth decoy had really cool. Creatures as opposed to just you know Hitler and a machine gun army unit Ers. Robot. So I get it if buddy just improved on something that was the define mean defining game Wolfenstein. Is the defining game and I would've rather had seen. That one be calm. The the one they got inducted Danica that's that. Not my first question right here ready these hall of fame loses you the need to have I think very clear rules. On what makes something worthy of being in this hall of fame rightfully so if all close games are worthy based on the notion of them being really influential right yeah like for like we can look at any game now and think that pong is a piece of crap. Because it's just did this colors like four pixels yeah it's a very simple game. But it was also one of the first games ever saw was a huge change seemed like it was it was if I'm not mistaken me first multiplayer game ever doubt that if not the first one the first game I mean the first I guess I could see what your friend and play game against each other on the TV and you're just watching it you're doing it that was huge and and Wolfenstein was that where you work your behind to go on and you were turning your shooting Nazis and that was awesome and doomed to let you look up and downed. But it didn't give you a whole brand new like that the Wolfenstein before Wolfenstein 3-D was top down afterward literally just a back slash you're trying not to get caught the right by Nazis I could see through walls. And ever at a rate of 3-D and it was it chased everything in and we got genre out of it and doom just. It's like like quake is another one that people talk about quake being really big and he'll be really big. And like those are good to squeak is a better example yeah kilos just. Is just the AAA version of quake three you know and an end did the problem with all of that is is that. It it's not it's not innovating so much as it's the expanding on the John. Does the portal themselves the physics demy I think adding portal is is what without a doubt one of the best teams that has there been made and will ever be made death its its. Its biggest flaw is that it's short and that is not a big one yeah. Sorry to hear these that's innovation I put a portal playing the question if he put Jiang. He had a machine that would squishy Khatib portal hole money side what would happen. I'm losing sleep are less is there. I was I. It feels as old I was thinking about it I was like what you have like well Whitney just stand there but wait it's like they're two different Yad basically turns into wealth to do you cut in half of them. Kind of crazy on next on this list in the wind that I also have a huge. Into the world video game hall of fame yes World of Warcraft is the biggest MMO ever and at this point. I don't think they're above double digit million subscribers anymore because of I mean it's been it's been eleven years it's been a long time for the game end in view game terms for game to be out that long. To be massively multiplayer to have the server still going to have somebody regardless expansions. That is amazing and in the last few years free to play games had exploded yet and it's still one of the subscriber based winds and just a growing really strong. My problem with it is is going back choosy doom Wolfenstein problem it wasn't the first MMO. Armed and it definitely wasn't the one innovated all these things. I would have to give it to either ultima online which he didn't play a hole I didn't play any of Altima online I was before my time but the one that really. I made it for me was ever quest. I felt ever west was who is the game they should be in the hall of fame in the U game halt same. Because that was a lot for a lot of people that was their first chance to experience. A fantasy setting. Much like you would with a Wolfenstein or do more you're in that first person said he you're this person what other people look at you they're not seeing whatever you look like in the real world. You're seeing for me it was my dark elf wizard who was eight terror. And I think it's likely. Quest to be seen as does also it also gives like it's it's really the RPG gained new RPG gamers who've been playing dungeons dragons the whole life want to like how I can be a character and I can go up to you when you can be a character we both chose a character we DR back stories we gave ourselves the personalities and we can interact instead of if you do that with like Norway and you can give result as much characters one you can decide you're only an Achilles people you can decide your racist in your Pete Stark else yeah right but the world doesn't care and the world doesn't notice men to ever quest. The world care and the world notice and it was the first time where it happened for so many people and and I'm with don't ever question was like I I calculate the World of Warcraft over Altima because Altima is quite Vick wasn't. Quite done cultural phenomenon yeah and hasn't taken everybody by storm like World of Warcraft did the wonderful World of Warcraft did it ever quest did. Absolutely and as one of those things it's like one of those first place is where you would. It was. It was crazy what we had to do an ever quest I remember people. How being you know each other's phone numbers for. So we would get together at 2 in the morning to go and slay a dragon because it spawned. Or six wizards going out to take out an epic mob before anyone else did because well it's up we've got to do that. I remember under console maybe had to control of ports on it yeah. And this is I mean this is all on line anyway I mean on the on PCs he did everybody that's a much I don't like like back when console gamers were like media can do both a player yeah yeah yeah there were dudes there were eight of us fighting a dragon you know it's awesome yeah the biggest thing to do this would be like a land party where maybe you can get sixteen people for counterstrike. This is twenty people around the world goatee got to drag it sometimes more door once or they're like sixty to eighty people but those are crappy guilds who we hated him or any good. The Australian ladies and I didn't know Paris after. Yeah. But it was our means. I remember sitting with Claire Dixon who would sit out and wait for their drag in the spawned spawned. For 72 hours she's where they're staying up till I am I hallucinating right now I'm trying to do this. I didn't I've never experienced a game since in warcraft didn't have. That community and especially when you got into. And where you weren't actually. Fighting like it wasn't so much fighting other people but you had to race for sponsors. There was competition there which made what made the drama hilarious and sometimes really infuriating. But it also it drove you keep on playing. Ever quest was not a polished game. There are a lot of problems with it. But the community immediate amazing and there are people who still know me as my character name and remember all the crap that I did because I was I was up Pena asked what was character name my character names billion RI was a wizard of a dark elf wizard what one of our listeners just. Exploded with rage here you an exact. They they should have because. I in this game I mean you have the monsters but you decrease story lines and you could beat those villain and come on look at me I'm the black fog out here. I was totally the Villa I was the evil bastard who would go out there and has like are you guys have a rotation to kill this mob every three days when its bonds you guys are all happy and you know what I don't wanna wait in line number to go kill it amongst you 45 minutes to get your guys grouped together and the mom's gonna go kill it. And I yes I was I was little bastard zillion gap but at the same point it was fun because it create the right to be a bastard would you can kill something five of the poor planning on killing you heard that ability and that was the fun part about it it was OK if I got beaten people were like and we don't leave really get cool whatever route you to next time I'll let a way to do that just try to screw people up and they raid today killed the Fed have you. It's hilarious you don't get mad you're sad there Roddick appeared. I cause her about her accent I am absolutely. So that is the big reason why I would put ever quest wade be on World of Warcraft in those terms. Not to discount or warcraft because I still can't I still buy each expansion like a fool. Player for a little while level back up to the next and Max capital levels on my cap that was fun all right moving on are really surprised break outs not on the list break out is not on this list there's a few nominees they didn't make the cut space invaders. Now makes sense Pokemon which I would think that it should that one should actually get into the hall fan I think so had a I'm sure isn't drill here at the exit this is our first year chart of how how do we define these things like for the first you have to do maybe to first of everything's and I was the first truly great. Turn based game now would be to Pokemon once the first truly great animal ever question that's your net Syrian desert. And MOK Gary Paul the first great multiplayer in the first multiplayer game gaffe Blackstone and the great shooter you know great first arcade game yes Super Mario bros for console banned for a platform and really. Took loans that are like twenty years -- it's insane that is insane Angry Birds always -- the latest all the games accurate program further for the nominees are Angry Birds because how much of a I who's in it was the big I was yeah it's the first big IOS game got so huge that they have. Hats that you can Wear that make you look like an angry bird and and that that there was a woman made the I was market go from apps like they are games now there yeah dean you never would I yeah I mean yeah IOS his A game mean -- like you look at the eighty BD gaming rig but at the same point. They how many. Times you just a damning I'm sitting on the twins yes don't lie gap and now it's like you for all of it my phone is essentially just once toilet solitary machines. What is I mean their literature felt money hasn't also the legend of Zelda the organ trail in mind crap all made the nominees did made the cut I see all of those either getting there or getting another nomination in the next year I think all those will get there except possibly Angry Birds. Com just this has new discipline also unlike Blake I feel like they the what was the warmer you were jumping on platforms to just keep going popping up and up on yet public before Angry Birds there were still. IPhone GAAP net that that work. Vick I don't want to talk about what you can't really matters and they've done a lot of those and duel jobs. Dual jumped at Arizona and trolley smeared trial for just a thing on drop thing was a good once you can tell where it's with Fran Comcast and you dial a toll total came after Angry Birds. I had and I am off flooded I I'm not awful audit I does hated everyone seems to you except that you can use Q I for everything in its PS we can't use other foreign words. I'm sorry. They're dictionary and BS a candidate if you're gonna say oh its Chinese were so he could totally use it and I should apply to all of the Chinese words. Not just the once you know we get him a month now but let us know. How you feel about the media game hall of fame what you think we get in there I know or mr. someone's that people are just probably raging at their advertising today. That's money take a duhalde's ETA was so landmark how many people have played that. Like I don't even know how many people how many people just think the GTA three. Or like I is like San Andreas cholera logical think it's started yeah it's always been that that third person shot that top out around like these titles yellow box and I was a cash you've got a tour with your little circle and it was also GGA one and Q were so much fun. I love GT one so much because you can get five stars. Bomb and then kill all the cops yeah there was a soil where the cops would just stop coming in at. 80 this litigation decisions. Sins and I went to. That's a great one because it's the original sin city that gap simulation Sid Meier in general yeah I think of that like you know when you do the mother load here you deal that little could cheat steal oh yeah. Al that attacks navy may have talent to their ability to umpires entered no no no real time strategy games are on that list that's true there's no real time strategy does star craft is no fighting games centrist moral cop that is and on that list I would say street fighter and we have to be there on a big one too. Street fighter two street federal one doesn't really count. Was it a fighting game asthma and Elin wanting the same argument for you couldn't look up and Wolfenstein 3-D and that's why do deserves to be on the list gaffe if it's our argument with that is self. About moving up from that I found something kind of fun I wanted to talk about on books and movies Kazuo wheezing peace we usually talk about the TV shows in the movies but I found a list of books with completely different movie endings. So basically for next of reverse the programs spoiler alert if you have read these are domain that. Whatever. The first on this list since we just recently talked about it was I Jurassic Park. Given the book the coaster Rican military comes to the rescue by bombing site de on is the nub lark. But stricter Steven Spielberg felt like changing it up because I mean it's Steven Spielberg and he doesn't wanna have happened. Instead of a military intervention Spielberg decide to have the T Rex returned to save the protagonist from the old the loss rafter attack. Saying quote I think the start of this movie is the T Rex he explained the audience will hate me if the T Rex doesn't come back for one more hero look appearance. Unless you're totally right about that right all that LS that this was completely accurate credit Erica the book and movies body count varies too by the end of the novel John Hammond has died in his imply that Ian Malcolm has as well. Both survive in the movie on the other hand the park's game warden Robert mold dune in in Jens attorney Donald tomorrow perish in the big screen adaptation but lived in the black. I'm also just has no I got this list from mental floss you can check up a whole think it's 15 books but am I gonna go throw fifteen to some of them. Well it's they don't have the geeky band and I just don't care about unplanned the apes comp plan the apes features were the most iconic twist endings in movie history were astronaut George Taylor. Played by mr. Charlton Heston discovers that he has been marooned on a post apocalyptic earth the entire time. But in the French novel that it's based on the main character lands on a different planet during the course of his travels from one inhabited by soulful where aids sentient monkeys. And tribes of dim witted humans. And when he finally makes it back to earth he shocked to learn that is now 700 years in the future and that has similar hierarchy has emerged at home. So basically they just took out the fact that he traveled to a different planet. To kind of incorporate all that but it essentially is kind of the safe landings are in the book it's like essentially you entered another planet all the stuff happened when home and it was like all the stuff happened here 20 yes there there are like well that happens here. Might as wholly familiar yeah and we don't need to go to a whole other planet you can make you think about that the whole time but it's been which earth the whole time just like Spielberg like Lewis who is the address a park like got to fundamentally the T Rex is a much bigger deal that really cares about Costa Rican military yet and it's totally like candidates like. Does appoint a planet they've synod which planet your on it's the planet of the apes itself yeah like like did the plot twist at the end I think is better served by him not going to a different clad it'd be absolutely do you do agree with that. This is the ball right club the film version of fight club remains faithful to chuck author chuck on its original plot until the very end. The movie version wraps up as the narrator standing besides Marleau watches a series of explosions cards by his now absent Alter ego Tyler Durden. At the end of the book however the narrator wakes up in recovery from his gunshot wounds he thinks he's in heaven. But palahniuk makes it clear that he's actually any mental institution several hospital attendants ask him where he's when he's going to start project mayhem again. Inferring that Tyler Durden is still very much a part of him. Director David Fincher explained his choice for ar grew that the book was to devoted to the nary meters Alter ego and he says I want people to love Tyler but a loss also wanted them to be okay with his bank pushing. Which is kind of interesting because now fight club too is in comic book. Form I'd I'm gonna pick it up a still haven't got around to I think don't wanna wait for the trade not trade when he analogy yeah I'm not all worried about being canceled lurch like I'm yeah its joint task is going to come out and I want to I don't away and that phrase trade waiting yes it does it that's what we need to do we say those of us who aren't. Too obsessive to use. I wish I was trade waiting for the seeker or we'll talk about it on on on on Wednesdays podcast vice. So you can't yeah exactly and I don't like waiting I wanna go discouraged her it helps if you collect forty or fifty different titles than you never have to week as a song when it comes to reading your network caught up on that I strategy rating. No word from yellow lab complete sound like yeah I'm about so what is it with Florida. Like finishing getting that good resolution I absolution. In a cent even if it's a plateau to it is Helena watching eight episodes and one sitting I have a problem we notice a perfect after. The next run this is the missed Stephen skiing the mist and none of big note for Mark Wahlberg. Who knows that's not happening now okay you would think it is a Thomas Jane one know Thomas Jane we these it was a great yet the great that's the wolf one this is Stevens he's the mist where there's a mist and don't know what's going on people are dying this Obama few survivors head towards the source of the mysterious radio transmission as the titular. Missed creeps up around their arms and that's what happens on the big no for the miss but director frank terror bond which you may know from the community. I decide to give the film a more definitive and more gut wrenching conclusion David played by Thomas Jane comes to realize the group survive holes efforts are few towel so to prevent any further suffering he kills the remaining silent as survivors including his son. Just before the military shows up to inform him that the situation is now under control. It is heartbreaking heart wrenching like you can find just the ending of that clip on YouTube and you can see it. They're running from these noises that are literally. The that the army following them they think it's a monster. Or the monster that they'd seen earlier are heard earlier when it's actually the military getting closer to them and so when he just offs everyone it's like wow. Wow thanks really really brutal. Next up on this list. We've got I Am Legend and you may remember that movie in 2007 Will Smith starred in author Richard Matheson's I Am Legend is doctor Robert Neville. People hate this because of the way he was and the sole survivor of a worldwide plague that turns humans into infected vampire like creatures. The book ends with the good doctor spending his days slaying the infected to protect himself. And then learning that he is considered a monster to the creatures who are now the dominant race on the planet to come and the juxtaposition there. He's imprisoned in later executed for his crimes. In the movie however he solidifies himself with hero status by handing off to cure for the virus ravaging the planet to a healthy woman in a boy. And they also had an alternate ending they showed more interaction between Neville on the creatures that we shot but the filmmakers opted to go with the ending in which Will Smith sacrifices himself for the sake of the human race. So I put that you know kind of a neat little bow on it and I heard most people I I didn't even bother watching I Am Legend because of how many there are people hated it so it was one of those that. Gary coming and everybody and what the time well I was seventeen year old like. Your like OK now now watching not watching it. Dow's nose fifty when it came outside and read the book and I liked it well enough and I'm like I can learn about the book was annals like the movie isn't necessarily bad. But I am legend of the book is a brilliant story that has a whole lesson about you know perception who aren't who gas and and what we are in a bad and I let it happen like and they Will Smith is gonna fisons obvious. Effect zombie vampire from Maryland they're gonna vampire. Combat yes so there's those. Into one of a lot of crazy stuff that happened in changing in this kind of what you can see how they Hollywood. Hollywood defy us on that list which once watchman was on that list is today yeah friends say it's still kind of kept the same vein I guess in order to prove he's a good point so how do you think about how I'm more built the character of doctor Manhattan how naturally rerouted at the end of how he cared about something like this whole thing at and what I'm done with this world I mean it concretely and then it'll be a god and instead they made him run away because he was afraid of being blamed or he had to be Blake. He martyred himself instead it. Well I don't think isn't afraid thing I think he's he realizable from the movie that's what I saw first and then Aaron the graphic novel novel for years later it was. Hate your right this is how things have to be there's too much war going on I will take the blame almost like the bad men like oh we need and we get here LA I'm not the hero here. Yeah now don't get me started on the hero I deserve monologue how much I hate that has not. I don't know wrong on the theory behind it but I also think it's terrible. I ask well before we get that's the Coolio monologue and we got to get to keep sheet Swiss TV. Let's talk to warn you against DOJ iTunes yeah elegant nearly tell us off and listening analysts can do but use it was actually really fascinates us five major dean problems that we didn't have to deal with his kids know me. So wanna see which you guys thinking who's weak. I tell everybody because we re young and a few nights and really enjoy the only still had to pick consoles I mean yeah probably hadn't super Nintendo Wii yet yeah. I guess you have regular Nintendo. Nintendo it's super now are nevertheless I know there has left yet about glitzy Ritz I don't like I've played remember struggling with the camera of the 32 with 64 bit systems are early ninety's I. The end. Nintendo 64 only played satellites they go to my neighbor's house when her brother and how we play 20 my god how I should really be playing the rug rats music bananas are talking about it just a couple product so give us a loves. The first finalist is digital rights management. So I DER and I was called copyright protection gamers would be required to sixty a little game manual and find a certain word on a certain pages and sentenced to mention code. And then proceed to play the game. These days we had DR and more digital rights management. It's affected the same. It's effectively the same thing insofar that you don't have a legitimate copy of the game. And you won't have an easy time playing any of the center game because you know the downside is sometimes it doesn't work and custom consumers get shafted yet and it'll. And it's one of those ones that really his people often you have had gone on we have fans who has it though like people hate DR ram when they notice it. But most people don't realize that's what Steve is you don't any of your games disturb us knows that you have access to them and lets you download played in the fewer Augustine account to exploit any of those games you buy just what ever but buying one game from EA is brilliant original Cintron then verifying leagues. Ax sixteen valve wants to verify and you're one of those things it really kind of surprised me kind of pissed me off with the rock band series is you had to be on line. For them to recognize. That the files that you downloaded were playable. And that was super infuriating and I'm kind of I really wish they would get away get away from that and I'm hoping they're gonna do that for rock band for. But who knows. The recent examples of the game is not working as intended use AD RM is something like dark boy it. Which constantly has an influx of new angry gamers every time they pick the game up carried digital sale only to find that the third party gear and then there. Longer distributes where he and he's about contacting customer support or cap com first so god it's still pretty much an up or two key. Yeah you do anything that's gonna limit the people scrimmage the play dark voids. Well true what does that they really don't feel they did Celestine sell you a lot coming up big yeah yeah it's so it's started it's started early because I know there's a couple games I don't know but I know that there is grass and I know is like goody image your and they always toes like holy crap my gas money stay and it's and it's the hardest thing is like you might not realize that your. And some of those games like our games and are no longer being supported debt there's there's a chrome plug in by the way I think it's a Firefox two. Where you can go to the steam powered store Steve Kerr dot com go to your account. And it won't tell you. How much money you have spent over your entire steam career on hate us like hitting slash played in like ever quest and buying out he played for like fourteen yet say yes. String of days right carefully because emitted it might make you reevaluate some certain type that's out there and exit. This just like me ninety days or is somebody had from the use of this summit's when he sent a public folks since you were fourteen. Underlying collateral until last week how much calmer Demi comics have been like 34 bucks a pop also doing the math in my hand I stopped I know I think we'll let a lot of sassy is in the same thing milling okay will this finally is you know once session how was she but the coming sessions all. California at the session's vote craft. And a lot of money into this tattooed total Modi or like my magic cards though how much have you read what the last twenty years and I've been playing Freeney like a week. Yeah or last we out when I was in Vegas. Surely shift at the next. Blood on the list is downloadable contents men says the stealing a two edged sword on one well one hell one hand DLC is great for extending and game but on the other hand there's way too much of it for some games where feels like he spend more time browsing through the store to see certain kinds of DLC. Is worth purchasing which is worth purchasing before you actually blew the game up and start. Playing yes. Does someone with a person a look at is like oh what other extra deal c.s can I just give for free right away and then beyond that would still have to pay for and the girl highlight shopping for me it's like free download stuff it's like going shopping it's like I gotta Q five I wanted to do I as a as a serious gamer though it just like an and I always the case but but did AAA market is this big problem now where. They are making games instead of van making DLC they are taking part out of the game and so incident junior Alex like archetype has not come out I'm very excited about it but they have written all the story for they need all this game to dean isn't out and if I wanted to play the whole game I would have to pre ordered it to different stores have been spent more than forty dollars on DLC above this price lake. It's and the dean is a evened out so all this stuff is dawn and ready and could be in the game and only reason it's nods to get more money out of gas and that's me is inherently dishonest. If you are making like. You know oblivion and then. After a wind comes out you make shivering isles that's great expansion packs are great but don't don't short change your game so you can get double the sticker price out of sky Aramis and Aaron had an amazing DLC because you have an entire game and they added more to it. Like there was like a whole other island or like you know those sort of things and that's what they don't go I was kind of a let down. Larry I had one scary gives you. Hours and hours of game play the world like you by injustice and it's like audio always characters you sells well five bucks a pop they were like an oral combating jab by you have to buy a character as. Like worse yet is when DLC is located on the disc lock behind peel walls are required to complete the games a street fighter X tech and one of these cases here where gamers like they are getting punched a thrill the game had called close to a hundred dollars worth the DLC store right there on the desk yet and already there's no immediate for you that's the annoying part right there and connect. Next. In app micro tree and that I was gonna ask about that because this is. Are my god this is this could be for like real laid you know you're serious gamers are even worried you know you're playing you're Angry Birds your playing you know what every in the jeweled. Which is more than I guess guess or either you have your child playing it oh gosh yeah I'm sure you have the purchases turned off they don't have enough pass for that big gap for those I don't know it's like there's purchases he can do within the game like hey you need more money in the game -- hundred coins attend talks in real life anymore players union here are you need you know what ever you want different terribly. Legends is being honest somebody just did the math and I was looking at because I've been following heroes of the storm a lot. Here's the sort of the storm is a blizzard free to play game in order to buy everything that's out right now it cost you almost a thousand dollars flat at 151000 dollar game and it's like it's it's this theory as as as arcade games word that they were they were addicting and difficult NBA deal was you would cough up another quarter so you can do to people what they're essentially doing is selling you the arcade deeper 500 dollars and putting your house and then make you give them other corner every time you wanna play tomorrow and not eating your house in your freaking pocket an all time yeah yeah but the point is if I bought that pac man machine. No more quarters yeah mine now and now and that's that's not the case thrown out and I'll just edit the Diana's innocent game have to like hey will here's the free version. And here's the version that's gonna cost you money Leo have no ads and you'll have action absolutely makes perfect sense to I I might and I don't mind been looking at ads for free service and pay in for four or not free yeah that's totally legit. The look this is say there was a recent case of the young teenager who charged forth 1500 dollars his father's credit card. Account during an app micro transactions that needs 82 feet for a game. It's only one of many cases where parents like tax credit critique accountable other kids play the game with dot yeah you like to kick balls better please insert more money you have to be very careful. Death is twelve those Fernald if it and a dramatic well. Did the new baseball game because mono nick who does the imagine podcast is really big into their MOB to show yeah. And he's talking about you open packs of cards to get like that top subversion of their baseball card which did you get that player. So your opening a literal packs of coffee well. Virtual literal packs of cars power and how that works mid to get those characters and against more micro transaction you trying to build up a super awesome team. Like all the players and one team and you get. The special bonus guys that you can play with the legacy plays to call so if you get the entire mariners team you'll get Edgar Martinez among other people. So it's one of those guys just. As a brewer has suffered a sudden like about this this kid is 4000 dollars on an iPhone game where words were one of the kids does the same thing to talk about the nature of addiction and how gaming is ruining it hello dale Welch. So it's there's Brinkley even talk about the arcade games and video games have bread addiction for years. And then he says this problem got so bad that various consumer trade body organizations has stepped in and start regulating how publishers are allowed he regularly in app purchases in some regions. And that I like the line that he never had to worry about going to the cache up to buy more rings for sonic. I'm an hour right now and the next one I don't know very much I don't understand it's all you guys really in new day one patches. 01 of the big things that got defendant in today's gaming scene is that he won patches it's understandable in the sense because. That day he couldn't patching game cartridges on the Turbo grabbed sixteen CDs are. On the 30 or subject to whatever state you're in however back. Then the fact that games can be patched that meant that they were about to be as perfect as possible on release. What this means really is that Kansas com game companies have a deadline and no matter what they're gonna hit that deadline to print the disks. So at that point they're gonna print those disk they're gonna send whenever copy they have out there and they're still gonna work and all the bug fixes which means they're gonna hope that you have an Internet connection to getting as you can read the disks and put their cases and all the stores all that needs to happen weeks before game comes out also that it's ready on day one for every to have a physical thing. So yeah they keep for the next few weeks they keep making basically fixing the date yet. That would give me a filly is a necessary evil like it is at this point times I'm not too pissed about it. Thank you think the click on the day one there should be that many bugs. No and that's that's part of the problem in the promise it their business for quite like there is there's like the they I'm trying to think of a good example of the well and he'll probably he'll match chief question came out that came out earlier than they were ready. Right so they had to do bunch of pat is an essentially that they patchy and again must campground Marcus and. Actually collect examples of this halo the Matthew he likes and lunching broken steam broken for many months on and were players weren't able to play the multiplayer portion of the game. Decently for quite some time and that's really really want to ask don't have a at every street unity Elster tiger until worth of patches before I brought up to par. So if you don't have decent Bernanke can also forget about and may not change your attitude. British I was is that the day one patch is fine with me and I feel like we've gotten greedy guy like that the patch idea divide patching is great I love that we can fix games after they've come out. But don't put on an unfinished game yet when you're relying on investors BS and I really they're really pisses me off. In the last one on the list pre order culture. I don't know really just talked about had her. I licked his lips next to the DR and pre order a culture has only is it existing game but it was different back in the day. So long ago and far away you would for your during team and it just guarantee that you're eligible for picking it up on relief do you study in order copies of an advanced today however the pre our culture isn't. Just about reserving the copier pain in advance and about getting the whole game. There are now pre order exclusives pre order retailer bonuses impede order deal seat. And all that one much for your ridiculous pre orders schemes where the in coordinate amounts of pre order of pre ordered DLC was available sometimes during a game from a different retailer words you with a different matters in her character that's the BS and hey you worry that some cases a completely new and label story branch in the game like fat man -- nine and they're ready Hud pre order bonus. Right like I love right religious Todd what must and the coloradans but. Jason Todd Graham counsel Harley Quinn and I like scarecrow and I can choose to those three characters. For as yet and it's it's so we is they have all that the only thing I'm gonna probably do a pre you're I don't even know when do pre order of but I I just recently sold a bunch of stuff. Like I sold my Wii U an ornament we bow my Wii and all this stuff yet it's the sort of a solid to GameStop so he gets some credit. That way now I can pre ordered the collector's edition of falloff for when it comes out as an official money. No none are known and another one trailer I'm sorry saving up for gay it's gonna come out in two and a half years. I got real all that I'm get ready got a gift cards and people you know anything about her play MS I don't even care if I know exactly where that money's going to do but yet it's say it's that when you're getting different bonus is you get this cool sweet awesome and it's gonna totally wrecked fools. If you pre order here but then over here in this week armour the toll stops and do is awesome gun from killing you but you gotta pre order here it's. It's ridiculous it's dumb I hate all of it that's for multiplayer games you like day one like I got this new game today and so is like our party got super Greg gone you're like well yes I'm not playing this game act exactly it's it's it's definitely infuriating it's. Let us know you what you think some problems are something that you misrule also gaming or what you liking gaming now absolutely Intel next time gangs they Nadine. Immerse yourself a geek culture movies books cons and especially gaming. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you could black my geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is a deep gamers paradise. It's like country club for geeks without awaiting toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and gets your. So get. BMW dot club. BMW dark cloth.