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BJGN 06-08-15 - Heroes of the Storm - Fallout 4

Jun 8, 2015|

Rev and Chris geek out over the announcement of Fallout 4; BJ talks about Atlantis and Continuum while ranting about networks cancelling shows; Rev reviews Heroes of the Storm; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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    the ones that you hear the beginning any end of each podcast Vernon Wells . They're actually doing something really special with this so we've got David in John in a with us today for this type guys doing today. Pretty good all right nice and so. First off emerald city comic con is one of the biggest comical lines in L would definitely in the Pacific northwest but also on the West Coast and you guys are actually doing something really cool because Vernon Wells is going to be having a lounge at Emeril so become a prime. Yeah we're gonna do something a little bit different we're going to have come a place for our members to hang out and relax and not have to do all. Stand on their feet. All day long and my age old by the way for you don't know because he set our members GO members we've away what are you talking about members with Vernon Wells members what do I have to be in a summary anyway after they could try to do I have to Vietnam War machine from Mars what are you talking about her business Vernon Wells you speak of sir because I. Well you may actually introduced at my. Well I got that I think I wanna know I'm a member before I go visit your lunch. Actually because I think if you can never tell people too many times how cool Vernon Wells this Libby. Let me do this I'm gonna put John on the spot here. He's one of our members. And what is Vernon Wells in your work. Spoke. Vernon Wells is that awesome place you can go to always find someone a nameless dom and he has really matter what kind of
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    doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells . Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. Yes

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Immerse yourself in deep culture movies books cons and especially game. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you comply. My geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is indeed gamers paradise. It's like and country club for deeds without the loyalty toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you so gag key game and sign up today. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. BMW dark cloth. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation. We welcome to BJ she's geek nation I am the reverend envoy go across for me is Vicky Barcelona years. Mr. Chris walker walk like a plant yesterday rooms Nicole Lee joins us there are in the show's namesake mr. readers today if I had I'd go home since going is that not happening. I'm injured glory for talking about Star Wars and I turn out hit me yet if you get a hold of us. And they can check out our web site and all the podcast now like its staff at Vijay is nations dot com. It was like on Facebook by searching for BG she's the nation all sleep well until and mr. Graham saying it at EJ nation and says it's extremism is not 19802243353. Or she is an email BJ geek nation at gmail.com. It's coupons and couldn't do my thing you do don't you do. Learn. Days and they married on our right children I was busy putting up a new picture on. Children in there and yes we've got an email Gayle went really we do have an email this campers Jeremiah. And this is in regards to use. Futures theory that he was looking into the future and seeing a what was happening. I'm he says the issue IC with the theory being the actual future is that Tony has never seen any of the Infiniti stones. Or the gauntlet until they release the mine Jim so how he know who panels is. Or that there are any are that there are any east does stones until forward talks about them. I think the whole point of his vision was simply to scare him into going into his PT SD panic mode causing him to make a bunch of countermeasures IE world defending AI. Although his fears will be realized defend those does his half galaxy killing finger snap. But until they actually meet know the avengers and actually met the mad tighten too good point there point he says all in all I think somebody was reading too much into the scene I think what it was it was as simple plot device to move Tony embers into deep because science monetized. And that's creating his own antagonist yet again. And you know what that's a really good point it could be that you know as geeks people read it way too much and his staff Y and gonna pray that bad things so connect in that. That becomes especially problematic when you've got something like gay comic book that is been out there for many many years and you know how. That comic is going to work and you want to fit the pieces into however new media they're gonna be putting it out yeah. So I totally get that I totally understand that but you know it's always fun death to us hope and wonder how those things. Sort of body possessive firmware is in general and part of what I love about the superhero genre is waiting between issues and on unmanned this could happen it's gonna happen it's gonna Mac that statement that in your usually wrong and then what you had been and then that's great because that team that actually is also mind blowing yes exactly what's great about superheroes. You can do somebody's crazy different things with the men and I mean other than the fact that once you change something about them every internal lose their damn minds. Islam as you can padded did today you know differentiate yourself for you know put yourself away from that you can enjoy the story for what it is that's. Part of what's the what's and you also about superheroes are pretty unique especially to big to superheroes and there's not many characters that just exists as character archetypes. That you can kind of throw to whatever story you need them to you can kind of only do that with. Mickey Powell the loonie tunes cartoons marvel superheroes and then DC super heroes and that's it where you have the you can make nukes new stories at these existing characters over and over and over again and works. And so these these movies like it was original Tron I was not an adaptation of the agent trampled civil war is not going to be an adaptation of the civil war now it's going to be is a born in early universe using these characters characters we know story we don't. Yeah exactly and that's this Willis a much about it. Moving up from that I know that we just talked about the the apocalypse with the mad Max spectacular yeah we surely did but last week but says dead drops a swell in nuclear bombs. Because all out for hasn't been announced. And yes I know Chris myself since Nicole Lee hardness. Joked for this well I know Chris and I are typical east seemed to media the runner a lot of the time was a bill that would just if I am I have every state that I am going to be stoked for followed for at this time I'm only pretty excited narrative in its credit interest him because they've only put out like what a minute and a half trailer two minute trailer is very brief it was like this horse trailer just like yeah this is happening to exact guys see exactly and that's whatever I was doing right now I guess. Through a glitch on the web so that they had for the countdown someone figured out and managed for a little while that it will be on steam. Ex bought a Celestine slash BC tonight Xbox one and PS four. We're going to be seeing a lot more of by the announcements at. Have had a lot of pars is okay so we are our top. Down yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly so this this has been a great series since its inception for me as well I've played I've played small. And I'm really really been enjoying universe in and I've heard a lot of people talk about how. Fallout three and follow new Vegas were essentially the same game just yes slightly re skin and and that is true to an extent but. I enjoy that world so much and even going back into it and having all these different locations and different and their actions in different ways to you know to do everything. Even though it felt a very very very similar I still love the heck out of both of those games and it. I'd love to see. How hole each area of I am at this point of the United States there is dealt with the nuclear fallout here with new Vegas they're like okay well we figured out that the Hoover Dam is still. So working and that there's just huge power play for that yet so that was cool in the first once it was mostly northern California and that area deal with that and then ninety NCR the new California public trust with fallout three got a CDC. And they haven't made anything official yet right but everyone is saying that this one enough all fours going to be in the Boston area AB JK. All right back to kind of fallout that's okay. I. So it's good to see what happens in these different areas and to build a giant maps yes I was are diagnosed I was out these are as FBI analyst. Southeast Reza nicer willow on Kansas some Boston things but I. Why don't worry I'm here yes I know some of the things it does interest and is like I would like to see what would happen and what would have happened to like the midwest yet. But I just try to think about what what happened with the you know the ninety threes in the draws in eastern to a big dust bowl. I just imagine this just a huge dust waste land them all is nothing going to be out there there are. Wanna see one of these Iran and don't want him and I'm not a name that makes me for arm just underwhelmed to pretty damn excited about this is that we saw. Maybe some flashbacks seems to have more America. I would love to see a unit we basically know this was the Cold War gone wrong guy we've got to hold that there's there's that Claire Charlotte and a false three units as communism is not an alternative to any pain and it's like to protect. I hope so obviously like that's part of why DC was the most city that we've seen in the fallout universe is because that's ground zero for an attack threat I would love to see what happened to Russia. And this is a world of nuclear winter clearly the entire world is in an apocalypse right. These two countries were in this war what happens to the other ones that were snooped but still also have nuclear winter. In the closest we've ever gotten to that was the DLC for fallout three that guy said people to Alaska yes but I every don't play that so and I'm just your price go back to go through all those you don't you don't get a of like a good look overview of of Alaska and generally just you have to be there yes and you know a couple of the outdoor scenes there are pretty pretty epic as far as that goes but you don't see. That same level I don't think there are like what's typically start about is let's see what some of the rest of it looked like in those flashbacks I think you're gonna give us. A really nice peace and we see we see the country has been destroyed but we also know the world has been so what's going on yes absolutely and yeah I I love the pro I love this property had no it's one of the most beloved did that have ever been out there for gamers. So super excited once we get more information we'll let you know about anybody here every one of those games and another almond McClain back Hal I'm here if history is going to be very exciting yeah exactly and they said anything about the possibility of like Kia multiplayer. Thing on this yet they haven't yet and I think it. June due to the fact that elder scrolls online has not been that have not been doing good at all. I hope that they're not gonna go any MM oh rout correct I would like to see them do something along the same lines as like a Grand Theft Auto where there server based have a maximum number of people yes or even like a wedge dead where they had that sort of thing where you get 08 today twenty people or whatever you get to you experienced some of those things once you've finished the storyline how or how every one to do. I don't think that's they had you're gonna make fallout multiply rats I have to do it like like an elder scrolls on mine Tom which is now terminal limited was not made by Bethesda was is licensed by the says the president makes that game and it goes. And so suffered foreigners are I feel like it at Bethesda is gonna make a multiplayer game and it's not going to be followed her elder scrolls that's not their thing being right is these are the pinnacle of art PG gaming GAAP and is they're not gonna there and and and an RPG gaming is is best when it is single player. At least I think in the style. And an MM oh it is fundamentally changes the entire world the way it's played the way it responds to character in so many things have to change. For it to become a multiplayer games a lot as I see a lot of conversation about American B vehicles and has fought. And on the one hand I would love to be is it could have passed the super mutants that's his head right out there assessing the flight path that's sounds our staff but his biggest bailout to move any faster like a bicycle like the horse is doing elder scrolls. Now the entire world the size of the game everything is fundamentally change right yen and and we had to keep in mind this is going to be fallout game. And sand and we don't it's really wanna tend not to be fought game as its fallout for it's not walk Tehran were to be out AAA with walk everywhere it's called sneak. Everywhere I see you're not let our Internet yet detected a seat at every wedding and I've learned all my characters as Michael. I had the one big thing is always my sneak his Maximilian I read I hit a usually my conversation is maximum because those who seems to be the most important once we made. Moving on from that BJ shape yes you wanted to talk about two shows that you've been watching. A land dissing continuing yeah and a very sad for us Atlanta's fans because of course you run a breath he is on Landis PH plays Hercules. And from a well just disappeared in December it was we were in season due disappeared to know what happened at six episodes in. I I had seen different things trying to find and there were other episodes I know there are. Show's been canceled it's 80 geez yeah it started off I mean it's amazing that like the first episode of the show at least in England did so well was like one of the highest for Mary shows they had on their network. So you figure OK this show's gonna be healthy for awhile now did I guess the second season knowing just nobody cared. Band they're gonna finally run the episodes lease here in the states we're gonna get them say the end of this month this summer a summer clothes the end of this month against. These three run the last episodes of the second season. Another disappoint his continue on which has been canceled. To show as it is today we. There are going for the long haul with that story are can now they're only a third season with six episodes to try to wrap everything up but it'll how should. At least will get six episodes and get a conclusion I like that as opposed to like Constantin then NBC canceled with no can do nothing. It's is gone. And I told Nicole Lee today off air I'm gonna sit on air. I don't know if I'm ever gonna commit to another NBC market show again but because NBC has just let me down what art shows remain here I am buying into the Constantin university wanted to buy and do what I voted my time really started liking the show it took me awhile but I started liking because it's not my favorite genre. But I was like you know what I'm getting that terrorism got to dig this this is pretty good. And now it's canceled and they're hoping at this point I mean people people out there I don't even know of suits are you hoping to bring. Constantin died or CW were side five or something but at this point I haven't heard any reports of labor and want to do or play any suits wanna do. Does that have a Stephen Immelt has said like you strip treated pay for anybody puts out this constitute shell holes cameo in it tested in a mile course plays arguing Carroll era right and and that's anything that he shows up gets my gets more money. I'm gonna sell like I think that there's there's a lot of ways and insisting that interest in the mid but I think also we do you see Constantine again. These are not gonna get our closure I think we might we might see John costing show up in the floral first but I don't think we're gonna get that cost you know we saw on NBC I think that's just who yeah just gonna kick us of the north. Now and if you hope precise firewall scifi is on my NBC universal Comcast anyway so it's like I I'm sorry they. Those networks because I mean I'm still not happy about Al is being canceled I know it's been awhile. There are other shows that I see starting up a scifi their scifi shows and I kinda didn't really get into helix I watched I did watch the finale but they watch every third episode of heroes because I thought. Why don't want to do this because you're probably gonna cancel the DM show anyways side I NBC universal. I defy it's coming back on June 12 comics I had bad which I like the show because I like the actors Tom but again if I decide if I show might well. I don't know how laws are gonna have there falling skies is also going back to Tony this is their fifth and final season but that's on TNT and they've already announced that they've gone through the full arc and then I have and I and I appreciate the fact that for you why isn't that AMC and TNT. They can give us these great shows like the walking getting you know follows guys isn't as good as a walking gave it to scifi show on TNT is committed to it. What's wrong with scifi an NBC that they can't figure this notion BC's been they've being kind of says the joke in the ratings for a long time used to be like you know fox was just not even a real network back and the day in a sort of think. NBC is taken that mantle. And I mean I remember when lost was big and they tried to go with flash forward. And then let him when hanging because another one you have they had a long story arc you know that was kind of the beginning on your hatred because how much were mad about that because you're following it you're getting into it was a one whether that would have to the plane near with the aliens William the plan and the president's plane was like some took control looked Auguste Cezanne did some the news last. Do you have any advantage of these extreme thing with I would do that until I even the kids which a lot of people here but I actually kind of donned the cape. They got rid of that oh I've Stephen NBC shows that are in my view genre scifi shows. Paid them for that matter. They didn't even with heroes where they may look like they're gonna continuing heroes who and then they didn't. My heroes will be reborn serve remembers hi yeah I yeah I how many years TI and I also don't have a lot of hope for heroes because his NBC rights have not so anorexia. They proved to me is a scifi fan that they that I should wanna invest in a story arc show or. These Smart and make it thirteen episode season. Maybe that's what hurt Constantine and maybe that should have been here just you know really short season show there was a thirteen episode that was just thirteen yet cause it's ingush. Well I I well here's the thing I thought the reason they cancel was probably because they felt they couldn't make 24 episodes or maybe you're right circle and yeah. There are those there was a lot of discussion of part of costing just had bad Prescott there are so many. Feel like a lot of people and you wanted to die because early on they said we're not gonna buy eight more we just want these thirteen yet they're and yeah term and so a lot of duel it out constitutes canceled and Dan doesn't see what you like no that's got to do it better for thirteen and then. NBC actually NBC has a lot of they're just sort of like. The following the money instead of trying to create it but also they don't have they want they want instant satisfaction so yeah making these short form dot shows. How much you wanna bet that this is our generation's firefly. People are gonna do what are out there are nearly enough and I. And ice lolly get your head emerald city comic con SE like some people holing assigned save content the other agent under the that's not what if I seem quite a few people that would only sorry that it only hear it does become very however contest she isn't a as good as firefly will be something and is still not so it's fatal flaw was not. It was simply that it didn't have the ratings NBC doesn't want to give it enough confidence it's good it's my personal firefly it was air out of order because at the time fox was what NBC wasn't exactly they would still like all right specialists of this times that we get that we get viewers just this one day we don't care about the longevity of at all and I think does half and I called it. I think this is more along the lines already this generation's. And generations it was only couple years ago with Jericho. Where's he's Jericho was it yet it was it it wasn't getting a whole Lotta ratings and then they flooded the -- is CBS with peanuts and was able to give it one more one more season and then just kind of put it to bed I think it's kind of along the lines of this Constantin well let's hope that if we we may to can be the comparison how fox used to be because right now fox you know less Sleepy Hollow I believe is we've got for another season. I I I like Ty and I watched that show. Bob liked how they ended there's bared their second season and now may be NBC can be like fox in the where have day you know fox. Sometimes didn't take good care what their shows and in that they've learned this Baylor with firefly do with fairly guy I think fox is finally freed you can't be idiots when it comes to. People who are really hyper fans of all genre over shelves. NBC hasn't learned that yet you can't F with scifi geeky people because we'll just he will just forget about you will be like SR there's other there's just too much of the programming out there. So old. Cindy was scifi I. How sad is it that I don't legitimately take scifi seriously as anything at all from my programming I if it's on scifi tag up. It's aside special Ed and yet eighty exactly is that that's the thing it's a oh it's a scifi movie oh it's a scifi Shelton well they got wrestling on there it's it's one of those ones where. When they changed the name I think it Ethier broke a lot of geeks hearts in it was just going from Esquire choice as wide FY. The man they just Brody and I think they did their for the younger Twitter crowd which OK I can live with that to some degree to good terminal man but. When you just tell me a buying into a story arc in you don't finish in you don't even give us an you know I mean hey and they did it since far escaped and that's just irritating to me is like come on guys so scifi NBC. You know I like defiance and let you know and that's the only scifi show helix kind of but I don't watch all the episodes of helix. Those the only two shows I care about on scifi and it's homicide fight you are absolutely through authors say it's kinda heartbreaking. Sorry sorry for your thoughts here so I this'll I know Lotta loss like and I actually dug continuing to I'm sad that releases we have six more episodes and sorry Atlanta so I guess nobody wanted to. Can they get rid of real quick before we're targeting him until letters from the from the fans. We wanna make sure that we call this outcome seen is actually this generations may animal. Man I'm all. There does allow old drum and I think UK good thank you for actress Lana. Also that actor you're trying to think of his mark at least but I direction you said Victoria you cue Apple's gonna happen Woburn at the map on constitute show it to you got. Okay yeah. Are moving on I do you ever review of a game that did come out on PC this last week. Blizzard you guys know blizzard for error as such games as World of Warcraft diablo diablo rap star craft and Z and so on some games coming up well if they have a new free to play mold which is the mobile a mobile from a mold bile on line battle Arenas stuff like a legal legend Smart. These are those games that are out there. This one is called heroes of the storm which actually takes a blizzard characters from all of those properties that we just talked about storm blizzard and you had their way nets that's how they're doing it it's it's a fun game. Basically wake comes down to is you've got teams five vs five. Com and you go and you tried to destroy your opponents main power trip you have little minions they go through that help you loud and that it turns basically into late legacy at five on five PVP. Com games. Normally four if he's ever placed on the like legal legends who this is it with wow characters. On it's not as hard as league of legends because they've made it a lot more streamlined it's kind of like what hurts stone our hearts don't has done. For like magic the gathering or any other CCG it's made it accessible to a lot of people without a lot of rules and a lot of a lot of the intricacies have been taken out. But it's still really fun game. The matches are a little bit shorter than league of legends. Most the time illegal legends will run anywhere from half hour 45 minutes if you into a slog it'll take a lot longer. Com look for these the match is that I have played have seemed to go between took 125 minutes. On beyond that it has an end. It's like whenever the game starts to get a little bit slow. It turns round the next couple minutes somebody ends up winning it just kind of how that works out got it on they've taken out com the new one of the ways that they've sped this up is why you have all of these new normal objectives. Each map has a different. Objected that can help speed up self at one point you will go into a mind. That is located in the on the map and you guys who you'll have your your team and you'll run around and you'll kill hole which is skeletons and whoever kills the most skeletons in the mine. Will Vince Vaughn a big giant goal want who will help Ryan with few in double stuff pop. Com for another one it's there's it's it's up Pirate Bay so if you go and you pay the parity in the middle with his ship a bar or balloons. Thank you which dropped from all the different mobs and stuff. Then he will start launching cannon balls act your opponents on towers to knock them down so help speeds it up a lot of the way your arms if you love any of these the legal legends types games huge passenger going to you. You're gonna notice how I how much of that as that of an easier time re gonna have be having I guess in terms of playing you're not gonna have to figure out like a whole lot of different builds. Because as your character does level up to give different abilities he can choose how you wanna do it. But again it's not as intricate as illegal legends are don't know would be easy territory by us or not they want I am computers are more there's absolutely you do need a computer for this game. But it is in blizzard typical blizzard fashion you don't need like the Hoover high end computers for these Khobar unhappily. I unhappily computer actually isn't available on the Macintosh you know what I don't care because I don't know anything about macintoshes and and are. Easy Matthew LA here he's got a sex in the city banged does that absolve you Kerry Wood whose views are examples man there is an average which if you're trying to play video games on and apple you're trying to. What's Blu-ray and dvd player volume there just literally not bill wow OJ hair. Guys coming up. That is easy shots dedication as you just don't often hear yeah yeah I don't really stands and watch that's only true there's some there's a lot like us and there's like different characters who have a lot of different classes you got melee class you get ranged classes you've got support. Which are guys are just going around their healing people to make sure that they lived through it so there's a lot of different ways you can play it. My theory character this point is an assassin who uses who's from the diablo from the double area and as she uses cross post. And it's a raised assassin because I don't like to get in the mill stuff 'cause and usually die yet and so she really feels if feels out now my place style. But I was also playing a gigantic min a Tor. All a Torre and who was wielding a a guitar tonight I had a guitar and was just went away I know rock star award in people's asses right now I'd play Missouri. How am I know today you can play arm of from the desert races I don't know if this is specific one but I and I don't know if you get a hold Alexandria Zachary dessert was my favorites are exactly deserves a great dessert there's an American birthing a one point. I'm sure you know I'm sure but yet they have a lot of Vietnam a lot of the characters that you would know from the games like Jay Cahill Foss who is a blood elf in like. The burning crusade story line for world warcraft Obama approached us is if there are. There there are there's a lot of different. Characters from there and I'm thinking maybe the easy queen of dessert good. She might be part of what I meant a 100% and that he basically what happens with these is it's like it's it's free to play bled did you the micro transactions that you can get a bunch of different skins you can pay for the characters that you watch. Because but every weekend every week they rotate characters lose so you get a chance to play with wants to figure out which ones you like for free. And if you actually like when he wanna play it all the time that she's when he a distinct on the money. It's not that expensive so I spent four bucks for a follow which is the the rogue assassin and amusing thing I just to make sure that I could use her. All the time it plays a Mike commodore. A little card that commodore here every computer system it may have been no one points but we no longer use eight to have fly as. My as any manager Maria analog tape Trent I do remember those and guess what you can't use them for girls similar or any other computer one hour time you could you would just take about eighty of them why they got to exclude us because I don't pay really this is unfair as ageism to. BJ you're over there with your iPad stereo that's all I. There's an awful are lying yeah. He might peopled by good day I want I don't allow commodore sixty floor nobody well not go out my one nobody see things your talk about it. Well good luck to you on that oil in the nods I'm definitely saying if you got a PC do you look PC gaming and if you love these tried out. I know for some people it's going to be easy Melanie might just not like that but it's a lot of fun games don't take too long and that even if you Haiti you're done pretty quickly. I have I think their renewals against them all the same because they're all really don't think there's so many bill so much stuff gentler yes and and some of them are really battling door when I try of course I had to as the DC comics one into crisis was witches say it is actually they decide to show and I guess they just is that the attitude and lastly another year can play it but it's useless yes. As somebody who is very much daunted by this the sounds like it's gonna be good way to kind of get into the genre yeah true yeah. It's a really good steppingstone for those sort of things treat never the same way that hard stone is a good way to get indices he just does CCD game ultra as you're talking and it's it's it's it's quick it's accessible you can get into a get right away into it's a yes absolutely it's a real fun way to get into those. And you start getting into those bills because you have choices to make at every level of what you wanna do and how you wanna play but it's really easy to look up online and people like yes here's what you need. To have a good ranged assassin bill because that's how I want to do it. And figure out what works best. But it's for the most part if you're if you're somewhat good at these games you're not gonna have an issue at all costs and Donald for giving learning curve. Absolutely and that's how they wanna do it she went to wait isn't he that like the days of having that deeds says the unforgivable learning curse from like evil minds never requests are sort of against those have really gone away. You don't have to if you don't have to slug or if you want that I had you don't have to spending millions of years trying to figure out exactly how you're going to win in order to do all that so yeah. Definitely worth your while moving our we've got to get its. Does she twist TV usually doing yeah we are Bahrain. And Arian file fake news. I saw X when everywhere and I don't wait around every other comics and OK and like the bill wicket and the divine I think I've mentioned it before he proved there really awesome comic series by carrying Galen and Jeanine make hello beaten. And that kind of explain it it's the whole story as these god type people. And every ninety's some years they come back to earth are they figure out that hey you worry god hear your powers. But you only get two years to live these as a god and man died all died since at the same time or sometimes before. And then they go one and another couple 1990s some years they relive again. And it's a really really great story in what's going on where in present time or more following this one gal who's a huge huge fan of these guys and this time around I know we wanna be famous. Who we want a BL there's so they knew right she's our rock. Toll at such a gun but the thing that I am. Really excited about it that they made the announcement that they are making a TV adaptation foreign wow that's interest in Steffi need to borrow it and it to me now. Be interesting if you don't know what kind of in denial about the Barnett if if you're those people that lake but likes things that get frequently every blog on Tumblr or those kinds of things you're gonna love any security Gil writes yes he he's one of those it's very. Very trendy. And a pair ABN the adaptation will be produced by Matt fraction and Kelly CD Connick guy all right sex criminals that's plan in all that and and it's it's a so far it's announced in February that they have a two year deal with the universal TV you know that's what's. Boeing on when he had. That need to be dig your hopes up then get re having them pass I'm. He did have a best you know plus a show all lots sham and you read the comic forming our cells go figure I think he'll like get it's really does not dead it's just sit hopefully they'll stick with you know they were -- go through the entire series they'll art you know art and craft also storyline getting cut off in the middle and dropped it never visited and never happens to comic books I have to read dozens of I don't right now it seems like hey that's let's get comic books and that to make a bunch of TV shows because right now actually with Matt fraction Kelly city Connick. They have they've they've announced that they're going to be doing a sex criminals my TV series. It's like fantasy books like ten years ago everybody's buying up comic book lessons of some kind Scott Snyder sold like three bucks a different TV shows. There are some studio signing exclusive deals with comic book companies that nobody cares about even knows about this because you can say this is an adaptation of comic book now and that cells are right PD was made they made all right he he'd. Happy at that they haven't been. So why let ask perpetrated Venice that's how popular any adaptation is is right now no we know we read our PD if you read our PD you know that it was completely different from that movie it was super car too when he fumbled the remains kind of gremlins like them and they may Jeff Bridges movie and and because you can just make any movie and sell it by saying it's an adaptation of a comic book right now death now have a hundred cents. Speaking of adaptations on comet veterans up actually get some props do you fall espionage cosmetics on FaceBook currency grammar or whatever. You have Marty CNET they've teamed up with Kelly C to Connick and Matt fraction. Their make teen sex criminals and beach planning and nail wraps no chaos that has an eye socket a genie who's the energies like. They kinda wanted to do little you know because some of their Neil raps have weakened Italy you deal later the black and Garrett CN. You know you don't mean black eye or the dark stuff yeah and act they have cool little stirring and some of the no raps like the moon one has you know the death star on it. And he's like OK can we do some phallic symbols and slept. Yeah I do you know not safe for work I'm not gonna put enough paperwork sticker kind of had gone down Ratzinger really pretty design they did the quiet for anybody who's read. Sex criminals it's a really cool design of the quiet Torino is something I can't say on the podcast today yup but they're for pre order Fiat espionage cosmetics website to check up for ice. But the biggest has talked about sex criminals on the show in the past we've not mentioned bishop planets but the real quick it's. I think the meats and hard to get a cop because I thought I had I got the second one at comic con second or third issue at comic con I got signed by them. But I haven't been able to find the first a secular if I don't I'm totally out weasels out bass you're so you can deal I would highly recommend is the fourth one down by okay some eagle there comp store to give me your name Tom you want to start a whole list. And they'll be able to start putting things in boxes can go there once a month and you'll get that money well I haven't I used to have a box I think it's been like tears of have gone to the you have the what does deadbeats Vicki Angela. I I just. A quick PSA from the entire cultural community if I if you're gonna leave your local shop tell them I spent money by those comics every comic shop is struggling and they really don't like then I really not that bad but I I see you guys who like oh this guy I was pulling all the marbles line and then just vanished and every once these guys are spending. Fifty plus bucks on this one guy who just didn't buy anything now the probably hoping that in mind is nice he I was following a series and then it would go to lake become a split off feeling it. I think it was lack. Explores them and they did like X were microshaft explores this and they did so many different secret all of the X. Yeah. Not learned he's and it could leave no Joseph Johns. The big boxer and that's why does buy it. The big bucks the biz plan as something I'm really excited about some going to by the center Jenny anything by image comics that's very much why image comics existence is to avoid that problem bitch planet's never gonna have promised never gonna have a crossover and are gonna have to read sex criminals to understand its planet and greens are so nice now but yeah I've I recommend all those. They planet's the within the and the divine and six terminal the check amount excellent guys and let us know are you feel if you pay TV as much as DJ Haley did. It's. Wallace there aren't deep dish it you gotta come won many zeros to do 43353. Until next Sunday I just stain anything. Immerse yourself a geek culture movies books cons and especially gaming. Video tabletop and it doesn't matter as long as you could black my geeky friend you mean Vernon Wells. Vernon Wells is a deep gamers paradise. It's like and country club for geeks without going toward the atmosphere you can nerd out and get chair he'd gone with professionals just like you. So get. Vernon Wells BMW dot club. The NW dark cloth.